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    I've watched it a few times since it actually aired and each time i do i find the whole season opener more and more underwhelming/borderline boring truth be told. A lot of guest star power used up in a storyline that never really sucked me in. It felt like they had an opportunity to get some big stars in and that was all that mattered and not the actual storyline in this one. Not the first time and it won't be the last. If I remember at the time my concern was the damage a potential hook-up might have caused in terms of friendships on the show during the hiatus and not actual real interest in whether Alfred and Mary hooked up or not. For a season opener I thought it was very meh. But that's just my opinion.
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    I think for the story to have any sort of bite, we'd have had to see Beverley and Alfred interact, and we would have had to have a clear and sustained idea of Beverley nursing hurt beneath her clinical indifference. And even then, honestly why would we care all that much? I yield to no woman in my love of Christine Baranski, but in the context of the show I'm basically interested in what is going on with Beverley and Alfred only insofar as it affects Leonard (and by extension Penny). It's even harder to care when I have literally only met Alfred for the first time in the S9 finale, and the show hasn't done anything with Beverley and Alfred's interactions to suggest anything other than irritation - not in a passion-charged 'I hate you' way, but in an exhausted 'Oh here we fucking go' way. And, as you say, they didn't even do anything with the Mary/Alfred thing. The whole thing was a storm in a teacup. A cup with cold tea. That nobody actually ordered and nobody wanted to drink.
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    Yeah, it was pretty mystifying who the audience was meant to be for that whole caper. How does one recurring character feel about another recurring character hooking up with another character introduced for the first time this episode? Tune in next season to find out! What effect will the possible liaison between their parents have on two characters who live together and already refer to each other as brothers? Tune in next season to find out! I mean, I might even have somewhat forgiven the show if it were going with the story of the Thawing of Ice Princess Beverley Hofstadter (only somewhat, though). But - um - not so much, eh? I mean, honestly, is there a viewer - regular or casual - who is so invested in the sexual shenanigans of the extended families of the show's main characters? Or is there a thriving community of Judd Hirsch/Laurie Metcalfe 'shippers out there? There may be, for all I know. And I guess they got their itches kinda sorta not-really scratched?
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    Good lord, I hope not! It's almost 2 years since the reveal of the ring and way over 1 year since Amy found out about it. Time to put it to good use!! Of course anything is possible but as much as I love both 9x11 and 10x11 I'm okay if we don't celebrate Amy's birthday again in 11x11.
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    Indeed. I thought getting a glimpse behind Beverly's usual ice queen composure was one of the more interesting things of this 3-episode story and her interaction with Alfred could have led to something interesting for Lenny with them reflecting on their marriage and how they want to go forward with that. And it could end up being thematically relevant for the LA change or even the issues they seem to have now. But nothing of the like happened. Seriously, we could have at least gotten an update when Shamy visited Mary on Christmas. A little "How's Alfred doing?" smalltalk would have gone a long way to not make this thing feel like a complete waste of time.
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    I'd rather have product placement than more commercials.
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    In the interest of helping you guys out, I volunteer to keep Leonard company while Penny is ministering to you.
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    Yeah, probably if the plot had been more focused on Beverly's feelings towards Alfred and how his dalliance with Mary bothered her, and no just out of spite, the whole thing could have been more interesting. But as it is, there was no twist whatsoever in the story and everything turned out very unemotional. There wasn't even that much "heart" in Mary and Alfred deciding to deepen their acquaintance, all of it really looked like as an excuse to have a bunch of guest stars in the show.
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    I would rather see Amy's family in some way prior to a proposal if they want to add some kind of family element to it. Sheldon's brother from all the 'current canon' was a bit of a nasty piece of work and a bully. I would rather never see him if he is as bad as Sheldon makes out.
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    That would be the best use of the kitchen island in three seasons.
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    Finaly I had spare time for a few rewatchings of s10e18. There are a few things I would like to mention. Maybe they have been mentioned before but here we go * Amy had some of the best episode quotes. Her sassy remark about Penny almost done a science fact mention right was great! But my favourites were her bedroom quotes , especially about the bromance between Sheldon and his brain, LOL! That one about his brain had too much influence on him was priceless! * I just love how our beloved couple dont let any trouble between them. They are in trouble about something or someone, they talk and fix any issue. I just wish we could see too a situation as Amy felt in trouble and Sheldon looked after her and sugested a talk and gave her advices. It would be great as we could see both sides and it would not mean Amy had to be the main character of a plotline for that. Or it would not mean either Sheldon would sound out of character as he wanted to talk and could advice his grilfriend. Sheldon has been showing lately he is more aware of others needs, especially as he does his best to Amy feel happy. I just would like to see a scene of that kind on screen BTW, I have noticed Amy's bookshelves has two vases with plants on top. Nice touch as a scientist from a Biology branch usually love plants
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    I think everyone said what I had in my mind, @RJ1013. Thanks very much Our couple is a dream team, isnt it? I wished we could watch the episode right now! *sigh* I am a proud shipper of my babies being in such perfect page of their relationship. We are indeed lucky shipers And Amy rocks so much this season! Sheldon, you are one of kind and also have one of kind as your sweetheart . Love their love, if that makes sense
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    In terms of consistency they handle some characters better than others. Sheldon for instance started out needing a room mate to afford the rent but that was early S1 and the idea was still that the guys would be post grads or whatever with not that much money. Later on they went with the "Sheldon has piles of money/uncashed checks, doesn't really care about money and is generous towards his friends" angle - and they kept that over the years. Bernadette went from being a doctorate who had to work at the cheesecake factory to being hired by a company that's paying her a ton of money. So she's doing fine and nothing has ever changed that. We don't really know much about Amy's income but it seems like she doesn't really spend much money for herself and is also able to buy generous gifts - so it stands to reason she's doing fine with her finances Then we have Leonard who for some reason doesn't seem as well off as Sheldon even though it would make sense. Does he make so much less than Sheldon?? Idgi. At some point they offered the explanation that he is still paying off student loans which is fair enough, I guess (and don't tell me Beverly would have paid for that - we all know her lol). With Howard the situation is kinda weird cause you'd think a guy with his job would make a decent amount of money but then again he's also an irresponsible spender buying all sorts of over priced bullshit - so I guess the latter might be the bigger problem here. His woes about how he doesn't earn enough money are still weirdly out of place. I can buy him freaking out when he heard the (factually wrong, but still) number of needing $1million to raise a child in LA but by now he's had enough time for a fact check and going over his and Bernie's finances to see that it's not that terrible. Similarly Raj is a big spender because he's Indian Richie Rich and never had to care about finances. I can easily buy that he went totally overboard with that but going to completely broke and a pile of debts immediately after his daddy stopped paying the bills is a pretty hard crash when he should be doing just fine with his income. Well, here's hope he gets his shit together! Last but not least Penny: With her being a poor waitress/aspiring actress for the longest time I can believe that the accumulated quite a bit of debts over the years as we've seen her struggle with her finances plenty of times. Then she gets a job that pays her twice as much as Leonard (Hey, show, how much does he make again??) and has "a guy" and yet she still thinks those 6k savings he hid from her are a big deal she could do so much with? What!??? If we're going with what Leonard would realistically make at CalTech by now and double that she makes 6k in like two weeks. What does she need the 20 bucks from Leonard's grandma for???
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    Yeah, that and put the once a year sex crap to the curb. From what we've been SHOWN by both the characters, it's not believable anymore...if it ever really was.
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    What bugs me about all of this is also that nothing really came out of it in terms of storylines. The May/Alfred thing hasn't been mentioned again, and neither did we see Penny's family (save for one mention of Randall), nor does there seem to be much of an improvement in Leonard's relationship with Beverly. So all in all it really seems just wedged into the S9 finale/S10 opener because they could get some guest stars but not because they actually had something interesting to do with this plot.
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    I hope not! I think this season is the perfect time for a proposal due shamy relationship development ( even it might happen only in s10e24) and imo Amy knows about the ring for enough time so hopefully the subject might be addressed soon. And tbh I am not expecting that the proposal might be linked to sw or to another Sheldon 's likes from nerdy culture but more something both enjoy like science or fwf. Maybe it can happen as they are in a date night or visiting a place that is meaningful for them as couple. Everything is possible, of course, I just hope it would not happen in a episode with repetitive kind of plots. I believe writers might be working on that as it must be something shamy memorable and perfection takes time, hehe. I will wait happily for that can be best shamy moment
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    I hope not, I think they are really stretching it already now that it hasn't happened yet. To go well into next season (assuming Season 11 happens) would be taking the piss. I want one too, I want the 'Shamy Trifecta!' so two down 1 to go. If all three happens it really is the golden age of Shamy!
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    Aw, come on. (sorry, ladies)...and of course...
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    That throwaway line in the car about Amy saying she would love it if Sheldon took a real interest in her family has bugged me ever since lol. Not in a bad way, just wondering perhaps even hoping if it's a setup piece of dialogue for something down the road. A proposal could be a good way to get more of Amy's background out there to the viewers, if not then a wedding buildup seems a blatantly obvious or logical a time to do it lol. There are a lot of mysteries in the show and Amy's family might end up being one of them as a running gag, but if Bernadette has a fleshed out back story then I see no reason why Amy shouldn't have one as well imo.
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    Penny looks so beautiful in the third picture! She should wear her hair like that more often.
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    I also found the Christopher Lloyd guest appearance a little bit underwhelming, though that one probably had more relevance to the context of the storyline and some actual outcome from it pointing out that Shelnard were fighting because they love each other in a bromance kind of way and the transition from living together after all these years isn't/wasn't easy for them. Tricky balance for the powers that be I guess, you can have a big name/s on the show but you also need the right storyline to go with it. But then you have added factors like this guest star is perhaps only available for that short window due to other projects so you sometimes have to come up with something quick etc.
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    I was thinking about the season finale...Might it be that the writers could try to pitch for the spin off with something related with the Cooper family? For example introducing George Jr., which is the only Cooper character never shown on screen. Maybe he can come to Pasadena to ask for the ring back, since Sheldon hasn't used it and it's customary family heirlooms go to elder sons. TBH, George Jr. is by far the family member I'm less interested in, I would be fine if we never meet him. However, I expect the main show to advertise the spin off somehow in this season finale or in S. 11 premiere. Thought?
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    So true. Even the wedding was not cute since most of it was taken up by the drama between the parents.
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    Feel your pain, Tonstar[emoji45]. Hope you get better soon. Backs are the worst! 20 years, 100s of physio appointments, 2 cortisone injections and a back operation before fixed are all coming back to me! Hoping the 15 hr flight to LA on Friday will be fine. Maybe Lenny can hurt their backs in a episode and give each other massages to ease your pain![emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you. It's much better today. Being doing lots of stretching exercises and hope to be back at work on Monday. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    No taping this Tuesday, table read on Wednesday, with a taping on 3/28
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    Hidden Figures box office news: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hidden-figures-box-office-star-trek-x-men_us_58c7f7c0e4b0598c6699afcb? ‘Hidden Figures’ Earned More In The U.S. Than ‘X-Men’ And ‘Star Trek’ Evidence that atypical stories (for Hollywood, anyway) are definitely worth telling. “Hidden Figures” has already outpaced fellow 2017 Best Picture nominee “La La Land,” and now it’s crept beyond a few of last year’s biggest franchise flicks, too. Adding in numbers from last weekend, the space-race drama about three black NASA mathematicians has earned more domestically than “Jason Bourne” and “Star Trek Beyond,” both released in July, as The Wrap first reported. That just goes to show how a little film about real-life heroes can resonate far better than fictional ones. Even if the fictional ones have tentpole budgets and massive ad campaigns on their side. And while “Hidden Figures” was released in December, its position as an Academy Award contender has allowed it to linger in theaters, meaning it’s not quite done racking up ticket sales, which currently stand at $162.9 million domestically. “Jason Bourne” and “Star Trek Beyond” earned $162.4 million and $158.8 million in the U.S., respectively. Before last weekend, the film had already topped domestic box-office receipts of “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Trolls,” “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Ghostbusters.” That’s in addition to the lead it’s maintained over “La La Land.” [...] Rest at source. I'm so happy the movie is doing so well!! <3
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    I would not mind to meet George as he is Sheldon's brother and despite his behavior earlier to him they are now both grown men and it could be interisting to see their interaction. However it is not something that is on my wishing list to the show. And imo, and maybe I am in minority here about this, there is no need to link tbbt plotlines to introducing somehow the upcoming Young Sheldon show. The spin off would not develop anything that could have influence in present Sheldon’s life. Dont get me wrong, it is just my opinion. About the proposal I am with @jonny about meeting Amy family before Sheldon could propose to her.
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    Hey! I get first go - I'm the one actually seeing her next week![emoji12]Happy to stretch out on the island in the kitchen and wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks. Oh my. That's a lot of treatments. Hope all is good on your flight.15 hours is a long time to sit still. Hope you enjoy your time in LA and you get to see some wonderful lenny interactions. [emoji4] would love lenny giving each other some sensual massage to relive all their tension right now. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Off the top of my head: 1) Their Cal Tech argument in Zazzy + Cohabitation argument. 2) S6 Valentine's. 3) The hoarding episode. 4) S8's Christmas gift exchange. 5) "We can find out together" scene . 6) The fort episode. 7) S10 hallway scene + HP tag. (<ignore) 8 ) Their scene in Amy's apartment in Rhinitis Revelation. No one ever mentions it and imo it's very underrated. Better stop
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    I don't think that it's going to be a Shamy cliffhanger. I'm thinking that will either be L/P or a Raj story. I've predicted before on this thread, I think that the penultimate episode will be Shamy's season finale.
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    Young Sheldon, eh? They're.....not even pretending to try, are they?
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    The show has already done that with Leonard, true it was an unsuccessful proposal but still the show has used that shtick. I honestly don't know how they are going to do it though, could be something spontaneous with just the two of them or something grander with other people around, who knows. Considering the popularity of the couple I would expect the writers might want to make a big deal out of it.
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    I don't think so. That would involve Sheldon proposing at, or near, the time of them having sex, and we know how well mixing sex and marriage proposals works.
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    Penny looking really good in that white robe, but to be honest, she always looks good in a robe.
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    Agree with you all, howardette have been growing on me this season and Simon and Melissa really rock as couple. Their chemestry is great and their performances have been spot on as the plot deeps. About the baby off of screen, I wonder if the show will keep Halley in that way. Two more years is long time for a baby to grow and we never see her. Meanwhile she would start taking first steps... Really curious about everything about this sweet, funny and clever couple!
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    I don't know if I'm the only one that sees it this way, but in 3.23 Penny seemuus first self conscious about Leonard seeing going out with Zack, then embarrassed about him while on the roof, finally herding him out of there, in the end. I think Penny was like that because in a way, especially after dating Leonard, Penny now identifies with the gang more than the type she use to hang out with, which Zack is an example of. Her getting drunk at the party with Zack, was to cushion both her embarrassment and her want to be with her real friends because she didn't relate with those people as much anymore.. She still had feelings for Leonard, her previously getting so upset about Dr. Slutbunny proving that, something she had no reason to get upset about, remember she dumped him, but she was upset still because she was not ready to let him go. So I think her drinking, then going to Leonard, was her letting her inner feelings out, the next morning after getting sober again, her realizing how wrong she was in what she did, and her saying it was 'a mistake' meaning it shouldn't have happened but that not meaning she didn't want it to happen. This happened again in 'Love Car' (4.13), it was a very sober Penny that told Leonard it wouldn't be so bad to violate the 'Neutral Zone', why wasn't that 'a mistake' too, after all Leonard took that encounter the same way too. The bottom line is Penny wanted to be with Leonard, even have sex with him, when they were broken up, her problem was that she just couldn't handle the commitment issue with him. Penny couldn't just pay Leonard's 'I love you' lip service like she did with other guys, with Leonard 'I love you' really meant something it was not something to take lightly, so Penny couldn't deal with it. Now look at 4.24, what part of the previous paragraph did she share with Raj, nothing. Penny got drunk while thinking about Leonard and Raj got drunk while thinking about Penny. Raj's biggest fault was that he was not going to turn down a chance to do Penny and Penny knew that so that is why she didn't put all the blame on him, she knew how she was when full out drunk, anything with anyone. She didn't want Raj and she was more concerned about what Leonard thought about what happened than Raj and his fantasy dreams of Kothrapenny. So 3.23 and 4.24 were nothing alike in my book. 4.13 and 3.23 are the ones that are really similar.
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    How about we get Penny to visit you and give you a massage? ETA: well see about sending her your way too itwas, right after she finishes on my back.
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    I agree! TBH I didn't care that much about Bernie's pregnancy and I've never been eager to see babies in the show. But the writers have handled the whole thing very well; they have told Bernie's pregnancy from non-conventional angles, speaking about her fears for her work and her initial lack of enthusiasm for the baby. Then they have chosen to not show Halley on-screen as an homage to Carol Ann Susi, which was exactly how I hoped it would have been. I know not everyone likes this choice, but for me it was brilliant. I can also understand that the moment when a mother ends her maternity leave might be difficult, even for women who really like their job and are looking forward to return to work. I hope the writers continue the good job they have make for Howardette also telling this story.
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    And I think I can say here that your posts are always a gift to us as they are well written and very useful canon and fandom facts related. As another classic sitcom character would say: They are lengendary!
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    No matter how it is received, I bet they'll let it run for whatever number of episodes they order. If I'm not mistaken, it is to air behind Big Bang, so it will get decent sampling and the ratings should be relatively high. Whether or not it comes back the following season is another story. However, if it is somehow tied to contract negotiations, it may last a few seasons. At this point, everything's just speculation. We'll have to wait and actually see what happens. For some reason, I have this preconceived notion that CBS will have promos with adult and young Sheldon high-fiving...
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    Actually she is a terrible psychiatrist, at least in the psychotherapeutic part. Extremely unethical and unprofessional. But she is a sitcom character, more of a parody on psychotherpists. And I don't think their relationship has high chances for recovery, not unless she is drastically changed. Even if she genuinely regrets emtionally abusing him and genuinely wants to change it will take a lot to improve their relationship.
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    I never felt that Sheldon was trying to embarrass Leonard in 1.01 It was the pilot, they were trying to establish the characters. Leonard, the brilliant hopeful romantic and Sheldon the socially awkward genius. Leonard welcomed Penny into their world and Sheldon simply did know (or care) why that was happening. I sensed no malice on Sheldon's part.
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    I hate how they keep calling it a TBBT spinoff while it has nothing to do with TBBT at all...
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    Usually they show the previous taped episode, unless an older one is more fitting to understand the episode they are filming that night. If I remember correctly, it has happened this season for plots connected with Bernie's pregnancy. Anyway, since there is a very long hiatus and the only filmed episode which has not aired yet is 10.20, I expect that to be the episode shown to the audience at 10.21 taping.