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    That is an amazing TR, thank you. I can't believe the trouble people go to, taking the time to write up a TR with all the details when they are on vacation. We are all very grateful. I hope the experience will be a happy memory for you. Safe journey home.
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    Here’s my only serious issue with this series: when does this whole comedy-barn getting actual funny again? Maybe this cold beverage could help.
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    No to going back to 4A either Sheldon on his own or Shamy! We all remember the debates on what apartment we wanted Shamy to end up and this has worked out perfectly. Being in 4A for one would have largely meant Sheldon keeping his old homeostasis and probably caused them more issues as they tried to transition to living together. And to quote Sheldon: With them both in 4B they have kind of developed their own routine and way of life, Amy is now his homeostasis. I can tell you now issues like the bathroom schedule, thermostat settings etc likely would have made Amy's life hell had they ended up in 4A. Then there would have been the issue about the bed, with one of them likely in one room and the other in Leonard's. In 4B they had no choice but to get used to sharing a bed! We know that first night was rough but they got through it and seem perfectly comfortable sharing a bed now. It's nice and snug, they get to hang out with their friends in 4A but also be alone together in 4B when they want. Moving them into 4A would also perhaps increase the chances of some old habits or routines resurfacing as well for Sheldon. Shamy in 4B was a fucking genius move.
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    Leonard and penny are the pillar relationship of the show,I know it doesn't look like that right now., but I'm not speaking about a concrete episode or season, but about the whole spirit of the show. They were the reason I began watching the show, I lost the interest after their break up in season 3 and after that I just begun to love shamy and since then I'm Shamy at heart, but I've always wanted Lenny together and happy. Maybe I'm not so invested in them like you, but they have to be end game , if not all the meaning of the entire show is lost. I'm not telling you to trust the writters to give them better stories or to be patient, you can complain and be frustrated with the way they are been written, what I mean is that I don't think that they dare to end the show splitting them up
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    Yeah, it's a pity that after roughly half a dozen episodes with fighting and all sorts of other issues there's still no payoff in sight. Like, is there something (hopefully positive) the writers are working towards to? Personally, I'll happily eat my metaphorical vegetables in form of some drama when I know there'll be a delicious dessert that makes it all worth it. I think it's time to allow us a little glimpse into the kitchen to see what this is all about cause right now everyone is fed up with what we've been served so far and are still getting seconds shovelled onto our plates nobody asked for.
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    It has been some time since I've read the taping report for tonight's episode, but doesn't Penny agree to go to Comi-Con (sorry on the spelling...) with her husband. It says a lot that she is willing to share something that her husband enjoys--her not so much. Ah! The inconstancy!!!! To paraphrase Paul Simon: let them be lovers......
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    OMG! I've noticed that was happening already this morning, but after some hours the phenomenon is even more glaring: this pic from Jim's IG is full of more than 720 comments most of them saying Lenny and Shamy should switch apartments...Don't you dare, writers!!!!
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    By the quotes from TPTB, and past history, they write it as they go. The Howardette pregnancy was dropped in during a rewrite. When the script was taken to Lorre, he said "Why not?". During some of the early seasons market research would have gotten Sheldon and Penny together, which never happened. None of that sounds like market research. The selling of sperm was in the first, AND second pilot. So if a focus group did make that comments, it didn't seem to make a difference to them in the second pilot.
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    This! I love how Sheldon’s words choice are always so adorably quirky but so meaningful to Amy and he is not indeed shy about saying his love for her. Who would say Sheldon is a romantic type? He is more hippie than he thought he would ever be! Love that! Btw, that proposal would just be a powerfull kickass moment with a such memorable mutual ILY!! A big bang to be! <3
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    I really agree with this part. TPTB have been consistent for the past few seasons with their dismal treatment of Lenny and the mindboggling unbelievability of the plots. What keeps me here is the joy, wit, warmth, support and companionship of my fellow Lennys. I am a glass- half-empty-ist and have no crystal ball, but I really have the feeling they are building towards something I really I don't want to see. But whatever lies in wait for us, I know I will get by because of everyone here. What john2p said: Thanks to you all.
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    Totally agree with you. This is utter madness to have Raj live with Lenny. They just got rid of Sheldon and Penny even said she can finally live alone with her husband, and now they get Raj as a border. What are the writers thinking? I guess they feel that if you don't have conflict there is no comedy. Also, I think you made a great point in stating that Raj nearly slept with Penny and now they are going to be roommates. Has to be an uncomfortable situation for Leonard and most unrealistic. Hopefully, this is only a short-term situation and not like with Sheldon when it was supposed to be for a little while and not forever but was over a year in that LA.
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    The stove and fridge would have stayed with the apartment. Most American rentals supply those. They could have moved some (or all) of her belongings to Sheldon's storage unit. She may have gotten him to get rid of a few of his things to make room for hers.
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    I totally agree with that. I think its been more than one. A sudden interest in Raj. Shamy moving to 4b. I think it was set up for the show to end in May. If I would JG and KC I would have pre approval to any upcoming script. Molaro is replaceable. JG and KC are not.
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    I would love to see an episode that would make me feel what this picture makes me feel: warm inside...
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    The desks thing is actually the one thing that drives me absolutely nuts. I'm sorry but I agree that there is no way two academics can make do with a (small) kitchen table. Having said that, there's space in the area we never see, where the painting was hanging, to fit desks, I think. Not as large as in 4B, but if you get rid of the TV stand by hanging the TV on the wall, you can probably fit one desk there and one desk by the side of the door. As for Beverly... she's totally a phoney. I know BBT exaggerates professions for laughs but she's literally the further thing from even a remotely realistic psychiatrist as you can get. Let alone a successful one.
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    If they do that I'm organising a revolt.
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    Serena, considering our initial interactions, I'm really enjoying how much we agree these days.
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    Thank you so much, @2L344, for the detailed TR. Sounds like you had a great time and I'm so glad you did. This is one of those episode where I just can't help but roll my eyes at. Some time ago I jokingly asked for a little Shamy drama since all the goodness we've been given this season and this must be it. It's fine, I guess. It's just an episode and I'm kinda okay with it. If there's one thing I hate about this is that they tell us Sheldon still being insecure (even for a moment) about his relationship. I know that by the end of the episode we have the "our relationship is stronger than ever" bit but, I don't know, I despise the fact that the audience has been shown Sheldon having (although slightest) doubts on his relationship with Amy. Yeah, the room is just a hypothetical plan B that he needs in his well-ordered life, bla bla bla. All is well in the end, so yay. Now, when is he gonna propose? I'm waiting. (Also I have to wonder what is wrong with Mayim, because every single time she looks excited about a taping, drama happens. Luckily for my sanity, I don't believe a single word she has to say on TBBT anymore. lol)
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    The only thing is, as things are presently constructed, a breakup of Leonard & Penny would wreak havoc. Where do they go? It would stretch the imagination beyond belief to think that someone could live across the hall from their ex-wife or ex-husband. I know they did it in Seasons 3-4-5, but that was something else entirely. A marriage is a very different thing altogether. Does Sheldon move back into 4A with Leonard? Does Leonard move into 4B and Penny share 4A with Sheldon and Amy? I can't believe any man, even a sitcom character can live in his spouse's former apartment. Do Penny and Leonard move separately off site and Stuart and Raj call 2311 North Los Robles home? At this point, it would make things even more unbelievable....
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    I hoping this three-way in 4A is only for a short time, it does seem weird that the writers would have a Lenny fight about Penny's brother moving in then a couple episodes later a fight about Raj. I'm really hoping that maybe one of Raj's ex-girlfriends becomes single again and takes him in (Claire?) or maybe bring back Alex or Yvette the Vet.
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    Thanks for the taping report @2L344, really nicely done. Hope you had a wonderful time!
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    Thanks for the great TR @2L344. I just want to ask you something, as it is bugging me since reading the report. Lenny asked Raj to move in right. Then we have Raj asking howardette if he can spend the night because lenny are fighting over him staying or where they fighting over something else or just fighting for the sake of it as has been shown this season so far. I don't get why they were fighting or am I missing something and misreading the TR. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Why is Raj moving in with them? It can't be just because he's cut off from his father's money. He should earn enough to afford his appartment.
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    The could change the subject to lenny if they really wanted to. They have been on guest shows. It probably get cut out anyway. Cause if tptb do not give them stories, why should the press ask about something that is not happening. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    I was speaking in expenses terms. Raj's goal in life is to find a mate, you don't have budget to hire someone new, use the one you have and we take him out of the way
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    They don't even fit in that bed. They look so uncomfortable. Sheldon needs to be back at his desk. How can TWO academics live without a single desk???
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    Agreed. How would parting from Leonard help improve Penny's life in any way whatsoever ? She wasn't happy when she was single. Perhaps she too needs an interest outside her job and home. Leonard has plenty of them. When it's boys' nerdy games night perhaps she too could do something other than go out or stay in boozing with her friends.
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    But Raj had said no, hadn't he? He changed his mind really quickly. Smells like bullshit story telling to me.
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    Me too. My Lenny withdrawal symptoms are serious. I'm not a crybaby.
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    Okay, the guys go out to the movies and, for nostalgia's sake, eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The waitress is a hot girl from India who's working her way through graduate school. Problem solved. So many folks here with a glass half empty! What a great dilemma for a show to have.
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    Sexy and cute at same time! Great job!
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    I don't really mind the drama in this particular ep, but agree soooo much on Mayim. It's just weird. I love her but I've learnt to reverse pretty much all of her reactions on Shamy and then I usually get it right.
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    Never mind : you can still have some rum or other spirit with us in UK in your breakfast coffee. No underage issue here. The legal drinking age at home is five. ( In France I think it's birth.) In UK we call this sort of thing 'double entendre' ( pronounced the French way ) and use it in everyday conversations to be funny. We wouldn't be being flirty unless that means another thing in American language. In fact we wouldn't use double entendre if we really wanted to flirt, far from it. Do you think Sheldon has been watching British TV or a Carry On film ? LOL
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    Oh yes you are. Now you making me watering. Okay, I'm crying. Only because I have something in my eyes. Hope we get some lenny loving. Make out scene or just some lovely words of wisdom. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Here we go. Where there's life and Lenny, there's hope.
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    Re: cheating. I disagree that genes encode for complex social behaviour like cheating. Ducklings imprinting on the first moving animal? Sure. Human babies rooting for the nipple and instinctively sucking? Sure. Even genes giving us higher libidos, or a desire to mate with multiple partners. But cheating is a different beast. Have the "cheating" gene? Fine--don't marry, don't marry with the promise of fidelity, have a frank discussion with your spouse about opening the marriage, or ending the marriage. Maybe even seek medical assessment if your spouse's libido is exceptionally low to ensure there's not a physical or hormonal cause, and you think that's a "cause" of your wanting to cheat. All of these are viable options. But choosing to cheat--which is fundamentally about lying and being dishonest with your supposed life partner--is not ok, and not "genetically compelled". There are other behavioural options. Having those genes is no excuse for shitty behaviour.
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    Best episode in a while. Not saying Much though. Thought pacing wise was bit of a mess. So many stories going on. Seemed a bit over simplified tbh. Lennys plot was basically a misunderstanding and then compromising. I did like Penny acknowledging Leonard does so much for her. Maybe tptb are taking on response from fans. And harshening Penny, and softening her up a bit. I did like Penny was willing to do something she diddnt necessarily like to make Leonard happy. Vice versa for Leonard. Typical Lenny lol. Amy was the contrary wouldent even consider going to cc with Sheldon. It did feel more like old school TbbT. With the theme, and the comic book store. I enjoyed Leonard and Sheldon interacting. Haven't seen that in a while. Liked Raj for once. Not accepting a hand out. I laughed out loud at Bernadettes line "Oh god your cheating on me with Raj" LOL. I could actually see that. Liked Penny comments about CC maybe more mainstream these days. But then Raj stool represents their key demo. The worst part again, was the Shamy tag. Predictable and cringy. Amy came across Sad and pathetic being manipulated by Sheldon like that. Overall I thought it was good.
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    My take from the TR is that Sheldon thinks he has caused a fight with Lenny and tells Raj how to benefit from it. Besides Sheldon acting like a jerk there is no suggestion there ever was a fight off screen. Actually Lenny seemed united when Skyping Beverly.
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    All your work is incredible. I really like the eyes, mouth and hair on this one.
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    Lice? Leoice? Leonice? Allen? Good thing he eventually ended up with Penny...
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    I agree with this as this was my take-away from the episodes too. Leonard was drunk and seasick, and Mandy, based on her comment 'Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?' makes me FEEL LIKE Mandy was the aggressor and pounced. This was not a desirous, consensual act. And, despite breaking her tooth, she didn't even remember the event or who she was kissing! IMO, Leonard's number was up and Mandy swooped down as she SEEMED to working her way through any willing partners on board. NB -- I'm not casting any judgment on Mandy here either as she is a young, beautiful woman with a strong sexual appetite. As to the physical act, as long as both (or more!) of the partners are adults and consenting, I have no problem with that. Again, IMO, Leonard would never cheat on Penny, drunk or otherwise. And, after eight seasons of only being supportive and devoted, this episode was total character assassination just for the sake of the 9.1 scenario and punchline: Leonard: I can't believe I'm spending my wedding night with you. Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way. Of all the not-Penny women in Leonard's life, Alice was my favorite. If I wasn't a Lenny, I'd be a Lice. The Alice encounter doesn't bother me for several reasons. The first kiss was initiated by Alice as Leonard was talking -- she started kissing him as he was mid-sentence! But for Alice's actions, I don't see that Leonard would have ever been the aggressor or initiated the act. What's more, he was shown to be completely guilt ridden over the event and even went to Penny for advice and/or permission. Even after speaking to Penny, Leonard was still shown to be very guilty and conflicted. But when push came shove, when he was actually there in Alice's arms, a gorgeous woman who desired him, he couldn't do it. He could talk all he wants about being a 'player', sleeping with one woman while dating another, but he couldn't do it. Actions speak louder than words. He left Alice, a woman who genuinely seemed to care for him and totally accept him as he is and confessed to Priya, who was not only ashamed of her relationship with Leonard but tried to change him as well. I love Penny but I have to agree with this too. Penny has been shown to have a rather cloudy moral compass at times: She had sex with her boyfriend's brother to get revenge on him; Made out with the captain of the football team while his girlfriend was puking; Drunk slept with Leonard while dating Zack; And there was her comment in 9.2 about 'knowing the previous guys she dated weren't above cheating because that's how we met' but then we fall into the grey area of supposition on how much she knew about their availability. Whether she was lied to or an active participant, we don't know, but, based on what we know of her past behavior, an argument could be made either way. For me, the Alice episode was just that: a good guy fluctuation. As for Mandy, the damning part was Leonard's two year silence on the event, which Penny forgave and went on to marry Leonard in that travesty of a ceremony (which was the real crime).
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    Distract from dimensions of her nose? That's sacrilege.
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    I went to a taping twice (once in 2015, once in 2016) and didn't have any problems. They are prepared for this, the first time I went with a friend and she had two phones with her and they didn't have a problem with that either. Just don't take other useless stuff you won't need and you should be fine.
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    Question - the Audience Unlimited site says NO phones allowed and no lockers to store during the taping but that security MAY hold them for you. IF I get to go ( fingers crossed ) I'll be using public transport to get back to apartment I'm staying at in Hollywood. I'll have to have my phone on me if I need taxi/Uber. From others experience have security been happy to hold onto phones Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Week 22 Schedule; 15 February, 2017 Black indicates no show, Green indicates new episodes, Light Purple are reruns. Special date, times and information will be indicated with an asterisk, in Orange. Taping information will be in Blue. I will start each week with these colors. Throughout the week, changes will be made in Red (show dates that are TBD will also appear in red and will be changed when the info is available). This way, everyone can see what changes have been found throughout the week. I will be looking for the changes, but if anyone sees updated information, feel free to PM me so I can make the changes here. The first one I get a PM from will be credited for the information. Show Schedule 09/19 New 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture *Premeire (Taped as 10.03) 09/26 New 1002 The Military Miniaturization ( Taped as 10.01) 10/03 New 1003 The Dependence Transcendence ( Taped as 10.02) 10/10 New 1004 The Cohabitation Experimentation 10/17 New 1005 The Hot Tub Contamination 10/27 New 1006 The Fetal Kick Catalyst *Moves to Thursday 11/03 New 1007 The Veracity Elasticity 11/10 New 1008 The Brain Bowl Incubation 11/17 New 1009 The Geology Elevation 11/24 Rerun 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture 11/28 Rerun 0909 The Platonic Permutation *Monday, 8 PM 12/01 New 1010 The Property Division Collision 12/05 Rerun 0917 The Celebration Experimentation *Monday, 9:30 PM 12/08 Rerun 1002 The Military Miniaturization 12/15 New 1011 The Birthday Synchronicity 12/22 Rerun 0921 The Viewing Party Combustion 12/29 Rerun 0922 The Fermentation Bifurcation 01/05 New 1012 The Holiday Summation 01/09 Rerun 0923 The Line Substitution Solution *Monday at 8 PM 01/10 Rerun 0924 The Convergence Convergence *Tuesday at 9 PM 01/12 Rerun 1003 The Dependence Transcendence 01/19 New 1013 The Romance Recalibration 01/23 Rerun 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture *Monday at 9:30 01/26 Rerun 1004 The Cohabitation Experimentation 01/30 Rerun 1002 The Military Miniaturization *Monday at 8:00 02/02 New 1014 The Emotion Detection Automation 02/09 New 1015 The Locomotion Reverberation 02/16 New 1016 The Allowance Evaporation 02/23 New 1017 The Comic-Con Conundrum 02/27 Rerun 1003 The Dependence Transcendence 03/02 Rerun 1005 The Hot Tub Contamination 03/09 New 1018 TBD 03/16 No Show-NCAA Basketball Tournament 03/23 No Show-NCAA Basketball Tournament 03/30 TBD Taping Schedule 08/16 Taping 10.01 The Military Miniaturization (Broadcast as 10.02) 08/23 Taping 10.02 The Dependence Transcendence (Broadcast as 10.03) 08/30 Taping 10.03 The Conjugal Conjecture (Broadcast as 10.01) 09/13 Taping 10.04 The Cohabitation Experimentation 09/20 Taping 10.05 The Hot Tub Contamination 10/04 Taping 10.06 The Fetal Kick Catalyst 10/18 Taping 10.07 The Veracity Elasticity 10/25 Taping 10.08 The Brain Bowl Incubation 11/01 Taping 10.09 The Geology Elevation. 11/15 Taping 10.10 The Property Division Collision 11/22 Taping 10.11 The Birthday Synchronicity 12/06 Taping 10.12 The Holiday Summation 12/13 Taping 10.13 The Romance Recalibration 01/10 Taping 10.14 The Emotion Detection Automation 01/17 Taping 10.15 The Locomotion Reverberation. 01/31 Taping 10.16 The Allowance Evaporation 02/07 Taping 10.17 The Comic-Con Conundrum 02/22 Taping 10.18 TBD Will tape on Wednesday due to holiday. 03/07 Taping 10.19 TBD 03/14 Taping 10.20 TBD 03/28 Taping 10.21 TBD 04/04 Taping 10.22 TBD 04/18 Taping 10.23 TBD 04/25 Taping 10.24 TBD
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    BATTLE OF THE PLANETS I mean - Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
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