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    And this Lenny fan can truly enjoy Shamy too.
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    Actually, I think is Leonard keeping this secret bank account it much worse. By doing that, he's treating Penny like an incapable child. Instead of saying to her, "Hey we need to figure a way to pay our debt down. How about we set up an account, and we are not allowed to touch it, and we throw X amount in it every month until we have enough to pay our debt off." He thinks she's incapable of doing it, and goes behind her back and does it himself. While the intention of getting their debt down is good, it's very hurtful to Penny because it says to her that he doesn't think that she can handle an adult conversation about money. That he has to go around her and make decision that is "best of her". That is what a parent does to a child, not how a husband and wife should handle this situation. As for the diary, well I still think it is snooping. Diaries are known to be private thoughts, not to be shared. She may leave it out because she trusts him not to read it. So he knew it was wrong but curiosity got the best of him. I think we can all agree though that this living together arrangement is weird, and the writers need to sort it out soon. One thing I find curious, and I see it on here a lot. If you've been dating someone for roughly 8 years, and then you get married, do you think your relationship is going to change all of a sudden? That you will suddenly be more in love, have sex all the time, and you will be more committed to each other and life will be totally different than before? Because I don't see that happening just because you say "I do". If you are loving towards each other before, you will be so after. If you communicate well with each other before, you will do so after. Marriage shows a life long commitment towards each other, but it doesn't change the way you communicate and express yourselves.
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    You still think Sheldon purely loves Amy based on her intellect? I think that is probably the quality he loves the most about her but it's evolved into more than that and I am expecting it to change even more.
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    Sheldon does not care for science as much as he does for personal glory, that is what his quest for the Nobel is, he was to be acknowledged as smarter than anyone and he will do anything to get that acknowledgement. He has used his friends repeatedly to get ahead, especially Leonard, do try and get ahead. The episode where Leonard wanted to lecture about their super solid paper. Sheldon put him in the position of lead author, for his own benefit, and took over control of the intellectual property of the paper. The North Pole expedition, was for Sheldon's Nobel, his friends were there to be his workers not to get any credit, maybe a footnote in this biography. Sheldon steals Leonard's idea and writes the paper again stealing the glory, even telling people he was the lead even though there wouldn't even be an idea without Leonard's genius. Sheldon is disgusting horrible leach who will do anything for his own personal glory, even step on his own friends. I get a big laugh out of people saying what a great person Sheldon is for setting up a trust fund for Howard's baby, without Howard's idea there would be no money for Sheldon to set up that fund, so caring Sheldon is just giving Howard back money he deserves in the first place.
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    Episode 1 is on right now. Those were the days
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    I'm thinking after TBBT finishes taping. They are filming the women's story in Atlanta right now. Jim has two back-to-back Big Bangs to tape and then he is free. So after that, I think. I haven't seen any word on if the entire movie will be filmed in Georgia, so we will have to wait and see if he is going to have to go there or if the production will move to LA at some point.
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    Oh, but it is. You made it that way when back when you pointed out Leonard and Raj were misogynistic, while ignoring their acts that are not. With Sheldon, you point out acts that are not Misogynistic, while ignoring acts of his that are. And Leonard wants someone to give him the love he didn't get during his childhood. Stephanie and Leslie weren't typical Hollywood beauties. I'm not sure how you can say all Leonard cared about are looks. That's fine. But if you include the jab the actions of the other guys, while ignoring the actions of Sheldon, others will point out exceptions.
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    Yeah, all those lists of hot guys in various magazines directed at women, use pictures of the guys looking anyway they want. We can call the men shallow. And we should. Perhaps you missed the conversation comparing Leonard and Penny's sex lives, as shown on the show. And how it was pointed out that Leonard has been shown to be more sexually active than Penny. I'm also trying to remember where they showed the guys in a strip club, like they showed the women. You mean like Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy, Roseanne, Sara Gilbert, etc? Yes people called Kaley ugly,but there were plenty of people here defending her choice and thought she look good (I for one). And Amy is frumpy looking, it's her character. Mayim is not frumpy looking. Is there something wrong with looking frumpy? Sheldon? Is this the same Sheldon that spouts out sexist and misogynistic comments about women. You can't stand the other guys because you claim they ALWAYS objectify women. Yet you give a pass to someone spouts nonsense like "Women are like egg salad: full of eggs and only attractive for a short time" or his every popular and continuing negative comments about women and menstruation and his slut shaming of Penny. And we won't even start in on his highly racist comments. Again, All of the men are given sexist comment and actions, and the women are depicted as dominating and/or manipulative. But all of them are shown performing loving actions for their SO. Very shallow of him, I would say. Anyone who only likes ONE thing about anyone, is shallow. I don't see any problem with liking ONE thing about someone, as a point of attraction. If the person continues on that path, liking only one thing about the other person, or using that person for only one thing, then it would be fine to call them shallow. Look, I'm not denying your overarching thesis. There is a double standard, women have to be hyper vigilant, there are still a lot of men who objectify woman, among others. And, we have to keep working on getting rid of those things.
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    While I agree that wasn't the nicest thing for Penny to do in that situation, personally I don't think there was real malicious intent towards her husband on that. Perhaps more her thinking about herself. Sometimes it takes time to think of yourselves as an "us" instead of an "I", especially when you are new to thinking that way. Leonard read her diary and kept a secret bank account. That's a break in trust toward him also. I don't think he had real bad intentions either in doing that. More he was being snoopy and avoiding a difficult conversation (i.e. talking debt and money). These are kinks that newly married couples work through. I don't think they don't love each other, I think they are going through some growing pains in this new phase of their relationship. I don't think that is as bad as what Penny did and that's why I said both of them being deceptive. If Leonard had told penny about the money, she would have spend it. Knowing Leonard probably would have spend it on her anyway. The diary thing wasn't him snooping she left it laying around. Most ppls would have been tempted to take a look. What I know about love is you will do anything for your partner and support them through thick and thin and never be selfish when it comes to him or her. A the moment lenny are not a healthy relationship and as newlyweds they should be having the time of their lives and saving up for a home of their own instead of paying for two apartments. A normal person in debt would cut down by getting rid of unnecessary bills to pay off the debts. In penny case moving to 4b with Leonard. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    While I agree that wasn't the nicest thing for Penny to do in that situation, personally I don't think there was real malicious intent towards her husband on that. Perhaps more her thinking about herself. Sometimes it takes time to think of yourselves as an "us" instead of an "I", especially when you are new to thinking that way. Leonard read her diary and kept a secret bank account. That's a break in trust toward him also. I don't think he had real bad intentions either in doing that. More he was being snoopy and avoiding a difficult conversation (i.e. talking debt and money). These are kinks that newly married couples work through. I don't think they don't love each other, I think they are going through some growing pains in this new phase of their relationship.
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    And people who watch the show care if things are fair for Amy. They haven't been fair for almost six years why would things change now?
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    This. I think all the couples will be alright in the end but there will be more bumps along the way as that's life.
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    I think the difference is IMO Lenny fans will call out Lenny out on the Lenny thread and this thread. On the Shamy thread it seems they will call them on the Shamy thread but defend them on here because the non-Shamy fans make the negative comments.
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    I also think if brains was all he was interested in then coitus wouldn't be necessary. No coitus for Shamy would have made then unique. But now their just like all the other characters.
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    Leonard or Raj are Misogynistic as much as Sheldon. I don't remember them telling a woman that they are full of eggs and only good for a short time, saying Penny can't living in the apartment when she is shedding her uterine wall (among other sexist comments), or another, telling a woman they are slaves to their body, which leads into the out and out racism Sheldon displays as the head jerk. The failure here is to acknowledge that all the men, while definitely being written with misogynistic moments and as jerks, also have tender loving moments for their partners written for them. If the men are written that bad, we'll have to say the writers hate men for giving three of the guys dominating or manipulative women, as their partners. Yet, they also write the women as loving their partners.
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    Was that the same laptop Sheldon offered to sell to the dry cleaner that he can now not through away?
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    Sheldon dropping pants was the over-the-top culmination of a joke that began its build-up at the beginning of the show where he was all worried about being in the outdoors, including getting ticks. This is a comedy, after all. They keep doing it because it is a cheap laugh.
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    Yeah, that's a bummer. I hope you got a good Shamy episode too. Just don't tell us yet... Hey Sunny! It's not an easy thing to arrange when you live far away, but I sure hope you make it to a taping someday. I meant to reply to this before, but yesterday's post was already becoming a wall o' text. Anyway, a big yes to the bold. The living arrangements make no sense at this point, and changing that up would be refreshing. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that they'll have the courage to change the basic setup of the show. More Shamy for the end of the season would be great as long as they don't leave us with another dramatic cliffhanger. I don't want another train trip or breakup kind of ending. Comedy and character development would be welcome, though.
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    No coitus for Shamy would have made them freaks.
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    When has that happened? Because both Shamy shippers and Lenny shippers criticize Sheldon on here too. And how can you know what goes around in Shamy thread if you don't read it? And if you do read it, what is the point of reading it if you don't like Shamy? I mean, if you don't like, why would anything interest you about it, whether the criticism or the praise?
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    Next new episode should be next week, shouldn't it??
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    Unfortunately not Hokie! We´ll have to wait ´til next week.
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    And Shamy is less likeable because of Sheldon?
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    In my opinion, I think Amy should flat out tell Sheldon that she doesn't want to wait till her next birthday while drinking tea and wait to see what he responds. (This might bode well for Sheldon who might be thinking that because of his 'verbal' agreement, he has no right to ask for something like that... he might think it would be a breach of contract ) But a study like this may also help 'break the ice' ... but then again, we have nooo idea what the writers have had them doing off screen either.
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    Chuck/Death for me please and thank you...Duck 4 life <3 Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, he had a few interesting moments and Blair/Chuck at the beginning was also interesting but mostly...Duck. Sheldon and Amy started as equals, then when they became boy/girlfriend things went downhill for a while. Amy was changing so fast while Sheldon just dug his heels in, refusing to follow. I think he could sense the change in her and he himself very slowly had started to want more and that's why there was all this resistance. So I guess the insults were one part defense mechanism and one part clueless/unsociable Sheldon. He has taken her for granted in the past, he even admitted it himself with that comment about having a girlfriend to ignore while working. But I think now he's learned his lesson. Thar doesn't mean though that I expect everything to be perfect in the future. It's just improved and that's what matters :-)
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    I did realize the multiple meanings of Big Bear. They actually use both meanings for 'precipitation' as well. Precipitation as rain for the cabin plot, and precipitation meaning a sudden, hasty action, or falling down for the giant teddy bear plot. The titles can be pretty clever, kind of like how "The Opening Night Excitation" was not just a Star Wars based excitement for that night I thought the episode turned out to be fantastic! I'm glad we got to see a taping that had such adorable Shamy interactions. Watching them film multiple takes of scenes like those is pretty special.
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    On upcoming episode, classical argument between leonard and know who, regarding the roommate agreement. Penny for oddly takes Sheldon side. Leonard the sensitive of lenny; how will he take this from his wife. at the end of the day love conquers all, but leonard must find strength to overcome this penny. :-) lately our favorite couple seem to just fight, hey writers bring lenny valentine stuff, not fights. Go lenny
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    Heheheh, I think were about as close as were gonna get here. Thanks and have a nice day.
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    Thanks Snowflake Snugglers . I borrowed these because they are so cute. Hoping to spread the love.
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    The Daleks used to scare me when I was a young kid watching Dr Who re-runs in the mid to late 80's. My mum said I used to hid behind the sofa lol Davros in particular is a magnificent baddie.
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    Sheldon wouldn't want Earth taken over by evil powers but at the same time the idea of a Cyberman would appeal to him in principle.
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    why is only getting girls the issue here?? is only getting laid your point of argument here.... I am talking a whole bigger picture here ....... Sheldon is not a bad liar...... he has lied quite successfully a lot times............ of course a big thing like hoarding (a secret about how he is as a person) is OOC because it does not support your argument......... Again Raj Leonard and Howard.....don't want others to see they are geeky.... Sheldon does not want others to see he is emotional..... isn't it the same....all of them are ashamed of who they are....... and why is it relative........ so is ok to care little less....but not ok to care a lot...... and Leonard is now not hiding his geeky habits from Penny.... just like Sheldon is opening more up to Amy and others..... which is growth for both of them.... And finally I don't hate Sheldon.... I am just refuting some of the claims you are making......... as simple as that..... and I am not nitpicking... I am just painting a bigger picture here... and looks cannot??? really?? why did Leonard and Penny decide to stay with Sheldon then?? and you say pain and suffering..... isn't that exactly what I said.... that they showed sheldon was feeling sad....which is asking us the audience to feel sorry for him............ and I never said that was the only reason...... and I agree that point was to bring about a change.....
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    were'nt most of the episodes of the same central theme ........Sheldon is so sad....because amy dumped him........ Yes it was a catalyst for Sheldon to change....but the central theme of the episodes dealing with that break up was same.... Sheldon is so sad........so so sad...
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    I like all the characters on the show ...all for their own traits and for various reasons. Why I like Sheldon? He's different, and more often than not, not afraid to tell it like it is. Most of us shy away from expressing how we really feel so as not to hurt someone BUT ... the truth hurts. He's not afraid to say it. (and lately, he's not afraid to say it to himself as well.) I also love how they have taken this extremely complex man/robot and evolved him slowly over time (9! years). You don't get that kind of character growth in sitcoms. All the other characters ,for me, were ones I have seen before.
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    The Ugh Raj movement (TM wowbagger industries) has been building for years it is not solely about the current Emily/Claire situation that is just the latest manifestation of his douche baggery
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    This is all very amusing. 'This Just In: Some Fans Have Favourite Characters, Will Defend Them Aggressively. In Related Breaking News, Some Fans Have Least Favourite Characters, Will Criticise Them Aggressively. In Other Breaking News, Pope Reaffirms Commitment To Catholicism; Bears to Defecating In Woods.' In all seriousness, bias and how it reflects itself on the forum is a perfectly legitimate concern if you think that the bias makes the forum a less inclusive place. But I honestly don't see the agita. I know there are Lenny fans on the forum. Hasn't prevented me from sounding off about his behaviour. And I know, from all the sniping I've seen on this and other threads, that this supposed massed army of Sheldonist(a)s hasn't stopped people (Shamies, Lennies and Innocent Bystanders alike) from expressing an opinion of the show (and Sheldon), has it? Nobody is even preventing you from saying 'Your favourite character is bad and you should feel bad for liking him/her', although frankly? Dick move if you do that. Sheldon is a popular character. The writers like writing for him. This can have unpleasant narrative consequences (see: story of Shamy breakup, the extended fellatio session of the 200th episode) and is absolutely a dodgy creative decision. And if you are not a fan of Sheldon, or are a bigger fan of any other character (especially Leonard), I can see that that is frustrating. But that does not mean that people aren't allowed to like/defend Sheldon. it does not mean that the guy doesn't have good qualities, and it does not mean that other people's favourite characters are immaculate. As to why I like the guy? It's pretty simple. I used to enjoy his intellect (which was genuinely allowed to shine through earlier through knowledge about other scientific disciplines, and his verbal flair). I enjoyed his amiable bewilderment about social interactions and sentiment. I miss the sweet-but-basically-functional-adult of yore, who has been tweaked (along with everyone else) into a vehicle for the show's meaner humour (either being nastier, or being the butt of 'pet/child' jokes). And I am mostly comfortable with this liking because I feel relatively little cognitive dissonance with his character. Yes, he gets away with a lot of shit. Far more (far, far more) than he should. Because the writers think it is hilarious for it to happen. But I have never gotten the sense that the writers approve of his selfishness, or think that it is in any way sympathetic or admirable. They might allow his bad behaviour. They don't condone it. That is a key distinction. Why do I make it? Well, Leonard kissed a girl who was not his girlfriend, sat on the information for two years, blurted it out before his wedding to the girl of his dreams, omitted to mention that he sees the woman every day at work, and was then pissy and defensive about it. What happened? The moral compass of everybody-but everybody- on the show (except for Sheldon) was promptly stamped by an irate pachyderm, in order to hustle Penny's (completely justifiable) wrath under the carpet, and to spin Leonard's behaviour as the product of his anxiety and his tendency to self-sabotage, and anyway he chose Penny! She gave him wings and he flew! But he flew back to her! Isn't it beautiful? Oh, pity Leonard. Oh, poor Leonard. Oh, poooooooooooooooooooooor Leonard. Excuse me, show. I can have pity for Leonard as much as I like. I do. I am even willing to properly explore (I said properly, dammit) the dysfunction that would lead him to betray the woman he loves. But I will only have pity for the man if you are willing to also explore the feelings of the woman he betrayed. Explore them and allow her space for her own rage. The fact that you instead had her surrounded by pod-people who had completely forgotten how people in society behave just to prop up the obscenely fast resolution you wanted? Fuck. You. Show. And Raj? Ugh, Raj. Raj strings along a woman he is petty sure is not the one for him because he fears being alone. He dumps her because he is deluded about his chances with another chance-met stranger. And then tries to get back with the woman when said stranger says 'Er, no.' And at no point- at no point- is he read the Riot Act by any of the people - especially the supposedly more socially clued-in women- of his acquaintance? A little snark from Penny is all he gets? Not only that, the show has the girls treat Raj as the patsy of That Scheming Vixen Emily, and the show furthermore allows Raj to string along both the women who-correctly-showed him the door before? It's the girls' derailing on both occasions that is particularly striking. Nothing about their past characterisation has indicated that Penny, Amy or Bernie would be so lackadaisical about infidelity or- I don't know- misogyny on this scale. And the fact that there is no commentary about it, in-show? That suggests to me that the show wants us to sympathise with Leonard and Raj on these occasions. We are meant to cluck and coo and say 'Oh, poor guys'. The show condones this behaviour. It doesn't see anything fundamentally wrong or worthy of censure about it. Yes, Raj's comeuppance might be coming. But I have been waiting-in vain- for Leonard to get properly ticked off for his infidelity. I have sat through golden opportunities for it to be raised (see: psychiatrist's couch) and have been disappointed. No, I'm not holding my breath anymore. The show thinks Ugh, Raj is adorable, and it thinks Leonard can never, ever be held accountable for his bad behaviour. On the other hand, Sheldon has been called out for his selfishness, his manipulativeness, his arrogance, and been wounded in his most sensitive spot- his intellectual hubris- so many times you'd think he'd just be one collapsed lung by now. I'm comfortable enjoying Sheldon's virtues-including being the only one to have any fucking moral clarity about the other male characters on the show- because I have no cognitive dissonance about whether the show sees his vices.
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    I think there's difference between media and reality tbh... Like we were discussing HP just the other day and I remembered (haven't thought about HP for a while ) that I actually love Voldemort and Bellatrix so much. I mean they're some of my fav characters. Along with some people they've hurt, who also were my fav characters... But I don't think it's twisted, I think it's just fiction. In real life I would already hate Voldemort/Bellatrix for hurting animals, let alone torturing people. I would be the first one to fight against these kinda people... So just because I love the villains in fiction doesn't mean I would support such behavior in real life. Same goes for Sheldon, I love him, but that doesn't mean I would tolerate such behavior towards me from someone like him in real life. Not even for a second. And that doesn't mean I would act like he does towards my friends. But it's a tv show... And like somebody else said, the characters's traits are widely exaggerated.. That said, not trying to make you like Sheldon lol. I agree he can be an asshole. For me it still doesn't stop me from loving him, but I get it how other people can hate him. In fact I mentioned it before, one of my friends literally stopped watching TBBT cause she got sick of Sheldon lol. And all of her friends who watch TBBT admire Sheldon, but she was like, 'I'm sorry guys, don't mean to offend you, but I'm fed up with his sh*t'.
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    More from the big bear...
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    I think you are wrong. The reference I can find is from 4.24 Does not mean anyone actually touched real frisbee.
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    Cute episode. Highlight for me was the tag with Shamy playing never have I ever. I loved Amy's delivery of we all have a past. I also enjoyed Amy's line of "never have I ever rocked my girlfriend's world in bed", and Sheldon's response. Shamy being all cute. I love it.
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    I hope Raj. But I think probably no one.
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    I like the thought of Raj going to India and returning to California with a girl he is set to marry, arranged by his parents. This girl would be really impossible for him to deal with 'cause she does not like him...at all! But the more she shows dislike towards Raj, the more he's drawn into her. She's crazy rich too so Raj won't be able to flaunt his money to gain her attention. Maybe then we'd see him make a genuine effort to win a girl's heart.
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    Yeah I think this whole mortality rate. Is similar to Lilly in Himym. Im not saying Lenny well break up. I dont think they well. But its leading to Penny leaving. I think she's due. This storyline has to lead somewhere.
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    Shamy (and Majim) really are the power couple of the show. Time for the writers to get that memo.
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