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    And this Lenny fan can truly enjoy Shamy too.
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    Right? I mean it's not like we didn't get a more extensive list of what he values in a woman with 9x08 which suspiciously sounded like a description of Amy. And no, superficial looks played no role in that. However, we do know from 8x08 that he does think she looks pretty. So really, he's in for the whole package - even though her inner qualities like her brilliant mind and her personality are more important to him than her looks.
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    I think the main difference is that most Shamy fans actually do like Lenny.
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    I guess that is your opinion. I find Sheldon quite likable.
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    They both have kept secrets, they shouldn´t have kept for themselves. If they don´t trust each other unconditionally, why did they marry then? They really have to talk about, how they want to spent their live together as a married couple and what they wish from the other and talk about their latest issues (all their secrets) and how they can solve them. Because I had the feeling aafter "The Big Bear Precipitation" that all these secrets, Leonard kept, are gnawing on Penny, because the way she left the room just before they were about to kiss worries me a bit. She says she´s ok that he has this bank account, but I´m not so sure if it is not brewing inside of her. I just hope there are not more secrets, because I don´t know how much more secrets this young marriage can stand. All I know is, that they should sit down and be totally honest, and then start completely new as newlyweds. And the first thing on their list should be to move out, so everyone can live their own life.
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    Actually, I think is Leonard keeping this secret bank account it much worse. By doing that, he's treating Penny like an incapable child. Instead of saying to her, "Hey we need to figure a way to pay our debt down. How about we set up an account, and we are not allowed to touch it, and we throw X amount in it every month until we have enough to pay our debt off." He thinks she's incapable of doing it, and goes behind her back and does it himself. While the intention of getting their debt down is good, it's very hurtful to Penny because it says to her that he doesn't think that she can handle an adult conversation about money. That he has to go around her and make decision that is "best of her". That is what a parent does to a child, not how a husband and wife should handle this situation. As for the diary, well I still think it is snooping. Diaries are known to be private thoughts, not to be shared. She may leave it out because she trusts him not to read it. So he knew it was wrong but curiosity got the best of him. I think we can all agree though that this living together arrangement is weird, and the writers need to sort it out soon. One thing I find curious, and I see it on here a lot. If you've been dating someone for roughly 8 years, and then you get married, do you think your relationship is going to change all of a sudden? That you will suddenly be more in love, have sex all the time, and you will be more committed to each other and life will be totally different than before? Because I don't see that happening just because you say "I do". If you are loving towards each other before, you will be so after. If you communicate well with each other before, you will do so after. Marriage shows a life long commitment towards each other, but it doesn't change the way you communicate and express yourselves.
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    I don't know that anyone can say that the writers didn't want the viewers to feel sorry for Sheldon. I didn't read anything about it in the Discussion thread, so maybe I'm misunderstanding what the conversation was about, but I never thought that was their intention. I feel like Amy was being shown as frustrated with their relationship, which is understandable, and perhaps confused about whether or not she really wanted to move on from him or whatever. And I think that they were showing how Sheldon was stunned and angered (because anger is a stronger emotional position than hurt), but also confused. Confused about his own feelings and how the prospect of losing Amy was really affecting him, confused about his friends' advice to "move on" from her, and all that. But I don't think the episodes were designed to make the viewers take sides with anyone. Since no new characters were introduced or anything, and both the girls and the guys were siding with their gender comrades, and no one was telling anyone they were wholly wrong or whatever, I don't think the point was to show either of them as completely in the wrong. I think it's a complicated relationship, intentionally or unintentionally on the part of the writers, and one could find positives and negatives in either character. JMO
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    You still think Sheldon purely loves Amy based on her intellect? I think that is probably the quality he loves the most about her but it's evolved into more than that and I am expecting it to change even more.
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    She had him, and us, at "Hi!"
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    Sheldon does not care for science as much as he does for personal glory, that is what his quest for the Nobel is, he was to be acknowledged as smarter than anyone and he will do anything to get that acknowledgement. He has used his friends repeatedly to get ahead, especially Leonard, do try and get ahead. The episode where Leonard wanted to lecture about their super solid paper. Sheldon put him in the position of lead author, for his own benefit, and took over control of the intellectual property of the paper. The North Pole expedition, was for Sheldon's Nobel, his friends were there to be his workers not to get any credit, maybe a footnote in this biography. Sheldon steals Leonard's idea and writes the paper again stealing the glory, even telling people he was the lead even though there wouldn't even be an idea without Leonard's genius. Sheldon is disgusting horrible leach who will do anything for his own personal glory, even step on his own friends. I get a big laugh out of people saying what a great person Sheldon is for setting up a trust fund for Howard's baby, without Howard's idea there would be no money for Sheldon to set up that fund, so caring Sheldon is just giving Howard back money he deserves in the first place.
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    Episode 1 is on right now. Those were the days
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    It's not annoying--it's life. A lot of people do jobs where they may get paid well and have benefits and all that, but don't really enjoy it. She didn't say she wanted to go back to acting--I think she said she didn't want to--but that doesn't mean that she's enjoying it. She may be good at sales, but maybe she knows she's kind of making it up, relying on her charms and flirting to impress her clients, rather than really knowing anything about pharmaceuticals. Maybe she wants to find something more personally fulfilling. If she came out to LA to pursue what she felt was a dream to be an actor, that may have felt fulfilling to some degree, when she got those bit parts. But if she never dreamed of being a drug sales rep, why should she find it enjoyable? I think she's allowed to be frustrated or unhappy about that part of her life, to want something more personally fulfilling.
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    The whole storyline was stupid since Penny supposedly has a money guy,
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    I'm thinking after TBBT finishes taping. They are filming the women's story in Atlanta right now. Jim has two back-to-back Big Bangs to tape and then he is free. So after that, I think. I haven't seen any word on if the entire movie will be filmed in Georgia, so we will have to wait and see if he is going to have to go there or if the production will move to LA at some point.
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    Oh, but it is. You made it that way when back when you pointed out Leonard and Raj were misogynistic, while ignoring their acts that are not. With Sheldon, you point out acts that are not Misogynistic, while ignoring acts of his that are. And Leonard wants someone to give him the love he didn't get during his childhood. Stephanie and Leslie weren't typical Hollywood beauties. I'm not sure how you can say all Leonard cared about are looks. That's fine. But if you include the jab the actions of the other guys, while ignoring the actions of Sheldon, others will point out exceptions.
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    Yeah, all those lists of hot guys in various magazines directed at women, use pictures of the guys looking anyway they want. We can call the men shallow. And we should. Perhaps you missed the conversation comparing Leonard and Penny's sex lives, as shown on the show. And how it was pointed out that Leonard has been shown to be more sexually active than Penny. I'm also trying to remember where they showed the guys in a strip club, like they showed the women. You mean like Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy, Roseanne, Sara Gilbert, etc? Yes people called Kaley ugly,but there were plenty of people here defending her choice and thought she look good (I for one). And Amy is frumpy looking, it's her character. Mayim is not frumpy looking. Is there something wrong with looking frumpy? Sheldon? Is this the same Sheldon that spouts out sexist and misogynistic comments about women. You can't stand the other guys because you claim they ALWAYS objectify women. Yet you give a pass to someone spouts nonsense like "Women are like egg salad: full of eggs and only attractive for a short time" or his every popular and continuing negative comments about women and menstruation and his slut shaming of Penny. And we won't even start in on his highly racist comments. Again, All of the men are given sexist comment and actions, and the women are depicted as dominating and/or manipulative. But all of them are shown performing loving actions for their SO. Very shallow of him, I would say. Anyone who only likes ONE thing about anyone, is shallow. I don't see any problem with liking ONE thing about someone, as a point of attraction. If the person continues on that path, liking only one thing about the other person, or using that person for only one thing, then it would be fine to call them shallow. Look, I'm not denying your overarching thesis. There is a double standard, women have to be hyper vigilant, there are still a lot of men who objectify woman, among others. And, we have to keep working on getting rid of those things.
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    And leonard " our babies will be smart and beautiful " on the first episode , Leonard found the inner Leonard, in many ways the lenny of now are still the same today as they were then.
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    To be honest, labeling someone sexist is very subjective. What I was trying to point out was that a guy seeing a girl, thinking she is pretty and wanting to go out with her is not sexist, it is more of an instinctual natural selection. And talking about Leonard, he had plenty of times to take advantage of Penny, like Kurt or Mike, but he didn't. Leonard if anything does not exploit Penny's sexuality, it wasn't Leonard who suggested Penny come to the tenure episode wake, looking like she did, it was her idea. Penny has always been manipulative of guys and Leonard, remember that Penny told the girls she uses sex to control guys, so Leonard doing things to please Penny and to have sex with her is a situation she set up. Also remember she told the girls that since Leonard is her boyfriend his job is to make her happy, told Sheldon she has never paid for a meal with cash and told Leonard she carries no money because she is cute and gets by.
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    While I agree that wasn't the nicest thing for Penny to do in that situation, personally I don't think there was real malicious intent towards her husband on that. Perhaps more her thinking about herself. Sometimes it takes time to think of yourselves as an "us" instead of an "I", especially when you are new to thinking that way. Leonard read her diary and kept a secret bank account. That's a break in trust toward him also. I don't think he had real bad intentions either in doing that. More he was being snoopy and avoiding a difficult conversation (i.e. talking debt and money). These are kinks that newly married couples work through. I don't think they don't love each other, I think they are going through some growing pains in this new phase of their relationship. I don't think that is as bad as what Penny did and that's why I said both of them being deceptive. If Leonard had told penny about the money, she would have spend it. Knowing Leonard probably would have spend it on her anyway. The diary thing wasn't him snooping she left it laying around. Most ppls would have been tempted to take a look. What I know about love is you will do anything for your partner and support them through thick and thin and never be selfish when it comes to him or her. A the moment lenny are not a healthy relationship and as newlyweds they should be having the time of their lives and saving up for a home of their own instead of paying for two apartments. A normal person in debt would cut down by getting rid of unnecessary bills to pay off the debts. In penny case moving to 4b with Leonard. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    While I agree that wasn't the nicest thing for Penny to do in that situation, personally I don't think there was real malicious intent towards her husband on that. Perhaps more her thinking about herself. Sometimes it takes time to think of yourselves as an "us" instead of an "I", especially when you are new to thinking that way. Leonard read her diary and kept a secret bank account. That's a break in trust toward him also. I don't think he had real bad intentions either in doing that. More he was being snoopy and avoiding a difficult conversation (i.e. talking debt and money). These are kinks that newly married couples work through. I don't think they don't love each other, I think they are going through some growing pains in this new phase of their relationship.
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    How has Penny been deceptive? Going behind her husbands back to get Sheldon to change detail in the RA to benefit her. Shouldn't she be doing it to benefit both of them as they suppose to be team. She is the only one on the show that never supports her other half. I thought all that would change when they got married. How wrong was I. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Perhaps Leonard's father will be a catalyst for a new career idea for Penny. Maybe she's just been down not because of Leonard, but because she spends all day doing a job she doesn't enjoy. New career could equal a happier Penny, and therefore a happier Lenny.
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    For a character that has always been the most noble, greatest friend, greatest bf. Greatest guy you could ever know. To Sheldon who imo has very little redeeming qualities. Has no respect for anyone. Has treated Penny particularly like crap for years, still does. Hes very misogynist towards Penny. Devalues every aspect of her life. Says she ruined Leonard's life. Close? PFFTT. But in any case I have never gotten this concept Sheldon is likeable because he values intelligence. He also doesent value humility, or emotional compassion with anyone or anything. ThAt imo makes him Spock, but with no range at all. Nor hv I gotten this theory LeonArd only dated Penny because of her looks. Even some dare to.suggest its still.the case now they are married. The 6th ep of the series in Middle Earth Leonard turned Penny down for sex. Establishing the unique charm and identity of the show early on. Now if Leonard.and Lenny was all about sex as ppl always claim, and no emotional intimacy as.ppl often claim. Why didn't Leonard take advantage huh? Their was perfect opportunity to Establish Leonard as the guy who just wants Penny for her body. But he turned her down. Prooving he was the hero. Sheldon is the anti hero. The one constant thing that has NEVER changed in a show that has changed so much from Sheldon to no paintball haha. Is Lenny. To this day they are imo still the most unique thing about this show. The most unique dynamic in sitcom history imo. Psychologically. To me two unlikely ppl with very little in common, possess this unlikely unspoken bond. To me the Atoms and Neutrons colliding from two different worlds. Who happen to want the same things. Has always been the appeal of this show to me. Other shows the main couples date other ppl. I love Penny never did. It's the charm of the show. The fact Lenny have not broken up in six seasons. Leads me to believe they well.still be together in series final. I mean you take Producers discussing them having kids in the long term. And Penny telling Leonard she wants kids when they mature. That suggests to me Penny gives birth in series final. Anyway ive been lurking for three weeks. But felt the need to go into bat for LeonArd. He gets a bad rap around here
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    I’m very late to the new episodes discussion party, but I really enjoyed these last two shows! I went to the taping for “The Big Bear Precipitation”, so I saw both it and 9.19 quite a while ago. “The Solder Excursion Diversion” had great moments for Shamy. It obviously was not sexual in any way, but they shared some intimate moments nonetheless. Sure, someday it’d be nice to find out that Sheldon has become well-versed in cardigan removal, but I think these personal exchanges are just important for their relationship's growth as any kind of physical intimacy. As for the tag scene, I know I’ve posted in here before about not wanting to see a return of their old dynamic, where Sheldon is clueless while Amy is desperate. The computer chat at Sheldon’s bedtime didn’t bother me, though. It was a fitting end to an episode that was all about non-sexual intimacy. In spite of all that, I do think they should address the coitus thing again soon. It would be really weird to get back to Amy’s birthday before it is addressed. I mean, that line from Sheldon was funny, but if it only ever happens on her birthday, it will look like he is only doing it for her sake. I don't think anyone wants to be left with that impression. “The Big Bear Precipitation” was very funny. Raj with the bear, of course, was amazing. Sheldon and Amy playing ‘Never have I ever’ was fantastic too. I’ve missed their goofy way of playing games together, and it was a welcome return of the Amy who always had so much in common with Sheldon. The cabin setting with a fire and wine sounds so romantic, but they were still very much themselves, romancing in their own uniquely Shamy way. The game play was very innocent, of course. They couldn’t get each other to drink for even the silliest of things, but it was still such a flirty interaction. Sheldon looked so proud of himself when Amy got him to drink for ‘completely rocking’ her world in bed. Drama-free Shamy is the best. Also, this episode is the first time that I can remember a completely genuine laugh from Sheldon. I'm looking forward to the last 4 episodes of the season. Hopefully we'll get some more great Shamy moments.
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    It was drunk Sheldon that got him his Emmy, not the pants dropping thing. It's kind of a running thing on award blogs that Jim is hard to beat when he has a "drunk Sheldon" episode to submit. He has won off a "drunk Sheldon Emmy submission" 3 out of the 4 times he took home the Emmy. He only dropped his pants on his first Emmy winning tape (Season 3)
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    Leonard should have kept the hat on and enjoyed himself. Sometime one must do what makes them happy in life. lol
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    And people who watch the show care if things are fair for Amy. They haven't been fair for almost six years why would things change now?
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    I felt sorry for both of them at different times during the season, perhaps felt slightly more sorry for Sheldon at one point probably during the Spock Resonance as that was when he blew up in a major way in terms of his emotions. But then we had the Platonic Permutation which is a heartbreaking scene for Amy. I can see why some may have felt they leaned towards Sheldon more as it did look like he was hurting more early on. Amy tried to move on albeit a bit reluctantly at times, it wasn't until later in the season she started to crack a bit. I thought overall there was blame to be had on both sides. But it appears to have made them so much stronger so maybe it was the right thing that it happened. "Complicated Relationship" probably the best way to sum it up. But they will be good in the end, there will be some more bumps along the way but they will be fine.
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    This. I think all the couples will be alright in the end but there will be more bumps along the way as that's life.
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    The Lenny ship sailed through heavy sea several times this season, that's true, and it will remain a rough journey. Not just for the remainder of the season, but very likely also beyond that. But only last week they confirmed their love for each other. Therefore, and against all odds, I'm still convinced that the Lenny ship with a happy Lenny aboard will arrive a safe harbor at the end of the journey.
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    I'm so sorry, Tonstar. I wish I could (drill) hug you. Well, yes I mean it! No your not. I just don't like s9 penny. She is just so cold and bitter. She has ruined my enjoyment of the show. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    With a little luck we get a new script cover tomorrow. Or maybe some cute bts selfies??? Fingers crossed! I need something new to discuss. ughh
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    numerous studies have shown that people are hardwired to look for certain traits in a mate and certain looks have a major factor in their selection. It has to do with instinct to mate that is also hardwired in all species and the instinctual drive to mate with another person with good genes. Actually our high intellect is a detriment to that instinct, it is like Leonard told Penny in the first season when she asked why all men can't be like him, the answer, because mankind wouldn't have survived. instinctively Leonard should be attracted to Penny, so should ALL the guys.
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    I think the difference is IMO Lenny fans will call out Lenny out on the Lenny thread and this thread. On the Shamy thread it seems they will call them on the Shamy thread but defend them on here because the non-Shamy fans make the negative comments.
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    Hey, I missed you! Good to know you'r back! I feel bad for you, that's all I can say. Hahaha.
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    YES or in my headcannon: since Amy doesn't want to pressure him, when they have that conversation she'll offer maybe once a month and then sheldon will bring up that study and counteroffer once a week I mean...you can't argue with scientific facts
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    $6,427. -. $6.447 when his Nana's birthday money comes
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    I also think if brains was all he was interested in then coitus wouldn't be necessary. No coitus for Shamy would have made then unique. But now their just like all the other characters.
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    He definitely should have taken the hat with him to the woods.
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    Damn! Leonard looked so cute and happy in his hat! I'm sorry that Penny's critique took the wind out of his sails.
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    jb gaynor he played "Tommy" lol
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    Did anyone else find it annoying for Penny to moan about the ONLY full time steady job with benefits she has ever had in her life. And there basically no way she would have gotten it based on merit alone. Plus, she doing well at it with no background or skills for it. Does she she want to go back to being a starving bit part actor? What there not to like about her drug sales rep!
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    Leonard or Raj are Misogynistic as much as Sheldon. I don't remember them telling a woman that they are full of eggs and only good for a short time, saying Penny can't living in the apartment when she is shedding her uterine wall (among other sexist comments), or another, telling a woman they are slaves to their body, which leads into the out and out racism Sheldon displays as the head jerk. The failure here is to acknowledge that all the men, while definitely being written with misogynistic moments and as jerks, also have tender loving moments for their partners written for them. If the men are written that bad, we'll have to say the writers hate men for giving three of the guys dominating or manipulative women, as their partners. Yet, they also write the women as loving their partners.
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    It's good to know that at least Leonard's Nana remembers his birthday.
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    I think Sheldon should have been pissed at penny for using his toothbrush to clean the sink and revealed something about her but you know penny & Sheldon do not get pissed at each other anymore. I don't get why sheldon was pissed at Leonard to reveal his secret. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk Maybe I should watch the episode but from past experiences, whats the point just another dry joke to create lenny drama with a shit or no resolution
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    All I can say is the closing tag was: I couldn't care if they're always in the background as long as they're happy.
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    Was that the same laptop Sheldon offered to sell to the dry cleaner that he can now not through away?
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