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    Okay, then, here it goes. Sorry If I don't remember everything exactly. I am going to go storywise rather than scene wise. Starts with everyone and Lenny's apartment and Howard is shoveling food down his mouth. Bernie asks him to slow down but he says that he can't have food 12 hours before his vasectomy procedure and is making the most of it. Raj is also doing the same and says he is stress eating. Sheldon then sees on his phone that they are reviving Professor Proton and are recasting the role since Arthur died. Sheldon says that the show is very important to to him and he would like the new "professor Proton" to do it justice. He then starts describing the person he would like to takeover the role and the gang realizes that he's describing himself. He says Professor Proton touched a lot of children and he would also like to touch as many children as possible (lol). Leonard asks him to put that in his audition tape. Amy then says that it would be cool if they cast a woman in the role but Sheldon says "they" already have Ghostbusters and Doctor Who now, what more they want. Next we see Sheldon in a lab coat preparing for his audition tape with Amy in their apartment. He shows her his expression for "interesting", "very interesting" and angry. Amy says why he would need to be angry? He says that he's rather have it and not want it than want it and not have it. They then began shooting his audition tape for which his does an experiment to find out the mass of an electron using "household objects" but one of the items needed (some type of copper wire) turns out to be a safety hazard. Amy tells him that and to do something else and he gives her his angry expression and says that he did need it after all. Sheldon also dreams about Arthur (the night before I think) and says if he heard the news. That scene has a couple great one liners from Bob Newhart. At Lenny's apartment, Amy and Sheldon are showing Lenny his audition tape in which he is solving a complicated equation. Amy says that she told him that she "loved it" but if they want to tell him what they think, they can go right ahead. Penny doesn't know what to say but Leonard says that it looks like you were having fun. Sheldon says that that is something Leonard told him to say after seeing one of Penny's bad plays. Amy and Leonard says that maybe he shouldn't so blatantly show his contempt for children in the audition tape. Sheldon says but he does not like kids and they say that he needs to act like he does. Sheldon says that it looks like he needs to coaching of a real actor. Penny is flattered but Sheldon scoffs at her, Sheldon goes to Wil Wheaton's house and asks him for Patrick Stewart's number but when he says no, Sheldon says Wil will have to do. Next scene; Lenny and Amy are walking up the stairs of their building and Leonard sees on his phone that they already cast Professor Proton. We then hear Sheldon shout "Wheaton". The 3 then go back down the stairs quickly. Sheldon goes to Wil's house and turn down the role since he isn't even a scientist but Wil says that he is an actor and will try to do the role justice. Shledon says that they started out as enemies but then became friends and he wouldn't want Sheldon to become his enemy again. Wil says he doesn't see much difference and slams the door in his face. Wil says that if doesn't leave he will set his dog on Sheldon. Sheldon says he doesn't have a dog but can't be sure since Wil is such a good actor. He also asks they guys minus Howard in the university cafeteria to help him stop the show by calling the production company and they say no. Last scene of the episode is Sheldon having another dream about Arthur to tell him about Wil and Bob Newhart has a bunch of more great one liners. Howard has his vasectomy and is put on bed rest for a few days. Bernie goes to her 16-week check up and is also put on bed rest because she is straining herself. Penny comes at their house to check on them. Halley then starts crying (they hear on the baby monitor). Bernie is about to get up but Penny says that she can do it. Bernie says that or Stuart can close his shop take a bus and do it instead. Penny says that they don't trust her but they pretend that that is not the case. Next scene of their house and it's all quiet Howard and Bernie says that they can enjoy having this time together before baby #2 comes. They then wonder how it got so quiet and call Penny. She jokes that she put Halley to sleep by dipping her pacifier in bourbon but they can't tell if she is joking or not. Next scene with Penny in the kitchen making a bottle for Halley. Amy comes there and says she's there to check on her friends put Penny realizes that Howardette called her to check on Penny. Penny says that do they all think she's irresponsible? But Amy says no; she is just "fun loving" which Penny says is just a nicer word for irresponsible. Cut to Howardette's room and they call Penny using Howard's bell app he got earlier. They ask her to get snacks but she complains that why'd the get Amy to check on her and don't trust her .Penny goes to check on Halley again and Howardette then hear on the baby monitor how good Penny is with Halley and feel bad. Halley then says "mama" which is her first word which Howardette hear surprised. Penny then says "take that suckers, she called me mama" over the baby monitor making Bernie angry. Sorry if this got too long, that happens with me once I start writing, lol
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    LEONARD AND WOLOWITZ GO TO BARRY KRIPKE FOR HELP AFTER SHELDON BETRAYS THEM, ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, NOV. 16 Dean Norris Returns as Colonel Williams “The Tesla Recoil” – Leonard and Wolowitz are furious after they learn Sheldon went to work with the military behind their backs. Also, while Bernadette is on bed rest, she asks Raj to do some digging when she suspects Ruchi is trying to steal her job, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Nov. 16 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
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    Does anyone else think the Penny part of the episode is another glaringly obvious hint as to what's coming for Lenny?
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    I came home from work one day to find my wife in the floor with our first child going "say dada, come on sweetie say dada" i was touched i thought it was so sweet of her. A few nights later when our daughter woke up at at 3am and started yelling dada,dada, dada my wife rolled over and said "she's not calling me" and then went back to sleep
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    Something like that happened to my mum, too. She tried to teach me to say "mummy" for a lot of time, but nothing. Then she left me alone one afternoon with my dad and, as a result, when she returned home, I had learnt perfectly to say "daddy"! She felt so betrayed, she has hold that against me and my dad for years, LOL! BTW, I said "mummy" many months after that...Oedipus complex does exist, I guess, LOL!
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    Thank you so much @Babar! I read the Lenny parts and skimmed over the Sheldon plot. Sounds really good! And I'm happy about Penny's plot, not only because it could be another one leading to Lenny having a baby. I think it is a win for her and that was long overdue. Just like Howardette's and Amy's lines and actions show, in the eyes of her friends and also some of the viewers all she does is drinking and just hanging around... I'm so happy they show she is more than that. Penny is the most maternal character on the show so IMO this shouldn't come as a surprise. So far I'm liking the current writing team, especially compared to last year's team.
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    I really like the plot, both for the baby prospects and Penny getting a win. Go Penny!
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    Yeah I am more looking forward to Penny's story, than the PP stuff. No offence, but Arthur died seasons ago, and I'm annoyed they kept focusing on him so much even if Bob is so good. Not even Sheldon's own father has appeared in the show yet, and I would love if the actor on Young Sheldon appeared to him in a dream for a change. I would rather see more of Sheldon's family than visits from dead Arthur any day. So glad Penny was great. She is such a nurturing person, I'm not surprised.
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    From The Bat Jar Conjecture, S. 1 Episode 13 Leslie: Wait, you’re going up against Sheldon Cooper? Howard: Yes. Leslie: That arrogant, misogynistic East-Texas doorknob that told me I should abandon my work with high energy particles for laundry and child bearing? That, not mentioning all the things he has always said about Penny and her love life, since S. 1, but probably that was just him being jealous...
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    Thanks Babar. Nice to hear that they didn't make Penny bad at looking after the baby.
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    From a sneak peek for episode 11.06. The gang talking about Professor Proton. I can't help it. I like Leonard and Penny's banter this season.
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    Not sure what is so surprising about these awful jokes. They didn’t suddenly appear after a long hiatus from the early seasons due to new showrunners. Just last season Howard and Raj mentioned Penny’s past number of partners when discussing her job with Zack. Sheldon slut shamed her in 10.04 before moving to 4B. In Prom Equivalency Amy and Bernadette slut shamed her and called her easy and slutty. Same with Penny’s drinking jokes and Sheldon’s inappropriate kids jokes. Its lazy writing when the writers don’t want to think of something more original. The episode that started it all- Creepy Candy Coating Corollary is a great iconic episode for Sheldon/Will antagonism .Its a very amusing and well executed build up. This one sounds like a broad heavy handed “we were friends, but now are enemies again ..the end “ type of stuff. The entire PP plot sounds pointless and goes no where, since obviously Will would get the job, but hoping Sheldon/Arthur scenes would be funny. Penny’s story is the best part though. I am glad they didn’t make her fail at baby sitting. She as a warm nurturing personality and I am not surprised she would be good with kids.
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    Yes! That was hilarious! (I would also like to point out that Professor Proton meant as much to Leonard as he did to Sheldon.)
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    Totally agree that is a funny and nice exchange! That's my Lenny!
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    That's the next stage I know it won't happen because it would be too sweet for this show but how cute would it be if during the conversation about starting to try Penny confesses to Leonard, embarrased that the day she met him she had a fleeting thought about what it would be like to have his genius children?
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    Like waiting for Leonard when he comes home only wearing a nightie.
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    BTW, maybe Penny would be the one to intiate taking the next step. IMO, that would be a nice change.
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    Thank you so much for this @Babar - as always I very much appreciate the time & effort taken to type all this out and share the info with us ! It was extremely kind of - you're a star ! The episode sounds great !
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    Just fixed a few mistakes I made like typing Leonard instead of Sheldon twice. Sorry about that.
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    Here's an excerpt from the report @Babar wrote after seeing episode 10.06 in advance: @Tensor wrote in the discussion thread, "the Penny part of the episode is another glaringly obvious hint as to what's coming for Lenny." And I think the same. Since the beginning of season 11 we had quite a few of these hints. And now, with episode 10.06 it is also shown that Penny is good at taking care of a baby. I'm really curious where this leads to.
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    She has been baby sitting 4 kids for the last 10+ years.
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    Indeed! I have missed our couple more in this kind of interaction. Hopefully it would be funny and cute Shamy goodness a board in this one!
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    Interesting that Hailey calls Penny Mama before Bernie lol.
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    as a rule, fanboys have to instantly hate any remake that comes out, before it comes out. It's stupid, but them's the rules of fanatics.
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    What I like this season except for the "you know I married you to hurt her, right?" is that the banter between Leonard and Penny seems mostly mischievous and not mean spirited, which is such a welcome changed from the meanness of S9. Molaro's exit has been most welcome , I have to say.
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    Yeah add me to the club looking forward to talking about something that meets the criteria of this thread or its very purpose next week. I've really missed it
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    It's easier for kids to say dada, than mama. Saying dada only required the tongue be flat against the roof of the mouth, which can be done accidentally (try it, put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then exhale as you open your mouth). Mama requires the fine motor control of the small muscles of the lips, which generally occurs latter.
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    We might end up with 4 consecutive seasons involving baby/prospective parents stuff, Season 9-10-11 Howardette and 11-12 maybe Leonard and Penny. On the one hand it makes sense considering the end of the show isn't far away and the age of the characters, but they need to be careful of viewer fatigue with these type of storylines and themes. I personally could have done with a season break from it to give it some time to become fresh again, obviously circumstances and writing decisions changed that (I am so happy for Melissa though).
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    Yeah, it's weird how we got the "freshest" writing team in ages and yet here we are with a ton of jokes that feel like they took them straight from the early seasons. Whatever happened to Lorre's advice of "try something new!" when Holland took over? Does he use this as an opportunity to make all the jokes he couldn't do in the past because he wasn't showrunner then? LOL Though just to be clear, I'm happy with some of the story lines as well - especially since Lenny and Raj seem to be getting some love now/soon respectively. So it's not about that.
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    There is new blood in the writing room, Jim Reynolds is developing his own show for CBS, so I guess it's no longer that active for TBBT, and at least two new writers were hired this season, Andy Gordon and Alex Yonks.
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    Thanks for spoilers @Babar as always greatly appreciated!
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    First thing I've thought when I read the "mama" scene...
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    Thanks @Babar, it sounds a very fun episode!
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    Dr who is special changing Drs is built into the format. But go to any trek site and click a discovery thread. Just put on a flak jacket first
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    Thanks for stating that, I was about to and than saw your posts This is a bit off topic but as a young woman I feel it should be noted that women don't generally dress in shorter clothes to flaunt for men. Some sometimes maybe but not always, not most of the time. I actually didn't notice the price thing, maybe the difference is smaller here. There are reasons for this wear other than price - social images/stereotypes/conventions. It is kind of common for young women to wear shorter clothes so to a certain extent it represents youth, like a buttoned shirt may represent seriousness/professionalism/maturity. For the same reason most over 30 women won't dress the way Penny used to dress, it would be weird like Sheldon's wardrobe is and Leonard's was for men their age. Also in my country it can get really hot so tank tops are very common and many people on the streets wear them, men and women of various ages (however most won't wear them to work, again social conventions). This is not an attack on anybody, just felt like a good moment to bring this up.
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    I know! I know! The answer is ... Sheldon!
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    Checking my maths. I think this could work, assuming Bernie used a pregnancy test that gives a result in the first 24 hours of the conception process, but if she used a conventional one perhaps it won't. Remember last year she must have used a test that showed up positive a good month before even fertilisation happened during one of Sheldon's lectures. <-sarcasm-> Who knows what they make at her pharmaceutical firm. In Sneak Peek 2 for episode 11.06, Bernie's going for her 16-week check-up. In episode 11.02 she said she was 12 or 13 weeks ( actual quote 'about three months' ). Episode 11.01 concluded three months after she'd done the pregnancy test. That would mean the meal that 11.02 began with took place in the same week 11.01 ended. Halley was nine months old (mid-September in TBBTland ) in episode 11. 04. So now, two episodes on, with a short time-jump, the TBBT gang are living in roughly the same calendar zone as us if my finger-counting is correct ? With 24 weeks to go if this pregnancy proceeds at a normal pace, it will give Bernie time to recover and be on her feet some weeks before a June wedding for Shamy.
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    My thoughts exactly. It still pissed me off!
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    Agree guys this one sounds team Shamy ! I'm delighted !
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    Yeah true. I hope Penny being pregnant is reserved for the final episode. I just don't want so many seasons in a row with a pregnancy story. If S12 is the final season, I don't want a pregnant Penny taking up the entire final season's story. Best to save one last story progression with Penny's pregnancy for the final episode. But if S12 isn't the end, then I guess we are stuck with it happening before the final episode. But I really don't want the series to have gone through three births, and two couples having children already.
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    Yep, the moment Penny said she can take care of Halley, I knew it was coming.
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    11.6 seems very interesting for Shamy. I like that Amy is helping Sheldon with his audition tape for the PP's show and that she likes what he has prepared, even if obviously it is completely inappropriate for the audience of that show. Those two think so alike, LOL! Also in the sneak peek that was shown, she is supportive towards him and his feelings for Arthur. Overall the episode seems fun, can't wait for it!
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    I'm not completely convinced yet, but it looks more promising all the time.
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    How’s he managing with Dr Who then. ? .
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    Sorry it came off as attacking, not my intention. IMO Penny wasn't into flaunting for the men. She never had to anyway. Her fashion choices have evolved, but I'll offer another reason for that. I used to wear a lot of tank tops in my early twenties/college years because they tended to be the cheapest things to buy. I can afford nicer clothes now so that's what I prefer to wear. The same would go for Penny. She makes more money now and her clothes reflect that. She used to wear cheaper clothes (and yes, you can tell by looking lol) and now she wears more expensive clothes. Again, sorry to come off as attacking you. Just trying to nip gender fallacies if I can.
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    Just finished watching 11.06. Bob Newhart was hilarious as always. Any one wants any spoilers? I see we didn't get a taping report for this one.
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