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    "Strategic"??? What the everloving fuck are you even talking about? Why the heck are you guys going on about this numbers game of Shamy vs. Lenny shippers? Do you feel insecure about some shit or what is it? Why the hell do you have such a hard time just being nice? Are you proud about chasing people away??? Don't you realise how pathetic that sounds? (I can see your posts in the other threads, you know? lol) For the Shamies who left and the few who are still active it's not about numbers it's about fostering a welcoming online community. We all like the same show after all, right? (Well, to varying degrees, I guess.) You may claim this was all just in good fun but obviously that misfired when it makes people feel less welcome on this site. Again, let me point out to you how this hostile atmosphere with all the negativity ended in stricter rules on this very forum so it's not some over-sensitive Shamies imagining all of this. To sum it up with Wheaton's law: Don't be a dick!
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    we all have a 'uniform' but we really never pay attention to it. I literally wear jeans every day. During the winter, they are paired up with sweaters/jumpers and during the warmer months, tees and other colourful shirts. This is my attire even at work. I have been dressing like this for the last 25 years. Comfort trumps style for me any day. those would actually be great with jeans that flare out just a little bit. I'd wear those.
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    You literally just complimented a post with a cheap potshot against another ship for using a hugeass gif of a person about to throw a Molotov cocktail and you do not understand how that very post might come across as a tiny bit hostile??? The lack of self-awareness is actually quite hilarious. No but seriously, the post that started this all wanted to know where all the Shamy shippers are. The answer is that many of them left while this forum was a mess of negativity a couple of months ago. Simple as that. And just to be clear, my criticism that left you so baffled was about a specific kind of behaviour - not about all Lennies or even only Lennies. I know occasionally there's the reverse case as well and I don't like it either. Why is it so hard for people to get along in this forum, I don't get it??? Why is it this weirdass contest for some?? There's no gd reason to have a Shamy vs. Lenny shipping war on here. Did the lack if drama in the season finale leave everyone so bored that you guys have to come up with your own drama??
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    I know! WTF! I'm trying to piece it together myself! What I gather is that the Lennys are 'negative' and acting like 'a dick' which caused some Shamys to find happiness with less of a Lenny presence on a FB site. Which is surprising because I never felt that the Lennys were the only ones who were the sole bearers of being 'negative' and acting like 'a dick'. I've seen it many times go both ways.
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    There are new and stricter rules in place now because of this nonsense. Shamy shippers did not feel welcome in this forum so they took their shipping elsewhere. It's not a matter of being loyal to the ship, it's a matter of being loyal to this forum - and many of those Shamy shippers that left felt they have more fun on other sites. There are plenty of Shamy fans active on tumblr and the aforementioned FB group (and probably other places as well) -
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    Lenny's birthday kiss Have a nice sunday, y'all.
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    Apologies for the swearing then if that's a sensitive area for you. You can hate on Shamy all you want - I don't care. I mean, really, I couldn't care less. It's about how you treat other people and you and tonstar's comments were about other shippers not the ship. I know you get a kick out of these kinds of "jokes" but they are not as funny as you think they are. This kind of behaviour was rude enough for many to search greener pastures to engage in their shipping activity. You may find that ridiculous but it's the way it is.
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    A Sheldon clip in the Lenny thread??? The only way to show Sheldon in this thread is like that: or like that
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    To your defense @hokie3457 is that Leonard never said what gas it was, and by the way who remember the conversation when we have a hot make out scene for Lenny.
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    They could also simply give him a proper character arc for once. Start out the season with both girls dumping him and then send him down the road of character growth with allowing him some introspection about how he's been an insufferable d-bag lately. And instead of pairing him up again immediately maybe he'll stay single for a while and perhaps concentrating on becoming a better person/friend by helping Howardette with the baby or whatever, and then towards the end of the season (series?) they could match him up with someone that fits his character so that he also gets a bit of a happy ending. Or something like that.
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    I say goodbye for today. It's bedtime for me. Therefore a little bedtime candy for ya.
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    Well that was harsh and uncalled for. It comments like this that drives away posters. I think I'm going to form my own fan club on FB cause you know hostility like this drives people away. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    As usual the Lennys are the big bad wolf, and the Shamys hasn´t done anything
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    More fun in the Sin Closet.
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    Yeah but the ships are very diffrent Lenny is more of a navy heavy cruiser Bristol fashion and battle ready, Shamy is more a princess lines cruise ship with a pool and disco. Lord knows I never got a banner for saying "omg Lenny was so cute last night they way he passed her the soy sauce was so hot" #runtoIndia
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    Well we would never know, if I remember correctly Leonard said I got gas or something like that. And helium in balloons makes you talk in a funny voice or are you saying it's not helium used in these balloons. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Correct on my errant reference to helium. It had been quite awhile since I had seen the episode and this old decrepit memory is not what it used to be. I apologize profusely for a comment that included an incorrect statement as to a key moment. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    "Sometimes I forget how smart you are", spoken by Penny in that husky sexy voice!!! What I heard was "Sometimes I forget just how much I love you!" And Leonard takes off his damn hoodie and jacket (He wears too many clothes when they kiss!) and shows off his beautiful arms. Yeah, still one of my very favorites.
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    What happen to all the Shamy that's what I'm thinking. Seems most of them only post during the season. Where is the loyalty and the love? Lenny may be a minority here but at least we are hard-core and loyal. I'll get lenny to give them a call. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    After this Penny says let's move to Sheldon's spot and make out Leonard goes you dirty girl in my mind they have done it in Sheldon's spot many times we just have not seen it
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    As a Shamy who has pretty much left this forum (I lurk every few months or so), I can tell you it was no one ship or poster that drove me away. It was the pervasive negativity that developed over time. This show is one of my "happy places" but being an active part of the forum, with all the trolling and baiting and just general nastiness was killing my happy. I love debates but this wasn't debates anymore, this was posters attacking posters (it was going on on both sides of the ships), it was ship wars, it was personal feuds between posters, etc, etc, etc. So I went elsewhere and linked up with other fandom peeps in protected groups and chats where people were actually, god forbid, nice and respectful towards each other. As Vonmar said above, it became so damn exhausting even just lurking and reading all the vile, the rude, the downright nasty, childish shit that kept happening, time and time again. FYI - Its not a badge of honor if a thread gets so out of hand that Tripper or Tensor has to step in and police it. Its downright sad and pathetic that people can't be decent enough and rational enough so that they don't have to. Anyway, that's my rant. We (the missing, seemingly silent shamies) haven't left the fandom... we just went and sought out safer spaces to just enjoy the damn fandom.
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    In addition to Leonard and Penny dancing together again, a little more Lenny bed time action next season would be very nice too. Wishing can't hurt.
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    I feel much the same about it. Love the A-plot of Earworm but the B-plot was so forgettable that it kinda drags the whole thing down a bit. Spock was great on the A-plot and the B-plot had some funny and sweet moments with Howardette - now made even better that we know their baby-talk actually lead to something! :D But just as well, I'll be happy either way! <3 Where to start? There were so many great Shamy scenes this season. <3 In addition to those you mentioned: - the bed scene in 9x11 was perfect but I also really like the scene when they're still on the couch - both scenes are complementing each other wonderfully! - their post-9x11 skype calls were so so adorkable! what they lack in length they make up for in cuteness <3 - and of course, in agreement with Judith, the Solder episode was full of great Shamy scenes as well
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    Ehm..speaking for myself with the end of a season and a beginning of summer I'm packing my things and go out there. Yep, I'm selling my loyalty for travels, fresh air and actual human interactions - AFK. Blame me, I'm sure Sheldon would.
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    Interesting, the minorities chasing out the majority. Who knew. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Second you out number us by fifty to one and decided to make a "strategic withdrawal" that's just unbelievable
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    Lol. Lone ranger, I got your back. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Technically he said yes (..."I guess I'm in"), that's right. But of course I refered to this...
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    It is so nice to see all these cute gifs
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    The last part of the Season 9 tournament will be really a Sophie Choice kind of stuff for Shamies, LOL! Right now the second semifinal involves two deeply emotional episodes for us all, that's tough! I voted the Spock episode. I liked very much the Shamy parts in Earworm, those are some of my favourite scenes of the whole season, but the b-plot in it was very weak (and yucky...); overall I think Spock was more balanced, original (for the director's choices during Sheldon's interview) and so well acted. Anyway, I'll be happy with whatever the majority decide, LOL! Maybe we could list our favourite Shamy scenes in the season; I think mine are, in no particular order, the fist bed scene in Opening Night, the door scene in Earworm and the tag in the Big-Baer episode.
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    http://www.vevo.com/watch/rockwell/somebodys-watching-me/USMV30400012 Tensor is Planning his 39th anniversary trip, creating topics for the season 10 Forum, and writing on his fan fic. So, although the board is quiet, I am keeping busy.
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    2016 Emmy nomination voting begins on Monday, June 13th and ends Monday, June 27th (at 10 pm PDT). The nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 14th.
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    After lurking for a long time I finally joined up just to ask the question, why didn't Amy ask Sheldon if Stuart was also standing in for coitus? That would have been interesting.
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    I've been here for awhile and the entire tone of the site has changed. We used to have long/lively discussions where we would break down an episode or a characters behavior or a ships progression/regression. Things have changed and as a result, people have limited themselves to protected threads or have left completely. Name calling, the denigrating of ships or the characters that make up that ship, people posting outlandish statements only to admit (after a thread has gone up in flames) that they were "simply bored at work and wanted to stir things up", people blatantly baiting Tensor, mocking, rude and insulting behavior.....it's all become so exhausting. Where are the Shamy's? We're still here. We are tired and wary of venturing outside of the Shamy thread. But we are still here.
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    Like I predicted, our defense looked extremely shaky, but good game overall. I thought Götze was nearly invisible and I hope he'll improve. Neuer was a beast. What a rock he is. I was impressed with Özil. Super thrilled for Schweinsteiger. Well done, captain! Good start!
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    Guys check out the chit chat thread, apparently we are so mean a bunch of the Shamys have made a "strategic withdrawal" from the forum
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    The next round is the first one I have felt torn on. If I vote purely because I'm a Shamy fan than Earworm has to be the episode, but the Raj/Howard footprints on the moon storyline aint that good. I think Spock Resonance might actually be the better all round episode because Jim's acting was brilliant but heartbreaking and at the same time I didn't mind the Howardette plot. Think I may re-watch then vote.
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    Thanks dude I may need the help, I hear their ships captain is some kind of super genius
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    I understand, loving TBBT has become something of a one sided relationship for many of us... #runtoIndia
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    My thoughts are with those who are affected by the Orlando shooting. #prayfororlando
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    The format has changed. At the beginning all four guys were single. Now two are married and even Sheldon has a ring he may give his girlfriend. Unlike the Simpsons they are all getting older. I think you are right in there are the main three. Beyond them there are probably trade-offs (just meaning there may be a limit to what will be paid).
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    I honestly believe that none of the cast is leaving and that they are not going to bring in any other semi-regulars. They already have too many stories to tell....L/P...S/A...B/H....R and ?... If S10 is the last, they have a lot to wrap up very quickly. IF S10 isn't the last, they still have a lot to wrap up, but have the time to do it justice.
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    Welcome, with an excellent question! You're one of us, one of us...
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