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    Happy taping day, everyone! No idea at all what to expect, so hoping for some sweet Shamy moments!
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    You said it perfectly. Using Amy as an example since a lot of discussion lately was about her--I think it's fair to say she has changed, and to some people significantly. Season 4/5 was all about her new friends and particularly her adopted BF Penny and Amy's compulsive drive to throw herself together with her. For me it was fun to watch Amy obsess over her (I know some folks thought it was a little weird or borderline sexual, I just laughed at it). We also saw what started as a quirky friendship with Sheldon blossom into something more. Those early seasons are great to watch in reruns or on bluray for a lot of the character development and goofy hi-jinx that Shamy (and ladies nights) gave us. When people lament the lack of that "spark" I do get it. But this show has lasted 9 seasons, into 10 for a reason--the characters were allowed to develop and grow. I don't think it would be half as popular if the characters stayed the same, like a "Married With Children" show. I think a lot of people who are fans of the show fell in love with the characters and their quirks and enjoyed seeing them change as their relationships with friends and romantic partners influenced them. To me they developed pretty naturally--I think Howard summed it up nicely when he and Bernie had their fight after the bachelor party. She made him a better man. The same is true for Lenny and Shamy, each of the characters compliment one another. Would I like to see Amy act sillier sometimes, and not be as serious as she has been shown this season? Yes! But as you point out S9 has been a roller coaster of emotions and romantic plots for her and Sheldon, and to me it's understandable to feel like she lost something this season with all the emphasis on a nine episode breakup and then a reconciliation that explores a better understanding of a relationship. We saw some hints at that Amy peek out here and there this season ( her dry comments with Bernie after the pregnancy reveal, smart ass responses to Raj when Emily called him in 4B, her karaoke performance, and as we all will see her giddiness and silliness in the upcoming cabin episode). I would like to see the writers show us more of that personality now and then, but I don't think Amy has been made unrecognizable and boring. She grew up. I think some people miss childish Amy, and while I understand why, I personally welcome grown up Amy!
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    Lenny look like they're going out for dinner or something. Maybe that's when they run into Zack??
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    Happy taping night all! Im thinking living arrangements tonight.. Or at least touched on. I shall not be in chat tonight / morning. I'm finally going back to work tomorrow so I need to be well rested! It's been a looooong 11 weeks haha! Have fun all x
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    Happy Taping Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is probably arguing semantics but whatever: The way some of you write about the characters' development it sounds like you believe that a character loses a specific interest/hobby/etc. the moment it isn't part of a plot for some time. But honestly, I don't believe that to be the case. For example: Yes, we haven't seen Amy play the harp in ages, and the reason for that seems to be Mayim's hand injury or so the story goes (Idk if that would still be the case???), but it's mentioned ever so often in dialogue - the latest instance being in 9x11 when Sheldon mentions her playing the harp with an orchestra as one of his birthday gift options which tells me that yes, Amy still plays the harp, and no, the writers haven't forgotten about it. And I believe it's the same with many other quirky interests and hobbies. When I think of Amy's and Sheldon's character growth I think of their social skills getting better, of their ability to express themselves and connect with other people and open up to others in a way that they couldn't before. They both place more importance on their relationships with other people now, so I guess you could say that the one thing they definitely lost is some of their haughtiness and indifference towards others. But tbqh that's not something I'm particularly sad over. All that said though, I don't disagree that there's been a shift in story focus with this season. With Sheldon and Amy it's all about their relationship and character development these days and I totally understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. As I said in an earlier post I do think there's some value in this narrative decision because they seem to concentrate on rectifying a few writing missteps from the past to get Shamy to the point where they need to be for whatever future developments they have planned (engagement, moving in together, marriage???). But of course I personally also would welcome it if we'd go back to science and quirky hobby plots for those two. Just yesterday I was chatting elsewhere about how great it would be if they'd end up with some joined science project that allows them to bask in each other's brilliance again cause I miss that just as much as the next person here.
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    Thank you so much! Now I can finally read it! But who are all those guys we've never heard of before? And more important, nothing from Amy or the guys we know? (1) Live Chat Video: l.solomon73, v.evans839, s.buck69, c.golenor28, blue55.b83, balvao05? --> Is one of those finally a nickname for Amy? (2) His e-mail program: Bookpeople: "Sign up for free..." --> probably just advertisment - can our lovely hoarder also not delete his spam mails? Vera: "Here is a copy..." --> something work-related? Btw, what happened to Alex? Is it now Vera instead? RustyPuppers: "Your order is c..." --> ohhh what did he order? Data Guys: "Everything is ..." --> also work-related, perhaps he had saved all his important data before his computer crashed? Lucas: "Can you resend..." --> work-related again? Sean B.: "I sent all the..." --> "... flowers to Dr. Fowler as requested"? V.P.E. Evans: "The boss wants..." --> definitely work-related... or it's about his other boss Amy;-) Computer Tech: "Please pick up..." --> new work computer? Danny W.: "Sign and return..." --> work-related again? Robert D.: "New orders." --> Well, he does order a lot, doesn't he? Preparations for the awesome proposal?;-) Jason: "Return the attached sheets b..." --> probably work again Kirsten G.: "These are late" ---> Really Sheldon? Forgetting to return books or something? Kind of distracted lately, are we?;-) There is really a lot of interesting information we get here kind of off-screen. I don't know how this works, and probaby this isn't the right thread, but could we open a fanfic challenge about this? E.g. five of these names have to be used and explained in a one-shot story... anyone interested?:-)))
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    CERN, an old browser (Internet Explorer, maybe?), some e-mails, a website (maybe from MSN, the design is very simillar), something on the notepad and apperantly an old Windows. Or is it Linux? It's hard to tell. This is how msn.com looked like in 2005, according to Google. Beautiful, huh? Thanks, now I'm imagining Jim saying everything in spanish. Intensely. Like in a telenovela lol. Amy had that look on her face but looks she was just like that on the inside. wtf?
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    The episode finally played down here and I have to say I LOVED it. Me, my mom, brother and bestie watched it and even though they aren't as big a Shamy shipper as I am, they all thought it was the closest they've ever seen them. At first I didn't understand the statement, cos in my opinion it wasn't as romantic, as say, Earworm... but then, after reading some of the really insightful and smart observations posted on this thread... it all kind of came together. I was under the impression that in order to achieve romance, there needs to be a physical element, but here, there's just two mature adults,going through a mature adult situation. Maybe I didn't get it at first, because of my age and the way my generation thinks. I think they bonded through this episode and have so much more honesty and trust in their relationship now. Some hand-holding would have been nice... and I think i'd push it by asking for a kiss, but isn't emotional growth in a relationship more important? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but this episode should really have more sentimental value to us as Shamy shippers then a lot othe the other "bigger" episodes. As always, I loved that I could come here and vent my feelings. I love you awesome nerds!
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    LOL, it's becoming a tradition. It happens....every......single......week.
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    New episode. Yay! Didn't have the time to post my thoughts about it after watching since life got in the way. @becauseimsunny probably covered almost everything but here are my thoughts on the other aspects of the episode. We were given a hint of what to come as Sheldon showed much attachment to his computer, not wanting to replace it with a new one. We know that he wants the best of everything. The way the story progressed is a breath of fresh air not just because tptb is admitting that Sheldon has psychological issues but him acknowledging it, calling himself a fraud. Though Sheldon opened this side of him to Amy, he still wants her to think highly of him and he wants to protect that. This is evident in other occasions but was only spoken of now. By the way, isn't the computer monetarily quantifiable? Why is Sheldon not making any fuss about it? And did anyone notice Sheldon's voice during their conversations? It's like that "after-kiss voice" over again in S07E15 and S08E24. Soft, subtle and intimate. Not to mention, sexy. He speaks that way when he's alone with Amy. About Shamy coitus: Amy signed a Non-disclosure agreement before they did IT. So that's why there were no girl talk or boy talk, even on the side. Well, except for Raj, of course. I was expecting Penny (Queen of Shamy shippers) to be all over Amy asking her about how things happened or how it felt then she and Bernadette will fangirl scream, etc. but I'm over it. The mention of the agreement gave me closure. Favorite Lines/Scenes: • Amy, in that green top while skyping with Sheldon, is just glowing. I hope she'd wear that color more in the show. It really brings out her eyes. • Amy - "Get a new computer!" on the phone. • Sheldon whining about the computer Amy bought for him and ends up it having all the specs he would have chosen himself and eventually yields. • Bernadette - "...It's like a beer commercial." followed by Howard's wink and Bernie's smile. So cute! • Leonard blabbering about solder and Penny stops her saying it's not a funny story at all. • Penny - "Okay. So what... is solder?" (Queen Penny is adorable!) • Amy - "H-watch me." • Raj - "Yes" in a high-pitched voice. • Amy - "I would like to tell you that there is nothing here to be ashamed of... So I'm gonna need a minute" • Raj's being-in-the-closet-and-him-coming-out-of-it puns. • Leonard and Howard being honest and apologizing to their wives. ❤ • Sheldon - "It's still a couple of hours before my bedtime." and seductively moved his eyebrows up and down. Headcanon on how Amy ended up sitting on top of the shelf. Sheldon definitely helped her up. I was kind of upset that the information about the ring is already known to Amy but I'm still expecting the most Sheldon proposal possible, if there will be one this season. I'm curious of how the writers will do it but I want to be surprised as what they normally do to me, to us. I know it will be a Shamy brand of fluff! ❤
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    Kaley's caption to the same photo is so funny...because it's true, LOL!!!
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    From Jim's weibo account.
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    I've had family to stay so I've only just watched this episode My version of this was more along the lines of "Now _ _ _ _!" (4 letters, 1 vowel )
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    From Jim's Weibo account Tuesday night in Los Angeles = SHOW NIGHT! With Kaley!
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    I think people on the thread are more unhappy about Lenny than Lenny themselves.
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    I think if this next episode is about a Lenny fight I am thinking it's leading up to a living arrangement switch. It'll come out that their problem is them living in 4A, which is causing them stress. I think they're showing it get bad before it's addressed.
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    Why can't Penny and Leonard just be happy? Why all the drama in a situation comedy???
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    New taping tonight. Someone’s waiting on the kitchen island for…
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    No Problem! I actually made these the night of the episode.. I like zooming into his laptop screen.. I didn't think to post it here though! Glad I kept the images now!
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    It's the Compact Muon Solenoid, one of the detectors and experiments on the LHC.
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    'The Viewing Party Combustion' - Season 9, Episode 21 Airs Thursday, April 21 at 8/7c on CBS. Everyone must choose sides when a small argument between Leonard and Sheldon erupts into a heated fight during a group get-together. Rate this episode
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    Happy Taping Day Everyone!
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    I really see no reason to think Zack is there for Lenny. That said, Steve Molaro said they hadn't thought about redoing the wedding, but we all know how reliable Steve can be when laying out anything coming up on the show. They are aware large portions of the fandom were not happy with the way the wedding arc played out, nor how it was interrupted(although the vows were so cute). If they see a chance at comedy (like they saw comedy with Penny and Zack's marriage), and the bonus is a redo of the wedding, they could get it by having the annulment not completed. It happens in real life. People get married multiple times, with their partners not knowing the other marriage(s) are still seen as valid.
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    I have no doubt that Leonard checked, double checked, checked again and then had the final confirmation of the annulment laminated and keeps it in a locked box. Penny and Zack too dumb to know if they are married or not? Yes. Leonard not at all following up on that shit? No.
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    There's the Chrismo I know!! I was actually starting to wonder if you were being possessed or something. The last few posts of yours were actually nice and made sense (regarding Lenny) and I actually agree with you on it. Had me a little worried there...(who where you and what did you do with Chrismo?)
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    Sheldon's laptop is showing Windows photo viewer, X windows showing either unix or linux terminals, elements from Windows 7 and Gnome so my guess is that it's something that the Graphics department have mocked up to keep it from advertising one operating system? Looks like a mock gmail window too I love the new Laptop that Amy bought him! I would be super happy if my significant other came in the door with a 3 grand laptop! Happy Taping day peeps hopefully it will be an all round epic episode!
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    That's too bad because you missed a good episode. Again this really has nothing to do with Sheldon or Penny. Leonard can get up and leave anytime he wants. He holds all the cards. When Leonard went to the North Sea both Penny and Sheldon were lost without him. In regards to never catching a break I totally disagree. He ended up with the woman of his dreams and with people who need him. I think that's the most important thing to him. He never had that while growing up. No offense but you can't possibly be married if you are keeping track of who does more for the another in a relationship. Besides Leonard would want to be the one to do more anyways.
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    you can't imagine what you just reminded me of.... y a mucha honra.... maria la del barrio soy ( singing it though!!!) wasn't this Soraya???? i got to watch it translated in Greek.
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    I think so, too. I really don't think anything good is going to come out of Zack making an appearance, at least in this episode. I think it will eventually lead them to sorting out their issues but it's going to be bad before it's good, just like when Shamy broke up. Not that Lenny will break up, I think they've come way too far for that but drama/conflict seems to be the writer's "go-to" for solving issues.
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    What he was saying is that he would be okay with being jellyfish that revered to a mass of undifferentiated protoplasm if he could keep his Gmail account. Not that he has problems keeping his Gmail account. Not only that, but it does look like and old version of Gmail.
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    Excatly. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Happy to oblige shamour. From The Tenure Turbulence:- Scene: The cafeteria. Leonard: I was reading about this jellyfish that never dies. Instead, it reverts to its asexual state and then grows up again. Howard: We thought my 90-year-old grandfather had reverted to an asexual state, but the lawsuit from his Jamaican caregiver proved us all wrong. Leonard: My point is, immortality is not only a possibility, it is real. Raj: Only if you’re this jellyfish which periodically reverts to a mass of undifferentiated protoplasm. Sheldon: If I could keep my Gmail account, I’d be okay with that.
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    Leonard and Penny go on a date night and have a fight, they bump into Zack. Lenny continue the argument because that's what they do now and penny goes off with Zack cause you know she misses those simple times. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    One of my favorites of Johnny!
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    Maybe they go to a restaurant and find out that Zack owns it. Maybe Zack decided to change career and instead of designing menu cards, he prefers to sell what´s written on them. BTW Johnny´s facial expression is funny as well, it looks like he just got caught, while he was texting. Hey Johnny say cheese! Johnny looks up and shoot. That´s at least how he looks.
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    A new horse for Kaley
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    Yes. What's important at present in terms of how we the audience observe their relationship-development is what Shamy are saying to each other. If the show was half an hour long we'd have time to watch them hugging or kissing in addition to their conversation.
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    It appears to be the Monday run through, or they're doing the pre-tape:
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    I agree with a lot of what you say about Amy. The Amy we met on the blind date in the end of S3 was a friendless, solitary kind of soul with a lot of baggage (like a lot of the characters on TBBT)...she isn't that person anymore, and that's a good thing. She embraced her new found friends and life, and the doors it opened for her. Like you said, she grew up. Honestly there are times I miss some of those early Amy eccentricities but I wouldn't trade S9 Amy for S4 Amy. They are both fun to watch but are unique in their own way. As for Sheldon leaving for Vegas, I get what you're saying but I was good with it. I equated it to Sheldon joining Leonard and Wolowitz at Wheatons party when Wil was still an arch enemy. Sheldon just didn't want to be left out, and this desire to be part of what was happening was greater than his desire to avoid the destination. Just my opinion, and what made it an easier situation to believe.
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    Okay...our babies are growing up. And I'm not just not talking about Shamy...I'm talking about all of them. I now know how my parents felt when my big bro got married. I had light fun with the episode. My favorite moment wasn't Shamy. It was when Howard and Leonard came back to the lab, told their wives the truth, and groveled with flowers and dates. Why? Because I honestly expected the humor to come from the boys lying and them actually getting caught by the girls. But no, tptb gave us sweet, honest husbands who loved their wives - and the joke was on Raj who got stuck in the closet, which he kind of deserved a little bit since he wanted to make out with married girls. They tiny "Yes" was really cute in the end and I forgave him for that. On our babies...waaaaaah! I can't believe how fluffy this was, it's almost surreal, like it came out of a fanfic. I didn't expect the writers to kinda admit Sheldon's psychological issues since they've been denying it for years, always saying "He's just Sheldon. Sheldon is Sheldon." But away from that now. This is another solid proof that Amy knows Sheldon more than he thinks he does. She knows what would make him happy (the laptop choice), what would tick him off (the 'wh' sounds in words with w's only), what would make him feel okay (the whole storage scene). But how she knows his mind so well is how little she knows how he feels, mostly toward her. Her bewildered look in the storage room when he apologizes because she might already think less of him. I love that they are sometimes so clueless about how one feels about the other, it adds mystery in their relationship, and a little tug in my heart from a viewer's perspective. Sheldon is not on his guard when he's around Leonard or Penny. But with Amy, he's on his defenses, tiptoeing on his emotions because he is afraid she'll think less of him. On the physical scenes or lack thereof, I can honestly say I can't complain. They never touched once but their conversation transcends boundaries beyond the physical. Sheldon's walls are breaking down, it's almost like seeing a robot take off its metal suit to reveal that it was an actual living human inside it. And of course, Jim Parsons' bed pose, smiling and grinning like a love struck teenager...I can't. This is the fourth time I remember seeing them in bed together (D&D, coitus, apology tour, and this) and I still freaking freak out. They had sex people. But they eye coitus still gets me, especially that one during tea time. I think I've said enough...but nearly not enough so I'll shut up now. Loved the fluff, I just wish someone would right a dirty talk fanfic picking up from the tag. And oh, even if he did in fact roll the golf ball back in the storage, doesn't this show how much he wanted to show Amy that he's willing to do it for her? Baby steps she said. That was more like a crawling baby step, but then....baby steps right?
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