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    From what I understood how this plays out is that he's just saying he's noticing other women but when Penny tests him by pointing out pretty girls he doesn't really react like you'd expect any hot-blooded hetero dude. She sees through his nonsense and then he confesses the whole story with his dad. Both of our spoiler hounds said independently that he wasn't actually shown to find any of the girls attractive but instead dismissed them with flimsy reasons (just like that Vanessa girl from 9x08). He only wants Amy. So I think demi still works for anyone who wants a label. But most importantly I think is that the writers just think of him as a complicated character with a lot of baggage - so personally I'll refrain from slapping any labels on him as long as they do. This is also why this just works for me: This reveal is deeply rooted in past canon and character development. Technically there isn't even that much new about it - it's only connecting a few dots that have already been there for a long time. On one hand we already knew Sheldon came from a broken home. We already knew about his parents fighting. We already knew his alcoholic dad was cheating. We already knew all of this messed him up. We already knew that Sheldon has the tendency to imitate what his parents would do cause that's all he knew about relationships. On the other hand we already knew that the moment Amy entered his life and their relationship grew closer Sheldon's past talks about being above love/romance/sex/etc. were more of an attempt to disengage his feelings on those matters but he lost each and every one of those battles. And we already knew that she got his motors running like nobody else because he started to enjoy physical intimacy of all sorts, most notably the train kiss brought on by an angry rant that backfired on him. We already knew he finds her so pretty it caused him a panic attack. So what the writers did was to put these things in a blender and make a nice shipper smoothie for us. And I especially agree that it makes for a great explanation as to why nothing really happened during the 6 months or so since Amy's birthday. My working theory had been that since he's a stickler for agreements it just makes whatever urges he may be struggling with simply an exercise in self control. It probably helped that Amy's flirting wasn't particularly forceful or anything - some easy to misunderstand slang and a compliment, maybe a few subtle winks, but otherwise? She wasn't exactly nagging him for sex every week. It probably makes it easier to push certain thoughts aside. This episode now really just adds a nuance of explaining why exactly he'd want to stick to that specific agreement and the fear of what might happen if he doesn't. All in all it fits really really well and I hope the writers continue down that path and give us the great payoff they seem to be teasing here.
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    Agreed 100%! And to add on to it, Sheldon has always seen sex as a distraction and not a genuine activity to enjoy. He used to see it as unnecessary and messy and loud and frankly, the fact that he is starting to desire it as often as he does possibly just terrifies the crap outta him. And partner that with his experience with walking in on his father also shows him that sex can also tear couples apart when one cheats. In his mind he's thinking that if he gives into temptation over and over again with Amy and have sex on the regular, that it'll soon develop into him cheating on her if he becomes insatiable. Which isn't true (because I'm sure Amy will be equally as insatiable once they reach that point ANYWAY, but he just isn't a cheater to begin with) and I think Penny did knock some sense into him in that ice-cream parlor scene. I'm pretty darn excited for this episode.
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    Yes! I was very irritated when they finally had sex and the writers found a way to act as if it never happened. I didn't like that Sheldon's attitude about sex remained unclear and that Amy's desires were still unmet. Shamy was largely unchanged and It felt like we were being run around in circles, no progression in sight. I'm not sure if this was planned all along or if the writers found a way to right their wrongs, but I couldn't be more thrilled. They are not only advancing Shamy's relationship, but they're explaining why it's taken so long for this to happen. It also feels a bit like vindication for Amy. I know a lot of people have accused her of pushing Sheldon into things he never wanted and excused them having sex as a way for Sheldon to shut her up. This experiment clearly explains what Sheldon wants, why he doesn't have it, what he fears might happen when he does, and what he's willing to do about it. We are also (finally) seeing their friends rooting for them instead of "wanting to be supportive of their decisions". It's all turning around in a way that makes sense. I really had my doubts and I'm happy to say I was wrong.
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    My pleasure. To everyone who expressed their gratitude, you are all most welcome. I'm glad to take my turn, and I sincerely hope we get coverage at future tapings.
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    I'd like to add a bit more about one of the Howard and Bernadette scenes from the 10x5 taping. After Bernie came out of the bathroom having been sick, Howard tries to make her feel better by teasing her about having sex. They taped this scene several times, and Simon was improvising and getting more and more outrageous as the audience reacted. He was clearly working the audience and he got the biggest laughs of the evening. Melissa sat there with a sweet grin and generally stayed in character. In one take Simon licked the tip of his forefinger and touched his shirt in the area of his man-nipple, ala Conan O'Brien, as the audience roared. My bet is this won't make it out of the cutting room, but who knows?
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    Alright. Alright. I won't shut my heart for love of Shamy! This is what I feared last season, having become a paranoid shipper. The breakup had a profound effect on me, and no matter how hard I tried to reason otherwise, I felt the Shamy I had come to know and love was forever tainted by the harsh words, insults, and rush to coitus that just felt so sloppy to me. I thought the reconciliation was too good to be true, using situations like Amy's response to Meemaw and Sheldon's paying Stuart to get him out of shopping with Amy to justify my fears. I totally understand the need for @camelliayao to call to the Ship's counselors for support to be reassured that things are not as is being negatively perceived. I've been there. Now, I feel I have switched positions from the couch to the chair where everything really is coming up Shamy, and I want to help others see that, too. I refuse to go back and reread my old posts. It pains me to think I once believed Sheldon to lack desire, when really he was just suppressing it. Thanks to the writer's for allowing me to hear Amy tell Alfred that her non-physical courtship with Sheldon was "HOT". It helps me realize that it was not at all far-fetched that she would go back to status quo after the break up, which brings me to what is to come. Amy wanted to end the cohabitation experiment after one sleepless night, putting her future of matrimony with Sheldon into question if they can't survive under one roof. Call back to the break up, where she ended their entire relationship over an argument. We learn later it was not what she really wanted, but she just didn't know how to handle the situation. If I had to put input on the matter, I'd venture Amy would not overreact so if she can just be assured that Sheldon wants what she wants. As soon as Sheldon told her he didn't want to quit the experiment, she was all in again. The effort is worth the squeeze if she knows she will get something out of it, even if to others the strides forward are minimal. Sheldon's references to needing kohlinar, associating coitus with germs, having urges, limiting physical contact, etc. all have more meaning now. How will we ever go back and re-watch older Shamy episodes and view Sheldon's glances and eye coitus in the same way again knowing what we know now? Does Sheldon desire Amy? There is no doubt any longer. She is the reason he is becoming sexualized. She is the reason he is taking notice of things he could once ignore. Once a man who was able to control things around him with his mind, he is losing the battle. I'm sure he is afraid. He gets mad at Amy for eyeing him like a piece of meat, but could he in fact be doing the same with Amy? Are his thoughts moving away from admiring her mind to noticing physical things about her that attract and arouse him? We know Sheldon is skilled at throwing arrows at his targets and hitting his mark through insults and threats in order to deflect his fears and pain. By telling Amy that he is male and needs to spread his DNA, he is lumping himself with all the other males he knows who have had more than one partner and sowed their oats before settling down. He has no role model. His parents bickered, leading to infidelity. Lenny fought and both ended up sleeping with other people before rekindling their relationship. If Sheldon is becoming victim to these urges, and he and Amy are fighting, he is wondering if he will follow the examples from his past. What Sheldon needed to figure out for himself is that noticing a beautiful woman does not necessarily equate to a willingness to act on desire. Penny did the right thing taking him out and giving him a chance to see that his fears are unfounded. His desire to act is a result of the intimate bond he is building with Amy because he loves her and only wants her. This goes far beyond just being a male. It is being human. Kudos to Amy for calling out Sheldon's nonsense and not feeling threatened by it. By bringing up the once a year issue, she is basically telling him the tension he is feeling is his fault. He set the original parameters, and she is just abiding by their agreement. Sheldon is beginning to cave, and I can't help but want Amy to say Touche. All those years, he teased her for her growing desire for him. By Amy taking coitus off the table, he is getting a taste of his own medicine. While I don't think this was Amy's intention, the results are proving to be working in their favor. They are getting the foreplay all right. The climax is sure to happen sooner than later. I am also enjoying the fact Sheldon's love for Amy motivates him to make compromises and want to find balance with her. He is giving up needing things to be his way in the living arrangements, a feat that was never accomplished with Leonard. Got to go. More later.
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    Maybe it's just downright scaring him a bit? This big change in his routine and daily life is generating a number of emotions and urges that weren't there previously or perhaps weren't as strong in the case of sexual urges. Perhaps part of Sheldon's mind is trying to resist this change by overreacting and pre-warning Amy by saying to her: 'Now you have awakened the sexual beast in me i'm worried I may end up like my dad and seek other women especially as we bicker about things at home'. Why does his mind think like that? Because it happened with his parents, he experienced it. Again I took the sexual urges and looking at other women line to be Sheldon admitting that living with Amy and being in close proximity to her is having the effect we all hoped it would in that it's increasing his desire for her. But he's struggling to cope with this increasing desire so he thinks he's going to turn out like his father and seek other women. Then you have the pair of them bickering or arguing quite a bit as they try to make decisions in their new environment. Sheldon doesn't like arguing couples he has shown that before and he has also said that his parents arguing drove his father into the arms of other women. That's why he linked that to his situation. I took it overall to just be Sheldon's mind having a bit of a freak out and not sure how to process what's going on properly so he assumes the worst case scenario he knows i.e. turning into his dad. Anyways it sounds like it was just a one episode freak out and basically Penny told him to stop overthinking all this new stuff and focus on the present not on what may or may not happen.
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    1) I was so overjoyed when I read about the bathroom schedule. Sheldon is going above and beyond to make it right with Amy. Also, Amy is ready to put up a fight and not just accept all the crap that Sheldon wants to enforce in their shared living space. I don't expect all his rules to disappear but some compromises MUST be reached in order for them to live together and be EQUALS. 2) That's what I'm thinking too about this line. We just have to wait and see how it plays out cause a lot depends on the context. BUT, if it turns out that Sheldon's force awakening (*ahem*) has led to him noticing other women (which indeed would mean that he is (hetero)sexual) I am 100% sure that many Shamy fans would take an issue with this. It would be certainly something to get used to but obviously not everyone would. Personally, I don't have a problem with him being demisexual as long as Amy's attraction is reciprocated, which it is. I do think though that this new development with his father etc. points to him suppressing his urges after 9.11. If you think about it, everything fits. And it makes sense that the writers would come up with something like this to explain all the months in between where they didn't have sex again and to finally answer the question of "How the HELL are they going to explain this away?". Because they really did drag this out more than they should have (into another season) and this development sounds suspiciously convenient, if you know what I mean.
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    Exactly! Yet again... leaky faucet/squeaky door... Sheldon can only ignore and rationalize his sexual frustration for so long until the dam breaks. With Amy being the one to take sex off the table, he might be too apprehensive (even more than normal) to bring it up to her, so might hopefully see Sheldon attemp to seduce Amy in ways that he thinks might grab her attention. What i think will be funny is him doing things that she said in the past were sexy; his memory for example. I don't know about you guys, but seeing him recite the ingredients for Pringles (or any other food) as a seduction technique would be pretty funny. Bonus if he uses a very low, sensuous tone.
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    After reading the comments here I wonder if this is the Matrix? If it is then please don't rescue me Neo. I want to keep dreaming forever. First they Moved into 4b on a trial basis and even shared a bed and now Sheldon admits that he has physical urges the whole time but didn't want them because he feared that once he would embrace physical intimacy, that he would become like his father and hurt Amy. Oh Shelly, hearing this makes me love you even more and just hold you tight. I knew that he had urges and that it would be just a matter of time before he boils over and he just bursts out and Shows her how much he wants her. I'm sure that one Day he comes home and finds Amy cleaning the dishes while she moves her hips to the Sound of a song and you see in the way his eyes are glued to her butt, that he desires her more than ever. So he approaches from behind slowly wraps his arms around her hips, his lips sucking at her earlopes while he nestles his face against her neck, spreading wet Kisses over her neck. Amy turns around surprised, but before she realises whats going on, he squeezes her buttocks and Lifts her up on the kitchen island, Pressing himself hard against her while his tongue slids into her mouth, where he starts a passionate dance with her. Then the scene cuts to the next morning to the girls having breakfast together. Amy's blouse is opened a bit showing hickeys all over her clevere. Penny asks if that's a skin Allergy and Amy smiles and says: "No that was Sheldon, he is so insatiable when he is Full of Lust and hunger." How about Amy comes into the apartment and finds Sheldon naked only wearing a big red bow between his legs tight around his hips?
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    My guess is that Bernie will give birth in a November episode, during sweeps, apparently in the last episode taped her baby bump was quite a thing. That for me precludes for sure a Halloween episode and maybe (not sure about that) a Thanksgiving one. After the baby is born, they will catch up with the real time. And, since last season we didn't have a Christmas/New Year Eve episode because of ON (not that I complain about it, LOL!!!) if the "once a year" thing is overcome in one of the sweep episodes (another reason for hoping that to happen), they can more easily skip Amy's birthday and focus on the Holidays. BTW, it's been a while since the last New Year Eve episode, I would like so much to get one this season...
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    i found a beach boys vinyl with darlin on it and you know i had to have it! whenever i listen to it, i think of shamy!!
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    I know this wasn't meant for me but I do agree that he hasn't really been attracted to other woman and he was merely playing the role of his father when he said "hubba-hubba". The only part I believe is that Amy awakened his sexual desire and because of that, he's afraid they'll end up like his parent's did. His "take a cold shower" quip, genital talk, suggestion (turned insistence) that he live with Amy in an apartment with only one bedroom, complaint about her ass being hot, etc. are all pointing towards Sheldon's suppressed desire to change the one-year rule. I don't know that I would label him (I do get why you do), but I see a man who is struggling with desires for one woman and is on the brink of doing something about it.
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    Omg you guys!! University's keeping me so busy I totally forgot about season 10!! but I'm sooooooo excited that it's on!! Also, smiling like an idiot right now cos I missed you all, you crazy nerds. season 10 starting in November here in South Africa, so i'll be surviving on spoilers and gifs. Pleeeeeeeaaaase keep them coming!
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    Jim is again the highest paid TV actor this year...not surprisingly, Johnny, Simon and Kunal are respectively at the second, third and forth place in the chart. http://www.forbes.com/sites/maggiemcgrath/2016/09/22/the-worlds-highest-paid-tv-actors-2016-jim-parsons-leads-with-25-million-take/#6cb8602662bd
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    I am sorry I have to say something... 1. I am really Sheldon 2.0 Cyborg from the future, sent from the future to save the planet. Amy I Am sorry but I am the true love of Sheldon's life. Sheldon actually passed away in 2009. 2. Penny you are the love of my life, Leonard please step aside *Penny nails Sheldon in the mellons* 3. Amy please sit down, your embarassing your self 4. Amy, actually well you marry me *OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG* 5. I am actually a very very skilled dancer 6. Leonard, it has been in front of me the whole time, you are the love of my life Those were some very good options. As to why Sheldon felt the need to stand up in front of everyone, and tell Lenny I Appreciate you. So heres what we got. He ignored, and neglected Amy. Just so he could tell Lenny I love you. Nice, but neccessary? No. Kinda absurd tbh. I also agree on the lack of continuity with Sheldon declearing to Penny, his father cheating. And his fear of becoming his father, and that is why he knocks three times. Nothing to do with his need for closure, ala OCD? NO they rewrite history to suit current storyline. And now Sheldon has become weaek, and oggling at pretty women? Who is this Sheldon? Well the real Sheldon please stand up. He has become Dennis Kim, and become weak. They have tunred Sheldon from the most unique character in tv history, to this ordinary shadow of his former self.
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    There's a lot of continuity issues if you compare S1 with S10, seeing as S1 was just when everything was getting started so back then they didnt even have all the characters built around that time. I mean, i get what you're saying because the writers DO have a huge continuity problem, I agree 100% on that. But its easy to find continuity issues with S1 in comparison. Yet again, still agree 100%, just pointing out my opinion as far as S1. It was great, but yeah the characters weren't even developed all the much-- they were still finding the characters.
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    Well, the reason I think we won't is because Bernie was pregnant in February, so she would technically be 9/10 months pregnant by Halloween. The only way we will be getting a holiday-themed episode is if they fast-forward to September/October by our November/December, Bernie gives birth, and we have a Christmas/New Years episode before Winter hiatus. To make this Shamy related, I do think this increases the chances that Sheldon won't last until Amy's next birthday because that will also have to be skipped to support the timeline of Bernie's pregnancy. If they can't dedicate an episode to her birthday in December, I guess it's just gonna have to come sooner... pun intended.
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    Heck, they set a Guinness world record for coitus round 1. Maybe break that record with coitus round 2?
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    It seems like they are leading us down a very carefully prepared path. Sheldon insisting that he and Amy live in 4B together and now his angst over how they are dealing with the arrangements? I really believe that they are going for a situation where the "I can't wait until your next birthday..." concept is shattered. I think that Sheldon is going to cave...lol.
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    I liked the premiere very much, but apart that I agree with you. I mean, compared with the train wreck that S. 8 cliffhanger was, Malfred was not such a big deal. Whatever could have happened between them, for sure it was not going to influence the rest of the season, it's not like Sheldon and Leonard can be more "brothers" than they already are...A very shocking cliffhanger might be a huge incentive to tune in. Anyway, let's see how the ratings go during the rest of season, for sure it's a 10-years old show, it's inevitable the ratings decline at some point. My guess is the show will be on the air until CBS finds a good replacement for it...
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    Agree so much with you about Sheldon got a taste of his own medicine about sex. It has happened in several other situations that he said he would never do or feel something. That's the right way of he be aware of certain things and for himself he analyses and decides what to do or not to do about something that bothers or pleases him. What I am really enjoying in all this LA situation is Amy is not forcing in any way Sheldon to realize some things. In past she used a few times her "bag of psichology treaks" to lead Sheldon to do something and now they are in a maturity level that they live things and try to handle with the issues as everybody else, with the right as possible level of logic and emotion. As a shamy fan, I am very proud of them and even not see the whole thing on screen! The climax is surely to happen soon or later and what I know is that we all , viewers, are going to break the second record on TV history! Go Sheldon and Amy, you can do it!
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    Love all the comments about this latest development...Is it too early to hope for a very special Christmas episode for our couple?!
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    Just trying to understand, but how does marriage change everything? (in terms of friendships) If they were friends before the marriage, then why can't they be friends after?
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    Oh dear lord I can see it now. The puns... oh dear god the puns... "All I want for Christmas is youuuuur genitals"...
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    On the viewing figure drop it's only 1 episode so far too early to know if it's anything really, it's trends that you look for. I will say this though every single review I came across about the Season 9 finale after it aired (talking about in the media) mentioned a great feeling of underwhelming especially with so many guest stars involved. Now those are just reviews, but I do remember posters on here echoing similar thoughts at the time, they felt the episode was solid but nothing special. Perhaps that carried over to the season start? People knew it was a continuation story and weren't that fussed to watch it live and said, oh I will record it instead and catch up later? I think i gave the finale something like a 6/10 and having now seen the entirety of the first episode of Season 10 I would probably give that a similar score. I thought it was solid but nothing spectacular. Take away the Lenny wedding and some of Sheldon's dialogue in 4A and I would probably have it lower.
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    What did you like better? The way he interrupted them or how he ignored Amy when he gave his speech at the end of the wedding?
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    Agreed wholeheartedly! I think it'll be something that'll be akin to water dripping from a leaky faucet. You can only take so much of that annoying, dripping sound until you NEED to do something about it. Sheldon can only ignore it for so long.
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    I wrote a fic about that happening but the fact that he is starting to imply that he needs to "spread his DNA" is definitely the start of some sexual frustration. It's not just him wanting to... he's needing to at this point. I don't think it'll be long until the (sexual) tension finally snaps! I mean, hes around her all the time and think about it, if Amy sees him come out of the shower, then Sheldon must see her out of the shower, too!
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    Yes, he originally sat on the opposite end of the sofa, IMO an indication of how excited he was to speak to her. Before Sheldon entered 4A, Amy was sitting in his spot. When the door opened, she jumped to the center of the sofa, but was turned slightly towards the door. Sheldon initially sat on the side of the sofa closest to the door so that he was facing Amy. After a few earnest words to her, it was like he caught himself, got up and went to his spot. Amy turned to face him now that he was sitting on the other side of her.
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    Katey Segal is only four years younger than Keith Carradine. She is a year older than I am, and both my daughters are now as old as or older than Kaley. So, while you are free to not like the character, to proclaim she is too young isn't accurate.
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    Penny and Sheldon can be good friends of course, but if you are lucky your spouse is your best friend. There is a hierarchy, I believe. And Penny and Leonard say often they are best friends. Marriage is a declaration of a singular commitment that mostly trumps other relationships. However, the show just isn't configured to explore any depth in the L/P marriage. We don't see much L/P joking around for instance - it's all about them and Sheldon. I've been in a relationship and have had a live-in house guest simultaneously. In my opinion, being married AND living in a shared space is much less rewarding than being married and having your own space . Penny and Leonard sacrificed quite a bit to humour Sheldon. My stupid hope was that once L/P married I would see more of their story. I was foolish of course. My expectations were prejudiced by my experience. Penny is friends with Sheldon and that is what they want the show to be about. It's not about Leonard and Penny being married. They can do the former, but I don't get any joy out of watching it.
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    Could be the reason he can't lie or keep a secret either...
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    I know we've been talking about the low ratings for the premiere of TBBT. And, while it's undeniably a drop, it isn't the only one. Here are the premiere ratings, so far, for the half hour comedies, along with two other shows of interest. Both the viewers and demo are from last years premiere and viewers for both are in millions: Show demo viewers last year demo last year viewers. TBBT 3.8 15.82 4.7 18.20 Kevin Can Wait 2.6 11.08 New Brooklyn Nine Nine 1.1 2.89 1.5 3.14 New Girl 1.2 2.31 1.4 3.33 The Goldbergs 2.0 6.90 2.4 7.46 Speechless 2.0 7.38 New Modern Family 2.6 8.24 3.2 9.46 Black-ish 2.0 6.39 2.4 7.30 And two shows that are not comedies, but are usually number one in demo (Empire) and viewers (NCIS) Empire 4.2 10.87 6.7 16.18 NCIS 2.2 15.99 2.5 18.19 So everything is down. Hell, Empire dropped by 2.6 demo points and over 5 million people, which is three time the demo drop TBBT had. So, yes, TBBT dropped, but it still has the second highest demo of all entertainment shows, and the second highest viewers of all entertainment shows. So what's that mean for renewal. The biggest thing is simply the cost of production and licensing fees for CBS. If this was season three or even season 6 this would be a slam dunk, simply because of the lower salaries. *I edited in the final ratings for the Wednesday. The Goldbergs, Speechless, and Modern Family were even in demo and up about 100,000 viewers each from the overnights. Black-ish was even in both demo and viewers Empire was up a tenth in demo and 10,000 in viewers. One other thing I'll point out, the drop for TBBT was 20%, Empire was down 38%.
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    I agree. I want to see them doing everyday couple things: watching tv, shopping, cooking, going out to dinner and movies, maybe babysitting, and talking and laughing together and being Team Hofstadter. I think the glory days of sexy super hotness are a great part of Lenny's story but I don't expect another Lime Kiss or Holographic Excitation Lab Sex. Not that I don't want it, but I think that the newly emerging physical aspect of their best friends' story is now the hot topic so many fans are interested in and the writers will explore. Any romantic Lenny and Penny moments will be delicious coffee and dessert for me to savor, but I love them together no matter what they are doing (but not too much fighting and bickering). This wonderful party will be over all too soon. My plan is to squeeze out every drop of Lenny goodness and savor it. In the end it's all part of one of my favorite love stories.
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    Absolutely! Kaley's performance was stellar. It's fantastic how she displayed all of Penny's emotions and feelings, particularly the pure love and affection for Leonard. A pleasure to watch for this diehard Lenny shipper. As an example, look at Penny during Leonard's words for her. That's love!
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    In the version I saw he didn't interrupt anything : he added to what had already been said. It was nothing to do with Amy or any of the guests so I wasn't expecting him to include Amy.
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    It was merely a guess at why perhaps less people watched the premiere, I honestly don't know if people got gripped by the storyline that they set up in the finale and then proposed during the hiatus. I can only speak for myself in that apart from wanting to see Lenny have a better wedding than that awful vegas one and getting to find out more about Penny's family my expectations were pretty low going into the first episode. Hell I was actually genuinely worried there was going to be conflict all over the place perhaps friendship damaging as a result of Mary and Alfred possibly hooking up so that for me took quite a bit of excitement away from the premiere. Maybe the Shamy sex storyline even though everyone knew it was about to happen as it well publicized pretty much EVERYWHERE just gripped more people? Again we are asking questions or forming opinions that we have zero way of ever knowing. But the fact it broke a Guinness World Record says a lot to me. I think it comes down to each individual at the end of the day. The writers throw loads of stories out there and some stick in my mind and get me interested and some just don't.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS NEEDS TO BE ITS OWN THREAD WHERE WE COME UP WITH POSSIBLE OPTIONS. OR A POLL WHERE WE PICK OUR FAVOURITE. So you know I'd pick option 6 (#Shelnard #Manlove), but option 5 is irresistible to me. Especially if Sheldon then shows off his mad skillz. Other alternatives: 7. I know what the 'Lost' island is! 8. I know the two-page solution to Fermat's Last Equation! 9. I know who will win the Game of Thrones! 10. I know who let the dogs out! 11. I am actually the reason Brangelina split up. It's not what you're thinking.
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    Old and cool...or young and fun
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    so true...Sheldon could even say some colorful words back then
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    I know this is my problem but i really don't want to watch a whole season of sheldons commitment problems when there many so different stories tptb could tell Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk Im wondering if after work when penny and leonard get home. Do they still go to the kitchen island and stand there. They've been to do that for the last 2 seasons Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    So we get a great Lenny redo and 4 episodes later, no Lenny living as a married couple that we see. Boy that Sheldon carries some never ending baggage. Never seen a show where a couple got engaged and totally ignored and the marriage, same. What is the point if you are not going to explore it, Lenny need a lot of growing up and maturing too you have to stay intimately in touch with each other's over time or you end up not knowing the person you're married to. Lenny need to put their marriage in the forefront and show they are happy. but hey what do I know. In S9 we have them supporting Sheldon and now S10 supporting Shamy. It feels like it's not just Leonard that can't catch a break but add Lenny to the mix. Are we Lenny shippers ever going to see lenny living as a married couple and put themselves first. I'm beginning to think not. Dancing and changing the lock is not spending time together or any hint of them having a storyline or thinking about their future doesn't seem to be in the pipeline because TPTB is holding them back as usual and is starting to do my head in. Sent from my SM-N930F using Tapatalk
  45. 4 points
    Coming back from summer hiatus, I can hear wardrobe screaming at him.....thousands of dollars in shirts, down the drain. God dammit Jim, what are we supposed to do with you now! LOL
  46. 4 points
    so after I first read TRs in the morning it all didn't seem like a big deal to me (I can't decide if it's cause I'm not a die-hard fan anymore, or cause I trust the writers too much now and have come to expect awesome shamy things as natural... lol). But now the more I think about it, the more 2 things strike me as amazing : 1. BATHROOM SCHEDULE! I mean, he actually willingly gave up on that?! I honestly think it is huge, like, I think it was easier for him to come to terms with coitus, or hand holding etc, than that. And think about it guys! He always says how much he loves Leonard, but he's never made ANY compromises about it for him. Sometimes we're worried Penny has too much influence on him , and we know how much she hates bathroom schedule, but he's never made any changes for her. But just a couple of weeks with Amy and BAM! he changes like the most prominent part of his routine not to upset her 2. I didn't think about it at first, but as somebody else pointed out , this whole episode (depending on how truthful Sheldon was about other girls and urges and all that ) kinda means he's not a demisexual (or asexual ) like we speculated last year. I actually have always been team 'Sheldon's sexuality is just repressed due to traumas and religion' (and a bunch of other reasons), and I was always against the idea of him being a demisexual, I dunno why, it just doesn't sit well with me. Nothing against real life demisexuals, but I just didn't see him that way, and also thinking of him as a demisexual made him kinda unrelatable for me. But after the 'Opening Night', and sex as a gift, and all this once a year stuff, I kinda gave up on that and made my peace with him probably actually being a demisexual (or even asexual). I still love Shamy of course, but it's made them a little unrelatable for me. I'm so so happy if that's not the case. I'm probably in the minority but I don't mind him finding other girls attractive (just like I didn't mind Amy finding Zack & other guys attractive). I think it's very normal and very human. I kind of don't care who he finds attractive physically , cause as long as he's in love with Amy, obviously he finds her more attractive than anybody else. And I kinda always had an issue with him only being attracted to a girl's brain, but I do believe primarily he will always be this way, so in my opinion a liiittle bit of classic way and noticing a girl's looks as well, rather than just brains, won't hurt him.
  47. 4 points
    Your posts, i swear. Its like you're reading my mind! (mildly disturbing, but thank god you can put my jumbled thoughts into coherent sentences!)
  48. 4 points
    Sheldon has mentioned more than once that he has urges ( The prom episode was one of the times) so it stoped to be too much ooc I guess The bathroon schedule is doomed so that room has potential for that something spontaneous to happen between Sheldon and Amy. We may not seen it on screen but I bet that Amy may drop her towel soon, Sheldon s fault!
  49. 4 points
    Sunshine Kids Foundation Providing positive group activities for children with cancer! Help Kids with cancer smile: https://www.sunshinekids.org/donate/ www.sunshinekids.org (This organization has visited the set several times in the past)
  50. 3 points
    In Amy's defense, I'd gawk too if my nerdy boyfriend had muscles like that under his comic character shirts when he seemingly doesn't go to the gym. She might just be gawking (studying) to figure out that muscle mystery LOL
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