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    One of the futurettes is called ''A history of time'' which should be a clear reference to Hawking and his most famous book. I guess/hope that it collects all the memories cast&crew share of him and the edited scene from last season finale.
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    I'd much rather see Penny and Leonard chatting in bed some morning talking about their plans to start a family. I've had enough of "the other pretty girl thinks Leonard's a catch" so Penny gets jealous and appreciates him...again. For me, it's played out. To get pregnant because of Alex doesn't do it for me.
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    At this stage of their relationship. I'd like to think that Penny doesn't need to see another woman interested in Leonard for her to realize that he's a great guy to be with now and forever.
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    A Lenny bed scene would be so awesome, even better if it is about a pregnant Penny.
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    #throwbackthursday Kaley for Shape magazine, 2015 Source: www.shape.com
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    Not getting OT. But I Think that was just an excuse to give Sheldon more screen time. Just a Gag you could argue. Have not referenced it since. Lazy writing.
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    I think Alex served her purpose and I liked her but I don't need to see her again.
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    It's rabbit time 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰
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    Yes, but Warner Bros. always made it clear that they were the extended episodes on the Friends releases. Amazon's listing shows that the featurette is a tribute to Dr. Hawking. I hope they do show the scene there. It's possible that they may still use this footage in 12.01. They could even play Annie Potts' voicemail from "Meemaw," as well. If that's the case, then it makes sense why they'd be left off the season 11 release.
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    One of my least favorite plots. A college professor Leonard writes a paper for a Jr college class that Penny really should be able to write for herself showing no real support. Penny’s friends doing the same, Penny not taking real responsibility for herself. Penny the hypocrite. In my book everyone comes out looking awful. They could have had the same plot with Leonard editing her paper ( unasked) with lots of red/ rewrites and the plot would work without them all looking like total jerks.
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    For as popular as this program is and for the money it makes, they can at least do an annual full cast series of photographs. To me, this is just cheap and lazy..... (Oh look! My 3,300th post is me bitching!!!)
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    WTF is this cover??? Well, more like...
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    They had a meta joke on that once. It was the episode where Bernadette accidentally signs a get well card as if it were a retirement card (one of the best Bernadette plots IMO). In one of the scenes when she ponders her options and comes off kind of cruel/mean/uncaring Howard asks her something along the lines of "Were you like that when we met?"/"Were you always like that?"
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    Yes Didn't she say at the wedding pictured above that "Leonard makes her incredibly happy" I don't think she will forget those words.
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    And she couldn't, she had someone else do it for her. What she "rubbed in" Leonard's face was Amy and Bernies work nor her own. So yeah she was a hypocrite
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    It's terrible, no effort put into it whatsoever.
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    Very, very poor. A shameful product. Just old, old, old photographs re-purposed. Extremely unsatisfactory....
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    Trump is a fool who's falling for North Korean state propaganda. I'd call it embarrassing but we've been way past that point for a long while now.
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    Gee, I wonder why 🤣 Compared to the Trump White House, Obama was the epitome of an angel. No personal scandals. The thing is, a president needs to have a thick skin because there'll always be criticism. But Trump is a whiny baby, he complains as soon as someone says something bad about him. Whenever has a US president called news fake because he simply didn't like it due to being critical of him.
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    Because the right in the US needs a boogeyman. Their Führer, Trump, is a certified moron in office who knows nothing and who's in the process of making the United States bankrupt (and the republicans are helping him merrily along with their tax cuts for the rich) And since they can't really blame Obama any longer (although Trump still tries sometimes) Just look at how often Trump says he wants the DOJ to end the Russia probe and investigate her instead. He knows (or should) that nothing will come of it, since she already has been investigated by the FBI.
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    You mean the one during the campaign where she almost collapsed because she had pneumonia? I don't know about you, but I had pneumonia once when I was a child and I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, with the first of those weeks being hooked to an IV. Even as an adult, when having pneumonia, the last thing on my mind would be to be outside, campaigning for something (or doing anything at all).
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    That picture reminds me of an old Jim Croce song "Photographs and Memories".
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    Interesting. Tatiana Houser is the wife of Randy Houser. Johnny and his band (and girlfriend?) Juan and Ethel opened for Randy Houser last night at the Troubadour.
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    What? Haven't you seen the pictures of the Japanese wearing face masks? Secondhand smoke might kill you eventually, but a cough can transmit something that will kill you in a few days. The secondhand smoke at Rock Concerts might kill you, but you won't really care.
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    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eleventh Season on DVD and Blu-ray. The two-disc box-sets will include all twenty-four episodes of the show's 2017/18 season along with new bonus features: The Maturation Imperative featurette, The Big Bang Theory: The Blueprint of Comedy featurette, A BBT History of Time featurette, and a Gag Reel. The Blu-ray box-set also includes The Big Bang Theory's 2017 Comic-Con panel and digital downloads of the episodes. Region 1 - United States and Canada The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, September 11. Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 DVD from Amazon.com Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 Blu-ray from Amazon.com Region 2 - United Kingdom and Ireland The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Monday, September 24. Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 DVD from Amazon.co.uk Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 Blu-ray from Amazon.co.uk Box-sets featuring the complete first eleven seasons of The Big Bang Theory will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray on the same day. Region 4 - Australia and New Zealand The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday, September 12.
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    Gotcha and understood! Nice memory!
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    As Elvis would say, Thank You, Thank You Very Much!
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    All we can do is hope. I really liked that Hawking Scene.
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    Friends DVDs have deleted scenes embedded in the episodes, maybe they'll do that, at least with the Hawking scene that has visuals.
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    I have no more words... except only that I hope it’s a short run, that they do badly in sweeps, they don’t get a second season pick up, they certainly need new writers, and they should recast the lead for the rest of run. Unbelievable plot. Go get that guy who played Jed Bartlet, I say. There’s a guy who can sell an idea. This guy, I wouldn’t buy a condo from. No authenticity at all. He says silly stuff about despotic, murderous tyrants who gruesomely kill people in real life. Who can relate to that? Where’s the heart? Who in this show can the audience root for? And it’s not even funny. Get that Lorre guy to write it. He does popular comedy. It’s a bit like a Back to the Future spin off with a Biff Tannner lead. Sure there might be an audience, but will it get mass market appeal? Not sure. I’m giving it half a star. Mainly for the enthusiasm of the performances.
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    I think thirty years is a bit too much. There's a big difference between Soaps and SitComs.
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    LOL how much is that going for $1000000000000.0 Hmm yeah when I first saw Penny in that blue dress. I Thought Hmm I recognise that dress. I think its a recycled image from S3. Just seemed a more cost effective way of producing a DVD Cover Art. Without actually spending any money. The whole lost in orbit idea is a good one. But it lacks any real creativity. They can't sit the cast down take a photo shoot. It just seems with all the levarage they have. With still such a popular show. They are not utilizing any of it. They have barely promoted the show past five seasons either. Ova than the illfated 200th episode. Heres the past five DVDS covers and you can tell a trend emerging. LAZY
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    Is anybody else alarmed by the switch to a two-disc box-set on DVD instead of three? They're DVD 9s [greater storage] but from what I can tell the previous box-sets used three DVD 9s, so the capacity has come down and presumably the compression must have gone up. I don't like the idea of twelve episodes squeezed onto a single DVD. Thankfully they're still releasing the show on Blu-ray.
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    Seriously? Well, looks like the use of ancient remnants continues.
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    Here's a look at the cover art for Season 11, coming Tuesday, September 11: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Big-Bang-Theory-The-Complete-Eleventh-Season-Blu-ray/193284/#News
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    This qoute from the UK guardian newspaper. Asked about the north Korean leader's penchant for killing his own relatives and starving his own people. Trump replied. “Well he is very talented. WTF Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    There are mini horses now on Karls ranch as well.
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    What gets me is the change in Bernadette's character. She started out sweet and now everyone is basically walking on eggshells around her so as not to upset her. She's had about a 180 degree swing in personality traits, which I find as ridiculous.
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    Oh yes, I remember I was glued to the telly as well that afternoon (my local time). First plane was like "holy shit, how drunk was that pilot??", second plane was like an action movie plot unfolding live before the world's eyes. Then there were reports of two more flights missing, one would hit the Pentagon and the other eventually crashed after a fight with the hijackers. The thing is, I'm inherently sceptical about any conspiracy theory that assumes waaaaaayy too much competence in staging the events as they unfolded that day. Like, everything happened so fast and you'd have to have a ridiculous amount of people involved to fake a bunch of plane crashes in that short time frame. Not to mention all the insane details some people claimed were done like fake phone calls to relatives and then killing those poor souls just to dump their bodies at the scene while other scatter a bit of fake debris or whatever? That's just nuts. I once read an article about how hard it is to translate Trump. It's a real issue. The guy is mangling the English language beyond recognition and his speeches are an incoherent mess. People are believing he's suffering from some form of dementia and seeing my grandma-in-law struggle with that it feels familiar enough to me that I think it's absolutely believable. Not that Trump was ever particularly eloquent but people who've followed his career have pointed out how his speech patterns have deteriorated in the last years. Say what you want about Hillary but at least we wouldn't worry about her starting WW3 while angrily tweeting from a golden toilet.
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    You haven't heard my cough. It's not impolite but it sounds horrible.
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    I usually ask if he minds if I cough. And I have to ask, a liberal what ? That reminds me of something an election candidate once told me a lady said on a doorstep. She said after fourteen children she was fed up with Labour; her doctor had told her it was her own fault for being too Liberal, so next time she was voting for the Contraceptives.
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    I guess the point of quarrelling was gone at some point as they work together was that they might have realized they could use their energy in better ways as they involved as a work team. In fact the usual nervous feeling that take a couple in their wedding day might have been the catalyst that brought both to the breakthrough. Imo it worked much better and made more sense than they kept quarrelling. It was so Shamy: both in minutes to get married and they were doing Science with a lipstick in a mirror. Surely it was one of my Shamy favourite moments ever! ❤️
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    I found it interesting that on their wedding day they were able to work co-operatively without quarrelling. Their discovery that they only came up with worthwhile stuff when they were annoyed with each other looks as though it's gone by the wayside.
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