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    First, good news. Tonight's episode was drama free yay! Lenny, Howard, Amy, Raj and Claire went to a wine tasting party. They met Zack there. Sheldon and Bernie stayed at 4A for a fun evening (Bernie can't drink wine because of her pregnancy and Sheldon didn't want to go). So cold open was the seven of them having dinner at 4A. Penny talked about this wine tasting party and asked if anyone wanted to go. Leonard asked how come being a scientist can't get these external benefits. Sheldon said he doesn't care because he went into science for internal peace/pleasure (or something like that). Amy pointed out that's not true because Sheldon still wants to get a Nobel. Sheldon said I also told you to not speak against me in front of our friends. (Amy and Sheldon had some more lines here. Sorry I can't remember. But basically it was just the usual Shamy being funny) At the wine tasting party, Zack asked about the guys' work. They told him about their navigation system (They've done building the prototype). Zack then asked if their system would be used by the military, which got Leonard to worry. Later in the bathroom he raised his concerns with Howard and Howard said well if their invention was to be used for something bad, someone should've already come back from the future to kill them by now. Zack then met Claire and was about to hit on her until Raj said Claire's with him. Raj told Zack about him and Claire's "casual" relationship. Later Raj accidently blurted out about the fact that he was seeing someone else at the same time in front of Claire. Claire was not satisfied with their situation. Sheldon and Bernie's storyline was basically Sheldon being sweet. They played with model trains, studied different kinds of toasts and played D&D for the evening. Sheldon prepared a D&D game specificly for Bernie. The night turned out to be a lot of fun. Bernie thanked Sheldon because ever since she got pregnant, she became this "pregnant Bernadette" and she was able to be old herself this evening. Tag scene was the next morning, Leonard asked Sheldon about the military thing. (First take) Sheldon gave the same answer as Howard's. (Second take I forgot sorry) So no drama. Jokes were fine but not very funny. We didn't get to watch 9x21. They showed us 9x20 before the taping.
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    About 920, Lenny's storyline was not too pain to watch IMO. Things did get intense when Penny first knew about the secret bank account but they patched things up in the end. Also Leonard said something like "So you have some shoes that you're never gonna wear and I have some money that I'm never gonna use. We make a cute couple" and I thought that line was very sweet. Shamy's scenes were very cute. Sheldon did get shy after Amy's "Never have I rocked my girlfriend's world...". And the tag scene was classic Shamy. Like they did understand the game. They just confessed those "normal" things because to them those things were "juicy" enough haha.
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    They made that up. There was no discussion about Lenny's marriage in this episode. Zack even said "I've always been rooting for you guys" after knowing Lenny are married.
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    Sheldon isn't some sort of sexual magnet that makes any situation alone with a woman suddenly become and "intimate" one. Seriously WTF?! This ship is sailing like a dream!, cuteness and a deeper connection between the two of them at every turn yet every time I log on here there are posts doubting them and/or suggesting that Sheldon is too close to someone else!? Bolt Hen! Considering it took these two Four years just to kiss we have been well and truly spoiled this season I don't understand why people are creating drama that is not even there!
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    Sheldon and Bernadette alone scenes are great and so very rare and I look forward to seeing them in this one Cheers for the info
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    I'm glad they are splitting up Shamy for a week and making Amy the one who gets to be with the group. She's not just Sheldon's girlfriend. She's their friend. I think they rely too much on MaJim's chemistry and that leads to fewer Amy stories that aren't about Shamy. She's a great character and I like seeing her interact with everyone. The Sheldette story sounds adorable. I do hope, however, that we get more Shamy in the last two episodes and that it's something big.
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    I don't get why people would be upset that Sheldon played D&D with Bernie. D&D is a wide encompassing role-playing game that you make want you want out of it. By the sounds of it Sheldon created a specific round of D&D for Bernie which is a positive thing. Likelihood is that Sheldon is going to play D&D again with other people with different RPG scenarios because that is what it is. By the sounds of the episode it's just another example that Sheldon does have a softer side and has changed thanks to his interactions with his friends and the love of his life. He went out of his way to create a fun night for Bernie free of pregnancy focused talk which Bernie is most probably sick of.
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    Thank you for the TR, @camelliayao!! <3 Finally a proper dinner with the whole gang in 4a?? I missed that so much! <3 I'm also really digging that we're getting a Sheldon/Bernadette B plot. I love it when they give us one of the more unusual pairings and even more so when they end up having a surprisingly good time. Sounds really cute and sweet. I'm sure every woman who's ever been pregnant can relate to Bernie feeling left out and just wanting to be treated normal. Maybe that's why they showed 9x20 to give the audience a better sense of Bernie's situation right now?? LMAO @ our speculations regarding Zack leading nowhere. But hey, at least he's asking an interesting question about the ethical ramifications of the guys' science project and kinda throwing a wrench into the Raj/Claire situation. Good boy, Zack! Also, ugh Raj.
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    Sorry about my grammar guys haha. Also I might get some of the lines wrong. Anyway as always, TRs are just for fun, please don't take them too seriously :)
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    Turns out even Zack is a Lenny. Camelliayao, who did the taping report mentioned Zack said "I've always been rooting for you guys" after knowing Lenny are married.
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    Re: Ugh Raj I don't really blame Amy for comforting him in the Valentine's day ep cause presumably she didn't know about the extend of his actions and all she had was her friend sobbing at the other end of the line. So while her attempts to cheer him up maybe misguided they're also understandable to me. (It also led to Sheldon being increasingly annoyed which was probably one of the most hysterical moments for me this season, so I take it.) However, by the time 9x18 rolled around they lost me with this ~secret girls code~ kind of thing like WTF??? And not even in terms of a feminist perspective but just on basic story telling level it's so so weird. Why does Emily suddenly want to get back with him? How genuine was she really?? We've seen nothing from Emily's perspective cause she's been such a non-entity for most of her time on the show. So I have no idea how to judge that situation and all there is are the girls suddenly telling Raj that Emily is manipulating him - even Claire who doesn't even know Emily. And Claire's interest in the guy is equally a mystery to me. Even if I dare to believe the "we had a spark" kind of reasoning for a second he already showed his true colours to her on Valentine's day and she herself remarked that he's an ass for breaking up with his girlfriend then. But alright, maybe Claire just wanted a rebound after the reconciliation with her ex failed through? Fair enough! But then again he shows that he's kind of a mess when they have a number of calls in which he goes back and forth between her and his ex. Like, why would anyone date that guy after that???? I just don't get it! Regarding Emily it kinda makes me wonder how serious Sheldon's comment from 9x13 was - about how the whole gang thinks she is great but deserves someone better than Raj. So I could probably buy that they're not particularly invested in keeping that relationship going, and maybe that's why they encourage him to break up with her, Penny helps him before he's about to do it and coddles him a little after he went through with it, Amy and Sheldon encourage him to move on and learn something from the experience, the girls don't want him to get back with Emily, and now that he's dating Emily AND Claire and bragging about it Howard is beyond annoyed which leads to a fight. Looking at it this way there's at least some coherency about it all but still. Ugh Raj.
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    Isn't this supposed to be sweeps? If so, why does this feel like a filler episode?
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    Looking at this picture, I'm somehow up for drawing again. Thanks for posting.
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    This looks like love to meHope to see some more love before the long, hot summer.
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    I find this season is rabbit speed for Shamy...far cry from turtle. We've gotten more intimacy, closeness, real deep seated issues, etc all out and about in 1 season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Guys Sheldon and Amy have so many special things. Hello he just allowed her into his "fortress of shame"... To quote Sheldon "we scored an 8.2....trust me you're happy"... i am pretty sure the D&D will play out completely different than Shamy's intimacy D&D session. I see why some are upset but really on this one I think the writers aren't taking anything away nor discounting Shamy's round. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not to dismiss your feelings on the matter but I fear your imagination is getting the better of you here. I'm sure the D&D with Bernie will play out a lot less intimate with them just casually hanging out in the living room having fun as friends. Nothing more! The D&D with Amy will always be special for all the wonderful things you listed and it was a very very different situation. So personally I'm not worried at all.
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    lol yes, that is THE thing. It's a continuing subplot: 9x16: Howard comes up with an idea of a practical application for the Shelnard paper. 9x18: They apply for the patent. It was Leonard's initial idea for the paper, Sheldon's maths, Howard's idea about the practical applicability. 9x19: L and H work on the prototype. Penny and Bernie help when they visit the lab. 9x22: They discuss ethical concerns now, apparently.
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    Thanks to Camelliayao for the great taping report! I like when they do the less common character interactions, the Bernie/Sheldon storyline sounds fun.
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    The name was "The Fermentation Bifurcation"
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    Cross posting this one here too. This is so adorable
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    Honestly what I love most about last night was 9x20 they showed before the taping. And I'm not only talking about Shamy. I also like Howardette&Raj's storyline in that episode. Especially when they told Raj that they should have some boundaries and Raj tried to leave carrying that giant bear. "Please Howard, let me leave with my dignity." Then he tripped over the bear and fell on top of it. It was so hilarious and adorable.
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    He has had a continuing thing for both Bernadette and Penny. It doesn't show itself very often, but it seems to pop-up every so often. His remarks to two married women (married to his close friends) last week was creepy and unacceptable. I know it is just fodder for comedy, but, really? Your best friends's wives???
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    But he's been a jerk about dating for awhile. Everyone likes to talk about the Raj and Penny hook up but what was worse was his infatuation with Bernadette. He was a hoping for an engagement break up and sleeping with her. A lot of the Penny situation was just circumstance. you would think Howdette and Lenny would be both leery of him but instead they are trying to help him.
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    That's part of the fun for me! ;D
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    That sounds like a nice episode; I like to see Bernie and Sheldon together and it is also very IC for Sheldon being the one who doesn't treat Bernadette as the "preggy"-one...I'm curious about the D&D game, it's been a while since they played it on the show. Not so sure about the Claire and Raj stuff; I thought that Claire was in a rebound-non exclusive kind of relationship with Raj, but she was upset when Raj mentioned Emily (why Raj, why??). Could she possibly be interested in an exclusive relationship now? If I were her, I would seriously consider to date Zach, instead, it seems the guy has improved over time, now he can even foresee evil uses for electronic devices, LOL! Anyway, I could understand (with some difficulties, TBH) to brag with your friends about dating multiple women, but bragging about it at one's of said women' face...The guy will have a lot of troubles very soon...Both Claire and Emily are not harmless people, in my opinion!
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    Come on people it's a TV show, and this is a place to discuss it but theres no need to get snarky with other posters just because they see things differently Civility and common courtesy should not be to hard to manage
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    Yes for Sheldon and Bernadette's storyline...finally something a little innovative.
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    Thanks so much for clarifying. As I say, I'm new. And substantively, that's a relief. Not sure I could take yet another unnecessary round of Penny uncertainty. IMHO it's time for the writers to move them along -- in a positive direction.
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    I've thought for a while that the end of season cliffhanger or turmoil storyline is going to be focused on Raj, which is why I posted on the who leaves at the end of the season poll thread that my prediction was Raj. Everything seems to point towards Lenny but that could be a red herring. It seems like the writers are digging him deeper and deeper in a hole that he can't get out of. But Howard is probably the key here, if Raj ends up alone he is going to turn to his closest friend for solace and I am not sure Howard will give it him. The old pre-Bernadette Howard would have been encouraging Raj and likely would have been jealous that he was involved with two women, but now? Howard has grown up I think Raj could be surprised at his reaction if he seeks his counsel. Raj ending up with no relationship and alienating his friends is a real possibility. A massive bust up and lack of sympathy towards him could see him leave for a while. I would probably welcome it tbh, Raj needs something like this to happen for him to grow up.
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    I'm so glad that Jim's not dumping IG
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    I don't know, Sheldon and the boys have played D&D in the show multiple times without the girls over the years. I get that the D&D episode was a "special" Shamy episode, and one of my favourite Shamy episodes, TBH, but I don't see the game specifically as "their" thing, like, let's say FwF...But that's just me...
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    I just noticed something. The writers aren't always inconsistent. The Hofstadters are hanging out behind a new "island" and are showing their friends the Wolowitzes how much fun it can be. They could really tie it all up in a nice little bow in the season finale when Lenny's roommate walks in and finds them doing it on top of the kitchen island. I think it can easily support their weight.
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    You are correct April. For most, Passover is only observed fully (aka not working but of course all other elements still be practiced the whole week) the first & last days. So middle should be no hiccup what so ever.
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    I, state my name, am very happy to admit that I was wrong to jump to the worst possible conclusion on this episode when I saw that Zack was back. Really hoping for good Lenny plot to conclude this year.
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    The thing is, he wasn't really playing D&D with Amy when they were in his room. They were using the rolling of the die and the "what do you do?" sort of questions as a way to express their feelings in a sort of safe way. If Sheldon and Bernie are playing an actual game of D&D, it's going to be more like a real game, even if Sheldon tailors it toward Bernie. It's not really a game about any kind of intimacy and Sheldon would have ZERO interest in having any kind of emotionally intimate moment with Bernie like he does with Amy. It's not really a special game in that regard. It's just D&D.
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    It looks to me that in the end Leonard was fine with the military thing...Because after Sheldon said "If our system was about to be used to create something dangerous, someone from the future would've already come back to kill us", Leonard said "I'm going with that." So I guess that means his doubts are gone? Frankly, the episode feels like a filler to me...Like they don't really have proper storylines so they have to talk about a little bit of everything.
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    Weird. Thought they bonded well on the scavenger hunt/Neil Diamond singalong. Amy was also at Howard and Bernie's house a bit during the Shamy breakup and they did talk a bit. In fairness friends sometimes struggle to find stuff to talk about.
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    Very often in sitcoms an expectant parent (mostly dads) have what you can term a "Billy Bigelow" moment. The character from Carousel who after pridefully boasting about "My Boy Bill" begins to worry over how to provide for a child. Although coming from a dramatic moment, sitcoms can use such a situation for laughs, and in the case of TBBT, to add to the Leonard/Sheldon discovery. This will add to and move along that plot line....just a thought...
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    I don't think his friends are very helpful at the moment...They are tired of his bragging (and who wouldn't be) but I didn't see up to now them giving him some coherent advises on his situation (the girls behavior during the phone call with Emily some episodes ago made me cringe a little, TBH). My opinion is they'll just watch him going from bad to worse...
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    I´m so happy that we get to see Shernadette again! Or is it Shelette? Sheldette? Anyway, the scene with Sheldon and Bernadette sound so sweet and lovely! I can´t wait to see them playing "Choo choo" with the trains or playing D&D. But I have to admit, that it feels awkward for me, I can´t explain it, but since he played it with Amy in his dormitory, it feels strange that he plays it now with Bernie, only the two of them. I know it sounds stupid but I wanted Shamy´s D&D play to be something exclusive, that if he played it alone with someone, he would only play it with Amy. I know he would never play a m-rated D&D with Bernie, but still I liked it, that it was something exclusive, for him and Amy. Does that make any sense?
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    To think of all the angst here...only for Zack to say "I've always been rooting for you"
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    About the D&D with Bernie, it was really just two friends having a good time, nothing more. But well, maybe it's just me, but I think they're trying too hard in portraying how sweet and cute Sheldon is again...It feels a little bit forced. Here's how I think about the those things that are supposed to be "exclusively Shamy". Because the show is already in its ninth season and we'll probably get several more, it's very hard to have something exclusively Shamy anymore. Because sooner or later, Sheldon will do those things with others haha. Yes, they explained the Neil Diamond thing as "We said we should get together more after that but we never did". So Amy and Howard are back to being awkward again lol. Honestly, I think the Amy and Howard scene was just there to create one more joke.
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