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    I'm a bit late to the party, but some things I loved about this episode: - Amy knowing that Sheldon believes time travel is a closed loop and Sheldon's response: "I love you so damn much." - Of course they would be the couple to get distracted for 45 minutes on their wedding day to do science together, lol. - Penny putting Amy's mom in her place - The way Sheldon smiles when he sees his bride walking down the aisle - AMY'S VOWS OMG. Now we know she fancied him from their first meeting. - Also the reference to Amy's previous study disproving love at first sight - Amy's expressions during the whole ceremony and especially during her vows... Reminded me of the "I love you too" when they got back together but even more enthusiastic/in love - Sheldon not being able to find the right words to express his love to Amy, but still making the sweetest vow to her - The "I do" exchange - That kiss was adorable - I don't know why, but I thought Sheldon's long tail tux was very fitting for some reason - Them walking out hand in hand. With rings on their fingers. Married. I'm so excited for them y'all.
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    To quote Sheldon: Ah, youth. It was amazing how their relationship back then was skewed towards Amy. She didn't seem to care much when they "broke up", she rejected his offer to go to dinner with him, not to mention she was all "slow down Sheldon, I'm not quite there yet" in Herb Garden. It was so obvious how much Sheldon was falling for her each day. Right from heartily enjoying her puns, to describing their coital relationship in graphic detail (loool) to her mother, he seemed to do everything he could in his power to impress Amy. He even took 65% of the blame for that fight (although I always thought Amy was the one who started it). And his "bazinga" after expressing his interest in coitus with her, didn't fool anyone lol. Not to mention the fact that they always called their friendship a "relationship". *happy sigh* And now...they're married. 😍
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    No, I couldn't. Writing screen plays is much different than writing fan fiction. None of my fan fic has anywhere near enough jokes to turn into a screenplay for a half hour comedy. Other than fan fic, all I've been able to manage is a script for a ten minute play, and I don't even know if that is going to get selected for the festival. I also act. Theatre and screen are visual mediums, so you need actors to bring the words to life. However, the words have to be there before the actors can bring them to life. It is a symbiotic partnership between actors and writers, and both are needed. They have been asked about the if they come up with ad libs for the show. And the answer they could use would be a simple no. But, they go on about the writers, even when not asked. Now this could be because most of the cast are not writers. There are three writers in the main cast that I know of, Melissa, Simon, and Kevin. Now, you may not like the directions the writers of the show have taken, as I don't, but you can't conflate a direction they take that you don't like, with whether the script is mediocre. You could like the direction and the result still be mediocre.
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    I loved Jerry O'Connell as George! Would really love too see him back.
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    Like others have said and to quote the famous Aristotle line: 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' It's the no.1 non sports show/comedy on TV because of the effort that is made by every part of the production process. Writers, production staff, actors, filming crew, set designers, wardrobe staff, even the money men who put money into the show and countless other people with specific roles that add to putting out a show every week when it's on air. It's highly successful thanks to a collective group effort at the top of their game.
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    No, she kept hers like she said in the episode where they almost got married on a hitch (11x10), that they'd go in as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler and come out as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler married couple. Holland confirmed that in an interview a little while ago.
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    Great list there! Here's a few more: 1. Sheldon helping Amy with a crisis a la The Isolation Permutation. 2. Amy planning a surprise event for Sheldon (could be a birthday or some other celebratory party). 3. Sheldon so overcome with happiness that he kisses her. 4. Shamy "making everyone feel awkward cos that's their thing" with some insane topic (bonus if it happens over dinner and the others put down their plates/takeout and leave the room while Shamy are baffled as to why lol). 5. Amy actually loving one of Sheldon's "dopey space movies" and quoting random lines from it to get her way (especially if there's some sorta disagreement with them on their project). 6. Sheldon being so thoroughly flummoxed by the above, that all he can do is take her hand and lead her into their bedroom. 7. I miss their date nights. Them dressing up in fancy clothes and going out somewhere. We kinda sorta got one in S10 but big ol Bert got in the way. 8. Seeing one of Amy's older striped cardigans. 9. Them having tea together. I know some of these sound a bit fanficcy, but the entire show since S10 has been one GIANT Shamy fanfiction celebration, so, sky's the limit!
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    So well said, thank you so much 😍
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    Ha, yes, me too. I loved this little off-scene detail, and Sheldon's line "Ironic, huh?" Both of them disproved the study with their own feelings, ironic, huh? LOL. Totally agree. IMO, this breakthrough in 11X24 was more of Sheldon's breakthrough. Amy inspired him and named it Superasymmetry, but it didn't relate to Amy's study that much. But I love him for giving Amy credit. On the other hand, I'd like to see their joined project in 10X19 have some development. And, call me greedy, but after all these years, after the crisis in S.7, after he switched to Dark Matter and switched back to String Theory, I really want to see Sheldon have a big success in his career before the series end.
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    It's not just about the writers and actors, it takes an army to get the show on the air 24 times a year. Incredibly talented people who take pride in their work.
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    I love this post! Dr. & Mrs. Hofstadter❤️ are a class act.
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    It’s probably already been said, but one amazing side note from the finale (and who among us who truly loves these two is surprised?) was the love of their friends and the true and complete happiness for them that Leonard and Penny displayed. From Penny’s take charge role as matron of honor, giving assignments. Her handling both Mrs Fowler AND Mrs (Mary) Cooper in defense of both Sheldon and Amy was a great moment as was her enthusiastic “I’m pumped” along with her hop and jump to action! Although Leonard teasingly told Sheldon that he was now fully Amy’s problem, his tearful moment showed his true feelings for his dear friend with his characteristic sensitivity on full display. They are wonderful, caring, loyal and true companions to themselves and to their circle of friends. Small but wonderful moments for Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter.
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    Yes! I LOVE their early romance too, right before they sighed RA. That was a precious time when Sheldon could 'speak' his affectation for Amy out, like the cats and 5*08's cuddles, I think it's because he could still lose Amy at that time, but everyting was different after sighing RA, he seemed not trying anymore, which is also why I have said I preferred Shamy 2.0, it's not that I don't like 1.0, just think 1.0 was used to make the audience happy, however 2.0 makes both audience and Shamy happy(am I overthinking lol). I am looking forward to 'accelerating' and 'spending the rest of my life showing'
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    Considering he’s lived with her for about 2 years now, I’m sure he’s gotten used to seeing her plenty of times without her glasses on.
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    During the vows, I loved the bit about Amy's study disproving love at first sight. Because it's in character and we know Sheldon read it and loved it. Just imagine, after they met, Sheldon looks into her work to learn more about her, and the seeds of his affection being planted. Texting each other discussing it. loved their season 3/4 early romance.
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    It's true that a bad actor can ruin a decent script and it's also true that a good actor can elevate bad material. But in the end it's still cooperation between both parts and you only get great results when the written word and the performance of the actor go hand in hand. TBBT is not improv comedy so the scripts are crucial to bring the characters to life.
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    The best version of many stories are just words on paper called novels. Words on paper can have a magic of their own.
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    I agree with that. I had a short but touching flashback on this scene... ...and honorable mention goes to Penny for being an awesome bridesmaid.
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    Graduation day for TBBT writer Dr. Eric Kaplan.....Congrats
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    I think you have already covered most of them, ( one of my older wishes is the cuddling one!!) but I would probably add : Shamy breakthrough development. We need to see these two making lots of Science together!
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    NEW FURNITURE for goodness sake. Get rid of Penny's old couch. It doesn't fit them at all and it's too connected to Penny, plus they need room for their wedding presents. THey weren't all watch sized. Continue with the science and fit in geeky stuff whenever they can. I miss the geeky stuff and the science when it's not there. If their schedules allow, YES to seeing more of Amy's parents. That was inspired casting. I was afraid I'd get a MeeMaw sized disappointment but it was perfect. I do expect them to have kids since it's been coming up since they were friends and not dating. It hasn't just been one throw away line and from what I've heard Young Sheldon mentioned that, too. More eps with friends that are ensemble based. I like those best. I still think Raj's scavenger hunt was one of the best eps they ever did.
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    Looking for a bigger place (house, apartment, whatever) Planning for those kids we know they'll have
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    This is from the deleted Stephen Hawking tribute Source: https://twitter.com/bigbangtheory/status/994909989981614080
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