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    The episode is called "The Citation Negation." Leonard researches citations for Sheldon and Amy's paper. He finds a Russian paper that basically discredits super-asymmetry. Bernadette tries to beat Howard and Raj at Fortnite, and recruits help from Denise. I'll work on a longer report. Johnny iced his hand all night, and his face showed he was in pain. The injury wasn't written in.
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    "The Citation Negation" The opening scene takes place in 4B. Sheldon and Amy are discussing how the citations should appear in their paper. Sheldon says in the appendices and wants Amy to do the research. She suggests they have a grad-student do it, but Sheldon doesn't like the idea. Amy then suggests Leonard, but Sheldon is hesitant. It cuts to Sheldon in 4A proclaiming that he's having an affair with Rita, a cafeteria worker. He tells Leonard not to say anything. Penny enters and asks Leonard what was going on. Leonard says that Sheldon was testing him to see if he could keep a secret, but he couldn't tell Penny because he didn't want to "fail" Sheldon's test. The next scene takes place in the cafeteria. Sheldon and Amy approach Leonard sitting at a table. Sheldon says he is not having an affair. Leonard obviously knew better. Amy was upset that Leonard didn't have the desire to reach out to her. She asks him if he thinks Sheldon is desireable to women, and Leonard says, "No." They ask him to research the citations for their paper. He agrees, saying it will be fun for the three of them to do it together. Sheldon reveals that they aren't going to join him. Leonard likes that better. Howard and Raj are at the Wolowitz house playing Fortnite. Raj's avatar does a celebratory dance, and Howard kills him. Then, Howard's character dances. Bernie enters and wants to play. She dies almost instantly. Leonard and Raj go to the university library to research the citations. Raj is spooked by the atmosphere, so they both agree that they'll talk to each other. Raj keeps calling Leonard's name to which he responds. Eventually, Leonard moans and wheezes, distressing Raj. There was too much dust, and Leonard stopped to breath his inhaler. Bernie practices playing Fortnite at her office. Penny does well and implies that Bernie is just stupid. I can't remember the wording... At the university library, Raj and Leonard read articles at a table. Leonard comes across one in Russian and suggests they have Howard translate it. Raj tries to use Google Translate, which generates pure rubbish. He says he understands why it's a free app. Howard translates the article for the guys, minus Sheldon, in the cafeteria. The author says there is no merit to super-asymmetry. Apparently, the article is from the 70s, and not a new idea. Johnny had trouble uttering this Russian name several times. Leonard suggests that they tell Sheldon together, but Raj and Howard want Leonard to do it alone. Bernie goes to the comicbook store and encounters Denise. Stuart was away. There was some back-and-forth about the gals' choices in men. Denise's family had a funeral home, implying Stuart is a corpse. Denise inquires about Bernie's attraction to Howie. Bernie says, "Look at him." Denise offers to teach Bernie how to play Fortnite. One take had Denise showing Bernie a callus on her finger. Another said that she hasn't been in sunlight in forever. Leonard is in the hallway and keeps walking up to and from 4B. He can't seem to get up the courage to knock. Penny comes up the flight of stairs and notices. Leonard fills her in. She encourages him to leave an anonymous tip. Apparently, she tried telling a friend in high school that the girl's boyfriend was cheating on her. It didn't go well. Penny was the other girl and even had a hickie on her neck. The girl gave Penny a blackeye just before prom. They stop talking about her high school years, and Leonard proceeds to knock on the door. Penny says wait until she goes into 4A, clearly wanting to avoid the drama. In the Wolowitz's living room, Denise teaches Bernie how to play the game. Her tactics include insulting Bernie, who gets offended. At one point, she tells her to hit "X," and Bernie doesn't know where the button is. Denise makes fun of her for not knowing her alphabet. Leonard tells Sheldon and Amy about the article. Sheldon is initially shocked. Then, he breaks a white-board and goes crazy with rage, before storming off to the bedroom. There is a bedroom scene between Amy and Sheldon. Amy tries to comfort Sheldon, but he doesn't like her calm rationale. She gets upset about their research being cast aside, and Sheldon decides he doesn't like this reaction either. (I think this scene was here...) Back at the Wolowitz's, Bernie plays Howard and Raj again. She smugly says how bad she is, surely hoping to show them up. She does well at first and impresses Raj, but then Howard kills her. She gets upset and storms off, proclaiming that she makes more money than Howard. Leonard and Penny go to check-in on Amy and Sheldon, who stayed home from work. Both are in their pajamas, eating on the couch depressed. They discuss being wrong about their theory, it being Saturday, and saying the Russian professor's name wrong. Basically, they were wrong three times. Sheldon becomes interested in Leonard and Penny's take-out dinner, so the two leave it for them. The tag finds Penny and Bernie playing Fortnite in 4A. Bernie is happy that she's beating Penny, and squeals in delight. Penny doesn't care at all. She just wants to go to lunch. Leonard enters and Bernie is so happy that she hits the water bottle out of his hand. The second take had water splash out and cover Johnny. Penny says that she'll drive and leaves after Bernie. BTS: - Melissa Rauch was out by her car when my group was about to enter the soundstage. She was putting a birthday bag, for who I assumed to be her daughter, in the car. - Johnny iced his hand all night. When he was seated, his hand was steady and laid on a book, the table, etc. He looked to be in pain. - Wyatt McClure, a.k.a. Billy Sparks from YS, was a VIP. He sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." - Kaley and Johnny thanked the audience. I didn't know if Johnny would or not with his hand, but he still climbed up the railing. - A man proposed to his girlfriend towards the end of the evening. A lot of the crew members were in tears. I'll try to field any questions tomorrow. Sorry if any of this is out of order. There were a ton of scenes, both taped and pre-taped.
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    I don't know if this helps or not, but Shamy needed the citations for the appendices. There were about 100 or so. I think it was just Leonard's job to make sure they were written correctly. He then stumbled upon the Russian paper that they didn't know existed.
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    Two physicists at Cal Tech would be able to afford their own apartments. It's that a waitress at the cheesecake factory could afford to live across the hall that is the big fantasy.
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    I actually watched the pilot when it aired for the very first time on NZ TV. But I did not watch for about 3 seasons. I was busy studying at the time. It was this episode I recall came on and I saw Leonard and Penny in the kitchen. I Admit I Thought they were cute. But the episode The Einstein Approximatation. Hooked me. I Thought it was the most unique episode of comedy I had seen in years.
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    Not really. Remember Leonard moved in back in ~2003, jus after he got his doctorate. Post docs don't get near as much money as actual staff members, and while Sheldon had his doctorate, he seemed more interested in having someone able to drive him. And once Sheldon accepted Leonard, we all know how much Sheldon hates change. Actually, not it isn't. Several people looked into it several years ago in one of the threads. At that time, mid to low level apartments (remember, with a broken elevator, it's closer to low end than high end) in Pasadena were going for around $1100 for a one bedroom and $1800 for a two bedroom. Also, at that time, there were ads for The Cheesecake Factory touting pay around 33-37k a year. After taxes, that would give Penny enough to squeak by, but she would be on the edge of not making it. All of which fits quite close to Penny just barely getting by, using the guy's wifi, and sometimes Leonard (and once Sheldon) helping her, when she can't quite make it.
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    @Kev0821 Thanks! Hope you had a lot of fun. 😊
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    And almost exactly two years later, Kaley has a million followers more on Instagram. It's 4 million now.
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    You'd think they (writers) would get it right. They are suppose to have a science adviser to help with those issues!
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    Thanks so much for the taping report @Kev0821, it sounds like you had a fantastic time. 😊 Disappointed would be a huge understatement if the Shamy project is more or less dead after this one. I had some fears it might happen as their previous project didn't seem to go anywhere and became a plot device for other stories. This sounds like this project is done as well. I'm hoping they keep working on it and maybe make a discovery that disproves the Russian paper.
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    @Kev0821 All I know, I need your brillant memory skills. 😀 Again...
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    Thanks so much, Kev0821! I hope you had much fun at taping. Poor Johnny, hope he may have a quick recovery.
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    Thank you so much Kev!!! Poor Johnny Funny someone just brought up fortnite a few days ago. I'm surprised tough that Bernadette calls Denise instead of Anu or Penny, unless Stuart is somehow involved... And man, it seems like they need to work more on the credibility of their academic plots. Why would Leonard do the literature search for a paper that's not his? Unless they have officially accepted him to their team...? The paper plot reminds me of Sheldon's false discovery of a new element and the confirmation that it was false.
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    The raw emotion between the two of them was beyond beautiful. Beginning with him looking for forgiveness for his actions with Cole; then feeling vulnerable in his place in the relationship. Her feeling a bit miffed at his insecurity and that he should know how she feels, until it spills out for the very first time that yes, she loves him. The short moment of silence when they are looking at each other and realizing what she said out loud, again, for the first time. The tables are turned and she is the one feeling vulnerable for giving voice to her feelings. He is overcome with joy at knowing at last. Those two emotions join in the most beautiful moment in TBBT. That short silent moment. His affirming that it was the first time she said the words. Her agreeing in a beautiful shaking voice and escaping because the result of their moment will bring tears of joy from them both. Their best moment. By themselves. No interruptions. In that wonderful hallway between their two apartments. TBBT at its best. Oh for the times of Season 6!
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    Actually, I do. His time with Russian cosmonauts during the NASA training and interaction with them on the International Space Station gives some credence to his ability to speak and read Russian.
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    Thanks @Kev0821 I hope you had an amazing time!
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    YESSSS!!!! I'm happy there's somone to share all that irks me about this with! The first paragraph - that is what I said I wasn't sure this was the end of it, but it could be since the writers are clearly not trying much to write things the way they would be IRL so I don't know... And writing their bibloigraphy? Again there are plenty of softwares that do that (I'm a bit old-fashioned and don't have one of these yet but I use Google Scholar for that) but it is most definitely not something a Phd whose not part of the writing team would do, that's a job for a BA student (and even that's a bit pathetic).
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    In fact, I have no idea why a paper that states super-asymmetry has no merit would make such an impression in Shamy. I mean, unless the scientist has made substantial objections, or has constructed an experiment to show it can't be true (you can't prove a theory, but you can disprove it with an experiment) theoretical physics lives on different scientists that create different (and sometimes conflicting) theories. In any event, if Shamy didn't do their diligence for the project, they "deserve" to feel miserable at the end of the episode, it's their fault. As for Leonard doing the bibliographic work, this is indeed weird. It was not his job, as he is not among the authors of the paper (but, as I said, the authors had a laps in judgement on this one); BTW, one shouldn't even make a grad-student do that. It's plausible he went to the library, instead. Most of recent articles are available in international on-line databases, but probably that is not the case for an article from the 70es written in Russian.
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    It wasn't found to be proved (you don't "prove" a theory anyway but that's another discussion), the writer just said the idea had no merit. I'm not 100% sure this means the project is all done, we'll see. I'm with you! BTW, as for "citation", here people may say this once in a while when speaking casually but the formal word is "references" and that's what I believe Shamy and Leonard would use. It's not an issue of exaggeration for comedy's sake, it's just not how these things work. You'd expect the writers to make a bit of effort to get it right.
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    This makes much more sense, they just wanted to style it appropriately. Google Scholar and many softwares would do that for them and they should definitely know it, it's 2018 people... But that's the sort of credibility problem that is much more forgivable. I'm very surprised Leonard agreed to basically do the menial work for them. That's just weird. What is even less credible is that he would go to the library to do so, unless there was some paper that was only available in hard copy and Shamy just returned it without writing the required detailed (very unlike them). And also, if Leonard stumbled upon the paper when looking for papers Shamy used, how come they didn't see it? Also, references go under "References", always. No question there. It's a part of the paper. So it's not as ridiculous as Leonard doing the literature search they should have done and without even being part of the team (that would be like Sheldon running experiments for Leonard just to "help a friend", this is not how it works), but still lacking credibility. The writers should learn more about how these things work. Anyway, Kev thank you so so much you're awesome! I hope you had a wonderful time!
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    Agreed, I would have expected Amy to research it as well. Overall they would have done more than just a google search, you would fully research the stuff out there to see if its worth investing your time on this research and before committing.
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    Yes it is, no scientist would start a project without looking into the pre-existing literature. Usually this pre-existing literature is collected in a paper in a section called "References" or "Bibliography", that is why I call it "references".
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    This might be a bit of a language issue but "citation" refers to what you describe as "references": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citation ETA: Though with regards to the episode I'm still a bit baffled why you'd search for citations after you wrote your paper. I would think that is part of the research process at the beginning???
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    @Kev0821 , your memory and heart are gold. Thanks so much for all taping info 😊
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    Ironically their is a russian show out their that ripped off The Big Bang Theory.
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    Hoping new taping delivers an episode for all characters.
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    I'm still not sure about Anu, that's me being honest though maybe in just one episode sometime in the future the character just clicks for me. Will have to see if the mutism is credible or not in the story, I guess it's possible that he could have a relapse. He's slept with other women before and had no issues, but maybe it's different with someone who might end up being his wife. Honestly the story sounds incredibly corny even on a human level, but I guess it reveals another part of Raj to Anu. I feel like the writers are revealing stuff to Anu to kind of test her, will she stay or will she bolt. Thinking about it I really wished they started this storyline or something like it near the beginning of Season 11 so therefore giving it a couple of seasons to develop. I think it's going to feel rather rushed (which true can be a characteristic of an arranged marriage deal) and it won't have that same kind of rewarding payoff a slightly slower character progression would have provided for fans.
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    I would trust him to read it to determine if it was worth a professional translation.
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    It is completely dependent on what grants you're working on and your field. There are post-docs and there are post-docs and JOBS. A friend of mine with a phd in theoretical physics via the Fermi Lab landed right into a very well-paying job. One of her pals ended up in a great job in Southern Calif. At my graduate school, physicists - even as graduate students - were financially better off than many others because of grant work and work with professors on those grants. The competition for students capable of working on these grants is pretty heated. These guys went to the prestigious universities that are at an advantage for grants and support for students. Physics department professors, etc. get paid well, especially at a place like Cal Tech. I would think someone in applied physics at a U so close to the JPL as well as other defense department contractors ... Lockheed Martin in Palmdale, Northrop Grumman, Southern California is larded with tech companies that would love to hire consultants like Leonard. Just proofing scientific publications is a nice second income. Add to these opportunities that graduate students in these fields are less likely to accrue academic dept in graduate school, they don't hit the job market with the academic debt say, a law student does. Southern Calif really benefits from high defense spending, so there would be some natural ups and downs. And Cal Tech is competing with these industries to keep folks like Leonard, etc. on staff. No way would Howard with a master's from MIT have to live with his mother if he is capable of the work depicted. Again, he's perfect for the aerospace industry. A girl fresh off the boat from Nebraska isn't going to get the shifts that generate the highest income. Even if she does, Sheldon and Leonard [I always mention Sheldon first for the reason they were named 'Sheldon' and 'Leonard'] are, at minimum, each earning twice as much as she is. A two-bedroom apt. generally costs a couple hundred dollars extra per month. Not double. So, rent isn't the burden to Sheldon and Leonard as it is to Penny. Plus, she has been regularly depicted as having financial problems. Sheldon and Leonard, conversely, eat nearly every dinner from a restaurant, have all the latest games, etc. They aren't hurting for cash. Sheldon has said he has FAR more than he needs or uses. Leonard referred to student loans, once. But if they didn't write it that way, they would not have a show. ps. No way Ann Marie could afford her apartment, either, on the wages of a part-time actress, on "That Girl." People like to watch shows with nice sets. Notice how few programs show rooms with dropped ceilings and florescent lighting? Because no one wants to watch it. Yeah, I was surprised the show brought up tenure.
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    Well while most folks do a post doc these days before they get a permanent position(usually at a different university), our guys appear to have been tenure track all along as they have never mentioned moving to assistant professors but were approved (to a list) for tenure. Now they could effectively just be hired as research professors outside of the tenure process - but then they would not have grad students etc and would make a heck of a lot more money than a post doc or a cheese cake person. They would make as much as a professor but without the job security. Of course if these guy were tenure track but didn’t have tenure (about six years ago max) they would have basically been fired. So yes they should have been able to afford the apartment with a roommate (or without with no Cómicon etc. ) even from day 1. But then why am I talking about the real world when TBBT is so loose with academia realities.
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    Thanks for the taping report. Sounds like another dud.
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    I don't think Amy lost her own project. It seemed just difficult to reinstall her in a right time and "kept the spark of bureaucracy alive" - so to say. A: So I can have my project back? PS: I’m afraid it's not that simple. A: Why not? PS: Well, in order to free up personnel… /cut 😉
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    It sounds pretty final, but we shall see. Next week they could decide to keep working on it or it deviates to something else entirely. Amy could of course focus on her own work, oh wait... (I know she likely has more than one iron in the fire so to speak, but she just lost what sounds like a major project).
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    Anyway, thanks a ton @Kev0821!!! ❤️
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    Thank you so much @Kev0821! Hope you had a great time! I agree, especially because those in the episode are not even supposed to be called "citations", which are basically articles mentioning your own work, but "references", which are mentions you make in your own article to previous literature regarding the topic you study. You don't collect citations at the end of a paper (it would even be possible to have citations to an unpublished work), but references.
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    Johnny and Alaina's Halloween costumes 🎃
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    Thanks so much for the report. I do wonder if Johnny will have surgery in their off week. If just a splint is necessary , you would think he wouldn’t be in much pain.
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    Yeah, a nice ensemble episode would be nice!
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    Alot has been said about that scene over the years. I believe Kaley and Johnny themselves have said it was their favorite scene in the series. Perhaps it felt real because maybe it had a special meaning for them. They had dated IRL and somehow you don't lose that feeling for each other altogether. Just beautifully said!!
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    Seems as though this could be an interesting episode!
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    Some memories are forgettable, others remain vivid and heartwarming to the core. [emoji846] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    The special moment. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Stop it. You going to make me cry. I couldn't have put it better. Great interpretation of the ILY. Now you done it. [emoji24][emoji24] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    I first knew about Kaley from 8 simple rules and was hooked. Funny, my fav character was Amy Davidson. Lol. But gradually kaley grew on me, her acting and facial expressions were the key and she was fit.. [emoji2956] I started watching charmed, well the last season cause of Kaley. When I found out she will be in this new sitcom called The Big bang Theory, well I had to watch and from day one the chemistry between Johnny and Kaley made me root for Lenny big time. Also Johnny portray of Leonard was a big part in me continuing to watch the show. His love for Penny was unconditional and true. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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