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    The lack of science plots have been a problem for me lately, which is why this latest taping makes me so excited (Though I understand the anger of others) Less relationship stuff (though I've enjoyed that), and more Shamy being scientists! And now that they're allowing it to be a competition, there may be opportunity for witty banter. IDK, this seems to be a creative plot IMO. More balance between the characters would be nice, but at least it's science related and full of potential.
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    Thank you everyone for the kind Birthday wishes!
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    Speaking of funny conversations between the guys (from Season 1 episode 5): Sheldon: Alright, I’m moving my infantry division, augmented by a battalion of Orcs from Lord of the Rings, we flank the Tennessee Volunteers, and the North once again wins the Battle of Gettysburg. Howard: Not so fast, remember the South still has two infantry divisions, plus Superman and Godzilla. Leonard: No, no, no, no, Orcs are magic, Superman is vulnerable to magic, not to mention, you already lost Godzilla to the Illinois Cavalry and Hulk. Raj: Why don’t you just have Robert E. Lee charge the line with Shiva and Ganesh. Penny: Hi, you guys ready to order? Howard: Hang on, honey. Shiva and Ganesh? The Hindu Gods against the entire Union army? Leonard: And Orcs! Penny: I’ll be back. Raj: Excuse me, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and Shiva is the destroyer. When the smoke clears, Abraham Lincoln will be speaking Hindi and drinking mint juleps.
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    Happy birthday @Jonny! Often times you are my voice of reason, so thank you for that. I hope you enjoy the day and remain the awesome crazy Shamy nerd you are! Veels geluk!
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    Today is a special day for one of most enthusiastic and thoughtfull shamy fans, who is also one of the sweetest for handle with his shamy fangirls fellows with all caring and patient of the world, hehe! Happy birthday, @Jonny ! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and have so much fun! Cheers!
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    Yup, "all kinds of stuff" is the correct word. it doesn't always have to be science based stuff. Those discussions about teleportation or how superman cleans his suit or S/L dialogue about whether they are living in the Matrix were fun. The scene in 4A where Howard tests a hypothesis that Sheldon may be a robot and when they made the foam from the chemical reaction and stored it in the vents of Kripke's lab were good too .not always realistic , but there were funny scenes. They don't need to rely on relationship drama or couples problems all the time for the jokes.
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    Happy birthday @Jonny! Hope your day goes wonderfully! This episode was certainly one of the lesser ones of this season but I still enjoyed the Shamy scenes. They're like a married couple these days, in the way they interact with each other. Amy's "talk to me", their bed scene, the tag, everything screamed MARRIED to me and I loved it! Oh, and a little detail from the beginning of the ep that I really liked was Shamy in bed with S on his tablet (I think?) and A rubbing lotion on her hands...It just striked me as something very intimate. Anyway, I'm glad they talked about what Beverly said about them and resolved it in the end. Raj might have caused some chaos by moving in in Sheldon's old room but ultimately Sheldon chose to live with Amy in 4b in Veracity (without even realising it!) and that's what really matters. Amy made the right move to let Sheldon have the Batman statue in the end, it was a nice symbolic way of making him feel even more secure in 4b ( @spidergirl had mentioned this firstly), but I hope they put it away somewhere on the 4th wall because it seriously creeps me out :D I also liked S being so proud of his relationship with A and being all arrogant about it (he's not wrong). For a moment there I was afraid they had cut Sheldon's dessert line when the scene cut just before that part and was so relieved when it went back to Shamy with a continuation of the scene. Hopefully people will take note of Sheldon leaving the best (Amy) for last (dessert) and finally get the memo. I know it's futile but you know what they say about hope. The one thing I didn't like was Amy calling Sheldon a jerk along with the others...In general I thought everyone was a bit too quick to get defensive with him. Maybe it's time for them to realise that he's actually making an effort here to be more appreciative of other people and they should drop their old defenses and try to encourage him. I'm excluding Amy because she was the only one who still seemed (sp? sorry I'm having a brainfart) understanding towards him.
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    and of course it is quite a modern idea that men aren't supposed to care about their appearance and clothes and whatnot. Up until the mid-19th century in western countries, there was no social stigma attached to men caring about clothes and grooming (in fact, the opposite). The only barrier was money, not gender.
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    Yeah, or something like this...
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    Totally agree with you, there is so much more to write about than just drama and relationship.
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    Happy Birthday, @Jonny!! Hope you have a great day. Cheers!! <3
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    Happy birthday @Jonny....I hope you have a great day!!
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    Hi, everyone! Loooooong-time shipper/lurker here. I've hemmed and hawed over joining this forum for a long time, but here I am! I see that the Shamy thread is indeed a happy place, as it should be since our babies have been so adorable! Someone had noted recently how Sheldon has been sitting on both sides of the couch in 4B, and the more I think about it, the more I like that. Although he still has his spot in 4A in some capacity, the fact that he doesn't have a designated spot in 4B shows that he doesn't NEED one to feel secure there. Amy is his security now. She is his spot (I swear if he says this when he proposes my fangirling level will go through the roof!). I just think it screams how comfortable he is being there, and I love that.
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    @Jonny! A charming waitress told me about your birthday today. All the best and much fun furthermore.
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    I sorely miss all those discussions! Loved too how they would be deeply theorizing amd arguing about kryptonian mustard and dry cleaners in the bottled city of Kandor and then say something like 'You can never have a serious discussion with him.' LOL!
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    Season 10...the L/S/H project...10x2 "The Military Miniaturization" and 10x3 "The Dependence Transcendence" 10x15 "The Locomotion Reverberation" We've seen S/A engaging in science...Sheldon's emotion detector (which is real science)....interactions with Bert from the Geology Department...Caltech cafeteria scenes. The science is happening.
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    I know nobody (except me) wants to see a musical episode of TBBT...but Johnny Galecki needs to do more dancing on the show. Look at those hips. Shakira (and Bollywood) would be proud.
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    happy happy, Jonny! Have a fabulous day!
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    Happy [email protected] !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He never had his spot even in Amy's old apartment, nor ever made a fuss about where to sit there as it happened for Penny's or Raj's apartment. I guess his spot with Amy is wherever she is.., Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun here!
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    I have just rewatched on tv s6e17 Monster's isolation and it even made me want to see more Amy working together with Sheldon. From episode of last thursday I basically enjoyed shamy scenes so my mind is on yet in taping of last tuesday. More science for these two indeed! Although in s6e17 it was more about Amy working alone as the comedy bits were highlited than to show the science facts, her crazy look at off screen monkey as she teased him she would not give him the lighter for his cigar was pure gold comedy, I laughed so hard again, LOL! The shamy differences from s6 to now are really big! However their eyes coitus to each other were so powerful by then and they had yet so much to bond yet. I just love to revisit their growth as I have a bit of spare time. It is so good and pardon me, love to get back here to share my thoughts
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    Happy birthday, @Jonny! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!
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    'Once More, with Feeling' basically redeemed Season Six for me. Agree with the problem of the episode length, grrrr. oh man I would love, love, LOVE for ShAmy to have a 'Pasadena Scientist' song. Or -oo,oo! - in line with their 'snark improves cognition' storyline, a rap battle! 'You put the 'null' in 'null hypothesis'/ 'well, you put the 'fail' in 'fail to reject'!'/ 'Face it, I just took you to school, little lady'/ 'school? Where you got an 'f' in every subject?' and so forth.
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    yeah, look at portraits of Raleigh and so on. Velvet, silks, ruffs, EXTREMELY tight tights, pearl earrings...and there's still no question that the guy is an adventurer and a fighter and a jouster and can do some serious damage. If you look at the Regency era, that's where you can see the modern austere look for men get its start. But upper-class men were still expected to have beautifully-tailored and very expensive clothes. And they were still, you know, duelling and bare-knuckle-boxing and the like. Basically, fashion and more stereotypically 'masculine' activities weren't seen as incompatible. and I agree, there's still a money barrier but it's cheaper to express an interest in fashion. Probably there were always ways - it's just that the upper classes are better documented...
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    Hello Anglophile79 and welcome to the forum! That would be great if he said that to her. I would also love if he sat on the couch and when Amy passes by, he would grab her by the arm and pull her on his lap to cuddle or to propose to her. Happy birthday @Jonny! Hope you have a great day!
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    I'd love one (Buffy had probably the last musical one I watched and it was brilliant). Only problem is this show is like 18-21 mins long, they would have to be short songs lol. Sheldon and Amy having a 'Pasadena scientist' song lol. Bit like Mordin's Salarian scientist song in Mass Effect 2 would be amazing lol
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    Shamy related though. That's fine for the shippers. But love the guys to collaborate on a project. Hell would love some more focus on Leonard's career. Opposed to sitting around Skyping his Mother. Putting insecurities in his head. And onto his marrage.
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    This is what I've thought too. That bed is way too short to be an actual-sized bed. I didn't see it at the March 7 taping, but it's possible they moved it out of the way to make room for Shamy's multiple whiteboards.
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    Good point! Amy makes him feel secure, so true! Most of his fears and obssesed rituals have been softing and even some of them were gone as he bonded more to her* sigh* And welcome to forum! Hope you get around for we speak to you about the show and about our adorable couple
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    For the same reason why Penny doesn't go to Comic-Con to wear matching costumes with Leonard. I think they've done an excellent job in pointing out the differences between Leonard and Penny over the years, and to me it's not really a question whether Leonard is into yoga and wellness masks or not. Does he need to be? I don't think so. I simply don't understand why everyone expects Penny to do everything exclusively with Leonard, just because he's her husband. They're allowed to have friends and spend time with said friends. There's nothing weird about it.
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    Actually we don't know if Leonard is interested in these things or not he's never said anything about them as far as i can recall,yes he did refuse to yoga with that morning but that doesn't mean he never does it with her.Penny said in ep10x17 that he always making an effort to do things he doesn't enjoy,so to me it looks like he does do these things with just doesn't like them. There is a difference between Leonard going off and doing stuff with the guys and Penny doing stuff Raj, i'm pretty sure if Leonard was doing stuff he likes with another woman who was friend Penny wouldn't be happy .
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    On a more serious note...: I am mostly concerned about how Raj living with Lenny will affect them, but I wonder what it will do for him. Will he see them fighting and maybe even splitting and become less eager to start a relationship? Or will he see their good moments (and hopefully we will se more of those too) and learn how to be in a mature adult relationship with differences, compromises and committments and want to start such a relationship (not just to be with someone) himself? I think Rak has some learning to do and Howard is not a very good teacher. I don't know about Bernadette, she is not very patient LOL. IMO Shamy are not suitable to teach him either, not that their relationship isn't good (I think they're in a great place!) but it is unique and suitable for them and Sheldon is usually unintrested in helping others' relationships. Lenny taught Sheldon a lot, in various aspects. They are quite patient and may be the most compassionate couple (as a couple) in the gang (in the gang, it's all relative...), IMO it was shown in last episode's cold open. Maybe they could help Raj in his journey to become more mature. IMO, and I think many would agree (where are my Lennys at? ) this is far better than watching Lenny fight again and again (and even split) and Raj caught in between and exacerbating the fights at times.
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    Metrosexual is the best word for it. In the UK there was talk of the 'Beckham effect', men got into things like personal grooming, looking after their appearance more (no sexuality at all involved with it). It's big business these days.
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    LOL…and that would be a fitting assessment, I guess.
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    I'm sorry, I don't know how to quote! But @mirs1... you're post on @anglophile79's adorable post just gave me the feels big time. I hadn't noticed this before, but it does make sense. See, this is why I love this place.
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    Having an opinion that the writers have gone overboard with one character because he was very popular isn't disrespecting them. It's having an opinion on why the ratings have dropped. They have clearly made a lot of smart moves to have the number one show for so many years. But there is a danger of having too much of a good thing especially when other characters are neglected. Disagree with my opinion but don't scold me for having one.
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    Yes, good point! And thank you!
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    Hope you had a great birthday, Jonny. Many Happy Returns and Penblwydd Hapus. Thank you. I think that may explain why I couldn't find it in the first place.
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    Week 25 Live + 7, Week of 06 March, 2017 Based on week Twenty-three Numbers 20-26 Feb 2017). CBS broadcast the TBBT episode, 10.17, The Comic-Con Conundrum Demo Show Live + 7 lift Show Live + 7 Total This is Us 2.8 This is Us 5.0 TBBT 1.8 TBBT 4.6 Modern Family 1.6 Modern Family 3.6 Grey's Anatomy 1.4 Grey's Anatomy 3.4 How to Get Away w/Murder 1.3 The Batchelor 3.2 Law and Order:SVU 1.0 How to Get Away w/Murder 2.7 Chicago PD 1.0 Black-ish 2.5 The Blacklist 1.0 Chicago Fire 2.5 Chicago Fire 0.9 The Goldbergs 2.5 Black-ish 0.9 NCIS 2.3 Viewers Show Live + 7 lift (000) Show Live + 7 Total (000) This is Us 6221 NCIS 18,332 TBBT 4942 TBBT 18.324 The Blacklist 3947 This is Us 15,703 NCIS:NO 3934 Bull 14,293 Chicago Fire 3801 NCIS:NO 13,510 Modern Family 3775 Hawaii Five-0 12,016 Chicago PD 3704 Grey's Anatomy 11,110 Bull 3628 Chicago Fire 10,962 NCIS 3459 Criminal Minds 10,674 Grey's Anatomy 3391 Scorpion 10,442 Tensor
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    Hi, I did listen to Jim's show. He said he would be on next Friday, but didn't mention any longer term possibilities. It was a great show, about Russia.
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    So it has come around again? I can believe that. Still a money barrier I guess but less so, more accessible stuff these days. I remember watching classic & period dramas and they do seem well groomed, especially during the Renaissance period particularly in France. Even comedy shows like Blackadder you saw that lol.
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    It’s one of the few forms of interaction with people, that Sheldon doesn’t find repellent.
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    I can only agree with this. I think the writers have focused a little bit to much on relationships and has forgotten about the unique science stories. We used to see the guys at work or in the the cafeteria at Cal tech in the past, where there were funny discussions about all kind of stuff.
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    Yeah, that was great! I liked how Sheldon recognized the truth of Amy’s explanation and that he was immediately calmed by it. Wanting to have a plan B for every situation does not mean that he considers that situation to be likely in any way. The order that he would eat his friends in the event of an apocalypse is an absurd scenario, but that was his first thought as an example. It seems that he finds the idea of needing an ‘escape hatch’ from his relationship to be pretty darn improbable if that’s the comparison that springs to his mind.
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