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    I think the show has dipped in quality during this second half of the season, but for now I am going to blame perhaps news of the renewal allowing them to slow it down (behind the scenes they could have much earlier notice of a deal being done), rehash old themes and tropes etc. If next Season starts on a similar footing then I would be very concerned that they are struggling to come up with new material or have started to run out of ideas. Still a few tapings left and you would think they will want to generate some interest going into next season storyline wise. I have still found it enjoyable to watch even if they aren't hitting the heights compared to earlier in the season, if I didn't I wouldn't be posting and still talking about it.
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    You should have seen this forum last year when it was announced he was back. Fun times!
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    ...What's not to love about these two???
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    I just started watching "The Intimacy Acceleration" and ran to my phone to write this: Leonard (joking): (...) "My research has shown that it (falling in love) takes 3 to 5 years of shameless begging" (laughs) Penny: "Honey, neither of us comes off good in that story." !!!!!!!!!!!!! So why the hell are they, both of them, repeat this terrible joke so often two years later?!?! Uggggh. TPTB.
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    CTV is Canada’s most-watched television network.
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    So cute. Love how their heads move in the same way (and the little lean-in!)....
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    Exactly. I’ve no idea how high the fluctuation is in the writer-circle, but nowadays a honest question arises...
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    The fake spoiler we got the day of the taping didn't help either...what was that about? Oh, yes, somebody wrote on Wikia that Penny was having doubts about her marriage after meeting Zack. Thanks goodness a good soul who actually was at the taping wrote the TR and reassured everybody that was #fakenews, LOL!
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    Well as I once wrote before, one of my fears is that they will do sort of a reversal of the s8 finale with Shamy getting engaged and Lenny seperating (or nearly seperating). I would hate to see that! But I don't think it's completely improbable, which makes me very sad and anxious.
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    Speaking of synchronicity...
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    It points to L not deserving P. That the only reason they are married is that she tired of him asking. That it is a mistake. That they will not last. That L is a looser. The need to have cheap laughs at the expense of the other characters is something that is for me extremely tiresome and unnecessary.
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    I don't understand why they would write a relationship story about Bert when they have a single Raj just waiting for a story. What might have been funny is Raj using Bert as his wingman and them both having success, Bert's date seeming better than Raj's, then they could have thrown in that she was a gold digger or something like that, while there was something wrong with Raj's girl too. I would love to see a exchange between Raj and Howard about how Bert isn't going to help Raj find girls, so that later when they both bring the girls by Raj rubs it in to Howard, letting him know he had better success with Bert than when he used to go with Howard .
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    So today is the day!! Shamy is going to work together, in the name of science! This is so exciting, as this is one of the itens from my shamy must happen moments wishlist coming true! The day is goint to be long, lol!
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    Sounds good on paper, I don't mind Zack appearing once in a while. Usually it's not bad news for Lenny (actually he is a Lenny, when he is not with Penny LOL). Of course I could be wrong. I wonder what they will have him do this time...
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    I found this in my fun collection. 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.' Lenny had supposed to be like some sort of a tumbler all the time, but they never gave up and were still synchronized. I am pretty sure that they will maintain this tradition for the next two years too.
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    I can't agree more. It is totally unfunny. It seems as if the writers, if they don't have Lenny disagreeing, in the show, they have them commenting, with some variation of "he wore me down".
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    In that scene maybe, this one time. But this season they got it back and use it so frequently and without acknowledging it is a joke that is a big distortion of their story and makes them look bad. I am sick of it, I find it unfunny and unfair. But of course you are entitled to your own opinion
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    Oh don't get me wrong, I would definitely prefer a storyline centered on one of the main characters (especially Leonard and Penny). It makes me fear they are out of stories and/or don't know what to do with their characters (again, especially Leonard and Penny).
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    Well, Zack has a recommended solution for any pain.
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    Oh yeah! That was fun! When Zack returns it MUST have negative effects for Lenny. Last year there were speculations that Zack would return to tell Penny, that she's still legally married to him, hence her marriage with Leonard is invalid. They annul the marriage, but instead of marrying Leonard again Penny would have second thoughts, which would lead to the end of Lenny by the end of season 9. Now there's a new chance for this plot a year later.
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    FYI: I made this collage. Only 5 people liked it, when I posted it on March 10. That was a bit disappointing, tbh. Let's see how many likes it gets now.
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    That's a nice close-up of Penny's engagement ring.
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    OMG! LOL! THAT is EXACTLY how the show feels to me! Spot on! That is absolutely brilliant! Now that would have been a great working premise!
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    Exactly. He is more like a prop there (this is not a comment about his value as a person but about the purpose he serves in the episode). He is being used as an object for the gang to react to, thus showing things about them. The resemblance between his date and Penny for example emphasizes that Penny didn't marry Leonard for money. It can also send the message of what an unlikely couple Lenny are because boy do they like delivering that message even though we had years of episodes showing us why they are together. It also shows the dynamic between Shamy of him behaving inappropriately and her scolding him (which is understandable since he is hard to deal with and demands a lot of correction but it is becoming too much and, IMO, could be balanced with other humorous ways of teaching him) and Raj's current state.
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    And Sheldon didn't ask her to take a drug test!
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    See, Schroedinger Leonard, the cat was always out of the box and still alive!
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    I think you are right with the dip in quality in the second half of the season. To me it feels like the show has run out of momentum, nothing really happens and the writers just wait for the season finale. The writers now knows that there is no rush with any story/plot anymore as they got another 48 episodes.
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    Wow! Thank you for that, that was a hell of a promo!
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    Sheldon's bluntness can be funny and clever(IMO) , like when he said something about Gablehauser - "He has done no original research in 25 years, and instead written a series of popular books that reduce the great concepts of science to a series of anecdotes, each one dumbed down to accommodate the duration of an average bowel movement." My problem is, he is very seldom clever or funny nowadays. Now Sheldon just says something dumb and lame . Also, I watched Herb Garden Germination(Episode 4.20). They did write shamy well that one time - as two awkward but intelligent adults who treated each other's opinion with respect when they were group settings. Shamy discuss the group's social life - Bernadette leaving Howard, Howard proposing , the meme theory and gossip experiments. There was a humorous approach to that. Sheldon was still awkward, but he seemed more adult, idk there was a hint of genuine curiosity. Now(Episode 10.21), it is kinda the same setting : This time Bert's love life is the topic of discussion. But now you have Sheldon being nasty difficult child and Amy sending him out the room, scolding him in front of others and what not. Then you have The Convergence Convergence(Episode 9.24) -Again a group event but , now you have Amy ordering Sheldon to "play with your phone", "finish the coloring book" and..just ugh. So there is some contrast in their interactions in 9.24 Finale/10.21 episode to that in 4.20. I do think in some ways their relationship has gone backwards, whereas in other areas it has moved ahead.
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    I support your point of view, but I think it’s even more important to put the stories to the existing main characters of the series on parity. The fixation to further secondary figures can only fail in the available time frame of the episodes. Unless the series will do justice to their subliminal title „The Hilarious Sheldon Show feat. The Kitchen Island with Appendices“.
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    Is Burt really getting an A plot or is he going to be more of a discussion piece for the gang to comment on and discuss? I like Burt but I expect there will always be a limit on the number of lines he will get.
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    If they can build an episode around a Time Machine prop, or The One Ring or a nicotine addicted smoking ass monkey I think they can manage an episode that features Burt as a center piece. It's still the gang even if the gang has focus on Bert..
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    Exactly! I would definitely like to see some old school TBBT as opposed to Lenny drama or Raj/Stuart loneliness/loser plots. Cafeteria talk, group stuff like a Raj themed event, how about dinner at the chinese restaurant or even lunch at the Cheesecake Factory?! Movie night at a theater, an aquarium visit, a bowling night.....u get the point! Im feeling a bit nostalgic lately for some reason lol
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    Shamy in 1019 was absolutely perfect. Hands down.
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    I think the issue 3ku11 has with an episode featuring Bert is that he's a tertiary character when they are struggling to have meaningful stories for main characters with the exception of Sheldon. TBH I don't watch the show for Bert, because I'm very little if at all invested in him. Yes, you're right. That does sound like me! I liked both Serena's and your post.
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    I gave this one an Excellent. I LOVED Shamy and really liked Penny/Raj. I love them together and found the dynamic refreshing. It was nice seeing Penny do the things she likes to do for a change. Howardette amongst the diapers...just no. ETA: Wasn't there supposed to be a montage of Raj/Lenny at the bookstore? I guess they decided to cut the whole thing out.
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    Thanks for the reply, hope you have a great time visiting our country.
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    Sheldon's hips moves!!* insert sexy whistle here* Amy,you lucky girl!
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    Sorry for late reply, SRAM. To be honest, mind has gone blank on details of the viewed episode but I don't think there was much Lenny. It was (surprise) very Sheldon centric ( a Sheldon/Penny old fashioned laundry scene ) with a bit of Bernie stressing over returning to work. There might have been some kitchen island stuff and a bit of shared staring at Sheldon when he was unexpectedly sleeping on their couch but that's about it. Definitely not a Lenny episode from hazy sleep deprived memory. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Oh, believe you me there can be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Shamy for some of us. I would venture to say that for some of us there has been too much Shamy for the past 3 years, but well... what can we do? Because they're lazy, IMO. what they don't like is to make an effort. Or maybe they just run out of ideas.
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