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    Well we all know what makes Amy's hair curl.
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    I feel bad for you Lennies, because you had so few Lenny moments this season! All this secrets they are hiding from each other are quite worryingly and might lead to something at the end of this season. I hope that the appearance of Leonard´s father will be a wake up call for Lenny, so that they both realize that there are issues, that they have to talk about and that it´s about time to make some decisions (together!) for their future as a married couple. I know right. The relationship has been so badly damaged. All the secrets and all the worst is that that Penny goes behind her husbands back to make deals with Sheldon. How selfish is that? She should be doing it for both of them. I just don't understand how the way lenny is written this season is suppose to be funny. A least with the Leonard secret account it is a way of getting penny out of debts because he knows what she's like. Penny, all she thinks about is herself. But people will always hate on Leonard because he is/used to be a nice guy. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    For me, there are so many reasons this is one of those episodes we (I) will need to see. I think there will be a lot of nuance in the delivery of lines and responses back and forth from the actors. Something is telling me that it will not be as bad as it first seemed on the Leonard/Penny side..... Nothing will make me change my mind about the episode, it might come out lighter than expected but not supporting your husband and getting angry because he refused to go to some stupid meeting takes the biscuit and walking off with Sheldon to 4b shows what she thinks of her husband and that is wrong in my book. It's not the first time she has shown lack of support to Leonard and I'm sure it's not going to be the last. What annoys me more is that lenny ended up in bed together and we will never know the resolution and why Leonard wasn't pissed of at penny for her unreasonable actions. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I can't see them doing a marriage agreement. I mean I can but I think they are beyond needing some kind of an agreement now than when they first started dating. They're getting on fine without some kind of document that dictates their love.
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    But do we really want all four of them together. I for one do not want that although I can think there would be some funny moments with the four of them in the same apartment, especially with one bathroom and Sheldon's strict bathroom policy.
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    What other storylines have Penny & Sheldon been getting this season together compared to Lenny/Shamy? This episode coming up is the first time in awhile that they've had an actual STORY (and not just a scene or two) together. Before that there was Season 8's: The Intimacy Acceleration, and perhaps The Communication Deterioration, and The Comic Book Store Regeneration. In Season 7: The Anything Can Happen Reoccurance, The Occupation Recalibration, The Scavenger Vortex, and The Hofstadter Isolation. This season has had them have scenes together where one of them played support to the other. But nothing where both of them have exclusively had stories about each other's specific bond. Until the upcoming episode that is.
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    HA! a little loose.... Uhumm... Yeah, a young adult woman better not have fun while shes single, Oh no!... Please...
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    Leonard's had more on-screen action than Penny has, certainly (and-huh- so has Raj, maybe?). Penny's well-travelled-ness is an informed attribute for the most part, isn't it? But absolutely, we don't have any threads sniggering at Easy, Breezy Leonard. Not that I know of. And for the love of God, even if Penny had had sex with a married man, even if she knew (which she didn't), the blame for infidelity lies with the actual cheater. Unless Penny is good friends with the spouse or something, why should she accept any culpability? A person isn't something that you can steal, and a marriage is primarily the responsibility of the contracting parties. And also just so you know, vilifying a sexually-inexperienced woman for the exercise of desire (even if- shock horror- you don't find her attractive) is not massively different from vilifying a sexually-experienced woman for the exercise of agency. In both cases, you are presuming that there is some level of 'acceptable' sexuality, and that the arbiter is....not the woman herself.
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    This picture is proof that the only make up a woman needs is love. I´m sure she was smiling even the week after IT happened. I´m sure the girls were stomping with their feet excitedly, when Amy told them about the "juicy" details.
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    Someone have said earlier in this thread (I´m sorry I can´t remember who it was), that Penny feels not ready to move together with Leonard yet and this sounds plausible for me. Remember when Leonard moved into her apartment after a fight with Sheldon? She really didn´t want to move together with him. And she still doesn´t know what to with life. She seems unhappy in her job, but she doesn´t want to change it, because she doesn´t know what happens if she quits her current job. So she decides to stay unhappy, because it´s safer. And the fact that she gave in easily and agreed that Leonard didn´t move out, looks like she was not only unsure if they really should leave Sheldon alone, but that she even found a way to avoid the change of living arrangements. My question on that matter is: What does it take to move Lenny to 4a? The way they have written lenny the last 3 season has been hideous but season nine for me has been the worst. I see lenny heading for a break up. All the good things about lenny are been slowly stripped off and all penny does is get angry at Leonard. Isn't a newlywed couple suppose to be having the time of their life, tptb have truly destroyed lenny and I wouldn't be surprised if Leonard not lenny that ends up in 4b. As for your question. It's not going to happen anytime soon. It will always be Penny's decision to move and that's not happening soon the way things are going. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I meant that that was they intended to do. I didn't think it was funny either dude.
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    Apparently, the RA doesn't exists any more, Amy spoke in past tense about it in the last episode taped. I guess it was tacitly interrupted during the break up (nothing "official", of course, with signed papers and stuff like that, it would have been ridiculous, given the state of their relationship in the first moments of the break up) and they decided to not restore it after they reconciled, so whatever Amy (or Sheldon) has done during the break up is not violating any clause right now. Anyway, as far as I can tell, Amy hasn't worn earrings since 9x03, so maybe she felt a little guilty for that, LOL!
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    And what would happen if Lenny just decided to move to 4b and didn't follow the RA. Would they get fined? prison time?
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    I'd be happy just seeing them being happy without Sheldon Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    If a woman is " easy" or knows little to nothing a potencial lover and still decides to sleep with them, is her problem. There is no right to put a label to someone when it comes to a private, intimate matter as one's sexual life. If it is legal and consensual, whats the problem? The writers' prejudices came through in that scene by making even penny doubt if she was a "slut" or not. It would have been a nice touch of open-mindedness and tolerance to make penny say 'if i did (slept with so many men), so what?" That'd have been the right reaction. That's what i think, anyway. It's my view of things.
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    one time, is not knocking regularly like sheldon.
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    I remember when P and L found out about the ring Sheldon left them in the apartment to go to propose to Amy. Maybe he came back, P and L understood that something went wrong (we don't know how much he told them, if anything) and decided to stay out of it. They were certainly surprised when they heard about the ring so up until then they probably hadn't realised the level of Sheldon's commitment. And when they did, they saw that something went bad when S came back and thought it better not to interfere.
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    He lost the title a long time ago. Funny how tptb are turning Sheldon into Leonard slowly. By the time they finish with Leonard no one would care or give a shit about him. He is going to live the rest of his life alone because everyone loves Sheldon and Leonard is dick. Funny how things change. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    As far as the knocking thing is concerned, I took it as just a joke to show that as much as Penny keeps mocking Sheldon about it, if she starts doing it for laughs she might get addicted too because that's the nature of OCD in very general terms. It wasn't meant to imply that she would continue to do it.
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    Oh well. I am optimistic anyway....
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    I disagree about the blond monkey part. If she was smart Lenny would just move in across the hall. As I said earlier what can Sheldon do?
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    its funny that you mentioned this episode... the ending felt so incredibly weird to me..... when sheldon says the line about some academy or something (after leonard signs RA again) and goes to room triumphant ....the audience cheer for him like he did a noble thing... if one just sits back and thinks properly.... Leonard and Priya did nothing wrong.... they were just following the rules (to which even sheldon agreed).... basically the audience is cheering for a guy who is so selfish that in order to get his way....he would go ahead and put his roommate's relationship in jeopardy ... just to get his way...... who priya was as a person....or why she did not want to tell her parents about leonard does not matter at all (it could have been anything)... no one knew how priya was going to turn out eventually..... really ? I thought it was genuine.... Nope. Go watch it again. The joke was that Sheldon doesn't always get sarcasm. It's a running gag on the show. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Yes, straight hair is hard to pull off. Especially if you add the middle-part that IMO only 1% of the population can pull off :D. But yeah, I really like Penny's hair too, it's much better than the short one. From what I can tell from the promo pic for the cabin episode maybe she'll let it grow longer.
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    Am I the only one who misses Amy's straight straight hair?) I don't mind her curly hair but I loved loved LOVED her super straight hair , I really miss it now
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    Or, Sheldon could sign Amy up, as a roommate, to re-balance things.
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    So did I. Similar to the one she made to Emily about the side effect of acne increasing a birth control drug's effectiveness.
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    Just coming on here to say this is so perfect but sadly soooo unlikely. haha
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    'The Big Bear Precipitation' - Season 9, Episode 20 Airs Thursday, April 7 at 20:00 on CBS. Sheldon spills a secret of Leonard's when the two take a weekend cabin trip with Penny and Amy. Also, when Koothrappali goes overboard with pregnancy gifts, Wolowitz and Bernadette must draw the line. Rate this episode
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    Oh okay. You did not realize the audience was cheering the allusion to a scene in the original Star Trek. So here is an actual quote from an on line transcript: Any time Sheldon makes a reference to Starfleet academy is is likely making a Star Trek reference and people are cheering the reference (down to the female computer voice). Captain Kirk (one of Sheldon's hero's) would sooner blow up his ship and crew rather than have someone else take over. (warning this clip is a very slow pace but you will get the idea after the first minute): Of course in the case of Star Trek this actually makes sense. The Enterprise is a formidable weapon capable of laying waist to the entire surface of a planet. One can not allow it to be high-jacked. Sheldon on the other hand is just not properly socialized.
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    Maybe the end to Lenny's story will be a great one. At this stage it is so freaking ridiculous that I will not be present for when the story ends. After S9 ends , I'm out.
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    I love your profile pic. Its Jim recreating the Dustin Hoffman-Mrs. Robinson scene from the movie, The Graduate. Always thought he looked really good in that. Does anyone know when CBS might announce if TBBT will get a season 11 or not ? Because that will change how forward the writers take the Shamy storyline this season.
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    I guess I will have to rub a fork under my axles to laugh about the fact, what Penny did. I guess I'll have to use my fake laugh or tell myself a joke at that moment and laugh out loud. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I guess I will have to rub a fork under my axles to laugh about the fact, what Penny did.
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    She really is. Just shows, you don't need lots of makeup, and immaculately styled hair, to be beautiful and sexy.
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    Are we getting a script cover today?
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    I don't want her to pick up any other of Sheldon's traits, but I actually loved the knocking!
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    Don't think so...That's Sheldon's trademark. Btw, Penny has repeatedly teased/mocked him about it. The last time I think was in Opening Night where Sheldon called her and Bernie "mean girls" for torturing him. Because yes, OCD is something already torturous for the affected one - no need to add more outside pressure to it by being insensitive about it. I know what scene you're talking about, Sheldon warned her there that she shouldn't continue the joke because she would end up doing it forever - this is something that's hard for him even if he appears to like it. Like OCD always is.
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    Week 28 Weekly Rankings; Tuesday, 29 March, 2016 Ratings based on Week 27 numbers, week ending 27 March. This was a very weak, Broadcast week. There was no TBBT broadcast this week, due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the number one demo was under 3.0. Even in viewers, NCIS was the only show to break 15 million, but it didn't make it to 16 million. There were several NCAA basketball tournament games in the top ten this week, The high pulled in a 3.6, with 4.5 Million demo viewers, and 11 million total viewers, to a low of 1.5, 1.9 million demo veiwers, and 6.8 million total viewers. A bit of a warning. The Voice has dropped from the mid three's to under three, and Modern familay has dropped from the upper twos, to the mid twos. Expect TBBT to be in the lower threes, with it hitting below a three, before the end of thee season. Thursday night will be the first show to air since the change to daylight savings time. (Repeats are designated by a R, Special Times are designated by a S and a P indicates series or season Premiere, while an F indicates a series or season Finale ) The top ten weekly in demo follows. Show 18-49 Demo 18-49 Demo Viewers The Voice (Mon) 2.8 3,597,000 The Voice (Tue) 2.5 3,123,000 Modern Family 2.4 3,100,000 Criminal Minds 2.2 2,755,000 Survivor 2.1 2,637,000 Grey's Anatomy 2.1 2,636,000 NCIS 2.0 2,564,000 The Goldbergs 2.0 2,514,000 Little Big Shots 1.9 2,406,000 Black-ish 1.9 2,350,000 The top 10 weekly in viewers: Show Total Viewers NCIS 15,898,000 NCIS:NO 13,376,000 Dancing With the Stars (P) 12,458,000 The Voice (Mon) 11,217,000 Criminal Minds 10,944,000 The Voice (Tue) 10,764,000 Little Big Shots (Mon) 10,570,000 Survivor 9,313,000 NCIS:LA 8,757,000 Scorpion 8,648,000 Tensor
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    Yes, but that was to mask the fact that she didn't know the day, even though she knows the month.
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    Regarding the birthday thing, this season finale airs the same day that The Peanut Reaction aired during the first season. Penny said that his birthday was on Saturday so that makes his birthday May 17
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    lol yeah i got that! i disagree of course, the old howard had a threesome with raj and hooked up with Pennys gold digging friend the "whore from Nebraska", in asdition to prostitutes and who knows what else...Bernie changed him, not his quest for true love. i dont know if the ladies know about each other or not, it wasnt made clear, but i have to believe claire at least knows that raj paid emily a visit since it was talked about. i dont condone Raj's behavior but I dont characterize him as a POS just yet!
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    Told ya. 2 nil up already. The question is, are Germany going to throw it away like they did against England. Dont think so. Vardy on the score sheet for England again. There is no stopping that man. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Maybe he could fit it into a game of Counterfactuals. SHELDON: "In a world where we are married, where would we live?" AMY: "I beg your pardon?" SHELDON: "Amy Farrah Fowler, will you marry me?" AMY: (holding her hand to her mouth) "Oh my God, YES". How about in the Movie Theater, using a quadruple negative?
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    Quoting myself, cause I just knew it. Embarrassing performance. Didn't realize Reus was on the pitch until he was substituted. Müller was ridiculously bad. Actually all of them were. Should've saved that money.
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    I did this portrait to celebrate Jim's Birthday. Enjoy
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    The Big Bang Theory s01e03 "The Fuzzy Boots Corollary" or "I'm the sword master" My new sketch tribute to TBBT :D Enjoy!
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    All portraits in one photo! Enjoy!
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    Kunal and his wife in NYC...
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