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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 7: The Dumpling Paradox (Season 1, Episode 7 - original air date: November 5, 2007)
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    Well I guess TBBT is just fun fluff. Nothing edgy. Really the only takeaway is to appreciate your friends.
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    Kaley and Karl will have a winter honeymoon: Source: people.com
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    Great pictures again. 😃 This was on Halo night, after Penny fired a plasma grenade, which resulted in a "Sheldon rain". LOL 😄
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    It gets more Orwellian as Trump calls his own voice fake news.
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 8: The Grasshopper Experiment (Season 1, Episode 8 - original air date: November 12, 2007)
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    I read over parts of it, and those stood out to me (other stuff was just as frightening) When talking about Brexit: Trump: I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me. Reporter: What did you say? Trump: She didn't listen. No, I told her how to do it. That will be up to her to say. But I told her how to do it. She wanted to go a different route. translation: I have no idea what Brexit is and I told Theresa May nothing about it. I'm just bragging here. But another example of Trump wanting to make decisions for other countries. Or this "gem": Trump: The GDP since I've taken over has doubled and tripled. One more time that Trump, the "greatest businessman" has no idea how the economy works and what the GDP actually is. Also, he doesn't seem able to decide if it has doubled or tripled (and it was neither). The thing is, this lie will be believed only by the stupid people who still think he's doing a good job. And did I read it correctly that he was endorsing Boris Johnson for Prime Minister while he was on state visit in a country lead by someone not named Boris Johnson?
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    Wow, Liv Tyler is on Colbert and she just did a lines from TFOTR (LOTR). It was from this scene. She also brought the sword.
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    NATO is why for the most part there has been peace in Europe since WW2. It would be foolish to cut funding or dismantle NATO especially with Russia continuing to act nefariously under its dictator.
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    Thinking I should change my response. Apparently this fits Trumps theory of deal making. It seems he puts little value on relationships. Perhaps he just does not recall there are not hundreds of potential allies waiting in the wings. There is just one UK, just one France, just one Germany and just one Canada. It is not okay to denigrate ones allies.
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    Quote... Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Friday that the country might be in the beginning of a trade war and urged President Trump to reverse course on his recent tariffs. "As you all know, I've said before, I'm concerned about getting into a trade war and it seems like ... we may actually be in the early stages of it. Nobody wins a trade war, and so it would be good if it ended soon," McConnell said during a press conference in Kentucky on Friday. Asked about the impacts on his own state, McConnell noted that reciprocal tariffs from U.S. trade partners are targeting both bourbon and the production of Toyota vehicles. "Yeah, as I've said repeatedly in the last few weeks as this has unfolded, this would not be good for the commonwealth," the Senate GOP leader told reporters. Trump's use of the national security provisions of trade law, which allows him to impose tariffs without congressional approval, have rankled congressional Republicans who worry he will roil the economy months before the midterm election. Trump has imposed steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, including targeting key trading allies such as the European Union, Canada and Mexico. http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/396887-mcconnell-we-may-be-in-the-early-stage-of-a-trade-war /quote ... so much winning. Are there replacement markets in Russia? I don’t think so. Russia’s economy is about the same size as Italy’s. #knownothingpresident *sigh*
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    According to the caption the photo is from last year.
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    Perhaps Trump needs to have Bob Newhart come to him in a dream and tell him to "Appreciate your friends" and allies.
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    Just read the Emmy nominations.................nothing for TBBT They even admitted they left out Mark Cendrowski for directing in the "Bow tie Asymmetry" This award show is becoming so tedious. In the Best Comedy category four of the same shows from last year were nominated again. Still believe there should be two Emmy awards....one for cable tv and one for network tv since there is an overabundance of shows to watch.
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    I think the theory is that only a fraction of the warheads will make it to the targets so one needs redundancy for proper deterrents ("mutually assured destruction" -- aka MAD). Yes, exactly. So he is undermining a foreign government. But one that was supposed to be an allied power. I wish May would have kicked him out.
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    It does come across that way. But even more than that he appears to want to create chaos in other countries. Kiss his ring or else.
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    Some. (from http://www.euronews.com/2017/07/03/nato-fears-could-push-europe-towards-more-nuclear-weapons)
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    Come on. Let's have a Tea Party together, ok? 😉
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    He says a lot of stuff that is just wrong. The issue is the amount of GNP nations spend on defense. There is no paying for NATO as though there was some NATO dues to pay. The US has an enormous military and big stock pile of nuclear weapons. The US deal with NATO includes the US controlling the big stockpile and the rest of NATO not doing that. No one wants nuclear weapons proliferating around the world. Also (not part of NATO but part of US defense spending) at the end of WWII the US did not want Japan to have a standing army. The deal was the US would provide the protection and Japan would become pacifists. They also keep a presence in South Korea. Anyway I was wanting to make the point the US provides a Nuclear umbrella for NATO partly because they don't want big stockpiles all over Europe not under their control. For one thing there is no conventional army threatening to roll over the US. There was a big threat during the cold war to Europe as the USSR had a huge conventional army. Can't have ICBM's where they can be captured. ICBM's can be re-targeted.
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    Oh, I suspect he like many think the USA is the greatest country on earth. I think it has a greatness but not for the reasons he does. I think he is a bully.
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    From The Hollywood Reporter Emmys: TV Academy Unveils 'Big Bang Theory' Nom It Originally Omitted The Big Bang Theory received a major nomination that was not previously announced when the TV Academy unveiled its nominees this morning, The Hollywood Reporter can exclusively report. "Voting in the Emmy category of Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series resulted in seven nominees," the TV Academy tells THR in a statement. "One of the nominees, The Big Bang Theory's episode 'The Bow Tie Symmetry,' directed by Mark Cendrowski, was inadvertently left off various Television Academy communications platforms during today's nomination activities." THR inquired about a missing nomination after it was brought to our attention that a new rule, implemented by the TV Academy after last year's Emmys, required that at least one of this category's nominees hail from a multi-camera show and at least one of this category's nominees hail from a single-camera show. The six nominees announced on Thursday morning all hailed from single-camera shows.
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    Quite true, that may be the reason. Still, for long-time viewers, glaring lapses in continuity are disconcerting. Even with on-the-spot rewrites, how often would those clash with established character traits?
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    Perhaps that is more of a concern on a drama. Here they do rewrites on the fly if the live audience does not react the way they want when they want.
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    What Lenny doesn't love this one? It's such a heart melter!
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    Well, that's one way to get those smart and beautiful kids.
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    My understanding was this was going to be a state visit but because of the looming protests that was not possible so it was downgraded to a working visit. Seems to me it would have been smarter to cancel it all together. Perhaps T. May rolled the dice and lost. On the other hand after Trump insulted Trudeau unity behind Trudeau improved rather than the other way around.
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    He's not only showing ignorance of how countries work, he doesn't know how to behave when abroad. This was supposed to be a brief business visit. The state visit will be later in the year if nobody's put him in a strait jacket by then. I shudder to think what will come out of his mouth when he's exposed to all the pomp and ceremony.
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    See, kindergarten. One beats the other, "deadpan".
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    I disagree. The biggest problem today is Trump is walking through trade , NATO, the UK and the international order like a rototiller. Or like
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    Actually, that's the republicans. Trump's only interest is lining his own pockets, not being seen as a failure (which he will be) and of course not go to jail.
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    Trump's only interest is in supporting the national weapons industry. It's simply absurd to argue on kindergarten level with any calculation examples. Humanity ultimately doesn't care whether it is bombed to extinction once or several times. Btw. France and the UK have their own nuclear weapons, which should be sufficient to protect Europe. But that would destroy all the beautiful sandbox games.
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    Well it's big ! It's taken the place of the BBC, IMHOA, when it comes to making good sitcoms. Its language and customs are spreading : in a trailer for a soap the other day somebody was talking about a baby shower. For many years it didn't pay its share of the UN budget. I don't know whether it does now. Trump's banging his gums about paying for NATO. He may for once be correctly informed about that, who knows. He says he's protecting Europe. Goodness knows what he thinks from, nor what he thinks Europe's own forces are doing apart from backing up US troops elsewhere. It's normal enough, I daresay, to think one's own country is the greatest on Earth. Like thinking one's mother is the best cook in the world and one's father is the handsomest man. I grew out of those last two. When I won a prize on Mayim's website they were not allowed to send it to me because I lived outside the United States. Mayim said I shouldn't be sad because living in Britain meant I already had a great prize.
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    My God, it's so much worse than the snippet you heard. Here is a link to the entire Trump interview. The man is completely off the rails. I honestly have no words. 😶 Trump interview with The Sun Be sure to scroll down the entire page to catch it all. And the bloody Sun reporters gave him a Three Lions football jersey! Now that's a sacrilege. 🤬
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    One way to think of it, is to think of each country in Europe, distance wise, as the equivalent of a state. Also, states can have different laws than other states. I realize the equivalence is far from exact, but you can get an idea. From the Late Show YouTube channel. German News covering Trump at the NATO meeting" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aZXPAHpGC8
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    The black light shows all (residue of bodily fluids...)
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    I think the problem is Penny (the writers) hadn't found a job she would enjoy. If she does I think Leonard would support her even if it pays very low. If she quits before thinking what she wants to do she may just be bored out of her mind.
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    "From the engagement to the wedding and all the moments in-between" - Sounds like the panel of "The Shamy Show"
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    Three Tall Women closed on Broadway tonight. Laurie Metclaf won a Tony Award for Featured Actress in a Play for her role in this production. Joe Mantello directed this and then Jim's play, The Boys In The Band. Jim was at the final performance.
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