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    Agreed--less drama. I'd love to just see them being in a relationship and doing questionable science experiments and going to the zoo. Just being a couple without the high-stakes drama. I don't remember the Friends episode and don't watch Happy Endings, but I think TBBT could pull it off by doing the 'the audience knows but the characters don't' situation. And it could involve science and the group dynamic that seems to be missing recently. I super don't think the show would do this. I just think it would be nice because of the talks it would create (short but sweet). --Penny and Amy take Bernie out for a spa day or something to celebrate. They all end up talking about their readiness for kids in a fun way with Bernie sort of freaking out, Penny not freaking out because their babies would be pretty and smart, and Amy is happy because that would be nice. --The guys overhear some sort of comment (or see a text or message or something since Bernie already knows so the test would be a bust) (can you imagine Amy's weird biology comments about pregnancy if they keep her characterization consistent and go back to how her social cues are still off?) that leads them to believe one of the girls is pregnant. Howard is flipping out over his own childhood issues and how that would translate, Leonard is totally fine, Raj is missing new girl post-Emily whose name I already forgot, and Sheldon makes them all tea. So, they start doing the math to work out a probability of who is pregnant. This gives them some time to talk about their own relationships (since that seems to be a theme on show recently) (and why Amy's probability of being pregnant is even up there and if they're sticking to the 'once a year' calendar is revealed). --Eventually, the positions sort of shift. Bernie's ok because she grew up with siblings and can do anything, Penny is freaking out because it would be too soon with her and Leonard still talking out things, and Amy is definitely freaking out because it's Sheldon with all of his comments about her eggs. Howard is determined that he would be a great father because he knows what it's like to have no one and won't repeat those mistakes, Leonard is thinking about his own disastrous childhood, and Sheldon is still ok (I feel like he's sort of in it now and it would take more than this to freak him out, and anyways, it's more likely that it's not Amy and math never lies). --And the girls come home to the guys in varying states of emotional upheaval and reveal that it's Bernie. Howard and Raj start crying while Howard and Bernie talk, Penny has to get Leonard his asthma inhaler and they talk, and Amy and Sheldon talk about his past comments in the kitchen over more tea while he comforts her (they seem to get shuffled there a lot). Do I think the show would ever do this? No, never. Do I want them all to have this talk? A little. Just brief ones. Passing comments that convey a lot in a short window like when Howard went to space. But it could work humorously since the audience knows and is watching a needless train wreck unfold. And I do wish a coitus conversation would happen (like above). I'd maybe trust whoever wrote the D&D scene to do it, but otherwise, that's a really, really hard (and awkward) conversation to have when one partner shares the sames feelings as Sheldon on sex. It is probably much, much harder to write without it feeling out of place or too long for the show. I don't know. . .
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    yeah, I am honestly not too fussed if Gorgon Meemaw never falls on Amy's neck. Something tells me that the good lady would never like ANYBODY whom her moonpie liked THAT way. My own grandmum is like that with my dad and indeed all of her boys. I love her dearly and she is a wonderful, loving grandmother, but holy SHIT she's done a number on those men and holy SHIT if she is still around if and when ny nephews start bringing home girls....well, those girls will have quite a bit to think about. And Sheldon has always faced down his mother, his friends and now his Meemaw for his Amy, so I really don't think there is any issue if Meemawdusa stews in her corner. And all this makes me sound like I don't like her, which is not true! She sounds awesome. I have always, always had a soft spot for cantankerous old biddies. And I also don't foresee masses of drama for the simple reason that, as I said before, Sheldon was quite clear that he wouldn't really be listening to any poison about the woman he chose. So bring her on! If we get to see Amy sharpen her rhetorical tools around the old dear, all the better.
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    Amy was supposed to be seen as having a girl crush on Penny. The writers also like to have someone on hand to constantly point out how hot Kaley Cuoco is, and since Howard was now taken and she and Leonard were not together at the time, the job was given to Amy as an extension of that girl crush. Creepy is funny and funny is creepy is a line that comedy flirts with a lot, sometimes hitting the funny button and sometimes hitting that creepy, awkward, inappropriate and icky button. Amy's girl crush and her commentary came across, at least to me, as inappropriate and icky specifically because Penny's facial expressions indicated she was squicked out by it all, and it's hard to understand why Penny kept being friends with Amy and hanging out with her if she felt disgusted rather than flattered by the comments. The only one I remember that Penny obviously liked was Amy's "you'd fetch a unicorn" line, which was flattering without being overtly and uncomfortably sexual. As I recall, the writers admitted that they let it get wildly out of hand, but the other thing I recall from the taping reports is that the lines weren't getting any laughs, and I think that's why it died so quickly. I believe there was a taping where a line from Amy received stone faces from the audience, and the dialogue got rewritten and those quasi-lesbian jokes were stopped afterwards. I don't believe that the show ever wanted to really insinuate that Amy was a lesbian anyway. No more that they intend to insinuate that Raj and Howard are gay despite often play up that up for laughs as part of their "bromance" thing. Whether it's Amy's girl crush or Raj/Howard's bromance, I don't mind that two people can sometimes get really wrapped up in a platonic friendship, perhaps pushing into infatuation or adoration that's a little inappropriate and played for laughs, but I really hate homosexuality being played as a joke. Neither Amy or Penny, nor Howard or Raj, is actually gay (Amy may or may not brush up against the spectrum, but again, could be being inexperienced and naive and open to experimentation), and they are not going to end up in actual homosexual romantic relationships. It's just a tease because "har-de-har, gay is funny" and I'm glad to see it abruptly end with Amy/Penny and wish they'd stay completely clear from it with Raj/Howard. No, no topic stops until people have nothing left to say about it. Sorry you feel things have been super analyzed to death, but everyone gets to have their opinions and voice them and shouldn't feel squashed for doing so if they like the topic of conversation. All conversations wax and wane, sometimes what's horribly boring to you might be interesting to me, while what is fucking boring to me is super interested to you, but all conversations eventually take a turn. The last two tapings brought the break up front and center, and they haven't even aired yet, and won't until the first two weeks of February, and once they air what actually happened on screen is going to be the topic again, so I'd buckle up for seeing this topic continue to get a lot of air time for awhile. There's still commentary about that bowling alley break up, Amy's lesbian phase, Penny/Raj's season 4 cliffhanger hook up, and those things have been over and done for years. And every so often you'll still see someone bitching about TBBT's laugh track, and after 9 years of that discussion anyone would want to put their fist through a wall. So I understand why you're upset and annoyed, and I am sorry you feel that way, but it's not really anyone's fault that the next two episodes are heavily break-up related. What are we supposed to do, ignore what's happening on the actual show?
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    I'd prefer to step away from more drama as well, at least for Shamy. They've been through so much already this season that I'd like to see them be able to simply have some happy time. Personally, while I haven't seen the episode and don't know the tone of how things play out or if it'll be included in the final product, I'm really looking forward to that tag with the conversation that goes something like, "we should do it again" that seems like it relates to FwF but clearly could be a double entendre for coitus. I'm certainly curious to see how Sheldon and Amy want to proceed after having their first taste of sex, and I'd like this to be a hint that the two of them want to try that again before the close of a year. Let them enjoy being in love, some romance, deal with their stirring and first experiences of sexual intimacy and apply a little scientific curiosity, if you please. Bernie's pregnancy was dropped very well as a huge bomb. Truthfully, I loved it on Friends and Happy Endings when there was a mystery about which character was pregnant and the episode or two fueled with gossip, trying to figure it out. A lot of funny moments about gossip on Happy Endings, and fun speculating with my friends about Friends back in the day. I can see the show wanting to steer clear of the pregnancy test/pregnancy speculation, though, because I'm not sure you can do that without your storyline instantly being compared to the Friends one. I have to admit that when that bit of the taping report was dropped in chat, it totally dropped my jaw in shock, so kudos to the show for pulling that off, and doing it in its own way, with Bernie whispering her little secret to the little bunny whose life she saved. I look forward to seeing the actual episode and finding out if the way she confessed to the rabbit comes off as sweet in reality as I imagine it in my head. Besides, I feel like if TBBT tried to pull off: Which girl is pregnant! it would flop because almost everyone would go: meh, Bernie. Come on, show, you're not ready to pull off Penny or Amy as pregnant, so don't try to tease us. Obviously it's going to be Bernie, Shamy coitus or Penny's apparent sloppiness with her birth control aside (which is why she's tested herself so often, I assume), this show usually stays relatively safe and the safe bet is Bernie. If they had tried to tease it, I would have been less shocked after the rounds of speculation that it was Bernie than the way they dropped it unexpectedly early (I thought maybe it was coming for the finale or 200th) in this episode.
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    I am pretty sure any baby tidings would jump-start howard's growth arc. It would be pretty cool to see Howard being the helicopter parent while Bernie is the more chilled one. And it would make sense for him to want to be super-present and involved, given his own experience, as you point out. and now I am wondering what it would be like if we see the whole gang speculate about what sort of parents they would make. Leonard would probably be super touchy-feely (again to compensate for Beverley), penny would be more laid-back, Sheldon and Amy would experiment on their kids because they can't help themselves (hey, my parents experimented on me! I know, I know, it all makes sense now), Raj would just throw money and gifts at the kid... am I talking myself into wanting babies on the show? No, no, surely not. Thought experiments only, show.
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    ...Because he NEEDED extra walls with her. I agree with you, but I think he knew she was gonna get in in a way no other could or would! We are at a point now, that its time to ease up on that a little. I mean they can't get any closer, so whats the deal? A lot of Shamy fans want a breakup talk about how they felt and what they learned, I want a coitus talk! What it meant, and how Sheldon ( he was the one holding that back) felt about it. I don't think that can progress until Sheldon sees a value to being "close" to someone you love. For a long time he viewed that as a baser urge that weaken the mind, that you should feed the intellect not the body. When they did have coitus it was for her, a gift
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    Good. Then perhaps TPTB will: will move on from referring back to the Shamy break up so we can stop reliving it will bring back the Shamy against the world instead of each other will finally move Lenny out of Sheldon's apartment will make Lenny fun and supportive with each other again like they used to be will put some focus back on their careers and achievements will give us back the full group ensembles ...because although some think it works, others are frustrated with these storylines and are ready to be done with them.
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    She definitely did! And apparently she hasn't realised that he has grown. Consider her comment on having both a career and a relationship with Sheldon not being possible. Hello? This is ridiculous, really like thinking he needs a nanny and not a wife! I think she will realize in this episode that Moonpie has grown up, and I think that she will be a bit shocked by this. Meemaw will always be part of his life, but she has to accept that she is his past - Amy is his future.
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    No it's just when 3 threads are devoted to the same thing at the same time, its just tedious but I know I can scroll through them, hopefully 199 and 200 will bring new and interesting things!
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    So with Shamy's history coitus never should of happened and Bernadette's history she never should of gotten pregnant. But Lenny fans should be okay with the wedding because of their history. But what do remember more from that episode. Lenny's wedding or Shamy's break up?
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    I'd lie if I'd say that I didn't find your exemplary scenario utterly delightful in some ways - I think my favourite bit might really be the idea that everyone is freaking out and Sheldon is calm in the background doing the maths and making tea for everyone (and maybe poking the guys with a metaphorical stick by asking some uncomfortable questions lol). I also think that they probably won't do the whole "Who's pregnant??" dance since they revealed it to the audience already. So unless they're really just torturing the characters with that uncertainty for our entertainment here (not that I wouldn't find that hilarious) they can also just plain have Bernie announce it (maybe first to Howard and then to the gang??) and still have some lovely and funny conversations about everybody's future with kids and everything.
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    God, I hope so. Honestly, I kinda hoped my poll thread would pull discussion there and free up the others? I know you and others are complaining and really bored, and I'm torn between feeling upset for boring people and feeling stubbornly that I have a right to talk about the topic since it's part of the next two episodes of spoilers. But I think in the poll thread that everyone got to express their opinion and get it off their chest. Maybe that'll tap it out? Anyway, considering the spoilers, I'm more curios about how Howard will react to Bernie's pregnancy. I know he'll be thrilled at first, but I wonder if he'll grow up a little and become concerned or even obsessed with preparing for the baby, it's care, and even be likely to overcompensate as "Best Dad Ever" for his own father's lack.
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    I'm so happy to see Shamy doing FwF again!! Even with them both looking annoyed with Raj and Kripke they're both so cute -- and they're in it together! I know this thread has been kind of bummed out as of late (and to be perfectly honest I really don't understand why! we've been given so much Shamy goodness! so I blame the hiatus!), so it's awesome that we have these next two episodes showing Shamy "on the same page" -- one of our big wishes we kept bringing up when we were discussing what we wanted to see in Shamy 2.0! I really look forward to them clinking mug and glass at the end with Sheldon saying he wanted to do it again I'm hoping and thinking it won't be the only thing we will get to see them "do again"! Bring on Meemaw and FwF! (and of course the next taping report!)
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    Ok while I get weddings are not perfect, I loved the early relationship of Leonard and Penny who did bring out the best in each other (Stuart was right about that). The City Hall elopement after making up could have had a car breakdown or something non relationship related hurdle. The rocky foundation though doesn't work for me long term which is why I changed ships to Howard and Bernadette and Shamy. Despite their conflicts, I thought these relationships had a more stable foundation, but the sick plot twists of these writers constantly erode that. In all honesty, I want ALL the relationships to succeed against outside problems, not internal drama.
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    And I felt the wedding sucked also.
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    Agreed! I've known my fair share of guys who have this weird relationship with their mothers and/or grandmothers in which they're just coddled beyond reason and it's the single most infuriating and frustrating thing to deal with as a girlfriend. So this isn't even something that's limited to a ~special boy~ like Sheldon but his personality makes this kind of enabling so so much harder to deal with. I really hope Amy's insistence to treat Sheldon as a grown up will stick.
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    I would've been OK with the Vegas wedding if it had actually focused on Lenny, with their friends actually watching, no interruptions. But it was completely overshadowed and that's what ruined it. No one expected a wedding with 400 people in a castle with white doves flying around. But a proper ceremony with their friends and family there where it's actually about them? Yeah, perfectly reasonable expectations after 8 seasons, IMO.
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    I want to remind everyone that shamy are happy in love..... Look at their HAPPY contented faces
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    Yes, I kind of wanted the fairy tale type wedding. It could have still been non-traditional and still have been magical and fairy tale. The point to me, and I get the feeling that some others would agree with me, is that the wedding was downplayed. They could have gotten married in a bowling alley or the comic book store for all I cared. The fact that we had to deal with the dumb kiss from two years ago that was obviously just a plot device (and no I won't believe otherwise); Shamy's drama as if they couldn't have waited like ten minutes to break up so they could have seen the vows; and Leonard spending his wedding night with Sheldon. That was all so non-traditional it was absurd...
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    Even if it wasn't traditional, they could have still eloped under better circumstances. I know this from personal experience. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I eloped at age 20, after two years of dating. We didn't have much money, but I know how intimate and special it can be, even when things go wrong. I wore my aunt's wedding dress and we rented a tux for my husband. We financed wedding bands and did our marriage counseling with my husband's military chaplain. However, the chaplain was assigned to another base, so on a non-drill weekend, we drove four hours to the other base only to discover we had forgotten to pack the wedding bands! I was wearing my engagement ring, so we ran over to a jewelry store and bought a cheap band for my husband to complete the ceremony. It was just the military chaplain, my husband, and I and we grabbed another couple who happened to be at the NCO club at the time (since the friends who were supposed to come with us as our witnesses canceled at the last minute). It didn't stop us though, we were determined to get married. Anyway the other couple we picked as our witnesses had eloped 20 years previously. Everything was spontaneous and nontraditional, but still special. We spent one night, drove home the next day, and in our apartment exchanged the wedding bands we had left at home. However, fifteen years later, my engagement ring and my husband's simple band have more significance and meaning than our more expensive wedding bands. Thus, the writers could have done anything to make Lenny's wedding special, even if it was nontraditional. However, they need to use more of an "us against the world" attitude.
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    I get what you are saying. No matter how the marriage starts (crazy wedding etc), it's the work you put into a marriage that will determine whether you are successful or not. That aside, as a viewer, I wish that they had been given a better wedding. It seemed rushed and sloppy. And not deserving of the main couple of the show for so many years. But that's my opinion.
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    But if the Lenny wedding was ONLY considered "an event" by the advertisers, then it doesn't make me feel any better. It suggests that the producers didn't/don't think it's that big of a deal as I think you alluded to in the post where you discussed the CBS advertisers. I remember one time my oldest told me "Mom stop trying to fix my problem and just listen". It's the same principle here. "Stop trying to justify or make excuses and just let those feel the way they want to feel". Amen?
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    Was a bit boring today...here's the result: There was a young man in Pasadena who was happily waiting for his meemaw. But she was mean to his love, so he told her: "Buzz off! I've been hers since the moment I've seen her."
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    I don't remember the guys talking over the sounds of coitus. I do remember Sheldon and Amy having a fight while the mumble ceremony could be heard in the background. So, no, coitus wasn't interrupted. You were trying to downplay Kasey's comment "I waited for this?" I was just pointing out no matter how it was promoted, or what the producers responsibility, I felt the wedding sucked.
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    Yeah, in terms of closeness Sheldon's attitude seems weirdly paradoxical at times. I mean, I do think that he's more open to Amy in some areas than he is to other characters, but at the same time he also seems to be more reserved trying to keep a distance and instead of with Amy he's having some very personal talks and revelatory moments with other characters. If I had to pinpoint it down to one thing then I would agree with you that for the longest time he didn't want to get too close to Amy because the moment he's revealing that sort of vulnerability to her the floodgates will open and that probably scared him more than anything. And I also agree that now after the breakup and his epiphany is the perfect opportunity to have him and Amy share a profound moment like that. Oh yes, if I had to choose I'd pick a talk that is more about them reflecting on a positive experience and seeing how they can apply that to strengthen their relationship in the future rather than dwelling on the heartbreak (yet again! ugh). Sheldon's heart breaking wasn't the only thing that happened in the first half of the season so how about you do something constructive here, show?? It would be nice to have a bit of a sweet talk about how they want to proceed from here - especially since they don't have an RA anymore that regulates physical contact. How has winging it for 2 months worked out so far?? And as CuriousMeans pointed out, the D&D scene is a great example of how to do it right. I'd love to have something like that again (maybe with less drama in the set up lol).
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    Not if they burn his passport before they go.
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    Love the turd analogy. Spot on..or Spot from I think the biggest thing that got me was that it was portrayed as the "event nine years in the making" and I saying to myself that I waited for this? To be overshadowed? I know it's now a moo point (Oh I laughed seeing the pic of them with the Friends cast) but it's still a sore point with me. I think it's only precipitated by the lack of quality in the Lenny story since. I'm sort of tired of picking up that morsel and pretending it's a three course meal....
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    I agree, and I kinda miss the old quirky Amy too, the one who was inappropriate and more socially awkward. The one who thought it was okay to experiment with Penny and compare her ability to solve problems with that of a monkey's. The Amy that enjoyed Sheldon quirks and all, even when he was being inappropriate. I liked episodes like the parking spot one, where Amy had Sheldon's back and was equally inappropriate as she helped him spray paint over Wolowitz's name on the curb. She has grown up a bit now, and appears more "normalized". I know people will argue "well yeah, its normal for the characters to grow and mature duh" and I get it, but I nonetheless miss that Shamy that took on the world together in a quirky dorky awkward way. Id love to see some of that again.
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    While I don't wanna get my hopes up, I can't help but be a teeny tiny bit hopeful because TPTB said they've at least talked about a proper wedding for Lenny even though there are no current plans. Also, I wish Leonard would just surprise Penny with a late honeymoon to Paris where they'd just pack their bags and just leave Sheldon a note saying, "Back in two weeks" without telling him where they're going. Wishful thinking, I know.
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    You can pick up a dog turd, cover it with glitter and bathroom potpourri, and wrap it all up in a pretty box. Decorate it any way you want and call it a nice gift but at the end of the day, it's still just a piece of shit. The Lennys who have followed for years, invested and dedicted as we are/were, deserved a more satisfying, 'better' wedding. What they handed us was crap. TPTB seem to be happy and satisfied with it. But I still find cold comfort in the fans reviews on social media of the Lenny wedding and the overwhelming negative reviews and the overall dissatisfaction with it. Just checking in and wanted to give my 2cents.
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    Actually, I am a Sheldon fan, but starting in Season 6, his insults gradually went from innocently clueless and well-intentioned, even if they came out wrong, to increasingly deliberate and hurtful, especially towards Amy. Amy is not perfect, but I loved their early relationship so much that I held on all these years thinking they could get back to the mutual admiration they had for one another. That somehow all this painful journey was because they grew at different rates with different needs, but that their strong platonic relationship underneath would carry them through. Sheldon has genuine moments like hugging Leonard after Professor Proton died and consoling Howard after the death of Mrs. Wolowitz, but he seemed to put up extra walls towards Amy. I could understand better if Sheldon let his guard down only around Amy, but not in front of others. Hopefully, that is what is happening, but right now I am just confused.
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    For me, the wedding itself was okay, it was Penny's idea in the first place to go to Vegas. What bugged me was the fact that it was completely overshadowed by the Sheldon and Amy breakup.
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    I got bored again, this is just short, sweet, and to the point
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    Well thank God you finally got married. See now that is how one could make a nontraditional marriage funny (hope I don't offend you). And yes, less Leonard versus Penny and more Lenny versus everyone else.
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    Awwww....that picture.....Shamy back to happily doing quirky Shamy things together again. I've missed this.
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    ^^^Shamy's coitus was a private moment between two people, not meant to be witnessed. Leonard & Penny's wedding was being streamed so their friends could witness it. They could not as it was interrupted by Sheldon picking a fight (successfully) with Amy....
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    Yeah but these technicalities mean nothing to me or to how I feel. Assigning the blame in the correct place does not negate the facts as I see them. This is not Making a Murderer where assigning the blame might mean something. (I threw that in for the lawyer in you...)
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    Wasn't Penny waiting to get married so her brother got out of jail? That would also suggest she wanted the rest of her family to be there also. Sheldon thought coitus was messy and suggesting a test tube baby with Amy. Bernadette was unsure about a baby. I get things change. But it seems Lennys possibility didn't happen like the others.
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    I agree. Grandmothers like that can be meddlesome to be sure, but they also have an unconditional loyalty to their grandkids and would do anything for them. Nothing wrong with that! My Texan grandmother was a sweet old gal and raised 11 kids. Sweet but you didnt mess with her or the grandkids either. Id like the neuroscientist in Amy to figure out a way to pursuade Meemaw to be an ally vs. going toe to toe with her. Cmon Amy, it shouldnt be THAT difficult dear!
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    ^^^THIS. Let us conversate of coitus, you cray-zee couple.
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    You know, I start to think this is the exact reason why I'm not bothered at all by the meemaw episode. I've spent almost all my life hanging around over sheltered boys by overprotective mothers (and/or grandmothers), my own father being one of them (yes, I know, maybe that's why I've always hung around over sheltered boys...), so I've learnt just to laugh about the grotesque situations that can occur with them and their families and to not take seriously the angry words said during a possible fight. And that's why for me it's not even a big deal if Meemaw will never like Amy; of course I would prefer to see a good relationship between them, but if it doesn't happen, from my personal experience it will not even depend on how Amy acts or how she treats Sheldon, it's just that for some (grand)mothers their boys deserve better (whatever "better" may mean). As long as Sheldon is on Amy's side, I don't see any problem, but again, that attitude depends just from my personal prospective on in laws- relationships altogether...
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    I agree with the other Shamy fan that I would love to see the reversal of Amy freaked out (suspecting she is pregnant out of wedlock) and Sheldon calm, if not excited. However, on a sad note, I must agree that my Shamy heart cannot take much more drama, without some sort of evidence of mutual growth and healing, not just Sheldon's.
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    I would have loved to see that, or are you saying wanting something like this is wrong?
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    I'm sorry, but I don't believe for one second, like you apparently do, that the 5 years she spent with Sheldon meant nothing to her to the point where she gave no shits and felt no pain about it, EVER, after they split. Just don't buy it. The other thing, again, was she not allowed to date others? When people are broken up, they can date others... no matter how much we don't want them to. Just because they think about dating others or even make a few attempts, doesn't take away the true love they have for each other. We saw Sheldon slam a door in an extremely beautiful woman's face. A woman who probably could have been a good match for him if we saw more. She wasn't Amy. Sheldon didn't even bother. Amy was about to kiss Dave. She invited him over and wanted to try again because why not? The man she really love wanted to be in the friend zone. When said man interrupted her Date with Dave, she left Dave in a flash. Why? He wasn't Sheldon. There are a few things I would have liked to see regarding the break up/ reconciliation that I didn't but life goes on. Right now, they are clearly in a very good place and that's what matters to me the most.
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    Yep happy thoughts, thats why I made that video! I think I'm over thinking a lot of stuff because of all the recent drama. I know the taping reports aren't always the same from how we read it to how we view it, but I'm worried. Amy is my favorite. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't the biggest Sheldon fan before she came along, so I know most won't share my concerns with this. I worry about this Meenaw episode, because reading it... for some reason I'm thinking she was an enabler, and the more old clips I watch the more I fear this. The way she flies out just to check up on Sheldon's relationship, how it seemed she had it set it her mind to NOT like Amy, the "toy" she brought Sheldon like he was a kid. Now, in the empathy episode Sheldon's comment " if that isn't a time to verbal abuse my love ones, when is?". I really don't believe Mary would let that fly, cause we heard her in one episode tell him not to keep pointing out that he is smarter then everyone, people don't like it. His dad, while I would never vote him father of the year, did try to teach male bonding type things like football, which is why he got along with Bernie's dad. I'm starting to wonder if Meemaw pampered her moonpie a little to much in his youth. I think we will see Meewaw again in another episode, as a lot of others do. If I'm right on this... We're getting more drama that I do NOT want!
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    I can't take any more drama either, that is why this upcoming Meemaw episode has me ... a little nervous. I was just watching clips on youtube, and I saw the interview with Jim and Mayim saying the breakup was rough on them too.. I think most of us just want smiles and butterflies for a bit...
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    I think they dropped it abruptly because a lot of people were getting tired of it and wondering why she was even with Sheldon if she had such a huge "crush" on Penny. Like they said at the polyfest thing, "it got wildly out of hand" and when something gets out of hand like that, the best way to deal with it is to just stop doing it all together. Which is what they did.
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    I would say that because Amy cared so much about the five years she spent with Sheldon that it caused her to step back and reevaluate things. Maybe because so much time was spent on Sheldon's reactions that I felt that Amy's dating was "off" for lack of a better word. Not saying she was wrong but it was just "off". I think they need to move past this as others have mentioned. The ship has sailed with the coitus for there to be any backlash for the breakup especially coming from either Amy or Sheldon. Can't control what others may think or say (on the show I mean)...
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