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    The only reason Leonard "kept quiet" about it for two years was because the writers pulled it out of their collective arses at the last minute to add end-of-season drama.
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    Starting to get some alone time back, having positive and funny conversations, two way smiles and looks AT EACH OTHER instead of looking on at others, talking to their friends about their FRIENDS’ problems instead of their own, there’s a positive energy between each other instead of a dial it in look...... and I loved that Penny is showing a genuine love for Halley again. She’s nearly ready. I reckon Wolowitz baby 2 will push Lenny over the edge by end of the season. There is a definite push to show Penny as clucky ( is that an Aussie or Universal term?) for kids. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I liked that it seemed like they were all excited to see Halley, makes you realize there is actually this kid that they have their relationships with. I so hope for a season finale/season 12 opener Penny pregnancy reveal. Hey maybe they're holding hands smiling like that because they thought about it more and have decided to start trying? Probably not haha but let me fantasize a little
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    Totally agree with this. That was also what tptb were getting at. They made it so obivous that he was in denial that the relationship was done. Deep down Leonard also knew it as well. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Can't quite let go of how much I loved the Lenny in this episode. Watched it a few more times. Really like this pic of the Poptart! He's still got it!!!
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    For me the hand holding is symbolic of them being a happily married young couple. It's not just about the hand holding. They were nice to each other. They talked about Leonard's brother's annoying letter. They worked together on their list which I thought was funny. They planned a little trip. It felt like they were close and content and in sync with each other. They had their own little story and they weren't sarcastic or nasty to each other as they too frequently have been in the last few seasons. In a nut shell, when you've been rooting for a couple for 10 seasons it makes you happy when they are happy.
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    Nicely done @luminous . Thank you!!!!!!
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    Well after watching the latest episode 11x11 I realised that it was the same episode last season that Leonard and Penny last shared a kiss that's 24 episodes without them kissing . That's the longest ever gap between them kissing in the entire show, also we've still not had a scene with them in bed together since 10x01 that's 35 episodes again the longest gap without a scene showing them in bed in the entire show run. We've haven't seen there bedroom since it got decorated in 10x07 which is 28 episodes again that's the longest gap without seeing that bedroom in the entire shows history. I really hope in the remaining episodes of the season that these three things get remedied . Correction it's actually the second longest without them sharing a kiss the actual longest is between 4x13 and 5x14 25 episodes, they haven't shared a kiss since 10x18 , but 17 episodes it's still a long time, also it is the longest gap between kisses whilst in a relationship.
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    Their have important subtle changes in direction and writing in regards to Lenny. That have made this season the most satisfying since Season 6 for me personally. They have done a complete 180 on Lenny from last season. I don't know if that is due to having a new showrunner, probably but it is different. Still it has been a long time since Leonard and Penny have had a significant story arch. And I Am sure Johnny and Kaley being method actors. Would sure apppreciate that . Heck I would take more pillow talk too. Lenny's pillow talk is so iconic. Heres an actual compilation of all of Lenny's bed scene's. Has over Two million views on YT. Ahh like to see even one of these scenes again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FYPt2ZTJRU
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    From Kaley's IG normancook Vegas! We survived the first night and even found our rooms at the end of the evening #goals https://www.instagram.com/p/BcxYwJyFvX9/
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    The title of 11.13 should be "The Solo Oscillation". It can refer to anything, from Star Wars to a concert, we literally don't know anything else about the episode, LOL! Anyway, since Raj is the only one in the group "playing solo", I was wondering if the title refers to him. In this case, I really hope it's not another useless plot about him meeting a girl and then screwing up with her for some reasons, I'm pretty tired of those.
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    11.11 The Celebration Reverberation Here are the results for this week, with the season totals: Week Total Season Total Show 19:55* 223:15* *"Previously on The Big Bang Theory" one minute this episode, two minutes total Commercials 11:05 117:55 Minor Characters (MC) 0:00 31:40 Leonard 7:45 91:20 Sheldon 9:10 117:25 Penny 4:45 71:45 Raj 6:55 78:50 Howard 8:05 84:25 Bernadette 0:15 41:10 Amy 5:20 72:00 Stuart 2:50 12:55 Ruchi 8:30 Shamy (Total) 4:50 41:00 Shamy (Alone) 4:50 29:50 Lenny (Total) 4:25 31:35 Lenny (Alone) 4:15 12:05 Howardette (Total) 0:10 14:50 Howardette (Alone) 0:00 7:45 Rachi (Total) 6:40 Rachi (Alone) 4:45 Guys 1:50 4:15 Girls 0:00 0:30 Gang 0:20 10:25 I you want to know how I'm getting the times, you might want to go back look at how I've defined things It's the system I used for seasons 1-10. While I'll be tracking everything the same way, I will be putting up some of the results weekly. Every four weeks, I will put up the spreadsheet, so all the times, for all the pairings, can be viewed. Tensor
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    To clarify some things. My post as seen above was in reply to a discussion on Wednesday about Amy and Sheldon relationship and on whether or not Sheldon was a Good Boyfriend. To which Chiany poted referring to Leonard controversial boat kiss so wasn't referred to by name we all know who he was talking about I agree here but I was just using that as an example Then this person chimed in Again agree. All I was saying was Leonard only kiss a Girl for like 5 Second while drunk at Sea. The Guy was having fun but made a mistake nonetheless But again not Cheating i all I was trying to say. He should not be called a bad boyfriend (which did happen before he MArried Penny) for one little mistake like a Kis. The whole thing was a mes Me replying to Chiany: Then again this person below chimes in taking my word out of context Below I clearly state that Cheating is bad! All cheating Is bad but it doesn't always make a person a bad spouse. It really depends on who the wronged partner own opinion but a lot of people would say being cheated on one time would not make their SO a bad person or spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't think One little Affair should make a person a bad spouse for life if up to that point they were a good spouse. Now if the affair is ongoing one for many years of if the spouse repeatedly cheats on their spouse again and again serial cheating) to me that is not a good spouse at all no matter what. I was not defending cheating at all or any cheater as KripkeRule claimed Below y comment was in response to KripkeRule reply to my last comment above which was deleted saying that I thought Cheating was okay anyway which not true at all and I had made the point clear in one of my post before that. He was clearly looking for an argument. I also said what Leonard did was not good regardless if it was cheating or not My comment below form Thursday afternoon after some said that Sheldon cheated when Ramona kiss him No, becue with Leonard he was on a boat and drunk and Sheldon did not initiate the kiss and pulled back quickly when she kissed him and left. Neither is cheating IMO Now if Leonard had been over and went to bed with the omen n the boat then yes would have been cheating. If Sheldon had started making out willing with Ramona than yes would have been cheating. I don't deny what Leonard did was wrong but it was not cheating Here I aid it depends on the Person meaning the spouse or whoever they are dating or married to I also again say what he did was wrong but not being unfaithful but yes disloyal Several posts of mine and Kripke and others were deleted last night before KripkeRule made this comment where he claimed some sort of 'theory' (about my post) which I am not sure why because I did not once mention the word theory or that anything was a theory or even a theory of mine. Not sure why he thought it was some theory I was trying to make which was not true. He also claimed I was defending a cheater and cheating but that not true at all. I had already a few times said cheating was bad. I said that Sheldon and Leonard did not cheat IMO. I don't know how that defending a cheater becue everyone has different opinions on if that cheating or not Again he claimd some theory I even respond saying there no theory and that I never mention it. And yeah I didn't say anyone agreed with me or had to. An opinion is not a theory. We all have our opinion Below: Don't know what the point of this reply here but I was saying that it questionable if a person who cheats jut one time is a bad spouse and wive vs a person who cheats 10, 20, 30 and more times or has a decade's long affair. I was just saying that as an example not as some 'magic number' for people to live by lol. As I said last night there is no magic number. Everyone has their own opinion or thoughts on that. @Carlos Your last post, Yes that exactly what I was trying to say. @joyceraye You are right. There is a lot that makes a person a good spouse. Lots of things go into it. All I was saying is that one little brief affair or messed up kiss make a person a bad partner for life. It is bad and cheating is about the worst thing you can do to a spouse but it does not always make them a bad spouse forever. It really depends on the situation and the person with them. everyone is gonna be different in their view or opinion and that fine. It really up to them to make that decision We all know someone who had cheated or heard of someone who has cheated (it could be someone in your family from 100 years ago) but at the end of the day despite that one bad mistake some of them were good spouse overall who made a very bad mistake. It not defneidng the cheater. I alo not denfding cheaitng as I already said.
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    There is no magic number, obviously, and you know that. I think that what the poster was trying to say is that it is unfair to judge a person by on act, and I tend to agree. All of their behavior has to be considered to form an opinion, and decide how to react. Obviously the nature of the infidelity is also a matter to be taken into consideration since not reacting fast enough to someone kissing you is not the same as sleeping with someone. In reality it all depends on the person who has been wronged. They are the only ones who can decide for themselves whether to forgive or not.
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    Going back three years to season eight, we've gotten so little Lenny. And most of what we have gotten hasn't been all that great, that yes, that's what makes a great Lenny episode now.
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    Haven't watched the ep. yet (12 hour night shifts) but reading all the wonderful comments here have me looking forward to it with great anticipation.
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    I loved it! Leonard and Penny were absolutely adorable last night! They were everything I need from my Lenny: loving and supportive! There really has been a major shift from the past three seasons and whatever was the driving force for it -- thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can bear to watch the show again! Amazingly, I had several LOL moments: Leonard's pseudo 'Dad moment' to the petty combatants: 'Hey! That's enough! This fight either has to end or get way more entertaining'; Sheldon's return accusatory barb at Leonard: 'You're exhausting and short' and Leonard's little moment of reflection and then nod of agreement; 'Built IKEA desk' on the Hofstadter Family accomplishment board; and Leonard's high score on 'Mario Cart' NOT making the cut! There has been a complete180 in Lenny writing from the past three seasons. To what grace do we owe this?! Is it all just because Molero's acid glare and hateful, unfunny pen has turned to the spin-off? If so, then great! Keep him busy elsewhere!
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    Glad you are amused. Looks like Love overcomes much and even in Sheldon Cooper of all people.
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    I don't think being afraid of flying would make it easy to take a nap on the plane Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I'll speculate the whole ship board kiss was to make leonard look bad and to diminish lenny as a couple so that tptb could push shamy to the forefront Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I guess you and i have different definitions of what a kiss is Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    It seemed to me that Priya never took leonard seriously when he said he'd get a job in "New Delhi" to be with her. And had he thought it through? If he hasn't got tenure on his home ground, what are his chances of getting a post where he knows no-one? And the pollution in Delhi isn't new this year - how long would Leonard and his inhaler last there?
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    I agree that he panicked but not (in my opinion) that he did something wrong. He refused to listen the the advice from his friends about Ramona and found himself in a comprising situation, which caused him to immediately fly cross country to his girlfriend.
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    Again you're bringing points that are not necessarily relevant. Leonard felt bad about it , but not, IMO, because he had done anything wrong, but because he felt bad that it had even happened. As presented by TPTB, and we will never know exactly what happened because they decided not to show it, he appears to have been an innocent bystander. He felt bad because he's a good guy. The fact that Sheldon didn't feel bad about the whole thing doesn't necessarily mean he's a better person than Leonard. Actually IMO, it just means he's an ass, because his friends had told him that something like what happened could have, and he decided to spend time alone with Ramona anyway. Also IMO it is a little bit sad that it took Sheldon a kiss from another woman to make him propose to Amy, but that is just a matter of personal preference as far as story-telling goes.
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    More from Vegas... Kaley and friends This is from Kaley's IG stories...
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    Kaley's IG stories from Vegas have been really funny. Looks like she is having a great time with her friends.
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    I haven't watched since 10x18 but that might change if the goodness continues or lenny get a long overdue prolonged story. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Maybe the boat kiss (or was it kissing?) wasn't cheating, but keeping quiet about it for two years, wasn't very smart. It made him look guilty. That, plus Penny knowing he's made out with one girl, while involved with another, doesn't do him any favours.
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    We had this discussion back in season 7, when she was engaged and married. She's an actress, they do what is written and she is getting a lot of money to act the character, as written. Back in season 7, while she was engaged and married, the amount of kissing was less, the characters were still kissing. In the first half of season 8, they went though 8 or 9 episodes without kissing, but they kissed in the second have of the season, again when she was married.
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    It was actually supposed to be very different. Initially the main romance was supposed to be Monica and Joey. Rachel was supposed to be with Chandler. I'm not sure when they changed that but it (at least the Rachel-Chandler thing) was prior to the pilot that started Ross and Rachel. The chemistry between Schwimmer and Aniston was strong so they became the central couple and were offered more money for the second season (they refused and the cast demanded equal pay). Also, when they wrote Monica and Chandler's night in London it wasn't supposed to go further than that but it made for a strong reaction among the audience so they started to go with it and the rest is history...
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    Okay, I'm not trying to start a fight...this is just the only place I could think to ask respectfully and be taken seriously. Why is them holding hands such a big deal? I am keeping my mouth shut tight around my Lenny friends. My hardcore Lenny friends are acting like they just got an entire Lenny ep and if I hadn't been paying close attention to this whole episode, I might have missed the hand holding. Is that really all it takes to make something a great Lenny ep now?
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    As the mother of a 30 year old son with Asperger's I totally agree.
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    Okay, I have watched the episode again and again... I know I have posted my opinion about the episode earlier but when the Shamy goodness is big like happened in 11.11, I have to share a few more thoughts ( with the risk of repeating some) with you all. I hope be able to read your thoughts for chat with you all , dear Shamies fellows * S10 Sheldon is back strongly, thank goodness!The way so detailed he prepared LHOP dinner , being so attentive to all details that he knew his fianceé would love it to pieces was really spot on. AndI just love Sheldon lovey dovey side! I have always known he would eventually to reveal to the world he is a romantic guy! <3 * Hands down, Shamy bed scenes are always in any circunstances so great, even when they were sick, hehe!I just loved how Sheldon was worried over Amy, it was sweet. The intimacy between them is really solid and so natural: they are really two persons connected intimately strongly now. Thinking back then when they did not have any intimacy , then when getting intimacy started to be important to Amy butit was a lost batle with Sheldon and watching them now, as Sheldon even shares apparently pieces of clothes with Amy... Shipping this couple has been really a great journey for me as I am an unconditional ( and sometimes too sappy , I know, lol) romantic heart! <3 * The exhausting and short thrown back by Sheldon was priceless, lol! Glad he shows he doesnt like when his and Amy's sexual life ís mocked! * Hands down again, could be Amy and Sheldon better than they are if they were performed by another actor and another actress but Jim and Mayim? No, they are Shamy: body, soul and emotion! * The make love said by Sheldon made mw melt ...damn poisoned food, lol!! * Seductive Sheldon and Amy are really a joy: only them could considerate jumping up and down on children party stuff as foreplay, lol! And now I am ready for Shamy metric in next month!
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    At least the pants are from same pattern than Sheldon's! I would say one more thing from Shamy fanbase that writers might have kind of obliged, lol!
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    We are working under this assumption, LOL!
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    Really enjoyed to read Mayim bts from 11.10 and 11.11 as well. Thanks for that @mirs1. Maym's Shamy fan side is adorable and I just love how dedicated Maym is as she performs Amy. My only complain was how could Mayim not be aware those were Sheldon's pajamas pants,LOL? That pattern is unforgetable!! For Sheldon's romantic side, it was really a force that only Amy could put awake: love that so much! LHOP was just perfect. You rock, Sheldon!
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    But at that stage Amy didn't want a sexual relationship with Sheldon. However, she did want brains as well as physicality in a lover. Zack lost all his sexual attractiveness to her when she realised he was dim. in the tag she caught hold of Sheldon's hand as an experiment. She felt nothing then. At the time I liked that. I wanted them to be good friends. They both needed friends who appreciated and liked their mind. There were no signs either of them wanted more from each other until Sheldon gave Leonard the 'Not for you' rabbit punch. She had to be drunk in order to kiss him. When Sheldon got jealous over Amy's dating Stuart and asked her to be his girlfriend I was disappointed. I'm glad for Sheldon that it did morph into love because if Amy had met and married another man he might have lost that friendship.
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    Definitely in sync with their opinions. Don't wipe that smirk off your face.
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    Again it is the little scenes like this that remind me of early Leonard and Penny. The touching each other and the affectionate looks being passed between them is so reminiscent of the first few seasons and is exactly what I would have expected from them after they got married. I like how Penny dresses now too, she has gone now from the hot party girl across the hall to the beautiful and graceful wife. I liked her coming out of the hall in the morning in full pajamas, I just wish the would have also added a fuzzy robe and slippers, with even more messy hair, so Leonard could kiss her check and remark something like “morning beautiful” and mean it because he still adores her. Also they left the most important item off their list, “living my dream life with my soulmate”.
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    I kinda hoped we could see more...not the fight, but the storyline. But on second thought, I'm not trusting the writers for a serious issue about Raj. So, I guess maybe this was just a mini story before the winter hiatus. I LOLed at their jumping scene, they were both very flexible.
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    So, given that in the 11.12 promo pic Raj has still curly hair, can we infer the only purpose of the Howard/Raj rift was to spear Kunal a couple of uncomfortable hours with his hairstylist every episode? LOL! The episode was funny, I liked they way the two of them made up, and connect again over a bouncy caste, it was hilarious. It was nice from Raj to help with the birthday party, the decorations were amazing for such a short notice. The two of them behaved in a very childish way in the first part of the episode, though. The fight might have had a profound meaning for Raj at the beginning, but in this episode it was completely lost. Happy it's over, and now they are friends again.
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    I have to admit a great Lenny Ep ! Yes, it is!
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    Johnny and ,Kaley must be happy that Leonard and Penny got through their "rough patch" as Johnny called it. Lenny is just beaming in this episode.
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    There is no theory here anywhere! No one ever mentions a theory here. You are the one who started this whole argument. We are all allowed to have our own opinion here.
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    Yeah, it's just a hobby to talk about the show, but I guess to someone it is like their life hanging on it or something. Yeah, I already got several Run to India based on my unpopular opinions, but whatever. It's fun. LOL.
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