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    The only one I found really funny was the Awards dinner one where he got drunk. When he came into the living room hung over and asking what happened to his pants I burst out laughing
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    Another award for Jim! It airs next Sunday. http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/tv-land-icon-awards-john-stamos-1201750071/ The Icon Awards also honored Ryan Murphy and FX’s hit “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” for its quick and deep impact on television, and “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons, who was voted favorite iconic TV character by fans. The TV Land Icon Awards air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, April 17 on TV Land.
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    Hey, i take it all back about the show becoming steadily more mainstream. That is a.....niche kink the show is catering to, the -t-shirt -tucked-into-3-tighty-whities. I've heard of Catholic Schoolgirl, but what would we call this? Arrested Schoolboy? I'm a little afraid to google it....
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    This season has flown by! How is there only 2 tapings left! I wonder what they have planned...
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    I think Jim is absolutely adorable and I have a problem with it. Except for a few episodes (the second pilot and Pants Alternative) the plots can completely do without it. There was nothing hot about Sheldon's shirt tucked into his 3 layers of tighy-whities.
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    I’m very late to the new episodes discussion party, but I really enjoyed these last two shows! I went to the taping for “The Big Bear Precipitation”, so I saw both it and 9.19 quite a while ago. “The Solder Excursion Diversion” had great moments for Shamy. It obviously was not sexual in any way, but they shared some intimate moments nonetheless. Sure, someday it’d be nice to find out that Sheldon has become well-versed in cardigan removal, but I think these personal exchanges are just important for their relationship's growth as any kind of physical intimacy. As for the tag scene, I know I’ve posted in here before about not wanting to see a return of their old dynamic, where Sheldon is clueless while Amy is desperate. The computer chat at Sheldon’s bedtime didn’t bother me, though. It was a fitting end to an episode that was all about non-sexual intimacy. In spite of all that, I do think they should address the coitus thing again soon. It would be really weird to get back to Amy’s birthday before it is addressed. I mean, that line from Sheldon was funny, but if it only ever happens on her birthday, it will look like he is only doing it for her sake. I don't think anyone wants to be left with that impression. “The Big Bear Precipitation” was very funny. Raj with the bear, of course, was amazing. Sheldon and Amy playing ‘Never have I ever’ was fantastic too. I’ve missed their goofy way of playing games together, and it was a welcome return of the Amy who always had so much in common with Sheldon. The cabin setting with a fire and wine sounds so romantic, but they were still very much themselves, romancing in their own uniquely Shamy way. The game play was very innocent, of course. They couldn’t get each other to drink for even the silliest of things, but it was still such a flirty interaction. Sheldon looked so proud of himself when Amy got him to drink for ‘completely rocking’ her world in bed. Drama-free Shamy is the best. Also, this episode is the first time that I can remember a completely genuine laugh from Sheldon. I'm looking forward to the last 4 episodes of the season. Hopefully we'll get some more great Shamy moments.
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    Damn! Leonard looked so cute and happy in his hat! I'm sorry that Penny's critique took the wind out of his sails.
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    I did feel sorry for Sheldon but not that much. Like I said IMO it was mostly his fault and I always knew that a break-up would happen eventually that would shake him so...But I agree that Amy being a secondary character created a few problems related to perception during the break-up. About the ring, I think its purpose was for the cliffhanger and for the added drama of "Amy takes a break from Sheldon because she thinks he's not serious about her but he has a ring which if she only knew about"...Apart from that, having a ring isn't an excuse for shitty behaviour...At least I know I wouldn't excuse him like that. Also, even though Sheldon did have a ring and I'm sure his intentions were good, he wasn't in the right frame of mind to propose at that time (which is why the break-up was needed).
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    I think the point is during the break up, they showed a lot of things from Sheldon's POV but very few from Amy's. We saw Sheldon's struggle and suffering, thus we felt more sorry for him. Also there was the ring. Since there was no sign of a proposal before season 8 finale, and it seems an engagement is not gonna happen anytime soon, my understanding is the ring mainly served the purpose of making people feel sorry for Sheldon. Because this way no matter what inappropriate things Sheldon does , he'll always be forgiven because people will go like "Awwww, but he has a ring!".
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    Now finally you see the light. We should never feel bad for Sheldon because he is often arrogant and condescending towards a bunch of adult, capable people who willingly choose to tolerate that and to stay friends with him (and most of the time are not affected by his words at all). If he's not the worst villain in the history of tv, I don't know who is.
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    Man that's was the weirdest thing, I was in here smokin and jokin minding my own business and the next thing I know I am in a diffrent thread with no memory of how I got there.....
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    Yeah, all those lists of hot guys in various magazines directed at women, use pictures of the guys looking anyway they want. We can call the men shallow. And we should. Perhaps you missed the conversation comparing Leonard and Penny's sex lives, as shown on the show. And how it was pointed out that Leonard has been shown to be more sexually active than Penny. I'm also trying to remember where they showed the guys in a strip club, like they showed the women. You mean like Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy, Roseanne, Sara Gilbert, etc? Yes people called Kaley ugly,but there were plenty of people here defending her choice and thought she look good (I for one). And Amy is frumpy looking, it's her character. Mayim is not frumpy looking. Is there something wrong with looking frumpy? Sheldon? Is this the same Sheldon that spouts out sexist and misogynistic comments about women. You can't stand the other guys because you claim they ALWAYS objectify women. Yet you give a pass to someone spouts nonsense like "Women are like egg salad: full of eggs and only attractive for a short time" or his every popular and continuing negative comments about women and menstruation and his slut shaming of Penny. And we won't even start in on his highly racist comments. Again, All of the men are given sexist comment and actions, and the women are depicted as dominating and/or manipulative. But all of them are shown performing loving actions for their SO. Very shallow of him, I would say. Anyone who only likes ONE thing about anyone, is shallow. I don't see any problem with liking ONE thing about someone, as a point of attraction. If the person continues on that path, liking only one thing about the other person, or using that person for only one thing, then it would be fine to call them shallow. Look, I'm not denying your overarching thesis. There is a double standard, women have to be hyper vigilant, there are still a lot of men who objectify woman, among others. And, we have to keep working on getting rid of those things.
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    sorry rodney, you do get my respect. your work speaks for it self.
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    I think the ring was there primarily for adding suspense to the cliffhanger and to create a bit more drama. It had, anyway, at least for me, the effect to mitigate my feelings towards the break up in the first couple of episodes. It was very difficult for me (even if I love the character to bits) to sympathize with Sheldon in Episode 9.1 and 9.2. The "egg" comment, him pestering Amy and not giving her the space she asked for, Penny's bra and the FwF episode (it was very funny, but also cruel...) didn't put him in a good light, at least to me, so knowing that there was a ring in a way gave to his actions a possible "second" meaning. But, even with that, I did not feel sorry for Sheldon at that point. In 9.7 I felt very sorry for him, instead, but I didn't need the ring for it. The episode was structured to finally see Sheldon acknowledging the pain he was going through and the fact he was accepting his "human" side. I was sorry that this process was so painful for him. The ring, again, for me added "drama" to the situation (this season it seems TPTB thought that it was necessary to add drama, and went for it), but not more "feelings". Just imagine the tag without it, it wouldn't have been as dramatic...
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    "Penny: All right, fine. Well, Sheldon, I’m no expert, but aren’t you completely missing the point of Spock? I mean, he liked to act like he had no emotions, but he was still half human." Penny was surprisingly insightful for someone who does not even like the original Star Trek. Among the writers there has got to be at least one fan of the original star trek. Wil provides the comic relief. So, Sheldon is learning something about life and emotions. A lot of us learn some hard lessons along the way in life. A person holding onto unrealistic notions is going to face a little turmoil as the real world does not conform to our conceptualizations. We have to form conceptualizations consistent with reality. It is not like reality is treating Sheldon any harsher than anyone else. By the way. Sheldon only had one brother. I had three step brothers with stinky farts and I lived. I don't feel sorry for him. Sheldon is a lot more normal than he usually wants to admit. He is going through normal growing pains , but a little later than most. Life is like this. His relationship with Amy improves.
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    The ring may be for the purpose of a cliffhanger in season 8. But in 9x07 it definitely made people feel sorry for Sheldon, at least for general audience in my country. I read hundreds and thousands of comments on social media websites saying that Amy broke Sheldon's heart/Amy's not good enought for Sheldon anymore blahblahblah. General audience don't analyze things to details like we do. They feel what the show wants them to feel. And I think the writers want them to feel sorry for Sheldon. They even gave Howard lines like "Amy broke your heart".
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    I always thought the ring served the purpose of showing that Amy (and a lot of viewers) was off-base with Sheldon's level of commitment towards Amy. A lot of viewers equated Amy's return to the relationship "status quo" as having been "silly" for jumping the gun, and the ring further emphasized this point of view (whether or not folks believed she in fact was "silly" or jumping the gun in breaking up with Sheldon). While a lot of viewers were shocked to see the ring, I dont think it was as shocking as the actual break up, considering the relationship was seeing progress in S8. And while we the viewers may have sympathized with Sheldon because of his apparent desire to marry Amy before the break up, I dont think the writers came up with the ring merely to have us feel sorry for him. I do of course agree with you that the break up POV favored Sheldon over Amy. I didnt care for it then and now.
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    That I have absolutely no problems with
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    I think Jim parsons is contractually obligated to drop his pants once a season
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    I finally watched the episode. FYI, loved it... but moving along... I see you're all posting all these beautiful things about Amy.. a part of me wonders if this is just a way to get to 1000 pages... hmm. LOL.. I think the reason I like Amy is because the show didn't have a relatable female character up until she arrived. Penny wasn't and still isn't relatable in my honest opinion. How many of us can say we moved to LA with the hopes of becoming an actress? Amy is different, cos she worked hard and achieved a lot of excellent things even though she didn't have a lot of friends or popularity. That's what I like about her. I think she's the best female character on television in that regard. You don't see a lot of intelligent, hard working women who also has a lot of confidence and keeps a level head in situations. She's cool like that. As for looks, sure she doesn't dress the best, but the fact that she owns it is more impressive. I never thought I'd like the character as much as I do now. I think the precise episode I fell inlove with her was the Zazzy Substitution. Mind you, I think that's the one Sheldon fell in love with her too... Anyway.. I think this season was a sucess from a Shamy shipper pov. Kissing and holding and sharing secrets and well, you know... It wouldn't have been half as fun without you awesome nerds. I swear the day I found this thread, was the day I found like minded people for the first time in my life.
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    YES or in my headcannon: since Amy doesn't want to pressure him, when they have that conversation she'll offer maybe once a month and then sheldon will bring up that study and counteroffer once a week I mean...you can't argue with scientific facts
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    Georgina was kind of a funny villain. She was a hot mess most of the time. I never really liked Dan and Blair. I guess I was a Chuck and Blair fan. Dan I liked in the beginning, but I found him progressively more annoying as the show went on. I was hoping that he would totally just drift over to the dark side. In my head I did like Dan/Blair cause she hated him, and it was interesting for them to come together, but I still wanted her to end up with Chuck. I agree with the whole Jenny thing. I think the show needed her in a sense, and perhaps she should have just been recast. The earlier seasons were better. I think for all the characters. Serena kind of lost her way and was just drifting, and was a bit wishy washy. Blair was better, but there was no environment for her to be Queen B. The whole Prince storyline I really disliked. Yes, GG is closer to Melrose Place kind of crazy storylines. Entertaining though. BBT is not even one iota close to being that crazy in terms of wrecking ships. But it's a comedy, so I guess the drama shouldn't play so heavily into it. I have a bit of a problem with how some of the characters are being written. Amy was such a fresh interesting character. I liked the last episode, she seemed more herself, having fun and laughing and her and Sheldon getting "their" jokes. I don't like when she is written as completely annoyed with Sheldon, and she is "teaching" him how to behave normally. That bugs me big time. They were both supposed to think differently and "get" each other. If Amy turns into just a regular girl and has no quirks of her own then I will slowly fall out of love with her character. Penny, I think they are brewing something up for her. She's seemed generally dissatisfied for three seasons. If they go the work route, I wonder what they will be. The writers really need to get over their fear of separating the Sheldon and Leonard. If they are across the hall, it won't be hard to not have them constantly with each other anyways. And this Raj storyline is just vile. Ugh Raj indeed.
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    Dan as GG was just dumb. I think that they did it because Penn Badgley kept dissing the show at the end. I never shipped anyone on the show until Dan and Blair...I loved them together...Blair and Chuck had great chemistry in the first seasons, that's why they overtook when it was supposed to just be a one night stand...but then he did all these things to her. What I loved the most was Serena and Blair's friendship. They were amazing together!
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    It literally made no sense at all. They showed him shocked reading GG blasts, on his sister being in danger, and him rushing off. That's just one of many many things. Perhaps they should have made it someone off to the sides like Dorota. In my head, I know I should hate Chuck for all the vile things he did, but I always liked him. I was rooting for him to come out on top in the end. He's got to be one of the most messed up characters on TV lol... Oh the clothes! Yes, I adored the fashion. Amazing.
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    Dan being GG was a last minute decision with the writers. Its something they randomly pulled out of their hat. Dan dated both Blair and Serena. Why would he actively continue to ruin their life ? Made no sense. BTW Chuck and Blair were totally unhealthy ! After season 2, I was over them. I wish I could have Blair and Serena's wardrobe though The fashion was amazing.
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    hey!! We were just discussing with @2L344 how we both didn't realize either in the taping or even after watching the episode! that 'Big Bear' was not only about the cabin but also about Raj's bear! We only picked up on it after other people mentioned it in the Shamy Spoiler thread after watching the episode lol! I was curious, did you realize it at the taping?? And did you think the episode turned out to be as good as it seemed at the taping? I thought it turned out to be amazing!
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    I hated that they made Dan GG! (actually I hated all of season 6) First of all, they've spent first 2 seasons pointing out how cruel GG was (she - he - was indeed in my opinion SUPER cruel to Serena), and in my opinion it is super out of character for the sweet nice Dan that he was before S6 to have been GG... Second, it's simply implausible, I'm just not buying it that he was hanging out with them ALL the time for 6 years and never got caught uploading stuff on GG. Ok, I can assume sometimes Jenny helpled him, but still... And I also liked Dan with Blair so much! I never really shipped Blair with Chuck. I mean they had this great chemistry and this epic love story, but I don't think their relationship was that healthy... at least before season 6!Actually Chuck is the only one who I liked how he turned out in season 6
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    Stephanie and Leslie were absolutely beautiful. This is the problem, hollywood makes it seem to you , like they are not. AGAIN- I'm not saying preferring brains over looks is a good or bad thing. I just think its a RARE concept for hollywood to do (where women are objectified FAR MORE than men, both based on their looks and their age) and therefore, I find it refreshing and interesting that someone can completely disregard looks. Like I said, its uncommon to see on TV.
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    He definitely should have taken the hat with him to the woods.
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    I agree with all of this, you've analysed it very nicely. Both of them are control freaks, it's always their way or the highway. They have certain standards that they uphold and they expect the others to do the same. Like when Blair took it out on that girl for wearing tights as pants or Sheldon's bathroom and eating schedule.They have this mentality of "don't fuck with me or my friends" - especially Blair. They are both repressed and cold on the outside but have this let's say secret supply of passion that they have reserved only for the most important things in their lives. I also find it very interesting (particularly about Sheldon) that they both, in their own way each, have a belief in certain social structures. Blair is Queen Bee and apart from Serena, all the other girls are her minions. Sheldon shows this mostly in paintball where he has given everyone ranks with him, of course, having the highest one. This ties in with both of them always wanting to be the leader. They're both bossy and dictatorial and have temper tantrums when things don't go their way. Another thing they have in common is that they're both conventional people who love order. This might sound weird for Sheldon but even through his countless quirks and eccentricities he is a stickler for the rules, he can be convinced to do things if he's told that it's the socially appropriate thing to do and he is willing to follow through with traditions like marrying Amy (really, is there a bigger convention than marriage?). From what I've gathered Texas is an old-fashioned place so that has helped to instill in him a healthy dose of conventionalism. Not to mention that many of his quirks and eccentricities are just defence mechanisms for his anxieties. And of course there's the cotillion training that he shares with Blair (remember that ep in GG where they had that event where they waltzed) which again is something very traditional. Then you have Blair who has also had a traditional upbringing and wants everything in her life to go according to what is considered to be appropriate in high society. They also have differences of course. Blair cares much more about social image and keeping up appearances than Sheldon who just wants to do what he wants to do and doesn't stop to think of the consequences most of the time. He wants his hobbies, he wants to roll in a pool of colourful plastic balls, he wants to wear a weird thinking cap (or whatever it was called) and he doesn't care what others will say about it. Not to say though that he doesn't have his own hang ups - he wants everyone to think he's a robot who will one day become one with the Internet (another social construct!). Another difference is that Blair is much more ruthless than Sheldon. There's a relentlessness (sp?) in her that I just don't see in him. She also has a meaness about her (all the more because she's always aware of what she's doing) while Sheldon has this sweetness and this obliviousness which makes it hard for people to dislike him and relatively easy to forgive him.
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    I guess that's his "going to the woods" jacket!
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    Thanks Snowflake Snugglers . I borrowed these because they are so cute. Hoping to spread the love.
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    Yeah! it's amazing! a little expensive right, but the best right now. Love procreate app, i'm using it as well. Hey! Finally, Laura Spencer's portrait is done! Enjoy!!
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    I'm so happy about this thread! I loved GG. I really love complex characters, so Blair was my fave. I did love Chuck also but he did so many terrible terrible things. I was not a fan of Nate though. He was my ....Ugh Nate. So funny story, my fanfic story (Hofstadter Manipulation) I wrote to have a GG feel to it. I wrote Leonards sister Hayley to have a "Blair" feel about her. You hate her in the beginning but come around to like her cause deep down she has a good heart, but has a sharp edge to her. His brother Michael, awful to start but then turns around too, but is never a sweet as pie person but you do want to root for him. (Lol....well I hope I wrote him that way) Something I loved about Chuck and Blair was they both saw each other as they really were. They owned that they were manipulative and supported each other. There was no facade. Their first time in the limo had me crazy. That short clip at the Burlesque club and then limo....I just loved it!
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    No two characters can be 100% alike. Ofcourse, there are many many differences between Blair Waldorf and Dr. Cooper .But I think Blair and Dr. Cooper are have some striking similarities, which I noticed when I binge watched Gossip Girl recently. They are comical, evil and very complex characters. 1. Intelligent and cerebral- They are good at academics; often use complicated words and have longer dialogues than other characters 2. Blunt- Have great one-liners, insults and burns, I would hate them in real life. Blair puts down people from lower social status as well as dumb people ; Sheldon puts down people with low intelligence among other things. 3. Power- Blair wants to be queen and takeover NYU/Columbia; Sheldon wants to be a benign overlord 4. Vengeful- Blair is enemy/friends with Georgina /Jenny; Sheldon has the same with Will Wheaton/Leslie Winkle/Barry Kripke 5. Pop Culture comparisons - They both identify with icons. Sheldon models his life after Spock and Blair models her life after Audrey Hepburn. 6. Ambitious - Both have smart people as role models.Sheldon wants to win a Nobel Prize and looks upto Stephen Hawking; Blair wants to win a Nobel peace prize and looks up to powerful women like Anna Wintour or Hillary Clinton. 7. Snobby and Arrogant -they both genuinely believe they are better than everyone else. 9. High Maintainance - Both like to be in control, they are both never easy going or laidback. Very selective about choosing friends; 10. Predictable - They always have a plan, they like predictability in their life -Blair says she has a very predictable 'Waldorf existence'. Same with Sheldon, he always wants things a certain way. 11. Delusional- They both have delusions of grandeur and in their head, they think they are the best but many times, their self esteem is punctured- Blair doesn't get into Yale; She is denthroned as queen; She quits/gets fired from her job after a melt down; Just like Sheldon has his element disproved, he quits string theory; he also has a melt down 12. Denial- They have a cold exterior but deep down, they have vulnerability and care about their friends, lovers and are very loyal.
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    I did this drawing based on @Darcyfitz amazing fanfiction "The science of Love". I love her fanfictions, thanks for sharing with us. We love you! Enjoy! Sheldon Amy and Chaucer :D
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    I think it always going to be that way because it wasn't Sheldon that ended the relationship it was Amy. And Amy is such a strong willed character who has had to work hard for everything she wasn't showing that much emotion or hurt when they did break up. She was open to going on dates with other men and trying to move on. It was only when she got started to date Dave and then got wind of Sheldon trying to move on himself that she started to miss Sheldon. Then they obviously had the aquarium trip when it hit home to her that maybe she had made a huge mistake ending it. That car ride home scene was really heartbreaking. The ring thing Sheldon must have planned it before hand. He had to get the ring and the idea of a proposal is not something he would have rushed into. It's not like he had an impression that Amy was going to break up with him (though Penny did know that she was considering doing it) so he then thought proposing would be a last ditch effort to keep her. For the record I would put close to 100% of the blame on their breakup on Sheldon, but did i feel sorry for him more than Amy yes because it looked like he was hurting more. That and I thought he was an idiot for messing it up, the guy has one chance for love and I thought he had blown it.
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    Week 29 Final Ratings For Friday, April 08, 2016; for broadcasts, 07 April, 2016 Despite picking up a tenth in demo, and picking up 260,000 viewers, TBBT had the lowest demo and number of viewers for the year. Also, last night was final episode of American Idol. The 8:00 PM broadcast a new episode, 9.20, The Big Bear Precipitation, and finished with a 3.1, with 13.50 million people, This was up a tenth in demo and up 260,000 viewers from the overnights. This was was down four tenths in demo, and 740,000 viewers from the last new episode, 9.19, The Solder Diversion Excursion. For viewers, the TBBT was number one with those 13.50 million viewers. In second, was American Idol with 13.30 million viewers. This was up 1.56 million viewers from the overnights, and up over 3 million viewers from last weeks number two show. In third place, The Odd Couple, which had 7.63 million viewers, down 190,000 with the overnights, and up 140,000 viewers from the third place show from last week. For Demo, In first, was TBBT with a 3.1. American Idol , was second with a 3.0, even with the overnights, and up four tenths from last week's second place show. Grey's Anatomy was third with a 2.1. Even with the overnights, and even from last week's number three show.
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    He even said he was rooting for our couple, after finding out they were married.
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    Anyone seen Girl Meets World? I think Farkle and Smackle are the teen versions of Sheldon and Amy. I wish Sheldon and Amy wore sweatshirts like these on the show. 1. Just like Shamy, Farkle and Smackle are cute when they think no one is watching. 2. Just like Amy, Smackle gets complete giddy around Farkle. 3. Just like Shamy, they look at the world as if everyone else is all insane.
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    I'm not sure I understand this whole "The writers wanted us to feel sorry for Sheldon" vs "They didn't". He got dumped by Amy (mostly justifiably, I thought that the break-up was mostly his fault - not that Amy was completely innocent of course) - obviously he wasn't going to be glad about it, so...what was the show supposed to do? What were we supposed to take from that? Because really, shouldn't he be sad about it? Or is the implication that it's something bad because they wanted us to feel bad for Sheldon and blame Amy? That's not what I got from that storyline at all, but that's just IMO. *Or is it that we should never feel bad for Sheldon because he's evil! ?
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    Well Amy is probably my favorite character on the show which might be surprising to some considering she's not one of the big three. What do Like about her? Well she's highly intelligent, has her own opinions and isn't afraid to voice them, strong willed and I get the impression she has worked hard to get where she is. She has her quirks and hobbies which aren't the norm and she has her own sense of style and taste and won't be pressured by anyone into changing them. She does have a sense of humor that is sometimes dry but I kind of dig that. There is a tinge of sadness around her in the sense that a lack of social interaction for example a lack of friends growing up or being excluded from girly stuff has affected her but she has made the most of it and in a kind of way that has made her tougher and probably created that work ethic. You get the impression that she has had a strict upbringing and that certainly has also shaped her. Through her interactions with the group she has finally been able to achieve some of the things that she wanted or experiences she desired but could never get growing up. She was introduced as like a female clone of Sheldon but the differences between them are Sheldon's social issues are more of a product of nature meanwhile Amy's is more down to nurture. It was pretty evident early on especially with her interactions with Penny and Bernadette that she was going to change with the right experiences. Apologies for the long winded post, I could probably add more but those are my initial thoughts.
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    http://spp.sagepub.com/content/7/4/295 A recent study shows that once a week is the ideal amount for couples to have sex. Sounds like the kind of thing Amy could use to start a conversation with Sheldon about the frequency of their coitus.
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    Georgina was my favourite villain, she was a badass! I'll never forget Blair's "I'm the crazy bitch around here". I loved Blair's relationship with her dad and that she got along with him and his boyfriend. And I thought her being bulimic added more complexity to her character. "Blair Waldorf must pie" is one of my favourite eps. Her eating that pie on her own was so heartbreaking I agree that the show lost it's way towards the end. The whole prince storyline was just...kinda weird? And poor Nate, it was like he wasn't even there most of the time. As for Jenny it's a pity she left. Even though I liked Blair so much I couldn't believe that she could just kick someone out of a city. I would just flip her off and go on my merry way :D @nibbler747 Personally I really like how Amy and Sheldon are written together after the reconciliation. There are a couple of annoyances but nothing major IMO. I get though that people see things differently. For example it didn't bother me when Amy tried to guide him in the empathy episode, I even liked it. I don't know if I see it as teaching, but for sure I don't see it as mothering. Also I think that they still get each other, maybe they have bumps here and there but I prefer to look at the general picture. At least after the reconciliation I don't remember a moment where they didn't get each other. I could be wrong though, maybe I'm forgetting something. As for Penny, it's obvious they're going to do something with her and I hope it will be about her job, she deserves to do something she loves for a living after losing her dream of acting. Now Raj...tbh I just skip his parts, he bores me these says. @brilliantfool yes! Dan and Blair are similar to Sheldon and Amy in that way, they both have intellectual interests in common. @Serena_nyc1995 That's how I'd put the seasons too. Especially the last one, all of them had become shells of their former selves a bit.
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    @nibbler747 GG in the books is not revealed!
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    I would have preferred Blair to stay with Dan as well, but then, he turned out to be a psycho being GG. So I don't know, Dan's behavior made Chuck look good by the end of the show. Haha. I do think Chuck and Blair had great chemistry. But so did Dan and Blair. And Dan and Serena as well. I was not much into shipping anyone by the end.
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    Sheldon has a tiny Cyberman on his desk though. One from the Classic Who era IIRC. :D
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    They are the enemies of Earth. They're based on the Nazis of World War 2, 1939 -1945. When they first appeared in 1963 they were terrifying because most people at the time had lived through the real-life threat of being invaded and taken over. One look at them and even children - who'd been born into the aftermath of that fear - shivered in horror. I still do. The Doctor has defended Earth against the Daleks for fifty three years. Every time they've been defeated somehow they've managed to reappear just when the authorities think we could have seen the last of them and so The Doctor and his companions have to deal with them yet again. They see The Doctor as their greatest enemy because they never succeed when they come up against him. When our friends go to a Dr Who convention we never hear of any of them dressing up as a Dalek. The second-greatest enemies are Cybermen. I think Sheldon might have mixed feelings about those.
  49. 2 points
    I feel Sheldon was the author of his situation. He actually spent a lot of the break up not admitting it was bothering him and not being sad. It does not look here like the writers wanted us to feel sorry for Sheldon. I think one could spend all day finding bits that help ensure the audience will not feel sorry for Sheldon: The writers really make light of Sheldon's issue. The are making us laugh rather than making us feel sorry for him Rather suddenly Penny gives into Sheldon but even here Sheldon's lines are full of jokes so I don't think the writers are trying to make the audience feel sorry for him. I think we are expected to laugh at Penny giving in to him.
  50. 2 points
    All I can say is the closing tag was: I couldn't care if they're always in the background as long as they're happy.
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