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    Guys, have you seen 10.3 promotional photos? I gotta say, I'm very excited for this one...First off, there is a very tender Shelnard moment (the pictures about that are very cute), I love those two buddies together! Then there is Amy that discovers to she is the cool girl at Caltech. But what got me was the photo of our PALS having breakfast together; and in 10.4 they will have breakfast again, this time I hope in their pajamas, after none of them (apart Sheldon) slept at night! I'm not overly excited about tomorrow episode, at least the guys' plot is not my cup of tea, I think I will like better Bernie's plot on this one, but starting from 10.3, I think the show will take off for me! Oh...BTW, JP working out is going just fine, judging from his shirts, LOL!!!
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    Ohhhhhhh, the wars and fights this kind of thing has, and continues to start. I really don't like these kind of things, it increases my workload.
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    John addressed appearing on TBBT Season 10 on Twitter last week...
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    I'm not a science story person BUT I don't see the gyroscope itself as the plot, more the enjoyment of the guys working together and Sheldon freaking out through it (which was hysterical). I don't think you have to love science to enjoy a science plot just like some of you don't have to love Shamy to enjoy a Shamy plot.
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    He thought the same thing about kissing until he experienced it. Then over time he wanted more of it, and the intensity gradually increased. It is typical of Sheldon to come up with ideas and overeact to things he doesn't know, especially when his goal is to avoid them. After coitus, he said he enjoyed it, baffling some of us to wonder why he wanted to wait a year to do it again. Now we know that enjoyment for Sheldon hadn't yet manifested itself into an understanding of a need for intimacy. Just as Sheldon gives Amy credit for softening his heart so he can love, she is also giving him the ability to desire. She is helping him to see that the once impossible is now possible. Resistance is futile. Some of us had hoped to see this manifestation occur in S9 and were disappointed it didn't, wondering what the point of rushing to coitus was all about. However, seeing how this is playing out now in S10, I think we are delighted.
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    That's pretty much my take on it as well, another classic case of Sheldon trying or experiencing something new and overreacting or taking it to extremes (e.g. has a few sugared soft drinks or coffees, thinks he will be now addicted to caffeine, etc) . If Amy was that concerned she would have acted a lot differently (she has shown concern in the past with getting Sheldon that danger whistle and didn't like his hair being styled lol) and probably would have spoken to Leonard about it during their time out. It does sound like some people may take some of this dialogue which could be seen as ambiguous the wrong way even though it's clear to me anyway that Sheldon freaked, Penny calmed him down and brought him back to sanity and by the end he clarified that he didn't mean it. And they sounded pretty happy in the tag scene. These past two episodes suggest (though it could be just the writers trying to fuck with our minds) that something is going to happen on that intimacy front.
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    This ep sounds like one of those that rely very heavily on context, so I'm going to wait and see before I make a final judgement. We have three weeks ahead of us with more eps and the first taping of a sweeps ep, so I'd rather just chill for now. For what it's worth though, I highly doubt that 10.5 is going to play out in a way that will confirm any of the concerns I'm reading here. Also, keep in mind that 10.4 and 10.5 are probably leading to Sheldon not being able to stick to the "no coitus" agreement. The storyline is not over yet and if the conversation that took place between Sheldon and Penny in 10.5 happened between Sheldon and Amy, IMO it would lose its momentum. After all, it (along with 10.4) got as talking about how Sheldon won't be able to wait much longer while Amy is still with the impression that they're under a certain agreement. tl;dr: let's wait until the whole storyline is over.
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    Boring? I think not. By the previews, it looks exciting and very comical. I expect to laugh a lot. For me, my ship doesn't have to be in every ep for me to enjoy the show as long as I know they are ok in the background. I love the episodes where all the guys and girls are together going their own things. The Howard storyline sounds very promising. I'm looking forward to it.
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    its a classic funny one, just not a ship episode.
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    Did Sheldon actually say that he desired any of the other women specifically? I believe he later said he didn't want anyone else, though I'm happy to be corrected. I thought he was just freaking out about cohabitation and sexuality and Amy's proximity and clambering into his own head and flying off the handle. So the combination of not having healthy models for relationships and having Amy near and increased intimacy might have prompted him to go into a tailspin about whether he would be a bad partner, which he has worried about before. And his father was the example of a bad partner uppermost in his mind therefore the whole thing about the cheating and yadda blee. I think that whole conversation was more about healthy relationships and whether Sheldon can have them, as opposed to whether we are really meant to believe that Sheldon will cheat or even that he or Amy seriously think he will. To the writers' credit (don't get used to it, chaps), they had Amy scoff at him pretty robustly at that line, didn't they? Also I don't think we'd be debating about this if Sheldon were allowed to say categorically that he finds AMY desirable. I guess we are meant to infer that he does, but-you know-just let him say so, writers.
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    What phrase he uses is not important. The point is he says his sexual creature within awakes "being with Amy". And that's not enough proof that he finds Amy attractive how? Actually if his sexual creature awoke right after their first time, it may be questionable whether it was Amy's body that awoke it or sex itself. But Sheldon didn't show much desire after 9.11, which I think most members on the forum would agree. However, he found himself sexually awaken after living with Amy (Or at least we know it after the cohabitation experiment) Also I don't think for their cash maker, their canon, whose first time wins a Guinness world record, TPTB is actually trying to show us that Sheldon doesn't find Amy, the love of his life, attractive just because she's not attractive according to some men. That might be the case if Sheldon's asexual and doesn't find anybody attractive. But he's not now. Well since we don't know what really happens in 1005 or what happens next, I can never be sure. Let's just say if TPTB really goes that way, I'll be utterly astonished at how low they would sink; that they're willing to ruin one of their most popular couples just because some men don't find Amy attractive and they believe Sheldon should feel the same; that they have no problem sending the audience a message and that is no matter how much in love you and your boyfriend/husband are, how much you admire each other, how happy you guys are together, if you are not "hot" enough, he's never going to find you attractive and will probably dick some bimbos sooner or later. That's just, wow.
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    Sheldon didn't just say, "Suddenly I find myself sexually attracted to random women, and I don't know why." He only said he acknowledges their attractiveness (which as has been stated is nothing new) Additionally he said "living with Amy has turned me into a sexual creature" Clearly Amy is a contributing factor here. Keep in mind the "hubba bubba" line comes from a man who thought he was addicted to energy drinks after having one and wanting another. He's prone to overreacting. And Penny helped him realize (as well as the audience) that his worry was unfounded as other women pointed out to him, didn't even make him blink. Meanwhile living with Amy for an unknown period of time (possibly seeing her get dressed, her proximity, I doubt they stayed on their respective side of the bed the whole night) has convinced him of a sexual awakening. Now of course I wish he would say these things outright, call Amy tempting, possibly accuse her of "awakening the beast within" in a Sheldon way of saying "I want you, I desire you" but IMO, what we've been given is enough for me to believe he desires her. Friendly reminder: other women may be attractive but she's the only "vixen" and the only one he would find pretty "so much so [he] started to panic"
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    FLASHBACK SEQUENCE! listen, even if not, I DON'T CARE. I AM WILLING TO CREATE A TEAR IN THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM IF YOU ALLOW ME A SEQUENCE WHERE EMILY AND CLAIRE TEAR RAJ A NEW ONE. all caps fully intentional. Awww, I'm gonna miss 'Ugh, Raj'. I feel like that was one precious, fragile area of consensus for so long.
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    Sheldon not Okay with his mother and Alfred doesn't necessarily mean he's shocking. And judging by his reaction to Amy's words in the car, he really isn't shocking. He's just unwilling to accept.
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    I agree on that. I generally like very much science related plots, but this gyroscope thing never got me hooked. I was interested in it for a brief period of time when at Comic Con DS explained it was a real patent he had registered; I still find that really cool, in a way the show has a RL scientific achievement related to it. But the whole angle of making money with science (which has been something none of the guys was never interested in) and above all the involvement of the military doesn't sound something I can enjoy so much. I do appreciate anyway the idea of an ongoing science project that has evolved since S. 8, I guess that's the longest horizontal plot about science we have ever had in the show.
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    If you ask me, I think they are doing a great job of making it understandable why Sheldon was willing to wait a year for sex again and believable now why he won't be able to because he has the hots for his woman. It is no longer a gift. It's a need. I'm enjoying it very much. If he rocked her world the first time, I can only imagine what the next time is going to be like with both of them in heat.
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    I agree. I think for someone who thinks too much like Sheldon, he tends to rationalize everything, including his sexual desire for Amy. After they had sex, they had kept with their normal routine , with some make out sessions here and there but it was not closeness enough to both had that urge for having sex again, I mean, Amy made a few hints but at same time she acted as she was confortable with their routine like he was as well. Being at same place most of time, sharing a bed, sharing a bathroom, seeing each other naked or half naked, there the force awaken. Amy stares at his body, Sheldon thinks about her body, one thing would lead to another and it was expected , as they have already lived such intimate moment as making love. I hope that we can see a scene where Sheldon , before he and Amy get physical again, might say something about the way he has been feeling. As Shelodon is a main character, it would be nice to see him sharing his fears and hopes about their relationship with his girlfriend, as we didnt see anything alike after they reunited. The passionate kiss was great, as shamy shipper I am not complaining, but this time I 'd like to see something more deep (not too deep, course, it is a sitcom we are talking about) before they jump to bed and later have pilllow talk again And would be weird if Sheldon suddenly become like a normal guy. I hope writers dont "cure" Sheldon in any way, it would be so bad. Howard had grown as he found Bernardette and marry her but we can see the "original" Howard all the time, you know what I mean? I surely hope we can see Sheldon getting better as boyfriend / possible husband one day but keeping all his quirks and weird stuff and also see his sucess as great physicist as he is .
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    [Emphasis mine.] So much this! It has been confirmed by both people who went to the tapings that in context of what happens in the episode it's not that Sheldon is suddenly lusting after other women or whatever. It's just what he worries about during his little freak out now that he seemingly has trouble sticking to his once a year plan. Just like with the energy drink: Wanting more has him freak out about being addicted - and in terms of coitus his mind is going all sorts of places since he doesn't really have a proper relationship role model here.
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    Sure, why not? Nothing has ever made sense in this storyline, so having a break up scene after the actual (double) break up seems perfectly appropriate, LOL!
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    Refocus? In like 3 episodes down the line Raj mentions being single again so... Or do they film the break up scene we all wanted this week?!????
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    I find it ironic some complain there isn't enough science on the show but when one comes out they think it's boring.
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    Yes. He's also the guy who used to say Amy's a girl and a friend but not his girlfriend. But for the last two seasons he almost proposed to Amy, twice. If he still only considers sex as messy and insanitary and nothing more, he wouldn't have done it the first time. People change.
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    Oh, don't give up on "Ugh Raj" just yet; we don't know what the writers have planned for him! We might need this exclamation in the future...
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    Lenny are all smiles at the kitchen island, while Amy looks a little disgruntled. Promo pic for episode 10x03. (Source: CBS)
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    I emailed them and got it confirmed we have 2 guaranteed tickets.
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    Depends on the context. Yeah, he had some ridiculous acts in past, all of them. Nobody is perfect.
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    Still savoring the moments...
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    I will be so pleased to see a run of shows where Leonard and Penny are happy and united. Looking forward to them having a place to retreat to, together. Hope it's permanent. Just knowing that they have their own space, instead of being itinerant, will be satisfying. If maybe they still cross the hall for breakfast, I probably won't be fussed.
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    Attractiveness is only skin deep, and will fade at some point. Sheldon finds other aspects of woman more attractive, like intelligence. And some of you might not consider Amy as attractive, other men might.
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    After "The Holographic Excitation" is there really a need for anymore Halloween episodes? I don't think so! IMO no other Halloween episode could top that one.
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    From Glamour: http://www.glamour.com/story/the-big-bang-theory-recap-why-bernadette-is-the-seasons-most-badass-character The Big Bang Theory Recap: Why Bernadette is the Season's Most Badass Character The Big Bang Theory will probably never be known as a show that pushes boundaries and takes on serious subject matters a la Transparent, but the slow evolution of its characters is arguably just as impactful. When was the last time we had a bunch of misfits quite like Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Amy? These characters don't just eschew societal norms; they proudly own their quirks—and audiences love them for it. Over the years, we've witnessed their growth on so many levels—Raj learned to talk to (and date!) multiple women; Sheldon discovered that coitus could be enjoyable; Penny suspended her acting dreams to make an actual living; and Amy shed her uptight persona, while still staying true to the lovable dork within. Now, with Bernadette's pregnancy, we're seeing a full-on character unveiling that has been a long time coming. Bernadette—with her squeaky voice and loud personality—could have easily been a one-note character, but in the hands of Melissa Rauch has become one of Big Bang's most beloved. Tonight's episode furthered Dr. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz's development. For the first time, the Ph.D.-holding microbiologist opened up about her inner struggle, revealing that she might lose a significant research project because of her pregnancy. "I've always been treated differently," she confessed to Amy, referring to her height and looks. "Look at me! Listen to me!" With one scene, Bernadette gave voice to millions of other women who have often felt judged because of their job, their appearance, or their personality. Sure, Bernadette wasn't announcing some major secret or revelation, but at a time where gender and race have never been so hotly discussed, Bernadette was all of us. (We half-expected Hillary Clinton to walk in and say, "I hear ya, girl!") Unlike sitcoms of the '80s and '90s which were known for the occasional "very special episode," The Big Bang Theory has subtly managed to include these charged, emotional scenes throughout the past few years. Whether it was Mrs. Wolowitz's passing or the agony that Amy went through post-breakup, the show touches on honest moments better than most traditional sitcoms. This particular episode was no exception. Here are five other times Bernadette kicked ass tonight...(more)...
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    Sisterly solidarity with Emily? General shits and giggles? Let's workshop this. It won't be the greatest violation of character or plot protocol the show has ever seen....
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    Yeah, if his show has a week where they aren't shooting, and TBBT was shooting. And if the writers knew that ahead of time, and the writers had an idea to use Kripke, then it might work out.
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    The wedding dress still look gorgeous. The person who wears it,isn't bad either.
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    my guess is this week's table read has a Raj plot involving these women. We'll see off both actresses social medias if they are around again.
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    From TV Line: http://tvline.com/2016/09/26/arrow-season-5-felicity-boyfriend-spoilers-ask-ausiello/ Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, Grimm, Big Bang, Once, Empire, Flash, Chi Fire, Gilmore Girls, New Girl and More Question: Will Raj be dating Emily and Claire on this season’s Big Bang Theory? —Lynda Ausiello: Affirmative. Even though his clusterfrak of a love life received zero attention in last week’s star-packed premiere, exec producer Steve Molaro confirms, “He is still involved with [both Emily and Claire]. We’ve got to take care of other [storylines] that are in play before we can refocus on things like Raj’s dating situation.”
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    Also, the ad rates are based on what is called the C3 ratings. The set top box can detect whether the person watching from the DVR is skipping the commercials or runs through the commercial normally. The C3 rating are the number of people who watch within three days (Like Live + 3), and have the commercials run through normally. Now, whether they are actually watching the commercials or run to get something to eat, or run to the bathroom, doesn't matter. After all, those behaviors happen during the live broadcast. Those, like you, who skip the commercials are included in the Live + 3 but not in the C3 ratings. We see the Live + 3 mostly because Nielsen does not released the C3 ratings publicly (after all, is what they make their money on).
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    I 'm looking foward to this episode because there has not been enough science on the show lately and for the tr and previews, it seems to be about some science stuff related with the guys work. With a potencial for comical scenes: Colonel was asked if he was a physicist and he answered he is better, a engineer. Cant wait the whole Sheldon's reaction about that! Same here. I am a shamy shipper indeed but I just love the other sides of the Show, as long it is not about a blunt or empty storyplot or too much ridiculous character behavior. Writters still owes me better storyline for Raj but I keep the faith
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    Mayim will be today on Star Talk http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/startalk/ Science girls! Because I love them so much! You rock girls!
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    Just got back from watching the new Bridget Jones movie and I loved when Bridget said this because it just so reminded me of Lenny (spoiler alert!): "It doesn’t matter if it looks good on paper. Sometimes you just love someone for all the reasons they are not like you. Sometimes you just love someone because they feel like home." Lenny have next to nothing in common, and yet they've made their relationship work for years now simply because they love each other for who they are.
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    Dammit I missed the kick off can't believe you guys started without me. Not fair. Oh well at least for once I'm not involved. Yet. This reply/comment was sent from my SM-N930F using Tapatalk so depending on the time of day I may be in the pub. I mean work.
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    It was Season 3 - The Staircase Implementation Isn’t there a new episode today? Let's have some fun again!
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    Isn't Sheldon's antics too much of a ridiculous character behavior?
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    On the plus side, there's a new ep tonight! (Though it looks like it will be one of the boring ones. But it's still something new.)
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    Vote for Sheldon Cooper for best TV character of the 21st century. He's currently only at the #10 spot. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/feature/a807673/who-is-the-greatest-tv-character-of-the-21st-century-vote-in-our-poll-now/?utm_content=buffer4d712&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=maintwitterpost
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    Yes, so much to this. Only his little vixen and "hotsy totsy" from Glendale could make him think and feel the things he is.
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    So you want the Shamy show ? If it will be less of Lenny than they will not have any screen time at all.
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    Just some new info. In the Live + 3 for the premiere, TBBT picked up 1.6 in demo, and another 4.43 million viewers. This gives it a 5.4 demo and taking it over 20 million viewers (20.25). Last year, the Live + 3 increase was a 1.7 demo, with 4.29 million additional viewers. This gave it a total Live + 3 of 6.4 with 22.45 million viewers. There have been reports, in various articles, that it is the only show during premiere week to go over 20 million, but, the only Live + 3 data we have is for Monday. However, looking at the the other shows same day viewers and their normal Live + 3, I don't think any other show. While it has no chance to catch Sunday Night Football in demo (8.2), even for Live + 7, it has a very slim chance in beating it by picking up another 2.5 million. I don't think it will as that would approach the over 7 million it got for Live + 7 during Opening Night. I want to thank @vonmar for sending me a PM, pointing out the information above. There are times when I may not such information (I don't always see daily Live + 3, I get the weekly data normally), and I appreciate the effort in finding and passing it along to me. Thanks M.
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