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    She spoke about it here http://groknation.com/parenting/my-nutcracker-plan-was-perfect/ It is a very sweet post, actually!! Apparently, she was catching something in her kitchen and her back cracked...She didn't mention a problem with her leg,no idea what was going on there! Yeah....everything is very quiet here now! Of course mainly it depends on the holidays season and on the TBBT hiatus, but on a personal level I have to say that after all that we have been through this past half a season I enjoy a little tranquillity for a while. I'm so happy for the great emotions Shamy gave us in the last month but I'm also very happy to know that, according to the interviews we got recently, we are done with this emotional roller-coasters for a while. I'm looking forward 9.12 and also 9.13. The awkward Skype calls where they play games, or speak about their work, or where Amy says the right words to make Sheldon understand that he is wrong and how to do the right thing for me are the essence of Shamy, and I'm happy to see that again. Apparently they will be in the background for a while, but I'm sure I'll enjoy this, waiting for other major changes in their relationship (the ring is still in the wall safe!!) in a more relaxed way. And, as you said, I'm waiting for all the comedy and jokes we will see in exploring their (now also physical) relationship!
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    If you're not following user rgbcn on Tumblr, you may want to!
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    Hello my fellow Shamy chicks and dudes. A little late, but I hope everyone has had a good holiday so far. I posted chapters 2 - 5 of the Emotion Culminaton during the night last night. Sorry it took so long but I really wanted to capture all the details of their big night together (Chap 4-Amy's birthday) if anyone wants to get right to it. I will post an updated link and comment on the Fan Fic thread for anyone who wishes to post feedback. Things have really slowed down on this thread. I used to go away for an hour, and it would move pages. Now I go away for days, and I have only missed a few comments. It feels kind of strange that the Shamy discussions have dwindled down. I'm looking forward to the new episodes, and I'm sorry to hear about Mayim's back. I'm sure the Skype scenes were done very well, and we will be analyzing every single detail of these as well. As soon as she is healed, I'm sure we will get all the jokes and comedy we've been waiting for as Shamy and the crew around them adjust to the new aspect of their relationship.
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    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Did anyone else read Mayim's article on Grok that she posted a couple days ago explaining her attempts to take her kids to the Nutcracker? In it she explains that ultimately her ex took the kids because she injured her back, the poor gal... I wonder if it explains the back to back episodes of skype sessions as Amy...no "back" pun intended.
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    I got one of these little cuties in my stocking yesterday Might get a wee Sheldon to go with her so they can sit on my desk together
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    Then it's nice to see you in here, girl.
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    Absolutely my thought as well! I don't know about the rest of you but I still break out in crazy butterflies every time I see anything related to Earworm or Opening Night.....this post reconciliation and post coital bliss just doesn't seem to want to abate....our Shamy gave it to us well indeed!.......and i am not ashamed of the fact that I am desperate for more, more, more........
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    I was thinking the same; as far as I understand, 9.12 was already in production when she got her back problem...Good for her, imagine how it would have been to have more scenes and maybe scenes where you have to stand up while your back is hurting so much!! But from her post it seems the problem continued for some time. In the next week she was not there for the taping and was not able to go to SW movie, so maybe that was the reason... I don't know if they changed a little bit the script for her, it could be reasonable, even if for me the episode plot worked just if Amy was out of town and could not (or in this case chose to not) take care of Sheldon; anyway, I like that TBBT "family" is really a family, and they care about each other and make adjustments to the plot\schedule taping if somebody needs them.
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    Not just any T-shirt, Sheldon's T-shirt.
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    my Shamy wishes: • Sheldon initiated sleepovers - coitus not necessary but it would be nice • Sheldon missing Amy in the middle of the night and calling her for no reason • Amy surprising Sheldon by inviting his Meemaw to visit (and Meemaw will of course love Amy) • Amy wearing a costume for Sheldon again • Sheldon asking Howard and Leonard for advice about how to propose • Sheldon randomly staring at Amy while she's talking and she'll stop and say "Sheldon--are you listening?" and he'll snap out of it and say "I am... I'm sorry it's just... you're really beautiful, Amy. I don't think I've ever told you that." and she'll smile and lean in and kiss him... (ok maybe that one's too specific... someone please write this fanfic! lol)
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    Ok, new year's resolutions to Shamy: I wanna see Sheldon trying to make Leonard sleep with Penny across the hall just to spend time with Amy. And with "spending time" I don't mean necessarily sex, although this is the first thing that comes to my mind.
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    I think that at this point we smoked the whole metaphorical pack of metaphorical cigarettes.
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    Okay, so based on the picture of the date of the Nutcracker showing and also considering when her Lifetime movie aired which she said she lived tweeted for (which was also on the 5th, right?), her back injury definitely happened earlier this month....and just before the taping on the 8th. Either she managed to hurt her leg too before the 8th or the limping we saw from her was some how connected to her back injury. Hope she's all better now! I want to see living arrangements addressed by the end of this season. Other than that, I'm fine with Shamy just being cute in the background. Who knows? Maybe they will get engaged first though? I'll be happy with either one.
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    Now that you bring it up, it was mentioned that Mayim was injured at the 9.12 taping that I went to...although I could have sworn the MC said it was her leg and she did come out limping. Either way, like you said, poor gal. LOL.
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    From Entertainment Weekly: http://www.ew.com/gallery/best-shipper-moments-tv-2015/2416548_tvs-big-shipper-moments 22 Unforgettable Shipper Moments of 2015 From 'The Vampire Diaries' to 'The Big Bang Theory', we round up the couple moments that made 2015 swoon-worthy. Slide 11 of 23 Sheldon and Amy Have Sex, The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler have never had the most traditional relationship — they met online because his friends and her mother forced each of them to join a dating site — but that's never stopped us from rooting for them. Whether it's no-hands kissing on the train or a romantic Vapor Rub on the chest, everything they've done is perfectly awkward and chaste ... until now. The nerdy duo finally did the deed, answering the age-old question: Is Sheldon Cooper as brilliant in the bedroom as he is in the lab? —Dalene Rovenstine
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    I'm still banking on a 10.02 wedding, so I expect a proposal on, or before (I'm hoping for on), 9.17
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    Hello my friends! I was super busy during the last days but I hope you had/have some nice holidays!! <3 Fascinating to hear about Mayim's injury - poor gal! I feel her pain. Been there, done that! (I'm working long hours at the desk and like up to two years ago I didn't do much of exercising. One morning I threw my back out while turning on the computer! One tiny wrong movement and I was in pain for weeks. I started doing yoga afterwards and things got better but jfc, that was ridiculous!)
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    my Amy and Sheldon pops are standing outside my pop TARDIS
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    I wonder if Mayim would be willing, to recreate that sketch, in real life? I've got one of those. It stands on top of my computer monitor.
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    Mayim and Jim liked one of her Majim drawings on Instagram
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    He probably wants to keep his holiday time private
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    This is what I'm watching right now! Merry Newton-mas Everybody!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!!!! (it's still Eve here but I don't wanna leave out you guys across the pond!) ^ one of my favorite episodes <3
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    OMG!!! These are so cool! You did such an amazing job on these, I just love them all. You put so much thoughtful detail in all of these, I can see elements from the stories all in the banners. Amazing! Thank-you so much for all the time and effort you put into these. It is much appreciated!!
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    Too Much Information I would love to incorporate this into my next story. Love it!
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    A few items on my Shamy wish list: Leonard walking into the kitchen one morning to find Amy in a robe and fuzzy slippers making coffee A new Shamy game that bemuses the others but entertains the heck out of Sheldon and Amy A group dinner with the whole gang A girls' night/boys' night episode in which Amy and Sheldon casually and cluelessly TMI the others Casual hello and goodbye kisses between Sheldon and Amy Amy saying something that turns Sheldon on (perhaps something indicating her appreciation of Sheldon's intellectual prowess, or about how intellectually superior their children will be) and Sheldon responds by handing Leonard a pair of noise canceling headphones, taking her hand and leading her out of the room.
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    We've called him the invisible man before. When he wants to go off the radar...he goes off the radar hard. I haven't seen a Tweet of an airport, restaurant or party siting. As you said, he must be enjoying his holiday in private. Good for him, he's had an amazing year and deserves to celebrate out of the limelight with his and Todd's family and friends.
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    Same here, I would not necessarily look to see a wedding but certainly the engagement. Definitely like to see Leonard move his stuff into 4B, maybe have Sheldon try out being the lone tenant in 4A a while and getting comfortable in his own skin- he'll have a roommate soon enough if/when he marries!
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    She was catching something in her what Maybe most of the Shamy shippers are having a long, metaphorical, post-coitus cigarette?
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    I wanted a new christmas post All famous people are posting but he doesn't. Maybe he is having a good holidays and he doesn't have time haha
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    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful folks from the west coast of the USA! (Not the warm sunny southern California part, the gray, rainy northern part of the coast!) Thanks for keeping me sane and entertained through this crazy ride that has been season 9 so far - it's so nice to be able to be Shamy-crazy and fan girl and obsess with others! :-)
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    Watched it twice back to back and loved it! I think I've said it before but as much as I was looking forward to Shamy finally consummating their relationship, I was more looking forward to the interactions leading up to the bedroom. I wasn't disappointed! * Sheldon hitting his knees and praying and about to make promises he can't keep when he is interrupted by Howard finally getting into the website to buy SW tickets, and Sheldon explains "...and I'm going to continue not believing!" Just hilarious! * Bob Newhart. Bob Newhart. did I say Bob Newhart? More of him please! " I don't think I control it" when he responds to Sheldon's question as to why he was back. I love his sarcasm in every scene, nails it. Trying to gut himself with a light saber when Sheldon asks for advice about his first time being with a woman. Yesssssss! * the "knock knock knock" jokes, both when Penny and Bernadette screw with Sheldon at 4B and also when he knocks at 314 with "knock knock knock Birthday Girl" had me rolling! * "You shut your damn mouth!"....I miss THIS Amy a lot! * One of the best lines of the night goes to Wil Wheaton! "Live long and SUCK IT!" * The guys nervousness at the premier in comparison to Amy's nervousness, and Wil's comment that "it's just a movie". Very cleverly done and funny as hell. * Amy running around lightin candles anticipating Sheldon's arrival was sweet. And she sets herself up on the couch all cool-like when Sheldon knocks, only to have the moment stymied when she had forgotten to remove the security chain is priceless. I love the sound of a startled Sheldon when he tried opening the door lol! Poor guy was nervous enough as it is without the chain preventing his entrance. I was a little disappointed that along with the flowers he didn't greet Amy, his girlfriend whom he was planning to have sex with for the first time, with a kiss. This, and the fact that the post-coitus cuddle hug was cut, shows me that the writers don't feel Sheldon has yet grasped some of those "little" concepts of intimacy that the rest of the real world has when it comes to romantic relationships. I'm sure it'll take some time and he will get there. At least I hope he does. But hey, let's give him props for all the planning and thinking he put into it. which leads me to what jenafan alluded to in her post. I kind of agree that at least motivation-wise a lot of the evening belonged to Amy in Sheldon's eye. He talks to Proton about how nervous he was about not being overwhelmed and ruining the moment. I'm sure this is for Amy's sake not his. He speaks to Penny off camera about advice and pointers. Again, I believe this is geared toward Amy's satisfaction, not his. And yes, he is "gifting" his genitals to her, not taking hers for him (man that sounds weird, sorry lol!)...this is Amy's birthday, he wants her to understand she is important to him, and he gives up SW for her and meticulously plans a wonderful evening for her to include flowers and a lost balloon, dinner (that never happens) and of course topping off the evening with HER gift, sex. Im not suggesting Sheldon didn't want sex too, I believe he does. He finds Amy attractive, desirable, and I believe he's been very curious about the whole affair for some time. BUT, I believe his mind was more on making Amy happy not himself and he was being selfless towards this goal. In the end, we have a very satisfied Amy and a pleasantly surprised Sheldon. Mayim said in her Grok post that the post-coitus remark about "can't wait until her next birthday to do it again" was played as a joke for laughs...I believe her, and I think Shamy will find themselves at it again sooner rather than later. That Genie is out of the bottle, and pleasantly surprised Sheldon is gonna wanna rub that lamp again soon (pun intended). THIS is the kind of episode I think a lot of us have been waiting for, not just because of the loss of the "V" card with Shamy, and all the sweetness of that scene (which it is!), but also because this is the kind of old school TBBT we've come to love! More of this please!
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    Yes, this. I've been married 18 years. I definitely don't consider myself anywhere on the asexual spectrum nor do I think of sex with my husband as "just coitus." That being said sex is something I pretty much never go into based on lust. Never have. I do it for love, for emotional connection and yes, pretty much all of time because he wants to (even when I initiate it is with his needs and wants in mind, rarely my own desire.) That being said, once things get moving I am very much all in and enjoy it a lot. Even if Sheldon went into it with the desire, not so much for physical gratification, but more to show love to Amy and share that emotional connection with her I'm a happy camper. And the results seem to speak for themselves that, though motivated by more than hormones (thank god because I want it to be more than that for Shamy), once they arrived at that place physically they gave it to each other well, and enjoyed it.
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    That's a nice sketch, but Amy's a little skinny, and, much as I'd love to see it, I can't imagine she'd wear such a short dress. ETA: Just realized, it's a T-Shirt.
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    Just came across this today: 10 Insights From the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Novelization Not in the Movie see http://www.slashfilm.com/star-wars-the-force-awakens-novelization/
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    Since he hasn't posted I was wondering where Jim spent the holiday. .
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    No need to go back so far. Even today some people choose to remain single. I know a few people born in the 50's and 60's that never did significant dating and likely never will. Embrace diversity.
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    Hi everyone! Just got the fruit & candy for the stockings, so I'm done shopping for Christmas! I hope ALL of you have a wonderful Christmas Day!!
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    Merry Christmas from me and Santa on my deck in NY. 68 degrees today! He's checking the forum and enjoying his cookies. Peace to all.
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    Merry Christmas to the SHAMY family all over the world!
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    the first thing that came to my mind when considering this was maybe after he was.... done... he did.... something.... for Amy that gave him time to catch his breath, but made her continue to breathe heavily
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    As long as I don't puke/have a panic attack/sleep, it's fine to me. Merry Christmas from Hell de Janeiro (seriously, it's 93.2 here, I'm melting. If this is not the global warming effects, than I don't know what is).
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    Sheldon & Penny have ALWAYS been that way. Acting like siblings and her going to him for advice (particularly about Leonard and him to her about Amy/relationship) has gone on since the beginning. None of that is new. I think if people were being honest with themselves (IMO), Shenny scenes didn't bother them UNTIL they found out and heard about the "romantic" Shenny ship. I asked some on here earlier, if their scenes didn't bother you before you heard of the Shenny ship, why should it bother you now? But because of some vocal Shenny's they let it bother them now which is sad.
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    Random thought...I hope Sheldon and Amy have their much needed conversation at Amy's place. They are less likely to be interrupted I feel.
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    So many rumors and speculation without any proof. I'll just give my wish that Sheldon and Amy reunite after Sheldon gets really jealous over Amy going out with someone new.
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