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    I'm sorry, I can't help but feel amused by people still surprised that actors have political views that they are not shy to air in award shows. It's basically a long standing tradition now and probably half the audience expects at least someone to speak up - especially in times like these. This is as much part of the show as the pretty dresses and whatever else people expect when they tune in to an awards show. So yeah, go Simon! \o/
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    This isn't a performance. They're not there to act or dance like monkeys. They're there as themselves and it's their right to state their opinions where they want and whenever they want. No offense, JMO.
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    As an American, our 1st Amendment rights guarantee us free speech. And regardless of a persons "JOB", whether it be a salesperson, an operator, an actor, or whatever, we have the right to speak up and say something. The person who's job just happens to be an actor, shouldn't matter. They just have a bigger audience at what they say and/do. But they still have a right to say something and speak out because the first thing we all are, are Americans and this, what is going on, affects ALL of us in this country and actually, it affects ALL OF US on this planet.
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    Last I checked he has every right to voice his opinion where he wants and whenever he wants. And I'm glad he and his wife did.
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    I think Simon is well aware that people might disagree with him, just like Johnny. I think he just doesn't care because my guess is that this issue is more important to him which I don't blame either of them for. Just to be clear: if someone had worn a Trump t-shirt that would've been their right, too. And on that note, let's agree to disagree on this. Re: Jim -- I'm not familiar with how it's decided where people sit and why, but I was also surprised that Jim sat somewhere else.
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    They were adorable, as always. Only hearts filled of goodness could perform such beautiful love story in such realistic way. Thanks majim!
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    Well done, Simon. Raise your voice.
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    What was he going to do ? Jim had two nomination to Sag awards, as we both know he can't split himself in two pieces to sit at both tables, so he has to sit at one table. This time he choose to sit with Hidden figures, another time he could be sitting with Tbbt. I don't really see the problem here to be honest.
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    He wasn't dissing his TBBT castmates. He said it wasn't solely his decision and that the compromise was that the TBBT and HF tables were close together. It's not like he was avoiding them the whole evening or anything. He literally sat back to back with Mayim. Jeez. I'm sure there was quite a bit of pressure to sit with HF cause it's a very prestigious project that's getting a ton of awards right now. When I found out where he would sit I had a hunch that this means HF will win and TBBT won't which is what happened so... yeah.
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    No words needed! Wonderful collection, Luminous! I still love them!And want them to be happy!
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    Kaley was clearly joking and Jim apparently talked that through with everyone weeks ago. "Prestigious" is a word which here means honoured or highly regarded and as such a "very prestigious project" is a phrase that describes a film that is raking in a whole lot of praise from audiences and critics. If you don't think getting nominations and awards left and right doesn't make a prestigious movie then that's your issue, not Jim's. He is very proud of this movie and rightfully so. I don't see a problem with him deciding to stick to HF this time since it seems to be a decision that wasn't taken lightly as a slight to his TBBT colleagues or some such nonsense. Just because TBBT made Jim rich and famous doesn't mean he shouldn't ever support any other project that's dear to his heart.
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    Actor Jim Parsons, winner of the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture award for 'Hidden Figures,' poses in the press room during the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Expo Hall on January 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/actor-jim-parsons-winner-of-the-outstanding-cast-in-a-motion-picture-picture-id633057866
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    Yeah, but not without any lime. I would like to throw this small but true sequence into the further happening. No correction, @hokie. Do you like some Eggnog? But without a napkin, sorry.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to go back to moments like this?
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    Ooops, sorry, but it was so scary quiet around here. The calm before the dawning storm of the week?
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    How is this an insult to his cast mates? (Or are we using some obscure meaning of the word "diss" I'm not aware of?) Do you think the TBBT cast is so thin skinned that they're moping around about this like "boohoo Jim won't sit with us!"?? I mean seriously, this isn't high school. They're adults working in the business. I'm not even sure there was a proper Florence Foster Jenkins table - but if Simon would have ended up sitting there I wouldn't have an issue with that either. And in fact he might have had if the FFJ cast was nominated as an ensemble. But it's not that kind of film so it wasn't. It didn't even have a best movie nomination so I guess it's harder to justify placing Simon there. IMO either way you cut it it's not a "diss" (a word which here means insult), it's an unfortunate situation at most in that one table had to forgo his charming presence during the awards show. But nothing more serious than that.
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    There was no FFJ table as the movie didn't score a nomination. Maryl Streep sat at a table with actors from different movies who, like her, received a nomination without their film having received one, such as the main actors in La-La Land.
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    Kaley seems to be really angry about the many rumors about her threatening to leave the show for a variety of reasons (first we had "envious of attention going to Melissa and demands a pregnancy plot", later "wants to start a family", then major raise and more...). In one of the TR's someone mentioned she said something like "I for one want to keep doing this". I think her statement aboit season 11 being an expensive question made her an easy target, well this and being Kaley Cuoco, which attracts clicks. I can imagine how annoying it is to be marked as the obstacle to continuation.
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    Congrats to the Hidden Figures cast! I can't wait for watching this movie, such a bummer I have to wait until mid March in my Country for that!
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    From Entertainment Tonight (video in the link) Jim Parsons knows who will play young Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory spin-off... but he's not ready to reveal it just yet. The 43-year-old actor spoke to ET's Nancy O'Dell at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where he remained tight-lipped on who the lead would be in the upcoming series surrounding his Big Bang character's younger life. "We do," Parsons responded, when asked if a lead had been chosen for the show. "They're supposed to release it but I'm not going to say." Parsons did reveal, however, that the kid is a gem! "He's wonderful," he shared. "So many kids sent in [tapes] and it was really overwhelming. But this one little guy was really special." "Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro are really heading it but they're always really sweet about asking, 'What would you think?' and I'm like, 'I think it's great,'" he added, regarding his role in the casting process. "I kind of don't want to get in the way too much because whoever the kids is has to do his own thing. You know what I mean? If it's going to be special it has to be related to what's going on but also it's own creature, you know? I'm excited about it though."
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    Let me know if I'm incorrect, but isn't this after the David Underhill situation. They had a slight argument with Penny asking him why he was jealous. Talking things out, they came to an agreement and had a nice Christmas celebration......
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    Awwww they are too cute !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A new picture with Kaley and Johnny. Kaley and Johnny during The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/actors-johnny-galecki-and-kaley-cuoco-seen-during-the-23rd-annual-picture-id633061616
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    Johnny without a scarf at the SAG Awards
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    This one is a bit longer interview from E!
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    Yeah. Kinda, sorta laying low. Just waiting for tomorrow's Taping Report.
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    I didn't see that as talking things out, Leonard was mad that she was dating a physicist that wasn't him, she started crying and he caved. By the way, that scene was one of the reasons I wrote my first TBBT story with the stronger-backed Leonard. And to this day, I hate that episode so much.
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    With HF winning last night many are saying now is a serious contender to La la land, and i think now is more likely Jim will attend to the Oscars. God i hope! I want to see him there so bad!!
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    Then let's start a new discussion: season 10 has not been very kind to us but still we Lennies always find our little cute moments. Which our your favorite season 10 Lenny moments? Here are some of mine: We have the vow renewal of course...until Sheldon's interference. The dance party - definetly my favorite season 10 Lenny up until now! I didn't like the Comic-Con story but it had some nice moments like Leonard being happy for her and preparing and them agreeing there was nithing good about the first guy that says she was bad and doesn't want any change haha The redecoration was cute but Leonard hiding some of the stuff later... I know it was just light humor but it ruined it a little... The Christmas tree sequence was nice but what I liked the most was them all cheerful at the beginning, they were so cute and seemed to be having fun together!
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    Oh God, his hands.....I love his hands !!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good for Simon! The things is art has always been a way of political expression. Take a painting, a song, a poem. An actor represents with his job a way of art, but the person will always be a member of society, and they can express themselves with their art. An artis who makes or has no political stance is the one at fault, imo
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    I agree with @Jonny, I do miss some of the group interactions too. Writers can't focus at same time about group and individual plotlines every week as the characters now are more but one of the things I think tbbt was awesome was how all characters interact as a family and sometimes there are many scenes from litle groups inside the group and it affects the gang dynamic. Lives changes indeed but there are so much potencial for new strories as much the characters embrace new things in their lives that sometimes what we got is good but taste as litle, you know. Hopefully we might see more of this developed soon or in more future seasons. *crosses fingers* And there is a thing that annoys me a bit is the question of wherever is howardette and baby, there will be there Raj or Stuart. They are close friends, they help with Halley but it imo seems a bit too much as they have so much influence in couple's lives. I wish the writers could focus a bit more in Raj for he had his own plotline and who knows, something good for Stuart embrace in his life beyond his role as nanny of Halley. I love so much these characters that I really want all them happy for their own things too and not only for the things their friends got. And it is possible as the show develop equally plotlines for everyone , even we can't see every week all characters included in main plotline. I would not mind at all.
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    JP is wearing Armani and Montblanc studs, from Access Hollywood snap chat:
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    Sometimes you just have to share yourself out fairly. If you've sat with one group nine or ten times already and a new group will only get the chance to have you with them this once, the kind thing is to sit with the new group. With a fair wind and following breeze you'll be with the old group again next year anyway. We don't 'arf need an episode to discuss. Roll on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, not to mention Thursday and Friday. Is anyone going on Tuesday ? Have a great time and please do tell us all about it.
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    1) No one said he can never do wrong. But yes, he appears to be a decent human being. I'm also pretty certain he's capable of talking to people and communicating certain arrangements in advance. I'd even go as far and assume he has pondered the pros and cons with whoever else was involved in this decision. Shocking, I know. 2) The movie is also IN CINEMAS NOW and HE WAS NOMINATED AS PART OF THE WHOLE CAST NOT AS AN INDIVIDUAL so that point is completely moot. 3) His fans seems to be fine with that. As long as he puts on a nice suit and makes a cute selfie with Todd and/or Mayim (and we got both) no one complains. Heck, we even got some cute and funny squabbling with Kaley on top of it. It's an award show - kind of a big deal, sure, but not the biggest deal either. And yes Kaley said she was just making some shit up for the rumours cause there were so many floating around all the time.
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    Won't get into the nitty-gritty politics of it all as this isn't a political forum (thank goodness!) but I will say the whole thing reminds me of the Brexit build up and result, the splits involved in terms of class and affluence and the inability for some sections of society to comprehend the end result. Simon and his wife are entitled to their views just as is someone else on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Politics is so tribal and so messy. In terms of Jim sitting with the Hidden Figures actors and production staff I don't see the issue here and it is up to him where he sits. If anyone associated with TBBT has a problem with it then that's their prerogative though I doubt we would hear anything about it if they were. Sad to see the show not win an award.
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    Indeed he does, but as a person who makes his living by pleasing as large an audience as possible he has to be aware that MANY of his viewers disagree and in fact may well not pay to see the next project he is in , me for one. We all have political opinions Kaley for example wore a Hillery sweatshirt once on the show and posted a non specific Instagram after the election, nothing that would lose her fans but got her feelings across, Simon it appears needs to learn subtlety because writing your opinion on your wife's boobs with a sharpie for a red carpet event is just obvious trolling for attention. ANYWAY, the main point was is Parsons dissing his TBBT castmates? And why?
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    just watched it . What a kick ass speech by Taraji ! Congrats to the cast of Hidden Figures including Jim Parsons of course ! Such a perfectly cast movie, both the protagonists and the antagonists. also, i know Jim has won Emmys, Golden Globe and Critics choice but he never won the SAG. so i'm happy Jim finally won a SAG Award, even though it was not for TBBT, but still..........
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