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    Cold Open: stairs, all 4 guys carrying take-out, Leonard asks Raj how things are going with the girl he is dating and Raj says he ended it with her, when asked why he says because she didn't want to see him anymore. Sheldon says some people are not destined for a mate like Newton who was a virgin till death, Raj says he is not a virgin. The guys express sorrow to Raj who says "I'm fine" to which Sheldon continues on. Howard says what Raj means is he is clearlt not fine. And Sheldon says if people mean the opposite of what they say, then Howard could be wrong. The guys walk in and the girls are there (yea all 7 scene) and they ask what the guys are talking about. Sheldon goes into it and Raj says again "I'm fine which means I don't want to talk about it". Sheldon is frustrated because he wishes it was easier to know what people are really feeling without words. Howard tells him there is a trial experiment going on for a human emotions detector. At first Sheldon is leary but everyone thinks it would be great. Meanwhile Raj says maybe he should ask his ex-girlfriends what went wrong, get them all together. Everyone agrees thats a bad idea. Next scene: comic book store, Raj asks Leonard what he plans to do with Sheldon's old room...he says game room. Sheldon tells Leonard he wanted a game room but Amy said no. Howard comes over and excitingly tells Sheldon he got a hold of the machine for him. Next scene: 4A (pink coffee maker now there and liquor bottles on top of fridge) penny is on her tablet and Leonard comes out from the bedroom says he measured his new game room and his dream tv will fit (if he removes boards OR that is so big he can see it from work). Penny asks him to hold off aa Randall might come stay with them. Leonard asks why and Penny says her Dad wants her to help get him an interview at her company. Leonard asks won't they mind an ex-convict drug dealer and Penny says Pharmaceuticals is just a fancy word for drugs anyway. Leonard is clearly miffed so Penny asks him how long would he be staying, Penny says few days, more, who knows. She asks Leonard if he has a problem, he lies and says no, they hug and peck and Leonard says Randall will enjoy carrying his drugs in a brief case better than a balloon in his rectum (this was re-written a few of Leonards like and 2nd-3rd takes had the sitting hug as 1st didn't..to me they softened it up) Next scene (playback) Howard/Bernadette kitchen with Raj. Bernadette asks Raj if he really thinks its a good idea to contact all the ex's together, it will crush him, (meanwhile Raj has already begun plan the event). It was a quick scene. Next scene: Sheldon's office (Sheldon, Amy, Howard). They are beginning to try the emotion detector machine that monitors the persons lines and expressions and such and an app on Sheldons phone determines the basic emotions by a smiley face system. Howard jokes it can determine if Amy wants to think about her choices (impling dating Sheldon---eyes roll). Amy has a laptop and begins looking a pics and the machine will pick up her emotion and Sheldon will go by that. First he says "happy" and Amy excitingly says yes cause its a pic of puppys, Sheldon sorta agrees but not with their tiny pointy teeth. Next pic he says sad and Amy says softly yes its a picture of her Grandma to which Sheldon says makes sense you probably miss her and you worry about getting her turkey neck. Amy's emotion change and Sheldon says "oh wait now you are angry". Back to 4A, Leonard at kitchen island, Penny walks out and asks Leonard to help look at her brother's resume. Leonard makes a crack about Randall's prison career. In walks Shamy and Sheldon is holding the detector saying "If you're happy and you know it no need to clap your hands, I'll know it". Shamy walks to the Island and Leonard says he is happy for Sheldon and Sheldon says he knows its true because his phone shows a happy smiley. Amy sees the resume and asks Penny whats she is doing, Penny tells her and Sheldon says Leonard is angry about it. Leonard denies but sheldon's machine keeps picking up angry faces. Penny asks Leonard and he finally says "fine, I am angry, how could you not ask me if its ok to have your drug dealer ex-con brother stay with us". penny now gets defensive saying she didn't think she would have to check with him since its her brother. Sheldon's machine shows them both as angry. Lenny make a few jabs like Penny defends that Randall wouldn't live with them forever, he would eventually get his own place. Leonard says when has he ever lived alone, Penny says he has, Leonard says where aside from a place with a nearby metal toliet (implying prison), Penny says that still countd. Amy tells Sheldon to stop and he points the machine at her and he says "then stop enjoying this too" (implying they are both enjoying this). Then Penny says to Leonard consider this payback for making her live with Sheldon (2 versions, one Sheldon says she was lucky to live with him, 2nd is he let her share his honeynut cheerios to which Penny snaps back that she was invoiced for those). Sheldon is offended and Amy pats Sheldons back and says they should go, Shamy proceeds to leave and Sheldon says can he storm off and Amy says it looses its impact if they discuss it, so he says instead he'll give them the finger (which is an angry thumbs down), Amy gives a half one and stop. They exit. Next: Raj's apartment (Lucy, Claire, Emily and deaf Emily, Howard & Raj). Ladies are seated around the coffee table. Raj explains he gathered them all together to find out what went wrong in there relationships. He explains that Howard is there to translate for Emily and take notes. Deaf Emily signs and Howard says I agree this is crazy. Raj then says its confusing there are two Emilys so he said emily Sweeny is red-head emily (but deaf Emily is also a red head), 2nd take called deaf Emily "Emily Jr". She signs angrily and Howard says "hey you dates him". Raj suggests they go around the room introducing themselves and why they broke up. First up is Lucy. She admits she has severe social anxiety and Raj kept pushing her into uncomfortable situations to which Howard says "like this one" and she shakes her head yes and sinks into her seat. Raj tells him to right he has personal boundary issues and Howard says/writes Shmuck. Deaf Emily says he was too dictated by what his parents said and Emily Sweeny agreed saying he was a mamas boy. Raj tells Howard to write good son. Then its Claire who said he was too needy, and then said he was too into his look with shaping eyebrows and Raj's cuts her off. Then its Emily Sweeny. She says she is uncomfortable saying it in front of Howard. Raj says he doesn't mind so she begins to say "well when we were in bed" and Raj says "leave". (Done a few different ways). Clearly Raj is getting upset so Lucy says "there is something good about dating Raj". Raj jumps in and says "thank you and yes I'll go out with you again". Lucy says "no, I mean I learned what not to do in a relationship for my next one". All the women agree and Emily Sweeny starts talking about her new man Gary and Howard asks for his spelling. Raj cuts him off and asks them all if they moved on to better relationships and they all agree (and Claire says a little before actually). Howard steps in to defend the deflated Raj. He says he is proud that he is putting himself out there and trying to fix it, both sorta one arm hug and Emily Sweeny says "I'm actually surprised you two (howard/raj) never got together. Howard says "like you ladies I had to ho through this to find Bernadette" and Raj weirdly agrees. Next scene (playback) 4B. We see Amy at the island mixing a salad calling Sheldon out for dinner saying she made beefloaf not meatloaf as she knows how much he hates non-describe meals. He doesn't come out so she walks into the bedroom and we see Sheldon cuddled sorta diagonal with a pillow. Amy asks whats wrong and he is disappointed because he really thought he was getting better at reading peoples emotions and she says he has, look at all the times he knows when she is upset to which he says she's sorta a downer and he quickly apologized for that. Amy climbs over behind him and says they all have challenges like you and says "although probably cause of my dad" to which she takes off her glasses and says without these all I see is a blurry blob. She rubs his arm and tells him to stop using the machine, then lingerly kisses his cheek and says she loves him to which he turns and say "I Agree with that, I love you too. Can you put your glasses back on you look like a weirdo". Next scene (4B door). Lenny knocks, Sheldon answers and Lenny says they owe him an apology and Sheldon says I forgive you for taking my suitcase when I wasn't home. Leonard says not that, but for yelling at him because he was in the middle of their fight. And Leonard says also the suitcase to which Sheldon said he had to throw it out as a sock was in there. Sheldon asks are they ok now and Lenny says yes, Penny said she will tell her Dad its just not a good time to which Leonard rubs her back and says "he won't get mad at his little girl" to which immediately Penny says he won't because it was Leonard's idea, Leonard says "you're going throw me under the bus?" And Penny says "I'm gonna throw you so fast I'll break windows". Sheldon says "wait are you getting angry again" and they look snarky back and he shouts "yes I can read emotions I don't need the machine, and slams the door". Tag: whole gang at 4A eating and Sheldon is still a little bummed about reading emotions, so Amy (or Raj) says pregnant women have a great insight into that. Leonard says "but they can't get Sheldon pregnant" so Sheldon asks Bernadette what he is thinking and she says "you think you are better than us, we are all be beneath you". He is shocked and tells Howard to keep having babies. Ok I am exhausted so probably typos and errors. Will try to review later. BTS: everyone very chatty. Jim was Jim with pacing so no toe hangup. Kaley said at railing "not sure what you've all heard but I for one want this to keep going. Never heard her word it that way. Mayim kept making like clawing motions toward Jim and others. All messed up except Melissa and Mayim. While filled studio, there were still some seats so my guess everyone got in of standbys. The playback we all know, but I am trying to keep this post non-bias so I may handle those in the ship threads. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The following is from kerrycec03: Title The Emotion Detection Automation Raj brings all ex girlfriends to find out what he did wrong. Sheldon uses a machine to read peoples emotions better. Uses it on Lenny who are fighting because Penny's Dad asked her to help her bro get an interview, didn't check with Leonard Sheldon gets insulted they make fun of his machine and Shamy leave, they have a really tender Shamy moment when Sheldon is upset cause he thought he was getting better at reading emotions, Amy says he has and they all have challenges like she needs glasses (then removes them), she kisses his cheek in bed (not bedtime) and they exchange ILYs and he tells her to put back on her glasses as she looks weird. Lenny come to apologize and Sheldon can sense they are mad still at each other and is happy he can read the emotions. Lenny does have a hug on couch after she first mentions her brother Will do more details but cliff notes. Lenny's tiff is normal married sorta stuff. We get a mention of Amy's father (but tell Shamys to not go nuts its a one line) lol The Lenny Relationship Agreement was NOT mentioned nor was the tiff resolved on screen.
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    Def no sense of overgrown child from Sheldon in this one TBH. If anything he is working hard to better himself. And when Amy is consoling him (finally not Penny!!) its how a partner would to a partner, not parent/child Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No matter what the content of a taping report or a spoiler is, and no matter if we like these contents or not, let me say a big thank you to all the wonderful people who provide us with taping reports or spoilers. In this case @kerrycec03. We mustn't take them for granted, and especially the full taping reports are certainly a lot of work. So again...thank you!
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    I know many had feelings about the playback. Its a rough Lenny one and an uber cute Shamy. The Shamy make-out isn't as steamy as I thought but still Shamy awkward hot (for those of us who adore the awkwardness). The RA part actually to me isn't the worst, its the most hopeful part of Lenny in the episode. But I am a glass half full person so in some ways the constant bickering may help to bring a resolve to an otherwise boring couple to me. I think this one will be tough be the writers drive home the differences between Shamy and Lenny (even in the car Leonard says all couples start with attraction and then it fizzles which we know is not how Shamy started). Regardless its a rough one but trust me they aren't on the backburner. I'm trying hard to comment and be nice on this one. I felt for my lenny friends. For more shamy I will reserve for Shamy thread for obvious reasons Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hmmm. Well, Raj's plot sounds like the best part of the episode. Mirabile dictu! Did you ever think those words would be uttered? Not that I am hating the sound of the shamy stuff. It sounds sweet. But the Raj stuff seems to represent real movement for a long-neglected character. Phew. Now on to Lenny. And I don't know how to wrap my head around this: For a long time we had this tiresome 'three person marriage' with SLP. This season they finally seemed to be moving past that by having Sheldon move out. But on some level they still seem to flirt with the idea of bringing in a third. If not Sheldon (Leonard and Penny's surrogate brother), then possibly Penny's actual brother. And yes, i know it was just flirted with and isn't happening, but - Just give Lenny their own plots and let them sort themselves out, show.
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    Thank you sooooo much, Kerry! <3 Wow, is this the greatest Shamy season, or what? I think almost every single episode this season we've had at least one very cute Shamy moment, and more than not there have been just spectacular Shamy episodes all around. This is definitely another one. I may be a bit of a weirdo -- I don't respond to physical or "steamy" stuff as much as most people. Don't get me wrong, when Shamy kiss or make love I lose my mind because it's them, but I have to say these declarations of love and tender moments where they just simply show their love for each other in non-sexual ways (as in, a tender kiss on the cheek, but not like a makeout or sex) are my absolute favorite. I love love love that we have another ILY. And I love so much that it's casual. It's not a I'm-Saying-This-For-The-First-Time ILY and it's not a Getting-Back-Together ILY. It's just an ILY because they love each other. And I also love that they don't say it all the time, either. I think they probably say it more often than we see on camera, but I definitely don't think they're the types to say it all the time. They just understand that they love each other. But when they do actually say it, it's so special and tender. It's like the perfect balance. Other than that, I love how Amy is supporting Sheldon in this episode and comforting him. And I love that Sheldon so badly wants to understand other people's emotions to the point that he's clearly melancholy about his perceived failure at it. He really has changed so extraordinarily much. The writers just keep giving us gift after gift and I don't want to be greedy and ask for more, but I really, REALLY think a proposal is just right around the corner. I think they're waiting on renewals to determine whether it will happen sooner than the season finale, but I think it will happen this season no matter what. And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking excited for the proposal. :D
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    They seem to be driving home how comfortable these two are with comforting each other, loving each others quirks & flaws and so many little looks and touches!!! Shamy this season is more adorable then ever. In the playback they are the gold standard. My how far they've come. Not gonna lie I enjoyed Penny being knocked down from that pedestal in the playback lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well guys, apparently we got some nice info about Amy's family in this episode....So, she had a grandmother who probably passed away and had a turkey neck and she took her bad eyes from her father. The writers are really showering us with info falling directly from her family tree, LOL! Joking apart, I'm beyond excited she mentioned somehow her father finally, we need to know more about him...
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    After checking out some other forum rooms I have decided that this is the room for me. There is too much negativity about the show and it's characters otherwise. Kind of a downer....I guess I am kind of surprised to see that on a fan sight.
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    Awwww I have so many feels - season 10 is the best !!!! Thanks so so [email protected] . I really appreciate all the time you took to write the tr , I hope you had an amazing time x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Reading the amazing tr , it really does seem like the writers are driving home that Shamy ( team Shamy ) are now very much on equal ground, supporting & loving each other quirks and all, admitting that yes they both have things that make them not "normal" or "perfect " to others but to each other they are. I adore that so much, it really is I love you quirks and all for those two . They have both matured and grown so much but in such an organic way while still holding onto the traits which make them my favourite couple , Sheldon is treated by Amy as an adult and partner in their relationship , none of the babying Meemaw & Penny seem to unnecessarily do, I really am a very happy Shipper ! Again so grateful to those who take time & spend the money to go to these tapings and so generously give us all the juicy gossip !!! Thank you x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Btw my posts keep doubling ! - sorry !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the TR and the spoilers @kerrycec03 , I hope you had a great time at the taping and have a safe journey home! Sounds like there are some funny and especially sweet moments between them. Boy is Sheldon trying so hard to improve his Emotional Intelligence! Like @April said it sounds like a carry on from the previous episode and Sheldon trying to read people better. Interesting there was a reference to her father, so the 10.12 line in the car was a clue?! It will be interesting to see if they expand the lore of Amy's family even further in the future or not. As @mirs1 said mutual ILY declarations are rare with these two, but with the way this season is going maybe we start to see it more? Can't wait to see some of the interactions between these two in this one! Thanks again!
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    I like the sound of this episode. I'm happy to see Lucy again, I liked her, but not as Raj's girlfriend, so it's good she is in an episode and with no expectation to date Raj again. Also a bit weird to have her, Emily from S. 5, Claire and Emily S. at the same table talking of the only thing they (sadly) had in common. I don't expect that Raj will change that much after this, but it's the closer he has ever gotten to a life-changing experience. In any event, I must admit it's the first time in ages that I'm looking forward to a Raj's plot! As for Lenny, it's frustrating that they are fighting again, I completely understand why people are complaining; anyway, I like Leonard more when he shows a bit of a back bone, if he didn't want Randall in his home, good for him that he fought for that. I like how supportive Howard was during the episode; he found the prototype of the emotions reading machine for Sheldon and he stayed with Raj during his...intervention (I don't know how else to call it...). It looks like the episode had good material for everybody...
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    OMG after reading the full report, Who is not in love with the shamy scene in bed talking?, the kiss on the cheek and the ILY, I'm really in heaven right now, how they do to this to me? more than two weeks to see it!
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    No Jim was in regular shoes, pacing, bouncing out, no signs of foot issues lol. Full TR out on season 10 board Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This! Shamy reached that point that is so important to both feel the other is doing well and to show support everytime the other needs it and it is so insightful to see in this time in their relationship, as they are more bonded emotionally and knows that for be happy themselves the other must be happy too. I think after we see them talking about reading the feelings of each other in 10.12 that it was very well thought from the writers we could see Sheldon still working on it and Amy supports him , what shows that she is working on trust more in Sheldon's actions too and being thoughtfull about his intentions, I mean, reading what is behind his actions, even when he does them in a very quirky way like using a machine like happened in this taping. One of my shamy dreams was they could act physical , emotional and intelectually like every couple who love each other and we are having all of this in this season , with the bonus of they live together now which really was the catalyst for they are so good and so bonded like they are now. When Sheldon proposes Amy I will be the happiest fan as they will be really ready for sharing their lives forever in their own and happy universe. Without fears or hesitations. This taping report made so much my day!
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    Thanks a ton for the TR, @kerrycec03!! I hope you had a great time at the taping!! <3 I'm loving the sound of the Shamy story. I really like that they seem to pick up from the car scene in 10x12 when Amy points out his specific issues with reading emotions and now Sheldon wants to do something about it. I also like that it's compared to Amy having to wear glasses: It's not a personality flaw but has biological causes (in Sheldon's case most likely neurological so Amy would know about that). Also the mutual ILYs and the kiss on the cheek! And yeah, I guess the context when they mention Amy's father might not be super exciting but the mere fact that it happened after we hoped for that for so long is already pretty exciting in itself. Anyway, can't wait for more news. Have a save trip home, Kerry!!
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    Oh @kerrycec03, it's difficult to not freak out when finally at least we know that Amy's father exists! I hope that might be the writers starting to "unveil the mystery" around Amy's family, LOL! It sounds a lovely episode for Shamy, they exchange ILY, this is very rare for them and Amy is supportive with him...I hope you had a great time. Did you watched 10.13? what do you think about it?
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    Thanks to Kerry for reporting back so quickly. Thanks to you too Tensor for posting :-)
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    Quoting myself because: Even if it was just a teeny tiny mention I'm excited about Amy mentioning her dad. And look, he is/was a glass wearer too! Lol I love this more than you'd expect because I had always pictured them standing next to each other wearing their quirky neon glasses...getting ahead of myself here :D Anyway, could this mean that there will be a future storyline with him? Especially since there should be an engagement in this season?? Pretty please TPTB??? I also wanted an episode where we would see how Shamy deal with drama now that they live together and here it is! I appreciate the sight (thought for now) of Sheldon being sad and seeking refuge in THEIR bedroom with Amy comforting him there. The writers are painting a beautiful picture of all the big and small changes that the living arrangements have brought for Shamy in a subtle way. Of course Amy has comforted Sheldon before but it's lovely to see how that has evolved now that they live together...Honestly, if I didn't find it creepy because Molaro isn't a celebrity, I would find a picture of him, stick a Santa Claus hat on his head and use it as my avatar. All year round. LOL * Now I want to order a side of career success for Amy and I'll be set.
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    Don't worry, people still like the show plenty in here!
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    Same here! After reading the shamy scene very detailed in their bedroom in this taping and the few tips from 10.13 I am really looking foward to seeing both episodes on screen. It is better than Christmas, it 's like that feeling we get when we make our most wished dream coming true. I am so happy and I can't hide it,lol! Our shamy rocks!
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    I'm really looking forward to 10.13 at this point, too bad we have to wait a whole week for that! But maybe today or tomorrow we might have the promo pics...The countdown starts, this season almost every episode is like Christmas for us! S. 10 so far is the best season ever for Shamy!
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    I guess it depends on viewpoints/opinions. I still really love the show and don't think it's declining in quality. I didn't care for a few episodes in season 8 and a couple in the back half of season 9 but I've really enjoyed this season and look forward to new episodes. I love all the characters and would be pleased to see them remain on screen for a few more seasons. I would hate for Johnny and Kaley to leave so I won't be signing any petitions! I'm sure if they were unhappy, they'd do something about it themselves.
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    Second @mirs1 words, it 's difficult to not freak out when finally we get a mention about Amy's father, lol. I really hope indeed that we get more details about her family, maybe it might be one of the plotlines for upcoming episodes. This episode really sounds a lovely one for our couple. They dont exchange ily often unless it 's a meaningful moment and just for thinking about it I am here melted and anxious for watching it on screen. And Amy being supportive with Sheldon, as she understands him so well and knows him so well, this is pure shamy goodness Btw, I have forgotten earlier, my brain was blurry of sleep yet, lol. @kerrycec03 I hope you had a fabulous time on taping. Any bts you had noticed? Thanks again for be so generous with us
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    Good morning, shamies. From Dt, I am sharing this post. We have spoilers!! Thanks so much @kerrycec03 for reporting them back. There was a line about Amy's father ( the girld had one, finaly a mention about that!) , there were shamy Ily and a kiss on Sheldon's cheek. My morning started good!
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    OMG you just gave me soooo many feels !!! I'm too excited for a proposal and agree that's where they're headed !!!! Squeeeeeee ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Agree this Lenny fighting storyline is getting tiresome. Cannot believe the writers cannot come up with better storylines for them. They should listen to the fans as they did when they had them re-do the wedding ceremony. I can probably come up with a few storylines alone: Penny winning a sales award and possibly getting a promotion, Priya returning to cause chaos for Lenny, Lenny visiting her parents in Nebraska. Think any of these would be more interesting than what they are giving us now.
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    OMG thanks a lot, more I read about the episode and the other one, more and more happy I am, you made my day! Yeah!
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    (Edit: i was afraid this was actually a joke, but Hollywood reporter and the radio gave the news, so I'm posting it here...) Can't wait It's a political talk show (kinda) and it starts January 20th (coincidentally)
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    I would realy liked to have a chance of asking writers why this all lenny frustrating plotlines by these days. Couples fight, true. Two person would never agree about everything and have never similar pov about all things but couples in love work them out , as they try to get a balanced place for the things they dont agree. The feeling I get and dont get me wrong, as fan of the show I am upset too for lenny recent diference of opinions and not much peaceful place to them be in their relationship , is the frustrating crescendo the characthers week after week might have been kept for themselves. Lenny love each other and they have been very different since first time they met. So so far nothing too much changed on board. So why they can't have character evolution and envolve as any another tbbt couple? There are so many things as a married couple lenny could get into , I cant believe writers get lazy about writing them. Writers have shown that they still can be creative with plotlines after 10 seasons. Maybe they would put the rest of tbbt characters quietly in backgound as they develop what is missing in lenny ' s world for a few episodes. They were used to be passionate and enthusiastic, Leonard with his more romantic heart, Penny with her more pratical side but always so dedicated to each other. That love flame is not dead, it only needs to be ignite with situations that get credit to their best traits. They love each other, we only need them to show it week after week as a new married situation catch them for we laugh about and make aww as well. Writers, let's work about lenny relationship please. The most difficult is done, Sheldon moved out from 4 A and he is really determined to love his Amy forever and alone with her. So let 's show why lenny is one of best sitcom couples ever!
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    Yeah really revealing lol. She might not have even met her father, she could have been told by her mother that her eyesight was inherited from him. Still such a mystery that hopefully will be explored further some time.
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    Agree. I would also love Amy' s mother visited her for we see how she and Sheldon would get along. After that Skype call so many years ago it would be awesome if we saw what Amy's mother would think of Sheldon and Amy's relationship. I am a bit greedy about details, as much I get,more I want, lol! Cant help myself,love details The bad eyes was a very true tip. I have bad eyes too and it is indeed from father's side. Althoug I wear most of time contact lenses, I think it is nice Amy wears glasses, as she is lovely wearing them. The tip Sheldon said about she looked weirdo without glasses reminds me a couple who I am friends with. He says she is a weirdo tenderly when she removed her glasses. I think Sheldon might have a bit of tender in his mind as he asked to Amy put her glasses on again, lol. One of the things I am most proud of Sheldon this season and this tr mentions somehow is Sheldon wants to read people emotions as it is something that would help his interactions with them and not only a thing he can do it, you know. And it would be also something that would be helpful in his and Amy 's relationship. I am really proud of Amy too for her to know Sheldon does his best and she doesnt think less of him a second for that. They are really two souls with their hearts bonded for better and worse
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    Thanks again for the further info @kerrycec03, it's greatly appreciated! I hope you had a great time! Got to say I am really looking forward to these next two episodes, they sound interesting in so many ways as well as some very nice Shamy moments. If it's the last season then this will go down as Shamy's greatest ever season, just so much to love about these characters right now.
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    I would like to see them take Raj in a positive direction. Most likely, this is a Raj centered waste of time. Just last night I saw a rerun of the Valentine's episode where he originally met Lucy in the comic book store. He gives that nice speech about how they're not losers just because they're not in relationships. Then, when Lucy agrees to go with him for coffee he, as usual, acts like a giant ass. This is who he is. It would be nice if the writers were as concerned with transforming him as they are Sheldon. Not sure why the original Emily is getting any kind of positive reception. She was a gold digger that used Raj for what he could give her. Saying she dumped him because his parents had too much influence on him is untrue. She dumped him because his parents were going to cut off the money. If they're going in this direction they can bring back the 'Whore of Omaha' and have her break up Howardette. That should be good for a laugh or two... (Sarcasm) Don't want a million angry replies.... I like Howardette....
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    @kerrycec03: Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this huge TR!! <3 Glad to hear Jim is doing fine with his fractured toe.
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    Thank you for spending the time to inform us. You did a great job. Really hope you had a good time Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, here it goes my theory she was a test tube baby! But, at least we now know her father exists\existed, now we can start to make up theories about who he is. It's a glorious day for Amy! LOL!
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    Well, so much for hoping that the relationship agreement meant more thought would be given to Lenny. Flip tables, my Lenny friends. I will hold your coats for now until I read the full TR (thanks, Kerry, and I hope you had a lovely time!). After I read the TR, I might flip tables with you. on the upside: Are they trying to fix Raj? I agree with Jonny that it's best to keep expectations low, but the mere fact that this doesn't seem like a Raj's Harem story is...sort of encouraging? Maybe? and merciful heavens, we have a mention of a father for Amy! And here I was thinking she had sprung, fully-formed and garbed from head to toe in polyester and wool, from her mother's brow. Goodness me. well, the writers give and they take away, I suppose.
  41. 9 points
    Nope Leonard was right Penny was wrong. Not just get a job but stay with Lenny in 4A (her bro). Leonard isn't the bad guy at all. Penny should have checked first. You'll see when I do the whole report. I have an early morning flight but also don't want Lenny fans jumping to any conclusions on knee jerk reactions. I am a realistic person and playback episode is rough BUT this one not so much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  42. 9 points
    Thanks so much to @kerrycec03 for reporting back so quickly and to @Tensor for posting
  43. 9 points
    Jim's NYC trainer Don Saladino posted a video on IG where he has one of his clients (actor Billy Crudup) best Jim's sled push...the video is pretty funny and then they got at each other in the comments. therealjimparsons Ha! This is ridiculous! As soon as I get back there, I'm pushing you on that sled all the way out the window! donsaladino @therealjimparsons well bring it then!!!! benbrunotraining Hahahaha love it!!!! (Jim's LA trainer)
  44. 8 points
    Thank you so much @kerrycec03 for that great tr! I'm so in love with this season, seriously. Every episode has had something sweet and or emotional growth-y in it. What a time to be a Shamy fan. I don't know who it was that said they weren't really *that* interested in the make-outs and coitus (even though they didn't mind, at all!) and I have to agree with said person... I love Shamy's adorable, cuteness. I find pleasure in the little moments, so I guess episode 14 will be my kind of episode. Am I the only one who thinks Sheldon calling Amy a weirdo without her glasses is adorable? I don't know why that's so cute to me... if it was any of the other couples on the show, it could come across as insulting, just my opinion. And then, Amy's dad... he's been an elusive one, but dankie baie, writers... you're doing a good job of keeping the crazy, into-details fans happy. I can't wait for the next two episodes. This is just paradise, really. Although, my heart goes out to the Lennys... they have not had the best of weeks. Am I a bitch to be kind of pleased that our couple is (finally) the alpha one now? Anyway... I think it'll be smooth sailing for the ship for the rest of the season.
  45. 8 points
    There is a lot of anger around, but me, I'm sort of gutted and incredibly sad. There are other things contributing to that. After watching a farewell speech by our outgoing President last night and facing what comes next, I am in need of Lenny lightness to get me through things. Alas for me, what we have is additional arguing and bickering. I wonder what this is leading to. What will be the payoff? There is always a payoff one way or another. A breakup would be a bit more catastrophic in Season 10 as the couple is now married. To go back to square 1 in a post "The Wheaton Recurrence" sort of way would be more than major. I suppose that would allow Sheldon (& Amy) to move (back) to 4A. The hopeful shipper in me does not think that could happen. I'm hoping for an appearance by Dr. B. Hofstadter to perhaps provide some therapy (CBS aired The Line Substitution Solution on Monday. My heart soared when Penny reacted so positively when Bev observed how happy Leonard was in his marriage) for my favorite couple. Just wanting to think lovely thoughts for Penny and Leonard......
  46. 8 points
  47. 8 points
    First of all, thank you @kerrycec03 for your detailed report and I hope you had fun! Sigh. My expectations for the rest of the season (series?) couldn't be lower. It seems like they're letting Lenny fight just for the sake of it, because they have no idea what else to write. The worst part is: they don't seem to resolve anything. Lenny fight, we don't see them talk things out, cut to the next episode where they're fighting again and still don't work things out. Why on earth am I still watching? Johnny, Kaley: please quit. I'm begging you.
  48. 8 points
    Because sometimes too many "not too bads" doesn't do it for me. I'm ready for a "really good." My Lenny deserves some really good.
  49. 8 points
    Yeah, a major plus point is it sounds like none of them are going to get back with him. We will have to see how it plays out but it sounds like they are just there to give him a bit of a life lesson as to how he made them feel and why ultimately he can't keep a relationship going. It all comes down to if he takes it on board and with that you just never know with him.
  50. 8 points
    Yeah, it's only the second one in total. The other one was in 9x10. Beyond that it was only ever one of them saying it or admitting it to others. So yes, it's special indeed! <3
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