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    Awwww! Three of my favorite things: Leonard, Penny, and the Hallway! That magic, beautiful Hallway! A marvelous place of Lenny firsts: first looks, first words, first place where realization dawned but with a very privately held 'I Love You' is shown by the gift of the Snuggie and the 'really long hug', first publicly admitted 'I Love You'. It's the place where, whenever Leonard and Penny wanted to talk 'privately' -- unbelievably! -- they would pull one another into the very public hallway! LOL! The incongruity of that always made me laugh! But it WAS the place that they knew, as if the warm memories that wonderful place held would enrobe them, that was special for them and they felt safe! And you can almost track how Lenny has been minimized by TPTB because of the lack of Hallway encounters and the rise of the <shudders> Kitchen Island. As it was given to us, I loved the Lenny engagement. BUT, Leonard being a Romance Ninja, I think before he pulled the ring out of his wallet, he should have pulled Penny into the Hallway. And like luminous noted, a Lenny wedding -- IMO -- would have perfect -- for them -- in the Hallway. But with the Lenny engagement, we are at the end of Season 7 with our toes just in the cold virgin waters of Season Hate. The Hallway and the Lenny magic there is pretty much forgotten by TPTB and we are given the Kitchen Island, a place where Lenny is minimized and left just stand back, witness, and comment on whatever 'Sheldon-nanigans' are unfolding. Pwwwwah! Ptooooey! For me, whenever I think of TBBT, that will always the perfect, wonderful 'first place' trifecta -- Leonard, Penny, and The Hallway.
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    First thought: Aww they're so cute!! <3 Second thought: OMG GET A NEW COUCH ALREADY!!!! ughhh
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    Thanks so much for that, @veejay Footprints seem to have a contract with FWF producers for a tour!
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    "Behind the flags"? Dude, I am going to love this! Look at their faces! Cuties as buttons!
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    When Doug the Pug was on set last week he made a Pug version of TBBT intro...lol
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    I wish news of a Shamy engagement could have leaked out for a birthday surprise, but since it didn't, I hope you had a nice cake and lots of fun. Many Happy Returns !
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    Just saw the promo for episode 10x21. Penny wears the golden heart locket again. It's been a while since we saw it the last time.
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    It's not so bad. They just need to mess up the bed and it'll look great!
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    Those are really lovely photos! I just love Raj and Howard who helped shamy to meet each other being the official fwf band, one of oldest and sweetest shamy projects. I can't get enough of staring at these two adorable happy smiles as they are in fwf mode!
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    I think season 8, apart from a few funny moments here and there, was totally forgettable. IMO, the entire season 9 was crap too, the second half of season 9 even worse than the first(i found the shamy break up to be very tiresome and dull, but it was still better than the latter half of s9). Season 10 gained momentum and good episodes included, but they are back to not so good stuff in the second half. I don't find the anything awards worthy about the writing anymore, and i think they are slowly running out of ideas. I hope they recover soon. I don't even need them working on big projects all the time. It was the random funny discussions they had and the fun geeky little things they did everyday, that I love the most. I don't see anything wrong with the guys playing games together as their "chief leisure activity" tbh . I don't think growing up means you have to give up the things you love. Amy and Bernadette still do things they love - their hobbies including girls' night, so why should the guys not enjoy the things they did together ?Sounds a bit hypocritical. They can be mature and socialized but still enjoy what they always did. The writers don't care about being realistic when it comes to Bernie's pregnancy and Raj's financial situation, but the guys giving up "Comic Con" is where they decide to be "realistic" ? yeah ok. Years ago, I thought the episode where Sheldon and Howard made a high stakes bet about identifying the species of a cricket was quite original. . I am all for weddings, babies, engagement rings and I have no doubt , plots about pre-school will follow, but there is nothing wrong with having more of other things as well. BTW I also don't quite see the logic of Sheldon being "horrified" at being single (as long as he was content with his life). I don't see why someone would be "horrified" at being single on principle, if it was their choice. Character development can occur through many different things-work, friends, having a child etc etc, not just a romantic relationship
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    And the week before was a rehash of 8.13, The Anxiety Optimization. Why bother writing new plots, when you can change a few thing around and use the same plot device.
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    Happy birthday @April! You're really one of my favorite shippers and because you're famous for your essays, I'm gonna write one just for you... Kidding, but I do hope you have/had (I'm sure if I'm late) a great day and I hope all your dreams (including those Shamy-related ones) come true! As we say here in the Southern part of Africa, Veels geluk en voorspoed.
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    Glad to hear the heart locket will make an appearance!
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    Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! Also, excellent gif choices!! <3
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    The answer is very simple, the original pilots female lead was a heavy drinking, promiscuous user of men. The test audience's hated her and Lorrie was forced to not just recast the character but completely re-write her to be totally diffrent. During the first few years he tried to if not morph the character of Penny into Katie then to at least graft as many of Katie's characteristics onto penny as he could get away with. Thus we SAW penny a sweet farm girl with a heart of gold but HEARD about penny the drunken, promiscuous girl who used sex to get things from men, interestingly we heard most of these type remarks from Sheldon. His charecter could get away with saying bad things about the nice girl because it was in his charecter to be "an ass" to others. Time and repetition made the idea sink into the fabric of the show without him having to actually show it which IMO would have turned the audience off Penny and therefore the show. the result is this Janus version of penny we ended up with
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    Yeah, it would be awesome if the writers could continue with this Lenny story for the remaining of the season, so that we actually see something happen for Penny with her job situation.
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    It reminds me of what my aunt use to always tell me when she wanted me to try new foods like snails and clams, 'How do you know you won't like it if you don't try it'. Penny tried a nerd, got seduced by the brains (remember she told Leonard he ruined her for stupid men), and fell in love. Penny in love is extremely loyal, she didn't cheat on Kurt or Mike, she won't cheat on Leonard, afterall Leonard is her forever. Penny 'was' a party girl, not a slut.
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    But there would of been no seasons 4-6 without seasons 1-3. JMO but if your like Lenny shipper you are going like 1-3 better if your a Shamy shipper 4-6 for obvious reasons. I think Amy and Bernadette brought a new dynamic to the show. A great one? I don't think your going to get a consensus on that. Certainly a different one. 4 and 5 IMO weren't better. Season 6 IMO was probably the best of the first and probably will end being where the show peaked. from that point the show has gone down hill. The last two seasons have been like skydiving without a parachute. I like Bert.But honestly do we need to see that many pictures of Bert? Now I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of Rebecca.
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    TPTB are going to want to let everyone know that the whole cast is fully on board for the next two seasons. My guess is that we may hear something at the CBS "upfronts" presentation on May 17th in NYC.
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    To be clear, I really appreciate the cast posting pictures from the set. It's the WB/CBS lack of push on the show that makes me upset. It's almost like they've given up on TBBT making any continued impact on they industry, awards wise. So they are sitting on the continued high ratings and will probably not respond until TBBT drops out of the top tier of the ratings, if they respond at all.
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    Some Lenny previews for episode 10x21, with Penny wearing the heart locket. Source: Preview from TBBT's official YouTube channel
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    I always have a soft spot for the early seasons of a show. First of all, there's the nostalgia factor. I love remembering how we as an audience got to know and love these characters. That's always special. And apart from Leonard and Penny, I just used to enjoy Sheldon a lot more. I loved watching him interact with everyone simply because his social cluelessness softened his mean comments. That's what made it funny. So while I completely understand that people love his growth especially in terms of his relationship with Amy, I just don't find him very entertaining anymore. And the less clueless he gets, the more mean and thus less acceptable his comments are. JMO. I'm certainly not saying that characters shouldn't evolve, but sometimes they evolve in a way that puts me off. And I'm not just talking about Sheldon. I've stated on here countless times how much I miss Penny's kindness of the early seasons. I also miss the "Us against the world" vibe I'd always gotten from Lenny. My favourite thing about the show right now is the friendship between the girls, which I'd love to see more of. I am really looking forward to the ep about Penny's job, though. That sounds like a good one for Lenny.
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    I agree with almost anything on your post, except that I still hope they will do something with Penny's career this time, if not in this season then in season 11. This can be a catalyst that will make her start looking for a new job. However, I admit I wouldn't be surprise if they leave it aside again.
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    Rough patch or not there communication or lack of has been mentioned more than once. I know there a story coming up with Penny and her job but there really has not been a lot going on else with them. Even with this Thursday episode Shamy has FWF. There never seems to be a little story like that for them. when's the last time they had a bed scene reminiscent of season 3. Some say that Lenny has only sex in common but you don't even get the bed scenes anymore.
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    Me too Always adorable together
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    Promo pics for EP 21 are out now: https://seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-the-separation-agitation.html
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    Glad they got Footprints back on, I guess they could have just recorded the jingle and played it before their show but it's better if they are on and it provides some more character interactions. Still wondering why they are doing a look back show, I'm certain it will be explained in the dialogue. At least it is something to look forward to in this one, because I know the 'leave the room stuff' is going to annoy the fuck out of me.
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    Promo pics for the next episode are up! Some nice FwF featuring Footprints on the Moon pics and Shamy adorable as usual in that segment!
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    This ain't "The Simpsons" where no one ages.
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    The thing that is unique in the show is we get to see Penny grow up and so I think it is more important in how the woman that is Penny now acts than the young partygirl she was before. That woman has been loyal to Leonard since she told him she loved him and she has never even expressed a desire towards anyone else. It is a shame the writers had to soil Leonard by bringing Mandy into the picture. I always saw Leonard and Penny as virgins in their own way because neither of them had experienced real love until they met each other.
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    The fwf sneak peek for next episode is hilarious! The energetic Sheldon's tone before they started to tap cracked me up as it was so different than he and Amy calm tone as they spoke at camera, LOL! And the way they look at the camera? Priceless! Love Footprints' s music! It looks like a Beach Boys song or something from 60's . Really nice!
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    There does seem to be a growing view that there has been a drop off the back half of this season much like the back half of Season 9. Still think the contract situation might have played a big role in this season's slow down/pacing during the back half (well I hope it's mainly that). Maybe we are just seeing the usual writers are perhaps scared (wary might be a better word than scared) to move the pace at times like they have in the past? They have always been conservative with a lot of progress and character evolution on the show. Seems like they could have two options, introduce some drama to create a spark again (but that would stall and slowdown some progress) or instead press ahead with growth and the next developments of the character's lives. I would much prefer the latter than the former. For example the Shamy engagement could have happened some time ago and who knows when that will actually happen? There is an assumption it might happen in one of these two remaining taping's but it could drag on until Season 11. A multi-episode arc about Penny's career would have been really interesting, instead they have floated the idea again about career change without resolution and kicked it into the long grass like they did after Big Bear last season. The Raj storyline hasn't really captivated me yet and I was expecting perhaps more progress so far in the evolution of his character but it looks to be a slow project. You know which storyline I can't fault at all with the pacing and IMO has been pretty good all season long? The ongoing Howardette/baby Halley storyline. I think they just need to pick up the pace, they have a ridiculously talented bunch of writers that can write stories based on the next chapters of some of our favorite character's lives. They shouldn't be afraid to quicken the pace, they might actually benefit from it.
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    Haha, please be fair. Lenny had some intimate scenes as dancing and kissing (and even though imaginary, the filthy dungeon scene). The bedroom was possibly closed for a longer renovation and Sheldon's spot was a substitute. Also I wouldn’t compare the bedtime of Shamy with the heated occurrences of Leonard and Penny.
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    It is pretty odd that we never get any bed scenes with Lenny anymore, as this season we have gotten several bed scenes from both Shamy and Howardette but no Lenny. (I'm so sorry @Tensor, I wrote this in the wrong thread,feel free to move it if you want. )
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    Sorry Season 8-10 sucks and is generally painfully unfunny, with a few exceptions. First three seasons still far supeior. The storytelling is far more original and unique. Stale Season 3 is still far funny then today's show. But that is just my opinion. I mean I did not expect the show to maintain it's original format, beyond Season 4. But the show has become way too clichied and tropey for my liking. IT lacks originality these days, and alot of the original comedy is gone. I do agree the topics of today's BBT. Relationships, and Babies. Never thought was conceivable ten odd years ago.
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    She does, but only for Leonard, only for Leonard.
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    Awww, you're all so sweet! Thank you!! I had a great b-day yesterday. <3
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    The show was right for its time when it began. It was the brainchild of geniuses, I think. When I see early episodes of it now, I can't imagine how one like it would go down these days. Ten years later, thanks in no small measure to TBBT itself, the idea of post-graduates and PhDs being the underdog geeks and nerds seems a bit out of date now. The way show is now, it seems to have caught the zeitgeist once again. If you'd suggested to any of the characters ten years ago that by 2017 they'd be still single, no further on in their careers, living on take-aways and playing games with one another as their chief leisure activity, they'd be horrified. Even Sheldon.
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    Now with the show renewed for two more seasons, I fear that season 11 could be just like season 8 with not much going on. I'm guessing the writers wants to save really big moments to the last season.
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    I have recently rewatched season 1-3 and undoubtely these are great seasons. However imo seasons 4-7 are overall superior comedy speaking as the Amy and Bernie gave a better dynamic to the show. Season 8 was the one I less liked. I liked much half of season 9 and the other half was a bit weak. Same feelings about season 10 as the second half could have been much better and I dont believe much last remaining tapings would be overrall speaking outstanding episodes as writers might keep the best plotlines for the first half of season 11. Let's see what future holds to our favourite gang.
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    Yes, it's always nice to see Penny wearing the heart locket.
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    Happy Birthday @April! I hope that you have a great day with your family and friends!
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    I get happy when I see her wearing it. Hence my comment that I wish they would have her wear it more.
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    I think part of the issues is that TBBT is written for casual viewers who can skip an episode or two and won't be confused when they check out the next episode. So changes are a lot slower to happen and storylines aren't written as tightly as certain dramas which are highly serialised now and if you miss one episode you won't know what's going on. TBBT is also not written for the type of fan who's seen every episode a dozen times and memorized every storyline. So they're playing fast and lose with continuity at times as long as it gets them another laugh for whatever plot of the week they have. Additionally, the show is finishing S10 now and at some point you just reach a critical mass where you've exhausted most possible plot variations and stories start to be similar to other episodes that came before, just with [plot twist y] this time around. Then that particular plot variation simply becomes a matter of continuity and character progress and sometimes a running gag. Though I'm not too bothered with that I can see how sometimes it gets a "not this again!" reaction. Different strokes etc etc... Anyway, yes, I agree that the writers should be a bit more brave now. Unless some dramatic change happens I think it's clear that S11/12 are the last ones. So why not go wild and finally work on all those possible storylines that have been hinted at in episodes and interviews for years now with Penny's job issue being Exhibit A here. They've been beating around the bush with that for a while now and last time the idea was that it would have been better for Penny to work at the same company as Bernie - but that was only used at the beginning of the season. So we either get some more girls at work plots out of it now that Bernie is back to work (which I would love because yay girls plot!) or they better come up with a new job for Penny already.
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    Maybe Leonard got a deep color-sensitive problem with their newly redecorated bedroom. …or it’s HBO only.
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    It has the possibility to be both better and worse than last time. The last writers strike was in the middle of the season(that's why the show only has 17 episodes the first season). This time, the strike, if there is one, would come after the season is over. If the strike runs for a while, it has the possibility to interfere with the beginning of next year. It could be worse, because the two sides seem to be dug, on what the want, so that could mean a longer strike. In some ways, the strike helped the show last time. The first eight episodes were reran several times, giving more people a chance to see it. Also, half hour multi cam comedies were able to start production faster, due to the way they are taped, which meant they were among the first shows to get new content on the screen.
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    Lenny could create a sexual workout that targets the major muscle groups and maybe write a book about it