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    Awwww! Three of my favorite things: Leonard, Penny, and the Hallway! That magic, beautiful Hallway! A marvelous place of Lenny firsts: first looks, first words, first place where realization dawned but with a very privately held 'I Love You' is shown by the gift of the Snuggie and the 'really long hug', first publicly admitted 'I Love You'. It's the place where, whenever Leonard and Penny wanted to talk 'privately' -- unbelievably! -- they would pull one another into the very public hallway! LOL! The incongruity of that always made me laugh! But it WAS the place that they knew, as if the warm memories that wonderful place held would enrobe them, that was special for them and they felt safe! And you can almost track how Lenny has been minimized by TPTB because of the lack of Hallway encounters and the rise of the <shudders> Kitchen Island. As it was given to us, I loved the Lenny engagement. BUT, Leonard being a Romance Ninja, I think before he pulled the ring out of his wallet, he should have pulled Penny into the Hallway. And like luminous noted, a Lenny wedding -- IMO -- would have perfect -- for them -- in the Hallway. But with the Lenny engagement, we are at the end of Season 7 with our toes just in the cold virgin waters of Season Hate. The Hallway and the Lenny magic there is pretty much forgotten by TPTB and we are given the Kitchen Island, a place where Lenny is minimized and left just stand back, witness, and comment on whatever 'Sheldon-nanigans' are unfolding. Pwwwwah! Ptooooey! For me, whenever I think of TBBT, that will always the perfect, wonderful 'first place' trifecta -- Leonard, Penny, and The Hallway.
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    Just saw the promo for episode 10x21. Penny wears the golden heart locket again. It's been a while since we saw it the last time.
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    Happy birthday @April..hope you're having a really lovely day!!
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    Happy Birthday @April, hope you are having a wonderful day with a lot of magic! *wink* *wink*
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    It would be hard to hear her on a different floor and how would she know they are home? Your best bet is to try your closest neighbor...which is Sheldon. And she was completely naked. I don't consider a shower curtain any type of clothing
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    I think what's wrong is Raj living with Lenny. Apparently TPTB don't know how to write Raj stories if they are not attached to someone else's, or Lenny stories if there isn't someone else in their apartment. Thank you for reminding me of that. That is amazing writing, IMO.
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    I would agree with this and the only theory I can come up with is because the show is still no.1 or around that in comedy and still smashing its competitors in the same genre that TPTB feel they don't have to anymore which is a real shame imo. It should be in their contracts that they do some pr, photo shoots etc. Mayim, Melissa and sometimes Jim do seem to do some promotion of episodes on social media but the rest don't seem to. Less interviews with the cast and Molaro these days, it's a real shame.
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    These times tbbt made the promotion of first shamy coitus were so cool! There were a few pretty nice articles about the subject and the interviews of cast before shamy reunited were also interisting ones. I thought by the time shamy started to live together we would have at least interviews with Majim or some photo shots funny about that. There has been a silence from tbbt about the subject that I related with renewal but tbh I have to agree with Vonmar about their laziness. There are so great things happenning to the character's lives going on and there is no interviews or a cast photo, they took some great in past seasons that would be so cool see them together now, like a 10 years celebration of the show. They know we watch but for the ocasional viewer these kind of things help to increase the interest. Hopefully they get back some of the promocional dynamic for next two years though.
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    I still have a funny extra to show. Happy Sunday!
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    I very rarely buy DVDs but I might make an exception for s10. Nevertheless, I hope there are many Shamy bloopers. I also agree that it's high time they did a new photoshoot. Say no to PhotoChop, TPTB
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    I agree. I personally think that TPTB have gotten pretty lazy lately. They keep recycling photo shoots, the bloopers were much better in the earlier season's DVD's and FYC promotions have seemed half hearted. I know that the show is 10 years in, but I can't imagine that the cast wouldn't mind participating in a amazingly styled photo shoot or some other sort of fun promotional event.
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    More theater...
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    I get happy when I see her wearing it. Hence my comment that I wish they would have her wear it more.
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    Totally adds to the magic. Wearing the locket your love gave you, is magic.
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    Happy Birthday April! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!
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    Well, @April, that can be an actual line of dialogue in 11x11. It's canon now that Amy calls Sheldon "babe" and he's cool with that, LOL!
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    Happy birthday , April! I hope you have had a happy day!
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    (finally time to join in after a busy b-day...) Yeah, I also find it weird that we haven't gotten the extensive promotional material we would have gotten around the same time last year. There was a bit about the season premiere and then Halley's birth with a side dish of Amy's birthday but all in all that wasn't really much. You'd think the LA change would have been a major selling point to generate interest. The initial interviews about the experiment were really nice. But then... nothing??? My best guess would also be that the renewal talk may have kept a lot of things under wrap... but still! Stopping to promote the show in what could have been its last season at that time seems weird. Now that we know there are two more seasons maybe next year they get back to more interviews since S12 seems a pretty definite ending this time. (Unless TBBT gains demo viewers in some magical freak development I don't see a renewal after that.)
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    Bernadette wear's her star the majority of the time. I wish they would that with Penny's locket.
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    Just goes to show different people different opinions. Enjoyed the Shenny storyline but couldn't/still can't stand the stoner one in that episode.
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    I honestly kept thinking - oh when Shamy get engaged or move in we'll get loads of interviews. When that didn't happen for move in, I though - oh they must be waiting on engagement - which is still my theory. But yes 100% agree some new cast shots etc would be a great way of celebrating 2 more seasons, maybe they're waiting for M&M to sign then we'll get something ?? But it feels like ages since we had an interview or cast pic ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kaley has several photos of the show this season on her IG account.
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    Yes, she has proved in the past that she is quite capable in defending herself and Penny knows how to deal with Sheldon
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    JMO, Penny can defend herself. She is a strong woman, not some damsel in distress.
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    Starring Sally Field and Joe Mantello Seems like Jim is having a wonderful time in NYC.
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    I found all S. 9 extras pretty disappointing, there even was a segment, where the cast answered to some fans' questions, that was taped the year before. I realized that since the actors were dressed as in another similar segment which was in S. 8 extras. Obviously, the questions had nothing to do with S.9...I hope this year they put a bit more effort into the extras, so many things happened to the show and to Shamy and I would like they focus on the cast's interviews. In particular, regarding to Shamy, I really want a proper interview to Jim and Mayim about how they reacted to the fact Sheldon and Amy were going to live together in 4B. That was such an unexpected thing that I'm very interested in listening Majim's impressions about it.
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    Also Leonard went out with Bernadettes friend Joy. Because she knew the rest of them weren't there and Sheldon would be.
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    I'm not super interested in watching Penny return to acting, but she did seem to like it even if the process of going to auditions finally got to her. Besides that, in the episode where she acts as Blanche Dubois it is not just a comment, she is actually shown to be good at what she does, I mean, it's implied. In the case of Serial Apeist, I don't think it is a matter of her being a bad actress, but just that she's working with a bad script. While I don't agree 100 % with your post I do feel similarly . You are right in pointing out that since they are married it is both their money. I hope they would address their financial situation and make it logical: Leonard has tons of student loan debt, Leonard has enough money to pay for Penny's rent and buy her a car (before they got married) . Penny has a guy (apparently a financial consultant in the WW episode), Penny has a lot of credit card debt still unpaid (more recently). In regards to her becoming an actress again, I don't know if I'd go exactly with your scenario, even if I wouldn't totally mind it, but if TPTB take that route, I would hope they do it from the POV of a new and improved Penny, a more mature one (provided she's now married and older). I'd think she wouldn't just do it for fame, but for personal fulfillment as well. I would think that she would take financial considerations in account when making her decision. In short I'd hope that whatever the case is Leonard and Penny discuss it not because Penny needs permission or anything like that, but because important decisions for the couple are usually taken by both members of the couple, or at least there is some discussion about it.
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    Love how they hold hands above their heads! "Hold your hand and do it with you."
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    You are right, but I was thinking more of 'there is an episode tonight, here is a pic comprised of some of the scenes plus some brief info' (the actors take on it). Not all the cast do that and not every week. I often see Mayim and Melissa do that for an episode.
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    The things cast&crew post in their social media are all very nice, I love the BTS, the IG posts and everything I can see in my boards. They are very kind in doing so, but CBS&WB and whoever is in charge of advertising the show should arrange more structured stuff like photo shoots, billboards, cast interviews. The way they advertised Shamy Coitus last season should set an example. They made a very good job in promoting the episode and got good ratings results, there was a lot of talking about the show in the press, etc. The change in the living arrangements, IMO, is as huge a thing as Shamy coitus, probably even bigger since it involves more characters. It doesn't tickle people's curiosity like sex (because sex sells) but I would have appreciate more focus on it and more organized advertising about it. I hope that happens at least in the S. 10 extras.
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    That's not the point. Past has prooved, Sheldon's beahaviour well change, when corrected. Whether Penny can defend her self, is beside the point seeing at present she is not. And I am sorry if it was my woman, I would feel obliged to tell my friend man she is my wife, don't talk to her like that. IT is just common decency and courtsey from Leonards perspective. But that is jmo. I am sorry personally whether or not Penny can deal with Sheldon, to me it does not justify Sheldon's behaviour at all. I am sorry the Sheldon has "grown" crowd should be on their knees crying lol. Sheldon has degressed this season imo.
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    I remember in The Staircase Implementation. Top 5 from this show. They had a sequence/flash back. OF Penny in highschool with her BF. Going "Yes, not Pregnant!" LOL. So Penny clearly had a very colorful upbringing in terms of her romantic life. You only have to hear from Wyatt. I am just glad Penny is dating someone, sorry forgot the line. House on wheels? LOL. Leonard was like who did you used to date? Penny had this shy look on her face. That said I made alot of mistakes okay. Penny even made references when she bought Leonard and Sheldon those packaged memorabalia. Penny made a reference, it is more funner taking it out and playing with it. So clearly Penny lost her virginity before the age of 18. Not that their is anything wrong with it. But I have always preferred the show portraying Penny as the girl from nebraska with a hear of gold. I mean by 1.1, you could argue her promisciuity started to diminish. Mike, Kurt e.t.c. Who was that guy she dated in 2x02? Then their was David Underhill. Which was a key episode. As it was the first time Penny outgrew that type. And started to appreciate and love the guys, particularly Leonard. So beyond Season 2, once she dated Leonard. Penny started to change back into the original Penny. And start drifting from Katie, if that makes sense. I have seen more traits of Katie this season, then I bare to forget. But lately Penny has returned. And that latest taping is promising.
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    I knew I could count on you to run with it! Love this so much!
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    Happy birthday april have fanastic day greetings from Melbourne Australia
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    Sunday afternoon was my tbbt time for rewatching earlier seasons and it was time for rewatching Amy Farraw Fowler stepping into Sheldon Lee Cooper 's life. It is always remarkable as I rewatch the spontaneous chemestry between them and how obssessed I became to see more about them . A curious fact I noticed: the previous episodes , I mean the episodes before Lunar excitation Sheldon was living very crazy times that included a drunk speech , an obssesion for a LOR ring or going out with Raj with a green latern as guide. Bless Amy Farrah Folwer indeed, LOL! I love so much as he checked on her! *fangirl* @April, this is another proper gif for your special day. Celebrating always the love of our adorable dorks
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    Happy Birthday April - I hope you've had a fun day ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Same here. I understand @jonny point about the stoner thing. Although it was about drug it was in a different context as nobody closer of the guys drugged them for they do something they did not want too, which is something I dislike and I had said in forum a few times. Different opinions are healthy as we are all different people who enjoy same show and in some cases same ship.One great thing about it is tastes must not be judge as everyone have theirs and they dont mean some are better than others.
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    Indeed, we all like different things, and some of us might have common tastes in episodes even if we support different ships. I liked both stories and actually found both of them extremely funny.
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    That's only because Leonard wasn't around. He was with the other two getting high on pot cookies.
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    I agree that Penny is a strong woman, but she did yell for Leonard to get Sheldon out of the bathroom, when she was in the shower, when Sheldon was doing that apology tour and was acting creepy. Of course Leonard is the guy she has trusted for help ever since the first episode when he went to get her TV, which is probably another reason why she married him. Leonard also has an graduate level degree on handling Sheldon, though after watching the laundry scene in the last episode, Penny should have her undergraduate degree soon.
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    It's the chance we all take, to live in the world. Disaster (whether terrorism, natural or man made accident) can happen anywhere, at any time. I refuse to live my life, frightened and hiding away.
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    Week Thirty Live + 3, Week of 03 April, 2017 Based on week Twenty-eight numbers 27 Mar - 02 Apr., 2017. CBS ran the new episode, 1019, "The Collaboration Fluctuation, on Thursday at 8 PM Premieres are designated with a "P", Special are designated with an "S", and Finales are designated with a "F". Demo Show Live + 3 lift Show Live + 3 Total TBBT 1.2 TBBT 3.8 Empire 1.1 Empire 3.5 Designated Survivor 1.1 Modern Family 3.0 Grey's Anatomy 1.0 Grey's Anatomy 3.0 Modern Family 0.9 The Voice (Mon) 2.8 Scandal 0.8 The Voice (Tue) 2.5 Criminal Minds 0.8 Scandal 2.3 Chicago Fire 0.7 The Goldbergs 2.3 Chicago PD 0.7 Designated Survivor 2.2 Law and Order:SVU 0.7 Survivor 2.2 Viewers Show Live + 3 lift (000) Show Live + 3 Total(000) Designated Survivor 4416 NCIS 16,920 Blue Bloods 3537 TBBT 16,258 TBBT 3472 Bull 13,784 Chicago PD 3128 Blue Bloods 13,159 Chicago Fire 3008 Dancing w/ the Stars 12,522 Bull 2884 The Voice (Mon) 12,137 NCIS:NO 2828 NCIS:NO 11,994 Chicago Med 2619 The Voice (Tue) 11,666 NCIS 2567 Hawaii Five-0 11,094 Modern Family 2497 Grey's Anatomy 9,935 Tensor
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    It would actually be funny if it became a thing in the next 48 episodes, each of them wants to do it in the elevator because another couple did it there. I could just picture one of the couples getting caught in the middle when the door opens and the rest of the gang is standing there. I think Leonard and Penny doing it first makes sense, maybe she comes in from a girls night, Leonard picking up everyone because they drunk too much. Amy goes up ahead and they catch the elevator when it comes down again, a big old five, slightly intoxicated Penny attacking her husband as soon as the elevator doors close.
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    If they are going to fix the elevator, the first thing I want Lenny to do is to have sex in it. They could stop the elevator, so they have time do it, while the other inhabitants are wondering why the elevator doesn´t work again and call the electrician for help. And while the electrician tries to fix the elevator, Lenny are getting dressed quickly, but they have a problem with Penny´s thong which is stuck in the roof mounted flap of the elevator. (Because they are two naughty carrots, who like to be adventurous ) Penny: Leonard, for heaven´s sake pull harder, they are here in any moment! Leonard: Uuuuuuuugghhh..... I´m...... trying. Why did we have to do the "Manbat?" Penny: Hey, don´t look give me that look! You asked me, if I wanted to know, how it feels like to have sex with Batman.
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    You mean like engagement and wedding rings.
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