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    Not really. Remember Leonard moved in back in ~2003, jus after he got his doctorate. Post docs don't get near as much money as actual staff members, and while Sheldon had his doctorate, he seemed more interested in having someone able to drive him. And once Sheldon accepted Leonard, we all know how much Sheldon hates change. Actually, not it isn't. Several people looked into it several years ago in one of the threads. At that time, mid to low level apartments (remember, with a broken elevator, it's closer to low end than high end) in Pasadena were going for around $1100 for a one bedroom and $1800 for a two bedroom. Also, at that time, there were ads for The Cheesecake Factory touting pay around 33-37k a year. After taxes, that would give Penny enough to squeak by, but she would be on the edge of not making it. All of which fits quite close to Penny just barely getting by, using the guy's wifi, and sometimes Leonard (and once Sheldon) helping her, when she can't quite make it.
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    @Kev0821 Thanks! Hope you had a lot of fun. 😊
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    And almost exactly two years later, Kaley has a million followers more on Instagram. It's 4 million now.
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    @Kev0821 All I know, I need your brillant memory skills. 😀 Again...
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    The raw emotion between the two of them was beyond beautiful. Beginning with him looking for forgiveness for his actions with Cole; then feeling vulnerable in his place in the relationship. Her feeling a bit miffed at his insecurity and that he should know how she feels, until it spills out for the very first time that yes, she loves him. The short moment of silence when they are looking at each other and realizing what she said out loud, again, for the first time. The tables are turned and she is the one feeling vulnerable for giving voice to her feelings. He is overcome with joy at knowing at last. Those two emotions join in the most beautiful moment in TBBT. That short silent moment. His affirming that it was the first time she said the words. Her agreeing in a beautiful shaking voice and escaping because the result of their moment will bring tears of joy from them both. Their best moment. By themselves. No interruptions. In that wonderful hallway between their two apartments. TBBT at its best. Oh for the times of Season 6!
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    In fact, I have no idea why a paper that states super-asymmetry has no merit would make such an impression in Shamy. I mean, unless the scientist has made substantial objections, or has constructed an experiment to show it can't be true (you can't prove a theory, but you can disprove it with an experiment) theoretical physics lives on different scientists that create different (and sometimes conflicting) theories. In any event, if Shamy didn't do their diligence for the project, they "deserve" to feel miserable at the end of the episode, it's their fault. As for Leonard doing the bibliographic work, this is indeed weird. It was not his job, as he is not among the authors of the paper (but, as I said, the authors had a laps in judgement on this one); BTW, one shouldn't even make a grad-student do that. It's plausible he went to the library, instead. Most of recent articles are available in international on-line databases, but probably that is not the case for an article from the 70es written in Russian.
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    This makes much more sense, they just wanted to style it appropriately. Google Scholar and many softwares would do that for them and they should definitely know it, it's 2018 people... But that's the sort of credibility problem that is much more forgivable. I'm very surprised Leonard agreed to basically do the menial work for them. That's just weird. What is even less credible is that he would go to the library to do so, unless there was some paper that was only available in hard copy and Shamy just returned it without writing the required detailed (very unlike them). And also, if Leonard stumbled upon the paper when looking for papers Shamy used, how come they didn't see it? Also, references go under "References", always. No question there. It's a part of the paper. So it's not as ridiculous as Leonard doing the literature search they should have done and without even being part of the team (that would be like Sheldon running experiments for Leonard just to "help a friend", this is not how it works), but still lacking credibility. The writers should learn more about how these things work. Anyway, Kev thank you so so much you're awesome! I hope you had a wonderful time!
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    Agreed, I would have expected Amy to research it as well. Overall they would have done more than just a google search, you would fully research the stuff out there to see if its worth investing your time on this research and before committing.
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    Yes it is, no scientist would start a project without looking into the pre-existing literature. Usually this pre-existing literature is collected in a paper in a section called "References" or "Bibliography", that is why I call it "references".
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    @Kev0821 , your memory and heart are gold. Thanks so much for all taping info 😊
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    Ironically their is a russian show out their that ripped off The Big Bang Theory.
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    Hoping new taping delivers an episode for all characters.
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    It is completely dependent on what grants you're working on and your field. There are post-docs and there are post-docs and JOBS. A friend of mine with a phd in theoretical physics via the Fermi Lab landed right into a very well-paying job. One of her pals ended up in a great job in Southern Calif. At my graduate school, physicists - even as graduate students - were financially better off than many others because of grant work and work with professors on those grants. The competition for students capable of working on these grants is pretty heated. These guys went to the prestigious universities that are at an advantage for grants and support for students. Physics department professors, etc. get paid well, especially at a place like Cal Tech. I would think someone in applied physics at a U so close to the JPL as well as other defense department contractors ... Lockheed Martin in Palmdale, Northrop Grumman, Southern California is larded with tech companies that would love to hire consultants like Leonard. Just proofing scientific publications is a nice second income. Add to these opportunities that graduate students in these fields are less likely to accrue academic dept in graduate school, they don't hit the job market with the academic debt say, a law student does. Southern Calif really benefits from high defense spending, so there would be some natural ups and downs. And Cal Tech is competing with these industries to keep folks like Leonard, etc. on staff. No way would Howard with a master's from MIT have to live with his mother if he is capable of the work depicted. Again, he's perfect for the aerospace industry. A girl fresh off the boat from Nebraska isn't going to get the shifts that generate the highest income. Even if she does, Sheldon and Leonard [I always mention Sheldon first for the reason they were named 'Sheldon' and 'Leonard'] are, at minimum, each earning twice as much as she is. A two-bedroom apt. generally costs a couple hundred dollars extra per month. Not double. So, rent isn't the burden to Sheldon and Leonard as it is to Penny. Plus, she has been regularly depicted as having financial problems. Sheldon and Leonard, conversely, eat nearly every dinner from a restaurant, have all the latest games, etc. They aren't hurting for cash. Sheldon has said he has FAR more than he needs or uses. Leonard referred to student loans, once. But if they didn't write it that way, they would not have a show. ps. No way Ann Marie could afford her apartment, either, on the wages of a part-time actress, on "That Girl." People like to watch shows with nice sets. Notice how few programs show rooms with dropped ceilings and florescent lighting? Because no one wants to watch it. Yeah, I was surprised the show brought up tenure.
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    Thanks for the taping report. Sounds like another dud.
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    Thanks so much for the report. I do wonder if Johnny will have surgery in their off week. If just a splint is necessary , you would think he wouldn’t be in much pain.
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    Yeah, a nice ensemble episode would be nice!
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    Some memories are forgettable, others remain vivid and heartwarming to the core. [emoji846] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Stop it. You going to make me cry. I couldn't have put it better. Great interpretation of the ILY. Now you done it. [emoji24][emoji24] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    No not exactly the salary and income Leonard and Sheldon are on it is fesible that income is not always constant. My point was attempting to take every single detail at face value. Like everything needs to be accurate, is not eventagious to it being a comedy. And yes Im aware the inconsistency lies with a cheesecake factory waitress affording a apt across from 2 physicists. Can we not send snarky emojis. Every time someone might get something slightly wrong, or has a different opinion? Thank you.
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    I guess all we know about Howard's Russian abilities is that at the start of the series he told everyone he spoke flawlessly Russian Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Normally I'd say no. But, this is a comedy, so I'll say yes this once.
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    Regarding last night's taping... Do we trust Howard's translation of the Russia paper? Is he that fluent that he would be able to convert a Russian research paper to English properly?
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    I give you 2 Thumbs up! You are absolutely correct!!
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    Such a lovely episode, and really nice to see Lenny standing by the iconic kitchen island. Penny's disco outfit is perfect.
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    I am pretty sure Amy and Sheldon thought they had an original idea in super symmetry so at the very least, they were scooped by a 40 plus year old paper. But sure unless the paper is convincing - they could continue- but with the wind out of their sails for sure.
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    Maybe the writers are half stepping since the show is coming to an end. I sincerely hope that's not the case!
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    While I was in academia "citations" and "references" have been used to refer to the same thing - maybe the terms are used more specific in Italy?? But anyway, yes, this is so weird in terms of how you'd write a paper. I mean, I could probably accept that Sheldon rushed into this without doing the legwork first cause we've seen him do that before. But Amy??? I wouldn't think she'd be that sloppy.
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    Because Leonard is nice and wanted to help.
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    It don't get any better that scene, unless it's the ILY at the airport in Penny's car in episode 6/24!
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    Cinnamon is Raj's longest running relationship. You don't remember Howard's game of Emily or Cinnamon?
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    The ILY is IMO one of her greatest performances. It's not an extremely difficult situation, like a drama where she loses her family or is about to comit suicide or anything, but it has a very real feeling to it. Kaley herself says she felt she was being Penny in that moment.
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    I agree. Raj deserves more than a quick, lets get Raj fixed up story arc. Anu seems like she would be perfect for Raj. She's a smart, knows what she wants, take charge kind of woman. As you stated, I wish they had the foresight to start this last season!
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    Happy Taping Day and more importantly I hope you have an incredible time and a fantastic experience at the taping Kev! 😊
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    I’ve been watching since episode 1 and tuned in for Johnny. I really enjoyed his sort of mild-mannered David character on Roseanne. I had never heard of Kaley before (I was aware of 8 Simple Rules because of John Ritter, James Garner and Kathy Sagal, but never watched). I recognized Jim from a single scene in the great movie Garden State, but again it was Johnny hat got me to watch. THEN: I fell in love with the possibility of a Penny/Leonard relationship and here I am!
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    For me, I started watching when I was around 52. Kaley's interactions with Jim and Johnny hooked me. They were and still work great together! Plus Simon and Kunal's Bromance caught me as well? Penny's risque outfits were icing on the cake!
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    I started watching the show in my mid 40s and I’ll admit Kaley’s appearance appealed. ( but it was more the nerd comedy TBH) But I quickly focused more on the Lenny relationship and it’s similarities to my life while occasionally enjoying Penny’s more risqué outfits. She continues to be gorgeous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Look how happy she is to see him!
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    I have not said anything about this, as my opinon is quite different from the majority I believe. I am with you in that I like the decision. However, I do not find it selfish. The laser will benefit the university in that it may lead to new discoveries and have far reaching uses. That Leonard's work will benefit is also good for CalTech. Who knows what projects he may be able to obtain for them. I see Leonard as just being fed up with all the attention and selfishness being thrown at him. Howard was particularly boorish in that regard. Others were looking to spend the funds on very personal items (a koi pond for their office? Please!) Anyway. I am fine with how Leonard awarded the funding. It will in the end benefit the university well into the future. (my unsolicited, non-expert opinion)
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    A woman doesn't necessarily wear certain clothes just for hookups. I don't think her desire of hookups directly caused the change in her wardrobe. That was her clothing style when she was younger, and it has changed over the years (which I am happy with).
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    Yep! And therefore I declare Zach a honorary Lenny shipper as well. BTW...We have reached page 100. Yay!
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    Stuart should totally be an honorary Lenny shipper, and since we don't have an official procedure for that, I say I called it so he is. Congrats, Mr. Bloom!
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    Historian here. November 2nd, 2009. The Cornhusker Vortex aired. And here’s a random kiss from Season 3.
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 262: The Grant Allocation Derivation (Season 12, Episode 7 - original air date: November 1, 2018) Source
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    Almost, but not quite there! True, all I heard was they were going out with a bang. The last two episodes are a nice start. I'm hoping it doesn't fizzle out the rest of the way!
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    Kripke and Siebert always make me happy. I just love seeing them, although the idea of Siebert just giving that job to Leonard was totally unrealistic. I liked the ep a lot. I liked seeing everyone together at the beginning doing something with each other., We don't get enough of that and that's my favorite kind of ep. I liked Sheldon and Leonard kind of renewing their friendship in this and the girls doing that as well. Of course we had to have "the wine popped so it must be Penny" moment, but I expected that. Howard saving the secret for when he gets caught out for no insurance was traditional Howard, which was a welcome moment. I don't know why they had to bring in a new colleague, though. Couldn't they have used someone we know? Especially since I associate animal research with Amy. I wish we'd had a scene with Raj and Anu, however, even if it was a short one. They don't have a lot of time to work on this. I like her (unlike a lot of other fans apparently) and I want them to set her up correctly if she and Raj are going to marry.
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    Agreed! Disagree. He's had more than enough chances and he's screwed them up. The writers have decided to have as broken. Besides, he has his story with Cinnamon! 😄
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    I never said they weren't although i don't think Penny has but i could be wrong. However Raj stands head and shoulders above the rest with of them in these behaviors. Im not talking in number of times but in the magnitude. Like just last season he took credit for the discovery even though it was Penny who found it. Or like I've already mentioned he dumped6his girlfriend. For a woman he barely knew then started seeing both effectively cheating on them. Or how about when he hoped that Bernadette would break up with Howard( his best friend) .So he could date her instead, who other than a complete jerk would do that. Now Sheldon is probably just as bad, however Sheldon has a excuse due to the way he is. Raj doesn't.
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