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    Here's some clips of yesterday Tonight Show, from their YT Channel
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    Also, Jim told Dan Patrick during an interview on that show that he had JJ Watt's e-mail on his cell phone, but not his phone number. Also, they had never met. Since Jim is from Houston, and such a football fan, this pairing tonight on Jimmy Fallon was surely planned to please Jim, as well as JJ and us.
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    Thank you for the explanation, vonmar. I did notice that JJ Watt was promoting his shoes, while Jim was just there to chat. He looks like he is having a much more relaxing summer this year compared to having those voice issues last summer during AAOG.
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    It´s been quite lately, so I thought I came in to revive it a bit. The tapings are coming closer and closer so....
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    I could pick it all up, but yes, normally Jim finishes his words so beautifully and here he was dropping some endings. In particular, when he was saying "memorizing" lines, he only spoke part of the word. Funny story about trying to memorize for the show while watching football and being supersticious that he needed to memorize well for the team to win. Then, JJ comes out and asks what happened during the playoffs? Jim says, maybe we were on hiatus? Very funny.
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    I also think it is a too delicate matter to be decided by a simple remain\leave kind of vote. It has so many economical, political, social consequences. I wouldn't want a referendum like that in my country. It's very easy to polarize opinions with those kind of comments you quoted about migrants. But, even if I'm not very happy about the actual EU policy, I think that in a global world like the one we live in it's more difficult to make it on your own.
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    I have my doubts that this was a good choice. (And if Trump becomes president, I'll be looking for another planet to live on.)
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    Really, really excited for S10. I have high hopes for that wedding redo. Not just in terms of Lenny but also for the comedy. The S9 finale was really funny.
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    really, let's see Leonard moved in with Sheldon, then brought over his friends Howard and Raj. Leonard befriended penny making her part of the group. Penny brought in Bernie to meet Howard. Howard and Raj set up the meet with Amy. So if not for Leonard Sheldon would still be alone and isolated from people living by himself in 4A, as Amy said their group of friends is Leonard centric everything flows from and connects to him. Sounds like the main character to me since everything centers on him
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    I am sure you could draw a picture of Penny mowing the grass
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    I never said that, did I? Just said what is in the news - and it is the truth. The fact that Farage lied, the fact that lots of people regret their vote, the fact that Scotland (and to some extent Northern Ireland) has plans of independence, the fact that UKIP has right-wing tendencies, the fact that people plan to leave the UK. You can deny all of this of course, but it will only be closing your eyes not to see the facts. Love this, April! Like is simply not enough! And you only get to know your real friends when you are facing a crisis. When everything is fine, you have lots of 'friends'. But these will leave you when you're in trouble. True friends will support each other even when things get tough. Just mho.
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    This never seemed more true than in times like these when the xenophobic right is raising its ugly head all across Europe these days and people fall for their blatant lies time and again.
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    Yes! 44 days till the next taping...not counting today. We'll make it!
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    It feels like the weeks are just flying by, August is not far away.
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    Agree. The person is smart, well informed, aware of the consequences of his decisions. The people - unfortunately - are not. It's already happening, brexit has partly turned into bregret. 1.5 million (latest number) have already signed up to repeat the vote, because they (quote) 'didn't realize their vote would actually have an impact, they just wanted to protest but never wanted to really leave'. Plus Mr Farage has already declared that people actually made a mistake when they thought the 352m pounds (not sure about the number) would all go into NHS and voted to leave because of that... What did they think? That they'd get rid of the duties and obligations but keep the benefits? Three people in my immediate social circle are directly affected: Two are British, one is working for a European company that already announced that in case of Brexit they will relocate the business to the continent. The other one has been living in Germany for years, but she still is a British citizen. Will she be allowed to continue to work here? And if yes what will the conditions be? The third one is Swedish and is working and living in te UK. Will she be allowed to continue? And Scotland has already taken the first steps to repeat their vote for independence and apply for a membership in the EU. I didn't think it would happen, but apparently I was wrong. Sorry for the long post, but I just finished reading all these reactions when I came here, and I'm still shell shocked that lots of people didn't realize that their vote would have an impact... PS: Just checked the numbers for the petititon to repeat the voting again: 1.9 million now...
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    I hope we have something to celebrate in a few weeks.
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    When I hear people spout things like, "Migrants are all rapists, close the borders!", then no, I'd rather not have a say in it if it means THEY don't have a say in it, either.
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    Well, again, I hope it'll work out well for everyone. I highly doubt it, but I do hope for it. Would I want a vote like that here? Absolutely not.
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    I think I get what you are saying but at times it does appear to be from Leonard's POV. Sheldon's extreme childishness. Penny's inconsistency with money (makes twice what he makes, she has gone into debt) Leonard never getting a break (having to take care of Sheldon) We saw a significant number of Leonard's girlfriend's but only saw Penny's dates superficially. We saw none of her trip to Vegas but we did see some of Leonard partying on the boat. The show could have been called Leonard and friends or perhaps Leonard Never gets a Break going by the first 7 seasons.
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    Yeah Leonard is susposed to be the main character, as the show is seen from his pov. Like it was with Jerry in Seinfeld. But of course the show has become Sheldon Centric these days. Be good For Johnny to get more screen time. So I agree with the possiblity of Penny's family, gives Leonard more screen time. I would like to see more of Judd in S10. I do like the possiblity of a future episode. Where Alfred returns with a hot older waitress GF, who has uncanny resemblences to Penny LOL. Alot of comedy in that. "Leonard I wasen't that dumb was I?". NO honey you weren't a dumb blonde at all haha. Call it The Cheesecake Factory Waitress Reflex
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    Have to wait until Mon night to watch the show in full but the you tube clips were great. Jim was funny and seemed very relaxed. For someone not working this summer it is fantastic that we keep getting little peeks of him on various shows. Looking forward to him co-hosting with Kelly.
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    In real life, Jim and Jimmy are friends and their apartment buildings (in NYC) are next door to each other. Ellen Barkin was scheduled to appear last night, but for some reason had to cancel....so Jim ended up being a last minute replacement. I think it was pretty easy for Jimmy to talk Jim into appearing in her place, considering JJ Watt was the other scheduled guest. He's done favors for Jimmy before, like when he appeared in the Password segment with Emma Thompson and Michael Cera. Jim usually only does talk shows when he has something to promote, so it was nice that he stepped in and helped out a friend. He was delightful to watch. Zap2It covered his appearance...Their Tweet summoned it up for me.
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    Trudeau's inclusionary politics have worked, then, because he's operating in a country that has long prioritized tolerance as a matter of public policy. That quote is from http://www.vox.com/2016/6/8/11879482/ramadan-justin-trudeau-canada I have to agree with that quote as I am 55 and as far back as I can remember the school system and public policy has embraced multiculturalism.
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    Since he promised to take care of the baby, while she works, I guess she will remind him. The first weeks would be hard for him, because he couldn´t spend the whole day playing his Xbox or PS4, while you hear the baby crying in the background. And after some sleepless nights and a dozens of diapers later, he would look like this:
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    Burning down the house because you're unhappy with it? Not a good plan, especially when you don't have the funds or materials to build a new one. This was a sad day for a modern Europe. Who would have guessed that the next place for mindless nationalism to arise would be the UK? The worrying thing is that we are witnessing the rise of the fact-free right. UKIP offer simple solutions that will not solve any of the real problems they claim to address. Of course, populist politicians are perfectly aware of this but they do not care. Their only goal is simply to get into power. It is the old populist scam all over again, and people fall for it every time. Sad and also stupid, sorry. (IMHO)
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    Wow! He was speaking reeeeally fast! He seemed enthusiastic, but i lost him in some phrases haha jim, dear slow down a bit
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    Believe me, I'm not always happy with the way our government handles things, but I would never want us to decide something of this proportion. Ever. I've met far too many stupid people for that and I don't trust those people to properly ponder the consequences of such a vote.
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    Pretty sure that's gonna happen. This is hysterical, btw: http://www.politico.eu/article/post-brexit-ukip-wants-tariff-free-access-to-eu-single-market/ That's like breaking up with your partner but still expecting sex. Absolutely unbelievable.
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    As a result of this decision Scotland could leave the United Kingdom, to become an independent nation again.
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    Ok, here's how it goes. If you want to talk about characters, have at it. Leave references to groups of fans, or what they think, or what you think about other posters out of it. Posts hidden and edited.
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    JJ Watt reposted this to his IG account with the following caption... justinjames99Jim is the man. #Houston Repost @therealjimparsons: Me. Bothering @justinjames99 at@thetonightshow . Life Goals.
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    Mayim's latest video is up:
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    Yesterday, here in the UK, the people took a historic decision, and voted to leave the European Union, to become an independent nation again. June 23rd. Independence Day UK.
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    Many Swedes living in London are worried about what will happen and they are really considering moving home. They feel that the British people sees them as secondary people, according to Swedish media.
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    They've just shown on Channel 4 the scene in which Amy is sitting on the end of her bed and Sheldon comes through the TARDIS dressed as Tom Baker's Doctor. Her stuff was at the side of the bed this time. The cylindrical,brown object was flat at the top. To me too it looked like an aerosol can.
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    It's been used many times on here. The word, not the object. http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/search/?&q=dildo&sortby=relevancy And I disinfected it afterwards.
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    Fair enough. We'll see how this one works out for the UK.
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    LOL, Sheldon would complain about Leonard putting his new wife before their friendship.
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    I would like to see them bring Alex back, but she would probably be a PH.D. now. I wonder how Penny would like Alex coming back and hanging with the guys, would she be as tolerant of Alex around Leonard as Leonard was tolerant of her flirting with doctors in her job?
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    Or Penny can have that outfit on a beach at their honeymoon after the redo.
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    Next to the pixie cut, my least favorite Penny 'do. Too close to Farrah Fawcett 70's style....(my opinion only, YMMV)....
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    I think that the issue here is with the mocking responses. You don't think Amy is hot, fine say that, but the exaggerated "hahahahahaha" schoolyard mocking is what is hurtful. We see the beauty in our ship just you see it in yours. inside and out. It makes me sad when threads descend into this type of behavior. State your opinion like an adult, be civil...your argument is stronger when you are respectful and kind.
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    It was all over the place....food, music, TBBT, Todd, travel, etc. See if this link works for you... http://weibo.com/p/100808d65dcd66196152d7baddd28af9bd40f8/talk_answer
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    In the scene where Sheldon is in Amy's bed, and Amy enters the bedroom dressed in her nightgown, there's a selection of bottles, jars, hair brushes, etc., on her dresser, which is situated at the bottom of the bed, at the front of the set. Among the items, is a tall brown object standing up, which looks rather like a dildo. Anyone know what it is?
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    Before I leave I wanted to leave this little gif here. I guess you all remember the episode, especially the final scene which was so sweet. Have a nice day/night everyone!
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    I don't think we will know what stage we are at until we get a press release. I don't see how they can let TBBT go when there is nothing better on the horizon yet. The other sitcom I watch is on ABC.
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    Those that I mentioned are the guidelines of the Italian Bishops' Conference since 1993; there might be some old fashioned priest who would deny baptism to the child of an unmarried couple, but it is really an exception. Very recently Pope Francis stated that baptism should never be denied to a child and, as a warning, he has officiated by himself the baptism of the kid of a couple not married in a catholic ceremony, and he even didn't require godparents in this case.
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    Cus obviously Men know what women like in bed better than women themselves..... wait no. Scratch that
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