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    How are ratings subjective? They are collected and measured in numbers but not influenced by personal bias or opinion.
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    Not to me but apparently to others who don't watch the show and think Sheldon is still hanging out in 4A all the time. Yes, I think in hindsight it's a good move to use the sets more equally.
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    Does this really comes as a surprise, when you look at how the show has been written these days with many Shamy driven A plots. I'm guessing that having Lenny in 4A and Shamy in 4B is just so that they use all of the main set, having Lenny in 4B would sadly just caused that set to gathering dust.
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    As long as they keep using the set Leonard and Penny will be be bumped around by Sheldon. The thing is that a large part of the audience has a preference for Sheldon so he headlines. As to the presence of or not of the others - I’d mark that down to not rocking the boat and upsetting the formula. It’s not art or novel storytelling anymore - it’s about commerce. They have good contracts and good cashflow - but nothing new or interesting to tell in the way of stories. Good on ‘em for being successful - but unless you are engaged the stories are unremarkable and if you are engaged then it doesn’t matter what they put up on screen. And with regard to where they go further with Leonard and Penny; there is no incentive to promote them unless Sheldon’s wheels fall off and even then not - they have plan B, wherein they literally rejuvenate the character and start over. It’s brilliant commercial exploitation of a concept (unless Young Sheldon flops in which case good try and try again with something else). But don’t expect anything great for L/P on a consistent basis. TPTB don’t need that. They just need supporting players for the headliner, regardless of any intrinsic worthiness or not of any of the other characters.
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    Hey, anytime a character is on screen with Sheldon they are bumping against him. It is the premise now... plus some minor stuff about other people trying to have adult lives apart from when they are bumping against Sheldon. And P/L live on the same floor and host the socials. So more bumping. It’s how they get the laughs, mostly. Someone does something, Sheldon objects or corrects - crowd goes wild! Formula. (waiting now for Stephen to say something about Amy and Sheldon bumping... heheh)
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    The point is though they don't use 4A for that one specific purpose. They have group hangouts there and the occasional other plot (PALS, Lenny +Howardette, Lenny +Raj) but it's not the "Sheldon intrudes into Lenny's privacy" zone. Honestly, before they went with the idea of Shamy moving into 4B I also thought that whoever gets 4A will have to deal with intruders all the time cause they didn't use 4B all that much. The last few seasons with Penny living more in 4A than 4B the set was mostly gathering dust. Turns out though once Shamy moved into 4B it's used more than ever. Judging by all the plots since the move it probably has the same or if not more screen time than the 4A set.
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    A sitcom is just entertainment fast food. Ultimately the public vote with their feet (or remotes).
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    I think Leonard will always have an extremely complicated relationship with his mother. He will still fear her, be jealous of others who get along with her and crave her affection even if she suddenly turns into Mary Popins. So a fleeting moment of appreciation? Nice and important for him but its like trying to put a tiny bandage on someone who was run over by a truck. I think him still having a hard time with her is very realistic. Their relationship may improve, Leonard may try to "bury the hatchet", but I don't expect a 180, not even a 60 actually.
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    I was hoping you'd say that! LOL Well, I guess if Tensor is really really bored he could check how often/long Sheldon is actually in 4A vs. everybody else.
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    Would you look at that! TPTB can write funny IC jokes!
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    I may have said TBBT has been in decline for the last couple seasons but even I can't deny that The show has Finish in the Topp 3 of all TV Shows at the end of every Season for the last 5 Seasons now! It finishes season 10 at Number 2. It still usually one of the most watched shows of the week and almost always wins the night. the fact is despite the show being in decline it finishes last 3 Season right near the top. The show has finished in the top 20 for 8 of it last 10 seasons.
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    Beverly is the Evil Queen from Snow White.
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    It's funny because it's true to life, my son used to txt me from his bedroom which was about 10ft from mine.
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    It felt like Beverly kind of offered an olive branch at the renewal of vows ceremony that they specifically did for her, so it makes sense that she might want to have a better or stronger relationship with Penny. I thought after the words Beverly and Alfred said at the ceremony that Leonard and Beverly's relationship might have got off to a new fresh start as well but I guess not, there is some long rooted deep issues with that relationship. It's not the first time Leonard's childhood has made him jealous when it comes to others seemingly able to form a better bond or connection with Beverly than he does. It's been done many times over the years so it's nothing new. I think they need to move forward somehow, but the Beverly intimidating Leonard and being the way she is a creative theme they won't want to give up just like baby or child jokes, Penny likes a drink etc. I think they will never resolve his relationship with her between now and the end of the show.
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    You are exactly right, it is inappropriate to say that to a woman. It sent Amy over the edge and she said done, over. Good for her. However, (IMO) Sheldon was hurting and somewhat desperate. He does not do change well and he reacted.
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    Correct. Ratings are quantifiable, but quality isn't.
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    That and Jim's delivery was what made it so funny to me. I felt so sorry for Sheldon but also couldn't stop laughing. ahahaha Same!! The promo pictures with them already look adorable. <3
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    No, it is wrong to say that to a Women no matter what period! Even if true you should never ever say such things to a Women! It is wrong and rude. Also insensitive and again it sexist thing to say. It not right.
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    That was the very reason Amy broke up with him and rightfully so. I cheered her on. Go Amy!
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    Oh, that's really interesting. It's too far from Sheldon's stuff. Agreed. Same here.
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    You follow 30+ shows currently airing? Looks to me like the demographics are not good for broadcast TV. Streaming services offer a lot of advantages. Like being able to watch when one wants to.
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    I agree with the last sentence and have made comments on episodes I did not like. I may well watch early season episodes again some day. That was not my point. I have made a clarification in another post. Oh wait. It was the clarification you quoted. Let me put it a different way. I fully expect some great future episodes. I was actually debating with myself around season six if I would keep watching and have not done that in a long time. Most of the horn dog crap is gone and I like that! The Council of Sheldon's was inspired. I want to see some references to The Last Jedi and to Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (it Stars Elijah Wood and has on location shots in my community...). Yes I like the fantasy references too. Looking forward to seeing Bob Newhart again and more great guest stars. The cast and crew have been supportive of STEM education. I believe in that and have been involved in technology related education for the last 30 years. Got hooked by broadcasts of Apollo missions when I was a kid. Developed a fascination with electronics and computer technology... There is nothing else like TBBT on TV! I would like TBBT to continue and come on here to get more of it, and see what is coming up. Don't need a forum just to watch reruns.
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