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    Meemaw's phone call that didn't make it into the show:
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    P.E.R.F.E.C.T So much love in this picture.
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    From the YS thread, but this might be relevant to our interests here as well: http://www.tvguide.com/news/young-sheldon-baby-reveal/ Young Sheldon Revealed Something Huge About Sheldon's Future [...] Young Sheldon co-creator Steven Molaro told TV Guide about how the children decision was made. There was the opportunity for cross-show synergy by having the revelation come the same night as the wedding that he didn't want to go to waste, of course. But Molaro and co-creator Chuck Lorre have also been thinking about where Sheldon is in his life as he's narrating Young Sheldon. Molaro was talking with Lance Barber — who plays Sheldon's father George Sr. — about how George Sr. seems a lot nicer than we would have thought based on what Sheldon has said about him on The Big Bang Theory, and that got them thinking about how Sheldon having kids of his own would change his perspective on his father. "I think that some of these stories adult Sheldon is telling us through young Sheldon are reflections on 'now that I have my own children, maybe I'm seeing that world through my Dad's eyes more clearly than I had,'" Molaro says. "Those thoughts had been on my mind for awhile, and I think that's what led to that final line of the season." It's an idea Molaro has taken from his own life. "I've got two boys," Molaro says, "and I remember being 11 years old and your parents are like these gods to you, and then when my son was 11, my feeling about myself was 'oh no, I don't know what I'm doing! I have no idea what's going on. Is that what my father felt like when I was 11?' It really starts to change your perspective on a lot of things. And I think some of that is what we're seeing on Young Sheldon." (We saw it a little bit during the Big Bang finale, too, when Sheldon said he missed his deceased father and wished he could be there. His attitude is already softening.) [...] I quite like that take on dad!Sheldon. The show will probably not last long enough to get there but it's still nice to think about how Sheldon might mature further.
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    I enjoyed 11X24 thoroughly, but after I watched these TWO unaired clips, I wish they could make the wedding episode a 40 minutes special finale. Really. Now, compare to these two scenes, and other plots which didn't make it into 11X24, the pink-eye plot from 11X23 seems like a huge waste of time, IMO.
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    Thanks for sharing this! Meemaw thinks Shamy will last, so happy she thinks that now!
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    I can't get into this since I never watched 8 Simple Rules. I've never even seen one ep. I did see a few Married With Children eps and didn't like them at all. The fat jokes were way over the top and down right nasty. No hooker or bully jokes stand out for me this season so I'd agree with that. But I think they still have drunk jokes occasionally that are not necessary. I am one of the few people who did not like the first couple of seasons. I actually didn't watch much of it and when I got into the show later I had to play catch up. But I know I didn't like it as much in 1-3 as in 4-6. I'm not entirely happy with this because it proves to me that they are changing what they said on TBBT to make YS more palatable...about Sheldon's dad and about him starting a family. http://www.tvguide.com/news/young-sheldon-baby-reveal/
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    My main wish is for them to finally give in and embrace their different interests rather than fight it and criticise. I’ve always said Lenny is so similar to my wife and I. We are very different people with very different interests but 26 years of marriage has taught us to accept those differences and enjoy each other finding unexpected joy in unfamiliar experiences. On our trip to US last year, she unexpectedly nerded out at all the space and science museums she initially resisted. I went along and revelled in her joy at meeting the Cake Boss in Hoboken and cooking in New Orleans. I’ve endured 25 years of sitting through episodes of Bold and the Beautiful with her but found funny ways to engage in conversations about the ridiculousness of it all. After years of flying solo at trivia nights mrs itwas has joined me in recent years and contributed in her own way and enjoys it. And our trials and tribulations in pushing each other and the resulting reactions have been bloody hilarious. Plenty of comedy in our different lives. That’s what I want to see in the Lenny marriage in season 12. Finding common interests through risking it instead of staying distant and sitting around 4a doing nothing. And now back to the cave for another 3 months. [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unless there were agreement on how to define quality it is really pointless to debate on if it has improved or declined. It is the ratings that the advertisers care about so they are important even if someone thinks they are bunk. Having said all that by my definition the quality of the show has improved. They have dropped the fat jokes, the hooker jokes, drunk jokes and most the bully jokes.
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    A little more clarification from Broadway World on why TBITB was cancelled on Saturday rather than having an understudy go on for Jim. In the preview period they are fine tuning the play, script, blocking lighting etc. Once they are happy with it, they "freeze" the play...they nail down the final product that they will perform on opening night and through the rest of the shows run. Once the show is " frozen" they will rehearse the understudies to step into the polished show, if necessary Even though understudies were cast, they were unprepared to appear on stage at this point in time.
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    THIS! OMG These were so terrible in early seasons I couldn't stand it. The show sure had moments of brilliance in its earlier seasons but it was also stuffed full of these old rotten jokes taken from the garbage dump of comedy. Yikes!
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    My favourite thing is to stand by my window watching people going to work and then having another cup of tea or coffee and going back to bed with podcasts on my phone.
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    May turn up a few times during hiatus. There’s that slight sense of joy and happiness between seasons that I can enjoy and embrace before the depressing reality of Sheldon induced Lenny suppression sets in during the season that brings everyone down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great list the only things I can think besides these are. Leonard arranges a surprise birthday party for Penny. Leonard & Penny , find a hobby or interest that they enjoy doing together. I'd like to see Penny's locket again. I'd also like to see the snowflake one last time before the show ends.
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    I have finaly watched season finale of YS and I would like to add my thoughts here as they are somehow connected to Adult Sheldon and Amy. I think it was cute the way the YS season finale was in sync with Shamy wedding. I watch Ys but tbh I enjoy it but not love it as I do about tbbt for the canon things that have been "adapted"for both shows sake. Some facts makes sense as a child has a different way to understand some things than adults do but some are too forced. For example, in tbbt season finale when Sheldon said he missed his father imo it was not necessay as it sounded out of box. But I think I may get used to these "adaptations" because Tbbt has a few inconsistences too we got used through all these years. So carry on. So I always wondered if the ys narrator Sheldon was an already father Sheldon and in light of that , most of the canon "adaptations" would make more sense, you know. We got that detail in YS season finale and I think it was the puzzle piece I was seeking since first episode for understand the way George sr is being portraited. A person got a softer way to see some things when a child come to their lives, whoever they are sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, etc. However I hope the facts womanizer and drunker George won't be too much "soften" in next seasons of both shows. It would be a bad move and certainly the writers may keep these facts about Sheldon 's father as nobody is perfect and must not get perfect because he died and now Sheldon is a father. Really hope they find a nice move for that as they found as they revealed the YS narrator is a married and father Sheldon. Anyway, I could not comment about our Shamy having children ( plural, it sounds so good!!) without watching YS season finale first. I loved to know that and even we might not see Shamy children on tbbt, we know they will exist!! Even I still keep my hope of see a glimpse of them in last episode of tbbt though. And last but not least... hearing Sheldon say "my wife" on YS was so sweet. Can not wait for he say it in S12! ❤️
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    Yes, I agree, that the one thing that can't be misinterpreted; which makes me ask, when the episode about the reason why SheIdon knocks three times aired, they were aIready in taIks for YS, so why did the writers decide to go there? That piece of information for sure didn't do any good to George Sr's characterization; there had been other instances in earlier seasons when his infidelities and drinking problems were mentioned, but that was the most unsettIing thing said about him, and it happened in the period when a "nicer" version of him was created. I wonder what are the writers' pIans about it; maybe they won't have time to develop that time in SheIdon's Iife, that's true, but TBBT has been airing for 11 seasons and counting, so you'II never know.
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    I don't think I've ever read a fanfic that was actually written as sitcom material. Sure, some were funny in places but by far not with the joke density this show would require. Fanfic stories are often more written as drama or soap opera (and I don't mean that as an insult) in terms of handling their characters and subject matter. Sometimes the tone shift alone makes everyone feel terribly OOC. So I agree with you that fanfic writers are not a good substitute here.
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    Seeing the Eleventh Season Finalie has come and gone. It was this week May 16th, 2013. Five years ago. One of my fav finalies from this series aired. The Bon Voyage reaction. Season 6 was by far my fav season from this series.
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    Poor Jim, it's been a tough week for him what with his dog passing away and now this injury. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
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    That little line at the end of YS made me tear up. Besides the “children” comment, it was the very first time we’ve heard Sheldon say “my wife.”
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    Judd Hirsch will also be free to reprise his role as Leonard's dad, Alfred. Loved him!
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    Perfectly stated. I can find nothing to argue with you with. Great job! 😊
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    I'm a huge FwF fan and really hope we get an episode next season. Missed this in season 11.
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