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    Neither Leonard or Penny really confront each other. The pity sex and the not wanting children is two examples of bringing a parent into a situation. Was it necessary to bring Beverley in the pity sex or apparently involving Wyatt into not having children discussion. In both it was there for a laugh. Some people think it would be wrong for Leonard bringing her dad in the situation but wasn’t it equally wrong for Penny to involve his mom?
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    That is your way of seeing it. I see it as Leonard loving Penny so much that he would be willing to make a huge sacrifice to be with her. He'd rather be with her and not have kids than be with someone else and have kids with that woman.
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    I felt it was desperation writing, they didn’t know what to write so they went with this to have something, it was a jump the shark moment, which does, to some extent, support your statement that it was the start of the decline in writing. Sometimes I feel that when the writers get stuck they throw in a Lenny conflict situation to try and save themselves from admitting they have no ideas. I find it hard to understand, with all the married couples shows that have been on TV, how the production staff could not bring a couple people in, who have experience writing married couple comedy, to write some of the parts after the couples started getting married.
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    Yes, Penny is pretty spiritual. She believes in psychics, ghosts, astrology, voodoo. But not in crystals. Crystals don't work.
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    I think the lower ratings last two weeks are a direct result of Shamy overkill. The wedding was last year time to move on. The first two storylines were so bleeping boring. If I here the word coitus one more time. It’s like hearing about people in a nursing home having sex. I’m glad I taped it so I could fast forward thru the nauseating parts. As to Stuart and Denise storyline being more interesting than anything else on the show that’s true. But that reflects more on the bad writing than anything else.
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    You would have to listen to them instead of fast forwarding through their scenes to understand that that yes he comprimises with Amy.
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    Perfect @bfm ! To quote e.e. cummings (who has a birthday on October 14, a good reason to read some of his poetry!) "here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life...." Leonard carries it. He carries her heart in his heart.
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    Sex is not the only thing that keeps a relationship interesting...you need more then sex to keep a relationship going. Having sex every night does not necessarily make a better relationship then those who have sex less often. Sheldon and Amy have a bond that goes beyond sex. They have a ton of mutual interests. A strong love of science, making up wacky games, such as going on scavenger hunts. Open communication. All very important to a successful relationship. They make effort to compromise with eachother. I would hate being in a relationship where you have nothing in common except sex.
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    Just saw the sneak peeks. They seem to be really trying to stress the point that Lenny "have nothing in common" (have many differences) and bring up the question of whether they should be with each other or are wasting their time. What I hope will be the suggest conclusion though, in this and/or future episodes, is that it's not all about having many simalirities and the same goals. Of course that is very important in many cases, but I think they can show with Lenny that there can be people who make it work (although I hope the conclusion won't be no kids and think they could have done this without OOC writing, continuity problems and "he wore her down" jokes). On the contrary, in Raj's case it may be that two people seem to fit wonderfully "on paper" but it doesn't really work (I once dated a guy who seemed good "on paper" and texting went great but when we met there was zero romantic chemistry, nothing more than friendly atmosphere). Shany represent the ones who fit greatly "on paper" and work out (well, after a long ride). After all, unless they cut it, we will have Lenny riding "into the sunset" in the Batmobile at the end of the episode. I am very upset by the writers about this issue, but I'd at least take the small things they're giving.
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    This Raj test thing sounds similar to who’s a better couple episode between Lenny and Shamy. My guess is Penny takes the test stating she doesn’t want kids with no regard to Leonard. It is like the episode when Penny quits TCF to concentrate on acting. In that case he pretends to agree with Penny quitting and is relieved that Penny went back later assuming she was getting her job back. Seems like something similar to this episode.
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    Prior to Episode 8.24, I scoffed at TPTB saying they don't really plan ahead when writing/creating episodes. I didn't buy it. That changed here. What they wanted to do (I think) was to have four plates spinning in the air at the same time. They created the Shamy breakup; Raj and Emily teetering on the edge of ending their relationship; and Howard and Bernadette asking Stuart to leave their house and live on his own. That left Leonard and Penny. "What can we do with Leonard and Penny that would be a great season ender?" I think was the question around the writer's table....."I know! I know! What if we have them ready to elope and Leonard tells Penny he had an affair while he was away on the Hawking expidition to the North Sea??" "What expidition?" "You know, when Leonard was away for about 4 months?" "Ohhhhh.....You mean when Sheldon and Penny had all that wonderful bonding time between seasons 6 and 7?" "Yeah! Yeah! What if Leonard was, you know, doing the 'horizontal shuffle' with some coed assistant while he was away?" "Wow! Great idea! But doesn't that go a little far? I mean, wouldn't the fanbase hate us?" "Okay. How about he made-out with someone? Penny could be totally freaked out!!!" "Great! Leonard can even ask if that ever happen with her and Penny can fully deny it! Oh boy! This is GREAT!" I will never forgive or forget this. (I remember the words of someone out of the taping in the chatroom letting us know briefly what happened: "Leonard cheated"). Ughhhhh....
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    The show shifted from watching weird single nerds to more relationship centric storylines (Lenny, Howardette). I think, adding Amy was a good move, that could have allowed "social-retarded" Sheldon to keep up with the other characters as their stories moved forward. At this time, the original Amy characterization as a female version of Sheldon was perfect. Two people like that, engaging in a completely non-sexual relationship as a means of meeting social customs would have been perfect. Instead, they refitted Amy, who immediately began pressuring Sheldon to change. Now I feel that Sheldon's "growth" was really a slap in the face for his character, and possibly for many people who, let me put it this way, are a little "different". So at the end Sheldon’s “growth” became about Amy “fixing” him by showing, that all of these things he was never interested in were key aspects that were missing from his life all along. This whole development took place increasingly at the expense of Leonard and Penny. Their development remained rather vague to this day or invited speculation (off-screen). At least I could hardly recognize any remarkable stories (on-screen). Sheldon on the other hand was chosen as the celebrated cash cow and therefor lost all his credibility and esprit for ME (unfortunately also in connection with Amy). The result is, stand now, just an ordinary soap for Me.
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    It reminds me of watching two people’s sex life at a retirement home, come on them just having sex once a year, on Amy’s birthday, sounds exactly like two 70-year olds. Even the writers agree, you don’t see them writing scenes of Sheldon and Amy in a sex dungeon do you. I actually think they reduced the romance between Lenny to prevent the glaring obvious situation with Shamy that their marriage is boring, which makes Sheldon less interesting and does not support the theme of the Sheldon Show.
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    If that is what happened then I fully agree with you. That would be a really shitty thing for Leonard to do and a big mistake on his part.
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    The scene literally ends with him dragging Amy to their honeymoon suite on a whim. Not sure what more spontaneous he needs to be??? Also, yes, plenty of relationship/sex health advisors actually think scheduling sex is not a bad thing for a relationship. I kid you not.
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    And another point as shown in episode 2 was that Sheldon still had to live by his scheduled lifestyle. Who the heck schedules sex on a to do list? Even though married Sheldon cannot discard his OCD tendencies. Which IMO, he still needs tending to as his Meemaw stated. Poor Amy!
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    Makes me feel better knowing others think that was a sucky story line!
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    And who can blame you? On this forum there've been complains about the lack of good Lenny stories for years and years now - and those are often coming from ppl who like the couple and can at least muster some interest from a few special moments every now and then. Anybody who doesn't even have that level of interest is more or less bored to tears at this point.
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    Well, they've tried their best.
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    We have yet to watch the episode, but I don't remember any hint in the TR that it was Leonard who involved Penny's father in the discussion about children; on the contrary he backed his wife up and defended her decision of not having children; the fact it is totally unbelievable to me he let it go so easily on something which was so important to him is a whole other story... I think it was one of those situations when parents push their children into giving them grandchildren ASAP, and Wyatt (without knowing it) chose the worst possible moment to make that request, as Penny and Leonard were actually discussing the exact opposite.
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    Funny I find watching Shamy. Like watching paint dry.
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    This is the last thing I want to see happen. I would like the decision for Lenny to have kids to be mutual, not Penny thrust into a pregnancy she didn't want or expect.
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