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    I am surprised that people found his dictionary comment mean. I laughed at him being a smartass, but I just don't see the intent of being mean as a part of that. Maybe it's because I enjoy people who are sarcastic and employee smartass humor. I'm glad that Amy isn't really that sensitive, especially since she regularly dishes it out herself.
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    From CBS: http://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=45042 CBS ANNOUNCES 2015-16 SEASON FINALE STORYLINES THURSDAY, MAY 12 THE BIG BANG THEORY (8:00-8:30PM) Judd Hirsch is introduced as Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) father. Also, Leonard’s mother, Beverly Hofstadter (Christine Baranski), and Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalf), return.
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    Oh yes! Now that's the ep I'm interested in! Just please, pleeeease writers, give those people something funny to do. Don't waste them like meemaw or half the guest stars in 200's episode.
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    For anyone who isn't keeping tabs on the Discussion Thread: They just announced that together with Leonard's dad Beverly and Mary will also be in the season finale!! :D
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    In the same way, what would have happened if Prya didn't returned to India or if it would have worked out fine for Penny and Zach? Those questions are useless, because it was not the story the writers wanted to tell...
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    One of the things that bothered me the most about Shamy 1.0 was Sheldon's "there's no one else who'd put up with you" attitude - and as much as people are angry about Amy's "I'm his best shot!" at least she wasn't saying that to his face and only in a moment of anger. Sheldon however said this kind of stuff repeatedly to her face. I don't think it's an accident that this was basically what pushed Amy over the edge in 9x01 and again in 9x02. He needed to learn that he can't take her for granted and to appreciate her. And part of that was learning the hard way that if given the chance gentleman callers will line up at her door. 9x04 was the start of that in his imagined future scenarios but actually seeing it (as clichéd as it may be) as a real threat was probably needed to really drive this lesson home for him. This. As much as she was jumping the gun with her proposal to take him back (and she really misjudged the situation) I do think it showed what she really valued about their relationship - the special bond of companionship and a unique rapport that she wouldn't find with anyone else. (Plus, it certainly helped that Sheldon was already showing a more pleasant side of himself.) I also think that it helped to restore the relationship with a bit more balance cause as much as Sheldon's ego needed to be taken down a peg it shouldn't go over board with it either by having him crawl back to her and be frightened to say the wrong thing or whatever. So having Amy choose him as he is is already reassuring that she won't bolt because he isn't fulfilling some criteria on the "best boyfriend ever" list - but oh boy, is he trying anyway or what? I mean, I really can't understand the idea that there's no difference in their dynamic when Sheldon is the most lovey-dovey he's ever been. lol This is actually why I'm not too bothered with their banter - I don't want Sheldon to be too frightened either and some of his zingers like that show that they have a healthy balance right now cause Amy is a lot more bold with hers as well. ("Whatch me!" lol) They can tease each other and it doesn't turn into a fight or anything. So we still get some humour out of that but IMHO it's by far not as mean spirited as some of the stuff we had in the past.
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    We can argue whether Shamy´s teases against each other are funny or not, or if they mean what they say or not, but the fact is, that this teasing is part of every sitcom. And trust me, once Amy moves into 4a I´m sure there will be more teasing and arguing, because their relationship will arrive to the next level. Even if they´ve always spent a lot of time together, their ways had splitted when they had gone home, each one in his own bed, back to their fort of peace and security. But when they move together, this barrier would disappear, there would be no more escape from each other because they would be together almost every minute, except the few hours they would work. And I´m sure even if Amy slept in Leonard´s former bedroom first, she would want to share a bed with Sheldon one day or would want to cuddle while watching a film or even would want to change the look of the apartment and would leave her personal note all over 4a. And I can´t wait to see all of that, and I´m praying almost everyday, that the writers will give us the chance to see how Shamy would manage their live together daily! I want Sheldon to come home and scream histerically, while his face twitches uncontrollably because Amy has bought a new couch or a carpet or new curtains or all together. LOL (And I´m sure she will do that, remember when Amy changed Sheldon´s answering machine one day after they moved together for the first time ). It will be challenging for both of them, even more for Sheldon because he hates changes and doesn´t want her to think less of him, but she will get to know all his bad sides, when they live together. But when they live together they will get to know each other even better and I´m sure that by the time, they will learn to read each other´s mimics and gestures and learn to read between the lines. And once they find out, I´m sure that Sheldon will get Amy´s sex hints and react to them. Wouldn´t it be hilarious, if they had dinner with the gang and Shamy would have a sex talk in their own invented signs language? Or how about a mimic language? But with subtitles please. Or maybe not, so we could guess here what they meant. But there are so many other things I would like to see them doing. Simple things, like cooking together, discussing about their work or some articles they´ve read, or finding out the perfect position to fall asleep in Sheldon´s bed, before they end up spooning, holding hands while they walk into the university, helping each other with their projects, going on holiday, Amy playing the harp for Sheldon or Sheldon reading aloud one of his comics for Amy, while her head rests on his lap, etc. All this would be my personal Shamy paradise!
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    Some supportive words for my favorite couple, because I'm in the mood: In spite of it all... I still believe in Lenny and their love for each other. I will never ever give up on them...no matter what. Lenny for life!
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    What I like these days is they are more easy going and comfortable, there isnt that sense of "one upmanship" with Sheldon and Amy is a little less critical and picks her battles. Like in the cabin episode you mention, that laptop purchase of Amy's wouldve been an ugly fight in the past...but instead, Amy lets Sheldon vent a bit and after he gets his zingers out she puts an end to it. In turn Sheldon apologizes and acknowledges his appreciation. And look how easily Sheldon agrees to go to the cabin! No arm twisting at all, Amy merely feigned manipulating him and he was on board. And he is having a glass of wine BEFORE the drinking game is proposed?? Ill admit that soon after 9.11 I was uneasy about what I saw as the two of them reverting back to the same old behavior--annoyed Amy and smartass insensitive Sheldon. But lately Ive noticed a level of comfort between the two that is more dismissive of the "little things" and they dont seem bothered as much about things. FWF couldve ended differently but was instead funny and cute. Sheldon reveals his dark secret to Amy regarding his hoarding issue. And they were pretty cute at karaoke too. Im hoping things continue to be easier and Im looking forward to a time when there is a little more hand holding and "couples" moments between them. Maybe some PDA moments here and there!
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    For those who were worried about the decline in TBBT ratings, I'll throw this out there from last night. Modern Family, the number 2 comedy behind TBBT, had a 2.2 demo last night, this is down from their average demo of 3.1 from last year (and almost a point behind TBBT from last week). The Voice, dropped below a 2, with a 1.7 demo, down from its 3.2 from last year. And Empire, which is leading all shows this year had a 3.8, down from the 5.1 average from last year, and down almost three points (6.7) from it fall premiere. So, TBBT is still in pretty good shape. Y'all have to remember, don't just look at the raw numbers, they don't exist in a vacuum. Look around and compare the numbers to the other shows.
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    While I think that she saw that Sheldon's presence wasn't going to be so easy to replace, I don't think the bad date she had with Dave directly correlated to get wanting to get back with Sheldon. It was spending the day with him and remembering how much fun they had together. And I'm sorry, but Amy seemed extremely happy during Sheldon's birthday party. Don't mistake some fandom upset with the Shenny interactions with what actually happened in the episode. Not to mention that while Penny helped him come back out to the party, it was his talk with Amy and then her speech that opened him up to actually enjoying the party. And while it didn't take much convincing, the whole scene at 4A deciding to go to the cabin was Sheldon complaining and not wanting to go and Amy trying to manipulate him into going.
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    What I like most of Shamy 2.0 is the way both of them are living everyday life as a couple. I mean, they can't change all in a sudden and become two completely different persons, there will always be moments for Amy to roll her eyes at some Sheldon's shenanigans and there will always be moments for Sheldon to complain that things are not done his way (i.e., the right way...) But they are facing those moments in a completely new way, you can see in both of them a willingfulness of compromising more and of accepting the other one POV. I don't mind the occasional fights or the zingers here and there, as long as both of them seem to be not affected by them. In the big stuff, they work as a team (Sheldon taking Amy's side with meemaw and Amy being very supporting in the hoarding episode), in the little things of everyday life they manage to come along and to take it easy...is not that how life should be for happy couples?
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    I think what he meant by Laplacian, is converting from a real domain (Penny in 4B, Sheldon and Leonard in 4A), to a complex domain (Sheldon, Leonard and Penny living all together) back to a real domain (Penny and Leonard in 4B, Sheldon in 4A). Or maybe he meant something else and I'm reading too much into that statement. @djsurrey? I love Laplace. It makes the math so much easier....
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    Lol watching 7x4 and during the Shamy Skype scene, when he invites Amy over to ruin Little House on the Prarie, he mentions April 13 as that dark day when a curly fry got mixed in with his regular fries...Happy Anniversary of the curly fry incident!
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    TBS tonight...The Zazzy Substitution......25 cats....early Shamy was so adorable.
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    That would be funny, Leonard's dad flirting with Mary in front of Bev.
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    SHELDON'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (perhaps in the same room with Amy since season 4!!!)
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    Yay!!! Let's see if we'll have some Amy/Mary interaction its looong overdue!
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    I didn't say it didn't work to his benefit. But her failed date with Dave wasn't the "reason" she wanted to get back with Sheldon. And yes, you missed the smile on her face the rest of the episode. She is the one who started all the toasts; huge smile. She is also the one who got Hawking on Skype to wish him a happy birthday; again huge smile. Again, whether or not people mostly focused on the, Shenny part of the episode doesn't negate what else was actually going on. You can't project other people's disappointment with the Shenny onto Amy. Especially when she didn't seem to give two shits about it.
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    They might ended differently. But she didn't run back to Sheldon because her date was bad. It's not like she called up Sheldon and asked him out on a date hoping to rekindle things. She went back to him because she spent time with him and missed him. And she had a minor back and forth with Leonard about who should talk to him. But was more a game of one one upmanship than a fight. And she wasn't shown to be upset or angry and had a huge smiled plastered to her face the rest of the episode.
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    I think some definitions about what constitutes a "successful manipulation" include the idea that the manipulator is able to conceal their true intentions. Sheldon saw right through her act, called her out on it, and she didn't even try to hide it. So it simply becomes an act of persuasion since he still buys her argument. But that's really arguing semantics, so whatever. I don't think it matters.
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    YMMV, and this is completely a matter of perception, but I don't think Leonard's behavior gets excused at all. On this forum alone, with primarily Shamys and Lennys in attendance, he's regularly crucified. And I'm not even going near to what your everyday, run-of-the-mill Shenny thinks of him. Leonard get called out regularly and volubly for his behaviors: the electric can opener, the Alice kiss, the North Sea kiss, being a serial cheater, not supporting Penny enough, being a misogynist and only loving Penny for her looks, wimpy, and spineless are the few recurring yowls about him that come up frequently and regularly. I think the difference that with Leonard's behaviors he shows regret and remorse but with Penny, especially this season, she written with bitchy snark and is completely dismissive of her husband with no explanations given and her behavior persists.
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    They didn't go altogether back to the way they were before. Their attitudes towards each other are a lot different now. Amy's around in 4a even when it's not group dinner night or date night. Sheldon's thoughts and feelings about Amy have taken an almost total U-turn since he's accepted that the way she changed his life was for the better. Amy knows - and so does he if he dares think about it - that she's chosen Sheldon rather than taken him just because he's there. It's made a big difference. No way could Amy have persuaded him to have a birthday party before, and her suggestion of a cabin would have provoked a shower of derision about how she was always thinking about nothing but sex. He's at a loose end when she's away, so that he's dependent on the other chaps for company, which never happened before.
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    I approve of Jim's prediction The Shelnard friendship is something that I enjoy, but I think that it's time for it to evolve. The current living arrangements simply make no sense at this point. There are two apartments, so it wouldn't even change the character interactions that much to separate them. I actually think a brief time of Sheldon living on his own might be interesting. That change wouldn't alter the show much at all. It's Amy moving in that would really change things. One last thing about the last episode. Having just finished a re-watch of season 5, it's amazing how different Sheldon is now, particularly when it comes to his facial expressions. While playing 'Never have I ever', his face was more expressive than ever before. It's fun to see Sheldon allowing himself to have a good time. Such a playful, flirty, and happy Sheldon would've been unthinkable not that long ago. It must be nice for Jim Parsons too, getting to play a character that is growing to show new emotions over the last few years.
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    I'm just hoping it's not akind of night for us.
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    The trip to the aquatic museum would have happened regardless of Dave. The meal had been pre-booked when they were together and Amy realised how much Sheldon still wanted to go when he couldn't get anybody else to accompany him and offered her the tickets. She made a point of saying they were going as friends. She'd got her own arrangements in place for visiting family and she fitted Sheldon in. She realised during the game that she'd been missing Sheldon's nonsense. She said very nice things to Sheldon at the party and was very happy when she was showing Stephen Hawking.
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    Hmmmmm. Interesting that Mary will be in the episode too.
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    That's amazing! I suspected Beverly could have been there, because it could have been interesting to explore the relationship between the two ex-spouses, but Sheldon's mother...that's unexpected...Another award for Shelnard?
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    Ohhhh....so you mean something like Laplace transform ! You convert real domain to Laplace and make all the changes in Laplace domain and then come back to the real domain. Interesting.
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    It was the first thing that popped into my head. I should have used an emoticon. Like edit actually I had also popped it into google to see if a physics connection popped out and saw this http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/laplace.html#c1 which looked good enough.
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    Dear spoiler gods, I come to you humbly to ask that you give Amy a maternal figure that loves her without making her fight for it, doesn't make her feel guilty for being herself, and just accepts her as a person because it's about time she was loved unconditionally by some sort of parental figure. And with that I lay this sacrificial promise to leave kudos on fics instead of just clicking away because it's hard to log in on my phone should this prayer be answered. Sincerely, CuriousMeans
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    Maybe two separate story lines.....Lenny and Leonard's parents...Shamy and Mary Cooper?
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    The appearance of Leonard´s parents sounds promising. I can´t wait to see the episode! Ludi incipiant.
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    Intriguing that both of Leonard's parents are going to turn up as well as Sheldon's mother. Maybe it's something to do with the thing they are working on with Howard, maybe there is some sort of fundraiser or something for the project. But then when have Leonard's parents really shown a major interest in their sons work? A living arrangement drama like many of us have hoped might be resolved wouldn't require the parents to turn up even if there is a Sheldon and Leonard bust up. Sheldon's grandmother came to 'size up' Amy recently up but from what gather Sheldon's mother is fine with Amy. Could be some potentially interesting interactions between them. Going to be interesting to see the speculation around here and ultimately what the writers have planned. It's even more intriguing now we know it's not just Leonard's father that is turning up.
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    Elevator gets fixed; disturbs Sheldon's homeostasis. Sheldon sabotages elevator. Amy and Leonard get stuck inside for hours. Amy leaves with a chipped tooth!!! (ATOB ducks, covers head and combat rolls outta thread....) .....returns briefly to assure canon shippers that her theories have never, not once, never never ever have been right.
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    OK, how about The Einsteinian Solution?
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    I feel ya, I was the same way during the Amy Skype sessions (Sheldon not "getting" why Amy wished he was at the conference with her, Amy lying and staying at the conference and the subsequent lecture about empathy), some of the things Amy said during Meemaw, and even her registration of disappointment at the beginning of FWF when the "gift" of having her name on the title of the show wasn't exactly what she expected... Personally I think I was expecting to see an immediate change in attitude with them both after reconciliation. No doubt that was a bit unrealistic, as others have pointed out. They both seemed so happy and grateful to get a second chance with the relationship that I expected to see two people catering to one another, and a Sheldon bending over backwards to make it right with Amy. The coitus episode was a step in that direction, but then episodes after that showed me that there were still some elements of the old characters there that I attributed to the bad stuff that led to the break up in the first place. We still get that even now (clueless Sheldon not getting the "birthday suit" comment from Amy for instance) and since we haven't even seen so much as a hug, handholding, or light peck on the cheek since 9.11 it's easy to fall into the trap of wondering just why.... I have to believe things will begin to move along a little soon, if not by the finale then into S10. I like what I've seen about how relaxed they seem nowadays, and there isn't that edge that used to surround some of the exchanges they had in the past. Amy isn't nearly bothered by some of his cracks, and though Sheldon can still say some dumb things and be clueless I really haven't noticed barbs directed at Amy personally, something he did routinely. The cabin episode was a sign that the couple does have their cute moments, and the hoarding episode shows the couple continue to open up to one another. All good signs. So I guess I've relaxed a bit in the last few episodes and I'm gonna trust that things are gonna look even better in S10. The writers can always throw us a curve ball for sure, but until that happens I'm gonna kick back and enjoy the good stuff they've been giving Shamys lately!
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    The Laplacian is also used in the description of Quantum Vortices in superfluids. Since their original idea uses superfluids, and application is used in tracking, movement would set up such vortices. @nibbler I like your post for the comment at the end, not the living arrangement explanation. All that said, I don't really see them using the term Laplace or Laplacian, it's simply too obscure for the general public.
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    That was an adorable and hilarious episode indeed! For someone who claimed that Amy was just a friend and not his girlfriend, he spent a lot of time hugging and stroking Zazzles, after he ended his relationship with Amy. Maybe its dark fur reminded him of Amy´s dark hair.
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    And he actually asked her and she admitted it. So it wasn't trying. She was like yes I am and he told her well done it worked.
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    Try to manipulate? She succeeded! She did manipulate him into going by saying that Leonard might come back smarter than him.
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    I guess the breakup is still fresh in my mind and I don't want to see any trouble between the pair even though it's unlikely as they appear so much stronger now. I'm just being a bit oversensitive. Amy dishes it out with the best of them, it's one of her endearing qualities.
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    Yep, even his voice modulation. He's more cheerful/expressive now than before. I rewatched Season 1 and I'm kind of this is a completely different Sheldon but at the same it's still him. He's so robotic, monotonous, and in control. Idk if I'm making any sense. Also, on Jim Parsons playing something different for his character: He wants a pillow talk for Shamy! I soooo wanna see that.
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    Amy's was hanging around 4a before the break up. The break up happened when they were alone in 4a. When she decided to go back with Sheldon it was caused by Amy dating Dave a Sheldon want a be. The birthday party ended up being a nightmare for Amy. Sheldon ended up with Penny in the bathroom and the two shared a hug. That's more than Amy got. On top of that Sheldon has both Leonard and Penny living with him now. Amy really didn't talk him in to the cabin he wanted to go. I'm not sure how things are better now than after the break up. One time coitus is the only thing different I'm seeing that's benefitted Amy.
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    Very good points April. I think you're right : until 8.24 he'd been the boss, or thought he had. His hints and threats to frighten her that she'd be the one rejected were suddenly turned on him. That she would take charge of the relationship herself would never have occurred to him. That she did not even want to discuss what he was going to say in the Skype conversation knocked him for six. It took the breakup and his forced reflection on his loss, the examination of his feelings, and being made to go over in his mind what had happened, to make him realise how he'd brought the situation about. Whether he needed so much time is hard to say : as early as 904, he did mention ' Amy's wedding, when she's marrying someone better than me' among the rare special occasions to have dinner with Lenny in his imagined future. During the breakup Amy had a lot more encouragement from the gang - including all the men - who'd been there at the quarrel, plus Penny, to get her life back together and find someone else. There was no suggestion that she was going to lose any of them ('Not an Indian, we've got one of those' ) although they were Sheldon's friends initially and still were. Amy had for a long time had normal female longings to be treated as a desirable woman and cherished. She'd always had little hope of having that side of her fulfilled by Sheldon and eventually took the opportunity to seek it elsewhere. It took her a few months to realise that even if she found it, it wasn't going to be enough. Sheldon with all his quirks, even if he hadn't changed a bit, was much more suited to the rest of what she wanted. When she said she'd missed things like playing daft games she was rejecting the ordinariness of what she'd encountered on the dating round. 'Better' was boring. After yet another six months we're seeing how much franker they are. Sheldon still throws out the odd putdown line that worried me some weeks ago but now I see that she doesn't let it bother her. She can ignore it or give as good as she gets without fear. If Sheldon had proposed a year ago, the maturing Amy of S8, unlike the Amy of earlier seasons, might well have asked for time to think and then said 'No' when she considered life over the next sixty years, but after all that's gone on this year I think she'll accept when he asks.
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    My understanding is that when they are on set on a taping night and they have a table read the next morning, they receive the next episode script on set. When they are on hiatus, the script is delivered to their homes on the Tuesday night before the next table read. So for today's table read, the script would have been delivered to their homes yesterday evening.
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    Kunal was in London, but I believe he is back in LA now. He posted a jet-lagged IG post this morning and someone on Twitter thanked him for waving to them on the Warner's lot this morning.
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    A lot of what we have seen of Leonard and Penny this season has been for a (cheap) laugh as well as some tension filled moments. We all know that Leonard adores Penny, but what we forget or tend not to focus on is that Penny equally adores Leonard. She is different in the way she expresses her feelings (mostly keeping them bottled up). If her feelings toward and love of Leonard were not equal to his, would she have agreed to proceed with the wedding even though she was hurt and maybe a little p.o'd.? Her statement that he is not only "the love of my life, but my best friend" says volumes (quiet down over there anyone who wants to shout up the Sheldon/Penny friendship--her words "you're one of my favorite people"---not on a par with the "love of my live and my best friend"). After she has finally admitted out loud that she loves Leonard (wayyyy back in Season 6), think of the times when she felt challenged. In the Valentine's Day episode after the disasterous dinner with the Wolowitz', the panic in her voice "are you breaking up with me" was more than evident. Her fear (that continued with Mandy) that someone like Alex could sweep "the love of her life" away was eye-opening. We focus on Mrs. Hofstadter's snark and not on her love. Unfortunately TBBT is a comedy and the romantic moments that we are allowed to see don't occur as often as we like, or as we think the couple deserve. Anyway, I guess my point here is to maybe come to the defense of Penny.....comments??? I didn't notice before, but is she wearing one of his new non-hoddie overshirts?? If not they have a pretty good bit of "his and hers" outfit coordination going on! Loving the Lenny!!
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