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    The actual numbers may interest some of us. Sheldon's dodgy maths may interest others. But I think we can all agree that Penny could have had sex with as many consenting adults as she wanted while she was unattached, and it would be nobody's business but her own.
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    It was so refreshing to have a sick Sheldon that wasn't annoying for a change. I'm not a huge Soft Kitty fan (anything that kind of has Sheldon portrayed as a child I'm not a big fan of) but I think by using that harp and the different languages they kind of made it less child like if that makes any sense at all? They also kind of made it more nerdy and definitely Shamyesque. Thought Mayim did a fairly solid job with it and her expressions were great!
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    Agreed! It is so sexist. Penny gets slutshamed and even Dr Plimpton gets called 'Slutbunny' while Leonard admits to wanting to he a 'player' and gets clapped on the back for his sexual conquests. It's sex. Not love. A natural physical act. It's fun! You laugh, it feels good, and you make funny noises! Dr Plimpton just enjoyed it and Mrs Latham had mad skills. Whether you're male or female, as long as you're consenting adults, IMO, there should be no judgment, nothing perjorative attached.
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    Awwww! Three of my favorite things: Leonard, Penny, and the Hallway! That magic, beautiful Hallway! A marvelous place of Lenny firsts: first looks, first words, first place where realization dawned but with a very privately held 'I Love You' is shown by the gift of the Snuggie and the 'really long hug', first publicly admitted 'I Love You'. It's the place where, whenever Leonard and Penny wanted to talk 'privately' -- unbelievably! -- they would pull one another into the very public hallway! LOL! The incongruity of that always made me laugh! But it WAS the place that they knew, as if the warm memories that wonderful place held would enrobe them, that was special for them and they felt safe! And you can almost track how Lenny has been minimized by TPTB because of the lack of Hallway encounters and the rise of the <shudders> Kitchen Island. As it was given to us, I loved the Lenny engagement. BUT, Leonard being a Romance Ninja, I think before he pulled the ring out of his wallet, he should have pulled Penny into the Hallway. And like luminous noted, a Lenny wedding -- IMO -- would have perfect -- for them -- in the Hallway. But with the Lenny engagement, we are at the end of Season 7 with our toes just in the cold virgin waters of Season Hate. The Hallway and the Lenny magic there is pretty much forgotten by TPTB and we are given the Kitchen Island, a place where Lenny is minimized and left just stand back, witness, and comment on whatever 'Sheldon-nanigans' are unfolding. Pwwwwah! Ptooooey! For me, whenever I think of TBBT, that will always the perfect, wonderful 'first place' trifecta -- Leonard, Penny, and The Hallway.
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    A lil late to the game as usual but I just had to post. It's so refreshing to see a Lenny story for once as the main plot. Then sprinkle in a conversation where Lenny try to see each other's view points...awesome! If the writers could do this a lil more often, maybe things will balance. Plus, I can't lie: I love me some Zack. Despite the "oops we got married" that the writers pulled out of thin air, Zack has always been for Team Lenny. And he is just a fun character, IMO. Oh and bonus points to TPTB for dealing with Penny for once. Not getting my hopes too high but if they actually followed through with the not happy with her career, job storyline and it led somewhere... that would truly astound me. Baby steps here
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    A fun,lighthearted,drama free episode..I enjoyed it! And, of course, the TAG scene was adorable!!
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    Amy was so great as she sang in German and Mandarin, it was really hilarious! Her atitude was so spot on and Sheldon's facial expression as he was aproving and enjoying it? Priceless! @veejay, your gifs are awesome, as usual. Thanks !
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    best line in tonight's episode Leonard to Penny relax I know you stop for a doughnut on your run Penny responds I don't run there I drive
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    Not to change the subject, but there was a picture of Penny in the Las Vegas strip club with the girls and it got me thinking. Ever since Penny has really gotten back with Leonard, from the 'I Love You' on, she has never showed any interest in other men. As a matter of fact she has only done things to confirm that she is more than satisfied with Leonard and doesn't need anyone else. She stayed loyal to him when he was in the North Sea, said 'NO, to Amy when she suggested they get revenge on the guys during girls night around Christmas, was more interested in her work than the strippers in Las Vegas, admitted she never even kissed another man since she got back with Leonard after he confessed his Mandy kiss and told the girls that if she wanted to see a man dancing naked she would flush the toilet while Leonard is in the shower. It makes me think Penny's actions sort of speak louder than her words concerning Leonard, especially if you consider how much of a party girl she was when she first met him. When she told Leonard, in the season 6 Valentines episode that someday she would say yes to his proposal and then they would be together forever, she wasn't kidding.
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    Just saw the promo for episode 10x21. Penny wears the golden heart locket again. It's been a while since we saw it the last time.
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    So much discussion on the languages! I think Mayim gave it her best shot and I'm giving her full credit for trying.
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    Amy's Mandarin pronunciation was not very accurate, but her sound was very funny. I didn't understand her Mandarin the first time I watched the tag, but after reading the reviews on social media, some people "translated" them, then I watched the tag again, I fully understood her the second time. LOL. And I noticed the translation of the lyrics(as in from the English version to the Mandarin one) was very cute, and funny too.
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    "The Holiday Summation", "The Romance Recalibration", "The Emotion Detection Automation", "The Comic-Con Conundrum", "The Escape Hatch Identification" - All of these had them fighting. "The Collaboration Fluctuation" didn't have them fighting but had Penny treating her husband like crap, one of their worst episodes to me. "The Locomotion Reverberation" didn't have fighting or bad treatment but should be included if we expand things from "fighting" to "unhappy/discontent" because this one had an unhappy Penny (I certainly don't think it was presented as if Leonard had caused that but she was unsatisfied with their current situation, even if the source of it was presure due to Bernadette's advancement). Now, some of the fights were not as bad as other, to a significant extent. I really liked "The Comic-Con Conundrum", the central fight there was due to good intentions (the driving one was weird, Leonard afraid to tell her she is a bad driver doesn't seem right, he had told her she is a bad cook. But that was mostly for comedy and in the context of that episode I am willing to overlook it). It is also definitely true that they seemed to be fine by the end of each episode and that the writers didn't take it to the edge, making one of them sleep on the couch or something like that. However, many of us (and I say that on the basis of others' comments and likes to my comments stating this) feel that non of these fights had a proper resolution, not even the worse ones. In fact, we didn't even see the resolutions. In "The Collaboration Fluctuation" there was even a resolution that was cut! And after each unresolved fight came another fight, sometimes not immediately but it sure did. So many of the episodes don't seem so bad on their own but the "bigger picture" that comes out of considering them all together is, to many of the members here (both shippers and non-shippers), that of a couple constantly fighting and unhappy. It makes us feel that this is all intentional, that there is indeed an arc here or that this is the way the writers had chose to write Lenny now. This fighting also feels different to me than their "bickering", which personally I did percieve as "playful banter" many times and actually enjoyed it (perhaps this is why I consider season 7 a good season for them while many other Lenny's do not). You guys are entitled to your own opinions, furthermore, I think it is good to have different opinions in the Forum. This post is intended to explain the opinion that others here, me included, hold. At last, if it is indeed an arc, does it have to lead to something terrible? Of course not. I do have fears that the writers might do something horrible in order to attract viewers and critical praise for "their courage". However, as a devoted Lenny I hope there will be a decent resolution, a tremendously sweet and touching scene like the writers can write and J&K can turn into magic. BTW: This happy jumping Penny gif is from the first half of the season, which I referred to as a much different and much better time for them in one of my recent posts.
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    Happy birthday april have fanastic day greetings from Melbourne Australia
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    The answer is very simple, the original pilots female lead was a heavy drinking, promiscuous user of men. The test audience's hated her and Lorrie was forced to not just recast the character but completely re-write her to be totally diffrent. During the first few years he tried to if not morph the character of Penny into Katie then to at least graft as many of Katie's characteristics onto penny as he could get away with. Thus we SAW penny a sweet farm girl with a heart of gold but HEARD about penny the drunken, promiscuous girl who used sex to get things from men, interestingly we heard most of these type remarks from Sheldon. His charecter could get away with saying bad things about the nice girl because it was in his charecter to be "an ass" to others. Time and repetition made the idea sink into the fabric of the show without him having to actually show it which IMO would have turned the audience off Penny and therefore the show. the result is this Janus version of penny we ended up with
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    Okay I know I am not contributing with very elaborate posts about our couple but at moment I cant get enough of some goodness from last episode. And you know, I love sharing my shamy emotions with you all Like this one. How cute was Amy in this scene to her boyfriend? Dead of fangirl feelings. *sigh *
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Gave it a very good. Only thing missing was a guest star. Good old sheldon ; always a security risk.
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    Yeah, it would be awesome if the writers could continue with this Lenny story for the remaining of the season, so that we actually see something happen for Penny with her job situation.
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    It reminds me of what my aunt use to always tell me when she wanted me to try new foods like snails and clams, 'How do you know you won't like it if you don't try it'. Penny tried a nerd, got seduced by the brains (remember she told Leonard he ruined her for stupid men), and fell in love. Penny in love is extremely loyal, she didn't cheat on Kurt or Mike, she won't cheat on Leonard, afterall Leonard is her forever. Penny 'was' a party girl, not a slut.
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    I agree. I personally think that TPTB have gotten pretty lazy lately. They keep recycling photo shoots, the bloopers were much better in the earlier season's DVD's and FYC promotions have seemed half hearted. I know that the show is 10 years in, but I can't imagine that the cast wouldn't mind participating in a amazingly styled photo shoot or some other sort of fun promotional event.
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    Wonderful idea @Strawberry PopTart Fan Because the way to the holy kitchen island can only lead by a reasonable elevator.
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    He knows she can't speak Klingon, he used it as language she couldn't understand with Leonard in 10.7...I guess at this point we should assume that really Amy can speak German, Mandarin and Navajo. I would have loved, though, a Soft Kitty version in Amy's made up language, LOL!
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    Sure she does! Now I wish we could see a scene in an upcoming episode where Amy says same thing to Sheldon! *nods*
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    Still got 4 weeks here - New York, DC, Orlando, New Orleans for JazzFest and returning to Hawaii to relive our honeymoon from 25 years ago! Where many have said Lenny should have gone for their Honeymoon. Again Leonard in the shade, Penny walking around or coming out of the pool or ocean ......for the fans! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In the full TR in the Discussion Thread, Leonard and Penny sound like the REAL LEONARD AND PENNY, not the aliens who have invaded their bodies lately. Very exciting.
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    Sunday afternoon was my tbbt time for rewatching earlier seasons and it was time for rewatching Amy Farraw Fowler stepping into Sheldon Lee Cooper 's life. It is always remarkable as I rewatch the spontaneous chemestry between them and how obssessed I became to see more about them . A curious fact I noticed: the previous episodes , I mean the episodes before Lunar excitation Sheldon was living very crazy times that included a drunk speech , an obssesion for a LOR ring or going out with Raj with a green latern as guide. Bless Amy Farrah Folwer indeed, LOL! I love so much as he checked on her! *fangirl* @April, this is another proper gif for your special day. Celebrating always the love of our adorable dorks
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    Happy birthday, dear @April I hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Happy birthday @April..hope you're having a really lovely day!!
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    Happy Birthday April! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!
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    Happy Birthday @April, hope you are having a wonderful day with a lot of magic! *wink* *wink*
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    Happy birthday , April! I hope you have had a happy day!
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    I still have a funny extra to show. Happy Sunday!
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    Yes, you could see the disappointment on her face, when Leonard told her he couldn't come to the after work reception. She wanted to show off her hubbie. There was a nice husband and wife feel in the scenes with Leonard and Penny. A nice, comfortable, established relationship feel.
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    I get happy when I see her wearing it. Hence my comment that I wish they would have her wear it more.
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    Well, @April, that can be an actual line of dialogue in 11x11. It's canon now that Amy calls Sheldon "babe" and he's cool with that, LOL!
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    Bernadette wear's her star the majority of the time. I wish they would that with Penny's locket.
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    Starring Sally Field and Joe Mantello Seems like Jim is having a wonderful time in NYC.
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    I found all S. 9 extras pretty disappointing, there even was a segment, where the cast answered to some fans' questions, that was taped the year before. I realized that since the actors were dressed as in another similar segment which was in S. 8 extras. Obviously, the questions had nothing to do with S.9...I hope this year they put a bit more effort into the extras, so many things happened to the show and to Shamy and I would like they focus on the cast's interviews. In particular, regarding to Shamy, I really want a proper interview to Jim and Mayim about how they reacted to the fact Sheldon and Amy were going to live together in 4B. That was such an unexpected thing that I'm very interested in listening Majim's impressions about it.
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    It would be hilarious if Amy secretly learns it and next time he tries to be secretive with one of the guys she'd just join in and yell at him in Klingon. LOL
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    Am I the only one who doesn't care about Penny's past? It's completely irrelevant whether she had sex with 180 men or 1000.
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    Howardette have been the surprise highlight of the season for me. Always liked them but they have rocketed up in my estimation this season. They seem to be able to pull off any type of story from real life more serious challenges or subjects to more light-hearted funny comedy ones. Howard has always loved Bernie to bits but this season but I feel like he really does adore her.
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    Penny is unhappy at the only job at which she has achieved any measure of success. She was a bad waitress and she couldn't succeed as an actress. One commercial and repeated roles in 'Serial Apist' to show for years of trying.The pharmaceutical sales job was a gift. No other way to see it. She bombed her interview and got hired in spite of that. To her credit she actually worked hard to prepare for this job, and maybe that will show her the way to succeed at something else.
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    I think what's wrong is Raj living with Lenny. Apparently TPTB don't know how to write Raj stories if they are not attached to someone else's, or Lenny stories if there isn't someone else in their apartment. Thank you for reminding me of that. That is amazing writing, IMO.
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    I would agree with this and the only theory I can come up with is because the show is still no.1 or around that in comedy and still smashing its competitors in the same genre that TPTB feel they don't have to anymore which is a real shame imo. It should be in their contracts that they do some pr, photo shoots etc. Mayim, Melissa and sometimes Jim do seem to do some promotion of episodes on social media but the rest don't seem to. Less interviews with the cast and Molaro these days, it's a real shame.
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    If they are going to fix the elevator, the first thing I want Lenny to do is to have sex in it. They could stop the elevator, so they have time do it, while the other inhabitants are wondering why the elevator doesn´t work again and call the electrician for help. And while the electrician tries to fix the elevator, Lenny are getting dressed quickly, but they have a problem with Penny´s thong which is stuck in the roof mounted flap of the elevator. (Because they are two naughty carrots, who like to be adventurous ) Penny: Leonard, for heaven´s sake pull harder, they are here in any moment! Leonard: Uuuuuuuugghhh..... I´m...... trying. Why did we have to do the "Manbat?" Penny: Hey, don´t look give me that look! You asked me, if I wanted to know, how it feels like to have sex with Batman.