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    I am a little bit confused in regards to the Raj/Ruchi thing. I've seen spoilers (advances) of upcoming episodes , and seen her in some of the episodes already aired, but I'm not certain of where they're at. Some people here in the forum talk about them as if they are already boyfriend/girlfriend. As far as I know Ruchi mentioned she was not interested in dating when Raj and Stuart were fighting for her attention. Has anything else happened between them after that? TBH, Raj's relationships, or lack thereof, and furthermore all of his story arc is pretty astonishing, and not in a good way. First he can't talk to women, and then he can, he goes out with Lucy and TPTB don't know what to do with her. then he goes out with Emily, TPTB bump Laura Spencer to a regular cast member and then don't know what to do with her. Then in comes Claire ( I believe that was her name) and Raj becomes not only a two timing bastard, but a player, which is OOC and not very believable. Then as if his douche-ness hadn't been accentuated enough he dumps Emily on Valentine's day and all of a sudden Emily becomes super needy (also totally OOC) . After all of that happens as time goes by he becomes the sad-sack-I'm alone-poor me guy again. TBH it is amazing what they have done to the character. I know, I know, nobody really cares too much because it's Raj, he's a total douche, doesn't treat women right, and is a very questionable friend at times, but anyway, I think more care should have been devoted to his story. Note: I'm well aware that my Raj timeline might not be totally accurate, and I know it's incomplete. I was just writing examples as I remembered them , off the top of my head.
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    On the 6th November 2014 The Prom Equivalency aired. The girls came up with an idea to reenact their high school proms since no one but Penny had a memorable prom experience. We had the group all dressing up, the rooftop all decorated, Leonard and Penny slow dancing on the rooftop together and Howard worried about Stuart turning up with his mother as his Prom date. Oh and we got this... 3 years to the day of one of the greatest Shamy moments of all time!
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    My "Quote" ability is a bit messed up presently. Sorry @bfm. Not sure why I have you quoted here.......Great points @Carlos and @mirs1 . They have been so all over the map with Raj over the years. I don't know what the deal with Laura Spencer was. She seemed to fit in quite nicely and proved a great foil for Sheldon. It would have been nice to see that develop further and I for one really enjoyed her....... The whole thing about Raj being a "player" comes off heavy handed, as does his occasionally hitting on both Bernadette and Penny, even after they both are married to his good friends. That he often speaks about ending up with Bernadette after Howard's untimely demise is beyond creepy and the antithesis of a good friend....
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    Well, this wouldn't be the DT if we weren't going another round of this Penny/Raj discussion. LOL I seriously don't think the characters within the gang care about this old chestnut. "Everyone knows" as Penny said. The only reason it came up again was cause Emily was new and didn't know the story - and even that was 3 years ago. But there's no huge secret Penny could wield as a weapon against Raj here. Nobody is thinking Raj is super amazing in bed or whatever.
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    I'm no expert, but I guess a production deal can be much more convenient and rewarding than a set monetary compensation, especially if you plan to remain in the business in some form. It allows you to develop ideas you believe in with the support of of a huge company like WB and with the concrete hope a huge network, CBS, will air them, if they are TV projects. If those project go well, apart from the obvious earnings, your (relatively small, at the moment) production company will gain credibility, and hence new projects for the future, when it will not have WB/CBS behind it anymore. Jim, Johnny and, at a lesser extent, Simon set an example about that and I guess that all the other actors realized that following their path was not the worst idea ever. Yes, the only certain thing is that, for whatever reason, all seven actors signed for another two years. Maybe (or maybe not) they are not happy and excited to play their role as they were in S. 2, but if the situation was unbearable, or if they didn't find it was convenient for their careers to continue with the show, they wouldn't have signed, as simple as that. They all had the chance of quitting, and without any legal problem involved, and they didn't.
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    I'm going with the little snippets we got so far, I could be way off marks, obviously, just trying to fill the dots. The spoilers, press release and sneak peeks from 11.7 say Raj starts to date Ruchi, but they are taking things "casual" (which, being him Raj, means he is already planning their wedding, LOL!), and Penny and Bernie are helping him, giving some suggestions as to how deal with her. The spoilers say he does "well", so I assume they are a couple (not sure how committed, at this point) in 11.8. Ruchi should be in this episode too, with Bernie asking Raj to spy on her, because she thinks Ruchi might steal her work while she is on bed rest. The plot is pretty confusing, TBH, why Bernie should ask Raj to jeopardize whatever relationship is developing between him and Ruchi? And would Raj accept to do that? In any case, up to 11.8 for sure the two of them are somehow dating. Perfectly agree with you, Raj and women has always been a terrible combination. But for Lucy, who had just the narrative purpose of traumatizing him in a way that he started speaking to women again, no other relationship of his had a cogent plot, it just made more and more evident that maybe it was not the worst idea for him not to speak with girls at all...I'm not holding my breath that this time is going to be different, TBH, let's see...
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    Since I disagreed with you, I think I needed to say it. Let me expand on it: I don't always agree with what you say, but I know for a fact that none of your posts come from a mean place. You are always respectful of other people's ideas even when they don't agree with your own, and it always is, at least for me, a pleasure to discuss things with you (amongst other people as well) because you never make me (or anybody else) feel belittled.
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    More from "Stand Up For Pits" last night... https://www.instagram.com/p/BbJ_BnxjXzQ/
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    I know. The earlier deal made people believe she had no interest in acting after TBBT but obviously bills don't pay for themselves so no, it doesn't matter that they made bank. Money (especially easy money like this) is still a good motivator to keep things as they are for a little while longer and now with the addition of a production deal they can work on their post TBBT careers which is a smart move for anyone who's played a certain role for a long time. And that isn't to say they just do it for the money cause of course the whole idea about how much the actors like or don't like the current stories of the show is only based on speculation and are often tainted by personal biases. And just like the idea of "Kaley will quit acting forever!" there might not be much to it in the end.
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    I think the real problem is that he is an ass all around. As Mario was mentioning he told Penny not to mention anything about his premature ejaculation, but then was bragging about having had sex with her to anybody who would listen to him. When Penny went out with him when he was the "under 30 to watch" or something to that effect, none of his friends would go with him because he was being a jerk to them. Howard is supposed to be his best friend, but he wanted Bernadette to dump him (when he proposed) to he could move in on her. Please don't get me started what he did to Leonard and Penny when they hooked up because I could write a post a page long in regards to all the things I see wrong with that. I think that in the beginning of the relationships he's usually on his best behavior, but afterwards he shows his true colors
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    You make some valid points about Raj. I agree that he is a total asshat with women and really has no idea how to interact with them. Emily was a good relationship for him as she was educated and fit in well with the group but Raj screwed this up by being his egotistical jerk persona thinking that every woman he meets is in love with him and vice versa. Two examples come to mind: one when Penny set him up (actually twice) with her friends, deaf Emily and a girl from work. He thought he was in love with Emily and showered her with gifts and that did not end well. The other girl from Pennys work he just shows what a real ass he is by asking her if she had a boyfriend and then saying I don't believe you when she said that she did not What is wrong with him!! But another thing that bothers me and also many others was when he had the "naked night" with Penny he asked her not to say anything about early ejaculation for fear of embarrassment but yet he had no qualms bragging to everyone how he bedded Penny and that she was on his past lovers list!
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    Absolutely ! There's no issue. We can all guess what Raj's storyline will be, so speculation isn't likely to be necessary. However, we can talk about him if we want to. Bernadette once said he was a cutie-pie and so he seemed. Now he's just what the boys called an ass but we didn't hear it. We know he's going to get himself into a stew over a possible relationship. The others' storylines are somewhat less predictable. We know the characters, but can't always guess their next move. Who'd have thought Leonard would have been the one to make a mess of a radio broadcast ?
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    We need some spoilers to discuss. Contracts and viewing figures are all very well but it would be nice to have some storylines to talk about. If I remember rightly, we're almost totally in the dark about episodes 7, 8 and 9. Sheldon is going to be collaborating with Bert and with Colonel Williams. That's about it. For all we know, Shamy have moved house to something bigger; Howard and Amy have won a big award for their robot limbs project; the military have stumped up the money they owe for the patent of the infinite persistence giro gadget ; Penny has had an idea for a new medicine which the firm is going to get Ruchi and Bernadette to research, and Sheldon has bought a car. We do not need to speculate about Raj.
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    Oh, look. Penny already found an elaborated screenplay.
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    Did anyone notice I put up the new screen times on Saturday? Both Leonard and Penny have less time, at the six episode point, than they had last year. Everybody else, except Raj is up. In terms of couples, total time for all three couples is down. Down two minutes for Howardette, down six minutes for Shamy, down eight minutes for Lenny. However, Alone time for Howardette is up a minute. Alone time for Shamy is up three minutes. But, Lenny is even with last year. I find it interesting that even with their time down from last year, we are finding some positives in out couple this year.
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    At the end of the day, no one is leaving the show and no one is being written out of the show. They are all signed up until the end of Season 12 with generous salaries, big back end money, production deals with the WB and a very cushy work schedule that allows them to pursue their own personal interests.
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    I am not especially "HAPPY" with Lenny but i am definitely hopeful for this season. To me the season so far is already funnier and more enjoyable than 95% of seasons 8,9 or 10. Just the removal of pennys snarkiness their banter makes it much funnier to me. The new show runner HAS made a difference and for now I am good with that
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    E4 just repeated " Veracity elasticity "....What an episode!!!! The Buridan's Donkey scene is just awesome!! That's the Shamy I want to see more of in season 11
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    From the CBS You Tube Channel...
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    It's going to be interesting to see if Bernie is being paranoid or there might be some truth to it i.e. Ruchi's after her job, from the spoilers we know it wasn't clear what the truth was. Both situations obviously put Raj in some trouble, if he spies on her and gets caught (and it's clear she isn't after Bernie's job) it could jeopardize his relationship with her and obviously if she indeed after Bernie's job or role then that will bring all sorts of problems and Raj might have to pick a side. I think if it's the latter then Raj has to make the obvious decision, but this is Raj we are talking about and he may have fallen for her hard.
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    People are entilted to discuss any character they want. It is a discussion forum right. Don't see the issue.
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    Contract-breaking in any area of work can be bad for a reputation. There has to be an exceptionally good and publicly-approved reason or nobody will want to risk doing business with you in future. If you're an employee you may find it close to impossible to get work ever after.
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    11.08 The Tesla Recoil Reported by: Nusspot Tape Date: October 24 , 2017; Air Date: November 16, 2017 Story: , Teleplay by: Directed by: Ruchi is back in this episode, too. Looks like she's here to stay. What is this, her third episode already? In my heart I've always secretly hoped Yvette the vet would be the one for Raj. Too bad. (Yes, even though we saw her just for an episode years ago. Go figure.). So long as Raj has something to do in the show these days, I guess. Col Williams is back also. Return to Index
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    Maybe taking it casual will be good for Raj. He can be a good friend to the women of thr group (can be, he has been a jerk to them too) and can be nice and even kinda cute when starting to date (e.g., the library date with Lucy, first date with Emily). The bigger problems come when he is in a relationship. Then he starts being an ass...
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    Again, not meant as an insult, but a reference to the fact that I might not have written clearly for folks for whom English is not their native language.
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    Not much to talk about at the moment so no wonder we get into a discussion about Raj, could the show survive without him or not, people speculating about how happy the actors really are etc. I am sure we will get all this speculation again next season when the powers that be offers them ridiculous levels of money to keep it going LOL Lack of spoilers out there (which is always a possibility, no guarantee we will learn anything) plus a lot of the stories we have seen so far haven't exactly been that new, fresh or even that entertaining have stifled discussion to a degree this season (all IMO of course).
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    Well, there's no taping this week, so I don't see any "fresh" subject of conversation up to next thursday, when the new episode airs. Hopefully, it will bring us new material to discuss but, if I remember correctly, Raj will start dating Ruchi in this week episode so...I assume we will talk about him until next taping, LOL!
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    Well said, that's more than enough talk about Raj. That is unless something interesting happens with him in the future.
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    Just watched it. Agree on Sheldon being a jerk. I get some see it differently when your comparing Sheldon and WW from Season 3 Creepy candy Coating. But have to agree with the side he was more genuine in Season 3. Now he just wanted WW out of the way so he could get the gig. It was self serving imo. Thoughts on the episode. I really liked the Howard/Bernadette/Penny plot. Refreshing dynamic. Alot of funny moments. Although that baby sound is just awful lol. I mean my god. And I am not sure why Howardette trust Amy more. Over someone like Penny who they have known much longer. Shes looked after a big baby for over a decade, Sheldon lol. So she has had practice. I have to agree Dialogue is off this season. But as for rehashing storylines. Well they have been doing that for a while now. SO no difference. When Sheldon was like to WW. We used to be enemies. And now we got past that, and we are now friends. And WW was like "I don't see a difference". That is so true. I really liked the little interactions between Leonard and Penny too. While incredibly their screen time is down this year. Compared to this time last season. Their is so much more quality in their scenes. I don't know how to explain it. But something has shifted with Leonard and Penny. The writing is alot more sharper. Even just the simple dialogue between them. IT has shifted from meanness and snarkiness. And to a more mischevious tone. Leonard saying "Jokes on you it worked". And Penny grinning. Is such a welcome change. From "Leonard wore me down" jokes. IT gives you hope with them. And have not felt that with Lenny in a long time. Clearly a new showrunner has helped. I liked the Sheldon/Newhart sequences. But it is starting to feel played out. Still some funny one liners from Bob. And per usual Bob delivered it will. But I wouldent be mad if this is the last we see from him. I voted Good. Wasen't the best episode of the season. I Don't think that has occured yet personally.
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    Yes, they are all in acting nirvana and each day is another more perfect than the one before. And the show never has to end. Huzzah! (getting on board)
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    Thanks for your words about my heart's place. It was very kind from you. Regards your question, of course it would not be fair. However sometimes there migth happen situations that could lead to an unbroken contract. Some users spoken about a few examples that at start would be very unlikely to happen. Which as I said before, I dont believe they will happen with show cast though.
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    I am 100% positive your heart is in the right place, but if you think about it, it also wouldn't be fair for any of them not to fulfill their contracts, would it? Well, not all of us watch for Shamy, you know? That being said I also don't think you can eliminate Amy and Bernadette from the show without it suffering significantly. Bernadette maybe not seen for some episodes, but I'm sure the character will be alluded to, and as soon as Melissa is able (and willing) to come back , she will.
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    (4 pictures, incl. the one below) https://www.instagram.com/p/BbJK35wl9qs/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Well, Suanne Somers was different. She didn't just decide one day that she quit and wasn't coming to work anymore. It first started with outrageous demands, then when she didn't start getting her way she started to not show up to work in protest (some ways she was brainwashed by her husband) Than after she made up an excuse for why she wouldn't be at a taping and lied that her son had a Sport Game they deleted taping a day later and she didn't show up again. She makes up a story about breaking her Rib.On taping night for one episode Suzanne failed to show up so they had to give all her lines to Ralph. After that, they regulated her screen time and started doing her 1 or 2 minutes scenes over the phone on a separate set before her Co-Workers got to work because they couldn't be in the same room as her. Then after that, she started going on talk shows and complaining about her Job and threatening Lawsuits and thrashing her Bosses and Co-Stars. she then started making up stories or false statements about John and Joyce (including that they allegedly intentionally drop her on the ground.) Then she signed a deal with another Network. that when ABC had enough and let her go. They sued her for breaching her contract. The show and people who work on the show were losing money because of her antics. She was putting the show in jeopardy She actually had the gull to sue them for ruining her carer and for damaging her creditably. It was all on herself.
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    I think people are misconstruing my suggestion that the cast could walk away. Of course they can at anytime. The consequences vary depending on circumstances and contracts. But they are not indentured. If they want to go badly enough they can go. Despite what anyone else wants. These folks seem reasonably comfortable, but they have already made bank. I’d say end it at season 12. Make room for new players. Still, the market will decide.
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    Just curious, how many of these people broke their contracts as opposed to not signing new contracts. There's a big difference.
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    I think in Kaleys case, when they all signed their big million dollar contracts JP and JG had included production deals and Kaley received monetary compensation. Now under the new contracts I think Johnny influenced her to include a production deal as after TBBT is done the upkeep of her stables and horses costs alot of money and now she can pick and choose the projects she wants to do.
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    The show took a huge chance adding Amy and Bernadette when they did. The show was praised for that risk and those characters became a regular part of TBBT history going forward. At this point, I think no one is disposable.
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    I am not sure Shamy is the cashcow. I agree Sheldon is. He is the biggest appeal to the mainstream audience in regards to Shamy. The whole show now is just a marketing tool. To promote Young Sheldon. Which is probably no surprises that Sheldon's screen time has sky rocketed this season. I have not liked most of his plots this season. Well heck I have not like most of his plots since Season 7 if I am being honest. I am not a fan of how needy and possesive he has become in regards to Amy. Alot of the writing of Sheldon is less sharp then it used to be. And I Don't think anyone here is suggesting anyone is leaving. NO one is. This is just pure hypothetical. It is just Amy and Bernadette are supporting characters. Easily disposable.
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    His partners, when shown on screen after the event, seem to have been more than happy with him.
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    Steve Fund is senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Intel Corporation
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    In the beginning I think Penny was very much a tomboy.
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    Hollywood is a business. Breech your contract on a multi-million dollar, profit generating production and there would be long term repercussions. No one would hire them.
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    Oh yes, Lenny are definitely better off this season. But as you said, it's not a high bar to jump over. Howardette are a delight as always and their stories seem to write themselves at this point. Raj is still just 'there' which... Ugh. Shamy as such are okay but evidently put o the back burner for whatever reason. The issue really comes with the obligatory Sheldon plots (can't get rid of those and for all that people feel the show is more balanced it really isn't when it comes to this aspect) that sound okay on paper but are executed with a ton of needless throwback jokes that belong into earlier seasons.
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    Shamy goodness in bed moments ...
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    No, he hasn't been "undermining" Leonard's work, he has been denigrating it. They're different. Sheldon is generally condescending toward nearly all practical applications of science, as Leonard and Amy, and Howard do.
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    Sheldon's been undermining Leonard's work since the pilot. So this is nothing new unfortunately. Sheldon falsey presumed Leonard wanted to discuss his career. Which was predicated on the idea in Sheldon's point of view. Leonard is washed up as a physicist. I don't see Sheldon making any real contribution to Physics though lately.
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