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    Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you don't want to know what episode 12 is all about. What a fun night! (Even though the episode wasn't necessarily one of the funniest.) Leonard and Penny’s storyline was a little more on the serious side. Zach and his new wife Marissa (Zach, by the way, is apparently super rich now after selling off his company), ask Leonard to be their sperm donor to help them have a baby. Penny gets upset that Leonard is considering it but in the end decides that since he had no say in her not wanting to have kids, she gets no say in him doing this. Anu is still upset with Raj for what he did in episode 11 (if that hasn’t been spoiled already, I’m happy to do so). The wedding’s off, but Raj, in true Raj style, tries to win her back in “Love, Actually” style. By the end of the episode, in a sweet moment, they decide that they’re going to start dating - start their relationship from the beginning instead of the middle. This show will air on January 10 in the US I was hoping the cast and crew would acknowledge Mayim’s birthday, but no such luck tonight. I still had a blast and am still very sad that this is their last season. And likely the last time I’ll get to see one of their tapings. I’ll always cherish this memory!
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    No. They just left it at Penny telling him he can do whatever he wants. The episode ends before he gives Zach and Marissa an answer. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that WE even get a definitive answer as to whether or not he’ll actually do it.
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    Some of you asked about Shamy in this episode. Not much to report there. They didn't even have a scene together. All the other characters just provided comic relief to both of the serious plotlines -- Howard and Bernadette for Raj, Sheldon for Leonard, and Amy and Bernadette for Penny.
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    The writers have been known to leave story lines unaddressed for an episode or two, so who knows what will be next. But I don’t think that plotline is necessarily finished.
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    That's how I see it too. Not at all selfish but an act to help a friend. And as a Leonard fan, I also see it as a very nice compliment to Leonard. Zack is asking Leonard because he sees good qualities in Leonard that he would like to see in the child he hopes to raise as his own.
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    YES, thank you, that's what I was going to write. To me thinking it may not be the last season does not excuse "Procreation". It was compltely unnecessary. If they needed to postpone them having kids there are other ways, there was no need to make Penny suddenly change her mind and show us a broken hearted Leonard.
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    The title of tonight's episode is "The Propagation Proposition" (2 pictures, title and cast information in the second picture)
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    That's a fact, thanks! No need for all the "maybes", "ifs" and "whens"... ... yeah! 😀
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    Sorry, I don't see donating sperm as selfish. It's unclear from the report, but I gather Zack and Marissa may be having an issue conceiving, so if any thing, it's an act of charity. And I doubt very much that Leonard is going to boink Marissa. At the start of the series, both Sheldon and Leonard were in the process of donating sperm anonymously; this is not that much different.
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    Thank you so much @GadgetGirl375 for the TR!!! I still don't understand why Zack would want to ask someone he knows in real life - his ex girlfriend's husband no less - to donate sperm for him in the first place. Knowing Zack, if this thing really happens, in the future he might say something like "Hey, kid, this is your Uncle Leonard, but actually he is your real father, how cool is that, right?" Oh, well...
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    Thank you, @GadgetGirl375!! Glad to hear you had a great time!! Well well well, Leonard potentially becoming a sperm donor sure makes the show come full circle from its very first scene! haha
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    First off, thank you so much for letting us know. Second, question, was the Lenny plot self-contained in this episode only, or is there a possibility that it will continue into other episodes? I'm just wondering as I'll be going to the next taping.
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    I'll put it in the Season 12 discussion thread.
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    Ummm.......A sperm donor does NOT need to have sex with a recipient. Why do we even need to go to this place?????
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    Sounds like we have a Lenny plot in the new year
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    "People change their mind all the time..." Sorry. My wife will be proud.
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    More than I'm waiting for the episode, I'm waiting for the reviews and comments. Man, this will be interesting. Personally, I'm kind of amused by the whole thing, there being such a plot. Not in the way I'm supposed to be, though. It's like I'm laughing at them, not with them, if that makes sense. It's just so whacky that I don't even know how to take it. Analysing the whole situation feels so weird.
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    I must admit I prefer this to have Penny pregnant by accident, which could have been another way to have her change her mind
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    Could this be Leonard's end run around Penny's refusal to have smart and beautiful crumb snatchers 😊? Maybe she gets a tad jealous that Zack and wife will have a child with Leonard's facial features. Very Interesting! For those who don't know, end run is a football term. Just had to toss in some sports terminology.
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    In my humble opinion episode 12.12 will eventually lead to a reconsideration of Penny‘s decision when it comes to having babies with Leonard.
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    That's exactly my thoughts, too. I am only in doubt as to whether the writers can implement this in a comedic sense. On the other hand, it goes quite well with Lenny's constant ups and downs. Anyway, the main thing is that it leads to smart and beautiful babies in the end! 😉
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    Wow that Lenny plot is kind of not what id expect. I could understand Penny being upset after all he will essentially be having a child with another woman. But her turning round and saying he can do what he wants because he had no say in her not wanting kids. Just feel completely wrong , i just can't see her being okay with. But my biggest worry is this will be considered the resolution for them on the baby matter. With Penny saying he can do whatever he wants, sort of implies she definitely doesn't want kids. I hope I'm wrong because i doubt any fan of the show wants Leonard to become a father to a child that isn't Penny's or gets to raise. Of course i hope this is the catalyst that makes Penny reconsider her not wanting children.
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    I’m glad that Raj and Anu have postponed the wedding and are instead going to slow it all down and get to know each other better. It was the outcome I really wanted for them, if it’s meant to be they will get there eventually, no need to rush.
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    Thanks for the report @GadgetGirl375, much appreciated! I guess that might be the way the writers use to make Penny change her mind about babies. Once Leonard is going to "have a child" without her (albeit just biologically), she realizes she wants to have kids with him.
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    Yeah !! That's really great to hear, hopefully over several episodes.
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    Just an aside, when Luminous posted the title last night, my first thought was "Here we go, a Shamy baby plot 🙄" so in a way it's a relief to me that it's not lol
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    But it will be interesting to see Penny's reactions and how their comments are received. I think this subject has "legs" and will be their arc carrying through to the finale....
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    True, Leonard is not an intellectual snob by any means. However, he knows Zack is rather limited. The child could feel like a fish out of water just as Sheldon did when young. He said growing up where he did was hell. It really can be. I can see that bothering Leonard if it happened. The job of a sperm donor is to stay out of the family's life but Leonard could find that difficult. I think Penny is very intelligent, 'just not academically inclined'. IMO Sheldon was right when he said that. Anyone who thinks she's average must be surrounded only by very clever people. While it may be necessary to be in the top two or three percent in order to rise to the academic level of university personnel like our gang, two or three percent of the population make up a lot of people on the planet who are not in the academic world at all. I'm one of them, as it happens. An average person couldn't do Penny's job.
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    I don’t think so, he seemed surprised at her revelation about kids in the episode she made it. I could see Penny feeling bad about denying him children so she agrees to him doing this, but it is still weird if they don’t follow this plot with something else and just end it there. i can actually see Zack picking Leonard, Leonard and him have interfaced the most, Leonard was good to him, they both have similar features (dark hair, complexion is not far off, etc.), and Leonard is smart but not weird smart like Sheldon.
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    Emotional blackmail would leave a bad taste in my mouth too. I’m sort of hoping the reason Penny doesn’t want kids is the same reason she couldn’t tell him she loved him, she is scared. I could see her telling him that she is afraid to have a child because it will change her physically and then she won’t be as pretty to him and he will leave her, I could see her still harboring that fear.
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    It feels like a prank, like, I'm waiting for the writers to come out with a "Bazinga!" (for both "Procreation" and this one). But if we're going with whacky things... Maybe Zack and his wife come to pick up the "stuff" when only Penny's home and she ends up, intentionally, giving them something else, like a multivitamin. Some time later she comes clean and Leonard gets it out of her that she couldn't do it and she's not okay with it, so he tells Zack and his wife that he won't do it. Then he jokes with Penny that she may end up throwing the semen away again anyway, and Penny is like, sheepishly, "yeah, 'cause that's what I did with it..." Sorry sorry sorry! LOL The writers went so whacko, then so did I XD XD XD Bazinga!
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    The way I understand it, he did not decide. He was thinking about it, and Penny was mad that he did. Of course she's not supposed to be totally fine with it. But, she knows Leonard is making a big sacrifice giving up on children to stay with her. So, I think it's fair that she'll make the sacrifice of feeling unease, if he does want it and it makes things to a certain extent better for him (I don't know if it does, this is hypothetical).
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    But not necessarily together. Next thing you know Penny will donate eggs to Shamy. Then the Shennys can have sort of have their "told you so" moment. Smart and beautiful babies of the third kind.
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    Yep, that's why I wrote about my fear how the writers will implement that theme in the sense of a comedy. Let's wait and see. ------------------------------------------ My lost and found of the day: The Big Bang Theory: The 20 Most Irritating Characters, Ranked Source My guess, this article is also highly irritating. 🙄
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    I think it’s obvious that they are going to decide to have kids. Question remains how they get to that decision and how big a role the threat of being a donor for someone else plays in that decision.
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    Hmmmmmm, as a Lenny, I'm hoping they continue that next taping. 🙂
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    That's true. They need an sincere, honest and meaningful conversation on the baby subject. I don't want to have kids, ain't good enough. Explanations are needed!
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    Most of us are of average intelligence. I never took an IQ test and now I can't (unless it's something new and different than the common ones, I guess), but I'm probably average, perhaps around the higher part of average range. Neverthelss, I'm finishing my MA now and made the dean's list 4 out of 5 years (still don't know about last year). You don't have to be a genuis or have above average IQ to succeed in academia and other realms of life. I doubt Penny is above the average range, but that doesn't mean anything bad. As for the first part, Leonard grew up in a family of academics and suffered terribly. I think he will be fine with a person whose not smart raising his bioligical child, as long as he knows the child will be loved and cared for. And while sperm donors are, I guess most times, not involved, they could make a different agreement. And then said she wanted Penny to change her mind (that's after saying she doesn't want Lenny to have kids). Kaley seems to go where the wind blows, I don't know what her real opinion is, maybe it just changes frequently.
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    The premise itslef is the whacky thing, so editing won't make a difference. I do wonder what Bernadette and Amy will say
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    Maybe, but that depends... If she really has no interest in having children than those children being potentially great won't change a thing. I'm still not sure why in the eyes of the writers she doesn't want kids so I can't tell. Does she simply has no desire to be a parent? To have kids? This seemed to me what was conveyed when she said she doesn't want kids, even though in my opinion it does not fit the character. Does she think children are a drag and will make her life worse? Does she prefers a lifestyle centered around career and hangouts? Does she in fact want children but have decided to give up on it for some reason? Fear? Insecurities? I don't know, I'm not sure the writers do, unless they are planning on changing her mind. We'll have to see, I don't expect things so I'm considering this plot as it is for now and not as a catalyst for Penny to change her mind, but IDK, maybe. Whatever it is I hope that they portray both Leonard and Penny as being okay with it in the end and happy with their lives.
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    A very plausible scenario and one that could work
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    He's not looking for a doppleganger (sp), he's looking for a person who he thinks has good traits and may agree to this.
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    I think Zak and his wife should go to the high IQ sperm bank for an anonymous donor.
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    Thanks so much for the TR @GadgetGirl375, I hope you had a fantastic time at the taping! 😀
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    Spoilers are OK? It was such a fun experience. All 7 of them were in the episode. A handful of pretaped scenes. The episode had two story lines - Raj and Anu and Leonard and Penny. If you give me the OK to spoil away, I'll spill the beans. Got to see the episode that will air on January 6 too.
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    So what do people actually say in this thread, cuz I was there tonight. 🙂 And yes, it was about Raj and also about Lenny.
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    It doesn't say anything about TPTB being concerned. It's a supposition by the article's writer, and only mentions CBS. As far as ratings, it's is tied with This is Us for the number one entertainment demo (and this is after This is Us beat TBBT in the premeire by a half a point 3.0 to 2.5), and is number one for viewers.
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