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    There were two stories in this episode, so instead of going in order, I'm going to summarize the two separately. Each paragraph represents a scene. "The Collaboration Fluctuation" Director: Mark Cendrowski Story by: Chuck Lorre, Tara Hernandez, and Giuseppe Graziano Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, and Dave Goetsch Penny and Raj are doing yoga in the living room of 4A. Penny forgot about her breakfast plans with Leonard. Raj says it's his fault because he asked her to do yoga with him. Raj asks if Leonard will take Cinnamon for a walk. Leonard agrees, sarcastically saying that Raj is living with them, so why not do him more favors? Leonard picks up the dog and Penny says 'bye sweetie'. Leonard says goodbye, and she says oh yeah, goodbye to him too. He's back with the dog in mere seconds with a wet spot on his pants. Obviously Cinnamon didn't make it outside to go. In the kitchen, Raj and Penny gossip/discuss the people she works with. Leonard doesn't recognize any of the names of the people they talk about. On the couch, Penny and Raj are wearing matching facial moisturizing masks. Leonard suggests playing a board game, but Raj and Penny want to go shopping. Leonard goes with them, and he looks bored and cranky throughout a music montage of Raj and Penny happily shopping for makeup, shoes, and clothes, including matching floral shirts. The song playing is "Happy Together" by the Turtles. In the minivan with Howard, Bernadette, and Halley's car seat, Leonard is accompanying them on a trip to Target, seeming happy to be included in something. At Target, Bernadette asks if Leonard's bothered by Raj and Penny spending time together in the sense that he's another man. Leonard says he might've been, but then he saw them in those matching shirts. He just feels left out of all their girly activities. Besides, Raj was his friend first. Back at 4A, Raj is teaching Penny how to savor a good wine. They ask Leonard a question, and then realize he's not there and wonder when he left. Penny thinks that was rude of him (Leonard). In the minivan again, Bernadette urges Leonard to talk to Penny and Raj about his feelings. At 4A, he explains to Penny and Raj, who interrupt him repeatedly. He's annoyed that they're leaving him out of his own explanation of how he has been feeling left out. They agree to go do something that Leonard wants to do to try to make it up to him. He chooses to browse for books at a book store. This time Penny is the one who looks bored as Leonard and Raj happily shop for books. ----- In Amy's car, Sheldon tells her about the project with the guys. To obey confidentiality requirements, he beeps the horn for the 'redacted' parts. Amy offers to tell him about her work. Apparently small muscle movements begin before a person becomes consciously aware of their own decision to move. She's working to measure/understand that super short instant. At the cafeteria with the guys, Sheldon tells them about Amy's work and that he thinks it might be relevant to an important issue in quantum mechanics. Back at 4B, Sheldon and Amy discuss her work and its relevance to physics. They mention the Copenhagen interpretation and Amy wonders if they can pinpoint the exact moment that the wave function collapses. She is concerned about them working together in an academic context. They decide to make ground rules. Sheldon suggests the first one: no one should use their sexuality to get their way. Amy is perplexed. Sheldon demonstrates by doing an exaggerated hip-wiggling walk across the room towards their bedroom. Sheldon reads some rules out of his notebook. He wants final say about physics, and she can have the same for neuroscience, unless he disagrees with her. He wants to be first on anything they publish and first to speak at awards, etc. Amy is having none of that. She swipes the notebook and tosses it out their open kitchen window. The first ground rule, she says, is that she makes the rules. Amy has a list of rules. They're a team, not competing with one another. No insults, etc. A montage follows, also to the song "Happy Together." They fill up 5 or so whiteboards with calculations. When they are done, they look it over and come to an agreement: it's complete garbage. Annoyed by the poor results, they try to figure it out. Sheldon complains about Amy's breathing and insists she blow her nose. She does so over and over, loudly right up in his face. Then he realizes the breathing sounds were actually just him anyway. Amy says she knew it was a bad idea to work together. Sheldon notices a problem on the board and fixes it. It should make a big difference. They get back to fighting. Then Amy notices something. He says it's her first good idea of the day, and suggests that their arguing might be helping. Amy says fight/flight hormones might be improving their cognitive processes. Faced with scientific progress vs. risking their personal relationship, Sheldon votes science. Amy calls him a bonehead and more ideas for their work flow from Sheldon. Tag: Amy reads the revised rules. They are a team, but it is a competition. There are such things as stupid questions. And it's okay to point out how stupid right to the person's stupid face. That one's Sheldon's favorite. The final rule is a list of allowed insult categories, including fields of study, educational background and mothers. Sheldon tries it out, something about Amy's mother and sailors.
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    They tried Amy’s ultra-friendly collaboration plan first, and when that yielded poor results, they were both frustrated. Sheldon then aimed some of his frustration at Amy, which shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone. He’s rude in the way that you would probably expect from his character. It’s possible that some won’t like their argument, but I was fine with it. Season 10 Amy didn’t just sit there and take it, she got to have an equal voice, and the back-and-forth nature of their little spat is why I chose to describe it as snark. It was also interrupted a few times by their various work-related epiphanies, and it didn’t take long for them to figure out that riling each other up was actually the thing that was helping them progress.
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    This is in the episode, so you will find out. It's one of many little details that I remember but left out of the TR. Shamy working together plays out so very differently than Sheldon and Raj. You'll all have to form your own opinions about the dialog. The thing that I enjoyed about the Shamy storyline was the way that Amy pushed back against Sheldon's attempts to dominate their working relationship, and the fact that it turned out to be just what he (and she) needed most to be successful. I think it ends up showing once again how well-suited those two are for one another. I think most Shamy fans will enjoy this episode. With the way that they kind of argue and Sheldon makes rude remarks, I suspect a lot of non-Shamy fans might think we're all nuts for enjoying it though, lol.
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    Well to be clear, Sheldon is mean during this little part. It’s been difficult to explain or describe why I enjoyed their argument despite that. I think everyone will just have to judge this aspect for themselves. Regardless, the end result of them successfully working together is pretty sweet, and I think the tag showed they were in a great place. I liked their set of final rules, and thought it was just right for them I was really hoping for that going into the filming of the tag scene, but it'll have to remain in the realm of fanfic writers for now. Sheldon's Amy impression should tide everyone over. It still makes me smile to think that that's what it looks like to him when she walks, lol.
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    I agree that the Raj's financial problems make no sense whatsoever. They could have, if he were a Ph.D. student which had counted on his parents' money to live beyond his means, but not at this point in his career. However, I can see plenty of reasons why he isn't in a relationship, and they rely on things happened well before the character assassination started. Raj is a spoiled, insecure, needy guy, he is the character who has less evolved since the show started, I might say that he is the same person (minus not being able to talk to women) he was when the show started.
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    As @Anita mentioned, the board on Amy's right has two smileys on it. These two! <3
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    Thank you - it sounds like I'm going to enjoy this too - I had forgotten about the "Sheldon wiggle walk " haha !! This is going to be gold, plus very revealing that , that is what Sheldon thinks of when he describes using your sexuality !!!! Ha - we all knew that all along though didn't we lol ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    http://www.jibjab.com/view/NVHoufYEsMIzlwGcY1pz PS -- I'm not techy at all and it took me all day to do this but if you hit the link, you can see them dance. I hope.
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    I really like all characters. Sometimes I wish they were "real" so we could all hang out. It is rare that I feel that way about characters in a sitcom, so hey, I’m not only a desperate believer of Cornfield-Penny, I guess.
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    To be fair, that line was actually not the most objectionable part of the Lenny plot in that episode - at least to me. The Central Casting Nerds objectifying Penny, and Leonard crowing over how he landed her (with an obviously miserable and uncomfortable Penny sitting behind him) is MY least favourite bit.
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    Yup, it's in there. It's one of a number of things I left out because my TR was long and I didn't want to spoil all the fun little things anyway.
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    It's not the episode itself that bothers me. It's a culmination of everything since last season. This episode is just a drop in a bucket. With the way they've been writing Leonard and Penny, I feel like I'm in a restaurant and they keep serving me appetizers (and awful ones, too) even though I keep asking for the main course. I don't need Leonard and Penny to have the same interests and I don't need them to be twins because that'd bore me to death, but I wanna see what makes their relationship tick. And they're just not showing me that.
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    These Shamy pictures remind me of "The Eye of the Tiger" scene between Sheldon and Raj when Raj worked with FOR Sheldon. Hope this episode is funny and has some actual clever hysterical dialogues
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    I saw this on tumblr today—and now I'm just thinking about Amy singing this in her lab with Sheldon having a WTF face. We've talked about Amy being the "weird one" while Sheldon plays the "straight man" to shake things up, and now I want this to happen.
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    That particular pic kind of reminds me a very tiny bit of Troll Manifestation. Amy is doing the Sheldon like pose looking at the board and giving it some thought and Sheldon is like Leonard waiting to see what she thinks. Adorkable as Sue would say lol!
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    What was happening here, LOL? Notebook tossed away? No, Amy blowing her nose? Cant wait for this one!
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    I'm not worried I just like to write lengthy posts. LOL
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    I think everyone said what I had in my mind, @RJ1013. Thanks very much Our couple is a dream team, isnt it? I wished we could watch the episode right now! *sigh* I am a proud shipper of my babies being in such perfect page of their relationship. We are indeed lucky shipers And Amy rocks so much this season! Sheldon, you are one of kind and also have one of kind as your sweetheart . Love their love, if that makes sense
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    Thanks @RJ1013 for the extra details..I'm really looking forward to this one!!
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    Ha !! Sounds very them !! I was a wee bit worried I have to admit that it would be over the top meanness - but mutual snark that helps progress and that's only only reason for it is fine !! Do you get to see them be nice to each other again after or cute without any snark ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kind of reminds me a little of "The Anxiety Optimization" except this time it's snark that gets the juices flowing.
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    In terms of consistency they handle some characters better than others. Sheldon for instance started out needing a room mate to afford the rent but that was early S1 and the idea was still that the guys would be post grads or whatever with not that much money. Later on they went with the "Sheldon has piles of money/uncashed checks, doesn't really care about money and is generous towards his friends" angle - and they kept that over the years. Bernadette went from being a doctorate who had to work at the cheesecake factory to being hired by a company that's paying her a ton of money. So she's doing fine and nothing has ever changed that. We don't really know much about Amy's income but it seems like she doesn't really spend much money for herself and is also able to buy generous gifts - so it stands to reason she's doing fine with her finances Then we have Leonard who for some reason doesn't seem as well off as Sheldon even though it would make sense. Does he make so much less than Sheldon?? Idgi. At some point they offered the explanation that he is still paying off student loans which is fair enough, I guess (and don't tell me Beverly would have paid for that - we all know her lol). With Howard the situation is kinda weird cause you'd think a guy with his job would make a decent amount of money but then again he's also an irresponsible spender buying all sorts of over priced bullshit - so I guess the latter might be the bigger problem here. His woes about how he doesn't earn enough money are still weirdly out of place. I can buy him freaking out when he heard the (factually wrong, but still) number of needing $1million to raise a child in LA but by now he's had enough time for a fact check and going over his and Bernie's finances to see that it's not that terrible. Similarly Raj is a big spender because he's Indian Richie Rich and never had to care about finances. I can easily buy that he went totally overboard with that but going to completely broke and a pile of debts immediately after his daddy stopped paying the bills is a pretty hard crash when he should be doing just fine with his income. Well, here's hope he gets his shit together! Last but not least Penny: With her being a poor waitress/aspiring actress for the longest time I can believe that the accumulated quite a bit of debts over the years as we've seen her struggle with her finances plenty of times. Then she gets a job that pays her twice as much as Leonard (Hey, show, how much does he make again??) and has "a guy" and yet she still thinks those 6k savings he hid from her are a big deal she could do so much with? What!??? If we're going with what Leonard would realistically make at CalTech by now and double that she makes 6k in like two weeks. What does she need the 20 bucks from Leonard's grandma for???
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    Love the new promo pics! The one of Amy blowing her nose looks hilarious! It's very cute how they turned 4B into their workspace with all the whiteboards. Can't wait for this episode!
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    Ok feel free if you want to have a go at me, I can take it lol. But I kind of like the matching shirts that Penny and Raj are wearing. That's not me judging the scenes or the interactions as I haven't seen them yet, just what I saw from the pics.
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    Last one, I promise, but they are all so adorable, I can't resist!
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    There are two smiley faces in one of the board LOL
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    Look at those dorks working together!
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    Aw, come on. (sorry, ladies)...and of course...
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    Thanks @RJ1013 for the details, I can´t wait to watch it. This season it will be remembered as one of the Shamy´s gold seasons! and if we are lucky, could finale it with the (very) expected proposal!! Cheers for season 10! It´s a good time for be a Shamy fan!
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    I can only go off the TR but I suspect a lot of fans (including some Shamy ones) will let perhaps some comments between them slide because it has a scientific merit to it. Clearly getting a little riled up let the creative juices flow lol. If there was nothing gained from any barbs or snark in this example then I suspect people would think very differently about it. That's pretty much common sense. So looking forward to this one, hoping that it perhaps might bring the show back up from the dip it has had recently in the latter part of this season imo. Certainly something different and an idea that a lot of fans have been calling for some time.
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    Here is how I see it, Leonard probably accumulated a lot of student loan debt during his undergraduate and graduate years. I bet Beverly made him pay his own way just to see how he did so she could put his results in her book. So with huge student loans, living in California and other bills, I could see him not having a lot of money, but him squirreling away a few thousand for emergencies is very IC for him. Penny was able to live by her waitress job, Leonard's help and her credit cards which she ran up and now has a lot of debt. If she has a 'guy', like she says, then he probably put a plan together for her that has a credit card pay off schedule plus involves investing part of her salary. Penny probably has more money to spend but she probably doesn't see most of her salary because it goes to pay her debt, her investments, and to pay her and Leonard's shared bills, so the money he has squirreled away just may interest her. Amy is definitely frugal and Sheldon is too, except for his toys, let's face it, what they wear doesn't cost much and they don't seem to spend much on dates. Howard and Bernadette are the well off members of the group, she makes 'buttloads' of money, Howard makes probably almost as much as the other guys and they got a free house from Howard's mother. So Howard freaking out about the kid makes no sense. Raj is a spoiled rich kid who has never lived within his means. His apartment, car and expenses are way too costly for what he makes. So now living on his own salary is difficult for him and he needs to cut expenses so that is why he moved. anyway that is how I see them financially.
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    Really, is this addressed in the episode? Cool! I thought it was an inside joke made by the scientific consultant, LOL! I love every word you just wrote! And...I know non shippers might think we are crazy, but I can't really wait for the episode to air!
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    I really enjoyed the very very rare Sheldon and Bernadette pairing for scenes in last season's episode 9.22 The Fermentation Bifurcation. Reviews at the time in regards to the Sheldon/Bernadette scenes said how refreshing it was and really praised those scenes. I wish they explored a bit more some different pairings for episodes.
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    Can be more cute these two little pies? *sigh* I one of the promo pics they are both smiling to each other at the sofa, made my heart melt!!! Can't wait to see the episode, this season is the best or what? YAY!!!!!
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    Same here. The show needs to get these clever hysterical dialogues again, it is only imo a question of a bit more of science updates to the plotlines and mixing them with the characters's daily lives. That's why I am looking foward so much to next episode. Brilliant idea of a shamy work collaboration.
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    Love the promo pics..these two are just so adorable!!
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    In your opinion, who put those smily faces instead of 0s (I guess) in the matrix written on the board on the couch? Did working with Amy make Sheldon more playful or did Amy want to start the collaboration with a smile?
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    Well said! Let’s take a look on the other side of our honored medal. Penny loves Leonard, but there are a couple of things going on. She has commitment problems, and they are both bothered by how little they have in common. Penny is afraid that Leonard will get tired of her, and she does not want to get her hopes up and put herself through that emotional ringer. She has never dated someone like him before, so she doesn't have any idea about how it might work out. The whole thing scares her, and I’m pretty sure the whole thing scares Leonard as well. I fail to see how anyone could seriously claim that Penny "settled" for Leonard since he is a far better catch than she could've hoped for. Unless you think that sexual attractiveness is the only important thing. And yes! A separation would be ridiculous in any case.
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    Well, I think April's description of the absurdity of the writers was pretty well.
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    Thank you ! That sounds hilarious, it looks like a very refreshing episode :-)
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    Isn't Raj and Penny matching shirts nauseating too?
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    Jim has told the story of his MFA program at The University of San Diego. It was a 2-year full tuition scholarship program. But he had to get his mom to co-sign for what he called "living loans" to cover all of his other expenses. He said that landing TBBT, 5 years after graduating, is what finally paid them off.
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    I've always wanted to see a scene of Penny shuffling out of the bedroom hall way, wearing flannel pajamas, a fuzzy robe and slippers, her hair all messed up and mumbling 'Coffee' while still half asleep. Leonard in the kitchen smiling at her, then saying 'morning beautiful', while holding out a cup of coffee for her. What would then happen is she would first take a long sip of the coffee and then lean over to kiss his cheek, saying either 'l love you so much' or 'You are the best husband ever', before continuing to drink her coffee. That is how I picture them in my 'Lenny Shipping' mind.
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    Raj has never really made sense. Charecter wise over the shows run he is like 5% scientist, 10% Richie Rich, maybe 5% caring friend, 5% ambiguous metro sexual and 75% self centered douche The Charecter has never been given any real growth or lasting change and at this point i think he is beyond redemption. It would take to much story and screentime and honestly after 10 years of his behavior does anybody care anymore, i can truthfully say I dont and I would be fine with it if he moves back to India, I mean come on shouldnt his visa be up by now?
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    I'm expecting this to be one of the best of the season. Sorry but they're just precious.
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    Thank you @5Mississippis! I wish you a Happy International Women´s Day as well! Happy International Women´s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there who make this thread so special and wonderful!