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    There were two stories in this episode, so instead of going in order, I'm going to summarize the two separately. Each paragraph represents a scene. "The Collaboration Fluctuation" Director: Mark Cendrowski Story by: Chuck Lorre, Tara Hernandez, and Giuseppe Graziano Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, and Dave Goetsch Penny and Raj are doing yoga in the living room of 4A. Penny forgot about her breakfast plans with Leonard. Raj says it's his fault because he asked her to do yoga with him. Raj asks if Leonard will take Cinnamon for a walk. Leonard agrees, sarcastically saying that Raj is living with them, so why not do him more favors? Leonard picks up the dog and Penny says 'bye sweetie'. Leonard says goodbye, and she says oh yeah, goodbye to him too. He's back with the dog in mere seconds with a wet spot on his pants. Obviously Cinnamon didn't make it outside to go. In the kitchen, Raj and Penny gossip/discuss the people she works with. Leonard doesn't recognize any of the names of the people they talk about. On the couch, Penny and Raj are wearing matching facial moisturizing masks. Leonard suggests playing a board game, but Raj and Penny want to go shopping. Leonard goes with them, and he looks bored and cranky throughout a music montage of Raj and Penny happily shopping for makeup, shoes, and clothes, including matching floral shirts. The song playing is "Happy Together" by the Turtles. In the minivan with Howard, Bernadette, and Halley's car seat, Leonard is accompanying them on a trip to Target, seeming happy to be included in something. At Target, Bernadette asks if Leonard's bothered by Raj and Penny spending time together in the sense that he's another man. Leonard says he might've been, but then he saw them in those matching shirts. He just feels left out of all their girly activities. Besides, Raj was his friend first. Back at 4A, Raj is teaching Penny how to savor a good wine. They ask Leonard a question, and then realize he's not there and wonder when he left. Penny thinks that was rude of him (Leonard). In the minivan again, Bernadette urges Leonard to talk to Penny and Raj about his feelings. At 4A, he explains to Penny and Raj, who interrupt him repeatedly. He's annoyed that they're leaving him out of his own explanation of how he has been feeling left out. They agree to go do something that Leonard wants to do to try to make it up to him. He chooses to browse for books at a book store. This time Penny is the one who looks bored as Leonard and Raj happily shop for books. ----- In Amy's car, Sheldon tells her about the project with the guys. To obey confidentiality requirements, he beeps the horn for the 'redacted' parts. Amy offers to tell him about her work. Apparently small muscle movements begin before a person becomes consciously aware of their own decision to move. She's working to measure/understand that super short instant. At the cafeteria with the guys, Sheldon tells them about Amy's work and that he thinks it might be relevant to an important issue in quantum mechanics. Back at 4B, Sheldon and Amy discuss her work and its relevance to physics. They mention the Copenhagen interpretation and Amy wonders if they can pinpoint the exact moment that the wave function collapses. She is concerned about them working together in an academic context. They decide to make ground rules. Sheldon suggests the first one: no one should use their sexuality to get their way. Amy is perplexed. Sheldon demonstrates by doing an exaggerated hip-wiggling walk across the room towards their bedroom. Sheldon reads some rules out of his notebook. He wants final say about physics, and she can have the same for neuroscience, unless he disagrees with her. He wants to be first on anything they publish and first to speak at awards, etc. Amy is having none of that. She swipes the notebook and tosses it out their open kitchen window. The first ground rule, she says, is that she makes the rules. Amy has a list of rules. They're a team, not competing with one another. No insults, etc. A montage follows, also to the song "Happy Together." They fill up 5 or so whiteboards with calculations. When they are done, they look it over and come to an agreement: it's complete garbage. Annoyed by the poor results, they try to figure it out. Sheldon complains about Amy's breathing and insists she blow her nose. She does so over and over, loudly right up in his face. Then he realizes the breathing sounds were actually just him anyway. Amy says she knew it was a bad idea to work together. Sheldon notices a problem on the board and fixes it. It should make a big difference. They get back to fighting. Then Amy notices something. He says it's her first good idea of the day, and suggests that their arguing might be helping. Amy says fight/flight hormones might be improving their cognitive processes. Faced with scientific progress vs. risking their personal relationship, Sheldon votes science. Amy calls him a bonehead and more ideas for their work flow from Sheldon. Tag: Amy reads the revised rules. They are a team, but it is a competition. There are such things as stupid questions. And it's okay to point out how stupid right to the person's stupid face. That one's Sheldon's favorite. The final rule is a list of allowed insult categories, including fields of study, educational background and mothers. Sheldon tries it out, something about Amy's mother and sailors.
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    On my day off, I decided to make this. I hope I've included everyone. If I didn't, forgive me, but I saved the file, LOL... I could still add you. I think this encapsulates us. We're crazy and fun and sometimes we're weird, but we're always together (even when we're fighting!). I just love you guys... out of all the corners of the Internet, I stumbled onto this one and met some incredible people. Tomorrow marks 2 years of me in this thread, and I just love it here. BTW, FYI - I'm never leaving this place!
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    Regarding Sheldon's butt-swaying walk, I had to think about it after I watched it too, and I believe he was doing an impression of Amy as opposed to trying to be sexy himself. All of Sheldon's rule suggestions were for his own benefit, to the point where she literally chucked his list out the window. I don't think this one was some magnanimous attempt to protect Amy from his sexiness. It's way more likely that he didn't want her to have the upper hand. It's a funny scene and a pretty big admission from Sheldon that is kind of buried in the humor of the moment so you don't realize it right away. I don't remember a big reaction from Amy. I think she just made a mild wtf face and the scene ended.
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    I only have one thing to say about this plot, and that is: This has literally been my #1 wish for YEARS! I have been desperately tweeting articles to Bill for ages hoping that he would get the hint! LOL! And this is EXACTLY the topic I had in mind!!!! You have no idea how much I've been spazzing all morning and I can't get anything done for the excitement. I can die and go to heaven now, the show can get cancelled, the apocalypse may come (although, if it could wait until I see how Game of Thrones ends, it would be much appreciated) and I couldn't care less. *runs around the room flailing like a maniac*
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    What youre gonna see in tonight's episode is Beverly (the expert in her field) outlining two problems for two couples- Sheldon's old room being a surrogate "escape hatch" for Shamy, and the introduction of another roommate into Lenny's life and the possible reason for it (other than helping a friend). The interesting thing I found in watching the taping of thos is how each couple handled Beverly's revelations. Amy initially told Sheldon to ignore Beverly, but later she and Sheldon discuss the feelings behind it. And even prior to Beverly's skype session Amy has a sit down with Sheldon to discuss their feelings about the 4A issue. What you dont really see is Lenny doing that. Penny is immediately dismissive of Beverlys comment as was Leonard, but then Leonard second guesses it and gets concerned. Penny kind of throws Leonard under the bus and treats issues related to Raj moving in as Leonard's problem. They dont have a real discussion and in the end Leonard dismisses his own concerns as Beverly planting doubt in his head. The issue of communication between Lenny was even mocked by Sheldon in last weeks episode. Its pretty bad when Sheldon gets it and Lenny doesnt. The latest TR continues to bring this issue front and center. Lenny will probably be the focus of the finale IMO, and unfortunately in a likely cliffhanger icky episode. Fingers crossed that Im wrong...
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    I am glad that Sheldon chose science, and I would hope that Amy would too. I mean, she sort of already has, yes? Didn't she need to be lured back into continuing cohabitation #ForScience? Also, I don't see it as one over the other. Their love of science is so fundamental to who they are. It's such a huge part of what drew them to each other, and it's such a big part of their relationship already. I can't really root for people in a relationship unless they make sense for me as individuals. ShAmy's personhood and their individuality, for me, is a massive part of why I enjoy them together. And science and their arrogance and their intellectual snobbery are such huge, huge parts of that. I don't know, I guess I would see a 'me or science?' ultimatum as almost a 'me or our baby?'. Unthinkable. and the ShAmy already have a baby! And Sheldon is already trying to win it away from Mommy! Sigh. Oh this season.
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    Amy definitely stands up for herself throughout this episode, and it's great! I remember when Mary told Amy that she just needed to put some zing on it. Well, when Amy said that the first rule is that she makes the rules, there was a lot of zing in the delivery of that line. In fact, they had to reshoot that scene because the audience went 'ooh' instead of laughing, which we aren't supposed to do. Jim gave the audience a funny little mock look of reprimand for our loud 'ooh'.
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    I'm working on a more detailed report right now, and I'll follow it up with a post of my opinions on how things played out. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes, and I appreciate the Lenny fans who recognize I'm not at fault for reporting story info that you don't like. Keep that in mind for the longer report because you won't like that either. The only positive thing I can say for Lenny is that I don't think Raj was in any way presented as a romantic threat.
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    I like the idea of them working together, that makes me happy
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    Yes! I've been saying for years that it would be a total waste for this show not to play on the Curie symbolism with Shamy since they're literally the only couple on the show that can do that. Howard and Bernie could only feasibly work together if they build biological weapons (LOL). But physics and neuroscience these days are a total power couple in academia! Furthermore, they could get Howard involved later on too if they want to play around with neuromorphic circuits. (I need to stop before I get carried away). Regarding authorship... You can have joint first authors when both authors have contributed equally. It's usually a little asterisk by the names that is footnoted as "these authors contributed equally to this work". What would be good to see for a change is a plot where there's finally a move on from the usual "Sheldon wants all the credit" stuff.
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    I'm not reading the report because I don't want to know all the details, but what I'm gathering from the comments sounds pretty exciting! I also was under the impression he was imitating/exaggerating what Amy (unconsciously) does that he finds attractive, but it might be that he's just trying to get his way ala Brain Bowl too. To be honest, I don't mind whichever way this plays out and, again, I don't really care how often they have sex or not. I don't think sex is the only form of intimacy they can enjoy, and they can still find each other attractive and engage in other 'activities' when they feel a bit randy, to quote Sheldon If they got rid of the stupid "deadline" though, it would be much better because that makes less and less sense with each of these episodes. I'm really excited that it sounds like they're working hard at calculations together! Oh, man! Can this get any better? Also, if they managed to get Gillian Anderson on the show to play a scientist I might just spontaneously combust for real. I was just tweeting about her and AFF yesterday in my International Women's day tweet. Two of my favorite fictional ladies ever.
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    I really hope it's an arc that lasts at least until the end of the season. Or one of those plots that pop up here and there across next season. There's a lot that can be mined here and, if they are to be realistic, it's not the kind of stuff you work on for a week and then drop it. In other news, I was digging through my wishful thinking list of articles where I dreamt of a Shamy joint project and I wonder if the plot has anything to do with this: https://phys.org/news/2015-08-neural-qubits-quantum-cognition-based.html
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    Finally...we've been waiting for this for sooo long I really hope this plot does not end in one single episode.... there is so much fun / interesting scenarios they can go...
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    I got to thinking about the whole Raj roommate thing. It could be possible that (intrusiveness aside) Raj could be the one to help Lenny through some issues. Love him or hate him, Raj is the kind of guy that can be that sympathetic ear for the gang when he wants to be. When he and Sheldon spent time in the CalTech basement it was Raj who talked to a scared Sheldon facing a career change, and tried to comfort him and bring perspective to the change Sheldon was facing. Raj has given advice to Howardette that was spot on when he stayed briefly with them (and it was probably too close to home since in the end Howardette turned on Raj lol). And despite his one time and short lived drunken bedroom romp with Penny, Raj DID insist to Penny once that she should tell Leonard she loved him when leonard confessed to Raj that she never had. I think Raj wants them happy. Raj has often times been the one that went out of his way to keep the gang together with his love for themed events, scavenger hunts, boys gaming nights, and involvement in girls nights too (jewelry making). I know he is written to also be a tool bag too, and he has screwed up a lot over the years. But this latest TR shows he can be a friend to both Leonard and Penny. So just maybe Raj at some point can be the one that helps Lenny recognize some things that may elude them, and in the end he could become a surrogate therapist of some sort. He can be a sensitive and deep thinking guy on the show. Just something to consider.
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    Hey everyone!! I'm checking in a little late today for the latest ep, sorry about that. Anyway, thoughts about the episode: I'm loving all the Shamy bed scenes - gosh, they're so adorable! I was amused to see them mirroring Howardette once again* - both all snuggled into bed, he's on the internet, she is putting on some hand lotion. lol (*the other recent example was the guys smooth talking their women for CC) I still don't get why people are mad at Sheldon. Yes, he was upset about his room but he didn't throw a temper tantrum or was otherwise an ass and yet people behave as if he were...!? I don't know how much of that is a misfired joke - and how much is to emphasise how much Sheldon changed and that his friends didn't get the memo??? Weird. I really like how instead of throwing a tantrum Sheldon is holding those feelings back in front of his friends and instead works through them with Amy's and Beverly's help. I thought it was rather wonderful to see him reacting this mature. And yes, Beverly's advice was a bit hit and miss. Yes, his old room was an "escape hatch" but not for the reason she thought it would be. I love how Shamy talk through this (again in bed! <3) with Amy not being rattled at all by Beverly's nonsense because she knows Sheldon much better. And it's ending on a really adorable note with the "Because I love you...". Awwwww! I also loved the little moment remembering the ILY2. Though Amy saying that his room holds a lot of memories for her, too, makes me wonder what else they did in there that we haven't seen cause right now I can maybe point to the Love Spell talk as a big moment for them but not much else...? Sheldon "surprise" for the anniversary cracked me up! That wish was a rookie mistake, Amy! LOL Also the tag was cute! Though I won't be sad to see Batman go. All in all a cute little episode for our couple. As I've said before: I really appreciate this step looking at the bigger picture cause now there's really no going back. Shamy are here to stay all shacked up and happy. <3 P.s: @Riley7
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    Yes, that part sounds hysterical! Amy, your man is putty in your hands with a hipswing and a bit of sexy talk - get it, gurl! LOL
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    From @RJ1013 report: "Back at 4B, Sheldon and Amy discuss her work and its relevance to physics. They mention the Copenhagen interpretation and Amy wonders if they can pinpoint the exact moment that the wave function collapses. She is concerned about them working together in an academic context. They decide to make ground rules. Sheldon suggests the first one: no one should use their sexuality to get their way. Amy is perplexed. Sheldon demonstrates by doing an exaggerated hip-wiggling walk across the room towards their bedroom. " The bold part: can not wait to see this on screen; LOL! This episode what is shamy concerned is going to be gold! <3
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    The final TR is out: This is everything I wished the Shamy story would be. OMG I can't wait for the follow up episodes cause it seems like something more ongoing and the final rules feel like the perfect setup to get more of everybody's favourite Shamy scientific snarky banter. LOL
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    Personally there are two differences for me: 1. The tone is different. How many times did you see comments like that in the past but then got a cheeky grin or a sarcastic smile on their face when they said something like that? Last night in the most recent example those comments going up the stairs had none of that, therefore to me it felt less snarky, taking the piss banter and more mean or nasty. Did anyone notice any sarcasm or cheeky playfulness in Leonard last night in that scene? Because I sure fucking didn't. 2. Sheldon is more aware of it clearly. I can think of many times where he barely showed a flicker of a reaction to those snarky comments, these days you can actually see annoyance or anger in him because I believe he more aware. I think they are lucky he is so meek, because a lot of people wouldn't stand for it. I have watched every episode more than once so I know none of them are angels, they all enjoy ribbing each other and being snarky. But it felt a lot more playful back then (with the occasional time when it clearly wasn't), recently and this is just my opinion it feels way way different. I think it's a writing change for sure, and writers get rid of those fucking recurring drugging/medication jokes.
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    Anyone think this was a bit tied to the Emotion Detection episode earlier in the season, you know the whole discussion in that episode about people hiding what they are feeling or want to say and Sheldon not understanding why people do it? He clearly tried to do that in this episode from what I saw but still got shit for doing it. He was a bit upset about the room, but he tried to not make a fuss about it. I mean it's pretty normal that people think one thing, like being upset deep down with something but trying to put a bit of a front on. Sometimes succeeding and eventually getting over that issue, other times the facade shatters fairly quickly and true feelings are let out. If that makes any sense...
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    I think given the choice between science and X, Sheldon will always knee-jerk respond science. I don't think he gave it any real thought, though, and he didn't even get to finish what he was saying before Amy called him a bonehead. If he had thought about it, I think he would've said they could manage both. Science is kind of their thing, after all. @April might also be right that he said it to make her mad and keep the creative ideas flowing because it was right after they realized the connection between their arguing and scientific breakthrough.
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    Yep, that's my new favorite description of Shamy! (and I think the notebook was a little spiral thing he was writing rules on)
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    I have mixed feelings for today episode too. The sense of too much meanness the show holds lately sometimes put me off and although shamy still being well handled and well written, I got a bitter taste on my mouth about the mean stuff. I have said that doesnt make sense as they all are friends. One thing is a snarky remark, everyone does it once in a while to a friend, mostly for healthy mock them . But the show imo is confuse between comedy and meanness but well. It is a subject for another thread and other kind of reflexion though. About our adorable couple, I really liked much Amy on this episode. She knows Sheldon well and she is indeed a mature woman, as she only spoke to him as they were alone and she even put him away from conflict as he was overeacting. Their heartfelft talks are indeed one of the best things of this season and the bedroom scene did not disappointed. I just thought their dialogue there would be longer but maybe it's me who is always eager for shamy longer scenes, hehe. I loved the fact Amy was sleeping so peaceful after Beverly's bag of quick psychology. It spoke volumes about how she feels about Sheldon's feelings for her. She knows it's real and unconditional, he only needs a plan b for everything. And it was also nicely done Sheldon's reaction to Amy's words, as he kind of felt he needed to talk about what was boring him and that was not as he doubted of his feelings for Amy. Btw I love Sheldon's smile at Amy and how he touches her as he speaks to her! Adorable! For now I 'd like to add a note about Batman statue. Roflol!! It was so funny and scary, LOL! And loved the bedtime moment before going to bed of shamy and howardette. Oh the domestic bliss! Love it! <3
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    Not sure if this has been answered yet, but the notebook Amy threw out the window was a book Sheldon wrote in not a computer notebook. I was at the taping also. RJ did a great job capturing the episode in her TR.
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    Aww...thank you! That's so nice. Maybe it's some sort of coping mechanism to spare me emotional turmoil in the case of really nagative things regarding my OTP at the end of this season. I don't know. It's heart-warming, when the members of this forum act as a real community and try to cheer others up, no matter if they belong to their own ship or not.
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    Love the sound of this episode! Funny that we nailed that Sheldon would have wanted his name to go first in papers and Amy being the usual badass and not willing to concede it. I just hope that the notebook she tossed out of the window was not the 3.000 $ Alienware she bought him, LOL! I love that they are physically working together on the board making calculation, I had imagined a less close collaboration and how the bantering helps them progressing their work. Most of it, I love the We are a team but this is a competition really my motto for Shamy for now on...they are scientists to the core, that's for sure!
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    Expectations lows moto is the key for a shammy fan happiness. But writers, you know what you have to do, hehe And holding that thought ... Happy new episode day!! Looking foward to seeing with much curiosity all shamy scenes, especially that dialogue of them by the end of their day on bed. Their heartfelft talks on bedroom are one of my favourite things this season. Well, this season is indeed one of my favourites shamy concerned! <3 Have a wonderful day, shamy fellows
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    New sneak peek for tomorrow episode is up! It has PALS in it, it's the scene on the stairwell where Sheldon displays empathy towards Raj and Leonard and Penny can't believe to their ears! The jokes Leonard made about medications are not so funny, though, Sheldon and Amy seemed not very amused too...I love when Amy is on Sheldon's side when people mock him!
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    What makes me hopeful about this is the idea of them working out rules and see what improves their collaborative work (turns out it's snarky banter! lol) so with the little information we have I feel this is starting out pretty good and chances of a "Sheldon wants all the credit" scenario seem pretty slim - not that Amy would put up with that nonsense anyway! What also makes me hopeful is that we've already seen how the writers can handle Shamy doing science and snarking at each other and it's always been such a delight. Be it their argument way back in Zazzy, the always beloved Herb Garden, their little experiments over the years or what we've seen this season with that added flavour of sexy talk and seduction attempts. This could be really fun! I hope it'll last for at least a few episodes. <3
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    I love Amy even more after 10x18. Because nobody messes with her and with her Sheldon and she makes always her point! *fangirl mode on* And as they look at each other, they know nobody messes with them ! Can't already wait for next episode! *sigh *
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    Yes, I love Christine Baranski even in little cameos but Beverly is a bit of a quack. As I've said before: I think she's really good a poking people where it hurts and she clearly feels superior when she can identify a person's weak spot and insecurities. But I don't think she has any deeper insights into human nature with that Freudian pop-psychology. And tbqh I think the show doesn't want us to take her side here cause at least with her theory about Sheldon it's rejected with that heartfelt little talk in bed and it really doesn't take much to defang her idea. So yes, Sheldon being upset because his old room is an escape hatch may be accurate but he's clearly not insecure about his relationship here. He's just an "always have a Plan B" kinda guy. I wouldn't say the issue is the idea that those jabs where never there because clearly they were. For me the issue is that this is a show about these characters evolving and these kinds of jokes should evolve with the characters, imho. Like, you clearly have Sheldon evolve over the years and especially now he's rarely shown to be as obnoxious as he was in early seasons so the overly hostile reaction towards him starts to feel really off. It would be like making jokes about Howard still running after girls even though he's a happily married father, for comparison. I mean, you have Penny complaining about Sheldon having an overblown reaction when he clearly hasn't is just...huh?????? Then as @Jonny already said: Sheldon is becoming more aware of those jabs and also more upset about them. What I also have an issue with is kind of the area where these jabs happen. Like, I can easily deal with Shamy throwing intellectually charged snark at each other because that's an area where they are evenly matched. But when you have characters insult Sheldon's shortcomings that he can't help but get wrong often times because we know his brain is just wired differently while the guy is desperately trying to do better at the same time it just feels like they're hitting that exact kind of ugliness they wanted to avoid by not labelling him in the first place. Cause label or not it feels like you have neurotypical characters making fun of someone who is not. I think this is something the show needs to be more careful about.
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    Okay, I'm going in! So first of all: I think Lenny were very cute and united for almost all of the episode. They were generally a united front, making decisions together and taking the same stance on almost everything around them. I really liked the cold open, they were adorable and showing each couple's reaction to Raj's post helped defining the charcter/couples. Lenny were compassionate (sure, not a 100%, they did want to wait and see if Howardette invite Raj first. can't blame them though...) and united, they communicated and made a joint decision that was aceeptablle for both of them. They didn't even need to discuss it and negotiate, they were on the same page. That scene gave them a chance to show their shared characteristics: their compassion and their sense of humor. I also liked assertive Penny closing the deal. Supportive of her husband and appreciating him, willing to help their friend and using her assertiveness to cut Raj's bs, that's the Penny I like! I liked the staircase too, especially Penny's comment and Leonard's reaction. I feel like their lines there and in many other scenes could have been replaced (with slight modifications of course), and I think this is another thing that shows their similarities, in this case their sense of humor. And again, I really like their couples-friendship with Howardette! I know Sheldon is close and important to them and would like to see them staying neighbors, even after leaving the building, but if I have to choose one couple to remain their couple-friends forever I choose Howardette (who knows? maybe their children will tie the knot one day and make them family ). Of course, then came Beverly. This time you could really see how she enjoys messing with everyone (the great Chrisitne Bransky strikes again! ). I think Leonard shouldn't have raised his doubts in front of her, if what she said bothered him he should have talked to Penny after finishing the conversation. I don't blame him though. The guy grew up with an emotionally abusive, perhaps with a personality disorder, mother, and presumably a mostly absent father. So becoming slightly anxious about what that mother, who made him feel like he is unworthy and much beneath her for his whole life, is much better than what could have been. Leonard is quite a miracle actually. Someone in such circumstances would be at high risk of developing infantile/childhood depression with is a strong predictor for a wide range of mental illness and major physical health issues (and he does have some, even his height could be related to this since both his parents are taller than him). Also, I didn't feel like he was blaming Penny, he was wondering about them, not her exclusively. I'm not even sure it was that serious, Raj said they were fighting and that Sheldon was upset in the same sentence. To me it was more about Raj feeling guilty about the possibility that he was causing problems. Lenny were surprised that he left, they didn't seem to think they had a rough fight. This episode, like some of the others we had lately (except from "The Romance Recalibration" and possibly the next one which seems pretty harsh according to the TR) was not too bad by itself. Actually I think this particular one was not bad, if I saw it in isolation I would have even thought it was good (for Lenny, as an episode it was okay for me, a little boring). The problem is the context, the great picture. For about two months now we have seen Lenny fight or disagree in almost every episode, without (seeing) a proper resolution. I think it is definitely going somewhere and I think the message that they have marital problems is already clear, even without Beverly stating it outright. The next episode will apparently make that statement even clearer. Where are they going with it? I have no idea. If you have read my recent posts here and in other threads you can see that the latest TR made me think the probability of a split is increasing. I didn't say it will happen, just made me think it is getting closer to 50% (which is far from certain). I really don't want this to happen and I think it would be a terrible idea that will cause irreparable damage. What I want to see is Lenny having a good intimate discussion, like they used to have, in which we find out that there is something that is bothering them/Penny, a source of frustration and distress that makes Penny draw away at times and also makes every small slight shake the whole building (Penny unsatisfied with her job? with loosing friends? not knowing what she wants out of life? Health issues for one of them? Them feeling empty-nested after Sheldon left?). Maybe it is even something they have already been talking about this whole time but we don't know about it because all of their after-fight-talks were off-screen lately. Perhaps it's something they're hiding from their friends. If it's a major source of distress then even if they are talking about it it would still have big effects, and that's okay. But if there is in fact something like that I think the problem is they are taking too much time to reveal it. If they want to resolve it in the season's finale or close to it they should have started it later. Maybe they started early because they didn't know if they would get the renewal and wanted to be able to resolve it and re-stabilize Lenny by the end of the season and now that the renewal is almost a sure thing they have decided to resolve it only in the end of the season. Anyway, I sure hope that is the case and not "they don't work as a couple", "they don't have anything in common" or "they're too different" because they have been together for years during which (due to being neighbors) they have spent an enormous amount of time together, more than an average couple, and that's even without counting their time as just friends, I can't believe all they ever did was watching Sheldon, having sex, making out and watching TV shows only one of them likes; and they are not that different! (see my comments above about this one...). Perhaps Johnny and Kaley's acting makes these things even harder to believe. They are so good in portraying a loving married couple, they convey the sense of a loving, cohesive, in-sync couple that all these fights and communication problems feel completely out of the blue. And it's not that they are doing "wrong", they do have some scenes/moments when they are allowed to be normal Lenny, it's in the scripts. Bottom line is I'm confused, I wish I knew what is going through the writers' minds. So I said I will write a longer post. Well, I surely did, I wrote a really long one . I'll just sum up by saying I hope that we will have a proper resolution and a turn for the better as soon as can be so we can go back to just enjoy our beloved couple. We sure know how to do that!
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    love this! btw, just how much did @stephenhawking pay you to get his own line in your pic lol?!
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    Just watched this weeks episode again....I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing our wonderful couple in bed together!!
  35. 12 likes
    This is the sweetest thing I've read in a while, @Riley7. Thanks! It is a pleasure to make part of this fandom. Shamies rock!
  36. 12 likes
    On a side note, that bed is ridiculously small!! There was a high angle at one point of Shamy during the heartfelt scene and they could barely fit that bed together, LOL! Not that I want them to change it, it's the right size for snuggling all the time!
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    I'm so glad you typed all of this as it saves me having too - these are exactly my thoughts couldn't have put it better myself !!! Just to add - I still love that the writers had the "I love you " at the end, just to reinforce that it wasn't Amy Sheldon had the problem with, just the fact his " back up emergency plan" ( which he needs for EVERY situation ) had been removed - anyway that part & the fact that it was Amy who got him calm not bitchy Beverly !!!! Awwww they are too cute Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kind of mixed feelings for today episode; I liked very much Amy in it, she was supportive of Sheldon, but didn't put up with his nonsense (he had some WTF moments, but I come to this later...). I liked her reaction to Lenny's snarks in the stairwell scene, she was on Sheldon's side and waited for them to be alone to ask him about his real feelings to Raj moving in, since she already knew Sheldon didn't like it at all. Also, her remembering Sheldon's room with fondness was moving, she perfectly understood Sheldon's reaction to the whole situation and in a way she shared that feeling. I laughed so hard to the joke about the fake snakes Sheldon got her as an anniversary present. That was funny, and also Sheldon thought it was, LOL! She also realized Sheldon was being insensitive towards Raj in 4A living room and put an end to the whole thing taking him home. The bedroom scene is my favourite part of the episode; after Beverly said those mean things about everybody, she was calmly sleeping, as all that psychology gibber-gabber meant nothing to her, and was very understanding with Sheldon's doubts. She perfectly understood that his love for preparedness and the necessity for a plan B in every situation has nothing to do with her personally, it's just what he needs to function in life. I wished she would have appreciated more the fact she is the "dessert" in the case of an apocalypse, but the way Mayim delivered the line was so funny! Finally, probably the Batman statue is my favourite thing ever, please let it stay! What I didn't like was that I'm sensing there is too much meanness in the show lately. Lenny were mean to Sheldon for no reason (the drugs joke were just unfunny), Sheldon was mean to Raj (I know not on purpose and he also got him a nice present, but the guy knows better at this point...), Beverly was her usual self and judged everybody's relationship without actually knowing them, Howard was mean to Raj...I don't know, I feel the need of a nice group episode where the gang focuses on what brings them together rather than on what set them apart. Plus, I see now why Mayim captioned her reminder of the episode as "Everybody has commitment issues", that was Beverly's opinion on Amy as well, just because she reacted to her diagnose on Sheldon...Sorry Mayim, I take all back!
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    I agree and I'm glad Sheldon chose science too ! That's who he is . And honestly that is who Amy is too. Wouldn't you expect Amy to do the same? So why shouldn't Sheldon ? Besides, that's the fun part for me. They discover that arguing helps with cognition. My favorite lol moment from the taping report was when "Amy calls Sheldon a bone head and it leads to Sheldon having ideas " or something. So Sheldon is not wrong. Arguing made him fix some problems and it also helped Amy have an idea too.
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    @RJ1013 Thank you so very much for this TR!! This sounds like a fun episode. The Lenny part is pretty much what I expected and the Shamy part is everything I wished for. <3
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    Wow that was detailed, thanks so so much@RJ1013 ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy episode day!!! This one is kind of a mixed bag for me, because there are many things in it I don't care about, but I'm so looking forward to the last part of the episode and the bed scene. So...enjoy the episode everybody, because we have to wait a long time for the next one, LOL! But with a taping next week and all the discussions and speculations about Shamy working together, I'm sure the time will fly! Up to then...
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    We have all thought this many times Anita, all that sexual tension had to break at some point before their annual date and yet it didn't LOL! IMO best not thinking about it at all, then if it happens it will be a nice development. As it stands 11.11 will be their next time lol.
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    I have just had the opportunity now for posting about the snippet and I am even more happier for shamy relationship progress and also for Sheldon's growth and I believe I don't need to say why as I am saying this. And what 's wrong with you writers about drugg people or medication jokes? It is not funny and it is quite repetitive *sigh* Happy notes: *Sheldon's empathy. It made me feel so proud of our Shelley! *Amy ' s words to Sheldon, as she was supportive to her boyfriend and also she is always for the truth. It made me feel so proud of our Amy! *Shamy body language: their are always so synch for better and worse <3 And I must say that one of my shamy must happen itens list I most want to see soon is Amy kicking gang's a***e for they mock Sheldon in the most unfair moments. Geez! Shamy aganst the world team 1 _ world 0 And Game continues!
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    I've been waiting for a storyline like this since forever!!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see how this plays out. We really are having a great season 10, more good episodes than the last 3 seasons combined! I think them working together will just take their relationship to another level and I'm super into all this science-y stuff for them, especially since we know how randy they both get when they're doing something #forscience. I just hope this is gonna be as great as I'm already picturing it. Side note: Law school is going great! Whenever I'm not studying, I'm lurking around here and fangirling (and boying) with all of you!
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    Here's the problem, its not about fucking Raj, it just another week of Lenny conflict. Don't look at this as something isolated, look at the pattern. How many comments were about his getting in the middle of Lenny's relationship. @vonmar, you ask me what I saw happening, here's your answer. What other reason is there for putting Raj in 4A? Oh, I know, they don't have Sheldon to play off of them anymore. Remember those plots where Penny takes Sheldon's side? Or complains about Leonard to Sheldon, or gets mad at Leonard and runs off with Sheldon? The writers didnt have that anymore, so they had them with silly conflict, lie over TV shows, or Leonard, of all people, not trying. Now, they move Raj in, and the writers have that third person back. And, we continue to get Lenny conflict, while showing Shamy having cute plots. It's become obvious that the writers simply dont want to put the effort in to write anything for Lenny. And Jonny, not singling You out here, others have made similar comments. Your post was just a good lead in for my comments.
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    OMG! I´m so excited! yay!!!! This was in my wishlist, Shamy working together, wiiiiii!! Seriously, this is more that I was expecting, and the best part is that looks like is a (at least) plot for various episodes!!! And you know guys what happen when this two get cranky about science! *wink* *wink*, the once-a-year arrangment is going to disappear after two days of serious science talk! *sigh*, maybe they get hot in the lab and someone of the university see them and the rumors about their sexlife change drastically haha! Thanks so much to @RJ1013, you made my day, I hope you had fun yesterday!!
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    As Amy would say: "Screw Beauty and the Beast, that's the story Disney should tell!"
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    These two knuckleheads both love human experimentation and enjoy the whole cause/effect part of toying with human behavior (especially Amy in Herb Garden and the episode where she and Sheldon used Lenny in figuring out puzzles and compared results with monkeys). Im betting theres a part of them that relishes the banter that this particular professional union will bring. The fact that they can outline boundaries shows they are separating the work from personal stuff and as long as they have thick enough skins they should be able to be productive without offending each other. Like others here, Im pretty excited about this venture!
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    Without having seen it (and maybe @RJ1013 can elaborate more here?) my take is that at this point they have the hypothesis that fighting helps their progress so Sheldon picks the answer that would surely make Amy mad and it gets the desired result of her insulting him and getting some good ideas out. It's not the first time Sheldon would goad Amy into such a spat without actually risking their relationship - see the tag of 10x04 for comparison. The next we see of them is outlining their rules which restricts the fights to certain areas (...and probably terrible "yo momma!" insults. LOL) so I think there's an effort to avoid serious relationship problems and just go with intellectually charged banter.