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    Finaly I had spare time for a few rewatchings of s10e18. There are a few things I would like to mention. Maybe they have been mentioned before but here we go * Amy had some of the best episode quotes. Her sassy remark about Penny almost done a science fact mention right was great! But my favourites were her bedroom quotes , especially about the bromance between Sheldon and his brain, LOL! That one about his brain had too much influence on him was priceless! * I just love how our beloved couple dont let any trouble between them. They are in trouble about something or someone, they talk and fix any issue. I just wish we could see too a situation as Amy felt in trouble and Sheldon looked after her and sugested a talk and gave her advices. It would be great as we could see both sides and it would not mean Amy had to be the main character of a plotline for that. Or it would not mean either Sheldon would sound out of character as he wanted to talk and could advice his grilfriend. Sheldon has been showing lately he is more aware of others needs, especially as he does his best to Amy feel happy. I just would like to see a scene of that kind on screen BTW, I have noticed Amy's bookshelves has two vases with plants on top. Nice touch as a scientist from a Biology branch usually love plants
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    No taping this Tuesday, table read on Wednesday, with a taping on 3/28
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    In the interest of helping you guys out, I volunteer to keep Leonard company while Penny is ministering to you.
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    I'd rather have product placement than more commercials.
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    I'm excited to hear that Bernie finally returns to work. I wonder why she is unhappy about it, because it has always been important to her. It's surely because she misses Halley and thinks that she acts shelfish if she leaves her. Now I'm curious how Howard handles everything, both household and baby. I hope that Stuart still works at the Comic shop, so he is away at least a few hours, because I want Howard to grow with his tasks and find his way. I'm sure the outcome will be hilarious. I can't wait to see him melting when Halley does her first steps or calls him daddy. Or how she hides somewhere around the house and he uses the NASA equipment to find her. Or he uses the Mars Rover to drive her around so she falls asleep. Or the robots who help Howard with the household turn against him and turn the house upside down. With a daddy like him, she will never get bored.
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    Rewatched 323 to confirm Leonard's going along with Penny's drunken desire for sex is not any way comparable to Raj's taking advantage of her helplessness in 424, I noticed how much more they did in each ep than they do now. And was the dialogue funnier then than now? There's also some great facial acting by KC; Penny hardly says a word in the scene with Zack and the guys on the roof, but her embarrassment is the heart of the scene. The only worthwhile long-term story arc pretty much finished with the scene at the train station in 724, when Penny and Leonard as an engaged couple walked away from Sheldon about to set out on his wanderings. Now we're in the disappointing sequel. That would have been the time for a Seldon-centred spinoff - Sheldon's train odessy around America.
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    I think they have moved on from that, nothing to suggest the characters haven't. Has Leonard said anything about being uncomfortable Raj was living there? He seemed to move on fairly quickly from it if i recall, perhaps he realizes they weren't an item at the time so people can do whatever they want and he as always struck me as a person that has a large capacity for forgiveness in regards to his friends who he loves anyway. Go with the dialogue and the actual actions of the characters, unless Leonard says something to the contrary I think you have to assume he is over it.
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    Feel your pain, Tonstar[emoji45]. Hope you get better soon. Backs are the worst! 20 years, 100s of physio appointments, 2 cortisone injections and a back operation before fixed are all coming back to me! Hoping the 15 hr flight to LA on Friday will be fine. Maybe Lenny can hurt their backs in a episode and give each other massages to ease your pain![emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The bold part makes me want Amy to do some experiments with plants and the influence that music has on them. It could be fun to see her playing different kinds of music and noises to her plants and taking notes, while Sheldon watches them sceptical. Sheldon: Yeah, one moment they are listening to the music harmlessly and the other moment, they replace you by clones. Thank you for the infos @RJ1013! I understand that Sheldon is worried that their arguing might lead to a relationship his parents had and that´s why he is worried to go that road, but I´m sure they will be fine and Sheldon will realize that their relationship is strong enough to survive some banters. And if that doesn´t convince him that they can survive everything and are strong enough to live happily ever after than I don´t know what does convince him, to put a ring on her finger.
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    True. The clarinet part Howard didn't hear about till skank reflex but that was sort of the end of a series of events: Boyfriend Complexity: Raj tried to kiss Bernadette in front of Howard. Thespian Catalyst: He dreamed two different events. One was Howard leaving the country the other Howard dying in an accident. In both cases he was suppose to fulfill her sexual needs. Then at the end he dreamed that Bollywood dance Herb Garden- That was the episode that Priya told Leonard about the poems and Bernadette playing his clarinet. It was also was when the rest of the group, including Raj, found out that Bernadette was thinking about breaking up with Howard. Everything was sad but Raj. he went over to CF to see her and talked to Penny. In the end he was the one who was upset when Howard proposed and she said yes. while for many it's disturbing to have Raj living with Lenny. To me it's more upsetting of his actual presence not what did or didn't happen with Penny. He had ample opportunity in season 4 to try to get together with Penny. Instead he was fantasizing about hooking up with his best friends girlfriend. Thst just seems a lot worse to me.
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    To me they're vomit inducing, but to each their own. Do you plan to sleep for a very long time? Wait, wait.... damn it! The guy in the GIF didn't wait for me!
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    The whole scenerio is just weird. It's like their running out of things to do with Raj. Penny willing to wear matching outfits with him. Really? Even without considering their history what's the point of the living arrangement? I get they have run out of Howdette and Raj stories but this? To me the three most screwed up storylines in regards to Raj's romantic interests: 3. Claire- I understand she's very attractive. More than Emily? I don't know. Dreaming being married and having a baby with after meeting her for the first time? Couldn't picture that. Certainly not anymore than picturing that with Emily. 2. Penny- I can see the actual act happening. They were both drunk. Nobody outside the group knew what exactly happened. Now Leonard seems okay with Raj living there not knowing what did or did not happen. I get some may say they weren't a couple back then but do you usually hook up with your friends ex girlfriend, they get back together and marry and then they decide you can live with them. I'm missing something here. 1.Bernadette- this ones the most screwed up to me. I get the idea of being attracted to your best friends girlfriend. It's a stretch but I can see himself thinking of having sex with her. But writing poetry about her performing a sex act and letting that information get out is so so wrong. Then after Howard finds out about the poem he doesn't get mad at Raj and questions Bernadette. Then Bernadette doesn't really get mad at Raj. I think at this point Howard wouldn't be friends with Raj or certainly wouldn't leave Raj alone with her. i don't think Raj is the most likeable characters as it is. But what makes things worse IMO is there were no reprocussions in regards to what happened in regards to Penny and Bernadette.
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    And the car for Penny, and Penny's rent, and...on, and...on, and...on....
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    That would be the best use of the kitchen island in three seasons.
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    Hey! I get first go - I'm the one actually seeing her next week![emoji12]Happy to stretch out on the island in the kitchen and wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't know if I'm the only one that sees it this way, but in 3.23 Penny seemuus first self conscious about Leonard seeing going out with Zack, then embarrassed about him while on the roof, finally herding him out of there, in the end. I think Penny was like that because in a way, especially after dating Leonard, Penny now identifies with the gang more than the type she use to hang out with, which Zack is an example of. Her getting drunk at the party with Zack, was to cushion both her embarrassment and her want to be with her real friends because she didn't relate with those people as much anymore.. She still had feelings for Leonard, her previously getting so upset about Dr. Slutbunny proving that, something she had no reason to get upset about, remember she dumped him, but she was upset still because she was not ready to let him go. So I think her drinking, then going to Leonard, was her letting her inner feelings out, the next morning after getting sober again, her realizing how wrong she was in what she did, and her saying it was 'a mistake' meaning it shouldn't have happened but that not meaning she didn't want it to happen. This happened again in 'Love Car' (4.13), it was a very sober Penny that told Leonard it wouldn't be so bad to violate the 'Neutral Zone', why wasn't that 'a mistake' too, after all Leonard took that encounter the same way too. The bottom line is Penny wanted to be with Leonard, even have sex with him, when they were broken up, her problem was that she just couldn't handle the commitment issue with him. Penny couldn't just pay Leonard's 'I love you' lip service like she did with other guys, with Leonard 'I love you' really meant something it was not something to take lightly, so Penny couldn't deal with it. Now look at 4.24, what part of the previous paragraph did she share with Raj, nothing. Penny got drunk while thinking about Leonard and Raj got drunk while thinking about Penny. Raj's biggest fault was that he was not going to turn down a chance to do Penny and Penny knew that so that is why she didn't put all the blame on him, she knew how she was when full out drunk, anything with anyone. She didn't want Raj and she was more concerned about what Leonard thought about what happened than Raj and his fantasy dreams of Kothrapenny. So 3.23 and 4.24 were nothing alike in my book. 4.13 and 3.23 are the ones that are really similar.
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    How about we get Penny to visit you and give you a massage? ETA: well see about sending her your way too itwas, right after she finishes on my back.
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    I agree! TBH I didn't care that much about Bernie's pregnancy and I've never been eager to see babies in the show. But the writers have handled the whole thing very well; they have told Bernie's pregnancy from non-conventional angles, speaking about her fears for her work and her initial lack of enthusiasm for the baby. Then they have chosen to not show Halley on-screen as an homage to Carol Ann Susi, which was exactly how I hoped it would have been. I know not everyone likes this choice, but for me it was brilliant. I can also understand that the moment when a mother ends her maternity leave might be difficult, even for women who really like their job and are looking forward to return to work. I hope the writers continue the good job they have make for Howardette also telling this story.
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    Thanks. Oh my. That's a lot of treatments. Hope all is good on your flight.15 hours is a long time to sit still. Hope you enjoy your time in LA and you get to see some wonderful lenny interactions. [emoji4] would love lenny giving each other some sensual massage to relive all their tension right now. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thank you. It's much better today. Being doing lots of stretching exercises and hope to be back at work on Monday. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    What a nice comment @Desdemona! I didn't care much about Howardette in past seasons but I they grew on me, especially this season. I've lost a lot of trust in the writers because of their awful treatment of Lenny but I do trust them with Bernie's motherhood stories. I hope they will handle this one as good as they did the previous ones (including the pregnancy).
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    I´m sorry to read that. I hope you get well soon Tonstar17!
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    So,If we are lucky and we have someone here attending the next taping, we may get more spoilers before 10x20 airs, they show the previous taped episode right?
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    Young Mary Cooper
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    I stand corrected. 8.4 The Hook up reverberation
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    ....Um....Thank you @veejay.
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    So true. Even the wedding was not cute since most of it was taken up by the drama between the parents.
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    Agree with you all, howardette have been growing on me this season and Simon and Melissa really rock as couple. Their chemestry is great and their performances have been spot on as the plot deeps. About the baby off of screen, I wonder if the show will keep Halley in that way. Two more years is long time for a baby to grow and we never see her. Meanwhile she would start taking first steps... Really curious about everything about this sweet, funny and clever couple!
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    Hahaha. I would love that and my recovery will be swift but dont tell penny. Because I will have to delay my recovery [emoji16] so penny will have to stay for aleast 2 weeks or maybe more, or 4ever. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Usually they show the previous taped episode, unless an older one is more fitting to understand the episode they are filming that night. If I remember correctly, it has happened this season for plots connected with Bernie's pregnancy. Anyway, since there is a very long hiatus and the only filmed episode which has not aired yet is 10.20, I expect that to be the episode shown to the audience at 10.21 taping.
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    Overall it was an okay episode, as the mean and nasty tone of some jokes and Beverly skype calls really took a bit of my fun down. I am going to detail a bit my thoughts for you could see my point. I have said before that I hate the intention of someone drug another for any reason and those two quotes from Leonard in stairs to Amy were really unnecessary imo. I start to believe there might be a writer among the writers team who thinks that kind of jokes are hilarious. I am sorry but instead of I laugh, I cringe everytime I hear a character drug someone or think another character could do it to another. Sheldon was saying something that was showing he is not that self-centered person he used to be and Leonard , an intelligent grown man only could think Amy nailed the medication and the dosage. First time Leonard mentioned the medication could work as joke, even, I did not laugh, but then the character mentioned it again and kind of reforced his thought. Then it was not anymore a joke as it turned as something Leonard would think of Sheldon, as he doesnt believe people could change or mature. Did not Leonard himself matured and changed for his love for Penny? Maybe it is me who want too much thoughtfull dialogues in tbbt but they could write the dialogue with a Leonard saying a snark funny comment about Sheldon's growth behavior about Raj living in 4A without making Leonard sounding mean, you know. They are all friends and it is so bad to see even randomly some of them being cold or nasty among themselves. Bad feelings or bad intentions are not funny, for much effort a dialogue could have as it is written in a way for making the audience laughing. These characters sounded less mean in beginning of the show and it doesnt make sense as older a friendship gets, the tendency is tolerance and patient with the flaws friends have. It is part of growing up. The other part I thought it was too much mean was Beverly. Truth to be told, she made some interisting points about couples relatioships but imo she is a terrible therapist because she can´t say things without a bit of tact, especially if one of the people she was interacting with was her son. We know her relationship with Leonard has not been easy but Beverly in this epsisode was simply mean to everyone who is in a relationship. As she is a frustrated woman about her most emotional side of her life, she simply throw her frustrations into others without any mercy. That is not a role of a mother neither of a psychologist. I really dislike her in this episode, despite of course Christina's performance which is always great. However, as the character she didnt make laugh imo and worst, she could have done damages to both couples just because she did not even care to talk things wisely. Things I enjoyed: *Cold open, it was so cool to see each couple interactions as they were alone and talking about stuff before to sleep. * The intimacy of talks between Shamy and between Bernardette as they know so well each other. About shamy I have shared my thoughts earlier in shamy thread. About Bernardette I just love Bernie's smile as she speaks to Howard. Mellissa and Simon 's chemestry is getting better week after week. *Raj and cinnamon are a good team, hehe! Stuart is a lost case of madness, lol! *Howard had the funniest quotes: the vision of Stuart and Raj running around the park cracked me up, LOL!
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    Raj didn't exactly let it get out. Priya told Leonard about the poems, then Leonard blurted it out at in the cafeteria, in front of Howard. Don't you mean the tweepadock in the room?
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    and what about the $4000 Leonard spent on Sheldon.
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    Aw, come on. (sorry, ladies)...and of course...
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    @Tonstar17 ...some helpful medical care?
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    ...hopefully not while she's dancing. That could be uncomfortable for her, although Leonard may not mind! (sorry--couldn't help myself...)
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    Hope you are feeling better soon Tonstar!!! We need you!
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    Really cute picture of Lenny and it seems to me that Penny likes what she is looking at.
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    I don't think you should worry too much about the finances in Tbbt to be honest, because it doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Well to be clear, Sheldon is mean during this little part. It’s been difficult to explain or describe why I enjoyed their argument despite that. I think everyone will just have to judge this aspect for themselves. Regardless, the end result of them successfully working together is pretty sweet, and I think the tag showed they were in a great place. I liked their set of final rules, and thought it was just right for them I was really hoping for that going into the filming of the tag scene, but it'll have to remain in the realm of fanfic writers for now. Sheldon's Amy impression should tide everyone over. It still makes me smile to think that that's what it looks like to him when she walks, lol.
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    @ 5Mississippis, Red head Penny, hm… Green hat on Leonard, nice…LOL
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    They tried Amy’s ultra-friendly collaboration plan first, and when that yielded poor results, they were both frustrated. Sheldon then aimed some of his frustration at Amy, which shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to anyone. He’s rude in the way that you would probably expect from his character. It’s possible that some won’t like their argument, but I was fine with it. Season 10 Amy didn’t just sit there and take it, she got to have an equal voice, and the back-and-forth nature of their little spat is why I chose to describe it as snark. It was also interrupted a few times by their various work-related epiphanies, and it didn’t take long for them to figure out that riling each other up was actually the thing that was helping them progress.
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    Isn't Raj and Penny matching shirts nauseating too?
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