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    The show needs to shit or get off the pot with Lenny, honestly. All these 'nerd got the hot chick hur hur' 'jokes' are, I think, the showrunners basically saying 'yeah, this is basically the entire point of this couple to us'. Which is horrifying if you like either Leonard or penny, to say nothing of those who like the couple. And the constant 'hey, how come the nerd got the hot girl?' 'jokes' are also the showrunners' way of saying 'we have forgotten, tee hee! But if we hang a lantern on the situation then maybe that's enough!' And no, show. No it is not enough. So you don't know why these two are together, show? Break them up. You don't want to do that? SHOW us why they should be together instead of randomly pulling out someone like Stuart telling us why they are awesome for each other, interspersed with scenes from Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus or whatever. for what it is worth, I actually think Lenny have quite a lot in common when the show gets out of their way. The chief thing they have in common is deadpan wit. Which is why I have always been gentler on the kitchen island sequences than many if my Lenny friends, because the kitchen island lets them be snarky and banter-y and do observational comedy on their weirdo friends. Yes, they have different approaches to money and planning, and those are serious things to negotiate (so do that properly, dammit). But it is BS to keep telling me they have nothing in common when, at the very least, they have been friends for a very long time. So find another way to write this couple, and find another gag than 'hur hur so different and so unenthused by each other but still together because apparently this is the 1950s'.
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    Seriously??? Are y'all surprised by another round of "the nerd got the hot chick hurrhurr!" because...????? That is the oldest most annoying running gag in this god damn show. And suuuuuure Sheldon should be more respectful because after all Leonard is always talking about what a great personality Penny has and what fun girl she-- oh wait! /s
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    I´m dreaming with a FWF proposal but I prefer the two of them alone for the moment, it´s more intimate and sweet, the Howardette proposal with all the gang was weird and Lenny propsal was awful and cold, this need to be LEGEN- wait for it -DARY!! Can the proposal happen now please? I need it!!
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    Yeah that was great, it is their 'baby' after all. Loved Sheldon's in particular enthusiasm lol. Then once the camera started rolling they go back to their deadpan acting, hilarious. I have a relative who still doesn't get it's deliberately done that way, they thought it was poor or weird acting lol.
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    First thought: Aww they're so cute!! <3 Second thought: OMG GET A NEW COUCH ALREADY!!!! ughhh
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    "Behind the flags"? Dude, I am going to love this! Look at their faces! Cuties as buttons!
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    Australia is back to getting the tapes by sea mail. A Christmas tree and an L/P written agreement were the last things I saw. I didn't see all of the episodes though, as I had literally had my eyes closed and hands over my ears for large parts, once I realise what I was going to be shown. The thing I loved was fed into a metaphorical meat grinder. Can they spin off Howard & Bernie please? They have charm. The tree story could have been a whole episode on it's own but they have to run the whole troup and flaunt the clown. And I saw a little of the signing thing through fingers held over my eyes, while rocking back and forth moaning "no... no... no...". It was a bit like the last scene of the movie "Life", when you realise that the wrong capsule got back to Earth. In space no one can hear you scream, but in my living room...
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    Fair question. I think considering how poor this season has been for Lenny overall, it sounds like a good episode. My bar is so low that an episode that has Leonard and Penny talking things out on screen is good in my book. Having that storyline actually lead somewhere would feel like a lottery win at this point.
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    I share your view. Referring to your first paragraph: From Penny’s and my point of view, this is a situation comedy. That allows me to take away my expectations on a close and strict development of the characters to find an unexpected and hopefully funny activity. That is given on Lennie's relationship despite the constant bickering and fighting which is permanently blown out of the writers' asses these season.
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    Imagine if they were doing FWF and Sheldon had organised Raj and Howard to play some piece of music or composed song during a segment of their show so he could propose. A proposal during FWF could be cool, though any way of proposing would likely be well received right now lol
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    Should not have watched that clip. Once again Sheldon proves what a shit friend he is. Yes, you soooo don't care about looks but at the same time you make fun of your guy friends for being less attractive than their partners. Right.
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    It's not so bad. They just need to mess up the bed and it'll look great!
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    Those are really lovely photos! I just love Raj and Howard who helped shamy to meet each other being the official fwf band, one of oldest and sweetest shamy projects. I can't get enough of staring at these two adorable happy smiles as they are in fwf mode!
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    I think season 8, apart from a few funny moments here and there, was totally forgettable. IMO, the entire season 9 was crap too, the second half of season 9 even worse than the first(i found the shamy break up to be very tiresome and dull, but it was still better than the latter half of s9). Season 10 gained momentum and good episodes included, but they are back to not so good stuff in the second half. I don't find the anything awards worthy about the writing anymore, and i think they are slowly running out of ideas. I hope they recover soon. I don't even need them working on big projects all the time. It was the random funny discussions they had and the fun geeky little things they did everyday, that I love the most. I don't see anything wrong with the guys playing games together as their "chief leisure activity" tbh . I don't think growing up means you have to give up the things you love. Amy and Bernadette still do things they love - their hobbies including girls' night, so why should the guys not enjoy the things they did together ?Sounds a bit hypocritical. They can be mature and socialized but still enjoy what they always did. The writers don't care about being realistic when it comes to Bernie's pregnancy and Raj's financial situation, but the guys giving up "Comic Con" is where they decide to be "realistic" ? yeah ok. Years ago, I thought the episode where Sheldon and Howard made a high stakes bet about identifying the species of a cricket was quite original. . I am all for weddings, babies, engagement rings and I have no doubt , plots about pre-school will follow, but there is nothing wrong with having more of other things as well. BTW I also don't quite see the logic of Sheldon being "horrified" at being single (as long as he was content with his life). I don't see why someone would be "horrified" at being single on principle, if it was their choice. Character development can occur through many different things-work, friends, having a child etc etc, not just a romantic relationship
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    And the week before was a rehash of 8.13, The Anxiety Optimization. Why bother writing new plots, when you can change a few thing around and use the same plot device.
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    From Jim's NYC trainer...
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    Last weekend I watched the Season 4 DVD and was once again impressed by Wyatt and his anticipatory enthusiasm for Leonard. Imo, it was a clear reference and a further sign on an inseparable relationship between Penny and Leonard.
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    When did Sheldon call Penny a slut? And yes, Leonard is the one who needs to prove himself because this is not a case of Lenny saying/doing one thing vs. everybody else being weird about their relationship because it's the exact same comments that are coming for both parties here. I don't give a shit what anyone says about Lenny as a couple because I like me a bit of this "couple vs. the world" kinda thing. But when the couple isn't doing any better with their comments about the relationship then there is something lacking. Like, I don't want to end up in a weird situation where Sheldon is more appreciative and complimentary towards Penny than Leonard is. Leonard is her husband and he should be the prime source of affectionate comments towards his wife, don't you think?!? Yet somehow the only thing he seemed to comment on is her beauty. I sure would hope that he appreciates her as a person as well, so why not have a scene about that? Why should Sheldon of all people appreciate that Penny was a good friend to Leonard when Leonard himself never says such things??? This is weird.
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    But there would of been no seasons 4-6 without seasons 1-3. JMO but if your like Lenny shipper you are going like 1-3 better if your a Shamy shipper 4-6 for obvious reasons. I think Amy and Bernadette brought a new dynamic to the show. A great one? I don't think your going to get a consensus on that. Certainly a different one. 4 and 5 IMO weren't better. Season 6 IMO was probably the best of the first and probably will end being where the show peaked. from that point the show has gone down hill. The last two seasons have been like skydiving without a parachute. I like Bert.But honestly do we need to see that many pictures of Bert? Now I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of Rebecca.
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    TPTB are going to want to let everyone know that the whole cast is fully on board for the next two seasons. My guess is that we may hear something at the CBS "upfronts" presentation on May 17th in NYC.
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    And all the PHD's in the world doesn't make you a better person.
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    So nice that we have a table reading today.
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    Penny looking pretty satisfied with what she's looking at in the second pic. It is also nice to see how much Penny's fashion sense has changed since the early seasons.
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    Because that someone is his best friend and best friends don't talk like that about each other. Yes, I know, I know it's comedy, but I can't be the only one who doesn't think that that's funny. Also, as a nutritionist I wanna point out that not everyone who gains weight is automatically at fault. My sister had to take pills because of her migraine and she gained 40 pounds within months even though she never ate any differently. I know that that doesn't apply to Leonard as a character, but I just feel uncomfortable talking about their weight because ultimately we're also talking about Johnny here since he's the actor. I've sat across a lot of overweight people who were crying because no matter what they did they couldn't lose weight. I guess I'm just trying to say let's not fat shame anyone (not saying you did, Serena!) because sometimes there are serious reasons behind weight gain that we as outsiders can't possibly be aware of. Not to mention I still find Johnny to be a very good looking man with a smile to die for. And I'm loving his hair this season.
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    Yes, Leonard himself thinks he's lucky to have landed an attractive wife but that's different. If I say I'm fat then that's one thing, if a friend says, "Yeah you really are a whale", that's another thing. It annoys me the same way when the other characters treat Sheldon like a child. Just because he acts like one sometimes doesn't make it right to treat him like one and sing him freaking Soft Kitty. Just once I wish the show would surprise me and have these characters stand up for one another so I can believe that they're all actually friends. I just cannot find the humor in these digs anymore, especially after the 1000th time. Most of the time it feels like they all bring out the worst in each other.
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    Some Lenny previews for episode 10x21, with Penny wearing the heart locket. Source: Preview from TBBT's official YouTube channel
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    I always have a soft spot for the early seasons of a show. First of all, there's the nostalgia factor. I love remembering how we as an audience got to know and love these characters. That's always special. And apart from Leonard and Penny, I just used to enjoy Sheldon a lot more. I loved watching him interact with everyone simply because his social cluelessness softened his mean comments. That's what made it funny. So while I completely understand that people love his growth especially in terms of his relationship with Amy, I just don't find him very entertaining anymore. And the less clueless he gets, the more mean and thus less acceptable his comments are. JMO. I'm certainly not saying that characters shouldn't evolve, but sometimes they evolve in a way that puts me off. And I'm not just talking about Sheldon. I've stated on here countless times how much I miss Penny's kindness of the early seasons. I also miss the "Us against the world" vibe I'd always gotten from Lenny. My favourite thing about the show right now is the friendship between the girls, which I'd love to see more of. I am really looking forward to the ep about Penny's job, though. That sounds like a good one for Lenny.
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    Rough patch or not there communication or lack of has been mentioned more than once. I know there a story coming up with Penny and her job but there really has not been a lot going on else with them. Even with this Thursday episode Shamy has FWF. There never seems to be a little story like that for them. when's the last time they had a bed scene reminiscent of season 3. Some say that Lenny has only sex in common but you don't even get the bed scenes anymore.
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    Me too Always adorable together
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    Glad they got Footprints back on, I guess they could have just recorded the jingle and played it before their show but it's better if they are on and it provides some more character interactions. Still wondering why they are doing a look back show, I'm certain it will be explained in the dialogue. At least it is something to look forward to in this one, because I know the 'leave the room stuff' is going to annoy the fuck out of me.
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    Promo pics for the next episode are up! Some nice FwF featuring Footprints on the Moon pics and Shamy adorable as usual in that segment!
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    Adam Scott sang this so sweetly in the final episode of "Big Little Lies"(which I loved.) Heart-breakingly sweet. It was in a talent contest, but he was clearly singing to his wife, as his eyes searched for her in the audience. It's funny, because their relationship reminded me of Leonard's and Penny's right from the beginning of the mini-series. He basically went to bed at night and woke up in the morning wondering"I guess I'll never know the reason why you love me like you do. That's the wonder, the wonder of you." She loved him but also took him and his steady, unwavering devotion to her for granted (and even cheated on him once to her regret). He yearned for a more passionate acknowledgement of her love for him. Finding a balance in that kind of unbalanced relationship isn't easy, but not impossible and I think we've seen Penny and Leonard struggle with it from the beginning.
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    Of course Lenny ship has the right to exist as shamy or howardette, I think there is no doubts about that. I have read the comments and I did not see anyone to bash lenny . On contrary, I have seen people wishing, and I am among them, lenny have more and better stories to shine as they derserve. You know there are people who try to bash shamy and that is a fact that unfortunatelly happen that I wish it doesnt happen at all and it doesnt mean shamy has not the right to exist or their shippers give up of shipping them. The tr of the episode seem good to lenny and I am sure it will be played out great on screen for them. We all wish the best for these characters as they have been made part of our lives for so long and what we need is good stuff for balance those bad things of our real lives that we can not do anything for they dont exist.
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    Oh I agree. Obviously they'd have to get it right. I guess I just find it more entertaining when it's the main cast vs. someone else instead of main cast vs. each other, you know? Don't get me wrong, my friends and I tease each other all the time, but it's never that mean. And I wanna make this clear: I'm not singling Sheldon out. I'm talking about all of them.
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    I agree with @Jonny, any way of proposing would be welcome by me right now, lol! Also agree with @anicez about them being alone in that special moment for both. FwF would be a nice scenario but I would prefer if Sheldon did it in a fwf off line, I mean after they log off the live session.
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    'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', as always that maxim is so true. I never question why someone may be attracted to someone else in all aspects of real life and mediums in this case a television programme. In fact it annoys me when people criticize someone else's choice of what they find attractive. In terms of the jokes made about Leonard and Penny's relationship I would agree with @April on the 'hot girl was landed by the nerd', or jokes that are made about punching above someones weight in the relationship game are tedious and repetitive but they are never going away. It's seen as a major joke of the show by the writers and it's well and truly ingrained in it so it will stay. So expect all their friends to continue to make jokes about it as well as Penny and Leonard themselves (which there are examples this Season of, see Leonard's personal triumph celebrating his achievements at the convention) until the show ends. You can't criticize their friends for making those jokes when the couple themselves play to the narrative.
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    I'd argue that Amy's bond with Sheldon makes her actually most valuable for the show here. As you say, Sheldon is the golden boy. He is the focus of many plots and that includes his relationship with Amy. Writing Amy out suddenly would be a massive narrative problem because of the way their relationship has progressed to this point. Married or not it doesn't make one ounce of difference.
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    So, Amy is absolutely disposable just because she isn't married to Sheldon/has his child? What about the effort they had put in showing Sheldon's attachtment to her? what about the insistence in telling us how sad and lost he was when they broke up? She has been elevated to the status of the only woman the golden boy of the series had ever loved, they are even living together now! I don't think it would be that easy to get rid of her, I mean, of course they "could", but to have her gone and show Sheldon unnaffected would be quite a stretch. Not to mention that a good portion of the audience (believe it or not) would miss her. Honestly speaking, of course they could get rid of the character, just as at this point they could get rid of any of the other characters BUT Sheldon, that doesn't mean she is of no value at all.
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    I always thought that penny was the lucky one leonard is more stable and has a brighter future than anyone tptb have shown her dating Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    The fwf sneak peek for next episode is hilarious! The energetic Sheldon's tone before they started to tap cracked me up as it was so different than he and Amy calm tone as they spoke at camera, LOL! And the way they look at the camera? Priceless! Love Footprints' s music! It looks like a Beach Boys song or something from 60's . Really nice!
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    Haha, please be fair. Lenny had some intimate scenes as dancing and kissing (and even though imaginary, the filthy dungeon scene). The bedroom was possibly closed for a longer renovation and Sheldon's spot was a substitute. Also I wouldn’t compare the bedtime of Shamy with the heated occurrences of Leonard and Penny.
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    It is pretty odd that we never get any bed scenes with Lenny anymore, as this season we have gotten several bed scenes from both Shamy and Howardette but no Lenny. (I'm so sorry @Tensor, I wrote this in the wrong thread,feel free to move it if you want. )
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    She does, but only for Leonard, only for Leonard.
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    Starring Sally Field and Joe Mantello Seems like Jim is having a wonderful time in NYC.
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