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    I guess in generaI CBS boss, LesIie Moonves, has the Iast word; if we are taIking specifically about TBBT, he said expIicitIy at the CBS Upfronts this year that the Network is wiIIing to have it on the air for as Iong as the actors are wiIIing to do it, so the baII is in their court now; obviousIy, I think Mooves meant at the present saIaries, it's not reaIIy IikeIy CBS wouId accept to give them huge raises at this time and age, but that's what negotiations are for, isn't it? In many recent interviews, Jim Parsons said there have been discussions going on among "certain peopIe", but there hasn't been yet a "finaI" taIk among the cast about what they want to do; we'II have to wait and see what happens
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    I agree on that, the Iack of cliffhanger takes away the most obvious reason to speculate; aIso, imo, the fact we don't even know whether the next is the Iast season might be a cause. If S 12 is indeed the Iast, I can see some of the changes you were taIking about (Iiving arrangements or babies) happening, at Ieast at the very end, or being seriousIy discussed by the characters. As it is now, expeciaIIy if there is uncertainty about the future in the writers room too, I'm not hoIding my breath for them. I think that after SDCC we'II know something more, even if not every idea the writers say there makes it to the show, at Ieast we'II have us something to taIk about; in particular, I hope we'II know for sure if there is a time jump for the premiere.
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    I think one of the main reasons for the forum being generally quiet is the lack of material for discussion. There was no cliffhanger and there seems to be less and less to expect. The only "big/meduim steps" the writers could make appear to be unlikely. They say they won't have a Lenny baby, moving the characters to other houses/apartments seems unlikely, they say they like Raj being the single guy, and I think many of us are skeptical about the odds for a significant change in Penny's career.
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    Thank you all Lennies for celebrating my birthday. It's really nice of you.
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    @Swedish Chef All right, it's time to party again! All my best wishes too!
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    Happy birthday @swedish chef Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    YES! Happy, Happy Birthday Swedish Chef! Hopefully many more to come.
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    Happy Birthday @Swedish Chef 😃 Hope you have great day! 😄
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    Happy birthday Chef! I hope you're having a great time. Best of wishes.
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    I can hear you. I just don't understand why the writers can't or don't want to come up with new, everyday and funny stories. This wasn't hard for them in the first seasons either. Whether one or more seasons are brought into the world for our entertainment doesn't change the character traits of the figures so far. And now insisting on continuity and building some logical endings to old stories does not make the past any more credible.
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    Oh, just no shipping war! I was, as usual (lol), just curious and when I saw that date of the last entry, it seemed strange to me. But I'm sure you're right about your explanation. The active participation in the forum has generally decreased.
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    There are not so much consequential things to do with Shamy either.
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    Last time somebody asked the same question, IIRC, it didn't end well, with post edited and ship-wars, LOL! Anyway, since you asked, also last season hiatus was pretty quiet, so this "situation" is no surprise to me. In particular, the Shamy thread hasn't been very crowded all season long, considering its standards (the S. 10 Shamy thread had 443 pages, while the S. 11 Shamy thread has 175 pages) and many of the members that regularly wrote in the forum during S. 11 and I have contact with are either busy in RL or disinterested in the forum at this point. I hope we'll be more active, both speaking about Shamy and about the show in general (we do have opinions about the show in general, who know?) when the season starts...
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    The past five seasons have been well exhausting LOL. But Lets hope regardless if S12 or S13 is the last season. They deliver something at least memorable. Hopefully with Shamy being married now. They might start distributing story and screen time more evenly. I Think with Leonard and Penny. Focus on their careers be good. Penny pursuing PR work. Who knows if they pick up Leonards novel plot line. Prob do the Shamy project. Who knows though. Lenny road trip. Have them on the couch more. Kissing more etc. All good. Just keep portraying them as a happy married couple like they did last season. But with just a bit more meat than bone in plots.
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    I read about interview somewhere I also heard that Leslie Moonves has high hopes for tbbt so that’s a good thing👍👍
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    I miss the table flipping tbh 😄 I agree the distinct lack of discussion re s12. Prob down to a lack of matarial. And the fact the current season finalie. Was pretty seemless. No Cliffhanger etc. Unlike with the LP wedding. Shamys went off without a hitch ahem. So nothing really to disect. It well be interesting what if any direction they take the show in. Well they be bold and start shaking things up? I certantly hope so. Show needs a bit of a shake I think. Needs revigorating. Some new ideas. As for renewals all depends on a various of factors. The Studio, network, and actors. At Upfronts studio seem keen. Ratings did well this season. till bringing in a ton of revenue. That court case intervention might contribute too. Obviousley if the show is still profitable for the studio. And Actors are all on board for a 13th season. I can see it happening. And it well prob be final season.
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    Emmy nomination voting opened today and runs through June 25th. As in the past, Jim and Johnny were submitted as leads and Kaley, Simon, Kunal Melissa and Mayim were submitted as supporting. In the writing category Warner Bros submitted: The Bow Tie Asymmetry The Proposal Proposal The Sibling Realignment A pdf of the ballot can be found HERE
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    Kaley is shooting a commercial today
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    I really don’t think the cast will change their minds bc In a recent interview with Jim Parsons he stated this “I will tell you that, for whatever reason, they’ve all been enjoyable seasons, but as far as camaraderie goes, the frivolity on the set, just the jovial atmosphere, has never been at a more pitched degree than it is this season. Now, I don’t know if that’s because everyone is like, “I think the end is near,” or just because it’s uncertain now, where we’ve gone through so many seasons and been lucky enough to know for certain what was going on.” And “ I think it’s related to some sort of appreciation of each other, that like family, we were able just to take it for granted, because we knew we were going to be here next week. And now the weeks might be getting shorter. You just don’t know. So, because of that, I could see it making things go further. It’s really hard to say. And there are so many people making their own decisions involved.” The cast of tbbt is sure lucky to have 12 seasons as a family but what they don’t realize is that it is really up to them https://www.google.com/amp/s/parade.com/638211/paulettecohn/jim-parsons-shares-his-thoughts-on-whether-the-big-bang-theory-is-coming-to-its-end/amp/
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    I said it’s not about the feels. But this feels like watching something come crashing down in slow motion. The US President is demonstrating that he can’t be trusted to maintain agreements. How can anyone trust any agreement involving the US president going forward? What’s an American promise worth now? Talk about not thinking ahead. I hope it is all show - but isn’t the quote something like; when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I dont want to be even more alarmist - but hey. Look. (Geo-politically I mean. Everyone I know is lovely)
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    Actually thank you very much, I didn't know that. Thanks again for the info.
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    I'm not calling you wrong. I'm just saying there are some people who want to talk about season 11 on the season eleven pages and will speculate on 12 when it's up. I don't know why. But the fact that there was no cliffhanger cuts down on a lot of what we usually speculate on.
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    Darn those signals ! With TONY in the pub, I guess I win.
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    From today's commercial shooting: Before and After...
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    When was that? He apparently called him an idiot (which he never denied), like Rex Tillerson called him a moron (which Tillerson also never denied)
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    Is that like Kelly calling him the commander of cheese?
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    Knowing the shamy love within the writers room, I trust that they will not disappoint us in that regard. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic. I feel I should expect the worst an then be pleasantly surprised if I am proven wrong! 😧
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    Oh my, Lenfriend, a new word. Someone contact Webster Dictionary so it can be added to the new edition. I tried for Lenny, but no luck thus far. 😂
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    I want to make a distinction and beg to differ.
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    Fav Premeire to this series ever. We would never see an opener like that ever again. I remember when this ep aired ova her in 2009. I was like Penny if you don't rip off that jacket, that he clearly wears all the time cos California is Freezing LOL. I well HAHAHA. OF course I was really distracted by Penny in that now iconic red top. HMMMM. But cheers for the Bday messages. Just turned 30. Feeling really old LOL.
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    FYI: I made this collage. Only 5 people liked it, when I posted it on March 10. That was a bit disappointing, tbh. Let's see how many likes it gets now.
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    Yeah was good enough for Priya. Why not to celebrate the 10 years of Lenny?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Here's hoping I can give y'all something positive from the taping on Tuesday. Hopefully this isn't my Kaley highlight of my the trip! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Three Lenny moments from season 10...just because
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    Same. Howard: We're in a hospital right now. Penny: Why?? Is Leonard okay?? Howard: He's fine, I'M FINE, thanks for asking!
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    OMG these two are so freaking cute!!!! The satisfaction in its face is gold!!
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    This made me cry the first time and it still does!
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    The cat's alive! I chose this picture (my drawn version) as cover for my first published fan fiction. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read it. Special thanks @5Mississippis, @hokie3457, @SRAM and @Strawberry PopTart Fan (I guess the guest reviewer is you ) for reviewing. I'm encouraged to write more.
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    Today I published my first fanfiction. A fluffly, lighthearted Lenny story. Please have a look if you're interested.
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    And in other news, while sitting in a pub while typing this and enjoying the sunshine as I can't get home, well I could on the bus but they are rammed and it's long. This evening the District Line was suspended between Earl's Court and Ealing Broadway, and between Earl's Court and Richmond. That's the whole line west of Earl's Court, except for the Wimbledon branch. Also, the London Overground was suspended between South Acton and Richmond. As if that wasn't bad enough the entire Piccadilly Line was suspended too. All due to signal related failures. (Apparently caused by the hot weather) Given that we've been enduring many weekend line closures for upgrade works for a decade or more now you might think that all this crappy signal failure bollox would be a thing of the past, but oh no! TfL (Transport For London) are a shambolic bunch of fuckwits :-( rant over Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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