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    Might be because Leonard's comment was brought up again (by someone other than Leonard, and in a way that suggested it's been brought up, off camera by Leonard more than that one time), and Sheldon's comment hasn't been brought up again.
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    A very happy birthday to the dedicated and nice Shamy fellow @Susana Alcira . I hope you have a great one
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    After seeing the episode one more time, I had another thought: Since when they were struggling to put their highly paid stars on set (is Leonard even in the show anymore, is Johnny Galecki a guest star now, seriously?).
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    I mostly want to know Amy's background story, because we know the one about each other character in the show. If there's a father out there, I want to know how he looks like and how he is. Generally speaking, I think the writers have been "good" at casting parents so far. Not really good for other relatives, especially siblings, that's true. Since we know nothing about Amy's family, there are no set expectations to be fulfilled or disappointed, as it happened with Mee-maw, for example.
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    To shove and para phrase Shelly's statement back at him, "Sometimes the baby doesn't win".
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    ....helllooooo...(listens to the echo resounding through empty corridors and wonders if everyone has gone out for spiced lattes and neglected to mention it....) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think they are very flexible when it comes to providing us more detail about her parents, they have plenty of writing options and background information they could implement with those characters. Her mother we haven't heard much about for a long time now and even then we got conflicting stories about her. Her father is a complete blank canvas in a way. So they could do anything with them and it will likely make sense. I just hope we finally get to see them!
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    I agree with all you wrote and to me it feels like the writers are using old discarding scripts from previous seasons because the stories they are telling doesn't really fit in season 11 at the moment in my opinion.
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    Agree. I would add they are getting to be stuck with that to most characters at the moment. However I , as viewer, have to keep the faith they would improve about it soon. Because if I stop to believe they could, I will only have two choices: or I stop watching or I stop posting here. I am not willing to pick none at moment so I still believe.
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    Holland seemed open to the possibility to have Amy's father on screen at some point. I hope he really meant it and that we see both her parents, minimally at Shamy wedding. We already saw her mother once. Recently, I've read that some fans on Twitter think the character might be re-casted, since through the years she was depicted in a less favorable light and maybe the inoffensive, innocuous lady who was cast the first time is not the right match. I'm not sure they will re-cast the character, TBH I wouldn't be that much ok with that...Plus, it wouldn't be the first time what the writers have said through the years about a parent doesn't reflect how they appear when we have a more extensive plot about them.
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    I agree with @April that having Amy's father into the picture could be a writing decision happened very recently. I like your explanation of him working away from home most of the time, it seems a good in-universe one for the fact Amy's mother was for the most part responsible of her education. Out-of universe, anyway, I got the impression the writers throughout the years had been somehow suggesting he was not in Amy's life, up to the first time he was mentioned in S. 10. It might be a coincidence, obviously, but I wonder if they really wanted at first to tell a different story for Amy's family (with a father who was dead or for some reason out f the picture) and then changed their mind. If so, I wonder why they changed their minds. Maybe they found a good match for the character, an actor they wanted in the show and decided to write him as Amy's dad. It can be cool....
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    Well said ! Last year I hoped for more seasons because I wanted to know what was going to happen to these people. So far it's b ____r all. Of course we can't have life-changing events every week, that wouldn't be believable and a little repetition is good for continuity, but they're a third of the way through a season now and they've done next to nothing. They haven't even built on anything that has come up. There's plenty they could have followed up on. Amy and Howard could have made something useful in their prosthetic project and won a prize and got featured on the news ; Sheldon and Howard could have designed and built a better model rocket and made some money; Beverly could have come to stay in 4a at Penny's invitation while she writes a book or escapes after giving a controversial radio interview about her last one on high-achieving couples; We could have had some girls' nights with Bernie stretched out on the sofa; Shamy could have been house-hunting with the drama teacher's wife who's a realtor; Sheldon could have been interfering with Wil's TV science show or even better, writing scripts for it; Raj could have met a girl who doesn't want to go to bed as soon as she's been introduced to him and they could be shown doing interesting things that don't cost much money. Sheldon could buy a car and take confidence-building refresher driving lessons; Penny could have an idea for a new medicine; She might read an article and suspect she's infertile thanks to her and Leonard's chequered sexual pasts, but turn out to be wrong. All this stuff they have the foundations for already and the development of it could use up a lot of episodes with a little bit of it every week. Lots of 'coulds' there and I'm sure we all have our own ideas. Why the writers seem short of them, goodness knows.
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    The writers seems to be pretty stuck with their storytelling about some of the characters on the show in my opinion to be honest.
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    LenPen huh? Penny the lens. Because Leonard was in front of her the whole time, but she had to zoom in to really see that. Leonard the pen. Because the moment he meet her he was just waiting to sign the dotted line on their marrage certificate.
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    I'm still mulling over Sheldon & Amy's chat on the couch from the latest episode. Amy's line .."that dinner with my parents comes to mind"
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    I agree, Penny is not promiscuous, she enjoys her sexuality. The double standards in the show, which started from the get go, are very disturbing on that respect. The guys were shown as striving for sex and "promiscuity" (in the sense the show intends it, which is basically having a sex life) but when it came to Penny there was something wrong with it. This very episode in many forms repeated this early seasons pattern, and Penny and Raj are obviously treated in two totally different ways. I think that is one of the risks in relying in old jokes as this season seems to be doing, the good ones come with the bad ones, and double standards about sexuality is definitely one of the "bad" ones. That's also were I don't agree with Jessica Radloff's review. It's not like we suddenly discover in S. 11 that there some sort slut shaming on TBBT, there has always been. And, it's not that suddenly Penny defends herself on the behalf of each and every woman in the world. She has always been capable of doing that, she is probably the only one in the show that can give Sheldon the business (well, in this episode we find out also Bert can do it, LOL!) and has almost always done that, when he offended her. The rare times she didn't say anything, it was not because she wasn't able to do that, but because it wasn't worth it. So, I'm all for #justiceforpenny, and I agree she is having some very funny lines lately, but she is also underused and hasn't had a horizontal plot about herself in a while, probably since S. 7 with her acting career. #justiceforpenny for me means hoping that she finally gets something more than being the counselor of all members of the group.
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    Penny: Really?! Well I’ve got a figure of speech about how sexually promiscuous you can go be with yourself. And this is Penny's figure of speech as a hand gesture.
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    I also like to see the girl sprouts in action again, purely out of scientific interest, of course. This would indeed have been a exhilarant turn of events.
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    I liked that Amy brought food because he was working late wondering where he was and I laughed at him rushing back to his office lol. Wasn't that big a fan of their other interaction at home in 4B though I guess another mention of Amy's parents gives me hope we still might see them this season. Oh and by the sounds of it her parents are still together, so perhaps fleshing out their background story a tiny bit more.
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    I liked these two things as well. Sheldon's been having a lot of needlessly mean moments this season and having an episode where those were shut down each time and have long lasting consequences (Bert refuses to work with him even after he apologised) was a relief to see.
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    Penny had funny hair. Said it was good in the pole. I thought Leonard ending up with Bert was a nice touch. Thought the tag was dumb.
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    No Lenny in last night's episode other than two seconds on the couch with them watching TV, but I enjoyed how Penny shut down Sheldon. I also enjoyed Penny's dig at Raj and Bert acknowledging that Leonard is an excellent scientist.
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