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    I agree. This may be a bit too fanfic-y but I have this idea/hope/hunch(???) that they use their friendship phase to sort out their problems and when they decide they get back together it will be a life-long commitment starting with their engagement. I would hope that in realising that this mess started with rash decisions Sheldon is giving Amy a bit of a heads up without actually asking the question, that becoming a couple again is an important decision she has to think through, that she really needs to be sure cause there's no going back. And then he actually asks her later when they spend Christmas together with the same level of adorableness and comfort as the fort episode. I think that atmosphere with its touch of innocence, childlike fun and safety is just perfect for Shamy.
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    I don't know, I kind of feel like reconciliation with proposal might be the perfect thing here. Not only does Sheldon know a feeling when he has it (he's going to want to marry her and that's it, end of story), but with where he is now I feel like he's going to want commitment from her to be able to open up and let himself love again. Much like the RA is what gave him security before, the engagement, basically her promise to never leave him again, would be his security now.
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    Well I'm still of the opinion that when he is given the time to think about sex is when Sheldon freaks out about it. Now whilst planning it and even having a checklist is very Sheldon, it's given him far too much time to think about it. When he kissed her on the train, he didn't give himself any time to think about it and that's probably the best route to take with them having sex, at least for him.
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    my guess is Sheldon, after suffering all season long and seeing that kiss when he was on his way to propose, ended all hope of a reconciliation for him at that point. he has hit rock bottom and there is no where to go, ao he may as well explore the things that he never wouldve done before. he clearly said he was tired of all the "break up nonsense" and how he felt it was a large drain on his time and effort dwelling on it. in Sheldons mind at the end of 9.07 he has indeed exhausted all options, and not only has Amy "rejected" him, but she has moved on to better things. remember, sheldon believes Amy no longer loves him, even if she claimed she had in last season's skype finale.... he probably enters the whole "lets find amys replacement" as an ill conceived plan to drag himself outbof the ditch, maybe even a final revenge thing or a way of saving face since it hurt to see amy with another guy. but in the end sheldon's heart isnt in it, and he literally shuts the door on that plan.....
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    Exactly. They just need some work first, that's all. I don't want them to rush back into this and then they end up making the same mistakes again. I want to see them work this out and then when they're together again, any issues that come up, they need to be able to talk through it like the Shamy we used to see more of.
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    YES!! I loved Amy's change, too. I liked her since the very beginning and then I found her development very interesting. And real, too! It's quite common to see people evolve IRL. That doesn't mean that their very selves change radically. They can basically stay true to themselves and grow stronger. I know TBBT is not RL, but imitates it in a lot of ways. That's why I love the character of Amy so much (quirks and all ): she's incredibly real. That, plus we are very similar - just saying I think so, too! Okay, Penny's fav hobby is gossiping, but she's also a good friend to both Sheldon and Amy. So are Leonard and Bernadette. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't see any harm in their action... IMO Penny was, is and will always be the first and more enthusiastic Shamy shipper! She definitely is one of us: Bridezilla Amy is coming!! LOL Please sooner rather than later
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    Well that's just a speculation, same what we do here. Personally I don't think that's going to happen. There's just so many great possibilities (writing wise) for Shamy that I don't see why the writers would waste them. We were talking about this some time ago, but the writers know that they have "Shamy gold" in their hands like someone said back then, and they aren't gonna throw it away. I think we all know how powerful those big Shamy moments are, just a little kiss is enough to make the audience completely crazy. I just don't see it happening. They may drag this till the end of the season, which I hope they won't, but till the end of the whole show? Don't think so. They don't even know when the show's done yet.
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    as much as I would like to see that penny lent a hand by episode 9.09 my bet is Amy lost interest in the six month run and thought she'd revisit the friendship with Sheldon when the opportunity presented itself because she missed the fun with him. As it turned out, she had an old fashioned Shamy day and really DID miss it, like she said. Probably the most fun she had in a while, and she got caught up in it which led to the now infamous GF question from her.....not a romantic explanation, but a realistic one given the limited info we have from Amy's POV....
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    I was just thinking about this. If the last episode indicates that we can now expect Sheldon to be more willing to feel things, and to show it to the others, then maybe he'll giving in to the physical emotions as well. And that could lead to sexual tension between Amy and him, like we were discussing earlier. It's a possibility. That's what I got from Penny's reaction, like Amy should definitely know about the ring. I really liked both of them (P/L) in last episode. Leonard was being very sweet and considering, not making sarcastic comments or trying to underrate how much pain this is causing to Sheldon. He was genuinely sorry for him. They both were being very supporting like friends should be. That's something I've missed this season. I'm really looking forward to watch next week's episode to see if there's anything that indicates in that direction.
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    I actually took Penny's question last night "Does Amy know about this?!" to mean she thought she SHOULD know, I didn't get the feeling she was anti-Sheldon at all. Then when he said he was fine and it was for the best Penny pushed it: "Yeah, but" spurting Sheldon's first outburst. I have not been happy with the friends' response overall, don't get me wrong, but last night I felt Penny seemed like Team Shamy. Oh, and Leonard's voice when he says "You bought her a ring?" Oh that sweet tone Johnny gets sometime, he really felt for Sheldon. I thought that whole dynamic was refreshing.
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    I can see that. Even though I think he wants to stay feeling all this lovey dovey feelings he also doesn't want to feel those feelings with anyone other than Amy. He wants to resume those feelings with Amy now he knows he can't close them off. So he's just going out with this Vanessa girl to tied things over, say he's done it and cross it off his list and say 'well that didn't work, what's next?' Maybe that's why opts to be friends with her. He doesn't want to get hurt by being romanticly involved but he can still have those feelings by keeping her close. In a way, without sharing 'I love yous', kisses and date nights, a friendship is pretty much what their relationship was so its ok for him to keep loving her. I also think, if they keep going on having 'friend' dates, it won't be long before he slips up and says 'I love you' unconciously or goes to kiss her at the end of the date out of habit.
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    im thinking no. for instance, the RA had its place in the beginning but as the relationship grew it became stifling and limiting. Sheldon has to suspend the parameters of it to enjoy hia fort sleep over. and now that the break up occurred i doubt Sheldon has much faith in the old ways anymore, which would be a good thing if true....im betting once the reconciliation occurs we will be pleasantly surprised by a change in how the couple behaves, to include how they plan things together
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    Less than two weeks before we see, what has the makings of becoming another classic Lenny moment. The carrot dance. Counting the days.
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    I really don't see how they could have a proposal before a reconciliation or even as part of the reconciliation. They have issues they need to be worked out first and they need to re-establish what they had. The reconciliation needs to be first and then after a period of time, the proposal.
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    Sometimes this is just so frustrating. I would prefer them back back together already, even though I like this character development. My feelings just go up and down with this. One day I'm completely fine with this story arc, I even find it fascinating, but then the next day I feel so hopeless and frustrated that I just want to yell at the writers FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST FIX THIS ALREADY, I DON'T CARE HOW JUST FIX THIS!
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    Nope. I've been thinking the same thing. I also find it interesting that nobody wanted to go to the aquarium thingy with him. Out of everybody in their group (including Amy, who he doesn't really associate with anymore) it's Amy he ends up going with.
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    hi - im a newbie but been occasionally lurking since season 7...! the way i hope the reconciliation goes ahead is that Amy and Sheldon finally talk - with Amy asking again to be his girlfriend. Sheldon yet again rejects her, this time with the words "im sorry. i dont want you to be my girlfriend.......................... i want you to be my WIFE" if this happens i think i would pass out
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    I can see a flash forward in the very last episode of where they are all at, happily married with kids and where their careers ended up Anyone else desperately missing cuteness like this?
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    My 14000 post deserves the Lenny thread again. Yay to me. :) Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    "The Earnest Conversation" (Hey a Shamy fangirl can dream can't she!)
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    If he needs to get engaged to feel safe that she'll never leave him then I'd say he still needs a little work before proposing to her. But definitely if while during the short time they're in the friend zone (assuming it won't be too long), Shamy are able to work on themselves and get through their issues, get on the same page and both seem like they're in the right place to go straight from friends to engaged? I say bring it on! Haha.
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    because now they ALL know about the ring and Sheldon's intentions , except for Amy. Maybe the gang will end up meddling a little to get these two on the right track again. Who knows!
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    Amy was hilarious helping with Bernadette's wedding so I'm 100% down for seeing her planning her own!
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    It's just fan speculation, according to their preferences in the show. No need to worry about it. I mean, I can speculate they're back together and married in this season finale, but what makes my opinion better than that of another fan, other than the fact that maybe a Shamy like me would like it? Fans opinion shouldn't scare us, it's the writers we should be scared of!! LOL
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    I would have thought that they would want to continue Sheldon's journey of growth. If they keep them apart until the end, wouldn't that put an end to that? And wouldn't it make more sense for that journey to continue through reconciliation, dealing with engagement, than the stress of wedding preparations, then adjusting to married life etc etc?
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    I don't think that'll happen. I'm still expecting a Shamy wedding in 10.2
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    Oh my. <fans self> That's still gotta be the hottest moment of the entire series.
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    If last night's episode means we'll start to see a Sheldon who is more open about his feelings to everyone around him and he'll even start to be more considerate of others (which we see of him towards Amy in the last taped episode), then things will definitely be looking up from here ETA: and who's to say that him being open emotionally won't spill over to his physical body's feelings? What his body feels, he will need to take care of. Just let it go, Sheldon. Amy will be glad when you do ;-ppppp LOL!
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    I don't remember hearing the Why, but I can't tell you how much I would LOVE that reasoning. I could see Penny wanting to do it for that reason, but not being able to tell Bernie the real reason, so pretending to be "just curious."
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    interesting post! I go back and forth on what you've stated. Like you, I did really enjoy season 4 as we hot to know Amy. She started out as the female equivalent of Sheldon, and it was amusing to see someone in his camp even when he was being his quirky, socially inept self. He had a comrade, and he liked it. We liked it too. But out I also really like the change in direction for her character. We learn that yes, she shares some of Sheldon's social awkwardness and is a huge nerd, BUT unlike Sheldon she embraces the thought of being someone's idea of a bad girl and finds it "oddly titillating". She is welcomed into Bernadette and Penny's world and together they are the female musketeers. she belongs to a posse, eventually seals a BF deal with Sheldon, and goes from a social life that had her in an arrangement to date once a year to keep her mom off her back, to having a boyfriend and group of friends. Because of her association with Sheldon she has a social life, and in her world is was a very active social life that changed her world for the better. She wished she could tell 13 yr old Amy "it DOES get better!".... i liked that Amy more than the companion of Sheldon's that kind of legitimized his odd behavior and view of life and people, as funny as it was. I guess what I'm saying is that yeah, life was simpler and safer with unattached Amy, but if she had never grown beyond that then we would've never had the fun of watching date nights, watching Sheldon "suffer" while Star Trek nurse Amy examined him while he pleads with her to "don't stop", the spanking scene when Sheldon had no alternative but to punish Amy for feigning illness, etc etc etc. as as much as I dislike this prolonged angst with these two beloved characters now, and even the seemingly unaffected way that Amy is written in which she comes off as cold during this break up, I guess I wouldn't trade her for the old Amy.
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    Shamy 1.0 is over. Shamy 2.0 is in the process of development, as they work out all the bugs from the prior version.
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    I think what needs to be addressed with this are these spur-of-the-moment decisions. If the relationship can fall apart from one day to the next and then 6 months later Amy is asking Sheldon to get back together just like that there's a lot of uncertainty. That isn't to say that I blame Amy - Sheldon has made similarly rash decisions in the past (the table thing, the train trip) that probably contributed to her wanting a break in the first place. So personally I would see an engagement as a mutual promise that this won't happen again. Yeah, I think it's actually from Comic Con. Old news, but always nice to hear!
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    Remember Leonard tends to use his bad childhood to get Penny to feel sorry for him in Season 6 I think she had sex with him every time he brought it up usually to get out of something he didn't want to do so Leonard manipulated her and I think she remembers that doesn't mean that she not in love with him she is but Penny knows how he operates now just my opinion
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    that sounds good...I think the key is that they both express their regrets. We haven't seen that from Amy yet, just the rash out of the blue "can I be your gf again" proposal, yuck....Sheldon's gonna need to hear regret or he will never trust the reconciliation. And I'm sure Amy is still waiting and wanting to hear the same from Sheldon, so that she can feel confident that she will finally get what she wants out of the relationship, a committed and respectful companion...
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    I don't think any of it has been wasted. I love the thinking and emotions that the characters are going through, even if it means they're not hanging out together in every episode. The writers have still been able to explore science issues, the girls have still had times together. I like the character exploration that's gone on, rather than the same ol'-same ol'. There's still plenty of time, IMO, for the writers to explore Shamy togetherness after they reconcile. And maybe the writers don't want to mess with showing Amy teaching Sheldon how to drive, for instance. That subject has already been addressed, what, at least three times. We've seen him drive they simulated and then saw him drive Penny to the ER, saw that he got a ticket, heard that Amy taught him how to drive. I don't think we need to see that again, really. I don't think the writers want to give up on the Sheldon-doesn't-drive part of the story. That's part of what makes Sheldon different from the others. I think that this story is much more interesting than just having them solve it in one or two episodes. They're not going to take the years that it took to get Lenny resolved, for many reasons, but I think it would be a rip-off for it to be too quickly resolved.
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    yeah that would be silly We need to see the build up of the new relationship, that's even if they are put back together which I am yet to be convinced of
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    I would like to see Shamy planning their wedding, I think that would be hilarious. Amy as a bride, enough said right? But yeah, they could use a time jump. They could have a big wedding since both Howardette and Lenny's wedding were very simple and small.
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    I just wish that this season's cliffhanger would be either something other than Shamy or a little more positive than it has been for the past finales. But knowing the writers like dramatic cliffhangers, I really don't know what to expect. I just don't want to spend another summer worrying about Shamy. If it were to be the proposal, then I hope that the reconciliation happens before that.
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    I'm waiting for Sheldon to put himself in Amy's "spot".
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    Well if they just wanted to see the guy they could have gone into .. I presume the date is at a restaurant .. and peeked at him but they disguise Bernadette (from what I can work out) and send her to spy. Presumably cus she's the smallest and hardest to spot lol! Which suggests that they are interested in what is happening during the date and not just being nosey about this guys face. Trying to see how serious Amy is about this guy maybe?
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    Welllllllllllll now. I'm digging where this is going, ladies.
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    While we're on the who is team Shamy topic... I was under the impression that Penny and Co are following Amy on her date in next week's ep because they have Sheldon's back and are seeing if she is serious about Dave. Did I imagine this?!
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    Kill me now please. #ALLofTheAwardsForJim2016 Source: http://tbbt-faves.tumblr.com
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    I think he's simply attempting to continue with the moving on idea that they guys had suggested to him in the fencing episode, now that he's seen that she's apparently moving on. I don't think he's trying to specifically replace Amy or that it has to do with the kinds of games he has played with Amy. I think it's just a way for him to try to measure the worthiness of whatever girl might come along. Instead of measuring girls by their looks or some romantic ideal, he measures them by their ability to solve the puzzle or whatever. I think he's trying to take the advice to move on, but not because he really wants a new girlfriend. I think he doesn't really know what he wants or needs (apart from Amy, of course...)
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    I would prefer them both holding a pillow over his face, but not all dreams come true.
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    From a surprisingly insightful review from The AV Club, taken from where P/L see the ring... Penny and Leonard are taken aback, having no idea that he was ready to propose or that he was even considering it. Sheldon shrugs it off as if he’s past it but then spends the rest of the episode dwelling on Amy. Sheldon’s reaction isn’t exactly unpredictable, but it is nice to see the show finally start to dig into his real feelings about Amy. Watching him deal with the breakup by being childish was funny enough for the first few episodes of the season, but at some point The Big Bang Theory had to do right by the character and get at the pain underneath. Does that mean the show will go dark with Sheldon? Probably not, but “The Spock Resonance” really...well, resonates. The sudden outpouring of grief and anger from Sheldon is not just a reaction to his separation from Amy, but also a reaction to years of thinking he was removed from human emotion. He always sought to model himself after Spock, to think only in terms of logic and never fall prey to human vulnerabilities. As Penny reminds him though, removing all human emotion isn’t the lesson put forward by Spock because he was still half human and would have experienced pain and love like anyone else. Using Spock and pop culture to frame Sheldon’s anguish is a smart move. He’s always been the guy who views any problems in his life through the lens of comics and TV shows. He’s always privileged the idea that pop culture could explain human interaction and therefore shield him from the more heartbreaking parts of the human condition. Sheldon is a creature of habit, a man who thrives on routine and logic; and as all of us know, what’s more illogical and inexplicable than heartbreak? When going through a breakup all you do is try to make sense of it. You analyze everything you might have done wrong, scrutinize every comment you ever made, or scold yourself for the compliments and subtle niceties you never uttered. But there’s no making sense of it. Heartbreak is a mess, and it can’t be rationalized, at least not to the extent that it eases the pain. For Sheldon, that’s completely destabilizing. Logic and emotional distance has helped him cope with bullies and confrontation his whole life, but there’s no defense against heartbreak. That point is underscored by the tag at the end of the episode, which is often meaningless but here contains a hint of sadness. Sheldon decides to go to Amy’s place and propose to her, to put the whole thing behind him once and for all, no matter what her response is. http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/big-bang-theory-muses-how-pop-culture-can-hurt-and-228033
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