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    On my day off, I decided to make this. I hope I've included everyone. If I didn't, forgive me, but I saved the file, LOL... I could still add you. I think this encapsulates us. We're crazy and fun and sometimes we're weird, but we're always together (even when we're fighting!). I just love you guys... out of all the corners of the Internet, I stumbled onto this one and met some incredible people. Tomorrow marks 2 years of me in this thread, and I just love it here. BTW, FYI - I'm never leaving this place!
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    THANKS, RJ! I HOPE YOU HAD FUN! SHAMY WORKING TOGETHER EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER MIND PROPOSALS AND BABIES, THIS - THIS - IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! * AW. FUCK. YEAH. AND SNARK HELPS THEIR COGNITIVE PROCESSES?!?! Squee gun? Squee gun? Where my squee gun at? oh, THERE you are. I know the last few nice-enough-but-meh episodes had you allllll excited. I know you'd had your heart set on that holiday in the Caribbean. But sorry, pal. It's all hands on deck, I'm afraid. *(obviously no offence meant to anyone who wanted proposals and babies)
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    Hi, everyone! Loooooong-time shipper/lurker here. I've hemmed and hawed over joining this forum for a long time, but here I am! I see that the Shamy thread is indeed a happy place, as it should be since our babies have been so adorable! Someone had noted recently how Sheldon has been sitting on both sides of the couch in 4B, and the more I think about it, the more I like that. Although he still has his spot in 4A in some capacity, the fact that he doesn't have a designated spot in 4B shows that he doesn't NEED one to feel secure there. Amy is his security now. She is his spot (I swear if he says this when he proposes my fangirling level will go through the roof!). I just think it screams how comfortable he is being there, and I love that.
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    Ok..just watched the newest episode again...(as always, I apologize if I am repeating things that have already been said) The way that Amy gets him to tell her what is bothering him...she is so gentle. After the scene walking up the stairs, when they enter 4B she says "Talk to me, what's going on". Later in bed, when he can't sleep, she wakes up and says "Are you okay?...what's wrong?" His cheeky grin when they are talking about the anniversary gift..."You said "surprise me". Amy, this isn't your first rodeo, you should know better...lol Cinnamon is an "attack Tribble"...nice Star Trek reference. I want Sheldon and Cinnamon to become friends. Finally when Stuart bursts into H/B bedroom with his bat, it's a Walking Dead shout out. My son noticed..Negan's barbed wire wrapped baseball bat that he calls Lucille. I don't watch TWD, but my son does and he rewound TBBT twice to be sure. He thought that it was pretty funny that the physically weakest character on TBBT was brandishing such a violent weapon from TWD world. Anyway, love Shamy in this episode. Can't wait to see what is in store for the remaining Season 10 episodes.
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    Thank you everyone for the kind Birthday wishes!
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    Speaking of funny conversations between the guys (from Season 1 episode 5): Sheldon: Alright, I’m moving my infantry division, augmented by a battalion of Orcs from Lord of the Rings, we flank the Tennessee Volunteers, and the North once again wins the Battle of Gettysburg. Howard: Not so fast, remember the South still has two infantry divisions, plus Superman and Godzilla. Leonard: No, no, no, no, Orcs are magic, Superman is vulnerable to magic, not to mention, you already lost Godzilla to the Illinois Cavalry and Hulk. Raj: Why don’t you just have Robert E. Lee charge the line with Shiva and Ganesh. Penny: Hi, you guys ready to order? Howard: Hang on, honey. Shiva and Ganesh? The Hindu Gods against the entire Union army? Leonard: And Orcs! Penny: I’ll be back. Raj: Excuse me, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and Shiva is the destroyer. When the smoke clears, Abraham Lincoln will be speaking Hindi and drinking mint juleps.
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    He never had his spot even in Amy's old apartment, nor ever made a fuss about where to sit there as it happened for Penny's or Raj's apartment. I guess his spot with Amy is wherever she is.., Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun here!
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    Yeah, that was great! I liked how Sheldon recognized the truth of Amy’s explanation and that he was immediately calmed by it. Wanting to have a plan B for every situation does not mean that he considers that situation to be likely in any way. The order that he would eat his friends in the event of an apocalypse is an absurd scenario, but that was his first thought as an example. It seems that he finds the idea of needing an ‘escape hatch’ from his relationship to be pretty darn improbable if that’s the comparison that springs to his mind.
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    Hey everyone!! I'm checking in a little late today for the latest ep, sorry about that. Anyway, thoughts about the episode: I'm loving all the Shamy bed scenes - gosh, they're so adorable! I was amused to see them mirroring Howardette once again* - both all snuggled into bed, he's on the internet, she is putting on some hand lotion. lol (*the other recent example was the guys smooth talking their women for CC) I still don't get why people are mad at Sheldon. Yes, he was upset about his room but he didn't throw a temper tantrum or was otherwise an ass and yet people behave as if he were...!? I don't know how much of that is a misfired joke - and how much is to emphasise how much Sheldon changed and that his friends didn't get the memo??? Weird. I really like how instead of throwing a tantrum Sheldon is holding those feelings back in front of his friends and instead works through them with Amy's and Beverly's help. I thought it was rather wonderful to see him reacting this mature. And yes, Beverly's advice was a bit hit and miss. Yes, his old room was an "escape hatch" but not for the reason she thought it would be. I love how Shamy talk through this (again in bed! <3) with Amy not being rattled at all by Beverly's nonsense because she knows Sheldon much better. And it's ending on a really adorable note with the "Because I love you...". Awwwww! I also loved the little moment remembering the ILY2. Though Amy saying that his room holds a lot of memories for her, too, makes me wonder what else they did in there that we haven't seen cause right now I can maybe point to the Love Spell talk as a big moment for them but not much else...? Sheldon "surprise" for the anniversary cracked me up! That wish was a rookie mistake, Amy! LOL Also the tag was cute! Though I won't be sad to see Batman go. All in all a cute little episode for our couple. As I've said before: I really appreciate this step looking at the bigger picture cause now there's really no going back. Shamy are here to stay all shacked up and happy. <3 P.s: @Riley7
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    Hey, I´m back, sorry guys I was all the weekend at a cottage with friends without phone coverage, I survived without look at the phone every 5 minutes LOL! Was super fun but I glad I’m back here, I have a lot of things to read haha! First of all, Happy Birthday to @Jonny , I hope you had an awesome day! I watched the episode but I couldn't write my opinions, as always you said all for me so I just going to resumen in that I like it the episode in general (but the guys were more mean with Sheldon that I expected and I hate Leonard´s drug joke) and I LOVE all the shamy scenes, they are so married, I just love it so much!!!! My favourite moment was, when she says: "Talk to me, what's going on?", I thought yes, he talks to her, he opens to her and shows his emotions, she is the only one, and that it´s super important! *sigh* I can´t wait for the next episode!! #ForScience! I watched the IG videos about the texas dance, for me, looks like they were rehearsing a scene, maybe in the table were Sheldon´s brother, his brother-in-law and some cousins? maybe he need to go to texas for something? maybe Meemaw´s birthday? Will be so fun seeing Mary and Meemaw again. (Yay!) (Maybe they engaged and they go to say it to the family? So much fangirling!!! AHHHH LOL) *sigh*
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    Happy birthday @Jonny! Hope your day goes wonderfully! This episode was certainly one of the lesser ones of this season but I still enjoyed the Shamy scenes. They're like a married couple these days, in the way they interact with each other. Amy's "talk to me", their bed scene, the tag, everything screamed MARRIED to me and I loved it! Oh, and a little detail from the beginning of the ep that I really liked was Shamy in bed with S on his tablet (I think?) and A rubbing lotion on her hands...It just striked me as something very intimate. Anyway, I'm glad they talked about what Beverly said about them and resolved it in the end. Raj might have caused some chaos by moving in in Sheldon's old room but ultimately Sheldon chose to live with Amy in 4b in Veracity (without even realising it!) and that's what really matters. Amy made the right move to let Sheldon have the Batman statue in the end, it was a nice symbolic way of making him feel even more secure in 4b ( @spidergirl had mentioned this firstly), but I hope they put it away somewhere on the 4th wall because it seriously creeps me out :D I also liked S being so proud of his relationship with A and being all arrogant about it (he's not wrong). For a moment there I was afraid they had cut Sheldon's dessert line when the scene cut just before that part and was so relieved when it went back to Shamy with a continuation of the scene. Hopefully people will take note of Sheldon leaving the best (Amy) for last (dessert) and finally get the memo. I know it's futile but you know what they say about hope. The one thing I didn't like was Amy calling Sheldon a jerk along with the others...In general I thought everyone was a bit too quick to get defensive with him. Maybe it's time for them to realise that he's actually making an effort here to be more appreciative of other people and they should drop their old defenses and try to encourage him. I'm excluding Amy because she was the only one who still seemed (sp? sorry I'm having a brainfart) understanding towards him.
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    Yup, "all kinds of stuff" is the correct word. it doesn't always have to be science based stuff. Those discussions about teleportation or how superman cleans his suit or S/L dialogue about whether they are living in the Matrix were fun. The scene in 4A where Howard tests a hypothesis that Sheldon may be a robot and when they made the foam from the chemical reaction and stored it in the vents of Kripke's lab were good too .not always realistic , but there were funny scenes. They don't need to rely on relationship drama or couples problems all the time for the jokes.
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    Good point! Amy makes him feel secure, so true! Most of his fears and obssesed rituals have been softing and even some of them were gone as he bonded more to her* sigh* And welcome to forum! Hope you get around for we speak to you about the show and about our adorable couple
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    Yes I loved Amy's softness too and the "talk to me " just made me feel this is what they do now when either is sad / upset -they calmly talk it through ! Oh the feels !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone think this was a bit tied to the Emotion Detection episode earlier in the season, you know the whole discussion in that episode about people hiding what they are feeling or want to say and Sheldon not understanding why people do it? He clearly tried to do that in this episode from what I saw but still got shit for doing it. He was a bit upset about the room, but he tried to not make a fuss about it. I mean it's pretty normal that people think one thing, like being upset deep down with something but trying to put a bit of a front on. Sometimes succeeding and eventually getting over that issue, other times the facade shatters fairly quickly and true feelings are let out. If that makes any sense...
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    Today is a special day for one of most enthusiastic and thoughtfull shamy fans, who is also one of the sweetest for handle with his shamy fangirls fellows with all caring and patient of the world, hehe! Happy birthday, @Jonny ! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and have so much fun! Cheers!
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    Having an opinion that the writers have gone overboard with one character because he was very popular isn't disrespecting them. It's having an opinion on why the ratings have dropped. They have clearly made a lot of smart moves to have the number one show for so many years. But there is a danger of having too much of a good thing especially when other characters are neglected. Disagree with my opinion but don't scold me for having one.
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    I haven't seen this episode yet, but I can't wait to see how it plays out. On the gift thing, Amy shouldn't be too upset, she did say "surprise me" and he did! Clearer next time girl! Also, what this tells me is if she'd say something 'romantic', he would've bought something romantic... But she's smart, she'll figure it out. I just love these two. I can't wait for the next episode, it sounds like fun! Of course, our friends the Lenny's aren't having the greatest time... I don't think we should flaunt our happiness over there in the Discussion thread. Save it for home. =)
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    I love Amy even more after 10x18. Because nobody messes with her and with her Sheldon and she makes always her point! *fangirl mode on* And as they look at each other, they know nobody messes with them ! Can't already wait for next episode! *sigh *
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    love this! btw, just how much did @stephenhawking pay you to get his own line in your pic lol?!
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    Just watched this weeks episode again....I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing our wonderful couple in bed together!!
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    This is the sweetest thing I've read in a while, @Riley7. Thanks! It is a pleasure to make part of this fandom. Shamies rock!
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    True. And Penny is entirely at liberty to forgive him. Which she seems to have done. Forgiveness is a powerful gift. It gets different for repeat offenders however. Which is Sheldon. Who repeatedly offends - because that's the show now.
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    From Variety ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff ‘Young Sheldon’ Officially Ordered at CBS CBS has officially given a series order for “The Big Bang Theory” spinoff “Young Sheldon,” Variety has learned. The half-hour multicam, currently with an unspecified number of episodes ordered, will premiere in the 2017-18 season. Created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, the series follows “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper at the age of 9, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Jon Favreau is directing and executive producing the first episode of the series, which stars Iain Armitage as 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper — played by Jim Parsons on “Big Bang” — as well as Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan. Armitage is a triple-threat is currently starring on HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” playing Shailene Woodley’s on-screen son, while Jordan will make his acting debut opposite Josh Brolin in upcoming indie “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.” The cast was rumored to be set earlier in March. “Big Bang” showrunner Steve Molaro wrote the pilot script. He will executive produce, along with “Big Bang” creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, plus Parsons. Lorre, Molaro, Parsons and Todd Spiewak will serve as executive producers of the series, from Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. Jim Parsons will also narrate the comedy as Adult Sheldon. <more in the link>
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    I know what you're doing here and I like it.
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    Yeah there have been several examples this season when you see them say 'let's talk about what's on your mind/troubling you'. This recent episode, Sheldon's bedroom in 4A when Sheldon was packing stuff ready for their cohabitation experiment, Sheldon on the bed in 4B after the emotion detector argument etc. True most of them involving Amy being the initiator (would like to some more scenarios with Amy upset about something or have her being troubled by something and Sheldon getting her to open up) but it shows they do communicate a lot better. Lot of these conversations simply/likely wouldn't have happened pre-break up, they would have kept it to themselves and stewed or eventually blow up leading to a big disagreement. Shamy said it best: And that was before Season 10's major developments lol! Their relationship is even more stronger now!
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    I have just rewatched on tv s6e17 Monster's isolation and it even made me want to see more Amy working together with Sheldon. From episode of last thursday I basically enjoyed shamy scenes so my mind is on yet in taping of last tuesday. More science for these two indeed! Although in s6e17 it was more about Amy working alone as the comedy bits were highlited than to show the science facts, her crazy look at off screen monkey as she teased him she would not give him the lighter for his cigar was pure gold comedy, I laughed so hard again, LOL! The shamy differences from s6 to now are really big! However their eyes coitus to each other were so powerful by then and they had yet so much to bond yet. I just love to revisit their growth as I have a bit of spare time. It is so good and pardon me, love to get back here to share my thoughts
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    @Jonny! A charming waitress told me about your birthday today. All the best and much fun furthermore.
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    and of course it is quite a modern idea that men aren't supposed to care about their appearance and clothes and whatnot. Up until the mid-19th century in western countries, there was no social stigma attached to men caring about clothes and grooming (in fact, the opposite). The only barrier was money, not gender.
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    Totally agree with you, there is so much more to write about than just drama and relationship.
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    I sorely miss all those discussions! Loved too how they would be deeply theorizing amd arguing about kryptonian mustard and dry cleaners in the bottled city of Kandor and then say something like 'You can never have a serious discussion with him.' LOL!
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    I felt the same way when Sheldon use to make all those demeaning comments to Leonard, who was suppose to be his best friend, so I guess now I just see Leonard's remarks as just payback.
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    Just here to obliquely vent. I crazily now see Sheldon as a manifestation of a wider concern. Cartoon-ish characters are now the cause of problems in the real world, but maybe people were innured to that through repeated exposure to shows like this, where "everything turns out all right in the end" and "Sheldon really has a heart of gold so it'll all be fine". Now those cartoonish characters have real power in the world and it's not looking very rosy. But I'd still cut Leonard some slack for what he did. His wife could. I'd follow her example. I haven't any idea of what is going on lately. Last I saw, Sheldon was channelling Charlie Harper, or maybe Alan Harper, trying to inveigle his way into Amy's nether regions. (PS unquestioned billions for defence and not for healthcare? What saves more lives?)
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    For me (and I stress that I am speaking only for myself), my issue is not even that Leonard kissed Mandy. I loathe that he did it, and I absolutely consider it cheating, but look, everyone is allowed one drunken mistake. If he'd freaked out about it and told Penny immediately, I would have said 'yeah, it sucks and you're absolutely allowed to be angry, but it was one kiss, he clearly feels awful about it and he told you immediately.' but Leonard didn't follow that course, did he? Because - well - the showrunners had yet to come up with that brilliant plot twist. But okay, onscreen all we know is that Leonard says he kissed a girl who was not his girlfriend, said nothing about it for two years, and after he confessed, penny forgave him and they got married, he let slip the not-irrelevant detail that he sees the little chippy every day. And was pissy and defensive and not nearly apologetic enough about THAT little crime of omission. that's beginning to be my problem. but my biggest problem? Is that the show immediately bent over backwards to make it not be leonard's fault. His crime wasn't infidelity! His crime was self-sabotage! Leonard would never have had the guts to cheat before he was with Penny! So, in a way, it's kind of HER fault! (never mind that we were shown that leonard was contemplating cheating on Priya, yeah? Yeah). Leonard can never ever be guilty of a sin of commission or omission! Leonard's only crime is loving too much and daring too little! and that is MUCH more my problem. I am happy to root for Leonard even if he's done an awful thing, so long as he learns and grows from it. But when he is scooped up and clucked over and shielded from any serious moral consequence like the shittiest spoiled brat in school, I turn off. so I think it is a perfectly valid decision to say 'well, it's fine, penny forgave him'. I agree, she did, and that is what matters. But I can't help feeling that as far as the showrunners are concerned, it's not a question of forgiveness, so much as rewriting the law to say that no crime occurred. stupid Boat Kiss. Stupid, ugly, contrived, shittily-written, half-digested Boat Kiss. Blech.
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    Let's hope we get spoilers for tomorrow taping so our imagination will not be challenged too much!!! Thanks in advance to the nice forum members, if any, going to the taping and willing to share their experience with us!
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    happy happy, Jonny! Have a fabulous day!
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    Happy Birthday, @Jonny!! Hope you have a great day. Cheers!! <3
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    Happy birthday @Jonny....I hope you have a great day!!
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    Season 10...the L/S/H project...10x2 "The Military Miniaturization" and 10x3 "The Dependence Transcendence" 10x15 "The Locomotion Reverberation" We've seen S/A engaging in science...Sheldon's emotion detector (which is real science)....interactions with Bert from the Geology Department...Caltech cafeteria scenes. The science is happening.
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    Maybe amy thinks a lifesize batman is more than enough of the dark knight?
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    I've been fortunate, I've met four, and none of them has been at a taping.
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    It's a wonderful thing when Forum members get to meet. Even better if it's at a taping!
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    I just watched it and I think I would have liked it much better had they cut Beverly out of the episode. I'm sorry, but she irks me beyond belief. Christine is amazing, but I'm tired of the "cold-hearted jerks are always geniuses" stereotype she represents when all she does is spout pop-psychology nonsense that is less professional than what you find on Tumblr and the most "scientific" citations she comes up with are Freud's. And it felt like a lot of drama shoved in just for the sake of drama when there's very little to justify it, especially when it comes to Shamy. Sure. Sheldon's the one afraid of commitment after he suffered through a breakup and couldn't get over her and after he's been the one insisting they continue living together and agreed to continue living together again. Sure. Sure. Like he doesn't already have a lot of more realistic, scientifically-sound and IC reasons to be stressed by someone taking over his room. Having said that, I did like the plot about Raj trying to find a place to live (although I'm still not convinced by this sudden financial crisis), I liked how the gang tried to help, I liked how Sheldon tried to handle his conflicting emotions, I liked how supportive and rational Amy was about the whole thing, and I agree that the bedroom scene was fantastic and I liked that Sheldon couldn't sleep over it and how much he wants to feel secure in his relationship and how proud of it he is. But this is definitely not an episode I'm going to watch again. As for people being meaner this season than in previous seasons? I don't think so at all. I'm rewatching S1-3 at the moment with my roommate and I was surprised by how many times we turned to each other asking "why are they even friends with Sheldon if they hate him so much?". I think it's a bit of an issue with the show overall. Some of the jabs they make about being happier without him have been there since day one. I don't like them, but they're not new.
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    It was just an early rehearsal, so no problem about editing, Kaley's sister probably filmed it just for fun, nobody was even in costumes and there were no Mary and or Constance involved in the bits shown in the video. The only "familiar" face was Sheldon, there was another person who looked like Howard, but I might be wrong. We don't know where it was happening, we were speculating about Texas, but there's no real clue about that, I guess there are country bars all over the USA. Actually, we don't even know for sure Brianna filmed something which will be in the show (even if I think it's very likely), it could also be an ad or something like that...
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    One isolated incidence? How about Randall? How about moving his things without telling him? How about telling him she didn't want to go to Comic-con? And either way, Penny is wrong for not communicating with Leonard. Just like Leonard was wrong after returning from the North Sea. Again, you are comparing what Leonard did, with what Penny did, and implying it's OK for Penny to do that, just because Leonard did what he did. Basically, your saying since it's not as bad as you see Leonard's action to be, Penny should be allowed to do it. Actually it began before that. But, again they both have communication issues. Based on what, exactly? I can point out instances where both of them have problems communicating. And if they both have problems, it isn't any one of them. What exactly is the difference between Penny not communicating and Leonard not communicating that absolves Penny from any contribution to their problems? What lie? The Leoanrd's? But Penny knew about it, so there wasn't a lie starting the marriage. If he hadn't told her, then yeah, you could say it was built on a lie. Actually, it's the writers that stopped writing them as being able to communicate. There are multiple instances where they writers showed them communicating in seasons six and seven. But, with fewer chances to show them doing anything alone, that's gone away. Yeah, but you'll notice that he was listening to her. She is the one that's been shown not to listen. Understandable as it mostly goes over her head. Since the entire episode is about Penny doing things with Raj, instead of Leonard, for me, it makes sense to think she didn't tell Leonard, but did tell Raj. But you are right, it could be either way. My problem wasn't with the majority of the episode, it was at the end, when they moved Raj in. I said they would put him in the middle of their marriage, and it went there in the very next episode. What pisses me off about it, is simply they can't seem to write Leonard and Penny by themselves.
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    They earned a lot of respect from me for many years and then destroyed it some in big lumps (3.19, 4.24, itchy sweater) and even more in the lazy plots, recycled jokes, total lack of continuity both story and character wise and generally phoning in all but their chosen one(s) now i have none
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    But that demonstrates the point. If you write it, they will come. This is us, is bucking the trend of viewers leaving broadcast Television. OTOH, TBBT is dropping faster than the general decline for the first time in its run(excepting season four, which was a move to a completely different night)
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    Yet, ratings have gone down. This week is the lowest, non-Daylight Savings Time number of viewers since season 4, and the last three weeks have been under a 3.0 demo. Also the number of household watching has gone down. Four episodes ago, households had just dropped below a 10 rating, this past week it was below 9. While it is still, compared to other shows, near the top, there have been sign, this year, that viewers are leaving.