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    I listened a few times to the audio of Faye Wood's IG posting via headphones. This is what I got: Penny: "Aw, could you pick Leonard?" * [Something I didn't understand] Penny: "Okay, I can prove it" Howard [yes, I'm pretty sure it's Simon's voice!]: "Really? You're picking her over me? Penny: "Ya, 'cause she is vicious and can hide behind (?) a mushroom."
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    You're upset about a callback to a favorite pastime for the original five, but now including Amy and Bernadette? I think this is perfect for the final season. What do you think they should they be doing instead?
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    If you listen to the audio in the last IG post. Leonard's complaining that Penny picked someone else (can't tell who) over him. So, most likely paintball, not buying the house or visiting family.
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    First we see women in puffy winter coats and then it pans far enough to see a guy in shorts. Odd combination.
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    Hair crew at the outdoor location. You can hear Johnny and Kaley taping a scene in the background.
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    Ah yes - perhaps there's a paintball battle there. I wonder what rank Sheldon will have awarded himself by now ?
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    Maybe it's not about the house at all but rather the forest around the house.
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    So there's some sort of competition in the house, or the house is the objective of a paintball battle ?
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    Yes @luminous ! We heard it the same!
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    It could still be near the middle of town but with a drive and a garden - a bit upmarket of the present multi-storey block of flats with no working lift. People tend to want to become owners after renting for so many years anyway. Penny said she would like to move to a loft. The building may not be a house for sale of course : it could be a restaurant or something. According to the ticket thread there are people going to the taping so we may know by tomorrow.
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    IDK, it seems like a pretty isolated place, surrounded by trees, I don't see Lenny buying such a place. There's really no reason for Lenny to move, especially if they're not gonna have children.
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    True, who knows what they (TPTB) are thinking! We can only hope!
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    Agreed it does look like a weird combination, maybe Amy is taking Leonard's place in paintball because Lenny have their own plot?.
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    I looked at the 14 day trend from today in Hollywood. In deg F just because that's what you used. It is looking a little cooler than their typical for daytime highs.
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    So it could be paintball and Leonard is with Penny, Bernie and Anu... He'd probably be panting somewhere behind them most of the time... Weird combinations there...Shamy with Raj and Howard, this only happens in Fun with Flags. I wonder what ideas the writers had that made them split the group this way.
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    Typo I meant it looked like a good group plot I'm very excited for this
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    Given the picture Mayim posted on Kaley's birthday, they may also be taping on the Atheneum set. Maybe Raj and Anu are looking at potential venues..? The Atheneum could be for USA guests, watching via web, or maybe they changed their plans and will be having their wedding in the US after all? Or maybe it is for an egagement party? Or something totally different...
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    Thanks to all for the nice birthday wishes and the approval of my tiny visual jokes!
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    I don’t think this episode will happen the writers are not a huge fan of Lenny The pre taped scene probably has something to do with shamy
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