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    Hey, I´m back, sorry guys I was all the weekend at a cottage with friends without phone coverage, I survived without look at the phone every 5 minutes LOL! Was super fun but I glad I’m back here, I have a lot of things to read haha! First of all, Happy Birthday to @Jonny , I hope you had an awesome day! I watched the episode but I couldn't write my opinions, as always you said all for me so I just going to resumen in that I like it the episode in general (but the guys were more mean with Sheldon that I expected and I hate Leonard´s drug joke) and I LOVE all the shamy scenes, they are so married, I just love it so much!!!! My favourite moment was, when she says: "Talk to me, what's going on?", I thought yes, he talks to her, he opens to her and shows his emotions, she is the only one, and that it´s super important! *sigh* I can´t wait for the next episode!! #ForScience! I watched the IG videos about the texas dance, for me, looks like they were rehearsing a scene, maybe in the table were Sheldon´s brother, his brother-in-law and some cousins? maybe he need to go to texas for something? maybe Meemaw´s birthday? Will be so fun seeing Mary and Meemaw again. (Yay!) (Maybe they engaged and they go to say it to the family? So much fangirling!!! AHHHH LOL) *sigh*
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    From Variety ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff ‘Young Sheldon’ Officially Ordered at CBS CBS has officially given a series order for “The Big Bang Theory” spinoff “Young Sheldon,” Variety has learned. The half-hour multicam, currently with an unspecified number of episodes ordered, will premiere in the 2017-18 season. Created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro, the series follows “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper at the age of 9, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school. Jon Favreau is directing and executive producing the first episode of the series, which stars Iain Armitage as 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper — played by Jim Parsons on “Big Bang” — as well as Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan. Armitage is a triple-threat is currently starring on HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” playing Shailene Woodley’s on-screen son, while Jordan will make his acting debut opposite Josh Brolin in upcoming indie “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.” The cast was rumored to be set earlier in March. “Big Bang” showrunner Steve Molaro wrote the pilot script. He will executive produce, along with “Big Bang” creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, plus Parsons. Lorre, Molaro, Parsons and Todd Spiewak will serve as executive producers of the series, from Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. Jim Parsons will also narrate the comedy as Adult Sheldon. <more in the link>
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    Yeah there have been several examples this season when you see them say 'let's talk about what's on your mind/troubling you'. This recent episode, Sheldon's bedroom in 4A when Sheldon was packing stuff ready for their cohabitation experiment, Sheldon on the bed in 4B after the emotion detector argument etc. True most of them involving Amy being the initiator (would like to some more scenarios with Amy upset about something or have her being troubled by something and Sheldon getting her to open up) but it shows they do communicate a lot better. Lot of these conversations simply/likely wouldn't have happened pre-break up, they would have kept it to themselves and stewed or eventually blow up leading to a big disagreement. Shamy said it best: And that was before Season 10's major developments lol! Their relationship is even more stronger now!
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    I know what you're doing here and I like it.
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    Let's hope we get spoilers for tomorrow taping so our imagination will not be challenged too much!!! Thanks in advance to the nice forum members, if any, going to the taping and willing to share their experience with us!
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    I would agree, but in this instance all that mattered was what Penny thought and she decided to forgive him. Penny had an 'out' there of the wedding but she chose to go ahead with it. Just proves that each person can view any situation differently and what may or may not be forgivable in their eyes. She chose to forgive.
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    The couch will and should stay in 4A, it's still the main set of the show and the gang eat as a group there/socialize as a group. I think they could get away with replacing the couch in 4B though to be fair that has had some iconic moments as well for example the 'Lime Kiss', the Troll Manifestation classic scenes, Lenny's engagement etc. Sheldon does look ridiculous sitting on the couch in 4B he is too big for it and it doesn't really fit Shamy's style.
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    One isolated incidence? How about Randall? How about moving his things without telling him? How about telling him she didn't want to go to Comic-con? And either way, Penny is wrong for not communicating with Leonard. Just like Leonard was wrong after returning from the North Sea. Again, you are comparing what Leonard did, with what Penny did, and implying it's OK for Penny to do that, just because Leonard did what he did. Basically, your saying since it's not as bad as you see Leonard's action to be, Penny should be allowed to do it. Actually it began before that. But, again they both have communication issues. Based on what, exactly? I can point out instances where both of them have problems communicating. And if they both have problems, it isn't any one of them. What exactly is the difference between Penny not communicating and Leonard not communicating that absolves Penny from any contribution to their problems? What lie? The Leoanrd's? But Penny knew about it, so there wasn't a lie starting the marriage. If he hadn't told her, then yeah, you could say it was built on a lie. Actually, it's the writers that stopped writing them as being able to communicate. There are multiple instances where they writers showed them communicating in seasons six and seven. But, with fewer chances to show them doing anything alone, that's gone away. Yeah, but you'll notice that he was listening to her. She is the one that's been shown not to listen. Understandable as it mostly goes over her head. Since the entire episode is about Penny doing things with Raj, instead of Leonard, for me, it makes sense to think she didn't tell Leonard, but did tell Raj. But you are right, it could be either way. My problem wasn't with the majority of the episode, it was at the end, when they moved Raj in. I said they would put him in the middle of their marriage, and it went there in the very next episode. What pisses me off about it, is simply they can't seem to write Leonard and Penny by themselves.
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    Once Raj has sorted his life out (I would have him early season 11 out of 4A at the latest) perhaps the 4B couch could go in Leonard's gaming room? They will need something to sit on. I still really want to see a gaming room at some point, I think there could be a lot of fun storylines with it and maybe get some of the old 'Nerdvana vibe' going again e.g. perhaps the guys have an old school Halo LAN night to christen the new room?
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    It was just an early rehearsal, so no problem about editing, Kaley's sister probably filmed it just for fun, nobody was even in costumes and there were no Mary and or Constance involved in the bits shown in the video. The only "familiar" face was Sheldon, there was another person who looked like Howard, but I might be wrong. We don't know where it was happening, we were speculating about Texas, but there's no real clue about that, I guess there are country bars all over the USA. Actually, we don't even know for sure Brianna filmed something which will be in the show (even if I think it's very likely), it could also be an ad or something like that...
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    Nograv! Long time no cyber-see! It's good to have you back in the Thunderdome again!
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    True. And Penny is entirely at liberty to forgive him. Which she seems to have done. Forgiveness is a powerful gift. It gets different for repeat offenders however. Which is Sheldon. Who repeatedly offends - because that's the show now.
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    The "Mandy Kiss" or "Boat Kiss" has to go down as one of the worst ret-conning story lines ever.......
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    For me (and I stress that I am speaking only for myself), my issue is not even that Leonard kissed Mandy. I loathe that he did it, and I absolutely consider it cheating, but look, everyone is allowed one drunken mistake. If he'd freaked out about it and told Penny immediately, I would have said 'yeah, it sucks and you're absolutely allowed to be angry, but it was one kiss, he clearly feels awful about it and he told you immediately.' but Leonard didn't follow that course, did he? Because - well - the showrunners had yet to come up with that brilliant plot twist. But okay, onscreen all we know is that Leonard says he kissed a girl who was not his girlfriend, said nothing about it for two years, and after he confessed, penny forgave him and they got married, he let slip the not-irrelevant detail that he sees the little chippy every day. And was pissy and defensive and not nearly apologetic enough about THAT little crime of omission. that's beginning to be my problem. but my biggest problem? Is that the show immediately bent over backwards to make it not be leonard's fault. His crime wasn't infidelity! His crime was self-sabotage! Leonard would never have had the guts to cheat before he was with Penny! So, in a way, it's kind of HER fault! (never mind that we were shown that leonard was contemplating cheating on Priya, yeah? Yeah). Leonard can never ever be guilty of a sin of commission or omission! Leonard's only crime is loving too much and daring too little! and that is MUCH more my problem. I am happy to root for Leonard even if he's done an awful thing, so long as he learns and grows from it. But when he is scooped up and clucked over and shielded from any serious moral consequence like the shittiest spoiled brat in school, I turn off. so I think it is a perfectly valid decision to say 'well, it's fine, penny forgave him'. I agree, she did, and that is what matters. But I can't help feeling that as far as the showrunners are concerned, it's not a question of forgiveness, so much as rewriting the law to say that no crime occurred. stupid Boat Kiss. Stupid, ugly, contrived, shittily-written, half-digested Boat Kiss. Blech.
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    Since when is a drunken kiss a crime?
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    From a production point of view it made sense cause they didn't know whether S10 would be the end or not and doing some major redecoration for only a handful of episodes seems not worth it. Now S11/12 looks like it's a done deal and I think they can be a bit more bold with their choices. From the character's point of view it's probably a bit more complicated. Or at least for Shamy. Their little talk about where they could live ended up inconclusive. The most I could get out of it is that they're staying in 4B until they found something better but seeing how picky Sheldon is it could easily take them years to find a fitting place. Question then remains: Would they invest in new furniture for that time period? They did decide to redecorate a little and the first thing Sheldon wanted to throw out was that god damn couch. Amy vetoed that because it's Penny's but they could easily have a scene where Penny gives her okay and they throw out all the old stuff. The whole gag with the Batman statue seemed to indicate that Shamy aren't done yet with their redecorations so I guess anything's possible. Fingers crossed!
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    There is no absolute truth about such matters as what people perceive as cheating or lying. Some people think that kissing another person, albeit drunk, is cheating and\or concealing the truth is indeed lying, it's their opinion and nothing others can say will change that. The important think in the instance at hands is that, whatever opinion Penny had, she has moved on and, based on the fact she has never brought up the subject again, she has probably forgiven/forgotten Leonard's indiscretion.
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    It seems like they didn't put a lot of thought moving the props between 4A and 4B. Most of the stuff remained the same with some of it randomly divided.
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    If it's some kind of sexy dream sequence (and it involved Sheldon or Amy in it) I would rather see Sheldon having one about Amy next time there is one, it would be a nice change. Like @April said it could be like anything really, a multitude of possibilities. The gang went to that different type of bar in celebrating Howardette's pregnancy news and the drunken Karaoke so they could easily fit a setting like this in any context.
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    Happy Birthday Jonny! Hope it was amazing
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    Jim on the Warner bros lot, a girl posted this to Instagram a couple of days ago! He's so Cuteee
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    She'd be better than Beverley.
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    Just here to obliquely vent. I crazily now see Sheldon as a manifestation of a wider concern. Cartoon-ish characters are now the cause of problems in the real world, but maybe people were innured to that through repeated exposure to shows like this, where "everything turns out all right in the end" and "Sheldon really has a heart of gold so it'll all be fine". Now those cartoonish characters have real power in the world and it's not looking very rosy. But I'd still cut Leonard some slack for what he did. His wife could. I'd follow her example. I haven't any idea of what is going on lately. Last I saw, Sheldon was channelling Charlie Harper, or maybe Alan Harper, trying to inveigle his way into Amy's nether regions. (PS unquestioned billions for defence and not for healthcare? What saves more lives?)
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    Nope. Oxygen deprivation would preclude that. But kissing can be singular or plural....
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    So just because he was drunk, Leonard is allowed to do whatever he wants, including kissing girls. You are responsible for your actions even when you are drunk.
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    If Leonard was drunk and not even aware the ONE kiss was coming, there'd be no time to fight it off Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    And how about it might just be Brianna having fun as she did a vid for IG and the scenario had nothing to do with any scene from next taping? Jim might have had the work bag just for fun too. Tbbt cast and crew enjoy to have fun and sharing it with us, which I love btw. Besides speculation is really fun as sometimes we got closer to the truth, sometimes we did not. When we knew that there was a taped scene in train museum our predictions got very far from the real purpose of the scene, hehe. I guess March will be a long month for challenging our imagination
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    Kind of opening a can of worms and getting off subject, but.......I think that the only person that gets to decide if they are being lied to is the "victim" (in this case, Penny). To me, you don't get to say you're not lying if someone else considers that you are. It is the classic Costanza trope "it isn't a lie if you believe it" or Obi-Wan's "so what I told you is true, from a certain point of view". If Penny believes she was lied to, then she was lied to. (again, my opinion).
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    I take a look at Penny's face and do realize some subject is pretty rotten nowadays.
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    I don't think the brown couch will go anywhere because it IS Leonard's couch. He bought it. But the teal couch needs to go not only because it belongs to someone who doesn't even live there anymore, but because I think it will finally cement in the minds of fans who still complain about Shamy being in 4B instead of 4A that yes, the move is permanent and it's not changing back.
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    I think they moved the GoT sword just because it was mentioned in 10.10, but didn't put any thoughts in what belonged to whom in the common area in 4A. Probably, they exchanged the coffee makers because a pink one suited Penny much more than Shamy. For the rest, they just took some items (that the fans would have recognized) from Sheldon's desk and old room and Amy's apartment and put them in 4B and moved the bird tapestry that was on the door and a few other items from 4B to Lenny's bedroom. That was about it.
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    Because I think that these writers are: 1) Too scared to change anything. 2) Too complacent to make any kind of effort. 3)Too careless to try and have some continuity. If Sheldon was the problem in regards to the dining table, why didn't they put it back again in 4 A after he left? Ratings don't equal quality. All it proves is they are great business men, which they are, no doubt. As far as being great writers, I really don't think so. Besides that it honestly looks to me as if they just stopped caring and are , as of right now, just phoning it in.
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    Yeah, it was more about Raj, but the thing that's bothered me since the TR, was simply that they moved Raj in with Lenny. I expected them to use Raj to intrude into their marriage and according to the next TR, Raj is shoved in the middle of their marriage. As I've said many times. There was hope TPTB were going to come up with something in the back half of season 8. There was hope TPTB were going to come up with something in the second half of season 9. Now this year, we've had the wedding (and Sheldon's jumping into the end of it). And, for most of the rest, we've had many disagreements between Lenny, both big and little, both on and off screen, not to mention the various instances of a lack of communication between the two. I'm afraid the little hope I had, that TPTB would come up with something, evaporated in Dec-Jan-Feb this year.
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    Forgive me. I have to take a swipe at the horsey pinata. I don't think Leonard cheated because there was a total "lack of intent' on his part. He didn't think about kissing Mandy ahead of time, he didn't plot and plan it, he didn't lust after her, he didn't derive pleasure from the encounter and he didn't encourage it to go any further. Based upon Leonard's conversation with Mandy I think the odds are very high that she instigated the encounter since she was" makin' the rounds" with the guys on the ship. I think at times Leonard has an over scrupulous conscience and he felt guilty about something which he didn't want to happen in the first place. Of course he should have told Penny when he first came home, not on their wedding night. He's always been afraid of losing her and that could be why he didn't tell her and came clean at the worst possible time because of that guilty conscience and not feeling worthy and the no secrets, no regrets thing. But imo his total lack of intent is the key to his innocence. His encounter with Alice was totally different. He put himself in a dangerous place by going to her house and he knew it because he was attracted to her. He was playing with fire. There was desire and forethought and maybe intent. His decency wouldn't let him go through with sleeping with her but he wanted it. He should have stayed the hell home. They really do make horsey pinatas!
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    Course it would depend much how it is done, as it might be a delicate issue the way canon would be told. I am not much into this project either but I would not say it is bad without try to watch at least two episodes. My biggest issue about this prequel is the way the plotlines would be written for keep me, an adult, interested in a 9 years old genius childhood story that I know for Sheldon's voice it was not easy as he was an isolated child with a dysfunctional family. How this is going to become a comedy it is my only interest on the show.
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    Lance Barber already worked for TBBT, he was Jimmy Speckerman in the Speckerman Recurrence. He should be George Sr, I guess...Not trilled for the choice...
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    Kissing a girl that isn't my girlfriend is in my opinion cheating. There are no extenuating circumstances.
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    I would like to see the couch there but I prefer it not being a gaming room, at leat not exclusively a gaming room. Why should Leonard get the spare bedroom for himself? It is as much Penny's as at is his. Maybe they can use it for various things, video games but also her Yoga equipement, books and also magazines.
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    Actually she is a terrible psychiatrist, at least in the psychotherapeutic part. Extremely unethical and unprofessional. But she is a sitcom character, more of a parody on psychotherpists. And I don't think their relationship has high chances for recovery, not unless she is drastically changed. Even if she genuinely regrets emtionally abusing him and genuinely wants to change it will take a lot to improve their relationship.
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    Would the season finale be a good one if they go together and visit Dr. Gallo (Jane Kaczmarek) as they both said she helped them get over some of their anxieties. She might be able to alleviate their communication problems. Don't know why the writers never explored this further
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    I tend to agree with this. Otherwise one could argue that Penny lied to Leonard about thinking of breaking up with him in 6x02, which by the way he still has no idea about.
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    It's a very complicated subject because everyone is looking at these kind of things so differently. In fact, Penny was able to look past it and give him another chance, but that doesn't mean everyone else would've done the same.
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    There actually is a lot more but the devil is in the details, as the saying goes. A ton of Penny's stuff made it over to 4A - not just the coffee maker but also her dishes and little decorative items. So I do think they did a great job overall but with so many items there just have been some oversights. Like, the neuron drawing doesn't exactly hang in a prominent place so I can see how it's still there when the set designers forgot about that particular episode. Maybe we can give them a list of things that still need to be moved? lol
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    See, you found multiple instances of where Penny has also lied or not communicated well, in addition to the ones I pointed out (which kinda, sorta, refutes your own comment about Penny's acts being an isolated instance). It also refutes your own comment that all the communication issues are on Leonard. And, I still don't see the lie, you say, the marriage was built upon. And some are pointing out the claims that your observations are based on, are incorrect.
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    So, because Leonard once didn't tell Penny something, she doesn't need to tell Leonard anything? That is not a good way to communicate in a marriage. It's just another example of how bad their marriage actually is. It's actually quite easy to see Penny as wrong here. Leonard was wrong not to tell Penny, and now Penny is wrong for not telling Leonard, or notice he wasn't there. It's not a case of he's wrong, so it's ok for her to be just as wrong.
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    Not everything, but you'd think she would tell him her work stories (and also, you know, say goodbye or notice when he is gone when she is busy with Raj).
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    Happy birthday @Jonny! Hope your day goes wonderfully! This episode was certainly one of the lesser ones of this season but I still enjoyed the Shamy scenes. They're like a married couple these days, in the way they interact with each other. Amy's "talk to me", their bed scene, the tag, everything screamed MARRIED to me and I loved it! Oh, and a little detail from the beginning of the ep that I really liked was Shamy in bed with S on his tablet (I think?) and A rubbing lotion on her hands...It just striked me as something very intimate. Anyway, I'm glad they talked about what Beverly said about them and resolved it in the end. Raj might have caused some chaos by moving in in Sheldon's old room but ultimately Sheldon chose to live with Amy in 4b in Veracity (without even realising it!) and that's what really matters. Amy made the right move to let Sheldon have the Batman statue in the end, it was a nice symbolic way of making him feel even more secure in 4b ( @spidergirl had mentioned this firstly), but I hope they put it away somewhere on the 4th wall because it seriously creeps me out :D I also liked S being so proud of his relationship with A and being all arrogant about it (he's not wrong). For a moment there I was afraid they had cut Sheldon's dessert line when the scene cut just before that part and was so relieved when it went back to Shamy with a continuation of the scene. Hopefully people will take note of Sheldon leaving the best (Amy) for last (dessert) and finally get the memo. I know it's futile but you know what they say about hope. The one thing I didn't like was Amy calling Sheldon a jerk along with the others...In general I thought everyone was a bit too quick to get defensive with him. Maybe it's time for them to realise that he's actually making an effort here to be more appreciative of other people and they should drop their old defenses and try to encourage him. I'm excluding Amy because she was the only one who still seemed (sp? sorry I'm having a brainfart) understanding towards him.
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    Speaking of funny conversations between the guys (from Season 1 episode 5): Sheldon: Alright, I’m moving my infantry division, augmented by a battalion of Orcs from Lord of the Rings, we flank the Tennessee Volunteers, and the North once again wins the Battle of Gettysburg. Howard: Not so fast, remember the South still has two infantry divisions, plus Superman and Godzilla. Leonard: No, no, no, no, Orcs are magic, Superman is vulnerable to magic, not to mention, you already lost Godzilla to the Illinois Cavalry and Hulk. Raj: Why don’t you just have Robert E. Lee charge the line with Shiva and Ganesh. Penny: Hi, you guys ready to order? Howard: Hang on, honey. Shiva and Ganesh? The Hindu Gods against the entire Union army? Leonard: And Orcs! Penny: I’ll be back. Raj: Excuse me, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and Shiva is the destroyer. When the smoke clears, Abraham Lincoln will be speaking Hindi and drinking mint juleps.
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