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    If the goal was to have Leonard and Penny fight and Penny side with Sheldon, I wish they had not used the RA the way they did because it makes no sense. Penny has lived on her own, her apartment was always a complete disaster. To go from that to living in an apartment where there are rules for absolutely everything would drive her nuts. Leonard on the other hand has lived with Sheldon for many years, so this quarterly meeting would have been so routine, I think he'd hardly bat an eye at it. It would have made more sense that Penny not want to go to the RA meeting. If the goal was to get Penny and Leonard to fight, then Leonard could have tried to convince Penny that she should oblige, which would annoy her. If the goal was to show this Shenny bond, then Sheldon could have sided with Penny and impromptu cancelled the meeting. That would have gotten Leonard upset with Sheldon for giving in so easily to Penny but never to him. So all three would be at odds with each other but the scenario would have made a lot more sense to me.
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    The way I always understood it the "Roommate agreement" was just that, an agreement to remain the roommate. If the contract is breeched it wouldn't "go to court" (seriously you guys?! SERIOUSLY?!) they would simply no longer be roommates. Leonard decides he's had enough of the rule about turning up the heat and wants to break the agreement? Cool, he moves out. The end! (that would be nice btw show, just a thought!)
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    There are our cuties....promo pic from The Big Bear Precipitation http://www.starwatchbyline.com/?p=25820
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    Doesn't matter if Sheldon's guesstimate was accurate or not. She is a fully grown woman who (was at the time) young free and single. She could have let the entire line up of the 1996 Chicago Bulls have at it and it would be nobodies business but hers. #LeavePennyAlone #TrashingPennyDon'tMakeYourFaveLookBetter #MakesYouLookBadThoTBH
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    And not just curl, but go wild. ETA: If Sheldon can leave her with a smile that big, he really does excel at coitus. All hail Sheldon, the Sex God.
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    By the looks of it Sheldon has come a long way from the grape juice that burns comment and now enjoys a glass or two. Amy's slightly different hairstyle suits her.
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    I'm surprised most people think of the Roommate Agreement as something serious, I've never thought about it this way. I've always thought of it as just something childish that Leonard agrees to cause of his reasons (he wants to be liked by Sheldon / he loves Sheldon and he knows rules make him comfortable so he agrees to it / he doesn't like conflict etc). I've always thought that if Leonard stated it clearly that he doesnt want to have RA, Sheldon would agree to it , he wouldn't throw Leonard out or anything (with the exception of their first year - three years when he indeed was more of a loner and probably didn't see Leonard as a close friend yet). Sheldon is so attached to Leonard. Not even cause of all this driving him around stuff, he'd find a way. But he's so attached to Leonard as to a friend/brother, I do not believe he'd wanna live alone just because of the lack of RA. Of course , no RA would make him extremely uncomfortable, of course I think he'd try to bluff and pretend "no RA - get out". But I think once he'd realized Leonard is serious, he'd have agreed to live with him with no RA. Of course , he'd still have some rules he'd ask Leonard to follow (just like now with Amy, they have no RA, but there are still some rules, she still can't sit in his spot , etc). I just believe he'd be asking Leonard friendly about that stuff, if RA wasn't in place. I've always had the impression Sheldon knows (at least in the later seasons when he's not 'Shelbot' anymore ) that his friends just play along with the RA and all his rules because they care about him and they know how important they are to him, his OCD etc. I also always thought RA has no legal power either, it's just a silly agreement between friends... I mean for it to have legal power they'd need an official notary person to sign it, no? If it indeed has some legal power I think it's pretty twisted lol, then if I was Leonard I'd run away from that apartment the day they've met 12 years ago lol
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    Well we all know what makes Amy's hair curl.
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    You know what is a real shame about the RA is that the writers are loosing a whole episode of comedic gold by not having Leonard and Penny use it against Sheldon. I am thinking of one specific clause where in a vote, and there is a tie, Sheldon is the tie breaker. There are now two Hofstadters who are roommates, wouldn't it be funny if they started voting on everything and changed everything on Sheldon, I could see the RA finally be thrown out the window once and for all.
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    Can't wait for the ep, they look so cute! <3 On a somewhat shallow note: I really like the colours for their outfits in this. Suits them very well.
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    For me, there are so many reasons this is one of those episodes we (I) will need to see. I think there will be a lot of nuance in the delivery of lines and responses back and forth from the actors. Something is telling me that it will not be as bad as it first seemed on the Leonard/Penny side..... We should. From The Writer's Almanac: "On this day in 1858, Hymen Lipman of Philadelphia patented the first pencil to have an attached eraser"
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    The only "breach" that had a consequence was when Sheldon threatened to reveal the relationship to Priya's parents. It is just a "If you play in my sandbox, it is my rules" kind of agreement. I kind of expected it to be dropped. A lot of people are going to bail out here if Penny starts taking on Sheldon's traits.
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    Seriously? Do you remember S6/EP15: Leonard: That's it. I don't I don't have to put up with this. Sheldon: Actually, I have your signature on a roommate agreement that says you do. Leonard: Aw. Here's what I think of your roommate agreement. Sheldon: You pick that up right now. Leonard: No. Sheldon: Roommate agreement, section 27, paragraph 5: The roommate agreement, like the American flag, cannot touch the ground. Leonard: I don't care.
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    Did I miss some info saying that the girls know that they are both sleeping with him? Cus I was under the impression that he was being a lying, scheming POS despite his previous 'romantic dreamer' persona. Oh and I don't believe for one second that Howard - "crying like a little girl" over Leslie Winkle - Wolowitz would spend 2 years with a woman, telling her he loves her, break up with her, get back with her and then cheat on her Howard was originally portrayed as a wannabe player but the second he got into a real relationship it was obvious that he was actually desperate for love and a true emotional connection. Raj was originally portrayed as desperate for true love and romance but it turns out he was the douchebag player all along (he's dead to me incase you didn't get that vibe from my posts lately )
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    From Entertainment Weekly: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/03/30/big-bang-theory-sheldon-amy-spoilers The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon to take the next step with Amy When The Big Bang Theory returns on Thursday, Amy and Sheldon will take the next step in their relationship.
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    There is nothing that says any relationship she enters into has to be long term; serious; anything other than what she wants to get out of it. Everyone (including us) should just leave her alone and let her date or not date whomever she wants.....The age thing is so NOT an issue. Denise07, you are a perfect example of this....
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    If she is dating and happy, good for her. As for the age thing, really? I am exactly 5 years older than my SO and we have been together 6 years. If Kaley's current relationships don't work out, it will probably have more to do with the first one after divorce usually is a re-bound (or while in midst of divorce), the usual pressure that Hollywood couples face, OR maybe after all of this she just wants to have fun for awhile. If she's happy, it's all that matters.
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    Preach! And, for what it's worth, neither Sheldon nor Amy (disastrously faulty miscalculation from normal distribution notwithstanding) seemed actually phased in any real way by the number of lovers Penny had had. Amy's earnest question about social mores and how Penny saw herself seemed to be anthropological curiosity, 'To your mind, are you a slut?' As in, either answer ('Yes' or 'No') would have been dissected in numerical terms rather than moral. The writers' conservatism may sneak through in other ways (and my God I hate when it does), but I never for a moment thought that either Sheldon or Amy during that interaction were judging Penny for the number of sexual partners she had had. And neither should they! God forbid a single adult female should exercise her sexual agency. Oh right, I forgot, it's not her body, but the property of her eventual lord and master. If she has given away his property once, who knows whether she might not again?
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    I think most people opinions on here aren't based on the RA. If this went to court of law I would go with tensors theory above. Most people on here, both sides, are tired of the current living arrangements. Penny siding with Sheldon, though IMO appears nothing to do with honoring the RA, just appears to be prolonging the process. That and Penny and Sheldon having more storylines lately compared to Lenny/Shamy isn't helping. Also Penny appears to be taking Sheldon's side almost every time there is a disagreement with the two guys.
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    It could depend on who notarized it. Also, there is this: Basically, a court won't enforce a contract if it's clearly and grossly unfair or one-sided and the party the contract favors had more bargaining power when the contract was made. Which would depend on how a court rules. But I can't see a court accepting a case based on the RA.
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    I can't wait for the next episode! With Shamy being only with each other in scenes and such a great plot we'll have so many things to talk about!
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    I'm still a massive lenny fan but the marriage doesn't make sense anymore. Sad Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    The sneak peeks for thursday episode are hilarious! The one about Shamy is so...them!!!
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    I feel bad for you Lennies, because you had so few Lenny moments this season! All this secrets they are hiding from each other are quite worryingly and might lead to something at the end of this season. I hope that the appearance of Leonard´s father will be a wake up call for Lenny, so that they both realize that there are issues, that they have to talk about and that it´s about time to make some decisions (together!) for their future as a married couple. I know right. The relationship has been so badly damaged. All the secrets and all the worst is that that Penny goes behind her husbands back to make deals with Sheldon. How selfish is that? She should be doing it for both of them. I just don't understand how the way lenny is written this season is suppose to be funny. A least with the Leonard secret account it is a way of getting penny out of debts because he knows what she's like. Penny, all she thinks about is herself. But people will always hate on Leonard because he is/used to be a nice guy. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I tend to agree, we will hear about it once and then in the future you will hear Penny complaining about the toilet paper or something else again. Same thing with the knocking, it was last season and when has she knocked like that since? One thing that has been a constant and a reacurring action by Penny is being behind the kitchen counter with her husband rolling her eyes and mocking the crazy things Sheldon does or says, even marking up his face, like what happened to Howard in space.
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    For me, there are so many reasons this is one of those episodes we (I) will need to see. I think there will be a lot of nuance in the delivery of lines and responses back and forth from the actors. Something is telling me that it will not be as bad as it first seemed on the Leonard/Penny side..... Nothing will make me change my mind about the episode, it might come out lighter than expected but not supporting your husband and getting angry because he refused to go to some stupid meeting takes the biscuit and walking off with Sheldon to 4b shows what she thinks of her husband and that is wrong in my book. It's not the first time she has shown lack of support to Leonard and I'm sure it's not going to be the last. What annoys me more is that lenny ended up in bed together and we will never know the resolution and why Leonard wasn't pissed of at penny for her unreasonable actions. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I can't see them doing a marriage agreement. I mean I can but I think they are beyond needing some kind of an agreement now than when they first started dating. They're getting on fine without some kind of document that dictates their love.
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    Nope, the new RA was set up with Penny as a roommate. To prevent Leonard and Penny from moving out.
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    She might still be wearing them, the style of her hair and the camera angle wouldn't really show it. When she had her ears pierced she did put her hair back or up a bit to show them off. I'm glad the RA has become void. It worked well during the course of their early relationship but it's not needed now. They love each other and are honest with each other, they should be able to tell each other how it is without fear of repercussion. When Sheldon was ill she was pretty blunt abut how much a pain in the ass he is when he is ill and admitted she was staying away, would she have done that under the RA? I just wonder if the writers might try and introduce a marriage agreement but again I don't think that would be necessary. If they love each other as they say they do and how much they have grown together they really don't need one.
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    But do we really want all four of them together. I for one do not want that although I can think there would be some funny moments with the four of them in the same apartment, especially with one bathroom and Sheldon's strict bathroom policy.
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    Nothing would be wrong with it. It would be lovely. I don't know who would be more surprised- Leonard or us Lenny fans. Here's to a good finale for Lenny!
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    I like very much the way Howard and Bernie renovated their house, it's very "them" right now, with some of Howard's gadgets here and there and the pastel colors Bernie loves all around...
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    How about a picture with better light? lol I think it might be the same sweatervest for Amy (the hue looks a tiny bit different but then again that might just be the light) but she's clearly wearing a different shirt and skirt. And well, Sheldon's colour combination is also a bit off it you want to compare those two episodes simply by outfit colours. Uhm yeah... And yes, I think Amy is definitely wearing her hair shorter and more wavy this year. I think it looks cute! <3
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    Any reasonable definition of an agreement demands that people understand what they are agreeing to. All I really said is I think the RA is an allusion not something intended to be realistic. "that situation" was the first thing that popped in my head. It is an everyday example of agreements that a lot of people don't take seriously. Leonard does not generally take the RA seriously. I don't think there is any significant remedy for Sheldon if Leonard reneges on his end. Leonard never gets thrown out. It is nothing but bluff and bluster. Funny but I really did not think Penny would be able to tolerate living with Sheldon.
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    Not a damn thing, it's nothing more than Leonard playing to Sheldon's vanity. If I were Leonard I'd do what I want and let Sheldon try to tale it to court. We've seen what happens with Sheldon in court. Besides, There is no court who is going to accept a case where one party limits the amount of toilet paper to three squares
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    What other storylines have Penny & Sheldon been getting this season together compared to Lenny/Shamy? This episode coming up is the first time in awhile that they've had an actual STORY (and not just a scene or two) together. Before that there was Season 8's: The Intimacy Acceleration, and perhaps The Communication Deterioration, and The Comic Book Store Regeneration. In Season 7: The Anything Can Happen Reoccurance, The Occupation Recalibration, The Scavenger Vortex, and The Hofstadter Isolation. This season has had them have scenes together where one of them played support to the other. But nothing where both of them have exclusively had stories about each other's specific bond. Until the upcoming episode that is.
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    How many people ignore the terms of service when they join some social media site? To me the roommate agreement is an allusion to all those agreements that people tend to just click on like a next button. I can't take the RA seriously.
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    Well we know Priya the only lawyer we know has seen it ripped it to shreds with a quick look thru.
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    Just alone in season 9 Penny has: -called Sheldon a bad boyfriend. -Shown mock sincerity in being unable to go with him to an aquarium, which followed up with a high five to show she and Leonard actually didn't give a shit if he saw them lying to him? -Taking his keyboard without even bothering to try and talk him out of not playing any more. -Calling him crazy right in front of his face. -Refused to rub his chest just because he was sick. -Was willing to with her husband interrupt his LIVE Fun With Flags episode. -Drew with a sharpie on his face while he was asleep on the couch. And those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure I could find more. I don't see the antagonistic side of their relationship having vanished, or seeing very little of it. I see it as still very much there.
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    In 4B, behind a triple locked, new sound-proof door with a Do Not Disturb sign written in Klingon hung from the knob!
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    HA! a little loose.... Uhumm... Yeah, a young adult woman better not have fun while shes single, Oh no!... Please...
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    And what would happen if Lenny just decided to move to 4b and didn't follow the RA. Would they get fined? prison time?
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    I'd be happy just seeing them being happy without Sheldon Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    This whole topic/poll for a post is disgusting. Penny can sleep with as many or as few people as she wants without getting "labeled".
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    If a woman is " easy" or knows little to nothing a potencial lover and still decides to sleep with them, is her problem. There is no right to put a label to someone when it comes to a private, intimate matter as one's sexual life. If it is legal and consensual, whats the problem? The writers' prejudices came through in that scene by making even penny doubt if she was a "slut" or not. It would have been a nice touch of open-mindedness and tolerance to make penny say 'if i did (slept with so many men), so what?" That'd have been the right reaction. That's what i think, anyway. It's my view of things.
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