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    Seriously??? Are y'all surprised by another round of "the nerd got the hot chick hurrhurr!" because...????? That is the oldest most annoying running gag in this god damn show. And suuuuuure Sheldon should be more respectful because after all Leonard is always talking about what a great personality Penny has and what fun girl she-- oh wait! /s
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    The show needs to shit or get off the pot with Lenny, honestly. All these 'nerd got the hot chick hur hur' 'jokes' are, I think, the showrunners basically saying 'yeah, this is basically the entire point of this couple to us'. Which is horrifying if you like either Leonard or penny, to say nothing of those who like the couple. And the constant 'hey, how come the nerd got the hot girl?' 'jokes' are also the showrunners' way of saying 'we have forgotten, tee hee! But if we hang a lantern on the situation then maybe that's enough!' And no, show. No it is not enough. So you don't know why these two are together, show? Break them up. You don't want to do that? SHOW us why they should be together instead of randomly pulling out someone like Stuart telling us why they are awesome for each other, interspersed with scenes from Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus or whatever. for what it is worth, I actually think Lenny have quite a lot in common when the show gets out of their way. The chief thing they have in common is deadpan wit. Which is why I have always been gentler on the kitchen island sequences than many if my Lenny friends, because the kitchen island lets them be snarky and banter-y and do observational comedy on their weirdo friends. Yes, they have different approaches to money and planning, and those are serious things to negotiate (so do that properly, dammit). But it is BS to keep telling me they have nothing in common when, at the very least, they have been friends for a very long time. So find another way to write this couple, and find another gag than 'hur hur so different and so unenthused by each other but still together because apparently this is the 1950s'.
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    Fair question. I think considering how poor this season has been for Lenny overall, it sounds like a good episode. My bar is so low that an episode that has Leonard and Penny talking things out on screen is good in my book. Having that storyline actually lead somewhere would feel like a lottery win at this point.
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    Imagine if they were doing FWF and Sheldon had organised Raj and Howard to play some piece of music or composed song during a segment of their show so he could propose. A proposal during FWF could be cool, though any way of proposing would likely be well received right now lol
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    When did Sheldon call Penny a slut? And yes, Leonard is the one who needs to prove himself because this is not a case of Lenny saying/doing one thing vs. everybody else being weird about their relationship because it's the exact same comments that are coming for both parties here. I don't give a shit what anyone says about Lenny as a couple because I like me a bit of this "couple vs. the world" kinda thing. But when the couple isn't doing any better with their comments about the relationship then there is something lacking. Like, I don't want to end up in a weird situation where Sheldon is more appreciative and complimentary towards Penny than Leonard is. Leonard is her husband and he should be the prime source of affectionate comments towards his wife, don't you think?!? Yet somehow the only thing he seemed to comment on is her beauty. I sure would hope that he appreciates her as a person as well, so why not have a scene about that? Why should Sheldon of all people appreciate that Penny was a good friend to Leonard when Leonard himself never says such things??? This is weird.
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    Yeah that was great, it is their 'baby' after all. Loved Sheldon's in particular enthusiasm lol. Then once the camera started rolling they go back to their deadpan acting, hilarious. I have a relative who still doesn't get it's deliberately done that way, they thought it was poor or weird acting lol.
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    Should not have watched that clip. Once again Sheldon proves what a shit friend he is. Yes, you soooo don't care about looks but at the same time you make fun of your guy friends for being less attractive than their partners. Right.
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    Australia is back to getting the tapes by sea mail. A Christmas tree and an L/P written agreement were the last things I saw. I didn't see all of the episodes though, as I had literally had my eyes closed and hands over my ears for large parts, once I realise what I was going to be shown. The thing I loved was fed into a metaphorical meat grinder. Can they spin off Howard & Bernie please? They have charm. The tree story could have been a whole episode on it's own but they have to run the whole troup and flaunt the clown. And I saw a little of the signing thing through fingers held over my eyes, while rocking back and forth moaning "no... no... no...". It was a bit like the last scene of the movie "Life", when you realise that the wrong capsule got back to Earth. In space no one can hear you scream, but in my living room...
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    I´m dreaming with a FWF proposal but I prefer the two of them alone for the moment, it´s more intimate and sweet, the Howardette proposal with all the gang was weird and Lenny propsal was awful and cold, this need to be LEGEN- wait for it -DARY!! Can the proposal happen now please? I need it!!
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    I share your view. Referring to your first paragraph: From Penny’s and my point of view, this is a situation comedy. That allows me to take away my expectations on a close and strict development of the characters to find an unexpected and hopefully funny activity. That is given on Lennie's relationship despite the constant bickering and fighting which is permanently blown out of the writers' asses these season.
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    Of course Lenny ship has the right to exist as shamy or howardette, I think there is no doubts about that. I have read the comments and I did not see anyone to bash lenny . On contrary, I have seen people wishing, and I am among them, lenny have more and better stories to shine as they derserve. You know there are people who try to bash shamy and that is a fact that unfortunatelly happen that I wish it doesnt happen at all and it doesnt mean shamy has not the right to exist or their shippers give up of shipping them. The tr of the episode seem good to lenny and I am sure it will be played out great on screen for them. We all wish the best for these characters as they have been made part of our lives for so long and what we need is good stuff for balance those bad things of our real lives that we can not do anything for they dont exist.
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    Yes, Leonard himself thinks he's lucky to have landed an attractive wife but that's different. If I say I'm fat then that's one thing, if a friend says, "Yeah you really are a whale", that's another thing. It annoys me the same way when the other characters treat Sheldon like a child. Just because he acts like one sometimes doesn't make it right to treat him like one and sing him freaking Soft Kitty. Just once I wish the show would surprise me and have these characters stand up for one another so I can believe that they're all actually friends. I just cannot find the humor in these digs anymore, especially after the 1000th time. Most of the time it feels like they all bring out the worst in each other.
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    'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', as always that maxim is so true. I never question why someone may be attracted to someone else in all aspects of real life and mediums in this case a television programme. In fact it annoys me when people criticize someone else's choice of what they find attractive. In terms of the jokes made about Leonard and Penny's relationship I would agree with @April on the 'hot girl was landed by the nerd', or jokes that are made about punching above someones weight in the relationship game are tedious and repetitive but they are never going away. It's seen as a major joke of the show by the writers and it's well and truly ingrained in it so it will stay. So expect all their friends to continue to make jokes about it as well as Penny and Leonard themselves (which there are examples this Season of, see Leonard's personal triumph celebrating his achievements at the convention) until the show ends. You can't criticize their friends for making those jokes when the couple themselves play to the narrative.
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    I'd argue that Amy's bond with Sheldon makes her actually most valuable for the show here. As you say, Sheldon is the golden boy. He is the focus of many plots and that includes his relationship with Amy. Writing Amy out suddenly would be a massive narrative problem because of the way their relationship has progressed to this point. Married or not it doesn't make one ounce of difference.
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    So, Amy is absolutely disposable just because she isn't married to Sheldon/has his child? What about the effort they had put in showing Sheldon's attachtment to her? what about the insistence in telling us how sad and lost he was when they broke up? She has been elevated to the status of the only woman the golden boy of the series had ever loved, they are even living together now! I don't think it would be that easy to get rid of her, I mean, of course they "could", but to have her gone and show Sheldon unnaffected would be quite a stretch. Not to mention that a good portion of the audience (believe it or not) would miss her. Honestly speaking, of course they could get rid of the character, just as at this point they could get rid of any of the other characters BUT Sheldon, that doesn't mean she is of no value at all.
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    What?.... ...I LOLed so hard, too.
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    Oh I agree. Obviously they'd have to get it right. I guess I just find it more entertaining when it's the main cast vs. someone else instead of main cast vs. each other, you know? Don't get me wrong, my friends and I tease each other all the time, but it's never that mean. And I wanna make this clear: I'm not singling Sheldon out. I'm talking about all of them.
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    The danger is standing up can lead to petty, silly arguments and some of the worst episodes they have ever done are when they have explored that. Thinking Viewing Party Combustion here, the IMO worst episode of the last 2 seasons.
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    In 219 The dead hooker juxtaposition, Alicia was supposed to be as hot as Penny. (I didn't think she was, but for the story to make sense you have to accept she is). Leonard foolishly ran after Alicia. But it is impossible to imagine their becoming a couple because Alicia totally lacks Penny's charm, intelligence, wit and kindness, as well as her delightfully animated facial expressions. While the Penny character has a good foundation in KC's good looks, what makes her so irresistable is the way she's acted. That's why KC is a star.
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    Not bashing - wanting better stories for Lenny.
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    Some Lenny previews for episode 10x21, with Penny wearing the heart locket. Source: Preview from TBBT's official YouTube channel
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    And all the PHD's in the world doesn't make you a better person.
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    Week 30 Weekly Rankings; 11 April, 2017 Ratings based on Week Twenty-nine numbers, week 02-09 April 2017. CBS broadcast the new episode 10.20 The Recollection Dissipation. The NCAA Championship Game brought in a 7.1 demo, 9.09 million demo viewers, and 23.01 million total viewers. The top ten in demo follows. (Repeats are designated by a R, Specials or Special Times are designated by a S, P indicates series Premiere ) Non-series sports programs removed. Show 18-49 Demo 18-49 Demo Viewers TBBT 2.7 3,405,000 Empire 2.2 2,863,000 The Voice (Mon) 2.2 2,820,000 The Voice (Tue ) 1.9 2,440,000 Modern Family 1.9 2,397,000 Survivor 1.7 2,225,000 Grey's Anatomy 1.7 2,215,000 60 minutes 1.6 2,055,000 NCIS 1.6 2,002,000 Goldbergs 1.6 1,994,000 The top 10 in viewers: Show Total Viewers NCIS 13,832,000 TBBT 12,598,000 60 Minutes 11,644,000 Bull 11,095,000 Dancing with the Stars 10,469,000 The Voice (Mon) 10,046,000 Blue Bloods 9,766,000 The Voice (Tue) 9,520,000 NCIS:LA 9,505,000 NCIS:NO 8,846,000 Tensor
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    So nice that we have a table reading today.
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    Penny looking pretty satisfied with what she's looking at in the second pic. It is also nice to see how much Penny's fashion sense has changed since the early seasons.
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    The Penny and Sheldon strand of TADD was brilliantly written itself, but also benefitted from the nicely-balanced relationship between Penny and Sheldon: there was a general feeling of slight antagonism from S to P, so that when Sheldon rescued Penny and looked after her it had extra impact. This was also the case with for example The Hug in The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. We don't get that subtlety in the S & P relationship any more.
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    Because that someone is his best friend and best friends don't talk like that about each other. Yes, I know, I know it's comedy, but I can't be the only one who doesn't think that that's funny. Also, as a nutritionist I wanna point out that not everyone who gains weight is automatically at fault. My sister had to take pills because of her migraine and she gained 40 pounds within months even though she never ate any differently. I know that that doesn't apply to Leonard as a character, but I just feel uncomfortable talking about their weight because ultimately we're also talking about Johnny here since he's the actor. I've sat across a lot of overweight people who were crying because no matter what they did they couldn't lose weight. I guess I'm just trying to say let's not fat shame anyone (not saying you did, Serena!) because sometimes there are serious reasons behind weight gain that we as outsiders can't possibly be aware of. Not to mention I still find Johnny to be a very good looking man with a smile to die for. And I'm loving his hair this season.
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    The TR for episode 10.22 looks like a good Lenny story to me. I for one, look forward to this episode.
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    Nothing really to add at the moment, but I have to say your forum signature is brilliant @snow*flower !
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    I don't understand why are "leagues" only based on looks... IMO other things should count when determining "league". Moreover, I find the whole concept wrong. Some people are good for each other and develop attraction and deep feelings for onenanother and some not, independent of their "leagues". You can have a person from a "high league" interested in you but it just won't be "it".
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    JMO and neither are particularily attractive.
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    It was and is always a competition (at least for the whole antioxidants audience).
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    I think penny and Alex both looked great . Penny may not be academically smart, but she has emotional intelligence -a compliment that was also given to her by Sheldon in intimacy acceleration. So I disagree that she only brings looks to the table. Leonard is also fixated on Penny's looks and attractiveness, and treated her like a trophy at the movie convention. But Leonard is the one who looks rough , bloated and has gained weight. He complains when Penny works out with Raj and deems it all too "girly" but he himself doesn't want to put much effort in staying attractive. Then why be surprised if someone says Penny is more attractive than him ? Why can't both Lenny and Shamy have no drama ? I don't see how Shamy having drama makes any positive difference to Lenny or somehow increases enjoyment of Lenny ? Didn't know it was a competition, and a negative one at that.
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    We have had the discussion before about whether this season seems more 'mean' in some of the barbs that they are throwing at each other. I think it does feel different, more mean but a lot of others think it's pretty much the same as previous seasons. I've been pretty vocal I don't like the Sheldon/Leonard relationship (and that goes both ways) as much this season compared to previous ones and there is no real explanation for the change. If anything they should be getting on better now they don't live together. Anything that shows this group of friends clearly having more fun together and toning down the snark a little I would be all for seeing. They are brilliant but not 100% perfect (nobody is). I have my gripes with episodes, storylines, characters etc but still acknowledge they have done/are doing a fantastic job. Those things bugging me could be more down to me and how I view something than them.
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    I agree with @Jonny, any way of proposing would be welcome by me right now, lol! Also agree with @anicez about them being alone in that special moment for both. FwF would be a nice scenario but I would prefer if Sheldon did it in a fwf off line, I mean after they log off the live session.
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    I would love that as well, at the same time actually create some hobbies or shared interests for them. Flesh out those characters as individuals a bit more again as well. That would definitely change the way people view their relationship and in a good way.
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    The joke will die once people stop laughing at it. But since that hasn't happened in 10 years I guess chances are slim we'll ever see the end of it. ughhh Personally, I'd love a story where Penny finally has enough of that "hot chick" thing leading to Leonard finally revealing what else he likes about her except her looks (and money? since he was boasting about that at the convention as well). It could be a really sweet little story for Lenny that, if done right, could end those nagging "why are they even together? what are they even talking about??" vibes that are perpetuated by focusing too much on the looks joke.
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    "Leagues" are not only based on looks but in terms of dating the common use of the phrase is usually about that. But it can also mean social status or similar things where one is for some reason too good for the other person. So in a way a highly respected scientist with a job at one of the most prestigious Universities of the country is totally out of a poor struggling actress/waitress' league. (Hence why Penny had all these insecurities about her being too stupid for Leonard and all that.) What most people see at first glance though is the hot chick being out of the nerd's league in terms of looks. (Which gave us that running gag we all ~loooove~ so dearly, ugh)
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    I was thinking about the prequel and I was wondering if there was ever a possibility for young Sheldon to have met young Amy in past without realizing it. I know, it sounds (very fanficky), a little weird, and unlikely because with them having to live in different states. But since it's not impossible, I'd think it would be interesting. If the writers have written a TBBT episode about them realizing have met and then in another episode in the prequel where we actually see it all happen, I'd want to see it. Even though this idea is sorta like an episode of Friends where Phoebe robs Ross and they finds out about it years later.
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    The fwf sneak peek for next episode is hilarious! The energetic Sheldon's tone before they started to tap cracked me up as it was so different than he and Amy calm tone as they spoke at camera, LOL! And the way they look at the camera? Priceless! Love Footprints' s music! It looks like a Beach Boys song or something from 60's . Really nice!
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    From TBBT You Tube Channel...
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    Whenever lenny or the fandom needs me. I'll be there. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, didn't Sheldon say at the wedding that Leonard and Penny are very important to him.........so keep insulting them When is he ever going to grow up You think that Bert's gf will get friendly with Raj??
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    All, let's leave off the accusations of bashing a ship. That comes awfully close to commenting about others. If someone wants to be critical of a ship, that is permissible. What isn't, is accusing others of bashing a ship, so let's just leave that out of our posts, M'kay? I'm not going to go through and remove anything now, but from here on out, it will get hidden or edited out.
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    When Shamy broke up there were comments on this thread because Howdette took Amy's side. The writers had a chance to make Sheldon better. Instead they have Amy hook up with a Sheldon groupie to make it easy on Sheldon to reconcile with Amy.
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    I always find these things a bit contrived tbh and in the case of Sheldon with his eidetic memory they'd really have work around him not recognising her. Seems difficult to do that... Depending on when the show takes place I guess it would be cute if Sheldon catches an early episode of "Blossom" though. LOL
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    Sheldon's a jackass, well this ever change? If he is evolved so much and still decides to degrade his "Best Friends" Life essentially. Well it get's to the point of narcissism. I mean Sheldon through out the series run has always mocked Lenny's relationship. I mean it is not like his relationship is not built on a Giraffe on Stilts :D. So I don't get why he get's to act all self righteouss. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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    I always thought that penny was the lucky one leonard is more stable and has a brighter future than anyone tptb have shown her dating Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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