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    My favorite blooper is the one from the Valentine's Day episode where Leonard is trying to hint (with various Swiss things) to Penny about taking her to Switzerland. And Kaley forgets her line (about it having something to do with Swiss). After finding out it should be Swiss, they both break up and Kaley leans over and hugs Johnny. This was one of the first tapings in January, just after they say they broke up before the holidays.
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    That’s not Leonard and Penny, that’s Johnny and Kaley
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    After giving us a look at Leonard and Penny's bedroom again in the next episode, I'd like to see Lenny just having fun in bed. That would be great. Happy weekend!
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    I am interested about everyones views on a possible Season 13. Pros and Cons to that. Pro is this site still running. I love the community here. Con is I don't want my top 3 fav show ever to decline even more in quality. So it well be interesting. Depends also on the actors, do they want to pursue other projects. Like the cast of Friends did.
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    You may not care, but the networks and advertisers do. That's why the ratings are used to make those advertising decisions. They can, but they aren't fixed. Unless you can point out a specific instance of the Nielsen's being fixed. A true reflection of what? What about their algorithms and data capture technology lead you think the results they release not a true reflection? Nothing is 100% accurate, but since their minimum confidence level is three sigma, you're looking, there, at a 99.73% chance that the number they release is correct. And that only gets better when some of the breakouts use four sigma. (99.994%) I'm not seeing how there is a large error here. Can you point out where you see a large error? The networks have no control over the ratings released by Nielsen. Advertisers get the same numbers that go to the networks. Can you specify exactly what opportunity for errors exist? You do know that the VOD voice method is still experimental, and thus not used to produce official results, right? You do know that Voice Recognition, if not verified, requires a regular sign in, right? And, on top of all that, Video on Demand ratings have nothing to do with Broadcast ratings. As I said, nothing is 100% accurate, so nothing is foolproof. If there are errors, they fix them. That happened two years ago, when their normal quality checks indicated that the numbers for several ABC shows seemed to be off. Nielsen went in and did a rather detailed and lengthy check, found an error, and corrected it. You seem to think that they just put out the numbers without doing checks or going back and rechecking. Selected data for who? The numbers they release (and the numbers I use here) are general numbers, the only specific numbers are the viewers, the households, and the 18-49 demo (I also get the 18-34 and 25-54 demos) They have many more breakdowns with different demos, including age, gender, race, income, education, and several other breakouts. The general public doesn't see those, those go to the individuals and corporations that pay for it. Advertisers and companies that use those advertisers make multi-million (in some cases billion dollar) decisions based on those ratings. Do you really think businesses would make those types of monetary decisions if they thought the rating number were as far off as you seem to imply they are?
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    Yeah, there's nothing like a well-ordered archive, right?
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    Yep, and they dated at the time this blooper came about. One of my favorite bloopers, btw. It's so stinking cute.
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    FYI it was on this day January the 19th, 2009 Season 2 The Friendship Algorthim aired. This cute Lenny scene. When Leonard was helping Penny with her laptop
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    ....and that us why I love this so much!!! Another reason to love these two. They worked through a tense situation and made things work, keeping an enterprise going when in many other cases it could have blown up and never had become what we know and love!
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    Yeah, that's my #1 blooper too. No blooper, but a nice bts gif from episode 100...
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    They have new drugs/drug versions every now and then. Otherwise they wouldn't need her.
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    Well, I guess this one is hard to answer as from a fan’s point of view we probably all want it to go on forever. The series set itself to a such a high standard, so I agree with you that I would not want to see it decline. It might become boring for the actors and producers. After 12 years they probably want to move on? While I think about it, here is what I really want. I want all unfinished stories to be told so that we can leave in peace. Depending on that, things could go on into a Season 13. As long as it takes. But it needs to be good. Like Season 9. A proper ending should also happen. There are two endings of series in my little universe that I found most beautiful. One was the last episode of Magnum P.I. when Tom Selleck had taken over and concluded everything. The stories, the characters life’s and even his own character. The other was the ending of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The whole story was resolved (one of the greatest plots ever) and there was a 20 minute or so flashback of the best scenes in a slightly different colour with wonderful music. I really cried my soul out for that but it was a good way to make everyone say goodbye. Yes ... it should end with a Big Bang
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    Actually Shamy were in the unwanted neighbors list. They didn't get a lot of votes but then again, most contenders did not get many votes because the most popular choice was not wanting any of them. (Just describing the results)
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    Everyone here wants to head south then go thru the Panama canal into the Caribbean but getting someone to keep going to Connecticut will be the tough part. Theres a saying about boaters if if you own a boat your rich but if you live on it your a bum. I've got the bum part down tight Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk I was marry 27 years and we were still in the honeymoon stage Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    It's more Quantity over Quality. Creatively TBBT has probably seen its best days. But Financially it is a real money getter for CBS. And well continue to be so for the next two decades possibly in syndication. I agree Re Penny. I was remarking how she used to be so outgoing. Over the past few seasons though. They have deconstructed her from this fun, messy girl next door. To this domesticated housewife. Been better this season. For a while she just seemed unhappy. She is not so anti geek anymore too. It would be nice if we actually saw Lenny going out with friends e.t.c. Like even in Season 7 they invited friends over to watch Football. Young Sheldon is definately feeling TBBT bump. Be interesting when TBBT ends it season. Or if it changes time slots. How well it would do. Ratings wise prob not as well.
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    Only because it has The Big Bang Theory as a lead in not necessarily because people think it a great sho. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Again, what difference does this make? Raj and Penny were not in a relationship with anyone. I'm done.
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    Jim and Todd with their production team flew private, Simon went with them.
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    I owned a boat once. It was a Mendesta 500 S, a single kayak suitable for slalom competitions. I was neither rich nor a bum,although some of the men could have been mistaken for the latter when we were camping or going to the pub in the evening.
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    Personally, I prefer the show end after Season 12 while it still on top (ratings-wise) which being on top in your 11th season is an amazing feat but It not a good as it was 3 or 4 seasons ago. I do agree that the decline started in Season 8.
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    Agree Raj plot was just fodder for the week. The Sheldon/Leonard plot was funnier and I agree it was probably a one-shot deal with the rental agreement. However, it still showed how manipulative and deceitful Sheldon can be. To have a rental agreement at all was an indictment of their friendship and then to add the twist of the time zone seemed like a planned action. Also agree that Penny and Leonard were acting more like a married couple this episode but when will they stand up to Sheldon and mean it and keep to their decisions.
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    Great clip Think this scene was from the gag reel of season 2
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    I wish you all the best putting up with that crap that is The Sheldon Show week after week. Personally I would never watch an episode ever again because tptb ruined my enjoyment of the show in season 8 , 9 and 10 and I find it hard watching earlier seasons that I used to love knowing the outcome in later seasons and the total assassination of my favourite characters. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Personally, I think the writers see the writing on the wall that next year will be the last and are just going thru the motions.
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    I believe Sheldon got the IQ but MIssy got the EQ (Emotional Intelligence). She observes how others act/react and draws conclusions. She helps Sheldon in that way.
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    You had to insult @joyceraye for asking a rhetorical question? That TBBT and Young Sheldon are shows with high viewership is not an opinion. CBS has used it to give the doughnuts show a boost several times.
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    I think they could have the kids in their late teens to mid twenties, this way they can go back to young scientists/smart/geeky people having fun (which they have problem with with the current gang being in their thirties, most of them settled down) and as it will be a sequel and not a prequel it allows for many possibilites. It would also set the BBT actors free, allowing for the occasional guest spot. I think average kids for Shamy could disappoint many and also run its course quickly (JMO of course), but I can see a daughter (not necessairily the only child) being as enthusiastic as Amy about "girly" things and Sheldon finding himself involved in "girly" projects. I would like for them all to be smart but there's a different between smart or very smart and academically successful and Leonard-Sheldon-Amy smart. Their levels of intelligence are very rare. I don't think Raj, Bernie and Howard are the same level even though they are very smart and successful. I would like genius kids for Lenny and Shamy. Maybe the Hofstadter intelligence-related genes are very dominant, making all of their kids geniuses. Penny will have to find her ways to handle that.
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    As for season 13... I'm hesitant. The quality may drop more, although I didn't want season 11 and so far I find it to be kind of a correction for season 10. But I also think not showing Howardette's kids and Lenny with not even a pregnancy in season 13 would be ridiculous and unrealistic. What I would prefer rather than season 13 and Young Sheldon is a futuristic spin off centered on the gang's children. Oh well...
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    Shamy would be the last couple I would want to live across the hall from LOL. No offense but I am not really into my tempels being tested. Lenny I think would be better neighbors. And I Think majority agree too.
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    For me, that would be a key point with regard to a continuation. Right now, I have rather doubts (perhaps I have to tuned out the Sheldon nonsense as I frequently do already). However, I am also afraid that I will continue to "unconsciously" postpone the timing of my personal farewell from the series. (I love the community here too!)
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    They put my boat in a slip close to where the tourist walk so we sit in the cockpit and drink and watch them as they watch us Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk When go i outside the first thing i see is the Queen Mary everyday Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Lennys honeymoon phase was probably Season 3. By Season 6, that is when the hard work set in. I think Lenny work really hard to make something ridiclous work. .And that is the charm. I see parrallels in me in Leonard. And I could always relate to the nerdy guy desiring the hot girl. So Lenny well always be my OTP from this series. Of course Lenny had a friendship for two years before they slept together. So its not like they cheapend their relationship or anything by jumping in bed together.
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    Hahaha. Just ask her if her mom had her tested. (Twice to be sure) [emoji23] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    I'll have to have a written test to be sure there's no shamys Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Good man. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Actually I've got time to work on this old girl and i should be ready to head to Panama by November this year. Hope to get to Connecticut mid 2020. Pretty lucky this boat has a big rebuilt perkins and plenty of room for tequila now i just need to find a woman to go with me Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Your opinion. And them. Not mine. Rating is not why I watch shows. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    I think i going to follow in the steps of #tonstar17 and just peek in occasionally i truly think we got the old bait and switch between seasons 7 and 8 and it just isn't worth it anymore Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    More from Sundance..move movies to see
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    Putting shows behind TBBT hasn't always worked for CBS. A lot of people are not changing the channel
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    I think it's a terrible show and I don't watch it. But someone is. The lead in doesn't seem to have given that kind of ratings to every show that's ever followed it.
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    My major issue with the end of The big bang theory & now the sequel. The Sheldon Show is Ppls can bring up all the stuff they want of yesteryears of lenny/ leonard, penny did which is minor compare….. but what you can't take away from them is the genuine persons they are. Can't say the same for Amy or Sheldon. You can slang off lenny all you want but at the end of the day. Lenny will alway be a better persons than Sheldon and Amy put together Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Yeah Leonard and Penny dated for years before getting married and lived across the hall from each other so they should not be compared to a couple who, say, dated for 2 years before marriage and lived together for about one (yes they did not actually live together until they were married for more than a year but "living apart" was not the same in their case as it is for most couples). That being said, I would like to see more physical affection between them. TPTB seem to keep physical affection low with all couples. It makes sense for Shamy but not so much for Lenny. I would also expect somewhat more from Howardette.
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