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    That's what I did for Season 11. And indeed there were a few (admittedly not many). Could also be my limited perspective. (Not in cronological order)
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    I want to watch that scene too, expeciaIIy the part where Amy taIks with her mother!!!
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    I can't get into this since I never watched 8 Simple Rules. I've never even seen one ep. I did see a few Married With Children eps and didn't like them at all. The fat jokes were way over the top and down right nasty. No hooker or bully jokes stand out for me this season so I'd agree with that. But I think they still have drunk jokes occasionally that are not necessary. I am one of the few people who did not like the first couple of seasons. I actually didn't watch much of it and when I got into the show later I had to play catch up. But I know I didn't like it as much in 1-3 as in 4-6. I'm not entirely happy with this because it proves to me that they are changing what they said on TBBT to make YS more palatable...about Sheldon's dad and about him starting a family. http://www.tvguide.com/news/young-sheldon-baby-reveal/
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    This would be a great Christmas tree ornament, Luminous! Imagine! A Lenny Tree!!!! Snowflakes, limes, wine glasses, heart lockets, broken beds and rocking chairs...........
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    Maybe we get some flasback scenes in one episode from s12 that makes sense to remember some events related with the wedding. There are a few things that would be great if we got a glimpse, even in a quick flasback. My expectations are not high but I keep them, as we had a few old flashback scenes for the britcoin plot.
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    There'll be a S12 forum with threads and everything in a few weeks or so.
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    My favourite thing is to stand by my window watching people going to work and then having another cup of tea or coffee and going back to bed with podcasts on my phone.
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    Great list the only things I can think besides these are. Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny. Leonard & Penny , find a hobby or interest that they enjoy doing together. I'd like to see Penny's locket again. I'd also like to see the snowflake one last time before the show ends.
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    Yes, I agree, that the one thing that can't be misinterpreted; which makes me ask, when the episode about the reason why SheIdon knocks three times aired, they were aIready in taIks for YS, so why did the writers decide to go there? That piece of information for sure didn't do any good to George Sr's characterization; there had been other instances in earlier seasons when his infidelities and drinking problems were mentioned, but that was the most unsettIing thing said about him, and it happened in the period when a "nicer" version of him was created. I wonder what are the writers' pIans about it; maybe they won't have time to develop that time in SheIdon's Iife, that's true, but TBBT has been airing for 11 seasons and counting, so you'II never know.
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    I don't think I've ever read a fanfic that was actually written as sitcom material. Sure, some were funny in places but by far not with the joke density this show would require. Fanfic stories are often more written as drama or soap opera (and I don't mean that as an insult) in terms of handling their characters and subject matter. Sometimes the tone shift alone makes everyone feel terribly OOC. So I agree with you that fanfic writers are not a good substitute here.
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    Seeing the Eleventh Season Finalie has come and gone. It was this week May 16th, 2013. Five years ago. One of my fav finalies from this series aired. The Bon Voyage reaction. Season 6 was by far my fav season from this series.
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    If season 12 really is going to be the last season, what would you like to see from Lenny that we haven’t seen yet (or in Lenny’s case, again). I’ll edit this to keep adding to the list so we can see one big list.... More physical affection (hugging, kissing, etc.) like they used to Their outings that they’ve done off screen instead of hearing about it. Advance in their careers Mutually supporting each other (careers, against Sheldon’s antics, etc.) More scenes in the bedroom (not necessarily in a dirty way, writers, but if you want to I don’t think you’d hear any complaints....) Leonard putting Beverly in her place. Penny taking Leonard’s side over Sheldon’s from now on. Nebraska road trip Award / achievements in their careers Leonard gaining higher self esteem Penny shows interest in Leonard’s work and helps him with a work related dilemma More in-sync Lenny dynamic Able to see more of the family including ones not seen yet (Penny’s sister, Leonard’s siblings) Enough with the “Penny settled” (NOT true and not funny) or “Nerd got the hot chick” jokes. Penny marrying the genius arc instead. Having fun together. Just the two of them. With no one else around. Especially Sheldon. Do something with Penny’s career and stick with it instead of dropping it and not mentioning it again. Family planning! Seriously talking about it, planning it, a pregnancy scare (and disappointment if it’s really negative), anything. Just something! A pregnancy arc were Penny’s pregnancy is the opposite of Bernie’s Leonard getting ahead in his department or promotion of some kind Penny succeeding in something. Work or hobby related A visit from Randall with Leonard getting along with him and helping him Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny Lenny find a hobby they both enjoy doing together Penny wearing her locket a lot more One more shot of the snowflake gift Leonard made for her in the Artic More Lenny alone time (watching TV, having dinner together, etc.) Embrace their different interests rathe than fight and criticize it Leonard jumping Sheldon’s s shit for throwing out one of those stupid slut jokes (How many YEARS has she been faithfully married now?) Seeing them do or say something to make the other laugh (but not in a mean way) Serious talks about having a family A bit more balance in the couples stories (a bit less of Shamy and a bit more of Lenny).....(as a Shamy shipper that hurt a little but I do agree it needs to be more balanced)
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    Also...no visit in Kentucky without Bourbon 😉 (from Kaley's IG stories)
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    Yes! Yes. And the jokes about Howard's mother made me cringe. One of the interesting things about "The Simpsons" is that they deliberately avoided standard 'insult' jokes.
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    Sorry Amethyst....I just couldn’t put this part on the list. That would break my heart if they actually did it. It’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time!
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    Ratings are an amalgamation of subjective views - but the ratings, themselves, are not subjective.
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    Just because it’s a perfect picture. Nicely done @luminous !!!!
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    Poor Jim, it's been a tough week for him what with his dog passing away and now this injury. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
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    Judd Hirsch will also be free to reprise his role as Leonard's dad, Alfred. Loved him!
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    Some of mine were alrady written by others... Here are some others I have: First child!!! I know some don't want that but them still not concieving and not even trying or planning on trying really hurts my suspension of disbelief. If 12 is the last season they could just have Penny pregnant all along and giving birth in the finale. They could have her a different kind of pregnant than Bernadette, like surprisingly enthusiastic about pregnancy, motherhood and their future child (contrasting with her normal demeanor). Leonard becoming head of department - yeah it's kind of in the "work achievements" category but more specific. I think he's kind of a silent leader. He knows how to deal with quirky stubborn people, he could do well with the craziness going on in that department (isn't it comprised of Kripke, Sheldon, Raj, Ramona and maybe Leslie Winkle if she returns...?). Randall visiting/they visit him and Leonard gets along with him and helps him. Show the other side of the Lenny relationship more - Penny marrying the genius. They took that angle a little bit here and there but not that much... I think it's interesting, much more than "Nerd got the hot girl!!!" for the thousandth time. More affection and mutual support had been said but I really want that! Penny succeeding in something, whether it is work or a hobby or whatever...
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    Thanks for starting this list Kathy! Here are my wishes: 1. I'd love to see Penny show interest in Leonard's work like she did in Holographic. And it'd be awesome if she could help him out with some work related dilemma. 2. I wish we could see a more in-sync Lenny. I loved that scene in the finale when he silently poured wine into Penny's glass at the end of Mrs.Fowler's rant. 3. And like Kathy already mentioned, I wanna see a more physically passionate Lenny. Not something along the lines of Lime-kiss (that was a wonderful 1 time occurence) but something better than cheek kisses and hugs. 4. I wish we could see the return of Wyatt. The guy was seriously amazing. 5. And I wish the jokes about "omg the nerd got the hot girl!!!11" are gone for good. Give the guy a break! Leonard isn't lucky to have found Penny, they're BOTH lucky to have found each other. 6. But, most importantly, I just wanna see them having fun with each other, like the underwear dance they did in 10x04. I maybe a hardcore Shamy shipper, but Amy wasn't on the show till the end of S3. I never would have gotten hooked on the show hadn't it been for Lenny (and of course Sheldon). I was a Lenny shipper first, and will always (lol I hope the always didn't make it worse) be one, no matter what. I just wish the writers would give them more to work with in S12.
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    That's a great idea @Strawberry PopTart Fan 😃 🎄
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    Thanks for your sharing in such a personal info of your life. A virtual hug to you for your courage for sharing it with us. I think if I had seen more about Sheldon 's thoughts about his dad before he confessed to his mum he missed him in such important day for Sheldon, it would have seemed me more organic. I know we are in fictional field but that was the reason I thought his confession sounded a bit out of box. I must make clear I dont doubt Sheldon 's love for his dad , I just wished his feelings had been more shown on show when YS was released for we had more background. I hope I made sense.
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    Agreed. I don't like it either : it's so dark and depressing. I can appreciate that it has a strong story and is well-acted but I have no idea why it's so loved,especially at Christmas. There's very little nice in it that I can see. Perhaps I'm missing something. A plot where Amy explains this I would find quite enlightening.
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    So sorry, but I'd love it if they did that. I don't like that movie. My favorite is White Christmas.
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    Missy's princess outfit reminded me of Penny's Disney princess outfit in The Contractual Obligation Implementation (6x18)
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    She looks better with a good cut. She's a bit too old to be leaving it long and loose,especially as she needs to look smart and tidy for her job.
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    I want Leonard's dad back now, too. As much as possible. He did a great job.
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    Judd Hirsch was in that show too, hopefully Ieonard's dad can make an appearance next season!
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    I'd say yes, but we didn't see her put them in. When Penny came in she just took off the glasses and they left. Definitely.
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    Yes, he has never mentioned Amy before (or any other TBBT character, for that matter), I think the writers did that on purpose, because of the speciaI episode aired on TBBT It's possible, I wouldn't ruIe it out, actuaIIy this is a very clever way to connect the two shows, up to that episode we had just seen things happened in the past (YS) resonate in the present days (TBBT), it was the first time we got a gIimpse into the future; but, as I said, I think they mentioned Amy just because of TBBT finaIe, it was, if you wiII, a further gift to the fandom, so I don't expect them to reference her, or any of the other TBBT character, very often
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    I loved Jerry O'Connell as George! Would really love too see him back.
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    Me too. I wish I could get an entire season (or better yet an entire show) to see them attempt to handle their little Homo Novuses. The Shamy saga began with them wanting to have kids, and I wish it'd end with them finally becoming a family ( along with a turtle too; I miss lil ol Giuseppe). And I really wish we could see an episode of Fun With Flags: The Family Edition, with a shot of Shamy and all their kids spewing off flag facts. Amy once said a Ferdinand. T flag would help them get younger viewers, but I think a few Shamy kids would work even better. ❤️
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    "Sheldon had a breakthrough!" "Actually, Amy and I had a breakthrough." It used to be huge for Sheldon admit he shared something with someone and now it comes so naturally: he shares everything with Amy, Science credit include! He learned to be happy and sharing happiness with Amy. There have been lots of amazing love stories from tv shows but Shamy love story will be unforgetable and always inspiring. Dr Fowler and Dr Cooper, wishing you both all happiness in this new page of your lives. And may we fans see a few nice glimpses from your future as married couple! Ps: Writers, come on, where is my Sheldon cuddling Amy scene? Will be in a cold open from S12? It would be so , so cool! ❤️
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    From Variety ‘Speechless’ Renewed for Season 3 at ABC
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    Stephen Hawking tribute delete scene. https://twitter.com/bigbangtheory/status/994909989981614080
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    Well first off i thought the episode on a whole was nice , i'm going to say i'm happy for all the Shamy fans on this forum you got to see them get married and you'll get atleast a season of them being married on the show. Now onto my opinion of this season, as a Lenny fan i didn't think this season was any better or worse the the last three, i was left disappointed though. This was made more so by the last three episodes two of which Lenny had no scenes and the last one they did but didn't have and dialogue with each other . I can't think of a single season where they didn't talk for three episodes in a row whilst in a relationship or at all for that matter . I know some of my fellow Lennies feel this season is better due to the fact that Leonard and Penny haven't had any arguments on the scale they had last season. And how the snarky mean comments between them especially from Penny have been vastly reduced, and we didn't get any stupid jokes about how he wore her down or begged her . These are great and i was glad that we didn't get any of the arguments we've seen them have before same with the mean comments or stupid jokes about their relationship . However these positives for me are outweighed by my overall disappointment with things that where missing like the lack of anything i would consider a Lenny main story plot or and plots we did get where little sub plots . The fact we didn't get to see any beds scenes between them , yet the writers where able to write quite a few for the Shamy yet not even one for Lenny. But that was nothing compared to what to me was a reduction in affection and intimacy between them , compared to even last year it's been quite scarce. But my biggest issues are the fact that Leonard and Penny never hugged , the last season that they never shared a hug i think was season 4 which say a lot, . However even this isn't as bad as my shock at the fact that this was the first season of the show ever EVER! without Leonard and Penny sharing a kiss , it felt just wrong with that not happening. i have no idea why this season they chose not have them share a kiss. Of course all of this is just my personal opinion of how i felt about this season , and i know alot of you will disagree and that's fine after all where all entitled to our views of what we thought of this season. Oh I don't know if this has been mentioned before , so if it has I apologise , Leonard & Penny met in the first episode of the show and got married in the first in the first episode of season nine. Sheldon & Amy met in the last episode of season three and got married in the last episode of season eleven, so both couples from meeting to getting married took eight years .
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    Okay, after that car scene, now I’m shipping Raj and Missy.
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    I should have rethought that question before posting. That's why you see so many edits on my posts. I post without reading and then find all kinds of mistakes. I have deleted it as well.
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    Yeah, nice trip down memory lane and the good ole days. 😄
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    Man, I really wish we could get Lenny's wedding planning back then, so there wouldn't be this much "jealous talk".
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    Lenny in the next episode... seat42f.com
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    I feel the love of Lenny you all have and this thread and the people who write here brought me a lot of fun and joy over the last 18 months. I was never a Lenny who would jump on a unicorn and fly around throwing glitter all over our ship. Believe me there are a lot of things I don't like regarding Lenny (It would actually make a long list) and at times I have expressed my dislike quite unambiguously. I was this incurable optimist till recently when it came to Lenny. That's not the case anymore (I wrote about this in the discussion thread), BUT nevertheless I'm still hopeful and try to focus on the positive things regarding Lenny, which are still there in my humble opinion. I know I'm in the minority with this attitude, so I'm not sure if there's a balance of all perceptions when it comes to Lenny here. Anyway, I won't stop posting here, just reduce my contributions. But when I post something it will be solely supportive and/or positive. Thank you! Maybe I will make some new drawings during the upcoming hiatus, which could be longer than expected.
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    Ahhhh....Carol Ann Susi is in the picture at the end too.....😥
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