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    Good Morning all. I've been looking at the radar and the westward motion has stopped. Also, there is some dry air moving into the storm from the west, and you can visually see the west side of the storm falling apart. This hopefully reduces the strength. Unfortunately for Carlos, this means Miami will be getting a lot of the wind and rain. Please take care Carlos. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, it's appreciated.
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    Really ? I confess, I loved Jim Parsons’ older work (esp s1-4). ! I was happy when Jim got nominated for his first Emmy and won (his first and only) Golden Globe - in s2 and s4 respectively. Also, i don't agree that Jim failed to make Sheldon lovable and enjoyable on his own. I think he largely succeeded and I felt Sheldon was always human and never a robot! This was also said(and shown) in an old pre-season 4 episode that he was caring and had emotions. In many ways he was more endearing back then , than now. A TV critic said in 2008, something I agreed with: Sheldon has become a character to love, and Jim Parsons is doing something rare on network TV: making intellectualism admirable, even heroic . But my liking of Sheldon was never really dependent and conditional only on Amy. I liked Sheldon for who he was- for himself. I find Sheldon less interesting now post s6 and the overuse of Sheldon just magnifies it. Another thing : I think there are many times when Sheldon comes across to me as intentionally mean-spirited, unfunny, petty, unhappy, regressed, childish , washed up and failing in his career in later seasons. Like wise there were many times Sheldon came across to me as innocent, sharp, funny, insightful, well meaning, intelligent and perfectly content in the earlier seasons. That doesn't mean he doesn't have deeper issues but I don't view it as black and white at all.
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    I am so looking forward to group scenes in Season 11, but the S/A scenes in Season 10 were so well written and played by Jim/Mayim. I can't wait to see what they are going to do with the engagement storyline.
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    In general, I don't think longevity and ratings necessarily mean high quality and creativity. Just because a show is 12 seasons long doesn't mean quality is good. That is subjective. There are some, IMO, awful long running TV shows ( for instance, i didn't really like 2.5 Men) so I don't see the point . Likewise, many critically acclaimed award-winning shows get cancelled early on too. For tbbt, IMO, there was a period of time, where I felt they did have quality and the writing was (IMO) funny and sharp, especially Sheldon-centric humor(season 2-6) but I am not that sold on TBBT post season 7. Season 10 had some good episodes in the first half, but other than that ...not really.
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    Will be thinking of you and your family. So glad you are taking the precautions you have. Be safe. The Forum is with you!
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed. Stay safe and healthy! May the force be with all of you.
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    Good dose of perspective for what is really important in life. Staying tuned in over here in Australia via cable news, where we have these kind of events in common, although not in Melbourne where I am. Stay safe,@Tensor and@Carlos. Do what you need to do to get through this. We are all thinking of you in a scary time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Takes me back to the "I love you too" scene.
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    Mayim has the best facial expressions. Lol It's not long now I am really looking forward to the engagement storyline as well. I agree, I throughly enjoyed the season 10 Sheldon and Amy scenes. I love the chemistry between Jim and Mayim. I don't know if they even like each other in real life, but on camera they are awesome. I didn't even start watching till March on a plane. I enjoyed the whole season so much I have spent most of the summer catching up.
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    Sheldon and Amy scenes where they are alone turn to be always the best! <3
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    Amy, relax... in two weeks Sheldon had ended that phone call and you will be Sheldon Cooper' s fianceé! ❤
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    A look into Kaley's bar
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    Thank you. It was hard to find a dress I liked especially as I live in jeans and trousers and haven't worn a skirt or dress since I was about 9! Have to say today I am exhausted so we just chilling out today
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    @Tensor, @Carlos, and everyone else experiencing the worst of Hurricane Irma, stay safe! You're all in our thoughts and prayers!
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    @Tensor and @Carlos I'm glad you are prepared and wish you and everybody who is/will be impacted by the storm to stay well and safe and suffer no/ the most minimal consequences.
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    Smooshy is now a unicorn.
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    Some of the pics are too big to put here but I will put more up tomorrow
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    Short note. We lost power, we have wind damage, we have water leaking into one of our rooms. But the rain has stopped, so once all the current water is gone, we should be ok.
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    Amy's and Penny don't. Penny used to stand up to Sheldon. But not anymore. Only time I can remember when they diddnt when Bernadette called out Sheldon for constantly criticising Howard's work.
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    Creative Arts Emmy Awards in LA tonight...
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    Hope all is going well @Tensor & @Carlos
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    prayers to all florida stay safe everyonr
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    I loved your dress precisely for it looked like the wedding dress type I would wear if I married as I only wear dresses and skirts for special ocasions like when I am a guest in a wedding, hehe. In two weeks I am doing that special effort as my youngest male cousin is getting married! What we do for family! Have fun!
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    I'm reminded of when Raj was finally able to speak to women if he drank : 'He's an ass all the time.You just don't hear it.' Sheldon takes unfair advantage at times of the way allowances are made for him when others are thinking he's a poor broken baby who can't help it. He uses that attitude to hide all those negative characteristics serena_1995 mentioned. I wish Emily S was still around. She refused to take Sheldon's BS.
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    In the eyes of their fans, they will be the greatest author, singer and film of all time. Hence why it's a subjective, as opposed to objective, matter. There is no objective way to judge an author, a singer, a film, or even a TV show. This demonstrates that Sheldon was wrong, when he stated that "Everything is quantifiable."
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    Thinking of all of the members in the path of the storm. Stay safe!
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    Stay safe and healthy to all affected by hurricane Irma.
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    True ! Penny did a lot for both the girls and she too benefitted from knowing them. Amy's changes were more noticeable than the others'. She had a long way to go to leave her shell but she wanted to do it, and quickly, once she saw what there was outside it. Sheldon resisted all the changes he was perceiving in himself, although such resistance was to little avail in the end.
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    Congrats Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I only want a new photoshoot because I dont understand why they use the same photos all the time...
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    I've watched a couple episodes and had a more mixed reaction to it. Keep in mind I'm raising a high-functioning son with autism, now 15. Though I applaud Atypical for trying to show viewers HFA's (high-functioning autism) thoughts, what it's like in a family with an HFA member, etc. there were too many other things that bothered me. The kid has a job that requires customer service skills? Huh? How'd he pass the interview, or not get overwhelmed (and fired) at that job on a busy Saturday before Christmas? The truth is that employment is a HUGE challenge for folks on the spectrum, even so-called "high-functioning" ones. But the show wanted to have that set and situation available to drive plots, so it just ignores this reality and the kid has a job. I also thought the humour in the show sometimes came too much from "laughing at" than "laughing with". That said, I've only watched 2 episodes, so maybe this aspect improves. It also bothers me the way Sam's passion for penguins (and birds in general) is used in the show. Yes, many HFAs have intense passions for particular subjects, and often subjects others think is odd. The show only presents this as a "quirk" rather than a "strength". Many of the psychologists I've talked to or read say that we should encourage this passion/quirk, and direct education and career towards it--think Temple Grandin. So why isn't Sam studying ornithology, or animals in general? Working or volunteering at a zoo or nature centre or farm? Trying to meet young women at a Bird-watching group or meet-up? I wish the show included more on how HFAs have strengths as well as difficulties, and how to embrace those strengths rather than just focus on how Sam struggles to fit in his world. Like I said, my views on this are no doubt strongly affected by raising my son--whose "quirk" is paleontology, and to a lesser degree entomology and nature in general. Unlike Sam, my son (and I) has joined an adult paleontogy society, attends monthly talks, volunteers sorting fossils and has made invaluable career connections, has written articles for a paleontology newsletter, and is giving a talk to this society next month--at their request and encouragement. He has joined a Facebook group on identifying local Insects and has again made career connections with people working in this field, and gets compliments on what a smart kid he is and thanks for sharing his knowledge--from strangers on this group (I'm on it too). Yes, my kid struggles in many ways just like Sam, but by embracing his quirks instead of treating them as something to be hidden ("don't talk about penguins with girls") he's got education and career prospects and, above all, sources for self-esteem and a positive self concept. Sam says he knows when he's being picked on in the show, but I think he's still got an unrealistically robust and positive self-concept for someone with HFA who hasn't figured out how to use his strengths in his life, and is always trying to "fit in". In fairness, at some level I think Atypical had to make choices that will rub those of us raising HFAs the wrong way. Showing everything accurately about their lives would not make good TV.
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    Yeah Leonard was showing a lot of passion last season. In the Romance Recalibration. When he was playing video games with food on his shirt . Point of that episode last season. Was to show how Leonard is no longer passionate about Penny and their relationship. And no longer tries. So not sure I agree with the characterisation Leonard shows passion. And that's not to say Penny does too. But they both contributed to the lack of passion in their relationship. I think this is a writing issue anyway. Always has been.
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    Hello, New here. I have been trolling for a while and had to register just to say how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on the show. I am actually a very new viewer, was on a long flight and thanks to American Airlines got hooked. Sheldon and Amy are absolutely the best. It sucks we will not see her say yes, but other than that the premiere looks good.
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    Sheldon 2.0 Most especially from 9.10 onwards.
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