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    Well it's your opinion and you're entitled to it but I disagree, at the time season 8 was the worst but now season 10 is, now both seasons had Lenny moments in to like .However in S8 Lenny where in the background a lot and there engagement was ignored., but when they had scenes they where mostly nice and rarely had any arguments, also S8 was the last season Lenny had a meal together alone in the apartment. S10 though Lenny had nice scenes together but not as many as season 8, and they had scenes showing a lot more friction too and they argued a lot more as well, So for me it S8>S10.
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    There is all that and for me I enjoy the fantisy/science fiction/cultural/scientific/technology references and related guest stars. At times TBBT brings back memories of my own high school/university student days. Not to mention that Mayim Bialik's role in TBBT gives her a spring board for her on going promotion of STEM education.
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    Well, lenny must have their smart and beautiful babies for closing the circle from pilot. Shamy somehow must have a baby before the end of the show for a similar quote in "their " pilot (s4e1 The Robotic Manipulation): Quotes from s4e1: Penny: Okay, well, what do you communicate about? Sheldon: Well, my work in physics, her work in neurobiology, and most recently, the possibility of our having a child together. Penny (spits out drink explosively. Howard types. Robot arm hands Penny a napkin): Thank you. Leonard: Wait a minute– a child? You never see this girl. You just e-mail and text and Twitter. Now you’re considering having a baby? Sheldon: Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlord
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    Honestly I can not come up with a detailed bit of their initial conversation due all the options that live in my mind right now, hehe. But I can say I expect a very well writen shamy dialogue as we feel all their motivations for their potencial reactions for the situation they were living through. With a Amy's yes as everything would be settled between them as they talked. It would be opening the season with a golden key. I feel writers will give us that gift after what we had to watch about Ramona. She was only a bitter tease for keep things interisting for some portions of the audience. I believe we wont remember much about Ramona try to cross shamy's path even before Christmas hiatus. It is what I feel
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    Not a huge Lenny fan, but what sticks out for me is... Smart and beautiful babies - Lenny's seem to like that one Lime Kiss Prom The actual for real proposal that actually stuck Lenny giving Penny a car Lenny giving a snowflake Leonard telling Penny he would not propose again and would leave it to her Penny showing Leonard the stuff she has saved Penny sticking up for Leonard at the Halloween party Leonard and Penny body painting Penny visiting Leonards office for coitus
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    Take me back to 2012 :(. Season 6 Lenny was the peak era for them. If they played that Lenny over and over. In a never ending continuous loop. I would be happy. It was also the season, we started to see more and more of Pennys insecurities. And point of view. So,refreshing after seeing only Leonard's first three seasons. Unfortunately these days it's repeated cannon. That was a recurring theme last season. Problem is unless Someone can go into a time machine. Back to end of 2012-2013. And slap Moloro in the face . Lenny get married, Shamy have sex or not. But yeah be kinda cool. If they do another lab scene. Recapture that spark.
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    That moment Penny truly realises that this man she has tried to find so many reasons to NOT be with is the one she WANTS to be with for one shocking reason - his intelligence. Happiness was not muscly buffoons or good looking idiots. It was a smart guy that made her smarter too. As mentioned above, Penny has grown smarter - and nerdier through Leonard ( and the others ) but she has constantly battled with this change. Loved the Proton funeral episode when she is fighting a losing battle against knowing Star Wars. Deep down, she was enjoying but on the surface is her battle to seem not to. This moment is another reminder of how much better life is for Lenny alone. Penny is so much more loving and Leonard so much more confident without the negative shit that gets in their heads from Sheldon, Wheaton, Howard and Raj that have interfered with Penny's conflicting emotions so often before and after this. Here, in the silence of the Lab, Penny is swept up in it all and submits to her true feelings. And Leonard is in control. Love it. The beginning of the best Lenny season - number 6. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I'm expecting the beginning of season 11 to have very much Sheldon/Shamy driven plots and that's because of YS and Shamys engagement.
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    Yeah, Leonard was reasonable and smart as usual... ...Penny…not just street-smart, right?
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    Thank you to those who welcomed me.. I appreciate it so much. So excited for the taping report next week. I also think that Amy will say yes, not immediately though, because they still have to discuss the spur of the moment proposal first. I really have high expectations for the next two seasons for shamy. I want to see shamy's wedding, i want to see amy pregnant and what i am most excited about, I want to see them how they will raise their children. The last one might need another season but according to some interviews of their big bosses, it is possible. I also want to see them move to their own house in a suburb to have their own family but I have no idea if it is possible for a sitcom to change their setting. Is it? Maybe, what i really want is shamy in their own show lol
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    Leonard and Sheldon meet Penny....Sheldon was there as well when they met. Sheldon is a HUGE audience draw as well as Penny and Leonard, and has been ever since the pilot episode. This was never just a Leonard and Penny show in my opinion. The two socially inept roommates meet the girl across the hall. That is the premise of the show....
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    Some time ago, when the Penny-character was failing as an actress but before Bernadette got her the drug-rep job, I wrote on here suggesting they cast the character as giving acting one more try. She would audition & not get the part - but her attractiveness & quick-wit , quick confident off-the-cuff humor, would get her noticed & she would be hired at a starvation-wage as a writer's-assistant, a gofer of sorts. Over the course of episodes w/ all the other guys, this tv-industry-backstage job would make little advances in her `new' career & give BBT opportunities for cameos by other CBS tv-actors. It would reveal she was really pretty good w/ the appropriate joke. As episodes & seasons of BBT would evolve, her career would develop into a full-fledged writer ... for some new batty tv-comedy about nerdy-scientist boys -- & BBT-writers could parody themselves thru Penny's sarcasm about these guys she lives w/.
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    If they are that means the show itself had no point.
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    I followed Friends too, but what they did there is to have Monica and Chandler look for a house. We didn't saw them live there. I wish we can have that with Shamy. I wanna see the domestic side of them. A time jump would have been ideal if there is such a thing in an american sitcom or if the writers would even want that because it would look like a spin off with the same title
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    I think people also want Amy's statement to come true, even if it is late. Penny: I swear to God, Sheldon, one day I'm going to get the hang of talking to you.
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    Lol I'm sorry man but S10 automatically wins. Nothing gets worser then the s8 finalie. This is down to simple preference. I prefered s10. Some ppl forget how bad 8 was, barley any affection or kissing at all. S10 had tons of affection. S8 too me at too much friction. I,personally prefered how in 10 they actually came across as a real couple. Where as in 8 they didn't imo. Also the finalie is enough for me to prefer it to,8. While just like 8 they were severely diminished. And their were awful episodes like Romance Recalibration. Imo a candidate for WOAT tbbt episode, and the Penny Raj bonding episode. The best Lenny episodes of S10 outweigh the best of 8 imo.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the writers would go with a dream sequence to end of the show. With a dream ending the writers doesn't need much planning ahead and can just end the show in the tag scene that must be perfect from the writers point of view.
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    From TV Line TV Stars Back at Work: Fall 2017 Photos TV Line has been doing this for several years. They create a slideshow and add photos as cast members share pictures from their return to their respective sets. TBBT cast IG photos (which have already been shared here) were recently added, they are pictures 8-12 in the slideshow.
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    No competition from me S10 was far better then 8. TBH though ppl go on about 8. But 9 was the real train wreck. Starting from Penny deciding to stay with Sheldon. To the overall pacing of the season. Where as with ten at least they came across as a married couple. And showed a lot more affection. Especially since they put Lenny in 4A. They kinda became the centre piece of the show, when they all hanged out at 4A. They were so,clearly a team. Where as personally with 8. If it was your first time watching you wouldent think they were an engaged couple. They came across as Friends, with very little benefits lol. I mean have we forgotten the god awful, worst finalie ever? I mean trust me. For anyone who was on the forum in 2014. Around that time. Well let's just say S10 is the golden era of Lenny comparatively. It was so bad. S9 and 10 i saw tptpb attempting to least repair what they did. So while 10 was pacing wise pretty bad. A lot of the times they were put in the background. You had the Lenny sex dungeon sequence. That qualifies as fun right? I really love them In The Cohabitation Experimentation. I also loved them in Birthday Syncrocity. The only fun plot from 8 I can remember is Paint Canvas. And sweet moments Prom. Other then that.. But That's what S11 prob needs, more fresh original ideas. The great Holiday Summnation Christmas tree sequence. That was imo funniest thing the show did all season. So for me S10 > S8. I just think in S11 the show needs better balance, and shared screen time. With YS probably unlikely. But we'll, see.
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    After a long, very long time (and during a really boring rainy day), I've looked at season (h)8 again to confirm my personal judgment. Now I seriously have to ask myself: Could it be that this season was just not as bad as the last one(10) in comparison? I guess, first time watching an new ep during a season, I am expecting too much that nothing will match my expectations hypothesis. Once I go back and watch some ep's with an open mind and in a new timeframe, it's a lot funnier now. Regarding Lenny's adventures: * Lenny painting like William Shatner * Penny's graduation-surprise for Leonard * Lenny’s sync at The Comic Book Store Regeneration and The Septum Deviation * Their interaction on The Leftover Thermalization and (of course) The Prom Equivalency a.s.o. I know, I'm weird, but what do you think? (*Since I don't just expect positive opinions, I've put my post in this place.)
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    Concerning pregnancies, this is how I see Lenny doing it, I think we should first get a false pregnancy scare for Lenny which results it the audience finding out that Penny is hugely disappointed that she is not pregnant with Leonard's baby. They could do this as a second plot in two episodes, the positive test in one and Penny telling the girls but hiding it from Leonard (they could make that very funny) until she gets it straight in her own mind, finally getting excited because of Leonard's happy reaction. The second episode could involve the doctors visit (Lenny acting like expectant parents would be funny), finding out she isnt Pregnant, everyone telling Penny it is for the best and then at the end you find out she had already bought a piece of baby clothing already because she had wanted to be a mother (a sad emotional part for Kaley to act at the end of the episode, Emmy material). An episode later, again the second plot, Penny admits how disappointed she was she wasn't pregnant, so the decide to try and get pregnant (excitement, happy and funny). However, over the next Twenty episodes or so we get little glimpses of they doing it all the time to get her pregnant (super funny, Penny wanting sex with Leonard every time she is ovulating, at home, at work, in the car, in strange places, etc.) Leonard sometimes wore out at work from Penny's pushing him to do it, but they still have no luck. Finally after maybe a romantic evening, in early season 12, they find out Penny is pregnant 6 weeks later and then at the end of season we get a smart and beautiful baby girl. The reason I think it should go this way for Lenny is that going from being in a relationship to engagement and then marriage was difficult for them so shouldn't them having a baby be difficult too.
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    The format of the wonder years if I remember correctly was looking back at the past not knowing the present. the audience for TBBT knows too much info about Sheldon in the present And that already conflicts.
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