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    Wyatt was pretty desperate at that time for a decent boyfriend for Penny. I would love to have more scenes with Wyatt together with Lenny, that would be awesome.
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    Oh, absolutely yes! Of course I would prefer a performance by Wyatt and Lenny in the beloved homeland Nebraska, but I'm afraid the travel costs alone are too expensive for the producers of the series. So sad. #bringbackwyatt !!! 😁
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    Wyatt and Alfred should come when the babies are born. Pop Pop Wyatt and Grandpa Alfred.
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    I really don't get it why the writers wont let Lenny go on a roadtrip to Nebraska and visit Penny's parents. Could it be that it's too far a way from the holy kitchen island ? Writing travel scenes for Sheldon doesn't seem to be any problem, because there have been several trips to Texas.
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    @Zephon75 It’s said in the news, so…
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    Yeah Chef, totally agree. Wyatt and Alfred are my favorite guests. Would love scenes with them and Lenny.
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    On the other hand, Kaley could be thinking the show is about to be over so she may want to postpone starting a family til after it's done.
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    Happy B-day and have a great one Don't know if any will agree with me but my theory on Penny getting pregnant is that tptb do not want to get into the same situation as when Melissa got pregnant which many of us think they handled badly. They advised no more pregnancy stories for the time being but now that Kaley is on the verge of getting married and she has mentioned in the past that she would like a baby, I think they are just waiting to see what happens with her. If she does get pregnant during season 12 they can write it in. If not then they can create a story for her being pregnant. This of course all depends if there will be a season 13. Phew! That was a long winded scenario
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    Yessss! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writers.
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    I would love to see Kaley in a white strapless wedding gown. 😍
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    From Kaley's Bachelorette Party
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    To me, she is a princess, without the Royal title.
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    Happy birthday @Zephon75! 😃 Hope you have a great day. 🥂🎉🍰
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    The season that had Penny in her prom dress dancing with Leonard on the roof can never be called all boring. There are so many possibilities for Lenny-centric funny and romantic episodes. Definitely a trip to Nebraska, and it should involve horse riding. Practically writes itself.
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    I think it could be very funny if Penny invited Beverly to stay in 4A (without asking L beforehand, natch). There are so many comic/romantic possibilities centred on Lenny, if only they'd put Shamy in the background.
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    Spot on. Not only has Shamification sidelined the real romantic couple and the rightful leading lady, it has also trashed the writing of Shamy and of S and A individually. Shamy as a running gag, where S always escaped from A's clutches at the last minute, was funny. Lovey Shamy is nauseating. Eg when S saw A in her ridiculous wedding dress, he said "it makes me want to marry you more than ever", or some such puke. No actor could carry off that line. "Real" S would have asked if the wedding was going to have a "Gone with the wind" theme, or something like that. Remember when Amy was funny by herself - Amy fighting with her lab monkeys, Amy's running commentary while dissecting a brain? Whereas her hen night wasn't funny when it was meant to be - eg she could have fallen off the bar into P & B's laps. Romantic Shamy is a disaster because it's the wrong relationship for the show, the writers can't write it and MB can't act it.
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    Happy birthday @Zephon75 hope you're having a great day. A trip to Nevada would be so awesome for Lenny. #bringbackwyatt !!
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    Happy birthday @Zephon75! Have a great day and keep writing great fics
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    Never really thought of it like that, but yes it does seem that way. I always thought it was a sad irony that for the wedding episode (the matrimonial momentum) she wore a pink dress and that it aired only a few days before her split from Ryan was announced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So, does anyone else think of her wedding as a small case of life imitating art? Kaley had a pink dress for her first wedding, as did Penny for her first wedding to Leonard. For her second wedding to Leonard, Penny wore white, which is what Kaley says she'll be wearing.
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    Mayim just stated in an EW interview that she doesn’t know what is going to happen in Season 12 (as we know) but she said “for all I know it will start with the reception”. 😊 I am still hoping and I still think that it would be an opportunity for a hell of a lot of fun with everybody. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?
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    Again that will depend if season 12 is the final season
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    Oh! Now I have actually found a snapshot of myself and my sport-fellows during the previous game.
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    Obrigada, GivesAWhit!! Iran vs Portugal was a weird game, as the referee seemed to be insecure without the help of video. Not to mention our team is far of being play good football and the Iran coach behavior but it is a long story as you all know Queiroz is portuguese and has a dark past as Portugal coach. The game with Uruguay is not going to be easy as Uruguay is big but my hope is alive and kicking, course! Go Portugal! ❤️ Ps: I am sorry , German folks for your team is out. Sorry, @veejay Congrats to Sweeden for keep going on game! Thought of you, @Swedish Chef!
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    Congratulations to the South Korea team and their fans. My condolences to folks with their hearts broken by their team's unusual early exit. Hope always springs eternal for the next game; for the next tournament; for the next time on the pitch at practice!
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    A completely insecure German team has not managed to find their self-esteem in three games. The mixture of former World Champions 2016, Confed Cup winners and U-21 European Champions 2017 was never able to find a permanent team in the whole preliminary tournament. I prefer to leave the deep analysis to others who are more competent than I am. But the World Championship is only now really picking up speed and it remains exciting. That's what counts for me personally in the end. Go Football! ⚽
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    Very well could be her thoughts. The show could be extended 1 or 2 more years. She then may not want to wait. Who knows, just Kaley!
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    Add to that both brides are divorcees who were married for less than two years. Funny enough some years ago I recall posting on this forum saying that kaley and prince Harry would make a cute couple, mainly because of their mutual love of horses. To be honest I’m not sure royal life would suit kaley, but she certainly would have made a beautiful princess! [emoji73] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kaley is in full wedding mode. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkiHWxuHQje/ From etonline.com: Kaley Cuoco Sports 'Bride' T-Shirt After 'Magical' Bachelorette Party embedded link Source: etonline.com
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    Wow....Germany out!! Congrats to Sweden!!
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    Oh god no! Not with or without asking Leonard before hand. You saw Leonard's reaction to Penny wanting to invite Randal (her brother), to stay with them. Leonard would go ballistic at the first words of that sentence. I don't think that would be in the least bit funny, unless you want Lenny to get a divorce! I'm hoping the writers aren't reading here and getting ideas to try this. 😨
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    I think I've let it be known of my opinion of season 8 (hate it). With that said, to me it's a toss up between 8 and 10 as the worst, for Lenny.
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    Happiest of birthdays @Zephon75 ! I’m not very adept at posting pictures and gifs, but in my head I’m sending you a gif of Penny & Leonard kissing during The Launch Acceleration episode!!! Enjoy your day!!!!
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    I think it’s more a fact that she is 32 years old now and not 21. She is dressing age appropriate.
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    He's the proverbial snake oil salesman.
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    The admiration of Trump is pure fandom. What’s real is trend over time. Let’s wait and see, but historically Republicans are poor managers of the economy and good clients of their patrons. Reagan left a deficit, Clinton left a surplus, Bush 2 left the disaster of the Great Recession, Obama presided over the recovery. Trump has trend and sentiment on his side, but geez, he’s not actually at all good at economics. Over 1.9tr (?) in debt funded tax cuts. What? He ran a small, mob-adjacent business, capitalised by inherited money. He’s more about the feels and the pitch. It’d be nice if he was right, not bonkers. Look at his history. What are the odds he’s right. If the wheels fall off he’ll pass the buck. My bet, Peter Navarro will be the bunny. Another coffee boy.
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    This episode is playing over here right now. One of my fav Lenny episodes from S4. Actually one of my favorite episodes from the series. With Leonard in the drivers seat, and Sheldon in the foreground. Really funny.When we meet my all time fav recurring character from this series. Wyatt.
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    Yeah, thanks Obama. He gave his successor a great running economy, 7 years of continuous job growth. And Trump is doing what he can do ruin it.
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    The guy at the tire center was Sheldon's brother, not his cousin.
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    That sounds entirely possible. She has done strapless in the past. The short white dress she wore to the bachelorette dress was very becoming on her.
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    Ok off the back of royal wedding fever last month and the fact that it seems kaley’s wedding isn’t far away, I was wondering whether anybody had any wedding dress predictions? I believe she has hinted that she’s getting married in white. I’m thinking maybe she’ll go for a strapless fitted style gown perhaps a fishtail or mermaid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Speaking of the royal wedding I have observed some parallels in Kaley and fiance and the Royal couple: Both couples were engaged within days of each other Both brides are actresses Both grooms had a hand in designing the engagement rings Both grooms come from wealthy families Both brides are older than the grooms
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    You're right, not all episodes in season 8 are all boring but it's still in my opinion the worst season of Tbbt.
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    "Grandpa'd do whatever he could" "Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of doctor good" It is not the gospel that Trump preaches but I got to think that eventually everyone will realize what he was selling is not good for anyone.
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    Season 8 is now on repeat on Swedish Television and it is still so boring and unfunny, I didn't laugh once.
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    I Don't want to turn this into a Anti Shamy thread so this is not what this is. I Think Jim and Mayim have great chemistry. In certain ways. But I do agree the characters lack real chemistry. And I Think the real problem is that Mayim lacks Charisma. That KC or even a MR has. Shifting away from Leonard and Penny as the Romantic Hero and Herione of the series. To Shamy I believe has turned TBBT Axis on its head. And I feel really dizzy LOL. It is just not as effective as it was the first six seasons. Shamy were great as this weird, altenative, quirky couple. But obviousley that has changed.
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    Sending love through the ether @5Mississippis !!
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    So I am new here and I have a great idea... “The Big Bang Gang” on Jeopardy. If you do not know, Jeopardy is a trivia TV show that was created in 1964 and was first hosted by Art Fleming and later in 1984 hosted by the famous Alex Trebek. So what if Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny went on Jeopardy? Well, here’s my plot. (Sheldon and Leonard decide to take the jeopardy test and pass but Penny also takes the test and passes. There is a lot of pop culture and fashion questions that Penny knows and Sheldon and Leonard have no clue what the answers to the questions are. At the end of the episode, the three go to final jeopardy and of all people to win... Penny! Mean while, Bernadette, Howard, and Raj are taking a walk in a nearby park with Cinnamon (Raj’s dog) and the Wolowitz baby (Hallie). Cinnamon sees another dog and goes all “in love mode” and sneaks away while Raj isn’t looking so she can see the dog that she saw. Of course Raj notices that Cinnamon has gone missing and goes to look for her. Eventually he finds Cinnamon sniffing the other dogs bum. So this is only an idea and please, support this small article and maybe this can be a reality on the wonderfully amazing show that we all love!!! 😃👍
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