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    Yeah episode 7 is when Sheldon finds out that that Amy has been lying to him that they're still working on her apt but it's been fixed 2 weeks ago (berny said it) and penny confronts her and says it's true but please don't tell Sheldon and penny covers it up in front of Sheldon and Leonard and they speak Klingon to be sneaky (cause penny's been hidding his collectibles little by little so they're arguing to) and so Amy and penny start talking in Amy's made up language and the whole coversation is real funny then at the end Amy apologizes and Sheldon says that he is opened to living with her. Leonard and penny then say omg then we can change Sheldons room into anything they want and Sheldons like but that's my room and penny says but u won't be paying rent anymore and Sheldon says yeah but that's still my room. Next Sheldon and Amy are getting ready for bed and they kiss goodnight (ahhhh!!!!) and Sheldon starts to talk about living in her apt or like somewhere far and starts to panic about the mole in the new house and if he doesn't like it and it's so cute cause Amy starts to calm him down with Star Wars theme songs and Sheldon falls asleep and has a dream that Leonard and penny turned his room into a sex dungeon haha ( I forgot what happens next I'm sorry!!) No that was episode 8
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    In the beggining Sheldon and Amy we're doing an experiment combining there skin cells and sheldon was real excited about it like they created a child and Sheldon was lIke you know what the next step is don't ya? And Amy said yeah put them in the incubater and sheldon said nooo we close the door and drop our pants and make a baby
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    Ima also add that when Amy said ur crazy were not making a baby right now Sheldons like "ah I see ur playing hard to get ;)" he then drops a pencil and bends over to get it and pops his booty out and Amy is just like no and walks away and Sheldon says did u even look at my bottom!? haha
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    I admit, though, that this warp -speed movement does give me a little pause. Is the show wrapping up all the loose ends it can before it rings down the curtain? I mean, these guys are spending their storytelling coin like they know they've only got a week left to live. I suppose they've got proposals and weddings and so forth on the Shamy side as far as milestones go, and there is always coitus. But at this rate the Shamy will have at each other in the next episode. In a library. While arguing in a furious undertone over whether Richard Feynman or Oliver Sacks is a better science populariser. For the rest? Maybe we get to see Lenny settle down? Finally? And then there is Howardette Minor and the pressing issue of Ugh, Raj's love-life? But this all seems like pretty...final...stuff. Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maybe, rather than Act Three Resolution, what this REALLY is, is Act Two Manoeuvreing. Maybe -at least as far as the Shamy is concerned - this is a frantic correction of Season Nine's errors of omission. in other words: Brace yourselves for Writers' Room Fanfic: Contract Renegotiation Edition! Guest starring Emmy Winner Jim Parsons! JP: Hello, Chuck. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. CL: Jim, what's this about? You know we can't have one-on-one meetings without the others. JP: I know, I know, and I'm sorry. But I had an idea I wanted to run past you. CL: An idea? JP: Yes. You know my salary's pretty high. CL: We really shouldn't be discussing this especially without Johnny and Kaley... JP: Oh, I'm not asking for MORE. CL: ....are Johnny and Kaley okay with this? JP: No. No. It's just me. I was just thinking, you know, my salary's so high, and I really want to help out with the show's extended run, and so...what do you say to a discount? CL: A discount? JP: Yes! CL:.......what's the catch? JP: No catch! I'm offended you'd ask! CL: What do you WANT, Jim? JP: Well, there ARE a FEW things... CL: Here we go. JP: So you know I've wanted bed scenes for the Shamy for a while now? CL: Listen, Jim. Sheldon is a beautiful, aloof Olympian untouched by the common ruck of human lusting! Didn't you watch the BBC Sherlock video I gave you? JP: I did. Benevolent Cummerbund is very attractive, Chuck, I get it. But you know I've been working out? CL: Yes, I have noticed, Jim. And so have the costume department. They don't make Flash T-Shirts in a chest size 44, Jim! JP (waves hand): Eh, use the money you've saved off my salary. Daddy's brought his guns and he's ready to FIRE! CL:.......what will you take to never say those words in that order ever again? JP: Funny you should ask. You seem like you might be interested in my SPECIAL plan. CL: Special? JP: The Shamy Playfulness, Eccentricity, Coitus and Intimacy ALlowed Plan. SPECIAL for short. Catchy, no? CL: But what does it MEAN? JP: You get $10,000 off my per-episode salary for every time I get to smile playfully at Amy. $50,000 for every time she gets to be weird and pedantic with me. $100,000 off if I get to be turned on by it. $200,000 off if I get to SAY I am turned on by it. $500,000 for a kiss. $750,000 for a bed scene. CL (curious): And for a science argument in bed ending with a make out? JP: Turn to page 23. CL (turns, reads): I just give you your bus fare?!? JP: I want to make this work, Chuck! CL: Is Mayim okay with this? JP: ...is Mayim okay with being sassy and eccentric and saying smart things instead of perfecting her 'exasperated' face? CL: It's a GOOD face. JP: She's okay with it, Chuck. CL: But the bed scenes? JP (sighing): I'm working on it. Just...just write me some fully clothed flirtation while I talk to her. Oh, I'm expensing the tequila. I'll need lots of it. CL: Jim! JP: Take it off my paycheck! CL:...well, okay. JP: Pleasure doin' business with you, Chuck. [End Scene]. by the way, if someone could find me that photo of JP on a suit sprawling in a chair looking like a James Bond villain to insert here, I'd be much obliged. Thanks in advance!
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    Ooooo I forgot to add also when Amy, Penny and Leonard were walking up stars (Amy's been avoiding him for 3hrs) She sees a freakin road of rose pedals leading up to there apt!! And Leonard's like, have fun what's behind door number two and they go back to there place and Amy opens the door and walks in and then sees more rose pedals leading to him and omg he's dressed sooo sexy haha he's all covered in gel and has a tie untied with a white collard shirt with plaid pants and has a glass of whine and Sheldon's all seductively saying hello;) and offers whine and she says no thank you and he says good it's disgusting and says he got calone on that smells like dear something (I don't remember) and she says no wonder it smells like a petting zoo and he says oooo u wanna pet something? Not my hair tho it's covered in goop Haha (they taped that many times so idk if they're gonna add that) then Amy's had enough n leaves and he says "she'll be back.....she lives here" all sexy like Ha, yes
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    No haha but at the end Sheldon tried to seduce her even more and sheldon came in thru the door And sheldon turned his music on his phone and dannced the flamingo all sexually and Amy said ur insane and closed the door behind her and she looked soooo turned on and said that was so close
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    I loved everything! Haha besides the whole shamy thing I loved Raj's storyline it was so cute and Penny and Leonard being a happy married couple is everything! It made me laugh when penny asked Leonard why he doesn't eat broccoli (cause raj is eating it to watch his figure since he met Essabella) Leonard's like I'm married I don't need to watch my figure and continues to gobble up his food
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    By the way Amy is rejecting Sheldon in episode 8 is cause she doesn't want to get pregnant righ now (just to clear that up) Tonight's episode is called The Brain Bowl Incubation
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    Thank you so much for the spoilers @shamydawson!! <3 And I naively thought yesterday was Christmas already with the sneek peak. But this is like the next day when the grandparents come to visit and undermine your parents pedagogical efforts by spoiling you with all the presents on your wishlist and a ton of unhealthy candy. OMG Are the writers conspiring to kill us with Shamy feels???? I'm smiling so hard my face hurts. Some more or less quick thoughts: 10x07: - So then it was Amy being untruthful about the apartment after all, for two weeks no less! Ugh. That is really the only negative thing I can find here. This feels so unnecessary because LOOK AT THIS HIPPIE DIPPY DORK THAT IS SHELDON!! I MEAN WHY WOULD YOU NOT TELL HIM??? Have some faith in your man, Amy! But you know what, there's always talk about how Amy should also do something stupid and apologise to Sheldon to show how they're both flawed etc. ... and if that's her big flaw then so be it! - The guys speak Klingon and the girls speak Amy's made up language to sort this out!?? OMG Yay for Klingon! Even bigger YAY for Amy's made up language THAT SHE TAUGHT PENNY??? WHO'S APPARENTLY FLUID ENOUGH TO HAVE A CONVERSATION!???? SQUEEEEE!!! - Anyway, this all apparently ends the experiment then and there with them deciding to live together!? YAYYYYY!!! :D And it seems like Lenny get 4A and Shamy are still making up their minds about where they want to live?? hmm... interesting! But I guess it's 4B for the time being. - Cute goodnight kisses are a thing now!!! EEEEK!!! - Amy hums the Star Wars theme for Sheldon, awwwwwww!!!! 10x08: - Shamy do science!! YAY!!! And it leads to not only randy Sheldon but also him getting into the mood for a baby?? OMG Hold the horses here, Sheldon! Slow down a little!! Sheldon being the one going too fast is like, have we fallen into an alternative dimension somehow?? But then I think back to 4x01 and Shamy deciding to make a petri dish baby during their 4 weeks or so of texting/mailing. [Coldplay's The Scientist plays muffled in the background: "Oh, take me back to the start!"] - And of course any baby making will happen the natural way now! OMG - Sheldon trying to seduce Amy several times in the most ridiculous clichéd ways - I'm dying. This is... I have no words. This will be hysterical to watch! - And I'm actually kinda glad it doesn't work?? Like, obviously the baby thing is ridiculous and I'd rather not have them have coitus for the sole purpose of procreation. I'd also prefer Amy's resolve to crack when Sheldon is himself and not imitating some weird Casanova cliché. LOL In general: - Again, what is this fanfic glory? Were the writers reading our posts again cause I've read some of those scenarios before on here. (Why hello there, writers! Keep doing that!! *thumbs up*) - As said yesterday, I love how they've brought Shamy full circle. Yes, it's all very flirty and fluffy and even sexy - but it's still recognizably them and the episodes are laced with science talk and geeky/nerdy stuff, and Shamy are as quirky and delightfully weird as ever! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! <3
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    Penny and Leonard decorated there room but penny made it all girly but Leonard wasn't happy but as long as penny liked it, it was OK haha and Raj has a new love interest and asked her out and gave her a dinner in his office but Howard walked in and said oh hi your the instronemer and she said Raj u were embarrassed of me cause I work as a cleaner? Raj appoligized and she accepted it, it was so sweet guysc:
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    I think from Sheldon's point of view this whole "spreading my seeds"/"let's make a baby!" stuff feels like one last desperate attempt of his brain to rationalise his urges before he'll inevitably give in and we'll get the second "big bang". The sexual tension is steadily rising, we've seen him getting more and more worked up about Amy's "sexy talk" all the while he's flirting shamelessly with her. Good lord, the next episode might just be it! As for Amy's reaction, turning him down, I think it fits cause at least from her point of view it's Sheldon having this crazy idea of suddenly making a baby (it was clarified that that's why she's turning him down, not because she forgot that condoms exist!) and neither is she ready for that step nor is she so desperate for sex that she'll take whatever she can get. When they have coitus again it will be because they love and want each other and not for this silly idea that sex is only for procreation.
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    Did you read the taping report? Shamy did an experiment in this episode. It helps when both people are scientists.
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    (Reads spoilers: thanks, @shamydawson and @mjc45 in advance! Hope you had a wonderful time!) (picks jaw up off floor) (tries to form words) (fails) (tries a second time) (emits sound that makes the bats drop to the ground, wings pulled protectively over ears) Okay, maybe the third time's the charm: What. Is even. Happening?!? Sheldon and Amy are in the lab? Doing an experiment? Are they working together? Could it be? Sheldon gets all worked up by the conjunction of Amy and science? And tries to seduce her? Horribly, grotesquely and hilariously going through the Howard Wolowitz Reads Danielle Steele Playbook? And Amy turns him down? Because of....her lack of knowledge of or access to prophylactics that work reliably, or non-penetrative forms of sexual activity? For some reason? Okay, dumb. Whatever. Moving on. And Amy lied about her place being ready. Ugh. But the show instantly grabs me by the chin and says 'BUT HOW ABOUT WE HAVE PAMY SPEAKING AMY'S MADE-UP LANGUAGE? WOULD THAT COMFORT YOU THEN?' And, Gods help me, it does. It does. It really really does. Holy SHIT. I mean, after a season nine of facepalming, with a beleaguered bucket that never left my side, it is frankly disorienting to note that not only is the bucket only, like, one-sixteenth full this season, I have had recourse to The Squee Gun. Three times. My God. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?
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    The experiment is over in 10.7!!!! Shamy are officially living together in 4B!!!!!!
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    Omg guys I was at the taping and sheldon was being seductive to amy ass fuck!!! Haha
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    Yes you get to see the sex dungeon. Leonard is tied up to the wall all leathered up and penny has a leather costume and whips Leonard's with a whip and the room is really dark and red it's so funny
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    I just don't even know what to say. I am happy, yet confused. I'm scared to believe all this. Are we being trolled by the writers?
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    Hello my shamy addicts! Boy, what a morning! When I lurked in the thread to check news about the latest TR I fangirled and started to dance in bed. I'm still hoarse because I screamed too much. Lol I'm sure that either my teeth will fall out because of all these Shamy candies we get (OMG seducing and flirty Sheldon will kill me) or I will die of a sugar shock.
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    @shamydawson Thank you so much for the spoilers! <3 WHAT EVEN IS THIS SEASON MAN.
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    Oh! Oh! And I swear, I was all set to snarl at the reveal that Amy was lying to prolong the experiment, when two lines down I read that she and Penny were conversing in her made-up language. Which means, as @Jonny and @April pointed out, that they must have used it often enough for Penny to be fluent! And Gods help me, I felt so torn. It was as though the show were a boyfriend who had spent our savings on a Lamborghini and was trying to distract me with sex. Me: What the fuck?!? Amy lied? Show (for the purposes of this discussion, imagine that Show looks like a circa Lawrence of Arabia Peter O'Toole): Er - ooohhhh, what do we have here? (Kneads my shoulders) Is that a...tension knot? Me: Left a bit...No! No, tell me why Amy lied! She was the one who wanted to stop the experiment! Sheldon's been keen to make it work, or worried that it won't! Goddammit, show, I thought we were past this! Show (looks winsomely up through his lashes) Me: Well?!? Why did you drag us back to the days of Fish Guts? Show (walks fingers coyly up my arm): Well, I could tell you, or we could watch PAmy. Me: PAmy? What do you... Show (brushes hair off my face, leans in and whispers): Shhhh. Listen to them. What language are they speaking? Me: It's.....it's Op. Op! They're talking Op! Show (leaning in): And see how fluent Penny is. Me: She is! She is! Show (leaning in further): Imagine what other conversations they could be having. Other languages....other....tongues..... Me: It's...Oh God, that's good. Show: Tell me how good it is. Me: It's...no, you can't do this! I'm still mad about Amy lying! Stop the PAmy! Stop it! Show: Look me in the eye and tell me that's what you really want. Me:..................................it's what I should want. Goddamn you, how can something this bad feel so good? Show: Give in. Me: I won't! Show: Come on! How long have you been denying yourself? Earworm? Opening Night? An orgy of rejoicing around you, and there you sat, rigid and unyielding, like a clenched fist. Me: I had to! Show: You never had to. Come on. Take what you want. Me: I can't. Show: Tweeeepadoocccckkkkkk..... Me: Damn you. Damn you to hell. I seriously may have lost my damn mind. I am quite worried about myself.
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    Sheldon doesn't really want a baby now - he wants Amy. Wonder if he checked the web for helpful tips on 'how to seduce your girlfriend'. You know, some research...#ForScience ... I just cannot believe that he came up with all of this on his own! Rose petals? Flamenco?? Sorry, I could collapse with laughter just imagining this! You have to give them credit for making it through the taping without dying with laughter!
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    As said earlier (you might have missed my post?), I think that's Sheldon's mind trying to rationalise the onslaught of all those funny hormones his brain must be dealing with now that he's so close to Amy all the time. Obviously it's nonsense. They're not ready for a kid just yet so I think it's not him really wanting that right now. But "nature = procreation" is as good a reason as any. I do love though how this really brings them back to where it all started - the first summer when they went as far as wanting to make that petri dish baby because their DNA is just so perfect together. And I love that their experiment in this episode is exactly that. And no wonder it gets Sheldon all hot and bothered cause this is what he always loved about Amy - the science, the quirkiness, her sharp mind and now after years and years of growing closer it's also everything else. <3
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    Seeing as where this is going now with the latest spoilers this might just happen next episode. With tensions running high imagine that maybe they get into a silly argument about putting coitus back on the table and the whys and hows for doing so, and maybe Amy still has the impression it's Sheldon's silly baby idea until he finally admits he just wants her in a carnal fashion and then lunges into an updated passionate version of the train kiss. Idk if I'll be able to handle that. OMG Also yes, post-coital cuddling seems to be inevitable now! <3 I agree that after this is all over they'll probably put Shamy on the back burner again for a bit. (Then again, that may depend on how the negotiations go.) But the great thing about this cohabitation storyline is that we've seen them in many domestic situations and ridiculously happy with each other - and we don't have to wonder anymore about what they do in private! We got to see it! And so even when they're not the focus of the plots for a while we do know for certain how close they are now, not just emotionally but physically. There's no uncertainty anymore and no arguments left about whether or not they want each other. They make each other so gosh darn happy!
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    Okay so I see it as a combo of 2,3, and 4. The writers felt they could not just have them have coutus once and boom! Sheldon likes sex now. So theybhave been slowly preparing us for a sexual Sheldon. this was a hey! Look everyone Sheldon really does want to do Amy and not just once a year! Preparing the casual viewer for the 2nd round and possiably more regular coutus down the road. I love Amy making him wait! He has given her blue ovaries for six years. Time for him to feel just as pent up and frustrated. Which will make when they do, do it again all the more epic. With them both wanting it for the same reasons.
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    Thanks for the info @shamydawson I hope you had a great time, by the sounds of it was a pretty momentous taping you went to! I hope you had a great time time too @mjc45 and I am looking forward to your thoughts as well. Honestly I am just not sure how to process all this. So let me get this straight in 10.7 it turns out Amy's apartment is really fixed but obviously she is starting to enjoy living with Sheldon now so she keeps it quiet? Sheldon eventually finds out but I assume doesn't produce the reaction Amy expected because he feels the same he enjoys living with Amy? As a result they both decide the experiment should be over and make it permanent? OMG that's huge. Sheldon later goes into a small overreaction mode when he panics about moving somewhere else and she calms him down with Star Wars theme songs? I think I am having a nerdgasm seriously. So have they decided that 4B is going to be their place of residence or are they talking about going somewhere else? I assume it's the former because it keeps everything centered around 4A still with hanging out, working etc. 4B is the outcome I wanted for Shamy so badly, to be truthful not at first because I couldn't really envisage Sheldon being away from 4A permanently but 4B is actually the best apartment from a 'couple's' perspective. It gives Sheldon and Amy the opportunity to go over to 4A and hang out, socialise and have fun but when they want some privacy (or sexy time lol) they can go back to their place at 4B a snug, cosy environment. I am kind of shocked that Penny would give up 4B so easily. in 10.8 they were working on some kind of experiment? Presumably in Amy's lab, either work related or for a bit of fun? The science talk clearly turns them both on a bit especially Sheldon? Sheldon then tries to seduce Amy, with petals, music, some smart clothing and a shit ton of sexual innuendo? I mean, jaw dropped fully right here. Amy by the sounds of it does get turned on but manages to resist? Not sure why the baby line came into it, I guess because it's tied to what they are doing with the skin cells. Amy is way too smart to know that sex doesn't necessarily mean getting pregnant, it sounds like a gag line to me. Or is Sheldon in some some kind of way actually getting broody? Has the Bernadette pregnancy made him assess his own life and think about having some progeny? Sheldon has mentioned stuff like that recently i.e. spreading his dna etc though I had based that down to his sexual urges being at high levels right now, maybe its something more... I guess one of the big questions is why Amy resisting? I have a couple of theories: 1. She is actually happy with the one year arrangement much to the surprise of all of us. I am not sure I buy into that at all, Amy was never a nymphomaniac always going on about sex and wanting to have it, but she clearly has showed in the past she has urges and wants intimacy. 2. She is teaching Sheldon in a way perhaps as a lesson what it feels like to have major urges and not be able to deal with them yet. For years she had wanted to have sex with Sheldon, perhaps she is now saying to Sheldon 'look what I went through'. 3. Maybe in a subtle way she is trying to kill off this yearly thing, make him work for it, make him want it more. Maybe she hopes he will get to the point she wants, she gives in and a result they change their sex life to something more regular and normal. 4. It's just the writers wanting to build up to a big event, build that sexual tension right up as they have something big planned. It would not surprise me at all lol, would rather not see that but there you go. All these developments so quickly makes me wonder if this is the last season, I can't help but think that as we get glacial pace for like 5 years and then all this. But on the other side of the coin if we get a Season 11 and beyond this could set up for some fantastic storylines in the future with these developments. Sorry for a long winded post, I could post a lot more as there is just so much to process right now but I am probably spent. I look forward to reading all your reactions to all these developments over the coming days. I am so very happy for Shamy right now, they really are in such a fantastic place.
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    I think it's really hilarious when you consider how much appreciation Sheldon has for Amy's ass that he thinks she must love his ass (which she totes does) Okay but is anyone else freaking out that - Sheldon is actively trying to get Amy to make love with him - Sheldon is trying to have a baby with Amy like??? Is he fo real about this baby stuff cuz I'm already thinking of what theme the nursery will be in
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    Wow, the feels on this thread! Lots to look forward to and everyone has already hit the high points of 7 and 8 so I wont repeat the accolades! Personally, Im not upset at all about Amy withholding the info about the apartment being finished (early I presume). Its in character and totally predictable (which a couple of folks in our forum had already foreseen lol). Is it right? No she shouldve said something but we can forgive a little white lie of omission--just think, Amy started off with second thoughts about the experiment and in the end is trying to stretch it out by lying. Love her! Sheldon trying to seduce Amy is priceless! Its this corny stuff that made me ship them early on. In 9.11 we have Amy lighting a million candles, playing bossa nova music, and striking a come hither pose on the sofa that is sabotaged by her door chain lol! And now we have a Sheldon using a basic rose petals ploy along with FLAMENCO DANCING to set the mood?? These two kids are meant for each other lol! Super curious about Amy stalling on the sex, but it certainly stretches out the fun to come!
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    I was a bit disappointed that Amy lied to Sheldon, too; but you're right, that was time for Amy to do the wrong and stupid thing, and that was really really stupid...Sheldon was so loving living with her, there was no way he would have returned to the status quo after that! Anyway, Sheldon finally was the reasonable and mature one, and at the same time he reassured Amy that he is there and he is all in for the relationship. I loved all the nerdy stuff in 10.7, too...It's always funny to listen to the boys speaking Klingon (even if some sort of subtitles should be added when they do it), and Penny and Amy speaking in Amy's made up language will be priceless. And it also shows one again that their friendship now is on equal bases, it's not just Penny teaching Amy things like how to make friends or being in a relationship, Amy is teaching stuff to Penny and she is interested in them, learning a new language in your thirties requires a lot of efforts, LOL!!! As for 10.8, I simply have no words...It's all Shamies' dreams came true at the same time. They were working together and that turned Sheldon on. And the rest of the episode sounds hilarious, with the poor guy trying at his best to seduce Amy. For years people have talked and talked about how pushy Amy was about sex but, quite frankly, she has never danced flamenco and spread rose petals on the floor, LOL! That is being pushy, in the best possible sense, of course...I guess the writers want to play with us, I hope not for that long, about coitus but, you know what...it's so funny to see turning tables for a change, I'm willing to see where this is going, LOL!
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    Remember when we were saying we have high hopes for s10 after the awesomeness of s9? WELL
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    When Howard told the guys that Bernie was pregnant Sheldon suggested they all get vasectomies so unless he's had a complete change of mind in a few short months the real reason he's trying to seduce Amy ( to my mind at least ) is simple....he's randy ( to use his own word ) and he wants her....bad!!!!
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    I can't find the original taping report, but based on all the comments it sounds like the next few episodes have so many Shamy goodies. I love the preview. I've always wanted Sheldon to become openly attracted to Amy, but I always wanted it to be more based on her mind. I love it. I gather that they decide to live together permanently? That's such a pleasant surprise. I really thought there would be a few episodes of backslide before progress. Or that they would go back to there respective apartments, but have sleepovers. This is wonderful. Coitus 2.0 has to be on its way. We've had mentions of sex or implications of it in pretty much every episode. If you described Sheldon'a changes to me and I didn't watch the show, I would say he was out of character, but everything I see feels right and I'm so excited to see what's next for them.
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    Okay some thoughts about my try for processing all shamy things that are coming in next episodes: * I didnt like much Amy lied to Sheldon about the apartment being fixed but I can truly understand her on this. She was also determined to that their la works as much as Sheldon and that news could be revert things to old status quo. Although Amy should have more faith on her man, we should think that Amy was scared about many things at same time that could ruin all their living time together. Sheldon is surprising her in many fronts ( and surprising us, bless him!) and after theit talk about the lie and the la being settled, I can see Amy s faith on Sheldon increasing in next epsiodes. After years of dating a semi robot human being, it is natural Amy messes some things. And she is not perfect, naturally * Shamy good night kisses. I am so into watch them and even being a peck on lips, oh the shamy goodness that holds * Sheldon wanted his room in 4A without changing. I am not worry, it is Sheldon being Sheldon. He now wants to share his life with Amy but he still wants to share a bit of space in his old place. Sheldon has to tend a bit bossy about his stuff so he needs time to let it go eventually *All shamy events of last tappin, just wow! All my shamy shipper dreams are coming true, I have never thought it could be possible in a single season but yeah , it is about time *Horny Sheldon...it is happening! About Amy being too much cautious about it and even refusin him makes all sense. For years Amy wished kisses, hugs and sex and Sheldon was obvious most of time.Now he is so open about it and I think that she needs to get used to it. About sex and she is not prepared, again I think it is natural. In their first time I bet that Sheldon was who provide the birh control by condoms. Then months after months without a hint that they could revert the once in a year agreement so Amy was not into pill or something. Suddenly Sheldon hints , even with the coitus off the table, that they should have sex. I can see Amy taking care of at least take the pill for next episodes. Because the coitus is almost on table again, lol. Amy would not resist much longer. Resistance is futile when a couple loves and desires each other and even Amy is more shy about sex than it could have seemed before, she goes there soon because now she feels that she is desired by her boyfriend. And making love for make babies is not a reason for sex, Amy did well to refusing him in that attempt. I think she knows well about condoms but it was not the point Amy is also a rational mind like Sheldon, she might be so happy but kind of rationalize how things in that field could work truly. The sexual tension is almost unbearable, it is a question of time and a question of a perfect circunstance that I believe it would be great and epic, shamy style *Dancing Sheldon, I miss him since he and Amy danced in the night Amy kissed him for the first time. But flamenco? You go Sheldon, the sexy man! Okay if more occur to my mind, I will share it with you
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    How many of y'all wanna bet that Jim Parsons has been waiting since 2007 to do scenes like this?
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    From what I got from the posts and clarifications Sheldon is the one who has this sudden idea of "let's make a baby" in the first place because of their experiment and that is what Amy is rejecting. It is made clear in the episode. And the ending with the "she'll be back..." also shows that he's in no way discouraged. What he needs to accept is that it's not the right time for a baby. But if he wants to make love instead I'm sure Amy will jump his bones in no time. LOL
  35. 12 points
    I'm SO looking forward to seeing Sheldon act all sexy- covered in gel, with a glass of wine in his hand and the seductive "hello" . Funny or sexy - it could go either way ,but I'm looking forward to this episode. I'm always up for laughing at ridiculous and cheesy seduction scenes in movies and TV shows , especially if they are done by cute looking actors like Jim Parsons. I just can't help it. LOL !
  36. 11 points
    Awww, they're not that bad. Yes, Amy needs to stop lying (silly girl, when you were the one who wanted to call off the experiment and Sheldon has shown nothing but the desire to continue and make it work) and Sheldon needs to take it down like 5,000 notches. Or rub one out, whichever helps more. And I would join you in your irritation if it seemed like this were being dragged out or played for ZOMGANGST! But it is being treated as the ridiculous thing it is. Literally Sheldon wants to do the nasty with his brainy girlfriend and is trying to make it happen in the most horrifyingly direct way possible, and Amy will almost certainly be fine with it once she gets out of her own head. AND STOP LYING. FOR NO REASON. GOD.
  37. 11 points
    I also don't think that he really wants a kid, not at this point anyway. But I'm not so sure if he realises that just yet, you know? All his life he's been taken pride in being above those sexual urges. Then Amy comes along and things start to change gradually as they become more physical. He's starting to get curious about sex and he's admitted working on his issues with intimacy so that maybe one day he'll be able to do that. A few years and a terrible heartbreak later he is finally ready, they do it and enjoy it more than they thought they would. But apparently he's still trying to keep whatever urges he might have under control. And as long as they keep their normal relationship routine it works. But now he's been living with Amy more closely and intimately than ever before and that alone is apparently causing all sorts of feelings and desires to stir. It's probably a bit confusing and overwhelming in a way. Talking and doing science with Amy has explicitly become some sort of foreplay for them, and in this particular episode it's the experiment that kinda combines his and Amy's DNA which obviously is how baby making works so his arousal probably becomes weirdly linked to that particular thought. I think after he untangles these things a bit he'll have a clearer idea of what to do.
  38. 11 points
    I hardly think that Sheldon's ego can be discouraged by some resistance. He thinks that he excels at so many things and Amy herself made it clear he actually did excel. He knows that resistance is futile, in this case, LOL! I just think she is just astonished by all these changes in her life in so a short period, she just need some time to calm down and having a serious conversation with Sheldon about birth control...
  39. 11 points
    If we get say another three or four episodes with Sheldon trying to woo her into being physical and he gets rejected then some of your fears may have some real merit. But right now I wouldn't worry too much about it. Keep in mind in late Season 9 she was boasting about his sexual prowess in Big Bear and at Sheldon's birthday party she was interested in seeing him in his birthday suit. So It's not like she has suddenly turned into a nun. I just think there are many factors going on right now such as perhaps making him really really want it or maybe she is trying to come to terms with his new found sexual awakening. Or it could just be Occam's Razor in that the writers just want to ramp this sexual tension up a bit more and the best way to do that is to make it look like they are about to succumb but they at the last minute or second don't or barely manage it. From the TR it sounded very much like Amy almost did, iirc there was a line or something that indicated that. I have no worries, they are being very flirty and seem pretty happy. The sex WILL happen eventually.
  40. 11 points
    Something to monitor for sure, it could just be that it had a reproductive theme to it because of the experiment with the skin cells in that episode and Sheldon overreacting or getting over enthusiastic of course. Sheldon clearly wants to get physical again with Amy but it would be classic Sheldon, having an energy drink assuming he will get addicted having a more regular sex life equals we must have a baby. He goes to some weird extremes at times. If Sheldon for some reason has suddenly become broody they will need to talk it through, hopefully communicating that they can still enjoy having a sex life but just aren't ready to make that commitment yet. I would be very surprised if he is really actually considering having children at the moment, things are going so well with Amy and you would think a proposal would come first. No actually thinking about it all I smell BS, it's more to do with that theme of the episode, I don't think they are ready for kids yet nor want them right now. I believe the writers when they say that the Howardette child will be the only one on the show for a while, possibly ever unless the show runs for longer than we all think.
  41. 11 points
    I could totally see that, it's still very new to both of them. You are together for a good number of years, finally have sex the one time and then you both have to process it all for several months after. Yes it does make sense to me why Amy would be little apprehensive (especially if Sheldon seems to have had a sexual awakening) if she is indeed apprehensive and it's not just her genius intellect trying to shift Sheldon's behaviour. She is that smart I wouldn't rule anything out lol. I think deep down it's a mixture of various things on why she hasn't cracked yet, from the sound of the TR she almost does. When she is ready Sheldon will be waiting for her, he is clearly ready, willing and able LOL
  42. 11 points
    Quoting myself here because OMG it is even more accurate now! LOL
  43. 11 points
    On the Amy not telling the truth thing it's a nice balance for a change and points out not only does Sheldon fuck up at times or not be truthful but so can Amy. Would you rather Amy was honest, they communicated and she trusted her man in this particular instance? Yes, but I can also understand her fears as well, she was clearly wanting this to become a permanent thing and didn't know how Sheldon felt. But it clearly worked out in the end because as it turns out they are on the same page, they clearly love each other and being around each other all the time. I CANNOT WAIT to see the Shelnard and Pamy talking in secret language scene and I can see why especially @wowbagger is looking forward to it lol. It shows the the Penny and Amy friendship is strong if Amy has taught her that language and Penny has taken it all in. I will add though surely with Sheldon's eidetic memory he probably knows what they are saying LOL, especially if Amy used Cue Cards which I believe she did once (pretty sure I saw them). Though Sheldon could be so engrossed in his conversation with Leonard that he is too distracted lol. On the subject of coitus 2.0 something big is on the cards (could be a pun there for you Stephen lol). I think it's going to be a spontaneous kind of event this time around. Imagine something like this: Sheldon and Amy are walking up the stairs and are having one of their classic talks about science or verbally jousting about something, you then get a slight pause scene between them with both breathing heavily and some serious eye coitus going on. The scene switches to Penny who is having a conversation with Leonard about something in 4A and she hears a loud slam of the door to 4B, thinking she is going to have to mediate between her friends again because they have had argument she opens the door and finds an outer clothing trail leading to 4B. Penny being the Shamy shipper in chief has a coy smile on her face and repeats a like similar to the one in episode 4 like a 'go get it girl'. Then the scene pans to 4B with clothing everywhere and you see a scene with Shamy in bed with a big smile on their faces and a cracking piece of dialogue about them finally giving in and it was so worth it. Maybe a bit too risque for a sitcom? They have done the clothing trail before iirc with Leonard and that girl Howard was going out with, or wanted to be with (can't remember her name). Is it too OOC? I don't think so, not after you have dressed up, hair gelled Sheldon Lee Cooper, laying a petal trail, preparing wine, dancing the flamenco, dropping a pencil and bending over with a ton of sexual innuendo. Not OOC at all from what we have seen recently LOL.
  44. 11 points
    As I've said before I think they're preparing for the worst case scenario in that yes, this could be the last season. And if that's the case they have at best half a season to wrap the show up. But with Shamy going so slow over the years they kinda need to play catch up here to get them to a point where they can wrap up their story. But it can go either way in the second half of the season depending on how the negotiations go. And if they have one or two more years they can still tell silly stories with Shamy living together and being quirky as ever - so it's not like their well of story opportunities will run dry anytime soon. Also, I have to say that it's perfect how all these changes coming so sudden because they're living together for the first time. It's believable that the dramatically increased intimacy and closeness would accelerate their growth as a couple.
  45. 11 points
    The part about Sheldon dropping the pencil and bending for Amy to notice his a$$ really cracked me up TBH.
  46. 11 points
    Just saw the sneak peek. Can I say again how much I love Shamy in 4B? Amy came in like she's lived in that apartment all her adult life, and the way Sheldon moves around so comfortably in the kitchen? Wow! Just Wow! I wonder if Sheldon moved the couch and table all on his own? And that table? He never wanted a dining table in 4A, but look at him now. I can't think of anything else to say that hasn't already been commented on, but I'm just loving this. Every scene with them cohabitating just gets better and better. They look so domesticated that it feels almost like a TBBT spin off of Shamy. My prediction is something major is going to happen before the experiment ends that is going to keep them together. To separate them after all this would be ludicrous and a regression of their progress. One more thing, they are too happy now to not have finally figured out how to sleep peacefully in the same bed.
  47. 10 points
    So this is interesting. I guess my take is: I think Amy talks a big game, but she's as inexperienced as Sheldon is. Her impulsiveness will precipitate her in a situation, but once she's in, she frequently freezes. Sheldon's the opposite. He'll dig his heels in, but once he's in, he's all in. Take the Shamy's kisses in Season Seven, for example. What we saw on-screen was generally far more relaxed and confident (not to say assertive) body language from Sheldon than we ever saw from Amy. Take Opening Night. Amy was giddy and excited right up until the moment of truth, at which point the realisation came crashing down on her and she needed Sheldon to reassure her - which he did, wonderfully. And post-coitus, I tihnk Amy's enjoyed being inducted into the Girls Who Have Done It club. She's enjoyed the hints and innuendo and strutting and acting the part of the sexually voracious Jezebel. But maybe, just maybe, it's a role. As much as she may love and desire said boyfriend, as much as she may enjoy the part of the woman of the world, she may freak out at the actuality of a boyfriend champing at the bit. She may even...slightly resent being (unintentionally and implicitly) called on her bluff? And - as much as she may say that she'd love a more sentimental, a more romantic boyfriend - the actuality of rose petals on the floor may give her the hives and gross her out? And also maybe, just maybe, when she's at work and puzzling over a problem, she doesn't particularly appreciate it when her boyfriend basically starts humping her leg! Although, not gonna lie, I would have loved for Amy to have swooned over something completely random that anyone else would find ridiculous. Like the plaid knickerbockers or whatever monstrosity that I will have to watch through my fingers because I will be giggling and cringing so hard.
  48. 10 points
  49. 10 points
    Agree, Sheldon wants Amy badly and they are not ready for a baby yet. I think it was the lab cells experiement that got influence in his brain that made him to say something that might lead to sex, lol! Hormones can be tricky, dear Shelly! After all he has testosterone as every men else and he's learning that he needs to use some. #For Science That made me laugh all morning!! Rose petals? Flamenco? Sheldon? These three things in same sentence? Gosh, I think I would pay for see all of that right now! #For Science, of course!! Your gif is brillliant, lol!!
  50. 10 points
    Wow,am I really woke up and not dreaming? A shamy kiss in ep 7 and a seductive Sheldon in ep8 and he even talk about having children?! Horny Sheldon was one of my shamy fan dreams and it came true Wait, I need a minute. Or maybe a few more...*fan girls* Thank you so much @shamydawson for providing these snipets. Hope you had a blast in the tapping
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