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    Hi everyone! Today Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Rauch were on the MCM London ComicCon 2016 at the Excell London, a great event, really crowded and with so many movies, tv shows, japan, comic, games fans!! Lots of cosplays too! I was lucky to find a seat for the TBBT panel with them. They were so funny, specially Kunal, and warm with us. Here some photos I took, the best one is a video capture of when they exit the panel. There a video on my instagram of Kunal and Melissa arriving: You can watch all the panel here Enjoy!
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    Jim hit 3 millions followers on IG! 3.000.421 and still counting, LOL!
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    Since the Troll Manifestation was being discussed here, I wanna point out that it was quite different from usual TBBT episodes. IDK why, but I loved that the show was a bit self-referential about Shamy and internet trolls, in that episode. Very Meta. Shows like 30 Rock and Community did that all the time. And a bit of Eye Candy :
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    At that time they did it in Leonard's lab. Sweet memories
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    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    She played the sadness, when Sheldon says he can't be her boyfriend again, incredibly well. It was dreadfully sad. I'm just glad they didn't wait too long, before he changed his mind.
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    The closest anyone ever came to attempting to curtail cast non-show activities was Chuck Lorre in a November 2010 Vanity Card. He addressed Kaley's horseback riding, Johnny's love of motorcycles, cast driving skills in general, boating during Comic Con...etc... It's one of my favorites. CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #309 Following Kaley Cuoco's horseback riding injury, I've instituted new rules governing acceptable leisure activities for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. 1. No friggin' horses. This includes those found on merry-go-rounds and in front of supermarkets. 2. The only motorcycle you can get on is the one you're accidentally crushing in your big-ass, air-bagged SUV. 3. All cast member motor vehicles must adhere to U.S. Army guidelines for attacking Kandahar. (Galecki's Tesla is a terrifically fuel efficient vehicle but is essentially a hundred thousand dollar go-cart. From now on it is only to be used for backing down his driveway and retrieving mail.) 4. The only permissible boating activity at Comic-Con is in your hotel room bathtub. 5. Alcohol should only be ingested at home, and while seated in a big comfy chair. Wild and carefree dancing that celebrates your incredible and well-deserved success is only allowed on New Year's Eve, and only with a sober celebrity parasitic flunky to lean on. 6. And finally, sexual acts must be performed while horizontal. Certain high-risk Kama Sutra positions might be allowed, but only after consultation with Chuck Lorre. Like with dancing, a spotter might be required. << >> 1st Aired: 4 November 2010
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    On Tuesday will they show this episode in Sweden. I´m really excited to see if it´s so good as it looks like.
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    Amy really is incredibly special to Sheldon. Four years ago, he wanted a seven-day course of penicillin, some syrup of ipecac, and a mint, just because he drank a mouthful of water from Leonard's glass. Now, in the course of a couple of weeks, he's gone from kissing Amy with closed mouths, to French Kissing, to full on coitus.
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    Personally, I think she started having a crush on him in season 4 at some point and then when she had the opportunity to kiss him, she grabbed it (even though she was drunk but sometimes you are more likely to speak the truth under such circumstances). He liked the kiss and even kissed her back if you look closely so I reckon that he also had a crush on her then. Amy probably knew she loved him by season 6 ( poor girl was blinded ) and Sheldon figured out it WAS love he was feeling for Amy during his 45 day train trip when he had plenty of time to reflect on everything.
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    Just watched the Shamy scenes from Platonic Permutation on that magical place that I can't link. Mayim was right, it was a beautiful episode (I think that was the word she used). Especially the aquarium scene. There was a lot of nuance packed into the dialogue in all their scenes.
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    While she could go to Europe (although that's highly unlikely), and compete in lesser events, she is no where near Karl's level, nor, for that matter, anywhere near international competition level. She's not ranked on the FEI rankings, nor is she ranked in the USEF rankings about 350 riders). Karl is 301 on FEI and there are currently 3053 ranked riders in the world, he's listed as 32nd in the US). That Kaley competed (she didn't place in the Gran Prix, but she place in four of the other five events in which she competed) shows she is improving, but she has a way's to go before she gets to International level competition. Here's a metaphor for you, she's on her colleges football (Soccer to those in the US) team, not on her national under 20 team. While Karl is on the US World Cup team, but he's not a starter yet. Perhaps not highly accurate, but it should give you an idea of the different levels they are on. Here's a clip of her riding in the Gran Prix on Poker Face: Here she is on SiBella in the 1.30 class:
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    Week 36 Final Ratings For Friday, May 27, 2016; for broadcasts, 26 May, 2016 There were no changes in the top three, for demo, this week in finals. For viewers, TBBT increased by 80,000 viewers to 7.29 million viewers. in second was Mom, which was up 40,000 viewers to 5.33 million. In third was Life in Pieces, which was dow 80,000 viewers to 5.08 million viewers. For the night, there were five new shows, one of which was a premiere. TBBT, Mom, and Life in Pieces were all repeats and were one, two and three in both demo and number of viewers. The "Red Nose Day" special, was even from the overnights in both demo and viewers. Modern Family rose a tenth in demo to 0.8 and even in viewers. Next week will be the last for the full ratings posts, as almost all the fall-winter shows are done, and next week will be the final week for any new TBBT ratings, the final Live + 7.
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    Correct, but the poor zoo officials had a very few minutes to decide what to do, they tried non-lethal methods and things got worse instead of better, so they chose the path that put the human's life before the animals. At the time they had no idea the man's mental state or why it was even happening, they just acted with compassion for another human being. It is easy for us to dissect this after it is over, when we have the luxury of time, but based on how little time they had to make the right decision and what data they had available to them, I think they did the best they could.
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    Looks like Jim(Sheldon) and Kaley (Penny) won the favorite lead actor and actress in comedy, respectively, in this popular TV poll for 2016. Mayim(Amy) has won the favorite supporting actress and the show has also won. Shamy has won the favorite couple/ship in a comedy. Just wanted to share. http://telltaletv.com/2016/05/the-2016-tell-tale-tv-awards-results/
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    More Mayim for the people! My god, this woman is such a delight! <3
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    Love how it's Cuoco & Galecki singled out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow 3m that's a nice achievement for social media standars lol What's really impressive is the fact that the comments on his IG are so positive in its vast majority, that's really something! U can see the occasional stupidity mostly concerning his sexuality and all that, but to have nearly a thousand comments in each post, and most of them are synonyms of "i love u" "u're great"... he just shows himself the way he is and radiates such good vibes ppl can't help but love him!
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    English can be a difficult language .
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    I was reading John Clesse book so anyway but now I am reading Frank Herbert's Dune.
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    Oh I understand ,if it was up to them they would put in her contract no horse riding .I bet you when she had her accident in 2010 made them a bit nervous. But as I said she is an adult and if CBS or WB hate her Riding then they have to tell her in her next contract talks that maybe no horse riding competition. Just said that.
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    I'm sure if CBS and/or WB were that unhappy, they would have forboded, forbidded forbade Kaley from riding, in her contract. While her contract obviously allows her to ride, I'm willing to bet there are clauses in her contract concerning her riding.
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    I understand we all fear the day she might get what happened to Christopher Reeve when he had his horse jumping accident but we need to remember Kaley is a grown women who can make her own choices in life. We all hope she can not get injured as bad as Mr.Reeve did.
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    I may be wrong but I think it is just a rerun of the episode in which the whole cast was there...
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    The whole cast will be on, it's a rerun of the February appearance celebrating the 200th episode of TBBT.
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    I'll be finishing my bachelor's degree in nutritional science soon.
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    I enjoyed her first vlog. And she´s really a delight. She always is.
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    Ofcourse you do ! Fan fiction writers are amazing and talented ! And we don't usually get to see them on mainstream TV shows. But we should, especially on shows like TBBT.
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    A nice Lenny fist bump from season 6 for the weekend.
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    Exactly. Rember (S7/Ep17): Penny: I'm sorry, is the fact that my life's falling apart interfering with your board game? Sheldon: It is.
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    Thank you. This is the one I was talking about. I think this conversation is not fair to Leonard. Leonard understands that. He's just more realistic, less delusional. He think about consequences before taking actions. He's the one who has to bail others out because people around him don't think about consequences. The fact that Sheldon compares his childhood experience (the chalk monitor vs focusing on physics) to Penny's real life, adult career problem shows that he's the one who doesn't understand the situation. Penny heard what she wanted to hear. But eventually she never got what she wanted. Because she's not like Sheldon. And technically Sheldon's not a dreamer either IMO. All he wanted to do was science and he's extremely good at it. So to me he's a realist.
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    SP? They have a great friendship end of. I am not threatned by their friendship. I have always ejoyed it. Well most of the time lol. I just think its time for LEnny to ride into the sunset. I always knew LEnny well always be cannon, so why be threatned by somthing that is so non threatning? Anyway. I feel Leonad is honest with Penny. Because he truley deep down cares about her. And has a long term invesetment in her, Sheldon says stuff to her and prob forgets about it. ITss like at times they are tryley strangers. Like in s7 when PEnnys life was unraviling and Shelodon implied his game night was more important. She basically told him to f off L:OL. So you know. And I do agree the story is over now it was Leonard desiring the hot gitrl. He got her.
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    I have a story about this... It involves ladders, beaches and let's say Northern European sensibilities ... um, but to get to the point, monkey curiosity seems to always think the grass is greener. People like to held in suspense. But, they could write entertaining married couple stuff, I think. It might be less broadly appealing, which is why they don't. If Leonard and Penny turned out to be so into each other, then there is no room for Sheldon, which goes back to the creakiness of the premise. L/P guys have no private space. Why hang in Leonards room for instance? Because they don't own the other spaces. All for the sake of Sheldon's special genius needs and with Penny and Leonard's forbearance? It's such a stretch - that does also prolong the Shamy URST, because they won't let that bait fall off the hook. So, they take the easy win and rely on inertia, and the odd toss of a bone, to keep the audience. Good commercial sense, really.
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    Alot of men are more Lenny's then women Yes because of Penny. But alot of men can relate to the nerdy guy desiring the hot girl. And theirs alot of guys here Tensor? Who married a Penny type Alot of women can here can relate to Amy more. And think Jim is "hot". Just like I think Kaley is hot. Simple really. It's just a matter of who you relate too. I actully agree with the notion Sheldon is like a stranger to PEnny. Sheldon doesen't actually care about Penny. Not enough to care about what she does with her life. He jsut says things like where dreamers e.t.c. But it doesen't hold any weight to him weeks later. Leonard however actually cares deeply how it effects Pennys life on the long term. He is the honest and responsible one, hence why his comments mean more to her. ITs proof his words effected her actions after she lost her job more then Sheldon or anyone. Obviousley he bought her a car. But by Leonard telling her Acting prob not going to happen. He did this because he loves her. Sheldon just doesen't have the same time or investment Leonard has in PEnny.
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    That's not really what happened with Penny quitting her job. Penny had a small part on a TV show, everyone was over to watch it, and then she found out her part got cut out. She was super upset, asked Leonard if he truly thought she could make it as an actress honestly. He said no because realistically the odds were a million to one in Hollywood, but then changed his answer to yes later, that he believed in her. She got super upset and depressed and proposed to him drunkenly to which he said no. Then the next time they spoke, she told him that she had quit her Cheesecake Factory job, because she wanted to really focus herself on acting. None of this had anything to do with Sheldon (mid season 7). Sheldon did tell her that the best way to success was to devote 100% of your energy into your goal. But he said that to her after she quit, and when she was asking him if she was an idiot for quitting. So he didn't really influence her decision. She did that before ever speaking to him.
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    Sure. Actually I think I've mentioned it before. Let me just post my old post. I hope if Penny goes into science, it's because of Leonard not Sheldon. The last time Penny went to Sheldon for career advice, he told her to chase her dreams, which is quite lol to me because unlike Sheldon, Penny doesn't have what it takes to realize her dream. The advice led to her losing her waitress job, her car and later failing in acting. If it wasn't for Bernie, she'd still be unemployed now. But it doesn't matter. Because eveyone has the impression it was Sheldon who helped Penny with her career while actually it was Leonard who bought her a car, gave her practical advice and supported her for years. Then in season 8 they pratically made Penny dumb just so she could go to Sheldon again for career advice. Anyone in their right mind would choose to at least wait for the result of the audition then quit the current job. But no, Penny doesn't know. She has to wait for Sheldon to tell her. It's like I'm Ok with them bonding, but at least make it less stupid. It was illogical to me. How about this, from now on, everything I said has a "This is just my opinion" attached automatically?
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    I think the reason a lot of men relate to lenny is because penny is smoking hot & we fancy her & rooting for Leonard because he is a nice guy and wish we was in his shoes. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Agree with everything. I think there is a limit of what we should expect to be happening off screen. For example, their kisses. Although we've only seen two on-screen Shamy date night kisses, but we know they kiss on every date night (at least before the break up). Because the writers told us kissing is in their RA. That's a reasonable speculation. But while we've shown at least twice since 9x11 that Amy suggests to have sex again but Sheldon couldn't take the hint, it's illogical to speculate that they have sex all along off-screen. Also the writers made it clear their original "deal" was once a year. If their intention was for people to believe Shamy have sex more frequently than that, they wouldn't have had added that line in the first place. As for other forms of physical intimacy, since we don't know the status of RA, I can't say anything about kissing. But even if they still kiss once a month under the terms of RA, there's no progress in terms of physical intimacy after coitus. Coitus didn't bring them closer whatsoever. And yes, if the writers want, they can totally refer to things like that using one sentence. But they didn't, which made their attitude towards Sheldon's sexuality pretty obvious, which is also why I don't believe they'll address the coitus issue in season 10 either. They had plenty of chances in season 9 and they chose not to, so what makes season 10 so different? Also there's no way they'll let Shamy have a conversation about their sex life. Because it's like opening the Pandora's Box. If they do that, they'll have to explain to us exactly things like: what Sheldon's deal is; if he has desires, why he waited for so long; if he doesn't, why did he sleep with Amy; is Amy Ok with whatever Sheldon's sexuality is; if she is, why all the complaining about their lack of physical intimacy; if she's not, why didn't she just break up with him. IMO the writers will keep everything ambiguous, so that they don't have to answer these questions. Because Jim Parsons is hot according to a lot of female viewers? I think to host a science show, she has to understand what she's saying though? Penny seems to find science tedious. She can remember the scientific terms but she doesn't understand the meanings behind them. Although I love the idea of Leonard helping her get a job. One more time of "we are dreamers" or something like that I'm seriously gonna puke.
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    @luminous would like to use your photo of them on the washing machine.
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    WTH ? Where did I say I want Penny to be with Sheldon ? He said those were the good old fashioned laundry room scenes and it has been a long time. Clearly, he still loves working with Kaley and always loved their 'verbal dance ' together. . Some of Jim and Kaley's favorite scenes of the series are with each other. It is not that much of an exaggeration that he would love to have those scenes again.And I miss those scenes. I miss the cheescake factory scenes too. Just because I enjoy Shenny friendship or Bernie/Raj friendship doesn't mean I want them together.There is much more to TBBT than just romantic relationships/sex and alot of non-shippers and vierwers enjoy other aspects of it as well. This might be shocking here, but people can love more than one part of the show.
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    From The LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/la-en-st-0519-chuck-and-norman-20160519-snap-story.html When Norman Lear gets with Chuck Lorre, the laughs are king A conversation about comedy and multi-cam shows... The two men do not know each other well — this is the first time Lorre’s been to Lear’s house -- but they certainly speak the same language, and Lear recently visited the set of “The Big Bang Theory,” causing, Lorre says, every writer on the staff to be “frozen with fear.” “It was a stressful night,” Lorre said over Lear’s protests, “we wanted you to be proud of us.” “I thought it was terrific,” Lear said, leaning in to ask who warmed up the audience for the show. Mark Sweet, Lorre answered. “What’s his last name?” Lear asked, once again taking note.
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    I'm on the benefit, sorry hard working people lol.
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    @djsurrey gold star. all i will say is they have stared working on it for a fews months now.
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    both johnny, kaley give heartfelt talks at the taping, glad to be here for 'US'. who is to say they are now negotiating for a new 3 year deal that begin in late january.
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    Voted average, because the wedding vows were so good, I try to remember that to save it from sheer disappointing. Maybe it doesn't, but at least it saves it from pure shit. They deserved better.
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    Voted 'shit'. Thanks writers!
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    I work in the exhausting world of Aviation / Airplanes / Airports. I am an Aircraft dispatcher / Load controller / Operations controller. Part of my job to do weight and distribution planning for an aircraft. It's my job to ensure the aircraft is in safe balance and within weight limits to fly safely. All the planning I do and final information for the pilot is calculated for an aircrafts take of speeds, take off /landing weights and trim/stab settings. Another part is to supervise the what we call turn around of an aircraft while it's on the ground. So we do the planning before the plane lands, And when it is on the ground we supervise it. We co-ordinate staff and work with the planes Captain to get to the flight ready for the next departure. I also oversee the loading process and make any last adjustments. There is a lot of decision making, Staff supervison, working against the clock and working under pressure. I also sometimes take the position of operations controller. It's based on a desk. Managing the shift, allocating / delegating of tasks to staff, processing messages, timings, information within the airline messaging networks, Manning the phones and being a point of contact. It's hard work. But I love it.
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