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    I would like to show some small personal remarkable reminders of Lenny from the past series before the change into a new season. It was surprisingly more than I could have imagined actually. (in no particular order and of course IMO)
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    Octavia Spencer has started filming... From The Daily Mail Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer have fun on set as they film A Kid Like Jake in New York <full article and more pictures in the link>
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    No clue but I totally think they should do it, for them it makes a shit ton of sense with their shared interests, can show it off on their FWF show etc.
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    I've seen some pictures from the NAVA50 event last year and I think they could easily recreate a small flag exhibition or a little workshop or whatever on set if they decide to finally use this idea. It's not a massive convention like SDCC - it's relatively small and held in a hotel. Though this year they're in the Omni Parker Hotel which has an old historical flair. Idk how easy/difficult it would be to fake that. It's also NAVA's official 50th anniversary so that would also be a nice occasion. But who knows if they'll get around it. Personally, I'd absolutely adore if the writers give the flag convention idea another shot. Shamy making a special on-location episode of FwF about NAVA51 would be fun! :D
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    Well, it has happened before that the writers used in a subsequent season an idea that they had years before and for some reason didn't use. On the top of my head, I remember that Jim was asked to learn how to ride an unicycle (not sure if he really did it) in a very early season, and finally this season that came up in an episode. So, I wouldn't rule the flag convention out, not sure if it will happen in S. 11. In any event, the NAVA annual meeting (which last year was in California, as @April noticed, so it was the perfect candidate for being the "RL" flag convention the writers were referring to in their SDCC panel) is in Boston on October 13-15, 2017, so save the date, LOL! What I would rule out, anyway, is that they might film it on location. That has never happened before (and with the event being in Boston is even more unlikely) and the writers explicitly said they chose a flag convention (and then decided for a minor comics convention for Lenny) because it didn't require too many extras and props to recreate the needed sets. I don't think we will hear from the writers before SDCC panel and, even then, as the experience has taught us the hard way, what they say is very likely to not be true, not because they are deceiving us, but because it's too early in the writing process.
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    Yes @veejay these are amazing to revisit. Some cute moments in a mixed-bag of a season for my absolute favorites (ever)! Thank you for sharing!
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    So do you think we might get the Flag convention this season? It would be easier if there is an actual one going on if they wanted to film some outside of set scenes but that's not essential. They could come up with something to resemble a Flag convention and with only 18-20 mins per episode and multiple storylines we wouldn't likely see a huge amount of different locations anyway. I like this idea of them going around, perhaps seeing some flag designs, private individuals design and create flags all the time with things tied to say family history and symbols. Perhaps they want to show some off at this place and Shamy can check them out? Maybe as it is a Vexillology convention and based in North America they might get recognized by someone at the convention which could be cool who watches their podcast? Or how about they record some video at the convention that they could use for their next episode? At say gaming conventions you do get podcasters doing shows from events sometimes. I hope it's one of those ideas that gets floated around by the writers and eventually they find a way or an opportunity to execute it down the line and not one of those ideas that gets abandoned entirely. I'll be checking interviews during the hiatus to see if the idea gets floated again for sure.
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    Thanks for these gems, veejay. They're great. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the writers could find a better balance between cute, loving and funny Lenny vs snarky, angry and unhappy Lenny for the last 2 seasons?
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    Agree. Amy was more lonely than Sheldon , as she had no friends neither siblings. Tv shows seemed to be a great escape to Sheldon, to Amy that escape might have been from books. It is easier to a child to pretend to be someone who can be seen rather than to be someone who had to be imagined. Besides Sheldon's sibblings were a handfull of making trouble aganst him, Spock was like a "shield" to him.
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    Please remember, this is not a ship thread. While it is primarily for Leonard and Penny, any comments about other characters can get replies or referenced. If anyone doesn't want to talk about other characters, the best bet is not to refer to other characters here. Use the Shipping Lanes thread.
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    Definitely! Perhaps Stuart should change into the producer's chair to help the writers to find back their senses of humour and originality.
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    That's why I said "might have been from books " and not "had from books".It was only a bit of speculation from the tips we have about Amy's past from my side, not as if was very important the form Amy had their escapes to her loneliness. Surely she had her ways to protect herself as Sheldon had his though. Happy Potterversary! My first online fandom contribution.
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    We don't know that Amy had any specific characters she identified with from books either and I don't think the form here makes much of a difference. Harry Potter* was just as important for many kids without the movies. If I had to come up with something then maybe Little House on the Prairie was her Star Trek, maybe even both the books and the tv series. But so far we haven't heard or seen her identify with any specific character as strongly as Sheldon did with Spock. *Speaking of which: Yesterday Harry Potter was published 20 years ago! Happy Potterversary! ;D
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    I'd even go as far as saying that having a role model in Spock made Sheldon more comfortable in the first place cause he had a hero that was like him (even if it was in part due to his warped interpretation but still). If you remember from the Spockumentary a lot of the character's appeal was due to him being an outsider that many fans could identify with. Having a fictional character to connect with and look up to can be a huge source of security, hence why I'm not surprised Sheldon embraced this identity as a wannabe Vulcan. I'm not so sure that Amy equally ever had someone like that to look up to and make her feel better about being an outsider.
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    We’re getting too old for this crud. There will be a new and appropriate thread in the season 11 section coming soon. So I informed you thusly.
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    This is sooooooo awesome @veejay. Thanks so much.
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    I think it would be cool. That kind of thing would be so shamy and quirky enough to make me forget the lack of quirkiness of the proposal, lol. My thumbs up to your post and also to writers if they do something like this.
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    What if Shamy want a flag for their new home as a married couple ? What would they have on it ?
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    That would be great and the beauty is it doesn't even require having to write a story for them to accomplish these things, they have done them before in 9x12 Leonard greeted Penny with a kiss.In 10x18 Penny when she came out from the bedroom said"morning" to Leonard(for some reason i found the way she said it adorable).I so wish they would depict them more as a happily married couple as apposed to the other thing which the writers seem to love giving them because in there view it's funny.Yes new plot lines would be good, i think a lot of fans even none shippers would find Lenny going on a trip to Nebraska entertaining.It would even better if they could convince Johnny to ride a horse so Lenny could go horse riding together,yes they need to do something with Penny's career .Either have her get a promotion like you said, which makes her happier or give a new career path anything that would do as long as she is happy in her job.
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    And here they are teaching the whole world the difference between love and sex. So beautiful. Please give them all the awards they deserve
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    This was a great observation and analysis. Let's look forward to warm happy scenes with P&L
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    Agree with you @mirs1. I believe the robotic Amy mode was a way of her protecting herself from harmfull feelings stuff from others but she always wanted to have an active social life . It was one of big advantages of she started to be friends with Sheldon who had a nice group of close friends despite his lack of interest to show he thought of them as close ones as Amy finaly felt she could have friends as everybody else and enjoy to do things with people who would see her as an enjoyable company. Sheldon grew up in an environment which was not ready for a prodigy child like him. He needed some help for learning to interact with who made part of his circle of relatives and acquintances as he was not "adjusted" to things he was living because he was ahead of his time because of his genial mind but nobody was ready and able to provide that help to him. His choice as he behaved like a robot was a way to escape to these interactions with people who did not undertand him and as he did not know how to handle with them either. Amy was that friend who Sheldon really felt she could understand him as much they conected. He took longer than her to loose his robotic mode because this time instead he was ahead of his time about something, Sheldon was very late of his time what were emotions related. Shamy are a good example as two persons who complete each other as they have been learning with each other to develop those things they were not adjusted to a normal pace of comunication and relationships as standard in our society. They are a good example of doesnt matter the time something takes from a person but who would provide the help for make that time worth. Everything is possible as much a person makes an effort for make what have in their minds , with the most useful help from the person who provides it in most caring and confortable way. Sheldon and Amy made it possible to both.
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    I think the main difference between Amy and Sheldon, which might also explain why Amy had a quicker "transition" than Sheldon is that Sheldon was much more comfortable with his coping mechanism than Amy. Amy tried so hard to have friends and make experiences as a child but, between her overprotective mother and her quirkiness, she couldn't get any and on the contrary got just bulling and disappointment. Sheldon probably was less interested in those things to begin with, he just wanted to be accepted for the person he was, and that was anyway pretty difficult in a small community that had never dealt with a child-prodigy like him. For Sheldon Spock was a real role model, Amy just needed a bit if encouragement to leave that robotic appearance.
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    @JohnPhD & @Tonstar17 I agree, totally! OMG!
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    A couple of behind the scenes pictures recently surfaced.....
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    More #juanandethel
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    Some great ideas @bfm what Lenny could be doing instead of just standing behind the kitchen island. I have stated myself that there are all kinds of things Lenny could be doing, but sadly the writers are stuck with Lenny behind the kitchen island.
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    I'm sure Kaley could take a good selfie or two as well. This is really such a weird thing.
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    In my opinion Leonard and Penny have been undermined since season 8 and got progresively worse each season since, there only purpose now seems to be to make the Shamy look better. A good example of this is 10x13, we had Lenny not getting along and the Shamy all lovey dovey and in my opinion they came across ooc in it. As for them having nothing in common it's annoying that they keep pointing it out now even though i think they do we just don't get to see them . What's annoying is Howardette don't have anything in common but that's never brought up,the Shamy themselves also don't really have much in common either. Out of curiosity what hobbies do the Shamy share? besides playing counterfactuals which they don't any more
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    What did the buffalo say to his son…. Bye Son! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    I hope Ramona won't be in the s11 première episode either. Actually, I believe writers would not do that as I feel like the purpose of shaking things a bit in shamy land for the interest of casual viewers raising in season finale was anchieved. I hope some drama, maybe after a Amy pannick attack as she might mention Ramona in the talk and Sheldon tell her about the kiss but as you, I hope the kiss doesn't play a huge role in Amy's answer. Maybe I am in minority about this but I think the talk between Sheldon and Amy after he popped the big question might be simpler than we might be thinking it would be. Shamy has now a balanced and better relationship what is communication related and although the mention of Ramona kiss might turn to a few moments of tension between them, I think it might be in terms of it was about someone who tried to mess with shamy relationship and not because shamy is showing signs of something could be wrong about their relationship, you know. Regards a face to face between Ramona and Amy, I am not interested to see it at all. It is funny as we might see jealous Amy as she talk with girls or even as she mentioned to Sheldon she got a bit jealous but a big scene between her and Ramona would show an insecurity from Amy that I dont believe it exists in this phase of shamy relationship and it would sound very shallow and it doesnt fit with Amy's character imo. As I have said , I wanted a more quirky shamy proposal but in end I liked how it was played out. It would worry me if that third party writers choosed to included in season final could have some influence in Sheldon's feelings but it did not. Besides I dont believe Ramona move to Sheldon was who made him propose to Amy. His actions through all season were showing imo he was slowly getting there, especially in 10.23. Ramona was like a "teaser" to the audience as it might put some viewers to think Sheldon felt pression and proposed. To me Sheldon proposed because he wanted, because he might have been thinking of doing that for last days, especially since Amy went to Princeton. Ramona might have done he had an epiphany like he had in 9.10. Who follows shamy since the beginning knows how meant those two are and how powerful is their feelings to each other. Writers surely will show it to the audience in s11, as they might write a powerful dialogue between shamy where they will work things out as the viewer will surely be sure of two things: *Sheldon loves Amy and he knows what he wants for their relationship as he doesnt need any external help to lead them to the next level of their relationship. *Amy loves Sheldon and she will say yes after being honest about last events. She trusts Sheldon and it won't change just because a woman tried to mess up with them. These are my thoughts
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    Season 10...first table read was 8/10/16 and first taping was 8/16/16 Season 9...first table read was 8/5/15 and first taping was 8/11/15
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    I agree very much with you and @Jonny about this! I think writers know the hard-core fans are with shamy uncondionately and for those who are casual viewers they (writers) have to make things more interisting about shamy (aka shake the things a bit) for they keep following the show. Personally I think they ruined the chance of a quirky proposal that I would love to see but for other hand the way things happened showed how solid and unbreakable are Sheldon's feelings for Amy. The thing I think it was really missed in 10.24 for it was a great episode was Amy's reaction about the proposal and about Ramona as she and Sheldon were face to face, for it mirrored how solid and unbreakable are Amy's feelings for Sheldon as both trust each other. My money is in a wonderful and heartfelt shamy scene in 11.01 cold open for make the proposal really a shamy memorable moment. When shamy broke up most of us hated it and later everything as I have said lately made much sense. Hopefully it might happen the same about the events from 10.24. Shamy are in such great page of their relationship and we surely will see a continuation of it in s11.
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    I'm very curious about Amy's parents too and I'd like to meet them. As you said, it's time for us to know her background, I find unbelievable we don't even know the first things about her, such as if her father is in her life or not. Also, during the years, the writers have given different characterizations of Amy's mum, they went from an overprotective helicopter parent to a very strict (almost abusive) one. I'd like to know which one they choose in the end and that can be done only having her interact with her daughter on screen. Up to now, my opinion is the writers did a good job in casting all parents and the actress they chose as Amy's mum in S. 4 was funny too, I hope they will consider her for the part again.
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    The man who invented the USB pen drive, passed away last week. His funeral was today. They lowered the coffin into the grave, took it out, turned it over, and put it back in again.
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    Little Sammy asks his mom: "Mummy, what's impotence?" "That's like playing pick-up-sticks with cooked spaghettis."
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    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Two atoms are walking along. One of them says: “Oh, no, I think I lost an electron.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m positive.” Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Have you ever eaten a clock? It's time consuming.
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    I’m reading a great book on anti-gravity. I can’t put it down. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Our 'Welcome' mat is missing its 'L'. Normally I wouldn't care, but the neighbours are slagging us off for bragging. There's a sign at the local pub that says 'Watch Football Live Here' So how come after a match I get kicked out when I bring down my blanket and mattress
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    This was on Ferguson last night. How do you find Will Smith in the snow... Just look for the Fresh Prints.
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    No, I thought I'd balance my goods on my head, yes I'd like a fucking bag. They've just brought out non-alcoholic Cider... Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that's Apple Juice! News reader- "Melted snow could freeze and turn to ice" Looks like someone has a degree in chemistry Just seen a news presenter asking an astronomer where is the best place to look to see tonight’s meteor shower.. 'Up' surely? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    I got dropped from the golden shower team earlier. Apparently,due to a piss poor performance. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    French Police have issued a warning that no one should approach the Tiger roaming around Paris at present. That's just as well as the urge to approach a Tiger in the street must be fucking overwhelming. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Loo-ee-ville or Loo-ah-ville. How do you pronounce the Capital of Kentucky? Frankfort. (Loved all these jokes. Made my morning!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was wondering why a Frisbee appears larger, the closer it gets… and then it hit me. What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me. My neighbor's in the guinness book of records. He's had 44 concussions. He lives very close to me. A stone's throw away, in fact. Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese and there are five people in my family, so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother, Colin. Or my younger brother, Ho-Chan-Chu. But I think it's Colin.
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