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    I'm sorry, I can't help but feel amused by people still surprised that actors have political views that they are not shy to air in award shows. It's basically a long standing tradition now and probably half the audience expects at least someone to speak up - especially in times like these. This is as much part of the show as the pretty dresses and whatever else people expect when they tune in to an awards show. So yeah, go Simon! \o/
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    This isn't a performance. They're not there to act or dance like monkeys. They're there as themselves and it's their right to state their opinions where they want and whenever they want. No offense, JMO.
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    The problem I have with this kind of spin off idea is... ... they'd need a casting miracle. Sheldon as a character works because of Jim. Finding a kid actor who can bring the same magic to the role will be tough. Not to mention Sheldon has a rather distinctive look so they'd need to fit that as well. ... non of the actors we actually love would be involved in this. I mean, maybe they can get a lead in like "Sheldon tells Amy stories about his childhood" or something but that's about it. Laurie wouldn't be in it as Mary and that would require some more casting magic to replace her with a younger actress. ... the idea is apparently about Sheldon's early teenage years which makes it probably difficult to work around with the family idea. Like, Sheldon entered university at 11 and graduated at the age of 14. He went to Germany shortly after and worked on his doctorate. So how is that going to work with the stories? Little Shelly as a college freshman among young adults!??? Where did he go to university anyway? Is he living at home for that or on campus? Cause the reports sure sound more like a family sitcom to me which makes it hard to connect to the things we know from canon and I have not desire to see more inconsistencies. ... it would be an 90s period show which... ugh good lord... I guess maybe we get jokes like Missy being totally into Blossom or Shelly eagerly awaiting each new Star Trek episode on telly or something. ... while I like to hear about Sheldon's past in TBBT and find out how he became the guy he is today I have no desire to see all those terrible things that happened to him first hand. Like, do we actually need to see Shelly come home for spring break early to catch his dad in bed with another woman!??? ... I love Sheldon's evolution on TBBT and turning the clock back to someone who doesn't have friends or love in his life like he does now is just sad. Sheldon works on TBBT because of the other characters as they ground him. So what would you do with little Shelly alone at university?? They can't really let his character evolve like they do on TBBT cause they somehow need to end up with him how he was when TBBT started. Would the writers resist the opportunity to give him some friends cause he needs to talk to someone after all? Or even do some nonsense like "Sheldon Cooper's secret first love!" Goodness please no! So yeah... Ugh.
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    The only interest I have in the Sheldon character, is the fact that he is part of the group. Without the group, why would I even care? Sheldon does not make TBBT, the entire ensemble does. The show works because everyone plays so well off each other, not because of a particular individual.
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    As an American, our 1st Amendment rights guarantee us free speech. And regardless of a persons "JOB", whether it be a salesperson, an operator, an actor, or whatever, we have the right to speak up and say something. The person who's job just happens to be an actor, shouldn't matter. They just have a bigger audience at what they say and/do. But they still have a right to say something and speak out because the first thing we all are, are Americans and this, what is going on, affects ALL of us in this country and actually, it affects ALL OF US on this planet.
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    From People Magazine http://people.com/awards/peoples-choice-awards-2017-photo-booth/the-cast-of-the-big-bang-theory/
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    Last I checked he has every right to voice his opinion where he wants and whenever he wants. And I'm glad he and his wife did.
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    Actor Jim Parsons, winner of the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture award for 'Hidden Figures,' poses in the press room during the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Expo Hall on January 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/actor-jim-parsons-winner-of-the-outstanding-cast-in-a-motion-picture-picture-id633057866
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    I just asked myself whether or not I'd want to see the childhood of Leonard (cause I wondered whether me disliking the idea of a Sheldon spinoff was just my bias talking), and I can honestly say: hell no. For pretty much the same reasons some Sheldon fans don't want a Sheldon spinoff. Leonard had an awful childhood, one that I can't imagine anyone could find humor in. And I agree with those who say there's the danger of them completely re-writing canon. I get that they wanna keep making money with TBBT, but the idea is just as bad as "Joey" (Friends).
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    Creative issues aside it also strikes me as a bit too desperate in terms of "Whatever shall we do without TBBT!?!???" cause they can't for the life of them come up with a sitcom that could take TBBT's ratings throne once the show is done. They try every year but so far nothing really sticks. So it sounds like some higher up thinking "Hey, I heard that Sheldon fellow is popular! Let's give him another show!!" I mean, if this spin off is somehow a way to get S11+ for TBBT then by all means do it. I have now idea how or why that would work but whatever. However, I can't see it become a hit cause right now the general reaction to the news seems to be a resounding "Meh." Then again, it's not like CBS' other sitcom ideas have been particularly stellar in recent years... so who knows, maybe it might just provide good enough numbers. But as said earlier, the creative concerns are just too big for me personally.
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    I think Simon is well aware that people might disagree with him, just like Johnny. I think he just doesn't care because my guess is that this issue is more important to him which I don't blame either of them for. Just to be clear: if someone had worn a Trump t-shirt that would've been their right, too. And on that note, let's agree to disagree on this. Re: Jim -- I'm not familiar with how it's decided where people sit and why, but I was also surprised that Jim sat somewhere else.
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    They were adorable, as always. Only hearts filled of goodness could perform such beautiful love story in such realistic way. Thanks majim!
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    There was no indication of a breakup prior to the episode, unless you want to count all the fighting they did. You know, like all the fighting they have now.
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    I think many fans of TBBT don’t complain so much about the personal development of Sheldon, but about his permanent dominance in almost all episodes the last 2-3 seasons. The former flair of the series as an ensemble-comedy has since volatilized more and more to his advantage and achieves now a pain barrier for many fans (including myself).
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    No words needed! Wonderful collection, Luminous! I still love them!And want them to be happy!
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    What was he going to do ? Jim had two nomination to Sag awards, as we both know he can't split himself in two pieces to sit at both tables, so he has to sit at one table. This time he choose to sit with Hidden figures, another time he could be sitting with Tbbt. I don't really see the problem here to be honest.
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    Amy is a wonderful human being and the perfect match to Sheldon. When I started to watch tbbt , Sheldon became my favourite character for his inteligence, quirkyness and for those blue eyes and young man in boy clothes look. When he met Amy my love for the show became a healthy obssession because they showed so much potencial for falling in love with each other, as they seemed since so early in show they complete each other. Amy is not like most of women and that realy make me follow the character with interest and curiosity. Shamy relationship has been developing in a slow way ( this season fortunately has been developing faster, the idea of living together as first as an experiment was really genial) but in a way very true to the characters and in a way that show to the viewers that their feelings to each other are strong and uncondional, each couple has their own way to show love and passion. It is amazing that we can follow a love story about two person that could not be well suceed about many things but they have the right to love and be loved. And realy Sheldon and Amy relationship will be always remembered tenderly for the strengh of them as individuals and as a couple, who never did anything just because the others do in their relationships but because they are ready for it and with their hearts and souls as they take another step foward in their relationship to next level. I love Sheldon and I love equally Amy now.
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    He wasn't dissing his TBBT castmates. He said it wasn't solely his decision and that the compromise was that the TBBT and HF tables were close together. It's not like he was avoiding them the whole evening or anything. He literally sat back to back with Mayim. Jeez. I'm sure there was quite a bit of pressure to sit with HF cause it's a very prestigious project that's getting a ton of awards right now. When I found out where he would sit I had a hunch that this means HF will win and TBBT won't which is what happened so... yeah.
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    just watched it . What a kick ass speech by Taraji ! Congrats to the cast of Hidden Figures including Jim Parsons of course ! Such a perfectly cast movie, both the protagonists and the antagonists. also, i know Jim has won Emmys, Golden Globe and Critics choice but he never won the SAG. so i'm happy Jim finally won a SAG Award, even though it was not for TBBT, but still..........
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    Marriage sometimes does feel like an institution, though it can feel like a mental institution in lenny's case. When yet another argument about unwillingness to communicate follows hot on the heels of a fight about being taken for granted and you do exactly the same thing you are complaining about like not consulting your partner about your brother coming to stay is one. To me penny is not been reasonable and wants leonard to do all the work, but put in as less as possible, and still feel like everything's falling apart. It’s natural to feel like you’re going a little crazy because things are changing which I think is happening with penny as she gets older. Like for example leonard letting himself go after they got married and losing the incentive to stay fit or be romantic. And before making any comments about about leonard being a slob. Penny, you might want to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror too. When was the last time you made an effort to dress up for leonard or look sexy for him, instead of just dressing like a tomboy all the time, not sexy Penny. I get you are missing the loving, adoring, sweet, romantic boyfriend and now husband’s romantic gestures, but it takes two to tango. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    How cute is Amy's smile for the litle puppies image? Is there any chance of Sheldon melt a bit for Amy's smile? Have a great Saturday, shamies! Five days for the ILY exchange!! *sigh*
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    I just hope it ends before these writers get a "brilliantly funny Idea" and do irreparable harm, probably to lenny
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    From Variety (this post has been snipped together, go to the link for the full article) Free Screenings of ‘Hidden Figures’ Go Wide: From L.A. to Australia “Hidden Figures” began as an underdog tale. It turned into a hit movie. Now it seems on the verge of becoming a social movement touchstone. Inspired by its message of empowerment for African Americans and women, boosters have offered up multiple free screenings of the film. The story about three African-American women who pushed back against racism and sexism to help advance America’s space program has proven so inspirational that it is expected to push past the $100 million domestic box office barrier this weekend. Word of mouth appears to be the powerful driver of most the film’s box office. But the movie also got a little lift from its stars, director and from producer/musical creator Pharrell Williams and, more recently, from outside groups that are offering free seats to “Hidden Figures” at several locations around the world. Some of the screenings are open to all, while others have been arranged to benefit girls, women and the underprivileged. That news, in turn, got to “Hidden Figures” director Ted Melfi, who got others involved in the effort to expand the audience for the film. Stars Taraji P. Henson and Jim Parsons signed on, along with Melfi himself and producer-musician Williams, who has been one of the most tireless supporters of the film. The end result was seven more screenings for people who otherwise might not have been able to afford to see the 20th Century Fox film — in Atlanta (sponsored by Monae), in Washington DC (sponsored by Henson), in Chicago (also Henson), in Houston (by Parsons), in Hazelwood, Missouri (by Melfi and actress/co-producer Kimberly Quinn), in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia (both sponsored by Williams.) A 20th Century Fox spokesperson said the studio helped with logistics but the cast and crew members worked directly with the theaters to arrange the showings. They then blasted out social media messages, to make sure people got out to see the film.
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    John Ross Bowie, Wil Wheaton and Laura Spencer were there too. Cannot even describe how much I love this.
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    So many ugh's! the more you think about it. @April pretty much nailed it with her post with all the little bits of lore that would likely have to be changed and the difficulties in casting. They are going to have to completely change his backstory to make a show like this even remotely watchable. Having a boy genius loner with bullies for siblings growing up in a bible bashing household with a drunk philandering father is really that watchable?. I can't see how that show would have lots of appeal so they would have to change it with him having friends, perhaps a love interest etc. Just UGH! I just think his backstory is too well established and quite frankly too miserable and a lonely existence for them to pull something like this off. And if they change it radically then it impacts on the canon of the adult character too much. If they had kept the Season 1-3 Sheldon as is then the show likely would have got cancelled well before Season 10. These characters are all very popular because we have seen them evolve and grow and they are characters you just want to root for. Seems to me like they are forgetting why in this instance Sheldon is so popular. Ugh!
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    I didn't see that as talking things out, Leonard was mad that she was dating a physicist that wasn't him, she started crying and he caved. By the way, that scene was one of the reasons I wrote my first TBBT story with the stronger-backed Leonard. And to this day, I hate that episode so much.
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    Kaley was clearly joking and Jim apparently talked that through with everyone weeks ago. "Prestigious" is a word which here means honoured or highly regarded and as such a "very prestigious project" is a phrase that describes a film that is raking in a whole lot of praise from audiences and critics. If you don't think getting nominations and awards left and right doesn't make a prestigious movie then that's your issue, not Jim's. He is very proud of this movie and rightfully so. I don't see a problem with him deciding to stick to HF this time since it seems to be a decision that wasn't taken lightly as a slight to his TBBT colleagues or some such nonsense. Just because TBBT made Jim rich and famous doesn't mean he shouldn't ever support any other project that's dear to his heart.
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    Hidden Figures won Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture! Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    From Entertainment Tonight (video in the link) Jim Parsons knows who will play young Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory spin-off... but he's not ready to reveal it just yet. The 43-year-old actor spoke to ET's Nancy O'Dell at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where he remained tight-lipped on who the lead would be in the upcoming series surrounding his Big Bang character's younger life. "We do," Parsons responded, when asked if a lead had been chosen for the show. "They're supposed to release it but I'm not going to say." Parsons did reveal, however, that the kid is a gem! "He's wonderful," he shared. "So many kids sent in [tapes] and it was really overwhelming. But this one little guy was really special." "Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro are really heading it but they're always really sweet about asking, 'What would you think?' and I'm like, 'I think it's great,'" he added, regarding his role in the casting process. "I kind of don't want to get in the way too much because whoever the kids is has to do his own thing. You know what I mean? If it's going to be special it has to be related to what's going on but also it's own creature, you know? I'm excited about it though."
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    That would be so good or if we think is Amy´s day dreams and in reality is Sheldon´s one! and he can't concentrate in his job!! Oh my ... I would die! *.*
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    I wouldn´t mind if Amy had more day dreams, where she fantasizes about her sexy man. But I would totally freak out, if Amy thought she was dreaming (and the audience too) and it turned out that it was really happening. I mean after Casanova Sheldon everything is possible.
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    Well, this finally gives the writers the opportunity to write for their favorite character without having to write for the annoying supporting characters. Must be a dream come true for them. Good news for Sheldon fans, though.
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    Sounds like it's gonna flop big time...
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    Yeah, but not without any lime. I would like to throw this small but true sequence into the further happening. No correction, @hokie. Do you like some Eggnog? But without a napkin, sorry.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to go back to moments like this?
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    Ooops, sorry, but it was so scary quiet around here. The calm before the dawning storm of the week?
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    How is this an insult to his cast mates? (Or are we using some obscure meaning of the word "diss" I'm not aware of?) Do you think the TBBT cast is so thin skinned that they're moping around about this like "boohoo Jim won't sit with us!"?? I mean seriously, this isn't high school. They're adults working in the business. I'm not even sure there was a proper Florence Foster Jenkins table - but if Simon would have ended up sitting there I wouldn't have an issue with that either. And in fact he might have had if the FFJ cast was nominated as an ensemble. But it's not that kind of film so it wasn't. It didn't even have a best movie nomination so I guess it's harder to justify placing Simon there. IMO either way you cut it it's not a "diss" (a word which here means insult), it's an unfortunate situation at most in that one table had to forgo his charming presence during the awards show. But nothing more serious than that.
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    There was no FFJ table as the movie didn't score a nomination. Maryl Streep sat at a table with actors from different movies who, like her, received a nomination without their film having received one, such as the main actors in La-La Land.
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    Awwww they are too cute !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congrats to the Hidden Figures cast! I can't wait for watching this movie, such a bummer I have to wait until mid March in my Country for that!
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