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    First, good news. Tonight's episode was drama free yay! Lenny, Howard, Amy, Raj and Claire went to a wine tasting party. They met Zack there. Sheldon and Bernie stayed at 4A for a fun evening (Bernie can't drink wine because of her pregnancy and Sheldon didn't want to go). So cold open was the seven of them having dinner at 4A. Penny talked about this wine tasting party and asked if anyone wanted to go. Leonard asked how come being a scientist can't get these external benefits. Sheldon said he doesn't care because he went into science for internal peace/pleasure (or something like that). Amy pointed out that's not true because Sheldon still wants to get a Nobel. Sheldon said I also told you to not speak against me in front of our friends. (Amy and Sheldon had some more lines here. Sorry I can't remember. But basically it was just the usual Shamy being funny) At the wine tasting party, Zack asked about the guys' work. They told him about their navigation system (They've done building the prototype). Zack then asked if their system would be used by the military, which got Leonard to worry. Later in the bathroom he raised his concerns with Howard and Howard said well if their invention was to be used for something bad, someone should've already come back from the future to kill them by now. Zack then met Claire and was about to hit on her until Raj said Claire's with him. Raj told Zack about him and Claire's "casual" relationship. Later Raj accidently blurted out about the fact that he was seeing someone else at the same time in front of Claire. Claire was not satisfied with their situation. Sheldon and Bernie's storyline was basically Sheldon being sweet. They played with model trains, studied different kinds of toasts and played D&D for the evening. Sheldon prepared a D&D game specificly for Bernie. The night turned out to be a lot of fun. Bernie thanked Sheldon because ever since she got pregnant, she became this "pregnant Bernadette" and she was able to be old herself this evening. Tag scene was the next morning, Leonard asked Sheldon about the military thing. (First take) Sheldon gave the same answer as Howard's. (Second take I forgot sorry) So no drama. Jokes were fine but not very funny. We didn't get to watch 9x21. They showed us 9x20 before the taping.
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    Thank you for the TR, @camelliayao!! <3 Finally a proper dinner with the whole gang in 4a?? I missed that so much! <3 I'm also really digging that we're getting a Sheldon/Bernadette B plot. I love it when they give us one of the more unusual pairings and even more so when they end up having a surprisingly good time. Sounds really cute and sweet. I'm sure every woman who's ever been pregnant can relate to Bernie feeling left out and just wanting to be treated normal. Maybe that's why they showed 9x20 to give the audience a better sense of Bernie's situation right now?? LMAO @ our speculations regarding Zack leading nowhere. But hey, at least he's asking an interesting question about the ethical ramifications of the guys' science project and kinda throwing a wrench into the Raj/Claire situation. Good boy, Zack! Also, ugh Raj.
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    Turns out even Zack is a Lenny. Camelliayao, who did the taping report mentioned Zack said "I've always been rooting for you guys" after knowing Lenny are married.
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    That's part of the fun for me! ;D
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    It looks to me that in the end Leonard was fine with the military thing...Because after Sheldon said "If our system was about to be used to create something dangerous, someone from the future would've already come back to kill us", Leonard said "I'm going with that." So I guess that means his doubts are gone? Frankly, the episode feels like a filler to me...Like they don't really have proper storylines so they have to talk about a little bit of everything.
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    Very often in sitcoms an expectant parent (mostly dads) have what you can term a "Billy Bigelow" moment. The character from Carousel who after pridefully boasting about "My Boy Bill" begins to worry over how to provide for a child. Although coming from a dramatic moment, sitcoms can use such a situation for laughs, and in the case of TBBT, to add to the Leonard/Sheldon discovery. This will add to and move along that plot line....just a thought...
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    I don't think his friends are very helpful at the moment...They are tired of his bragging (and who wouldn't be) but I didn't see up to now them giving him some coherent advises on his situation (the girls behavior during the phone call with Emily some episodes ago made me cringe a little, TBH). My opinion is they'll just watch him going from bad to worse...
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    About the D&D with Bernie, it was really just two friends having a good time, nothing more. But well, maybe it's just me, but I think they're trying too hard in portraying how sweet and cute Sheldon is again...It feels a little bit forced. Here's how I think about the those things that are supposed to be "exclusively Shamy". Because the show is already in its ninth season and we'll probably get several more, it's very hard to have something exclusively Shamy anymore. Because sooner or later, Sheldon will do those things with others haha. Yes, they explained the Neil Diamond thing as "We said we should get together more after that but we never did". So Amy and Howard are back to being awkward again lol. Honestly, I think the Amy and Howard scene was just there to create one more joke.
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    I know that he´s played it with the guys multiple times, this is not what I´m trying to say. I just wanted to point out, that it feels strange for me, that he plays it with Bernadette alone. It´s cute, that he decided to spent some time with Bernie, because she feels left out because of her pregnancy, but that he plays it with her alone, feels strange for me. When he played it with Amy it was so intimate, because that was the first time, they spoke honestly about their wishes (Amy wish to get intimate physically and Sheldon not ready to make that step but willing to play with her D&D, to give at least a "little foreplay", because he knew how hard it is for her, to love him, but not to be able to be physically intimate with him, because she knows how much he struggles with this step). It was so beautifully done and felt so intimate for me, something that the were sharing alone. And now he is playing it alone with Bernie. I´m sorry, I make myself a fool! I don´t want to cause a bad mood here! Let´s look on the bright side, we get a Sheldon and Bernadette episode, I like to see them interact!
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    From Jim's Weibo account Tuesday night in Los Angeles = SHOW NIGHT! With Kaley!
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    And yet another "stick out my tongue" photo for KC! We should keep count! This is so cool! (and sad that there are only two more to tape)
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    Jesse Eisenberg's 'The Spoils' to Have Limited Run in London with Kunal Nayyar Returning to Join Him
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    Hi, I agree with you. Trying not to change the core of the show, by not letting the married couple to live alone, it gets so unrealistic after so many years. By the way, I'm also Greek and "nice to meet you" in Greek is (with Latin characters) "hero poli"
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    The bold part, yes that's exactly the case...I thought that was like common sense... And I'm pretty sure it was the same project in 916, 918, 919 and 922. Why would it be a different one? Now I'm so confused...
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    Hi Squidley, long time not post as I been away for a while. Why? It's not like we haven't been down this road on several occasion with Penny supposedly choosing Leonard. It NEVER sticks for long. It's always one step forward and three steps back. For me personally, I just don't get the feeling that Penny is in really into Leonard or their marriage. Sorry to say it but that's how the character make me feel when it comes to Leonard.
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    Agreed. He's only going to be on this one episode. Even, the worse case scenario,is he's still married to Penny. And you could turn that into a positive that you might get a real Lenny wedding. His only super villain power is stupidity and he has shown that in every episode he's been on. It could be anything since everyone knows who he is. He's hung out with Sheldon before. maybe he on to take care of a horny Amy.
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    He's charming I guess.. But its not a storyline I'm personally fond of. Just because its a recipe for someone getting hurt.
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    An adulteress is a woman who has sex with someone other than her husband. Technically I guess she would be. She and Leonard are lucky that Zack is a friendly fellow otherwise they could be in trouble. But Penny didn't know that she was still married to Zack, she wasn't emotionally attached to him, he was out of her life and she was deeply hurt by what Leonard did. Maybe the terms change because of legal technicalities but that doesn't change the reality.
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    The only thing I am hoping for between now and the end of the season is no more drama for Shamy, they've been through enough this season. If we barely see much more of them this season and their characters take a back seat then that's fine by me. Don't get me wrong more sweet moments between them would be nice but I just know they are going to have more problems in the future at some point and would prefer that next season if at all.
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    Hi all, I just wanted to get this out and see if there's other thoughts on this. I think that there might be some more stuff with the Howardette baby storyline. Perhaps they find out that it's a boy (or it doesn't have to be, just a scan maybe) but something sets Howard thinking about the kind of Dad he's going to be, bring on thinking about his own father abandoning him and why and he decides to go back to the letter and read it... In the mean time Leonard's Dad for some reason (he's feeling unwell?) decides he should see his offspring, cue surprise visit to one Leonard Hofstadter. Add some extra comedy about the others like Raj finds out Claire has hooked up casually with Zack (because Zack doesn't quite get 'casual') and is two timing him and Raj. Emily finds out and wants to have it out with Raj who decides he needs to hide it out at Sheldon and Leonard's as he can't sleep alone in his flat (opening up for Leonard to move out, Raj to move in later...please). Howard finds a picture of his father in the letter and decides to go talk to the gang about it at Sheldon and Leonard's. The cliff hanger is he walks in and sees Leonard's Dad, is suddenly stricken by shock and grabs the photo out of his pocket as he faints. Everybody gathers around and we all see it's a photo of... dun, dun, DUN... Leonard's Dad.
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    No , I'm not from Athens although I lived there for 10 years before we leaved abroad with my husband. I'm from central Greece. I agree with everything you said about Shamy and the other characters. It's like they don't really know what to do with them. and παρακαλώ
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    Oh please let this happen, he can move back to India and let his mother arrange a marriage and everyone (especially me) will be happier
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    If they had no reason to think it didn't go through, they wouldn't necessarily worry about it. If Penny presented their license, signed by the person performing the wedding, then she would be legally able to change her name, even if no one was aware that the other marriage was still valid. You are assuming that officials check deeply into whether there is something unusual about the paperwork presented. If they have no reason to think there is a problem, they won't bother, and there will be no conflicts. The city of Las Vegas is not required to check to see if an annulment or divorce actually took place, especially if the annulment or divorce took place in a different state. If Penny thought the anullemnt went through, she would simply put the month and year (that is all that is required) in the appropriate box in the license application, and they may just accept the form. And yes, if the annulment was not completed for some reason, they would have to redo their wedding. Their marriage would be null and void, legally. As far as Leonard checking, they had him cheat on Penny, and then keep it secret for two years. They had Penny married for three years without knowing it. If they think they can get some comedy out of the annulment never becoming official and Leonard and Penny's wedding not being legal, they will do it.
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    I was holding myself saying it but as current debate seems to offer some well-reasoned, great points I hope I'm not starting a scuffle. To be honest sometimes it seems like what people are seeing are just two versions of Amy. The season 4 and current Amy. But what I miss is actually, the person somewhere in between. Season 4 Amy, or let's say the version that was with us for how long three, four episodes (?) is not really who I mourn. At least the cold, robotic, arrogant version. (Well, maybe a little at times, I'm always up for a a bit of sass). The person I really miss Is the person who you could find all over the S4-S8 (and a humble portion of S9). The person who used to verbalize her thoughts and feelings in matter-of-fact -intelligent, witty manner. Whose bright, insightful exchanges (perfectly delivered by Mayim) were a sweet melody for a "good-lecture-geek" I'm shamelessly myself. And I used to love Amy the - brilliant scientist whose passionate about her work to the point when she was flirting with a starfish, or slipping highly disrespectful tasks to her beloved. With that kind of wicked curiosity only scientist can fully understand. And I loved the never ending saga - "Fifty Shades of Weird and Weirder" of Amy's kinky hobbies - perfect afternoon in a craft museum? oh sure! doing the real life "operation? Who could say no? "And yes, I used to love these wildly inappropriate comments that made even our king-of-crossing-every-boundary - Sheldon look up in horror. I miss the wicked sense of humor, the "maybe you'll be hit by a car and die, LOL right? " moments. And I loved her neurotic, insulting, selfish and I loved her caring, loving and overly excited for a smallest thing. And no, I don't think that was a sign of her immaturity, but rather her excited attitude towards life in general. It was so very charming. Sometimes, lately, while seeing Amy gloomy and rolling her eyes for most of the times I feel like the pure enthusiasm and happiness, is what I miss the most. And the most interesting thing for me was, that in a sense, she was the most normal for me in comparison to real life, from all of the characters I saw on TV. Because just as in real life she had a wide spectrum of who she was. Tons of characteristics that could go together smoothly and contradict itself just as well. And they were good and bad, and she was kinda "crazy," and kinda "normal," she was just as colorful entity, as most of people in real life are. Just a human being - perfect, in it's imperfection. People are not one-dimensional. People don't come with three characteristics that drive their whole behavior - that's the TV world "dumping it down" for "us." What she became now for me is not a normal person of any definition of normal in real life I can think of, but a normal female in a TV "Trope and Cliché" workbook. IMO Amy's" job" now is to progress Sheldon, and her character was "robbed off" a lot characteristics to make space for that "task." But it's not Sheldon's girlfriend I miss, it's simply Amy. We call it a progress, an advancement, but is it? Does progress has to involve taking away almost all the identity of one, the small remains "of hey that's Amy, let me introduce you to Sheldon" being sex-starving joke and insult here and there? Okey. End of the (incredibly long) rant. I guess, as a good full Jewish dinner, it had to go out sometime.(soon)
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    But, isn't the 1st anniversary of her father's death approaching?
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    This was part of the reason for the recent rules update. In this case the appropriate section is Paragraph three.
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    That is freaking hilarious!!!! Hell of a first post welcome to the forum If only the writers were this creative
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    Yeah, it's definitely a long term issue with him and he needs to grow up. ugh
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    I think that is a possibility with Leonard's Dad's appearance espicially since both appeared to just let it go in regards to their spouses. It also could coincide with Lenny moving out.
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    Jim posted a cute IG pic ! Maybe someone can show it here.
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    Just one question- Has this navigation system been discussed before ? Is it the Guidance System they decided on in the Positive Negative Reaction in the bar, and patented it in The Application Deterioration episode ? Or is it something else that only Howard and Leonard are doing ? Does it also include Sheldon and Raj? The patent episode had Howard-Leonard- Sheldon being a part of the guidance system.I'm confused. But thanks for the report. The Sheldon/Bernie scenes are something I will really look forward to
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    Actually, they only separated Sheldon and Bernie from the rest of the group.
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    Oh boy, ok, I'll bite. In what way is Sheldon "having a hard time" with Amy? As if...like Sheldon said long ago, they truly do have the best relationship in the group. :-)
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    https://www.google.com/search?q=Troy+Gentile&oq=Troy+Gentile&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.454j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Anyone notice anything familiar in one of these photos? I just find this funny.
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    And should I win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: ‘We will not go quietly into the night!’ ‘We will not vanish without a fight!’ ‘We’re going to vote!’ ‘We’re going to survive!’ Today we celebrate LUCKYBOY's WINNING Day !”
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    I think people on the thread are more unhappy about Lenny than Lenny themselves.
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    I'd say Yahoo. Sheldon has trouble keeping his Gmail account.
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    New taping tonight. Someone’s waiting on the kitchen island for…
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    Happy Taping Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you so much! Now I can finally read it! But who are all those guys we've never heard of before? And more important, nothing from Amy or the guys we know? (1) Live Chat Video: l.solomon73, v.evans839, s.buck69, c.golenor28, blue55.b83, balvao05? --> Is one of those finally a nickname for Amy? (2) His e-mail program: Bookpeople: "Sign up for free..." --> probably just advertisment - can our lovely hoarder also not delete his spam mails? Vera: "Here is a copy..." --> something work-related? Btw, what happened to Alex? Is it now Vera instead? RustyPuppers: "Your order is c..." --> ohhh what did he order? Data Guys: "Everything is ..." --> also work-related, perhaps he had saved all his important data before his computer crashed? Lucas: "Can you resend..." --> work-related again? Sean B.: "I sent all the..." --> "... flowers to Dr. Fowler as requested"? V.P.E. Evans: "The boss wants..." --> definitely work-related... or it's about his other boss Amy;-) Computer Tech: "Please pick up..." --> new work computer? Danny W.: "Sign and return..." --> work-related again? Robert D.: "New orders." --> Well, he does order a lot, doesn't he? Preparations for the awesome proposal?;-) Jason: "Return the attached sheets b..." --> probably work again Kirsten G.: "These are late" ---> Really Sheldon? Forgetting to return books or something? Kind of distracted lately, are we?;-) There is really a lot of interesting information we get here kind of off-screen. I don't know how this works, and probaby this isn't the right thread, but could we open a fanfic challenge about this? E.g. five of these names have to be used and explained in a one-shot story... anyone interested?:-)))
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    From Jim's weibo account.
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    You are now officially in charge of "Jim watch summer '16"
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    But this is what I mean - for every time Sheldon is generous there is a time he is inconceivably selfish. For every time Penny complains about Sheldon being a man child and wanting Leonard to live with her in 4B she takes Sheldon sides and calls 4A "our apartment." For every time Amy is socially obtuse she is manipulative and socially cunning. For every time Raj is sweet, pathetic or romantic he's also mean, selfish and insensitive. For every time Bernie is sweet and caring she's a screaming, shrewish hell-harpy. For every time Leonard says he loves Sheldon like a brother he can't stand him and wants to get as far away from him as possible. I cannot parse this anymore, it literally makes no sense to me. In the 200th episode and in this one, Penny is acting like Amy and Amy is acting like Penny. If I asked you who, Amy or Penny, would defend Sheldon's RA agreement clauses and who would slam them as stupid using sexual innuendo, which name would assign which lines but who actually says them? Who, Amy or Penny, would you expect to be quarreling with Leonard or willing to camp out by his side in the bathroom, and how did that play out? It literally makes no sense to me; the second half of this season seems to have gone shockingly off the rails. When they were done with Sheldon and Amy's break up, I expected the show to return to other issues and storylines that had been set up but were being ignored. I thought a lot of things would be straightened out and moved forward. I expected Shamy having sex and Lenny being married and other milestones to mean something and the show move forward, but instead I feel like discarded scripts from season 7 are being recycled back in, and the characters and their dynamics have gone backwards, not forwards. For example, all the work that's gone into Penny's new career and moving past acting, but that's STILL a churning, unresolved issue? How many years are we expected to go through the ups and downs and zig zags of Penny's career and money issues before we write her off as an infuriating, wishy washy lost cause? Especially when she tries to pin the blame for her unhappiness on what she projects Leonard will say? And what sort of offensive nonsense is it to suggest all it takes in Pharma sales is flirting and a see-thru blouse? And Amy finally got laid but is pathetically over eager to check Sheldon for ticks because she gets to see him pantless? Is Jim Parsons under contract to drop trou once a season? This is all strictly season 7-8 stuff, completely ignoring that they went through a whole break up and had sex finally, and that things should now be efferent, and issues should be in play here, such as do Sheldon and Amy share a bed on trips like this now, when they used to get separate bedrooms. What's the new status quo after pushing through such a huge milestone in their relationship? This was a prime place for such a discussion to come up, but no, Amy is still trotting after any sexual crumb she can find after an episode where she is understanding about Sheldon's hoarding and the emotional connection leads to.....her being sent home while Sheldon plays with his new techno toy. Seriously, did the break up, reunion and sex between them even happen, because I see no evidence it did, or that anything changed! So why did I just get dragged through that as a viewer for the first 13 episodes of the season if it turns around to mean or develop nothing at all? What sort of psychotic arrogance or tainted bong water exists between the writers that they think I'm gong to hang on for writing this poor? And the problem is that it's everyone, the whole show. Shamy make no sense. Lenny make no sense. Shelnard make no sense. Everyone hates Raj and this insufferable storyline, which is also making all the girls look terrible, because I have no idea why they want to coddle, pamper, help or date this douchebag. And Howardette are pregnant, and I hate baby storylines and it's the least offensive and nonsensical thing happening on the show right now, a fact that blows my mind. When a baby story line is, to me, the least terrible thing happening on a show, it's a train wreck. I was very aware of major issues with the show happening while the focus was on Shamy, and honestly thought that some of the craftsmanship put into the Shamy storyline would move to the other elephants in the room once that was done, and instead there's......this. Whatever this is. With the 200th episode serving as nothing more than a big writers circle jerking party, full of self-indulgence, celebrity guests, gooey nostalgia and cake, but little to no "big moment" storytelling or plot development, it all comes across as kinda gross. And now there's a promised cliffhanger to end the season - because those always go so well - and Leonard's Dad showing up because....was there a huge chorus of fans clamoring for Leonard's Dad to show up? This fandom is very split, but the majority agree on wanting those living arrangements changed and have since season 7, especially after Lenny's engagement. But instead we're going for round gazillion of Penny's acting career crisis or Leonard's insecurity issues....why? If the show had nothing at all to mine for story lines, fine, but they do and are deliberately ignoring them while teasing the audience with lines like Leslie's "has anything changed? You're still living with Sheldon" just to let you know they know the issues exist. They are not failing to move things forward because they don't see the issue or the corner they have written themselves into, they actively see them and refuse to write towards tackling them out of deliberate choice because they believe that they are cute and clever enough to get away with having their cake and eating it too. And I'm done with it. Cliffhanger? Would not be surprised to see a tag with Leonard and Amy bathing in the confused and guilty afterglow of the best coitus either had ever had, while Penny runs away to Australia to film a new blockbuster and takes Sheldon with her. And Emily puts Raj's torso in her closet while Bernie gives birth to her reincarnated Mother-In-Law. Why not.
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