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    Sorry my brief summary turned into a bit of a novel. I will post it below. I was nice being at the 250 episode, There were quite a few VIPs. The Big Bang scholars were there and they will probably post pics later. I got moved down to sit with them as they had someone that couldn't attend. Put me in the second row right in front of 4a. Didn't get the green band to go on set though. Kaley had her Dad as usual and Karl plus his Mum and other family. Johnny got a bit emotional about the 250 episodes when they gave there talk to the audience. Lots of hugs all around when they finished. Everyone was talking to each other between takes “The Tenants Disassociation” Story by Steve Holland, Jeremy Howe and Trevor Alper Teleplay by Dave Goetsch, Eric Kaplan and Maria Ferrari A longer summary of tonight taping than I had planned. I am not good at remembering dialogue verbatim sorry. Two plots Sheldon/Leonard and the tenants association and Raj and Howard and a drone Cold open with everyone except Penny in 4a having Chinese. Penny comes in with a pastrami sandwich from a food truck parked outside the building. Banter about how everyone should eat Chinese food as it is Friday, Amy brings up how some Chinese name invented the sandwich and Sheldon is no it was the Earl of Sandwich and Penny is oh the food truck is the Pearl of Sandwich I just get it. Howard says that smells nice I am going down to get one, more argumentative banter and Bernadette is I am going to get one as well and lets not come back. Amy and Sheldon are discussing the Chinese inventing it and Penny, Raj and Leonard leave as well. Sheldon doesn’t want to discuss it anymore as he is eating, funny comments about discussing it later as he talks in his sleep. He look at his food wrapped in a ? some bread/pancake wrap and says to Amy maybe you are right and she notices there is no one left to hear it. This scene was shot multiple times with a few subtle changes in dialogue and a few quick pick-ups. Follow up scene in 4B with Sheldon looking out the window at the food truck and complaining about how nice it smells. He likes fat and salt as much as the next man. Some dialogue about having to control himself with a rigid plan. Amy say I will go down and ask them to move. He say why are you taking cash with you. The next two scenes were pre-recorded. Raj and Howard are in the hot tub in Howard’s back yard. Some funny dialogue about Raj borrowing Howards swim trunks and Howard not wanting them back. Howard goes to get out and notices something in the bushes. A crashed drone. They discuss if Howard can fix it. A later scene has them flying it and Bernadette coming out and saying have they tried to find out who it belongs to. They sheepishly say they have (but they haven’t). She suggests that they look at the video data card. Penny comes home and says the food truck is no longer there. Leonard says that is what happens to food truck they move. She is no someone complained about the food truck to the tenants association and it can no longer park there. Leonard is who would do… oh. Next scene outside in the hall. Penny and Leonard say to Sheldon did you complain to the tenants association and he is Yes. Penny says well I am going to send an email complaining about you which she does. Sheldon’s phone alerts and they are “Are you the tenants association” Yes. Wow you should use spellcheck changed later to Pastrami doesn’t have a Y in it. Can’t remember if this comes before or after but Raj, Howard and Bernadette are in the kitchen looking at some shaky footage of a lovely girl flying the drone when it goes blank. They play it back so Bernadette can look at it to see if she can see anything. Howard says that she is good at picking up continuity issues in films which is not annoying at all. She spots a badge from the comic book store. Raj wants Howard to zoom in so he can get a closer look. Howard bring the tablet up close to Rajs face and he is I know you did that to be annoying but it helps. Penny and Leonard are confronting Sheldon in 4B about the tenants association and who made him President. He says he called a meeting, he was the only one who attended and he voted himself in. Amy comes in and says why didn’t you tell me. He says I wanted you to love the man not the position or something similar. Penny and Leonard want to hold a meeting to vote him out. The read the minutes brief Sheldon had a meeting in the shower adjourned after he got shampoo in his eye. Penny and Leonard vote a motion of no confidence but Amy doesn’t want to vote to annoy her fiancé, her best friend or Leonard who gave her a battery to replace her with no strings attached. Sheldon wins when he says she can join him next time he has a meeting in the shower. The shot this scene a few times with a few muck ups and some minor re-writes. You then see Amy coming over to 4A to apologise but says she can’t go against Sheldon over something so minor as a sandwich. But all they need is someone else from the building to vote against him and they did not get the idea from her. In fact Sheldon though she had to go back to the market so she is taking things from their fridge. Three pre-recorded scenes with Leonard and Penny going to the other tenants asking them to vote for him not Sheldon. One is a man they introduce themselves to. He says we have meet when I moved in, they are like yes a few months ago he is no two years and I invited you to my house-warming and got a lot of food in. The next says he can’t vote against Sheldon as Sheldon has got a restraining order against him for locking Sheldon on the roof three times. The next is Mrs Petrescu who they have a funny mis-understood conversation with due to her poor English. Back to 4B where Sheldon is making posters . One saying the only people this tall can use the washing machine and he is going to put it up high so Leonard cant wash is clothes and people won’t vote for someone who smells when they have a non- smelling alternative. Amy says she is a neuroscientist and have a lunatic for finance reflects badly on her. Raj and Howard are at the comic book store having Stuart look at the drone footage. Stuart is yes I know her and not every female who stops coming to the store is because of him. Howard is but she did and Stuart is yes all I tried to do was change my smile (They filmed this a few time with Stuart doing various smiles) the final take had Howard saying that was ghoulish. They ask if Stuart has her contact details and while he goes to look Raj asks/begs Howard to let him take the drone back to her. Sheldon and Amy are having a meal when Leonard and Penny come in. They have found out that when the swapped apartments Amy took over Penny’s lease and Sheldon was taken off 4A and Penny added, but Sheldon was not added to 4B so he is not a tenant and so cannot be on the tenants committee. Amy is I don’t know how they found out that information(she told them) but that is what has to happen. Sheldon is as much as I like a legal technicality this doesn’t work as California has a law that if you live somewhere for 30 days you are a tenant. Amy is I vote for Leonard. Sheldon is how could you, u she is you can’t handle the minimal power. He is well now I am not President I can be a critic and bring up points etc. She says you will be good at that. Leonard is What have I done. Pre-recorded Raj drops off the drone at the attractive owners place and gets her phone number. Contacts her straight away. Howard is I can’t believe you got her number. Tag is her watching footage from the drone of Raj and Howard flying it. Raj is making inappropriate comments about dating her and she closes her laptop.
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    Hi Just back to the hotel after the taping. Great lighthearted funny episode. The Tenant Disassociation. i will type up a summary may take me a while
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    I did have a great time and would encourage anyone who is thinking of going to go while they still can. I think I have come away with a greater appreciation of the skills of all the actors. I know it is their job and they are highly paid but coping with the multiple quick changes of script, repeating the scenes, picking up the scene half way through it was great to see. Also seeing where they hide their scripts, Johnny in the kitchen and Jim in the fridge, they all seemed to genuinely get on watching them all talk and laugh together but also giving each other space when they were obviously going over lines in their head. But most of all it was fun.
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    Yes it was fun with some good dialogue. I think you always enjoy the ones you watch being taped. Will be interesting to see how it turns out after editing etc
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    Nothing major. We sang happy birthday to a lady in? Wardrobe. Someone in the audience was laughing and crying at the same time when demonstrating to Mark Sweet her laugh and Kunal came up and gave her a hug. All the cast were interacting with each other looked like both serious and laughing conversations. When waiting for action in the hallway Johnny straightened Jims tshirt. Everyone hugged everyone else cast and producers and crew at the end of the taping. Everyone clapped the BBT scolars when Mark introduced them
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    From Warner Channel via their official Twitter account Source: https://twitter.com/WarnerChannelLA/status/970788545899069440
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    In her IG stories Mayim has just said next week episode wiII be (aIso) about bachelor/bacheIorette parties for Shamy
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    From Alex Ayers' IG story Johnny talking to the live audience about episode 250 during the taping last night
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    From Cassie Dentanto's (a BBT crew member?) IG story
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    BacheIor/bacheIorette parties for Shamy in the next episode! Mayim just said that in her IG stories!!!
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    Today there is a new table reading, so Happy table reading day.
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    Omg!! I have been waiting so much for this!!
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    As advertised… It's about time and it seems to work.
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    From Jim's IG story
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    lol been waiting ages for this story to happen! I'm excited to see what they have in store! As someone who has missed seeing the girls together in scenes a lot this season this news makes me very happy
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    LOL. He had a tenants assoc meeting with himself in the shower, and said Amy could join him the next time he had a meeting there. As an inducement for Amy to vote for him to remain as president of the tenants assoc it worked but he in no longer president.
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    A great gif @lagernisse, for the fact that Leonard is gazing at the open door of 4B where Penny is looking back at him!!!
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    I concur, Raj needs to grow up in terms of relationships. A relationship is more than just having someone to have sex with. There's the love to just be together, respect for one another and do things your partner wants to do. Lenny, Shamy and Howardette have learned those sometimes painful lessons and have emerged as stronger couples.
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    Great taping report @pegcarr ! Looking forward to seeing the episode. Reading your report at 5:30 a.m. I’m literally laughing out loud! I also love your enthusiasm as in the post I’m quoting. That you enjoyed the experience leaps off the screen and that is a wonderful thing! Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is appreciated very, very much. You are a rock star! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
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    Hi everyone, just back to the hotel. Funny lighthearted episode The Tenant Disassociation. I will type up a summary and put it on the discussion thread
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    Most iconic character (didn't say liked or hated, I know Sheldon is a 'Marmite character' and tends to fall on one side or the other with no in-between) so they will make it a big deal of course. But I am hoping they will make it a big deal for Amy too at the wedding! We know her family are going to turn up and I fully expect (unless taping confirms it to be the opposite) that the girls party (assuming they run a traditional separate party split by gender kind of deal) will be way funnier and better written than the guys one. Because for years now that has been the case, the girls are funnier IMO as a group than the guys are. You get sweet and funny moments with the girls, you get snark and bickering with the guys. Very happy we are going to get an episode of this, and with Melissa back in the stories as Bernie it should be great!
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    I'm fully expecting the girls party to be way funnier than the boys one, with the guys one you could get drama or bickering.
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    Yeees. That is why i came here just now. So exciting!
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    All his siblings are married off. From The Allowance Evaporation:- Raj: What are you saying, that you’re giving up on me? What kind of father gives up on his son? Dr Koothrapalli: I have six children, five of whom are married and self-sufficient. I don’t think I’m the problem.
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    Got to say Shamy look cute on the promos and sneak peaks and are really excited about that venue So much so it kind of makes me feel a bit foolish for being so dismissive of the venue and not thinking it was grand enough or thinking outside of the box enough in terms of picking a location when we got the spoilers. I think they would have been very happy with it and that's all that matters at the end of the day that they get the location they want for their special day, it's there's not mine lol
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    I think his chances of a relationship whatsoever are slim to none if he keeps with this attitude in regards to interacting with the opposite sex!
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    @pegcarr Thank you for the detailed report. I really appreciate it!
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    This episode will require a heavy "suspension of disbelief" if we are to believe that Sheldon could actually convince anyone outside his circle of friends to vote to put him in charge of anything. Regular people wouldn't put up with him and his attitude for more than a minute before closing the door in his face
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    Thank you. That will be very much appreciated, when you have time and opportunity. Hope you had a wonderful time ! Relax and have your dinner first, and get a good night's sleep. I hope you're having a great vacation.
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    just take a peek at Howard’s lol...which, incidentally, Sheldon seemed to enjoy complete with knocking back a few drinks! I have no problem believing he would sign off on a bachelor party of his own!
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    From the GLAAD IG account
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    Yeah you could easily see the guys party get derailed by say a Kripke or a WW. I have less fears about that with the girls.
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    Yeah, historicaIIy bacheIor parties don't end weII in TBBT worId, whiIe this wiII be the first bacheIorette party in the show and, given Amy's ideas for Bernie's one, I can't wait for it!
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    It may be from an episode from 5 years ago, but, it's still sweet and touching as well.
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    Yes, I know, it's from the episode when they starting dating again.
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    Did I read the TR correctly? Did Sheldon invite Amy to take a shower with him??
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    That would be a Lenny storyline. The show appears to have given up at that. JMO it would seem more logical than bringing back Ramona for a storyline. Ramona only purpose was to have Sheldon propose. An Alex storyline could be linked to Lenny but could also be a link to Raj. Maybe you could write a fanfiction on that.
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    Bringing (Dr) Jensen back could be very interesting, it could give us someone both new for Raj, since he really couldn’t talk or interface with her before, and she would already be known by the group. It could also be funny for Leonard and Penny, Penny at first being extremely possessive of Leonard and actually pampering him until she finds out Alex likes Raj, then she starts treating Leonard normally again.
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    He would have to change a lot, I don't see her getting back with him as he hasn't changed at all in regards to interacting with the opposite sex. I think chances are he also tainted that relationship forever when he was seeing both Emily and Claire at the same time.
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    Yes, agree. This episode is a perfect example of what I post here:
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    LOVE the taping report for episode 11.19 (episode #250) "The Tenant Disassociation". Leonard and Penny forming an united front. Can't wait to see this.
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    Light hearted and fun sounds good. Hope its good for all characters involved.
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    Thank you very much, that's very apreciated . No hurry, take your time and keep having fun
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    No, she's messing with Johnny, he laughed.
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