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    Yeah episode 7 is when Sheldon finds out that that Amy has been lying to him that they're still working on her apt but it's been fixed 2 weeks ago (berny said it) and penny confronts her and says it's true but please don't tell Sheldon and penny covers it up in front of Sheldon and Leonard and they speak Klingon to be sneaky (cause penny's been hidding his collectibles little by little so they're arguing to) and so Amy and penny start talking in Amy's made up language and the whole coversation is real funny then at the end Amy apologizes and Sheldon says that he is opened to living with her. Leonard and penny then say omg then we can change Sheldons room into anything they want and Sheldons like but that's my room and penny says but u won't be paying rent anymore and Sheldon says yeah but that's still my room. Next Sheldon and Amy are getting ready for bed and they kiss goodnight (ahhhh!!!!) and Sheldon starts to talk about living in her apt or like somewhere far and starts to panic about the mole in the new house and if he doesn't like it and it's so cute cause Amy starts to calm him down with Star Wars theme songs and Sheldon falls asleep and has a dream that Leonard and penny turned his room into a sex dungeon haha ( I forgot what happens next I'm sorry!!) No that was episode 8
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    In the beggining Sheldon and Amy we're doing an experiment combining there skin cells and sheldon was real excited about it like they created a child and Sheldon was lIke you know what the next step is don't ya? And Amy said yeah put them in the incubater and sheldon said nooo we close the door and drop our pants and make a baby
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    Ima also add that when Amy said ur crazy were not making a baby right now Sheldons like "ah I see ur playing hard to get ;)" he then drops a pencil and bends over to get it and pops his booty out and Amy is just like no and walks away and Sheldon says did u even look at my bottom!? haha
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    Omg guys I was at the taping and sheldon was being seductive to amy ass fuck!!! Haha
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    When Howard told the guys that Bernie was pregnant Sheldon suggested they all get vasectomies so unless he's had a complete change of mind in a few short months the real reason he's trying to seduce Amy ( to my mind at least ) is simple....he's randy ( to use his own word ) and he wants her....bad!!!!
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    The part about Sheldon dropping the pencil and bending for Amy to notice his a$$ really cracked me up TBH.
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    So this is interesting. I guess my take is: I think Amy talks a big game, but she's as inexperienced as Sheldon is. Her impulsiveness will precipitate her in a situation, but once she's in, she frequently freezes. Sheldon's the opposite. He'll dig his heels in, but once he's in, he's all in. Take the Shamy's kisses in Season Seven, for example. What we saw on-screen was generally far more relaxed and confident (not to say assertive) body language from Sheldon than we ever saw from Amy. Take Opening Night. Amy was giddy and excited right up until the moment of truth, at which point the realisation came crashing down on her and she needed Sheldon to reassure her - which he did, wonderfully. And post-coitus, I tihnk Amy's enjoyed being inducted into the Girls Who Have Done It club. She's enjoyed the hints and innuendo and strutting and acting the part of the sexually voracious Jezebel. But maybe, just maybe, it's a role. As much as she may love and desire said boyfriend, as much as she may enjoy the part of the woman of the world, she may freak out at the actuality of a boyfriend champing at the bit. She may even...slightly resent being (unintentionally and implicitly) called on her bluff? And - as much as she may say that she'd love a more sentimental, a more romantic boyfriend - the actuality of rose petals on the floor may give her the hives and gross her out? And also maybe, just maybe, when she's at work and puzzling over a problem, she doesn't particularly appreciate it when her boyfriend basically starts humping her leg! Although, not gonna lie, I would have loved for Amy to have swooned over something completely random that anyone else would find ridiculous. Like the plaid knickerbockers or whatever monstrosity that I will have to watch through my fingers because I will be giggling and cringing so hard.
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    Well, we know his father was into getting spanked with a ping-pong paddle, I guess it's inherited.
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    Pamy talking in Amy's language has given me new hope for this friendship ship. I just really love when the girls are silly together because girl friends are usually seen as gossipy and talking about lady stuff, when really we're just weirdos who would totally learn/memorize/make up a language. Lol
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    That sneak peak is adorable. I want what Shamy has (Is it silly that I am envious of fictional characters?)! They are so ready to live together and get married. Seriously, in just three episodes we've seen so much about their relationship and how they can truly co-habitate as couple than we've seen between the other couples. It's so great seeing them get along and being all domestic. What I like seeing the most in the sneak peak, though, is confirmation that Amy and Sheldon are truly well-matched with each other. We will never stop saying what a great job Howard and Raj did matching these two. Btw: I, too, love Jim in rolled sleeves and seeing those forearms.
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    Omg....to good to be true... Am I still dreaming ? LOL.... Please writers...this can not be the last season....we need more .. I think it's funny that the flip the table with sexual desire....will be fun to see how long Amy will hold Sheldon off....
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    With the idea of this being an experiment in mind my first thought was that Sheldon makes a comment along the lines of Stuart not being a close friend or not being part of the gang that hurts his feelings.
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    I personally hope they dont have babies yet... ugh. Hate babies lol BUT I'm all for Sheldon trying to turn his girlfriend on. I know Molaro was talking about trying to get Sheldon used to the idea of sex being a fun activity... I wonder when that'll be because I'm not fond on "lets have sex once a year" or "lets make a baby" lol
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    He's taken a Marijuana, or has been hit on the head with a coconut.
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    I'm so glad he turned them down and we got Wil Wheaton!
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    There's nothing on Lenny really to talk about. Any Lennys are on the season 10 thread.
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    'Randy' is the word used in the UK for male sexual arousal. It can be a synonym for the American word 'horny' or it can describe a similar condition that is less acute but ongoing. It's in character for Sheldon to use some words more in use in the UK than in the US. Malarkey and hokum, as someone else has pointed out, are examples. He probably thinks they're more polite.
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    ^^^^^ 5Miss, That's the word I immediately thought of when some mentioned "safe word"!
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    I don´t expect the baby birth by Christmas/New Year. Bernie reveals her pregnancy on VD (FEB 14) By Christmas time it will have... ELEVEN months! I see the birth on next episode (10 x 9) Episode 11 has always been the last of the year, mostly Christmas/New Year episode and last season Amy´s birthday (Dec 17TH) IMO SHAMY coitus 2 will 9 or 10, if they don´t want to be on Amy´s birthday. Sheldon´s dance and rose petals ALMOST KILL ME!! Thank you Shamydawson and MJC45! You made us sooo happy!!
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    I'll not be going out of my way to be home for 10.8.
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    I'm a little confused too. Seems clear both episodes are Shamy-heavy but when mjc gets settled he'll help sort us out. Penny redecorating Leonard's room gives an air of permanence to LA. That's a good thing!
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    Yes maybe Penny reads 50 shades grey and decides to create their own playroom I think Penny would be the dom but I like to see Leonard take charge of Penny I mean Penny did say that she liked take charge Leonard on their date in season 5 before they got back together
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    @April I'm totally on board with this theory ! @heres2U that would be brilliant, haha !! -both scenarios ending in sexy or sweaty messed up hair , for different reasons !!
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    I would give a like if I had not run of likes. Just for say I agree 100 % with you on this, specially about the Sheldon s arousal linked weirdly with possibility of DNA combination. It is about science and it really turns on our Shelley!
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    Shamy having coitus? Or the storyline in general?
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    We know what happened with shamy and lenny in this tapping , and what wonderful developments about them! Anything about Raj? Howard and Bernardette? The posts since spoilers came out are so many that I am afraid I lost antyhing about them shared meanwhile. @shamydawson you are so kind for all details about the tapping. Thank you millions! @mjc45, I hope you had a fabulous time as well. Looking foward to read your thoughts too about the tapping.
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    This is like what of the best things I've ever read in my life! (Your quote I mean! For some reason the quote function has only included your 'thanks'! Not that it isn't a great 'thanks' but perhaps not the best thing I've read in my life! Haha)
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    this is all i've wanted i can die right now and be happy
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    I looked her up on IMDB but it didn't say. How did Raj meet her ? How did Emily and Claire come to dump him ? Does anybody know ? Does anybody know anything about Howardette in these episodes ?
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    If you mean the over the top reaction when they grab each other by the arms - I think that's later on after they already made up. Looks like they have a fun time. LOL
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    Thanks for easing some of my fears about this situation lol... Sadly it doesn't ease the fear I think is on everyone's mind right now: this fanservice is happening because this is the last season. It almost seems like they are setting Shamy up for a spinoff. The misadventures of two zany individuals living together and exploring the world... They could call the show Laverne & Shirl-- I mean. *cough* Sheldon and Amy.
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    I don’t know. Please take your time for 10 seconds to stare on my little blue avatar on the left. I’m quite exhausted.
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    She has. She just wasn't expecting to be in need. If she's left the apartment she's probably gone to the pharmacy or the doctor.
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    Not sure if I need to ask this as I may already know the answer... but overall did you enjoy the episode? Was it on par with the quality of season 10 so far?
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    I said something about that on tumblr lol I think it was all on his own! https://shamybabboos.tumblr.com/post/152315348679/okay-sheldon-surprising-amy-and-slapping-her I had it in caps locks, so you know I was freaking out lol
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    Maybe its just me, I like Shamy but nothing they do having big screen time, or more investment in terms of depth. IF it is writing them as a married couple even though they are not, bothers me. IF a couple hosting a party, is the official validation to being a married couple on a sitcom, I don't know. It does not make me sick, I am fine with how they are writing Lenny. Maybe I am easy, all I need is them to show Lenny are happily married and in love, and they are. I am not sure they need to host a party to validate themself as a married couple. Sure it would be nice, but its not the be end and end all. I don't really get either how they write Shamy diminishes Lenny, but that is just me. Lenny are not stuck in 4A or the itme, they go to comic con this Friday (Over here). Shamy are a weird, unconventional couple. Who are navigating the waters, of living together. Its creative for the writers, so I am not surprised they are putting more time into them then Lenny. Does not mean they are ignoring Lenny, imo they are their baby. Its just their baby has grown up, and they never have to worry about them, because they know they well be fine on their own. But that is just me though. Isin't that a good thing Shoulden't that be a compliment to how far Lenny have grown over the years. Sure I agree, be great if they got more stories. But I think its great, the writers can just portray as a happily in love married couple. Without the angst of years gone by. Shamy are at the beggining of that narrative. After all the drama over the years, I well take Lenny going to comic con anyday thank you lol. I am just saying they developed Lenny so much in Season 6, to the point development has hit its peak. Theirs not much to give away now. Could you imagine if they never broke up in Season 3, how much development they woluld need now. Thank god they did. Sham,y are basically where Lenny was in Season 6. So I am happy where Lenny are.
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    I'm sure he is. That ring is still waiting in his save after all! OMG Yes, let's take that awful misguided discourse and burn it to the ground. Salt the earth for good measure. That "sexual!Sheldon" meme from last year? Canon! Hallelujah!! And I agree, it's not just her mind. That ass slap thing between them always had an awkward sexual connotation so this is really Sheldon being full on flirty physically as well. And this is also my favourite of the three we've seen so far. Fish Guts and Thanksgiving made me cringe a bit - but this is really super cute and playful! <3 Also, it's hilarious that of all the things to come back of the more sexual Sheldon from the failed pilot it's apparently the idea that he is an "ass man". LOL
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    When we saw the promo it looked like it could be a tag like scene but we don't know for certain. It looked like Sheldon and Stuart were the only ones around but it could have just been the camera angle. Randy = turned on, sexually aroused or excited.
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    Sheldon certainly has a thing for Amy's posterior.
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    I think that was one of the hottest clips I've ever watched omg, from the way Sheldon's dressed (heLLO forearms) to the fact that he cooked and set up the whole brunch to the flirtation in his voice when he said "what's surprising is that you're surprised I'm great at surprises" (foreshadowing??) to the smack on her ass with the dishtowel to the fact he said "Don't get me all randy before guests arrive." Ummmm? He's gonna squeeze her ass so hard the next time they have sex.
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    EEEEEKKKKK I love it so much - OH MY !!!! - Sheldon , that ass slap , and he's all randy !!! This season is fabulous !!!
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    And what got Sheldon all "randy"....Amy's calm, logical explanation of something that would bore others to tears. Amy's mind turns Sheldon on...no other random girl getting strawberry ice cream could ever interest him that way. I'm so excited for what's coming. There's no way they could keep alluding to coitus so much without a pay-off.
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    Sure there are some things sure I would rather see them talk it through with their partners, but in this case I think this was the right move. You could easily see where this situation was heading had they not separated them that time and especially Penny had the wisdom to see that. Penny is trying to kill two birds with one stone here, help her friends and get them to this point where they can live together relatively comfortably so that her and Leonard can live together. Now some may feel that she should just abandon her friends and just focus on Leonard, but that would go against everything clearly Penny believes in and the whole underlying concept of the show, which is friendship. Penny's complaints about Leonard in this episode I took to be like a form of mirroring with its sole purpose to get Sheldon to reveal why he was acting so ridiculously. Though I could see Penny actually saying some of these things to Leonard, like for example the thumbs up because she is the 'Queen of Snark' after all. If she had Leonard would have just come out with some snarky retort, he gives just as good as he gets and he rather enjoys the snark and banter between himself and his wife. Like I said this is all my opinion, people may and will disagree. But I saw no problems with how it played out in that particular episode.
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