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    I got this from Nicole this morning. If anyone has any questions, PM me and I’ll pass it on. She said she would answer if she remembers. Name: The Paintball Scattering. In addition to the main cast, we have President Siebert, Anu, Denise and a couple of others with small parts. ***This is not scene by scene, just a summary of the episode as a whole.*** Shamy’s paper has been published and it is getting really positive feedback from the science community. Siebert allows Shamy to eat in his private dining room, and tells them there is a lot of press to be done. He wants Amy to do the press and Sheldon to stay out of it. At first, Sheldon understands, but when a website publishes an interview titled “The Neurobiologist Who Revolutionized Physics” he gets very upset and blames Amy for it. They fight through a few scenes, and at one point Amy points out she talks about Sheldon constantly through the interview and “I didn’t write the headline.” Leonard and Penny want to have a paintball game, and throughout the episode they get Shamy, Howadette, Raj/Anu, and Denise/Stuart to join them. (Howard volunteers both him and Bernadette without asking her, because he knows she will be game, “I’ve been pretty annoying lately and she’s gonna want to shoot me.”) There is a comic book store scene that has Raj offering to install a doorbell alarm for Anu (he has one and loves it), and Denise tells Leonard/Penny/Stuart that her roommate is moving out and she hasn’t been able to find a new one wink wink nudge nudge. Penny says to Stuart “you hear that? SHE NEEDS A ROOMMATE” and he either flees to the back of the store or out the door, depending on what take they use. Later, Stuart is telling Howardette and Raj that Denise wasn’t mad, “she said she was fine.” They all know that wording is a bad sign and start consoling him. Raj gets a notification on his phone from Anu’s new doorbell alarm and Bernadette tells him it’s wrong to check it. He says “who is this guy?” and she is interested. They see Anu hug a man and invite him in. At the paintball game, Denise and Penny are captains. Denise picks Leonard first. He is very confused about being picked first for anything. Penny picks Bernadette. I don’t recall who all is on the teams but I think Shamy is on the same team, and so is Raj/Anu. Stuart is picked last but still picked (by Penny, who pretends there are more people to choose from so he feels better about it, but he is still thrilled because sometimes he doesn’t get picked even when there is no one else left). During the game the fighting couples fight more intensely, and Raj makes some smart mouth comments to Anu before revealing he knows she had a guy over. She admits it was her ex, he came to pick up some stuff, and they still talk but she isn’t cheating on Raj. She demands he take the app off his phone, and that she should trust him. He yells “HOW CAN I TRUST YOU I HARDLY KNOW YOU” and they stare at each other. While this is going on, Denise finds Stuart and shoots him about 20 times. Leonard finds Penny peeking out of her team’s base and says “bang, I got you.” She said “why don’t you shoot me then?” he said they are too close together and it will hurt. She says “no it won’t” and shoots him. He is in pain and she still doesn’t believe they are too close so he shoots her and she’s like “oh wow okay that does hurt.” (They’re not fighting, I thought it was kind of an adorable scene in a way.) At one point, Bernadette shoots Howard and he says “ow” and she offers to “kiss it and make it better,” and they go into one of the sheds to have sex. Denise walks in on them when she tries to get the team flag and they throw it out the door to her. Anu storms off, and Raj offers to drive her home but she refuses. Shamy is also leaving and they offer to take her with them. Leonard and Penny find Stuart and he admits he is scared to move too fast and lose Denise. They both kinda give him a pep talk and Leonard at one point basically says he doesn’t think the fear of losing the person important to you ever goes away. That leads to Stuart apologizing to Denise and swearing he’s serious about the relationship, he’s just scared. Denise says she understands and she doesn’t want to mess it up, either. Tag is Shamy giving a joint interview. The interviewer asks Sheldon a question first, and it is one that Siebert had initially warned him might get asked (about the Russian paper). Sheldon tells Amy he’ll wait in the car and runs off, and Amy smiles at the interviewer and turns the microphone back toward herself.
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    What To Expect From The Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon Crossover screenrant.com "Since The Big Bang Theory will be wrapping up its 12-season run next year, it's safe to say that this is going to be the closest thing fans will ever get to see the two shows collaborate."
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    Members of the Caltech (see I can get it), Geology department, among others. Actually, we have seen him play. He was firing with both hands as him, Raj, and Howard charged after Sheldon sacrificed himself (and looking at the shots that hit Sheldon, the other team seemed to be pretty good shots. Now, the other team may have been out of ammo, they possibly fired it all at Sheldon, but they still needed to get all of them before they reloaded. Since they did win the trophy, it seems they were able to get all of the other team, before they were able to reload, indicating they had some sort of skill in this particular activity. See, The Skank Reflex Analysis.
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    Warning...all of this is my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with me as I disagree with a LOT of what was written! I don't think Anu, Beverly, Larry, Stuart or Denise need to go. Anu is adequate and I expected this to be Raj's season ending or not. It's just his turn. Beverly and Larry are so good at what they do it's remarkable. I actually like Stuart and always have and I think he deserves some happiness, too. And it's about time they had a girl who was good at games and movies. If anything I'm tired of the other girls being made fun of for NOT knowing that stuff. Besides, I want to see the comic shop a couple more times before the end. I can't see why there's complaining about Raj's mom and Dad either, either. i find them personally to be funny. I don't mind Bert appearing occasionally, either. We need to have some interaction with other people at Cal Tech once in awhile. And I disagree vehemently with the choice of Barry Kripke for the same reason, plus, Barry is always good for a laugh, and this is a comedy after all. I disagree that Meemaw should have come back. That actress is not to blame but she was universally disliked in that role. She as shoehorned in for a few quick moments and given a really bad storyline. And while I miss Mrs. Wolowitz, I think they handled her departure beautifully, aside from having Halley cry like her. That gets on every nerve I have. If you're saluting her without seeing the baby, fine, but the crying was over the top. Just because they owned them doesn't mean they played them enough to have it make a difference. I think they tried them since they were trendy but that thy might have played more fantasy stuff and not that much of those. I may be prejudiced because I didn't like that ep at all but I'm trying not to be.
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    Hey, it was a major distraction! Anyone being kissed by Penny could easily forget where they are and what they're doing at the time. He's lucky he didn't shoot his toes off. He's also lucky the gun wasn't an automatic. That would have done some major damage to his feet. 😊
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    If this is really about paintball, I can only imagine one dream team. Everything else is malarkey. Period!
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    What we get this episode is, IMHO, way to damn much for my taste.
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    Leonard was terrible with a real gun LOL Although he was mostly distracted... Anyway, this is in line with the possibility of them being good snippers but not great at the more physical aspects paintball may involve when there are reasonably fit players.
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    Thanks vonmar, looks like President Siebert will be in this show.
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    To clear some things up for everyone. Last year, when I took the tour, there is a small area on the back lot that has a small lagoon, a small structure, and a couple of older houses further down a dirt road. The interior of the structure has been used for the Paintball shed since the beginning of the show(it's bigger than how it appears in the show, but they can get the equipment into the other 2/3s of the shed. Note in the picture, what you can see is only about a third of the width of the shed. So, yes, the house probably has nothing to do with the episode, (if you continue on the dirt road here back a few hundred feet from this shed, the lagoon is to the left and the houses are further along, past the lagoon.) Also to the left, near the lagoon, was the restaurant from "True Blood") and the location has everything to do with paintball. If you all remember the charge of Leonard, Raj, and Howard, after Sheldon sacrifices himself in "The Skank Reflex Analysis", they guys are charging towards the lagoon, that's why it appears they are charging downhill.
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    Yes I think the house could be an unintentional red herring (the house was in Pretty Little liars if anyone cares. Also Stuart’s girlfriend is posed with Leonard (both in fatigues) in an instagram story- so she and probably also Stuart are part of this.
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    For all the funny voice researchers I've put a little edited excerpt mp3-file for you to listen (or download) online. https://www.dropbox.com/s/da39yk5h8wpejyg/cut.mp3?dl=0 That's what I heard. Penny: Aw, I take Leonard….all the time. (?) Penny: Ok, I prefer that. (?) Howard: [yes, I'm pretty sure it's Simon's voice!]: "Really? You're picking her over me? (OK) Penny: "Ya, 'cause she is vicious and can hide behind (?) a mushroom." (OK)
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    Happy Taping Day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So it seems that Penny is her teams leader, so it's safe to say that Sheldon is the other teams leader. Penny appears to not want Leonard on her team , which doesn't make sense. As if this is paintball we know Leonard has played it before. But there is no evidence that Bernadette has,so why pick her. I'm guessing Sheldon got to choose first and neither want Leonard. The last two will probably be Leonard and Amy and Sheldon will pick Amy. Leaving Penny stuck with Leonard as some sort of booby prize. He'll probably be the joke of the game and if Penny's team lose they'll make it Leonard's fault. But we'll have to wait and see. PS: I just listened to the audio I'm not sure but it sounds like Penny does pick Leonard. But there's too much background noise for to hear properly so it might be what Luminous said it was.
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    I definitely think they are doing a competition. It sounded to me Penny wanted Leonard on the other team but ended up on hers. maybe she remembers Scavenger Vortex. The audio suggests to me the last two to be picked were Howard and Bernadette.
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    You're upset about a callback to a favorite pastime for the original five, but now including Amy and Bernadette? I think this is perfect for the final season. What do you think they should they be doing instead?
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    I'm sorry, damn near every episode had wedding planning or discussions in it.
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    That’s what it says, , Both Sheldon shows, were in repeats.
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